which is my priority

I’ve been disturbed to see dynamics emerge where people create the new poly norm and then hate themselves if they cannot live up to it. If they are not perfect at being non-jealous, non-threatened, and totally delighted by their partners’ exploits immediately then they have somehow failed. I have felt this way myself. Frustrated at how my intellect can embrace this approach to sex and yet my emotional reaction is sometimes enormous and undeniably negative. At times, this has become a new unachievable perfection I use to torture myself, embarrassed even to admit to friends how awful I feel when overcome by jealousy, and becoming increasingly distant from partners as I try to hide these shameful and overwhelming feelings.

This doesn’t seem like the radical and revolutionary practice I had hoped for. In fact, it feels all too familiar, like the other traumas of growing up under capitalism—alienation from myself and others, constant insecurity and distrust and fear, self-hatred and doubt and inadequacy. I do not have a resolution for this dilemma. I only have hopes, for myself and others, and lots of questions. How do I recognize the inadequacy of the romance myth while acknowledging its deep roots in my emotional life? How do I balance my intellectual understandings with my deep-seated emotional habits/expectations? It seems like the best answer to all of this is to move forward as we do in the rest of our activism, carefully and slowly, based on our clearest principles, with trust and a willingness to make mistakes. The difficulty of having open relationships should not be a reason not to try it, but it should be a reason not to create new punishing norms in our communities or in our own minds. We’ve done difficult things before. We struggle with internalized oppressions, we chose to live our lives in ways that our families often tell us are impossible, idealistic or dangerous, and we get joy from creatively resisting the limits of our culture and political system that are both external and part of our own minds.


Dean Spade  

“For Lovers and Fighters”

“You’re all disgusting for making Jack abusive!!!1111″

Uh. Haha. Hahaha. Uh.
Look, kiddo.
Let’s take a look at some of Jack’s dialogue shall we?

“Hey, you think you’ll freeze to death out there? Nah, probably not. The bandits’ll get you first.”
” You’re kinda pissing me off, kiddo. Which makes killing you…my top priority. Congratulations.”
“Now – let’s kill ourselves some vault hunters.”
“I punch my mom in the face for Christ’s sake.”
”Why don’t you do me a favor and kill yourself? Thanks, pumpkin.”
“Didn’t kill yourself, huh? Adorable.”
“Ah ah – choking is something you do when you eat too fast. As I’m crushing Mister Moorin’s windpipe with my watch chain, what I’m doing is strangling.”
“It’s not smart to piss off the guy you share a body with.”

Rhys to Jack: “You’re.. a homicidal maniac so… no??”

That is not even a quarter of the shit that this guy says. 
So, you can imagine my literal confusion when people bitch that other people make him abusive.
Did we even play the same Borderlands?
Jack. Is. An. Asshole.
Face it.
Hell, he even mentally manipulates people!

Doesn’t mean he ain’t a great character though, god damn he’s a great villian. :’D

Dear A,

The letter A can stand for a few things. Your name, for instance. I used to smile when I heard it and I thought about all the times you made me laugh, which was often. It also stands for the nickname I gave you. It’s still the name of your number on my iPod. Sometimes I wish you’d text me. I miss those nights where we talked and wouldn’t stop because you were ‘my priority’. A also stands for asshole, which is what I called you when you stopped talking to me out of the blue.



im watching like four different shows right now which is not great but my hxh rewatch is takin priority because i forgot how much i love everyone in that whole show

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I was putting off reading its fake love bc I hate waiting for the next chapter but I couldn't help myself today (it was amazing btw) and now I have to wait for you to update :'(( (don't rush or anything take your time I understand how hard writing is)

I am so sorry friend, that was probably not a good idea

though I’m definitely trying my hardest to write ch. 4, hitting my head against a brick wall would be about as productive. I swear it’s my #1 priority though!! by which I mean it sits open on my laptop all day and I stare at it until I cry, then watch netflix, then cry again because I’m watching netflix instead of doing anything productive, then freak out and stress-bike until my legs die, then stare at it some more, then cry again

I need a second source of income.

Even just $50 more a week would help tremendously.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a job that I can work around my current one, which is my priority.  I’m not sure what to do.  Wah.

Having a situation such as this really puts life in perspective. Have I truly spent years worried about people on the Internet when a beautiful lady of God was so tragically taken from this Earth last night? I feel like I need to get my life straight and my priorities right, which is not devoting my life to a musical. I’ll most likely delete or try to stop getting on here as much. God bless.

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❝ how am i supposed to feel? ❞

Jealous meme: accepting

Sweet mother Mary, this is not what she needs right now. 

Of coarse, while Maddie had instructed Anna to lay low she happened to see Maddie working with Elektra. Hell’s Kitchen News found the Devil to be a promising story in any light, and running across rooftops with a master assasin was the scoop of a lifetime for whatever intern caught it with thier camera phone on a cofee run. Instead of stopping by for a quick hello and maybe cute kisses, she has a tempered mutant to console.

Sighing dramatically, Madeline tugs her mask off, wringing her hands, “you’re supposed to feel like my priority, which is what I was doing before my close up on channel 6.”

She hears the crackle of shifting skin to metal. She’s found it to start at Ana’s fingernails like paint, dusting her eyelashes and her collarbones when she’s smouldering mad. Maddie frowns, knowing she isn’t doing too well defending herself for one of New York’s brightest lawyers.

“Elektra is a sauvant when it comes to gathering information, information I need to take down Fisk. And anyone else that might think burying you six feet under is a good idea!

She braces Ana shoulders, rubbing her thumb soothingly, “completely professional. I swear.”

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grey's anatomy :)

❤ Favorite Male: alex :C
❤ Favorite Female: meredith
Favorite Pairing: cristina/meredith (and alex/meredith, basically everyone/meredith)
❤ Least Favorite Character: izzie stevens aka the only lady character i genuinely hate in THE WORLD
❤ who’s most like me: i relate the most to meredith which is painfully obvious when you’re staring at my priorities? but i haven’t really watched in forever so idrk how similar we actually are
❤ most attractive: CALLIE TORRES
❤ three more characters that I like: bailey ♡♡♡, lexie, sloan 

Please! Anyone!

This is NOT something important about real life, but the exact opposite.

I’ve created a survey asking for help figuring out which anime should take priority over others. My On-Hold list ESPECIALLY needs help being cleaned out, and I need a proper order to do that in!

Just follow this to see the three simple questions on it. I promise there is nothing other than the form and link to my anime list! Pulling anything mean or uncalled for is exactly what I’m trying NOT to do.

Please spread this around so another list can start to look a little neater. Thanks everyone!

I got an email from The Nation Union of Students asking me to fill in a survey. I thought why not, I have time to kill. Most of the questions are asking you to put the options that they give you for each question into the order that best fits your answer. This question is asking me to say which, out of the things listed, are my top priorities for spending money on. I chose accommodation, food and money to allow me to attend job interviews, However, the survey wont let me move onto the next question because I have not listed alcohol as one of my top 3 priorities. Yes I like to drink and go out and have fun but if buying alcohol means that I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, eat or going to a job interview there is no way that I would do it!

With a whole day to myself and my aunts. Watching Legally Blonde, Sex and The City and Mean Girls has literally become my priority. Which reminds me…We have do have our very own Rosewood Burn Book that I’ve just been checking out.

So got any shade to throw, put it in the Burn Book ladies and gents. This is been Nico being possessed by the ghost of Regina George.

Click here to burn your own residents

sorry for kind of vanishing on you all,

lots of stuff happened suddenly, like

visiting family,, neuro stuff,,,,, video

games,,,, and i havent really been able

to get on. i wont be able to get on as

much as id like for a while, unfortunately.

but ill try my best! if i havent replied to

our thread by monday (june 29), feel

free to send me a friendly reminder. i have

a lot on my plate right now and, quite

frankly, keeping track of my threads hasn’t

exactly been my top priority, to which i

give my deepest apologies.

thanks for putting up with me, guys!

I’ve read about 10,000 pages of fanfic this summer instead of reading the 600 page book I need to finish for my class which starts in a week.
I really have my priorities straight.

isabienne replied to your post:It’s been a while but… I’m home early and rescuing…

Riiiight, the primarch. That’s why we landed on Palaven, right?

Pretty much. I’m only on Menae because we were told we had to go there. And now that we’re done with that, I can go back to Heurta Memorial and visit my husband, who is half naked and in a coma right now. Which, to be honest, is my real priority in this game.

galtori replied to your post:It’s been a while but… I’m home early and rescuing… 

 Woooo. Go you!

Thanks! I always feel so bad raiding the turian camp after we first land–like guys, I know you need this stuff because you’re getting ripped a new one but I’m here and you want me to fix this so… no hard feelings, right? It’s also weird how much of a n00b I feel like at the start of every playthrough no mater how many times I’ve done this.

My adoptive mom’s tone whenever I talk about my birthfamily just tears me apart every time. You can hear the distain in her voice, the supposed betrayal she’s feeling, her unwillingness to let me spend time them with them. Her thinking some summer job (which I don’t even have yet) should take priority over meeting my family.

I quickly left the room and promptly burst into tears.

No one should ever raise their child to feel as though they’re betraying their parents when they want to see their birthfamily. No one should ever raise a child to be uncomfortable talking about where they came from. If you hate where I came from how can you claim to even love me? I am fucking sick of this tug-of-war between my families.

okay, so i have memes and drafts, but i also have homework and have to make cards for my dad and sister for tomorrow (father’s day && also my sister’s birthday), which have priority over roleplaying, so i’m going to do that stuff now, and then hopefully will get some ic stuff done later.

also i’m making a new blog this evening ♥ a few of you know what it is, but if you don’t, you won’t be surprised about who i’ll be rping as next~!