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sunny idk if its just me but like the screen cap with the Angry Disappointed team, like, shiro's body language seems a lot harsher? like pidge and lance are turned to the side, while hunk, coran and allura are facing him. however, i cant help but feel just... bad??? worried? about shiro's posture. he has his back to keith. i can't fully word why this stresses me out but, like, considering their relationship, him having his back to keith is worrying;; (i mean they hugged but that.. felt distant?)

OKAY BUT. AFTER WRITING THAT S+K LEADERSHIP STUFF IN THE LAST META I KIND OF HAD AN EXCITING REVELATION!!!! im literally in the process of yelling about it on discord right now. so i can already tell you this won’t be my most coherent analysis bc im genuinely so excited to think about this LMAO. you’re getting my Live Reaction to this angle of interpretation. 

Their previous encounter is important to recall here, Keith definitely would have every reason to believe that Shiro is Angry and Disappointed at him, so that’s how Shiro looks. Just hear me out for a second because that probably sounds strange. I’m not saying Shiro isn’t those things, but. I think there’s a cool ‘but’ here. Let’s find out what that is! 

so the mindscape parallels are really cool in 4x01 and I honestly think this is deliberate mirroring. But. But there’s more! Look at where the eyes are placed in this shot you’re talking about and describing to me. Look at how you’ve just described how it made you feel, and look at the perspective here. Especially look at Shiro’s and Pidge’s eyeline: 

Yeah. From this distance, it looks like Shiro is almost looking directly at us. A zoom-in proves that it’s not completely centre:

But god MY GOD. HECKANSDOH. it’s pretty damn close when you look from this distance

We just…. it really can be felt. The way this is positioned, it hits us. Just like it hits Keith. 

Now i’m stepping away and looking more from a perspective of audience rather than just Keith, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be in Keith’s place here. We’re meant to see this from where he is standing. I think that’s one of the reasons why it has made so many people feel so strongly (note: one. there’s a lot going on here). 

If we are supposed to be there with Keith and seeing it with him, it could potentially explain why this particular shot looks this way. Everyone really does look so harsh. Granted, there is frustration and anger here. but it really does seem SO GOD DAMN INTENSE. bECAUSE TO KEITH IT DEFINITELY WOULD BE RIGHT NOW. FOR MANY REASONS. 

Keith can be pretty good at judging character but he is not so good at determining how OTHER PEOPLE judge HIS character. He is great at being objective in terms of the mission and making a decision for the greater good, but he is not objective in terms of how he thinks and believes other people see him. How he sees things regarding his relationships w the team or how they see him is not the Objective Truth (and vice versa). 

Also note, all of the shots of Keith in comparison are much closer to him. No close-ups of the team. It tends to pan sideways, Keith’s pans in towards him. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that starts once he starts delivering his speech to the team about Shiro finding the black lion: 


You can see we’ve gotten closer to Keith as he’s talking. Also look at that parallel!!! Keith’s eyes look like they’re close to the centre of the screen too. Just like Shiro’s did before. Not quite on us but we still feel close. 


Long answer is Long so more under the cut:

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Relating to an ask that was sent in about rocking: Why is "rocking is one of the stims that are more popularly associated with 'crazy' people"?? (I'm just curious now, and I can't find any information and now it's bothering me greatly because I don't understand this and I want to, so, I'm asking here since it's the only place I can think of that might have an answer-)

I’ve tried researching where this stereotype originated, but I haven’t been able to find anything. (Well, aside from a million and one articles talking about how “crazy” x, y, or z is…)

I think (though this is just speculation) that this has become such a stereotype because it’s a pretty common stim across multiple neurodivergencies. Autistic people, schizophrenic people, anxious people, and more tend to rock when not doing well. Further, rocking is a very noticeable stim that is outside the realm of social acceptability which makes it a very clear sign that someone is different. As such, we have ended up with the stereotype of “crazy” person rocking in a psych ward. 

If anyone actually knows where this originated, let us know! I’d love to find out the history behind this!


(The ask being referenced can be found here)

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You promote being fat and unhealthy you should be ashamed. Look at the stretchmarks you have are you really ok with that? Lose a few pounds and promote being healthy

Ew, what the hell? First off, I promote accepting yourself. I hated myself for a long time and I’m taking the steps necessary to accept myself. That being, boudoir modeling, which is for everyone.

Second off, so the fuck what if I have stretchmarks? Yes, my tummy, hips, thighs, and ass have stretch marks. I used to be extremely obese and have, in the matter of 8 months, lost nearly 100 pounds. So yeah, I’m gonna have not so tight skin and stretch marks. But guess what? I’m still fucking gorgeous, both inside and out. I’m not ashamed of spreading body positivity.

Third off, you’re a punk ass bitch. You’re also a scared coward. Show your face if you feel so strongly about what I do. If not, gladly turn away. Cause like I’ve said in the past, I’m still gonna walk my chubby, naked ass around. I don’t give a fuck. 💖🖕

also sorry for all the dopetalk spam it’s been a very busy last few months
dw I’m still working on art stuff just most of it’s lowkey for furpoc2017 dealer’s den which I got so graciously accepted into. 

you guys won’t believe the kind of crazy shit I’ve been pulling to make this happen, ahha. I’m just so glad I got the opportunity and I wanna make this experience baller a/f. Here’s hoping!

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what are your top ten pants facts?

1. When eurasian nomads first started making pants in the first millenium BC, they didn’t cut the cloth to shape, they wove the shapes they needed on the loom. Mostly rectangles, but still interesting.

2. Pants were a very elaborate garment at the time! When humans first started weaving and wearing cloth, clothes were pretty much “giant rectangle that you wrap around your body and sometimes a belt”. Then, people started making tunics and tunic derivatives, which is basically another rectangle, but this time with a hole for your head and sometimes sewn up the side. Now you have TWO pieces of clothes: the rectangle with a hole, and the bigger wrappy rectangle. This covers like 90% of ancient clothes, including the Roman toga and tunica. So pants, which covered your legs individually, were very ???? to ancient mediterranean people.

3. Otzi, an austrian guy who lived ~3300 BC, was found frozen in the Alps, wearing “pants”, consisting of two individual leg-sleeves made of animal skins with the fur inwards, and a loincloth. The legs of the “pants” tied on to a belt.

4. This is a similar setup to European medieval hose, except that hose didn’t have fur, and also had footies. Also, the whole separate-legged pants things is why our modern word ‘pants’ is plural, even though today it’s one garment.

5. Pants enabled a big leap in military technology- chariots to cavalry. Pants means you can ride a horse and still have your genitals intact afterwards. Turns out, sticking people on top of horses is much more effective than having the horses drag the people around behind them.

6. In like ~300 BC, the Chinese were having massive amounts of trouble with the pants-wearing, cavalry-having Eurasian nomads. Then, some guy had the brilliant idea of making everyone wear pants instead of robes, and proceeded to drive back the nomads and unite China.

7. The Romans and Greeks considered pants to be barbaric and feminine. But having muscular legs was very masculine. Some men were known for wearing ridiculously short tunics to show off their thighs. Marc Antony once mooned everyone by accident because he was wearing a miniskirt and no pants. Very manly.

8. Peter the Great decided that Russia had to be more like the rest of Europe, so he implemented some really strict policies, including a beard tax and mandatory pants. Yes, you could be punished if you didn’t wear pants.

9. The fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was a major factor in making it acceptable for women to wear pants in public, which wasn’t really a culturally accepted thing until almost the end of the 60′s. In 1966, he debuted on the runway the first women’s tuxedo, which was met with a very ‘meh’ critical reception at the time, but is now considered one of fashion’s most influential works.

10. In the UK, ‘pants’ specifically refers to underpants. 

bonus fact: it’s really not that hard to put pockets on pants, but so many designers seem incapable of figuring it out.

Jungle Inferno’s New Maps!

With only Day 1 out of 4 for the Jungle Inferno update, we’ve had a lovely introduction to Saxton Hale and his theme park - which is actually also a map packaged in this update. 

But that’s not the only map that’s shipping with this update. Let’s also talk about not one, but FIVE more maps that were brought out of the workshop and brought over to the jungle, complete with some words from their authors about what we can expect from each map!

1. Mercenary Park

After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, it’s time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Team Fortress is heading to the tropics! Introducing Mercenary Park, a new jungle-themed disease-ridden 3-control point map, made in-house by us!

2. Lazarus

Lazarus is a compact 90-degree mirrored symmetry King of the Hill map designed for consideration for the upcoming Jungle Update. Lazarus is a Jungle map set on a volcanic island in Southeast Asia, revolving around RED & BLU’s island bases and the archaeological dig site they’re fighting over in search of the Fountain of Youth! 

3. Mossrock

Mossrock is a 2CP Attack/Defend map (Gorge-Like) jungle map, with deathpits, trains and mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.

4. Banana Bay

A chaotic payload race taking place along the cliffs of a tropical cove. This is a rotationally symmetrical map designed around a rail bridge with a train that acts as a hazard, flow redirector, and finale. Think last stage of Cactus Canyon, but PLR. Also more vertical. 

5. Enclosure

Welcome, to Charles Darling’s Triassic Preserve! The past - today! Enclosure is a three-stage payload map inspired by your favorite dinosaur movie.

6. Brazil

Koth_brazil, a King of the Hill map that takes place in a secret base in the jungle, where players fight for radar control.  

Congratulations to all the mappers, asset designers, art pass artists, coffee lackeys, and any additional roles we missed out who were involved in the creation of these maps and had them accepted into the game! Which map are you most excited to play for Jungle Inferno? 

A fan ask jm which jm is his favorite , she mean which era his favorite

He erased all the 10 options and wrote now, which means he finally accepted himself and love himself, doesn’t give a shit about anything

I had a dream where the lions had corporeal holographic forms to interact with their Paladins. And it’s all hijinks and shenanigans [and Lance teasing Keith for how motherly Red is with him] until Shiro notices how generally unpleasant Red is with him.

At first he thinks nothing of it cause she seems just as dismissive towards the others, and Keith tries reassuring him that she’s just being herself. Until he brings up the whole leading Voltron subject with Keith again, then she’s a hissing growling menace and if it weren’t for Black and Keith, Shiro thinks he might have become her chew toy. Doesn’t help that all the lions can speak, cause everyone can hear Red calling him a “cub stealing meatsack”.

And of course he tries resolving the issue [can’t have problems in the Team, even if it lies between a Paladin and a lion that isn’t his]. But considering how temperamental and unstable the Red lion is? He doesn’t get a reasonable discussion “You want a successor? Fine! But don’t come sniffing at my cub’s direction and leaving him an anxious mess with your talk of potential death!” and really putting him on the spot and getting a faceful of sharp teeth “Funny how you feel absolutely fine with keeping this topic to yourself and Keith. Shouldn’t you be discussing this with the princess? After all, she seems like a more suitable candidate for Black, and I sure haven’t heard of my sister’s approval on the matter”. Then it’s just her dragging Keith away by the sleeve and him just turning to give Shiro a helpless look. 

So I ran out of time this weekend to do pages, but here’s one of the rough sketches I did for page 101!

This version of the page was scrapped because it was extremely boring and I wanted something to finally turn blue.