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A Simple Suggestion

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So I had a dream last night. A dream that Ladybug and Chat Noir moved out of their homes into a studio apartment together so they could be around each other and get to akuma attacks quickly and always be alert.

But they never detransformed. They were always suited up and just lived together like two best friends and kept the city safe.

@philosophy-and-coffee said it’d make a neat fic idea and had a few cute ideas to add on to it, so…naturally, I wrote it. 

A Simple Suggestion
Summary: Breaks from patrol often allow time for Ladybug and Chat Noir to talk and be themselves. But when a silly joke starts to seem all that…well, not silly, the two find themselves considering something neither of them had ever before: moving in together. 
The tricky part is still keeping their identities a secret.
Rated: G (might change to T later)
Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir

Chapter 1 - A joke
Word count: 1,464
Read on: ao3 

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It had started out as a joke.

Chat Noir had thrown the idea into the air one night when they’d taken a break from patrol. The city was quiet, the breeze that danced through the open sky was refreshing, and the laughter that had accompanied his voice had made Marinette smile all too wide.

“What if we moved in together?” he’d asked with a nervous twitch of his tail. “I’ve been preparing to move out for a while, but…I don’t know. Something about the thought of living alone makes me nervous.”

“You mean-” Marinette’s eyes widened. “Us? Move in together? Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir living together?”

“Yeah,” Chat laughed. “What if?”

At first, she’d given her partner nothing more than a chuckle and a dismissive pat on the shoulder, shaking her head at the simple notion. It had been such a funny thing for him to suggest that the giggles that rose from her throat had been all too hard to suppress. Even if she secretly didn’t despise the idea, she knew it would never work out.

“How would we even manage that?” she asked, swinging her legs over the ledge of the apartment complex they had paused upon and taking in a breath of the atmosphere. She could detect a small hint of food cooking somewhere, and in the distance music played, which added to the comforting ambiance of the city she adored so much. “We’d just walk around in our own home transformed, like it was a completely normal thing?”

Chat Noir offered a shrug, looking a tad sheepish. “Hah, yeah, I guess that does sound kind of stupid.”

A frown replaced Marinette’s smile, and she felt a small hint of guilt for her previous comment. “Well,” she said in an attempt to fix her blunder. “I don’t know about stupid…”

“It would probably be weird,” Chat continued, “and awkward at times…and it wouldn’t be easy…”

Marinette nodded.

“…but I dunno,” he sighed, shifting his gaze. “Part of me thinks we’d be able to make it work.”

Allowing the thought to process, Marinette tapped her finger along the aged paneling of the roof they sat atop, teeth nibbling on her bottom lip as she sought for a reply.

Would they be able to make it work?

After all, she’d been thinking about moving out of the bakery soon due to space, and she didn’t like the idea of living alone either…and Alya was already sharing an apartment Nino…

“Maybe,” Marinette said, a hint of humor in her voice. “But we’d be together all the time, and I can’t exactly picture myself cooking dinner wearing a skin-tight suit. Even if it would protect me from burns.”

Chat supplied a small snort of laughter at her statement. “I guess that’s a bonus. Would living together be so weird, though?”

Marinette opened her mouth to answer with a “yes, of course!”, but paused as she couldn’t exactly find an explanation why it would be so odd for them to live together under those circumstances. Sure, it’d feel a bit off to walk around an apartment with her suit on, but by now Marinette was used to wearing polka-dots for long hours. She felt more natural in her transformation than she ever had five years prior when she was fourteen, freshly new to the world of superheroes and saving the city, and for a brief second the thought that maybe Chat’s idea wasn’t such a stupid one passed her mind.

It would be a hell of a lot more convenient for the both of them. They wouldn’t have to worry about when the other would show up during akuma attacks, or struggle going through a battle alone while one of them was on their way.

(Or, on the rare occurrence that a certain Ladybug slept in late during a rather difficult akuma attack, Chat Noir wouldn’t have to suffer through another hour of holding a violet butterfly within his paws and panicking over what he should do with it.)

A small grin twitched at the corner of Marinette’s mouth before a second thought passed her mind, causing the hint of a smile to fall.

She knew Chat Noir was dying to get out of his house. Nineteen years old and still suffocating under the watchful eye of his parents (parent?), Chat often expressed his sorrows about his home life with a forlorn sigh. Though he never delved too deeply into personal details, Marinette could tell just by the carefully worded sentences that he was having a difficult time staying happy in the house he’d lived in since he was a baby.

And, although she couldn’t relate, Marinette did feel for her friend. There were often times where she had considered begging Tikki to let them reveal their identities to each other just so she could take Chat Noir to the bakery and gift him a place to live that he looked forward to coming home to.

(Too many nights had she found Chat patrolling the city when there hadn’t been a scheduled patrol, after all.)

And now the words were on the tip of her tongue; the confirmation she knew her partner was secretly hoping for notwithstanding the fact that he was writing it off as a joke.

A joke that tugged at his lips in a sort of dejected smile that did not—would not—reach his eyes.

“I wonder how that would work,” Marinette whispered, eyes falling to the city streets below, where cars trailed lazily down the two-way street in a pale river of yellow lights. “Maybe we could make it work.”

One of Chat’s velvet ears twitched against his shaggy blond hair, and his eyes met hers for a fleeting moment. Even in the second of shared eye contact Marinette could see the tiny spark of hope that glowed within them, and she couldn’t stop the smile that began to spread across her face.

Maybe they could move in together. Sure, she’d have to talk to Tikki about it first, and they’d have to find an inconspicuous apartment in the middle of the city together, and it would wouldn’t be easy…


But…no. That was just silly.

A silly, silly idea. It wouldn’t work out. How would they keep their identities secret? How would they be able to live life as normal civilians and go about their daily duties—work, university, grocery shopping—without revealing themselves?

You’ll never know until you try, a little voice peeped in the back of Marinette’s mind. What could be so bad about it?

What could be so bad? Well, they could accidentally come home destransformed, or sleepwalk in their pajamas, or both walk up to the front door at the same time without their suits on, or, or-


All of those situations could easily be avoided. They could set rules. Marinette could make masks so they wouldn’t have to be transformed all of the time, or they could turn out the lights every now and then. Or maybe they could set certain days where they would stay transformed so they could hang out.

Huh…the whole idea was beginning to seem a lot simpler than it had been three minutes ago.

Yeah, Marinette replied to the earlier thought, what could be so bad?

She knew of plenty of things that could be bad, as her anxiety had ways of creating the most outlandish situations. For now, however, she ignored them.

Looking over to Chat Noir, Marinette smiled, giving his back (which was slumped over in a sad sort of way) a gentle pat. He responded by sitting up straight, a question on his lips and hope in his gaze, ears perked up in interest. They stared at each other for a breath or two before Marinette exploded into a fit of laughter, her stomach clenching with the force of of her chortle.

Chat flinched at first, obviously surprised by her sudden outburst, but a second later he joined her in the ocean of giggles that had flooded between them. His smile was so wide that Marinette could see the white glint of his teeth and lovely crinkles around his eyes, as well as the shake of his shoulders and a single tear—whether it be from laughter or relief—that slid down his cheek.

And that was how Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Ladybug, nineteen-year-old baker’s daughter found herself transformed and heaving box after box into a two-bedroom apartment smack dab in the middle of Paris a month later with a black cat trailing just a step behind her, placing a few of his own boxes on the wide, empty wooden floor.

It had been a crazy, crazy idea.

But sometimes, Marinette knew, the craziest of ideas were the best of all.

I’m Flirting With You | Jughead Jones

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Request: From the prompts ‘I’m flirting with you’ and ‘stop laughing at me’.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: After bonding one night in Pop’s you and Jughead become friends but he starts acting a little weird towards you.
Warnings: none, i believe.
Word Count: 1283
A/N: okay, this isn’t my best. my writing is off bc it’s been one weird week but this is a thing.

The fluorescent lights in Pop’s always somehow made you calm. Or maybe that was Pop himself. Either way, most nights you found yourself sitting in a booth at Pop’s, a milkshake and fries on the table in front of you and a book in your hands. It was a couple of hours of peace and quiet that you so very much needed with your hectic family at home. It wasn’t that things were bad at home - not at all. It was just that your family was very loud and big. You had two brothers and two sisters and sometimes it was hard to sit down and get lost with your own thoughts while you were at home. Although you had a room to yourself, it seemed that knocking was a forgotten thing. So, one day you’d found yourself walking aimlessly around your weird little town of Riverdale only to end up at the diner. You’d been there a few times before but never really been there enough to appreciate it.

So, after that night you discovered your new sanctuary, you started going every night. Pop would occasionally give you a free tray of fries which you were so thankful for. He was such a kind, gentle man that got along with everyone in town. If only everyone in town could be as amazing as Pop Tate. But, on one particular busy night, someone decided to slide into the opposite side of your booth, stealing one of your fries. It had been none other than Jughead Jones. You knew of him but you weren’t exactly the best of friends just a couple of classes together here and there so you were friendly but that was it. 

That night you’d talked while he wrote and you read and it carried on every day since. It was safe to say you two were friends now although you’d started to notice weird things Jughead had started doing. He’d sit on your side of the booth, loosely throwing his arm over the back of it and sitting close to you, he’d laugh at all your lame jokes that he never used to laugh at and seemed to go out of his way to tell you jokes to make you laugh. It was weird but you shrugged it off. Maybe he was just trying to be more open and nicer to you like he was with his friends. Although, you’d never seen him be like that with anyone else.

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Bound || pjm v. jjk [1]

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The Prologue | 1 | 2

Characters: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Categories: Angst, Fluff

AU(s): Soulmate!AU

Based loosely off of this soulmate au prompt and BTS’ Perfect Man Cover:

Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.

♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡

Bright lights blur your vision when you awake from your stress-induced slumber. The steady sound of a beeping monitor immediately makes you realize where you are and you jolt up. Your eyes dart all over the room; from the flowers that adorn the corner of the room to Jimin, your emergency contact, and apparent soulmate who is not technically your soulmate.  

  “Y/N?” Jimin presses your hand into his own tenderly, but the mere touch makes you wince in pain. Mocha orbs widen at you as he hastily moves back in devastation. Dammit, Jimin thinks to himself, I knew this would happen.  

  You turn to face him, eyes softening at his frazzled state.  

“You see, soulmates are genetically and biologically modified to feel everything that you do.” A somber voice belonging to a tall man with short black hair styled into a quiff pauses to adjust the pristine white lab coat. “Say, for example, a soulmate sprains their ankle. Quite similarly, their soulmate will be alerted with a small dot near the end of their clock and their clock speeds up, if, and only if, they have not met their soulmate. However, if they have met their soulmate, the pain is much worse.”

He steps around to yours and Jimin’s table, eyes narrowing at the two of you. His eyes catch Jimin’s long sleeves despite the room being well over seventy degrees and he huffs before turning back to the rest of the class. “However, if there is a one-sided soulmate,” The man turns to face Jimin and stares at him head on. He pauses for a second, eyes lingering on Jimin.

“Why is he looking at you?” You murmur to Jimin, in confusion. Despite all the times you have heard this speech (a total of three times for each year of middle school), the professor never bothered to explicitly look at anyone as they spoke this.  

Jimin’s jaw clenched at the prospect. “I don’t know,”

“The pain is detrimental – not physically, but emotionally.” The professor smirks lightly before turning back to the board.  

“What happened?” You murmur to Jimin once more. The soft timbre from your voice takes Jimin out of his trance and his smile weakens ever so slightly. Were you honestly in this predicament because of him? The last thing that Jimin ever wanted to do was hurt you – but he knew that you had to learn at some point who his soulmate was when you would never be invited to his wedding.

A lump swells in Jimin’s throat and he says nothing. Your inspective eyes skim over his appearance; evidently rough and ragged from the lack of sleep that he has gotten and the extra mental pain that he had to go through since you had, in fact, been his soulmate. Your eyes halt on his right arm, where your arm is etched beautifully across his skin.  

“I never wanted this to happen.” Jimin utters when enough confidence has coursed through him. “I wanted to hide it for as long as I could but you always kept nagging about how my soulmate was and how wonderful the system is and I-”

“I understand, Jimin.” And your words render him speechless. That was the last thing he thought you would say. “It is not fair or even remotely acceptable that I’m your soulmate and I’m not yours.” You sound rigid and you know that Jimin can sense it, but he says nothing. Perhaps this is the best, is what runs through his mind. “Personally, I still would want to find my own soulmate… but I don’t exactly know if my soulmate is my soulmate anymore.”

Jimin, for the first time since you awoke, turns to face you. His pupils dilate at your words. A swell of hope runs through Jimin like a wildfire and he hates himself for it, but another part of him makes him grin at how simple but encouraging your words were. As much as Jimin wished that you were not his soulmate, he understood perfectly fine how this could happen.  

“I don’t care about you feeling that this will be unrequited or one-sided or whatever the pamphlet calls it.” Immediately following you speaking the words, an ice noose encloses itself around your heart almost immediately, but you choose to ignore it. “But I care about you, Jimin.” You subconsciously dart your eyes to the IV in your arm as you speak the words, but you know that the physical pain is nothing compared to how Jimin must be feeling right now. You did not want to think of what you were doing as a sacrifice because it wasn’t, you sincerely cared about Jimin and adored every aspect of him. Hell, if you didn’t have the clock, you would have certain that he was your soulmate. “And I want you to be happy because you deserve every amount of happiness just-”

“But he doesn’t,” A voice cuts in, causing both Jimin’s and yours attention to focus on the doctor. His short hair and black glasses reminded you of the men you often looked up to when you were little; how you rushed into their offices for monthly and annual check ups on your soulmate clock and how wonderfully working yours was. Back then, those comments never made sense but now; it made perfect sense. “Miss Y/N, you are here due to a fracture in your clock. Fractures are quite common when meeting your soulmate but the odds of a fracture with someone who is not your mate is approximately 0.0349 percent of the time.”  

The doctor sensed the animosity that radiated off of Jimin; thus garnering the boy full attention he felt he was entitled too. “If you choose to pursue this relationship,” He adjusted the glasses on his noses. “Your health will decline exponentially and your true soulmate’s will as well. While unrequited soulmates are a rare occurrence, there happen to be plenty can fill support groups in which your delightful friend,” The doctor makes the point to make eye contact with Jimin. “Park Jimin can join in assistance with his problem.”  

“Problem?” Jimin snickers under his breath.  

Despite the antagonism from both Jimin and the doctor, you found yourself weighing your options. For the a vast duration of your life, Jimin had been by your side. He protected you from any harm that may had come to you and quite honestly, you felt as though he was your soulmate if he was not your biological one.  

“Now, Miss Y/N.” The doctor turns to face you with a malicious smile on his lips, but you manage to smile back despite the urge not to. “The fracture in your clock cannot be fixed but that is perfectly fine. Your soulmate simply has more time to find you, that’s all. Now if you want, we can have Mr. Park escorted from the premises so that you can make a clear, level headed decision of how you want to continue finding your soulmate. If you would like, we would be happy to help you track your soulmate.” Upon hearing those words, two guards saunter in, weaving weapons and facing toward Jimin as if he was one of the most infamous criminals that ever walked the face of the Earth.  

Escorted from the premises? The doctor’s words reminded you of the mantra that Jimin often cited to you prior to his telling you that you were soulmates. In the society you lived in, if you did not have a soulmate, you were what was called defective; you were seen as less than a person and ultimately a criminal for not having the genetically modified behavior that was given to everyone else. In school, presentations and assemblies had been dedicated to the defective and how horrible they lived – in alleyways and zoos because of how ‘primitive’ they were considered to the rest of the population. Was that life you wanted for Jimin?  

“I don’t want to find him.” You bluntly state. The room stills at your statement and you swear you still the slightest glint in the Jimin’s eyes despite the smile that never reaches his lips. “He may not even exist – the soulmate system is wrong and corrupt anyway. I wish to pursue this relationship.”  

“What?” Two voices screech in unison at your hasty reply.  

“But Miss Y/N, what about your true soulmate? You’re being quite unreasonable about this decision.”

Jimin’s mouth hangs ajar in midst of disbelief, but not for more than a minute alone.“Y/N-”

“I would like to be discharged.” You quip back at the doctor with a smirk on your lips, but on the inside, the noose around your heart continued to tighten.  

Months had passed and Jimin eventually became more accepting to the idea of you giving up your own soulmate to be with his. Personally, you were certain that Jimin was your soulmate and your clock had been late to get the memo, but you were forced to pushed that thought away when you learned that Jimin continued to think otherwise. The idea of Jimin feeling insecure because of you made your heart sink with each passing moment.  

Though, nothing could have prepared you for when your soulmate clock actually stopped.    

You were trembling once you had realized what in the world just happened to you. Your skin was ablaze while Jimin overturned your left arm, his fingers repeatedly poking your arm, where your clock should be, more importantly, where it wasn’t anymore. His mouth hung open, his eyes darting from your numberless arm and back to your glazed over eyes.

  “Jimin,” Your throat is dry. Your voice is hoarse, barely louder than a pin drop. “Please tell me that there are ticking numbers on my arm.”  

 "Y/n-ah, I—“

 "No, Jimin.” Your voice is weaker than before. “Please tell me that my soulmate clock is still there. Tell me that it’s still ticking. Jiminie,” Jimin stands there completely quiet, sworn speechless by the fact that you hadn’t called him that nickname since the two of you were in seventh grade together. “Tell me that I’m still going to have a soulmate because oh my god, the clock is gone!”  

  And just like that, you’re on your knees crying on your best friend’s rug.

 "Jagi, it’s going to be okay.“ Jimin has sunk to his knees beside you. His arms wrapping around your trembling body. He isn’t sure if it’s the fact that the ideal that you had been believing in for seventeen years has come to an end or that the clock on your arm that has been clicking since the moment you were born has suddenly stopped – halting all the bodily functions that it seems to control; especially emotional cognition.  

 "I’m not going to have a soulmate, Jimin.” Your words feel like a papercut against Jimin’s heart; light but painful. These words are more on the side of you being insensitive to the world around you which especially focuses on Jimin. His grip on you loosens ever so slightly before tightening around your torso. Jimin’s pouty lips press against your temple.

 "You shouldn’t say that, jagiya.“ Jimin tilts your head up, a strained smile on his rose petal soft lips. A forced chuckle escapes his mouth. "I’m your soulmate.”

  Then it hits again. A hurricane that is Jimin overtaking you as you stare in front of you. He knows that this is exactly what you want to hear, not what you need, and that’s what makes your heartstrings tug too hard for someone who is supposed to be platonic. Your breath hitching up in your chest. Your lungs are on fire. Your torso falls forward to further embrace Jimin’s body as he holds you tight. The empty look in your eyes is permanently etched into his brain and as much as he could help it, he never wanted to see that look on your face ever again.

♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡ ♡ ◇ ♡

Protector Pt.3

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Characters: Derek x Reader, Isaac, Argent.

Summary: Derek enlists the help of his old friend. Argent and the reader get some alone time and Derek comes to a realization.

A/N: Hello lovies! I know it’s been over a month since I’ve updated but I’m getting there. I hope this makes up for it!!! It’s over 4k words.

P.s. not as much login in this chapter but, it’s still alright.

Derek was staring straight ahead at the road as he drove, his knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. You’d been driving in silence for about an hour now.  

“What’s a Duecalion?” You asked gently. His mouth twitched upwards.

“He’s a… I guess you could say he’s a person.” His eyes narrowed “He’s one of the most demented people I’ve ever come in contact with.” He took his eyes off the road to glance at you, “The man calls himself the demon wolf.” You scoffed at that.

“His name is Duecalion. He was born to be evil.” You said as you looked out the window. Derek laughed lightly. You listened as his laughter died down and sighed. You had so many questions.

“Thank you.” He said reaching over to lace your fingers together. You turned your head to glance at him once again. “For being okay with all of this.”  

“I’m not sure I am.” You told him honestly with a squeeze of your hand. “I need to know something. Dead bodies don’t just turn up, and you told me yourself that you’re involved with these deaths. I need to know.” You didn’t even mention how weirded out by the fact that there was magic ash that kept people out of places. He took his eyes off the road once again and saw how serious you were. His eyes softened.

“Those kids that died, I knew three just like them, they were… recruits of mine… All fitting the same description. Two of them died because of me.” He gripped the steering wheel tighter and you heard a crack.

“Derek..” your voice barely above a whisper when you spoke. His grip on the steering wheel was loose almost immediately and he straightened up, as if remembering that he wasn’t supposed to act this way. You’d never seen him this stressed.

“The last one though,” he began

“Isaac.” You offered

“Right. I’ve been looking for him for some time. Which is why we’ve been traveling so much. Last I tracked he was headed East. I thought we could beat him and cut him off in Nebraska, but he hasn’t arrived yet, plus there’s been a lot of activity in the area.” He sighed. “Seems Isaac’s been killing. But, he’s not the type. I need to find the truth”

“What does this have to do with Duecalion?” You questioned.

“My thoughts exactly.” He said gruffly. “The fact that he was so close to you tonight.” He was back to gripping the steering wheel.

That was Duecalion?!” You broke him out of his trance and he nodded. “How does a blind man become the most devious person you’ve ever met?” You asked more to yourself than him.

“He’s not always blind” Derek said simply.

What the hell does that mean? Your questions were back.

The clock read 1 AM when you looked up from the game on your phone. Derek was enjoying the soft music coming out of the speakers and you were getting restless once you lost your game for the eighth time. The situations going on in your real life were much more interesting. You opened your mouth but you were cut off by Derek.

“Don’t say it.”

“What?” You whined.

“‘Are we there yet?’” he did an overly high version of your voice.

“I wasn’t!” He gave you a look and you crossed your arms “Well? Are we?” You grumbled as he burst out laughing, you couldn’t stop the smile that stretched across your face.

“We’ll be there soon. We’re meeting Argent at a bar so we can switch cars.” He said once he stopped laughing.

“And Argent is…?” You had no idea who this was. In all this time that you’ve been together you’ve never heard a mention of anyone named Argent. So why did he trust them after three dead bodies showing up?

“A friend. He’ll help us. We’ve been tracking Isaac together.” He told you quickly.

“So… He’s like you?” You asked, hoping to be able to get some more info about Derek. You sensed he still wasn’t telling her everything.

“No, he hunts those like me.” Derek said as if it didn’t matter.

“What?” Hunt? He’s not an animal. And why would he call him? “Do you trust him?”

“I trust him. I’ve known him for years.” He said firmly.

That was all the confirmation that you needed, a few minutes later you pulled into the seedy bar off the highway across from a truck stop so you figured the type of crowd you’d run into and prepared yourself once you both left the truck. You looked over at Derek as he did the same. You’d been in dive bars before so it’s not like this place was scary but, after today you weren’t taking any chances.

“Stay close” was all he said before pushing you behind him. You nodded and followed, gripping his hand as you did. Once at the door, you were hit with the stench of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. The place wasn’t too crowded but, it wasn’t dead either. Mostly truckers were inside however, a few women were scattered around.

You couldn’t help but feel self conscious as eyes trailed along your body, most of the men were watching you, all of the women watched Derek. It wasn’t like it was a rare occurrence for the both of you to be oggled, hell Derek told you how many of your neighbors eyes were glued to your ass the other night and how hard it was not to kill them, you didn’t know if he was serious. However, you were not used this many people at once, it was like you were under a spotlight. Neither was Derek apparently because he was growling. Literally growling.

You gripped his hand tighter and pushed yourself closer to him. The bar was dimly lit with a red glow to it, there was a small dance floor with a few people enjoying themselves on it. The tables were littered with people and there were a couple of patrons at the bar, you joined them. Derek ordered you two tequila shots each. You took them without a question and with a cheers.

A tall man with a greying beard walked in and Derek stood, you followed suit. “Argent!” He said with a rare grin, the man looked up at Derek and matched his.

“Derek!” He stretched out his name a little. The two embraced each other in a strong bro hug.

“Long time no see” Derek said as they pulled away.

“Way too long, friend” the man-Argent said to Derek. His eyes landed on you, “No wonder.” The way that Argent looked at you wasn’t like the other men in the bar, it was appreciative.  “This beautiful lady must be Y/N.” He smiled at you. He was handsome for a man in his late 30s/early 40s, you noted. “Chris. Chris Argent” he held his hand out for you to shake.

“Nice to meet you.” You smiled at him and shook his hand. So Argent is a last name. You all made your way back to the bar and ordered another round for each of you before purchasing beers.

“I’ve heard a lot about you” Chris said once you were all tucked away at a table in the corner.

“Funny, Derek doesn’t tell me a thing” you rose your eyebrow in his direction. Derek clenched his jaw.

“Y/N.” He warned and you just smirked.

“Still?” Chris said to Derek, seemingly surprised. Derek snapped his head in his direction.

“There hasn’t been time” Derek said curtly.“Plus it’s dangerous”

Chris clearly didn’t agree but he wasn’t going to to make a big deal about it. So he changed the subject and said. “So what have you found out?”

This launched you and Derek into telling him everything that happened over the past three days. The bodies; you noted how they had mountain ash coming from their eyes but, how the last one -the one representing Isaac- looked as if he was dug up from a cemetery, not recently killed. The note;How they left it along with the spiral, which according to Chris and Derek meant revenge. Katrina; you told him how she came to your house with Duecalion. As you began describing her, you were interrupted.

“If she’s who I think she is we have a lot to worry about.” Chris said, rubbing his chin.

“Why?” Derek huffed, his hand resting on your knee.

“She’s an emissary, she used to be a hunter.” Chris narrowed his eyes

“She was playing both sides of the fence?” Derek asked incredulously.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Chris said, you gathered that he was talking about himself after Derek nodded.“She’s gonna need to fight” he said after a while. You figured that they were talking about Katrina.

“She can’t. It’s too dangerous” Derek gave one shake of his head, nope that were talking about you. They started going back and forth with pros and cons.

“I think that’s up to me to decide.” You spoke up, Derek scoffed.

“She’s gonna need to be able to protect herself. Don’t wait sixteen years like me.” He took a drink of his beer.

“That’s different. This is not my daughter and she wasn’t born into this.” Derek said quickly, squeezing your thigh. “She can’t even shoot” he said as if that would kill the argument.

“Neither could Allison.” Chris said firmly.

“I can’t shoot but…” You stood and both pairs of eyes watched you curiously as you walked to the bar and snuck a knife. You pointed to the dart board that was fifteen feet away and made sure they were paying attention before you threw the knife directly into the bullseye. Derek’s jaw hung open before he recollected to an impressed smirk. You had one as well when you sauntered back to them.

“Party trick.” You bit your lip.

“When were you going to tell me you could do that?” Derek said and pulled you into a kiss. Chris cleared his throat.

“We don’t go to many parties, darling” you shrugged, your arms draped his shoulders lazily.

“That was so fucking hot” he whispered into your ear and squeezed your ass. Chris was louder with his throat clearing this time.

“We can use this” Chris said with a nod.

“I’m against this” Derek went back to glaring.

“I don’t care, I want to help.” You sighed. Maybe it was naive but, if he was going to risk his life for you, you’d do the same for him. Derek was grinding his teeth together when the bar tender walked up to your table with the knife that you threw. Derek stood in front of you nearly blocking your view, the bartender faltered a bit but didn’t back down.

“Hey, you guys gotta leave” he said simply, running his free hand through his thin black hair.

“And why is that?” Chris spoke up now standing next to Derek. People were looking at you now and you groaned. It looked like they were gearing up for a fight.

“That was cool and all” he smiled and nodded at you, Derek grunted “but you can’t just go around throwing knives” he rubbed the back of his neck. The poor guy didn’t want to do this. The men just stared at the lanky boy and you groaned.

“Come on, we have things to do anyway” you began pulling Derek by the wrist, he glared at the bartender the entire way out. Chris followed suit shaking his head in amusement all the way to the parking lot.

“You go with him. I have to ditch the truck.” Derek said as he began putting bags from your truck to Argents SUV. You did the same and looked at one of Argents bags that was unzipped.Holy shit that’s a lot of guns. You thought.

“Or… We can both go together” you placed your hands on his chest and looked up at him. You were a little nervous about being in the car alone with Chris.

“I have to get back by myself, trust me, it won’t be long” he said as he placed his hands on your hips. “You’ll be fine. I trust him” he reassured you after noticing your wary glance towards Argent in the front seat, “I love you” he smiled down at you.

“I love you back.” You pressed your lips to his roughly and he kissed you back fiercely. He bit your bottom lip and you did the same to him. Your tongues were tangled in each other’s in seconds. You pulled away before it became impossible.

The plan was to drive a few miles to the crappy motel in the next town, Derek followed about halfway there but then veered off to the right. You needed to put as much space as possible between you and whatever danger was lurking about.

“So, Derek said you hunted guys like him?” You asked, twiddling your thumbs in the passenger seat.You decided to take the chance to get to know as much about him as possible, he might even spill the beans about Derek.

“Among other things.” Chris said, placing a cryptic smile on his face. “I’m an international arms dealer.” He shrugged, well that explains the guns.

“So how do you know Derek?” You asked the question that had been plaguing you for a while.

“Speaking of hunting, we were hunting Derek. Thought he killed one of ours” He said nonchalantly, you choked on your spit. “He didn’t!” He assured quickly. “Misunderstanding” he nodded.

You were rendered speechless at that. Deciding not to ask the question that was playing on the tip of your tongue. Has Derek killed someone? Argent only specified that he didn’t kill one of his people what if Derek was in the mob and this guy was a dirty cop? What if Argent was a murderer? Arms dealer my ass. You thought after taking a sideways glance at him.

You broke your train of thought once you pulled up to a dusty motel on the highway next to a sign that said ‘WELCOME TO DENVER.’ You smiled at the fact that you had gotten the hell out of Nebraska. You followed Argent through check-in and stood rigid as he only got on room with two queen beds. The elderly desk woman must have noticed your apprehension because she grabbed your hand before you grabbed your room key and said.

“If you need anything, just call the front desk and we’ll pick up right away.” She gave you a kind smile. “We’re open 24/7” her tone now picking up harshness as she directed the information to Argent who nodded, not oblivious to her warning. You smiled greatfully and left to your room. Once you reached your room you and Argent grabbed your respective overnight bags as well as your bag of food. There was a pregnant silence as you sat on the chair provided in the room and Argent sat the edge of his bed. Until his stomach growled and you laughed at the groan he gave.

“Here, take your pick.” You said, tossing the food bag at Chris and twiddling your thumbs. Where the hell is Derek?

“Thanks.” He nodded, taking a microwave burrito and a bag of chips before standing and using the microwave.

You both heated up your respective frozen meals and turned on the television. You weren’t moving from your seat near the door just in case but, you had a more relaxed aura in the room. To the point where you were having an actual conversation. Turns out, both Chris and Derek were born into the lives they now both live. You wanted to know so much more and you were determined to learn, until you heard a distant deep howl in the distance. But, the howl wasn’t what stopped you from speaking, it was the way that Chris responded to it. He stood up abruptly and pulled out a rather large gun, handing you two equally large knives.

“Still got that aim?” you nodded and sucked in a breath when you heard another howl, this one much higher sounding than the first. Chris motioned for you to move towards the back of the room and you did as he instructed. You didn’t know why you were so on edge, the howls sounded as if they were miles away, besides wolves can’t open doors. You were trying to give yourself some comic relief but it didn’t stop your heart from pounding or the bead of sweat that was making its way down your face.

Minutes later the door swung open and you saw the unmistakable figure of Derek with someone draped over his shoulder, he was trying to control his breathing as he bounded through the door, laying the limp boy on the bed where Argent previously sat. Derek’s eyes met yours and he gave you a once-over, making sure you were untouched.

“Isaac.” Argent spoke gravely after shutting the door. Your eyes snapped to the blonde boy at the mention of his familiar name. He looked just like the boy that was dug up, only a few years older and prettier.

“I found him lying next to a sewer drain a few miles out.” Derek said as he worked on tearing off the boy’s already tattered shirt. “He’s got a few deep scratches. He’s been out there for days” Derek told him moving around effortlessly.

“He’ll heal, soon.” Argent said completely positive.

“That’s not all.” Derek said slowly before turning Isaac on his side to reveal a gunshot wound with green smoke coming out.

All Argent did was groan and go to his car. When he came back he had a kit with him and began his work on Isaac, who was now groaning in pain. You moved closer and gasped when you saw how bad Isaac really was. He had four scratches on either side of his chest, they looked as if they were half healed. A few scratches? The boy looked like he was mauled by a wild animal. Is this why Duecalion calls himself the demon wolf? Because he finds enjoyment out of getting animals to attack people?

“Is he… Is he going to be okay?” You asked aloud and all eyes snapped in your direction as if they’d forgotten you were in the room. You’d almost forgotten, too. It was like you were seeing everything through a keyhole in the door. Like you didn’t belong and were looking in on someone’s private life.

“I hope so.” Derek said truthfully, looking at you with eyes that begged forgiveness. As if he’d done something wrong.

“So do I” Isaac whispered softly with a chuckle before screaming in pain and launching up as Chris started digging into his wound for a bullet. You could have sworn his eyes turned an unnatural yellow color. But when you blinked it was gone and Derek was holding him down whispering to him inaudibly.

Once Isaac was calm after being injected with something to calm him down. He sat with bandages across his chest and a distant look in his eye.

“What the hell did you give him?” You wanted to know whatever it was that had Isaac going from convulsing to looking like he was having the best time of his life.

“Wolvesbane.” Chris said, packing his gear back up. Derek grunted. “Well, that’s the non scientific name for it, at least” Chris smiled, seemingly correcting himself. “This particular strain is used for hallucinations” He took his bag and made his way back to the car.

The instant that Argent turned his back, Derek strode over to you, taking your face in his hands. It took one look in those bright green eyes for you to crumble. You began crying softly and Derek wrapped you in his arms, shushing and rocking you all the ways.

“What’s happening?” You whispered to him.

“Shh… It’ll all be over soon, baby.” He said, kissing your forehead. You nodded and held him close for a few minutes, letting your tears dry.

Chris opened the door with an armful of extra blankets, you suspected he did so to give you and Derek a little privacy. Well about as much privacy as you can get with a guy who’s high off his ass and giggling to himself on the bed next to you.

Derek had agreed to take first watch of Isaac and you decided to stay up with him, letting Chris have the bed leaving you and Derek to the makeshift cot of blankets on the floor. The soft yellow glow of street lights breaking through the blinds was the only light littering the room. Once both Chris and Isaac were fast asleep you felt Derek push his body up against yours from behind. Your breathing hitched as he inhaled and wrapped himself to you.

“I probably don’t smell that wonderful” you whispered, thinking about the events that transpired earlier.

“You always smell wonderful” he whispered back, rolling you to face him. You didn’t look at him for fear that you would begin bawling. Derek noticed immediately and began rubbing his thumb across your cheek. Your eyes fluttered open to see his searching your face.

“Derek..” you began softly. “We’re like this often, now.” the slow tears falling from your eyes betraying you.

Your statement rang true and Derek knew. It was all slowly making sense now that you knew that you were looking for Isaac all this time. The fact that he uprooted you both to travel state to state was clear as day when you thought about it. When you and Derek began dating he was in a townhouse that was larger than life, then you moved into your cute little two bedroom apartment that he purchased outright. Then moving from hotel to hotel to ending up in the trailer. Now here you were again.

“I’m sorry” he told you gently.

“Yeah..” you turned away from him and let your tears fall freely. You felt him shift to pull himself closer again. “Don’t.” You warned seriously and made a show of putting space between you two with a pillow.

You cried next to Derek until you reluctantly let yourself give in to exhaustion.


I ran a hand through my hair as I watched Y/N fall asleep. I feel terrible for what I was doing to her.  It took everything in me to hold back the anger in myself, she was beginning to break and it was because of me. I never thought that I’d lay next to this girl while she cried her eyes out and not be able to do anything. And the worst part of it all was that it was because of me.

“Don’t you think it’s time, Derek?” My head snapped to Chris’s deep voice intruding my alone time.

“You don’t get a say in this, Argent” I bit back at him. He may be helping me with Duecalion but, I didn’t need his input on my personal life.

“Don’t you think she should?” He said as he stood. I followed suit in full defense mode. What was he planning? “Calm down. I’m just moving so she can take the bed” he walked to Isaac to monitor his wounds.

“Sorry” I said as I lifted Y/N into my arms gently and lay her on the bed. “She just… She means everything to me” I said seriously as I brushed strands of hair from her face.

“I’m sure you mean the same to her.” He said, taking the chair provided in the room. “You should tell her though. She needs to know what she’s up against. What are you afraid of?” He questioned.

“I know, I can’t lose her though, Argent. I won’t.” I said, sitting at the edge of the bed. “No one’s loved me like this before, not as fiercely as she has” I was looking at my hands now.

Argent and I were never really talkers but, if anyone knew what I was going through it was him. I knew he was right, if I didn’t tell her soon I would lose her for good, she didn’t even want me to touch her tonight for Christ’s sake. And if she left, she’d be in more danger now than ever.

“Derek” he called and I raised my eyes to meet his “I don’t think anyone has loved another as fiercely as this woman loves you.” He was being truthful, and there was a hint of jealousy. That had to be hard to admit. He’d been married to his wife for over twenty years. “She deserves to know. Could you be with someone who you knew was lying to you for three years?”


Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

1816 words

Based on the prompt: “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake I would have already shoved you off this roof” from @softhobilove (Happy Birthday Meg!!)

Min Yoongi was a rare occurrence.

Therefore, it was astonishing to see him out and about so early in the morning, ambling through the hallway in grey sweats and a faded black hoodie.

You swear he spent so much time cooped up in his own apartment that he was some sort of cryptid. If you hadn’t met him, you wouldn’t have even believed anyone lived in 112.

You were on your way to go back to your own apartment when you saw him. Having encountered him a few times in no less than polite, quick exchanges, you felt comfortable enough to call out a greeting.

“Yoongi-ssi! It’s nice to see you out and about!” You saw him startle, and he turned his head to you.

“Ah, good morning Y/N,” he greeted and gave you a small smile. He bowed his head slightly and continued on his way.

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Emancipated | NAMJOON

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

pairing: namjoon x reader

genre: angst, fluff | ceo!namjoon 

length: 5k

summary: your father is someone who you can never seem to get along with. when he wreaks havoc, namjoon considers asking you out. you don’t take it lightly. 

Detached murmurs fill the ballroom as your eyes take another bored sweep over it.

“Remember to smile,” your father whispers gently as he smiles at the guests. You mimic his smile, walking down the staircase alongside him. “I don’t need anyone knowing how much of a brat you truly are.”

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Wakandan Adventures (3/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,337

Summary: Everyone goes back to work and it sucks.  

Warnings: all cuteness. 

A/N: Sending you all a virtual hug for the response to this fic, you are the best! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, motivates me on an whole other level *sending valentine’s smooches your way*. 

Quick question, when do you guys see it as the ideal time for me to post, now when I do, or should I post earlier in the day? please let me know!  

Tags: @flightofthefantasies  @ipaintmelodies @gondorgirl01  @bucky-on-a-bike  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @moody-fangirl @ladybrett9 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @i-saved-me @widowsfics @canumoveyourseatup-no @the-witching-hours12-3 @douleu-passion @goodnightwife

Work had become a right pain in your ass lately. It just never seemed to slow down. Every time you had finished one task, the next was already on the table, waiting to be handled. You had never thought working for the King of Wakanda aka Black Panther would be easy, but you had at least hoped to be able to find the time to breathe. At least the paycheck was good, which made up for it in some sense.

The extra work also meant your social life had gone down the drain and even though you wouldn’t say it out loud, it was slowly driving you crazy. Bucky was recovered enough to join the rest of his team on missions, which was good, but it also meant that you barely got to see him now. Days could go by without having seen or talked to him, despite the fact that you lived in the same place, only two floors apart. It was really sad on its own because you missed his company.  It had always made it a lot easier to work when he was beside you. But life was simply put, not being very nice towards you at the moment, and it just kept on giving.

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It was just another night where Jay had a show to do so there you were, chilling with some of the AOMG guys backstage while they waited for the cue to join him on stage. This was quite a common occurrence whenever you guys had a date scheduled later in the night and the guys were more than welcoming towards you, keeping you entertained.

“Join us for the encore later,” Gray said.

“Nah I look hideous,” You said, quickly shaking your head and pointing to your bare face. “I’m totally fine just waiting here no worries.”

Having been in a public relationship for three years, the initial chaos surrounding the news of Jay dating a non celebrity had fortunately died down but it’s not like you guys rubbed it in their faces, Jay very rarely showing any public display of affection. He started bringing you on stage just last year though most of the time you’d just stay behind the DJ turntable unless he brought you to the front to say hi to the fans. Of course there were some fans who still hated your guts but it never bothered him as he was confident that they’d grow to like you anyway for your chill and laid back personality which proved to be right as an increasing number of them started leaving appreciative comments on your Instagram on the rare occasion where you’d post a picture of Jay in his au-naturel state.

“How bad can you look when you have date later?” Gray tried to convince you.

“Well where else can they go on a date this late in the night, of course they’re heading over to his place,” Simon D commented cheekily.

You laughed, throwing a cushion in his direction, “We’re gonna get supper! Feel free to join us if you want to.”

The guys chuckled, then decided to cut you some slack and move on to another conversation topic. Time flew by pretty quickly, the guys taking turns to leave the room till Ugly Duck was the last one left and somewhat managed to drag you along with him.

Very sneakily, you slipped behind the DJ table without Jay noticing, the guys trying their utmost best to hide a smile as they kept it from him too. It wasn’t until the fans on the front row noticed you where they started pointing towards your direction, puzzling him for a bit.

“A’ight let’s do one last-…what? Why are you guys pointing at me?” He asked, confused.

“Turn around!” One of them shouted, and he couldn’t hide the look of surprise on his face.

“Ah, so she’s more popular than me now?” He joked, then gestured for you to come over. “C’mon to the front and say hi babe.”

You smiled shyly, waving a little to his fans as they cheered in response while a handful of them squealed loudly upon hearing the affectionate and sexy (to them at least, since you got used to it by now) way in which he addressed you.

“It’d be better if she came out a little earlier though cos I’m not too sure if she likes the next song,” He chuckled, teasing you and everyone laughed knowing exactly what he meant when Mommae started playing.

He made his way over to the DJ table as the song started playing to take a sip of water but just as you were about to sneak a small revenge on him with a light slap on his butt, he turned around, resulting in you touching his crotch instead. Unfortunately, a few fans in the front who witnessed the situation started screaming and your eyes shot open and so did his but as he saw the flustered look on your face, he knew it was an accident and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“I swear I didn’t mean to do that you turned around too quickly!”

“Aw dayum you a pervert,” He said, casually walking off and pulling his shirt over his head leaving you standing there not only feeling awkward but super embarrassed.

As the screams got louder he turned around again and saw how your face turned a deep red and he couldn’t help but find it adorable, walking over to you to pat your head and give you a quick kiss on your temple, “I think we gotta change that supper date to a date at my place.”

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the mic in his hands was just in front of his chest, amplifying what he said to the entire crowd through the speakers.

The fans were going absolutely crazy by now and so were the rest of the guys, roaring with laughter into the mic. He ran off to the other end of the stage feeling a little shy himself and for that split second you swore you were this close to running after him and strangling him as he left you there to bury your face in your hands. 

Man you knew you should’ve stuck to waiting backstage, but then again at least now you were certain that no amount of convincing was gonna convince you to join him up on stage any time soon.

It’s All Greek To Me

I’ve been so nervous to post this entry for @sterek-bingo - A/B/O is not something I ever envisaged myself writing if I’m honest! Having said that, I had a lot of fun with it, so hopefully it will be enjoyed!

This story was written for the A/B/O square on my BINGO card. (AO3 link here).

It’s All Greek To Me


“What’s it like?” Derek asked Laura on her sixteenth birthday. He was only two years younger than her, and back when neither of them knew what it would really feel like to Present, she’d promised to describe it to him in glowing detail. “What does it feel like?”

She had an odd, blissful smile on her face. “It feels… Oh, God, Derek, I can’t describe it! I can sense everything. It’s like everything has about ten times more life in it than before.” She looked around, brushing her fingers against the broad spongy leaves of the aloe vera plant on the windowsill. “I can sense it all,” she said again, sounding almost reverent.

“Do you know?” he pressed. “What you are?”

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Sick day

Requested by: @domingofan :D
Prompts: #49 “When was the last time you slept?” & #56 “You may have a very minor case of serious brain damage.” (Rossi x Reader)

A/N: Apologies if this is not the best, but it was all my brain could come up with. Still, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Originally posted by spencerreiddaily

Your hair was damp; it had started drizzling when you left the apartment, but you didn’t have time to go back up and grab your umbrella. You were running late as it was.

Thanks to the rare alignment of the planets, you arrived at the office just five minutes late. With a little bit of more luck on your side, maybe Hotch might let it slide this time. When you got to your desk, Morgan slapped you on the back in congratulations while Prentiss and JJ pretended to clap before going to their own desks. Reid just raised his travel mug in silent praise of your achievement and then sat down as well.

They were celebrating because this was an, unfortunately, normal occurrence. You had a younger brother, Rodrick, who, despite being a teenager already, still needed to be dropped off at school… thirty minutes away from Quantico, on a good traffic day. Your aunt usually came by in the afternoon after work to help you out, but the mornings were a hassle.

‘Two more years, and he’ll at least be in college, (Y/L/N),’ Rossi joined the teasing from his spot on the railing before going back into his office. They sometimes liked betting on how late you were going to be, and Rossi had the best vantage point, along with Hotch, to see your flustered face as you came running into the bullpen.

‘Thanks for the reminder,’ you called out to his retreating form, to which he just laughed in response.

You sighed as you settled down and tackled the pile of paperwork you had from the day before still on your desk. Today was going to be tough… you had a feeling.

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VIXX Hyuk 'Next Time Send Flowers'

A/N: Hey guys I missed you! <3 Here’s a longer than usual scenario that will hopefully make up for my absence. ^^ 

WARNING: I’m attempting the horror genre again. It’s not graphic but if you’re bothered by creepy you might want to pass this by. (At least I hope it came out creepy…^^ This is very loosely based on something that actually happened to me so enjoy.)


It was cute. You weren’t really a stuffed animal person but even so, you had to admit, it was cute. It was a fluffy, pink teddy bear your boyfriend had picked up while on tour. You were certain he’d picked out the thing in the store you’d be least likely purchase for yourself. Gifts from him were sometimes like that, then he’d cackle at your expression. But the times he gave you something thoughtful with an embarrassed smile made up for the other ones.

You never knew what you were going to get with Hyuk and that’s part of why you fell in love with him. He was cagey about where he got the bear, which made you a little suspicious, but nonetheless it was sweet of him to think of you.

It would stay safely on a chair in your room unless he was away again. Then you’d snuggle the bear close against your chest as you slept, though you’d never admit that to anyone, least of all your boyfriend. No way were you giving him that sort of ammunition.  

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Snapshot: First New Years

Happy New Year one and all! Here is my first writing of 2017! Hope you all enjoy it and thank you for being so patient with me! I appreciate all of you that stick around :-)

The freezing cold air soothed my overheated skin as I walked out onto the small balcony into the late December evening in New York City. It was New Year’s Eve and I was dressed to the nines in a beautiful gown attending a black tie party at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It was a dream party that most people would have given their right arm to go to, yet I would have rather been anywhere else. The party was being thrown by Universal Music Group, the parent company to my boyfriend, Shawn’s, record label, Island Records.

At first, we weren’t going to go to the party. We had our hearts set on spending out first New Years alone in a cabin outside of Vancouver. That was until he got the call from David Massey, telling him that he was expected to be at this party. It wasn’t a request, it was a demand. I was surprised he allowed Shawn to bring me since David and I didn’t really get along very well. The few times I met him he made it clear that he didn’t approve of our relationship, but there was nothing he could do about it.

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It was Her. Bechloe Fluff.

Pairing: Bechloe

Word Count: 2140 words

Rating: T

Summary: Beca finally gives in to what scared her most about Chloe. Love.

Can also read on ff.net if you wish.


The day began like any ordinary day for Beca. Get up, brush teeth, eat food and make a new mix. But of late Beca couldn’t stop thinking about that one night with Chloe. She wasn’t entirely sure how everything happened. As any over thinker, this moment had been playing over and over again inside her head for the past month. The sweet taste of Chloe’s lips mixed with the overpowering vodka aroma. Her lips were softer than Beca could have ever imagined… Not that she had imagined it before but if she had, it was softer than expected.

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Drabble: Acts of Rebellion

Title: Acts of Rebellion

Rating: K+

Relationships: Papa!Sasuke, SasuSaku

Summary: Sasuke had not been expecting to deal with an unruly daughter for at least a few more years. No time like the present though.

“Sarada, it is way past when you were supposed to be home.” Sasuke announces angrily when his ten year old daughter decided to finally prance through door as if she weren’t two hours late. “I was about to go out looking for you.”

Sarada’s dark eyes met him and he saw the fiery defiance which lit them like a blazing fire. Her mouth was set in a frown that he found was harder and harder to make disappear lately. If it wasn’t for the fact that he were so furious right now, he would have commented on it or sat her down to discuss it. Now was not the time for niceties and counseling, however.

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Submitted by glashtonirwin : Ashton Car Quickie

AN : this is my first ever attempt at smut and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :) Sorry if anything is spaced or indented wrong idk what happened when i copied and pasted it :(

Story line : It’s basically just a car quickie? 

Word Count : 2237

Rating : R

“Y/n, what’s taking so long?! We are already running late. Pretty soon the boys are going to be asking me where we are.” My boyfriend bellowed from his car, we were supposed to be meeting his bandmates at the front man’s house.     

“One more second! I can’t find my shirt,” I replied, causing him to groan loudly.

Finally, I found the shirt I was looking for in a pile of laundry on the floor, ‘Ashton really needs to take care of those’, I thought to myself before throwing the shirt on and walking outside.                    

It was mid-November. Normally, I would be used to it getting frigid outside, but not here in Sydney. Summer was right around the corner and I was lucky to go outside without sweating to death.  

I walked over to the passenger side of Ashton’s speckled silver Nissan Pulsar. The other boys constantly tease him and his “shitty” car, but he loved it, and even with his new fame and money, found no need to buy a new one.

The crisp, cool air smacked you in the face. “God babe, is the air conditioner up enough?” I said in a snarky tone. “I had to wait out here for fifteen minutes, whataya want me to do, suffocate?”

Ashton could be so bitter.


Ashton’s band mates, Luke, Calum, and Michael agreed to meet up at Luke’s house before practice. Ashton just had to drive out and meet them there. Luke’s house was pretty far out, his dad called it ‘The Wastelands’. It would take a while to get there, which is why Ashton was being so particular about leaving on time. 

About 10 minutes down the road, he finally decided to let up and stop being so silent. “Hey, y/n, what do you wanna do after practice? It’s been a while since we went out.”       

This question took me by surprise, Ashton never wanted to discuss plans. He was more of a spontaneous type. Since we had been dating, most of our outings were results of his ‘punk adventurous’ attitude. His favorite place to go was the club, so it’d be a relief to do something different.

“Um…I don’t know…I didn’t think you’d wanna do anything…” I replied.

“What? Why wouldn’t I?” He seemed legitimately upset that I would say that.

“Oh I don’t know, it’s just that usually when we end up hanging out with the boys, we get stuck there. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s the norm." 

I could see from his facial expression that he knew exactly what I meant.

"Babe, I’m sorry. It’s just that they’re my fr-" 

"No, its fine, really.” I giggled. “I love hanging out with you guys. I’ll just think of something to do when you guys are actually practicing….since I’m not allooooowed to watch." 

Ashton’s face lit up and his cheeky grin flashed from ear to ear. “You know why” he said, matter-of-factly.  

I felt your cheeks redden. I knew exactly why. The first time I ever attended their practice session, Ashton got me so flustered that it was physically obvious, and the boys teased me about it for days. 

"What can I say? You get so into it. It’s hot as fuck” I said, biting my lip and giving him a quick smirk.     

“Hey. Don’t swear.” he laughed. Sometimes he gets into a mood where swearing bothers him. Other times there’s nothing but filthy words spewing from his mouth.   

Not being in the mood to torment him, I reached up and turned up the volume on the radio. It’s on the classic rock station and Don’t Fear the Reaper by the Blue Öyster Cult was playing. Ashton immediately got into it and started drumming against the steering wheel and singing along. His singing, no matter how serious he was, always turned me on. Right now was no exception. Seeing him in his element was definitely the sexiest part of dating him, except for maybe in bed.  
            Knowing that the ride still had a while to go, I dozed off.
            My eyes fluttered open. The bright lights making it hard to adjust. 
            “H-how much longer, Ash?” 
            He looked over with the goofiest smile on his face. “Hey baby! I thought you’d never wake up.  We have less than 15 minutes left” I groaned and stretched, as much as the tight space would allow, anyway. In the process I gently brushed across his inner thigh. 
            “Hey..watch out, you know I’m sensitive,” he playfully snapped. I loved teasing him like this, so I did it again. This time higher up and a little rougher. I could hear his breathing quicken.            
            He pursed his lips and gave me the dirtiest glare.

            “Stop,” he whispered. He was being extremely serious, which is a rare occurrence. For some reason, this just encouraged me to be worse. 
            I leaned over and start rubbing up his thigh, eventually getting to his crotch. I began to grope it softly and leaned over to his ear and whispered, “daddy, remember the naughty things I did to you last night? I’d loooove to do it again. Right now.” 
            I could feel his cock getting harder by the second. His face was also getting angrier. “Y/n. Stop. Now. We have 10 minutes to go and we were supposed to be there 5 minutes ago. I’m gonna be getting texts any second now.” His brow furrowed, you could see the annoyance in his hazel eyes. 
            This was finally serious enough for me to stop. I sighed and leaned back over, looking out of the window, pouting. 
            After a couple minutes of this, I heard him finally let out the breath he had been holding. He then turned down a road you had never seen. “Honey, where are you going? Luke’s house was right down that way…” He ignored my question.
            The road was obviously a back road. It winded and continued for a while. There was nothing around but some trees. Finally, he pulled the car over to the side and turned it off. 
            He took off his seatbelt and ran his fingers through his dark blonde curls. He sighed, “Let’s hurry up. I don’t want to get bitched at.”

            He slid down in his seat, his six foot body barely being able to fit in the cramped space. He reached down and fumbled with his belt buckle, opening it and then proceeding to unbutton and unzip his tight jeans. His hard-on completely noticeable through his striped boxer briefs. He put his hand down the front and began to slowly pump his cock. 

            “Come here” he said sternly, using his free hand to grab my face and bring it to his own. His eyes were closed from the pure bliss he was bringing himself, his warm breath brushed across my face as our lips touched. Our lips clashed in a quick steady rhythm. I could feel his panting through it all, and it just made me want him even more. I gently tugged on his bottom lip with my teeth and then slipped my tongue into his warm, sweet mouth. He tasted like the minty gum he had been chewing the first half of this ride. He tore his face away, catching his breath.

            “Dammit y/n, I’m getting close…fuck!” He removed his hands from his boxers and grabbed the back of my head and began kissing me furiously.

             Pulling away again, he panted, “Jesus, y/n, I need that pretty mouth around my cock…like now.”

             He didn’t have to repeat himself. I adjusted myself in my seat, so that I could reach. I leaned down and started kissing the head of his cock, moving down the back of his length. I licked up his backside and looked up to see him biting his lip with his head thrown back. I decided to stop the teasing and just take the entire thing into my mouth.

            “S-shit y/n! Yes! Just like that…oh god baby yeeesss,” he moaned. I continued bobbing my head up and down, feeling the tip hit the back of my throat each time. Tears started welling in my eyes from the repeated impact, but that didn’t change anything. I began to suck just the tip and used my hand to pump the rest of his cock. I used my free hand to gently massage his balls. He began to whimper and quiver, and I could tell that he was losing it under my touch.

Finally I leaned back up, panting, and caught my breath enough to say, “God, Ashton, I need you.”        
            Before I could even realize it, he had gotten out of the car and walked around to my side, opening the door and violently jerking me out. He slammed the door and shoved me against it, bending down and kissing me again. While our lips were attached, I could feel his hands ravaging my body. He ran them up and down my sides and then put them up my shirt and underneath my bra. He began to squeeze my breasts, which caused me to throw my head back and moan. He smirked at this, obviously being proud of what he was causing.  
            He then picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He opened the back door and dropped me down onto the seat. He crouched down in the open door and began unbuttoning my shorts. He pulled them down my legs and tossed them up into the front seat. He then began to kiss up my thighs, gently nipping here and there and I could tell that there would probably be bruises soon. I reached down and grabbed a fistful of his hair, he looked up and I could see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes, the signal that he was about to get merciless.

He ran his fingers over my black lace panties, feeling how wet he had gotten me. Closing my legs for a brief second, he slipped my panties off and let them join the shorts up front. I could feel his hot breath tickle my newly exposed sensitive area. He brought his fingers back up to my moist folds and ran them up and down.

"God, I can’t remember the last time you were this fucking wet,” he said, his voice deeper and huskier than normal. He then inserted his middle finger into me, slowly thrusting it in and out, causing me to lightly moan. He then added his pointer finger, causing a stream of obscenities to escape my mouth. He  leaned down and placed his lips around my clit, continuing to thrust his fingers in and out. He flicked his tongue around the little bundle of nerves, which almost brought me to the edge.

“Oh my god…fuck…fuck, yes baby, stop. Just fuck me already babe I’m not going to last much longer.” I managed to say, in a hoarse voice.

He liked this idea, which caused him to stand up and pull his boxers down enough for his erection to pop out. He gestured for me to move back into the seat, allowing him enough room to climb in. Once he adjusted himself on top of me, he grabbed my legs and spread them as far as he could. He grabbed his hard on and lined the tip up with my entrance. I started breathing heavily because I needed him so badly and it was finally going to happen. He slowly thrust himself into me, gasping in the process. He leaned down and kissed me as he began thrusting in and out as fast as he possibly could. We were both starting to get extremely sweaty, considering the ac hasn’t been running, and neither of us could think enough to form sentences. It didn’t take long before his breathing became ragged.

 ”Shit, I’m almost there…” he stated, breathily, and since he wasn’t wearing a condom, considering how spontaneous this was, he needed to pull out soon. He began to thrust at an insanely quick pace, causing me to go over the edge. I yelled out his name and convulsed around him. I closed my eyes, bit my lip, and curled my toes as I experienced the euphoria I had been waiting for. He knew he was going to cum any second now. He quickly pulled himself out and backed out of the car, pulling me down with him, onto my knees. He quickly pumped himself, and I looked up and opened my mouth, ready for him to finish. After a few pumps, I felt the warm salty liquid cover my lips and tongue, as a string of swears and moans escaped his mouth. He looked down with the smuggest look as I swallowed down what he had given me. I stood up and kissed him quickly, before reaching into the car and getting my clothes.

            “Fuck! That took a little while longer than I thought it would. I better call the boys and tell them I’m almost there, before they panic.” He said in a serious tone.
He returned to the driver’s side as I got back into my seat, fully dressed. He reached into the cupholder and grabbed his iPhone 5. 

             ”Dammit!! Two missed calls, a voicemail and TEN texts?” He groaned and rolled his eyes. “I’ll never live this down, and it’s all your fault,” he snapped.

            “You love me,” I replied, batting my eyelashes.
            “Yes, I do, y/n,” he smirked.

                                                                                         - glashtonirwin

My take on the “Remilie” thing

First of all (to precede any attack, which I’m sure I’ll get nevertheless) I’d like to state that this is my very personal opinion on the matter. This is how I see this – I so hate to say it – ship. It is based on my knowledge (which can easily be deficient), experience, and feelings towards the real life people as much as their characters on the screen.

What prompted me to write this is the increased amount of remilie occurrence on my dash. I see it in tags of posts and comments and gifsets, and though I’ve never ventured to the tag itself (because of my obvious distaste), I encounter with it on a regular basis. Now you may ask why the hell I haven’t blocked it then. If you don’t like something, you block it, that’s the non-masochist and sane approach to blogging. The problem is that with this move I’d block loads of otherwise amazing photos, gifs and even interviews. Of the people I love. Of the people to whom I mostly dedicate my blog. Consequently, I’m pretty reluctant to do that. The other reason is that I’ve talked about it with people from both sides who were (and are) absolutely lovely and understanding and never tried to persuade me to accept their truth. And these people (mind you, from both sides) told me that they’d encountered others who were aggressive about it. I’ll try very hard to avoid that.  

I don’t expect to convince anyone, firstly because I don’t think I could, secondly because you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t have any purpose with this other than getting it out, since it has bugged me for a long time.

So here it goes, under read more due to the touchy topic and length, my concerns and views on remilie and RLS in general.


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First Kiss

Eruri. 2.2k words, for the prompt “First Kiss,” requested by @world-war-eruri​​.  Thank you for your patience as I worked on this! I hope you like it…it starts angsty, but there is a happy ending!

Thank you to my beta-reader @theladyamalthea for making sure this didn’t suck and wasn’t riddled with typos.

Please feel free to message me or send me an ask with a prompt!

The first time they almost kissed Erwin hadn’t been expecting it in the slightest.  It was a rare occurrence for him to be caught off-guard, but in the short period of time since Levi had officially joined Survey Corp he had been chock full of surprises, so he wasn’t exactly sure why this particular incident jolted him the way it did.

They were up late, long past when everyone else was in bed.  Levi was perched on the edge of Erwin’s desk, humoring him as he vented about the delicate egos of the nobility.

“Sounds like they need to see a titan up close.  After they shit themselves in fear, maybe they’ll stop being such assholes about our funding.”

Erwin laughed and rubbed at his eyes tiredly.  Much to his surprise, he found Levi’s caustic attitude and crude humor…agreeable, in a sense.  It had become familiar, like Mike’s keen sense of smell, or Hange’s insatiable curiosity, so much so that he wasn’t sure what he’d do if he was suddenly forced to live without it.

Their conversation at a natural end, Erwin pushed himself up out of his chair, planning on calling it a night. Levi’s crossed legs blocked his way and, rather than hop down off Erwin’s desk, he stayed put, hemming Erwin into the corner of his office.  He looked up at Erwin slowly from behind the fall of his hair.

The air in the room seemed to go still as Levi reached a tentative hand up towards Erwin’s chest.  For a moment, Erwin had the strange thought that maybe Levi was trying to kill him after all, but the softness in his face quickly convinced him that that couldn’t be it. Levi inclined his chin up, and it seemed to Erwin that he’d never really looked at Levi’s lips before, so rosy pink.  

“I want to know if I’m off base here,” Levi stated, his serious tone bringing Erwin back to his right mind.  Unbidden, his first thought was, you’re not. How and when had that occurred, he wondered?  He swallowed hard, pushing down the sudden emotion – desire? Or even more?

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anonymous asked:

Are you taking supercat prompt ? Because I'll have one : Kara can read mind for a day and her boss has some interesting thoughts...

I’m pretty much always taking prompts! I don’t get that many of them, and I use them as distractions/time killers at work while I wait for systems to load, so I’m always happy to have more of them. Anyway, here you go and hope you enjoy!

Kara’s always joked that she can basically read Cat Grant’s mind. She knows what every grimace means, every furrowed brow, and every careful hand wave. Each of Cat’s many mannerisms has a meaning, and Kara has gradually learned to interpret them all. It was self-preservation at first, but then it had turned into more. She liked being able to tell what Cat was thinking, how she was feeling, because that let her know exactly what was needed to keep the days running smoothly. To even, on a few rare occasions, earn a smile and word of praise.

This was different.

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