which is my all time favorite LoVe quote

Don’t go, please don’t go
Don’t go without me

This is a digital illustration of my own personal designs/interpretations of Ida and Totem. I was intrigued by how much water imagery there is with these two in the game, and wanted to create something that embodied that. Also, I found Ida and Totem’s relationship in the game to be really touching and sweet, one of the most heart-warming relationships I’ve seen in any video game, despite the fact that they never speak and have few unique interactions. (The quote is from the song “C'est la Mort” by The Civil Wars, which reminded me of them).

This illustration took around 15 hours from start to finish, and I enjoyed every second of it. Monument Valley is one of my most favorite games of all time, and this illustration is basically a love letter to the game, and to the amazing people who made it. I couldn’t even begin to describe how much this game, its story, and its characters mean to me.

From the bottom of my heart–ustwo, thank you for crafting such a beautiful experience. 

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‘For myself,’ said Faramir, 'I would see the White Tree in flower again in the courts of the kings, and the Silver Crown return, and Minas Tirith in peace: Minas Anor again as of old, full of light, high and fair, beautiful as a queen among other queens: not a mistress of many slaves, nay, not even a kind mistress of willing slaves. War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend: the city of the Men of Númenor; and I would have her loved for her memory, her ancientry, her beauty, and her present wisdom. Not feared, save as men may fear the dignity of a man, old and wise.’
—  In which I discover that I really adore the way Faramir talks and that he is totally my favorite brother (sorry, Boromir).

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Hi! Uh, im not sure how you want people to request but, could you maybe do hcs for Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro with a thespian (highly theatrical person) s/o? Please and thank you. P.s. i really like your disney song hcs, i think they fit really well.

Sure! :D Thanks, I’m glad you like them. My friend and I worked together to come up with them.

Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro with a highly theatrical s/o headcanon:


  • He goes along/adapts/improvs along with you.
  •  He will turn his full attention towards when you begin (even when he experiments which may or may not cause an explosion or two) .
  • He laughs and/or applauds when you finish.
  • He falls a little more in love with you each time.


  • He finds it cute.
  • He will memorize your favorite movies/plays.
  • He quotes Shakespeare often when you’re around.
  • He could listen to you all day.


  • Unlike the other two, he’d be confused and have no idea what to do. 
  • He  will have to ask you what you’re quoting from.
  • While he finds it annoying at first, he later finds it endearing.
  • He shakes his head at your antics, but always hides a smile.  

I hope you like these!

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Share 5 things your followers may not know about you and pass this on to 5 more blogs!

OH okay so I suck at coming up with good facts for these but:
1) I make art!! I want to be an artist to some capacity for a career, whether it be an illustrator, graphic designer, or social media artist.
2) my all time favorite color is yellow, a color in which I used to hate but now I love
3) I have two cats, and they’re named Sherlock and Watson
4) four is my favorite number!
5) in middle school I ran an instagram called “silence_after_the_storm” that was basically a quote account where I posted edits of quotes. It had over 1,000 followers and it is probably the most famous I’ll ever be.

(do not repost) The moment I found out that Ukai’s seiyuu passed away I just had to drop everything I was doing and just draw this as a thank you for all of his hardwork and contribution to this series. Although I don’t know him personally, hearing about this felt like a member of my own family had passed, which says a lot about the impact he had. He truly did bring Ukai Keishin to life and my all time favorite quotes from this series were his lines. I don’t really know what else to say, except he will truly be missed and I just hope for the best for his family and loved ones. Rest in peace, Tanaka Kazunari, and thank you so so much for everything! 

Unpopular Opinion

Probably the most quoted quote I see from any of the Star Wars novels is from Matthew Stover’s Revenge of the Sith.

“The dark is generous and it is patient and it always wins - but in the heart of its strength lies its weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.

Love is more than a candle.

Love can ignite the stars.”

I hate this quote with a burning passion.

I actually really want to like it, but I can’t because of one thing. “And it always wins

That phrase right there ruins the whole thing for me. Because it turns this quote into an opposite of my all time favorite quote from literature, which comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Return of the King.

“There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tor high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.”

Because by adding those few word, “it always wins”, what Stover is saying is that despair is held back by love for a little time, but in the end, the darkness is what was there first and it is what is stronger. (Or at least, that is the impression I get. I haven’t read the book so I don’t have full context. But what a quote tells you out of context is also important, especially when it is used in so many gifsets and other formats on its own, without the context of the rest of the book.)

What Tolkien is saying that the darkness and despair are only a thin cloud-cover, doing their damnedest to hide the light from view but they will always fail.

The two quotes sound incredibly similar in some ways but the underlying messages are complete opposites and I cannot ignore that.

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♡ favorite characters: I have so many faves but off the top of my head I love MacCready and Arcade Gannon from Fallout, and Phichit Chulanont from Yuri On Ice
♡ dream job: uhhhh idk!!

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Lauren Interview- Questions(20 March 2016)

I: Never get tired of:
L: Reading
I: What is best done slowly ?
L: Eating.
I: What’s something you need to stop doing ?
L: Stopping on my phone so much..
I: What are you afraid of ?
L: I’m afraid of ignorance. 😔
I: What’s your favorite smell ?
L: Gardenia.🌹😍
I: Which body part do you get caught there are not often ?
L: Butts, all the time. 😏
I: Who was the last person you said ‘I love you too’ ?
L: My mom 😊
I: What music video do you wish you were in ?
L: Hollaback girl.
(Part I)


“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals. It’s the fans. People whom of which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might of saved her life, or just made her smile everyday. That band has never broke her heart and has yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music.”
Alex Gaskarth


it should come as no surprise that i’m a huge fan of battlestar galactica – after all, my url is a quote from the show. there are a lot of things i love about it – the fantastic storyline, the wide cast of well-developed characters, the indepth worldbuilding, the gorgeous visual design – but today i want to talk about the music.

as much as i love instrumental music, i actually only have a few tv and movie soundtracks. this was one that i had to seek out.

this isn’t my favorite song from the series (that would be “kara remembers,” which i’ve listened to an inordinate number of times), but it’s definitely up there. it’s from the series finale, and it’s a long, gorgeous piece that captures everything that makes this soundtrack so wonderful. really, though, i recommend every single song from every single BSG soundtrack; it’s a fantastic body of work.

And what is love, if not being seen?

The Machine, S05E11, “Synecdoche”

Person of Interest Appreciation Week: Day 5: Favorite quote(s)

I resent how easy picking this quote was. I didn’t notice the optional plural when I first saw the list, so I was all, oh noes, so much time to agonize over which of the perfect lines is the perfectest, how ever will I succeed in picking one–

In the half a second it took to fully dramatize my imaginary tragic experience, this line was remembered, and I proceeded to be annoyed. I wanted my time to agonize over all of my different favorites. That’s half of the fun of being forced into picking favorites: reminiscing about all of the ones that don’t quite reach the top of the podium.

But this line exists, and no matter how much leniency the (s) provides, listing anything else next to it would feel insincere.

Love is no stranger to being defined. As one of the most romanticized concepts of humanity, it is a constant victim of flowery metaphors and confused emojis.

This definition is one of the few that sticks with me.

Being seen is something that humans will constantly chase after. That painful need to have someone, anyone, understand the vibrancy of their world and know who they are. The isolation and loneliness that comes when they can’t find that in anyone else is excruciating. It’s a pain that runs so deep that one of the few words powerful enough for its opposite would have to be love.

Person of Interest, in a way, can be classified as a love story of humanity. Everyone is relevant to somebody. Everyone is seen. And I’m glad that the words to that beautiful sentiment had a chance to be voiced before the end.


My first YA valentine is for @rainbowrowell’s Eleanor & Park, one of my favorite love stories of 2013. One of the scenes that stood out to me was the one in which Eleanor and Park are all flirty and adorable on the phone, because it felt, to me, like the first time they realized this thing between them was serious-like. Also because the “I don’t like you” quote is just about the cutest thing there is.

So, yeah. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and obviously the best way to celebrate is to snuggle up with my two truest loves: books and book boyfriends.


Final Fantasy IX Week (Day 3) → Favorite quote(s)

“Are you all cozy in your throne already!?”

This has always been my favourite quotation, and in italian I’ve gotta say it’s even better: “Sarà poi così comodo questo trono?” which means “Is your throne even that cozy?”. I’ve always loved it because in a certain way it states how much concerned Zidane is for Dagger, and at the same time he’s implicity saying “That’s not what you want. That’s not what you need. But I might be it.”

I’ve also chosen some parts from the beautiful speech Baku gives to Zidane, such as “There ain’t much treasure lyin’ around in this world, boy”… But you have found one, and you let her go. If the Tantalus first rule is “always get what you set your eyes on”, you failed the role.

I adore the relationship between the Tantalus members because what they have, all together, is a family, and they certainly don’t want to give up on Zidane, what they are saying instead is “Go and get her”.

My 1D First Listen Notes

alright so even though most of y'all have heard some (all?) of the album cuz of the leak, i literally took pages of notes in my old little green “live unique” zayn notebook from their office max shit so I’m not letting all my efforts go to waste. I apologize for any misquotes because I’ve only heard each song once (I’m tryna be strong this leak season) and the boys introduced some of the songs quite quickly so I may be a little off on the lyrics and what the lads saids. But yea heres a summary of what I wrote down for each track that hasn’t been officially released:

Hey Angel:

Harry described this track as ‘this albums Clouds” and the beat as “stabby.” I thought this song was gonna wreck me but it didn’t slay me as bad as i thought. I didn’t write much for this song because i was honestly not ready and just wrote shit like “I am DEAD” and “God is so good to me” but i got the quotes “I wish I could be more like you” which is followed by something like them asking if you wish you could be more like them too (didnt get exact quote). Also I believe Louis had a nice line about the sound of your voice being a beautiful noise or something like that. Overall a good vibe, not as intense as clouds, but a similar upbeat feel with a more chill sound.

End of the Day:

Louis talked about this one and said it “keeps you on your toes” and is “interesting to listen to” and that the “chorus just gets you.” This was definitely one of my favorites with beautiful quotes like “just me, her and the moon,” “you love who you love” “you’re the one that I want at the end of the day” and “love can be frightening for sure.” This song gave me good accepting gender neutral vibes (except the moon line) and was v v beautiful. The diversity between the beating chorus and gentle verses was, like Louis said, an interesting listen. They almost sound like they could have been pasted together from 2 different songs. Honestly it was a little shocking at first but it works really nicely and I like it a lot. Also Louis had a nice high note that killed me.

If I Could Fly:

Harry talked about how before writing the album they had a lot more time than they usually would to sit down and and focus and think what they like and what they wanted to listen to and to put out. He wrote it with the same guy he wrote Just a Little Bit of Your Heart with. He also had a cute lil quote about how when they were writing they weren’t like oh we need a chorus that goes like boom poo pah and how they just wrote what they wanted. This song ruined me tbh. The first clip they showed during it was of fetus Larry like they literally opened this beautiful love song with an old clip of just the 2 of them and i was gone I legit yelled (that was the only time i yelled). Like I can’t believe they did that to me. Some quotes I got were “If I could fly I’d be coming right home to you,” something about opening up their heart “for your eyes only” and from Louis’ solo “I’ve got scars even though they can’t always be seen.” Harry has the first solo then Louis goes and then I think Liam. I don’t remember i was literally RIP. The harmonies at the end of the track were honestly unforgettable and so so beautiful.

Long Way Down:

Liam described this as a “clever tune,” “Oasis-y” and said it makes him think 90′s. He also talked about how he likes how the melody drops when it says long way down because like the melody drops like a long way down like u know its like a pun within the song almost. Also he compared the premise of the song to either their break or to like perfect relationship ending which killed everyone a little. Niall talked about how when he was recording “in the studio really late” he had a lot of fun recording it and how someone kept telling him he’s ”gotta get grittier” and “sound like bruce” springsteen. It was a cute lil intro to save us from being too sad about what Liam said lol. Some quotes I got were “we made a fire, went down in the flames” and “point of no return” This song song gave me chills it was so amazing. In the hook the melody Harry sings reminds me of an old song, I’d have to listen to it a few more times to figure it out but I liked it a lot. The vibe of this tune was obvi sad but almost like soothing relaxing sad if u ask me. Honestly this whole album it drowning in chill vibes in my hoe opinion.

Never Enough: 

Niall said this was his favorite song and talked about being really excited for it in Chicago when the sax trumpet and trombone were being recorded. He said that the had “never done that style of music before” and that is was “spot on for me (him).” He also has a really cute line about “just the uhhhy” in the song and did like a little thrust. After hearing the song that makes since because there is literally like a grunt like that in the background. Some lyrics i wrote down were “lips so good I forgot my name,” “I don’t need my love you can take it, don’t need my heart, you can break it,” and “its never enough, too much.” There were also some really nice high notes. This song is a literally bop and got me so amped. Its just fun and the lyrics are nice so I can def see why it’s Niall’s fave.


Harry described this song as “so different” and similar to the “old stuff that I love.” He said that the song “writes itself a little bit” and that it “doesn’t have to be so literal” and that it “might be an observation thing.” He talked about how he liked to do a “personification of a situation or emotion” and basically said that people think will that theres a girl named Olivia that the song is about but thats not (necessarily) the case. The beginning had some hoe-y lyrics that Niall sang about sheets and being in bed in my tshirt on and not red wine stains but bleeding love. Those lyrics got me real lit but i didn’t get any exact quote from them. I did get the quotes “summer time butterflies all belong to your creation” (HARRY’S TWEET), “don’t let me down,” and of course “i live for you I long for you Olivia,” which we all heard in Liam’s vid the other day. This song is very fun and upbeat and full of love! It just makes you happy and feeling good.

What A Feeling:

Louis said this song was one of his favorites and described it as having “Fleetwood vibes” and that was a good song for driving with the roof down in your car and “feel good.” Some quotes I wrote down were “no way out and a long way down,” and “What a feeling to be a King beside you how I wish I could be there now.” Like Louis said it’s for sure a chill, feel good song, but the lyrics are a little sadder than i expected based on his description. Well they aren’t really sad they’re just like missing your boo. But yea again its a very nice chill track, pleasant listen.

Love You Goodbye:

Louis talked about this one as well and said it was the track “most personal to me” and “even the idea” of it excited him initially. He said its about “seeing an ex after a break up.” So this song is literally about break up sex, like having one last fuck before its over for good. Some quotes I got were “why are you wearing that to walk out of my life,” “I know you’re saying you don’t wanna hurt me but why aren’t you showing me any mercy,” “let me love you goodbye,” and “one more taste of your lips”(which Louis sung). This song got me so lit just because I love the concept of the 1d boys acting hoe-y. It also has a really dope beat and made me real pumped up. A true bop. It’s basically pretty strongly implied that it was about elounor but I mean Imma make my own opinions.

I Want to Write You a Song

Liam said that this song was either one of his favorites or was his favorite (i don’t recall) and that he liked how on the track theres the sound of “writing in the background.” He talked about recording it at “4am in Chicago” and how his voice was “rubbish” but the “grovel” of it fit with the song and sounded good even tho it was “bad.” He also said he liked the concept of the song because he’s always wanted to write a song for someone like the song says but never has really been able to. Some lyrics I wrote down were about wanting to write “one (a song) as beautiful as you are sweet” and something about it having “just a little pain for the feeling I get when you’re away.” Another lyric I wrote down was “giving back is wall I wanna do, everything I need I get from you.” Honestly i didn’t write many lyrics down for this one because I was sat back enjoying it because it is quite lovely. It made me a little emotional because its just so so sweet.


Niall described this song as “campfire-y”  with a “good vibe” and would be a good listen “sitting on a dock by a bay.” He said that it was basically about “everything about the last five years” and that its basically like “let’s not stop now.” He said its basically about everyone they’ve worked with and who’s supported them for the past five years which obvi hit all the fan’s heart strings. Louis also talked about it and said it was kind of a “perfect song” after everything thats happened. Some quotes I got were “you gotta help me,” “thought we were going strong,” “we can be the greatest team the world has seen,” “all the rumors all the fights we always find a way to make it out alive,” “new tattoos, good champagne,” and most importantly “this is not the end.” This song was very reassuring along with being just a fun song to listen to. I thought it would be kinda sad but it was more reminisce-y and more upbeat that i expected which I liked a lot and gave the song a nice positive feel.

Temporary Fix

Niall wrote and talked about this one as described it as a “love song with a bit of dirt, bit of grit to it.” When they were writing they “spent a day on it” and he went off to LA and the people he was writing with quickly called him back like “we gotta get back to it, it’s so good.” He described it as being “sex on fire” and said that it was basically about being in a bar and seeing a girl being hit on by a gross guy that she’s clearly not into and you swooping in to save her and be her “temporary fix.” Some lyric I wrote down were “for now I can be your vice,” “you can call me when you’re lonely,” “let me be your goodnight,” and “let me touch you where you’re heart is. (louis line)”.  This song was literally so sexual and amazing. It made me laugh thinking about all the parents with their young kids around me. It was clearly also about bootycalls. I loved it, more hoe-y 1d is what i live off of. A definite bop, had an upbeat rocky vibe that i was very into.

Walking in the Wind:

Harry said this song was a “nice one” and was “graceland inspired.” He said it’s “cool to have influences” of music he’s always enjoyed in his own music. He said that the song “drifts” and is “casual” and has “conversational verses.” Some lyrics I wrote down were “we has some good times didn’t we,” and “its not the end I’ll see your face again.” I only got two quotes because i was enjoying the amazing chill vibes of this song. Honestly its so amazing I loved it so much. Its clearly about a break up but its got a positive light about meeting up again in the future. The music is just so relaxed it just puts you in an amazing mood and the lyrics flow so smoothly. 10/10 would bang this track


Liam talked about this one and described it basically as a track about being in the club and all these other guys are tryna holla at the hot girl that you’re with and you have to get them to gtfo. Some lyrics I got were “I hears them calling for you,” “bullet in the dark,” “aint going down without a fight,” “they come straight for you’re heart,” and “I wish it wasn’t true but the whole world wants a piece of you.” This song again had really good vibes but wasn’t as chill as some of the other tracks and had more of a rock beat.


Niall described this as a “simple song” and “self explanatory.” The recorded it in the “studio late” and said its about “talking crap” “after a big party” and there are just a few people left. He said its basically like “if you don’t remember what happened at 2AM you’ll remember what happened at 6AM” because you “sobered up a bit.” Some lyrics wrote down were “talking out of our asses” (swears, how exciting), and “you know I’m always coming back to this place.” I didn’t write much down for this track because i really was feeling it and was connecting to it a lot so i got distracted. It has a really nice driving beat which keeps the song moving even with its relaxed vibes. A really nice way to close out the album.

Some other things worth noting:

During the songs without music videos they showed bts of old music videos, tour videos, backstage footage, photo/album cover shoots, shots of the fans,  and them traveling, stuff like that, some really old fetus stuff, some which we’ve seen before but a lot of new stuff from this tour too.

Liam said he wasn’t quite sure about Drag Me Down when he first heard it because of the way it had been produced before but after they made it their own he liked it a lot and that its a song that really “grows on you”

Harry described Perfect as the “biggest pop song on the album” and as a “love song but not that romantic,” and about how its not gushy or like i wanna be with you forever and that its basically just “I’m not perfect, I really like you, wanna have fun?”

Louis and Harry both talked about infinity (😊) and they both raved about it. Harry called it “one of the best we have” and Louis said it’s the “most epic song we’ve got” and it’s a “song to be proud of”

Louis said “so much has changed in this year” and its caused them all to band together.

Harry talked about how before they started writing they all sat down and talked about what they wanted to put out and “everyone was on the same page,” and thats when he first “got excited about it” (writing the album) because they were able to really think about what they wanted from this album and it felt got to have “made what you wanted to make.”

Liam said how they’d always been “rubbish at picking album titles.”

Zayn was in the videos a few times when they showed behind the seen footage of old music videos which had mixed reactions from the crowd (I was excited).


An amazing, chill, feel good album with a mature sound that makes me so so so proud of my boys.

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carol's birthday

On Madison Avenue (Early April)

On Madison Avenue, the telephone rang. The floor of the living room was strewn with bits of cardboard, bits of paper, photographs, drawings, and the beginnings of a new model for a new set. In the middle of it, Therese, home alone, lay sprawled on the floor, fingers fiddling, feet jiggling to the magnificent music. When the record stopped spinning, she got up and played it again. It was Billie Holiday’s latest record: Billie Holiday Favorites. Therese had found it on the kitchen counter that morning. The note had said, demurely: You’re my favorite. It was from Carol, of course. Of course.

Billie Holiday had been singing for Therese all day. The music surrounded her. It wound its way through the apartment, soared out through the open windows, out onto the balcony. It hovered over Madison Avenue. A keen pedestrian may have heard the last of its melodies. It spun Therese a vast, glistening web. From its strings, she drew her walls, her rooms, her palaces. She saw them suspended above her, around her. She was beginning to make the apartment her own.

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How to Protect yourself from SD Manipulation

Sugar daddies are often powerful guys and, since they’re older, they’re not prone to naivety the way sugar babies and other young women are. Also, it’s very easy for women to allow their emotions to cloud their judgement. There’s no room for this kind of blindness in the sugar bowl as daddies will use it to their full advantage.

If you ever get emotionally close to your SD, make for damn sure that he never feels comfortable giving you less than what he was giving in the begining. As a matter of fact, he should know as an absolute that you care for him and are there for him but you’re not some ride or die or some boring regular woman he can feed his lame excuses to. You’re only hungry for Chanel and champagne, darling. If he ever tries to test that theory, show him the door.

This is exactly what I did with my “ex” who, towards the end of our relationship, did nothing but bitch about money and how I was “the most expensive girlfriend he’d ever had” (which is not a phrase that’s new to my ears). By the end, unbeknowst to him, he’d already been replaced by two other real men.This fool is still sending flowers to my mom’s house talking about how much he misses me (little does he know I don’t even live in the US anymore or that a nice check would do way more for him than flowers!).

The thing he doesn’t understand is, deep romantic love was never part of the equation for me. I like arrangements because they’re simple, if I hold up my end, which I did, I expect the same and if you can’t do what you’re supposed to do either find someone more affordable or join a regular dating site and don’t front like you’re a baller because quality SBs will not fall for these pathetic tactics.

In general its good to be a compassionate person, but in this world you must put yourself first, just as these men do. One of my favorite quotes of all time is: “People aren’t against you, they’re for themselves.” This is the root of manipulation. These men aren’t necessarily hateful or bad but they want to do as little as possible for a maximum return and you should make this logic work for you.

Put off sex for as long as possible in general but especially until you’re sure this guy is legit. That means money, gifts,etc in hand, not a promising text and especially not a nice meal. (I used to say to my mother, I don’t care about how many times this man has taken me to dinner or how nice the restaurant is. Thats not any kind of special treatment. Food is basic, everybody has to eat!) If you’re horny find someone else to hook up with. If you’re sugaring with good sex as a goal, frankly I don’t know what the hell you hope to achieve…or why you’re here.

Dont be naive! Be aware that men use emotional manipulation as a tool to get sex or put you off of what you want and give you less than what you deserve, especially sugar daddies.

If a man is pressuring you for sex and isn’t reciprocating what he agreed to give, that relationship is dead in the water. Don’t stick around sniffing the decay. And definitely don’t give up the goods in expectation of what you might receive in the future.

If any “broke man” rhetoric is being used, cut him off. Some of the ex’s favorites included:

I get paid on Monday

I’m not a walking ATM

I’m so glad you’re not like other girls that are insecure enough to need designer goods

That was expensive

I can’t do it until I get paid again..

Any similar phrase should cause you to immediately cut him off. If you think he’s still worth trying to deal with make yourself scarce and secure other SDs. Come up with excuses as to why you cant see him. Use work as an excuse. I was a freelance editor so I’d simply say I needed to take on more projects since he couldn’t or wouldn’t provide.

If you have it, rid yourself of the rhetoric that he’s the prize. That’s some SA* nonsense. You’re the prize and if the arrangement doesn’t suit your taste he should live in fear of being dumped , not you. There’s always someone else.

Remember what you’re doing this for. Eyes on the prize. If you cut a guy some slack because you begin to like him, he will automatically give less and it will become increasingly difficult to get back to the level you once were on. You’ll end up being with some old loser that does as little as possible for you but is always ready with an erection. If you’re ok with that you might as well be with some hot young loser with a smooth face and wash board abs. Hello somebody? *finger snap.

No hateration or negativity intended. I share because I care. Besos!!

*Seeking Arrangements

A lie that heals is better than the truth that hurts
—  Islamic Proverb

Good morning my friends.  I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day.  You may as well, it’s all you’ll ever be promised.  ;)  I was looking for a favorite quote, “An unkind truth is no better than a lie”, which I either read or liberally borrowed years ago and ran across the one above which I quite enjoyed and wanted to share.   While being honest is generally an admirable trait, and admittedly there can be a time for “tough” love, I feel that it’s possibly a far greater sign of wisdom and serenity to follow Buddha’s Sage Advice, ‘Do no harm.“   Maybe it’s only because I’m growing long of tooth and grey of hair, but these days, any day that I don’t hurt anyone including myself is indeed a very good day, and that’s exactly my wish for you this day.   

thedream-xx  asked:

Hello there, what do you think about falling in love with a person? Wouldn't that create an attachment? How do you not become so attached yet still fall in love with someone? I hope that makes sense! lol

If you habitually equate love and attachment, perhaps the more effective question to ask is why? Why do you feel that you must become attached to that which you love? Why add anything extra to love?

Furthermore, what is love and what is attachment?

Everyone intuits what love is at a depth more fundamental than language or thought but perhaps one description of love might be the recognition of your aliveness in another, and the subsequent feelings of communion and caring and sharing. 

There is the sense of simply being yourself and abiding in your naturalness with that person; you no longer feel as though you must be contrived or that you must do something in order to be happy. 

However, that love is a state of being. It does not come from anywhere but rather it is the radiating nature of your heart-like Being. 

But if you mistake love to come from external and form-based phenomena, of which change is inevitable, then you are already planting the seeds of suffering. In order to resist that inevitable change instead of questioning the foundations of ignorance upon which this experience is based, the ego-instinct uses the coping mechanism of attachment. When you are attached to something, it is because you have decided that it is essential to your existence and therefore should not change.

Love is indeed essential to our existence, however that is so because love is existence. One might say that love is the taste of existence. 

Attachment does not mean caring. Detachment does not mean uncaring. 

Attachment means internal resistance to what already is true. Detachment is inner non-resistance, meaning acceptance, of what is. Many think that if you are detached, you wont fight for what is necessary. You will just let things happen. This is a common misunderstanding when it comes to inner versus outer. 

Not only can you be detached and capable of enacting outward resistance toward unjust circumstances but also it is only when you are detached that you can see the circumstances clearly such that your actions can be of most benefit to all. Otherwise you run the risk of acting only with your own interests, masquerading as attachments or ‘love’. 

When you attribute love and therefore your existence to something external or bound to a temporal form/circumstance, this is called misidentification. By enacting such identity confusion, you are not demonstrating how much you care for someone. You are demonstrating how needy your delusion has made you. 

How often do relationships sour and come to a nasty end because one or both partners simply winds up using the other for security? Love and perhaps infatuation may have catalyzed the relationship but if love is only understood as a commodity that we obtain from each other and so we must possess the source of the love in our life then we are deluded, suffering, and inevitably going hurt others. 

Materialistic philosophy regards love as a thing, sent from one person to another. Spiritual philosophy regards love as a quality of existence. You can see the difference. In materialistic philosophy, love is limited by supply and demand. In spiritual philosophy, love is endlessly abundant. 

It is similar to happiness. Do you want to wait for happiness to be obtained by the objects of your desire, or would you rather to just be happy? Do you want to wait for love until you find the perfect person, or do you want to abide in and as eternal Love? Better yet, when you are already happy, your desires are more intelligent. They are based on insight rather than neediness. Then they are aspirations. When you are already loving and full of love, you aren’t seeking someone to fill a void or role in your life nor some fetish or obsession you may have. Instead, you will actually recognize the right person for a relationship rather than enacting the typical societally-conditioned confusion. 

To wrap up, I’ll just give you some of my favorite quotes regarding love:

“Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.” ~ The Dalai Lama

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.” ~ Rumi

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.” ~ Hafiz

“Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“A single moment of love is equal to the whole eternity of love.” ~ Osho

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Namaste :) Much love.