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A Sugar Baby’s Guide to a Luxury Wardrobe and Brands

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Disclaimer: This is my own opinion, and you are free to disagree! I am not being sponsored or gifted items by any of these brands (I wish!). I am simply just trying to share some of my style tips based off of my own wardrobe :) xo

Will continue to update as I think of more things! This was just off the top of my head. Feel free to send in suggestions, if I use it I will give you credit when I edit the post! Questions also welcome. 

Although I am relatively new to the sugar bowl, dressing stylishly and well is something I have done all of my life. I hope my advice can help others! A top, big fish SD is going to dress well, and he’s going to want his SB to do the same. You must exude confidence and style for him to want to pursue you. 

If you are a sugar baby looking to build an ultimate, timeless luxury wardrobe look no further - check out my guide below!

T-shirts & Tank Tops - ATM (wonderfully flattering, especially for bigger busts), T by Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, James Perse
Jeans - rag&bone/JEAN, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, 7 for all Mankind, J Brand, Current/Elliott, AG Adriano Goldschmidt. Yes I love my denim :)
Anything with a blatant logo on it like True Religion is a NONO.
Shirts - Equipment
Sweatpants - I used to absolutely detest sweatpants but after seeing photos of Rihanna and Gigi rock them, I’m kind of into it. Have my eye on a pair from Fenty X Puma now!

Agent Provocateur (DUH) has the most sexy pieces, they make you feel wonderful about yourself, however I would only wear their stuff to show off for my man. Their bras, corsets, bustiers etc. don’t give much support so if you’re just wearing them trying to run errands your boob may pop out of its cup lol! Very annoying to constantly keep having to tuck it back in under your shirt.

I have quite a large bust, so I shop at Journelle, Stella McCartney, Elle Macpherson, Nancymeyer.com and Chantelle because a lot of other nice brands don’t make my size as much (32DD/E) - these are for sexier but still functional pieces.

Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for the most functional underwear.
Hanky Panky has great one size fits most thongs, and Commando for underwear for a tight dress or something that gives NO VPL (visible panty lines!)

Sneakers (for fashion, not the gym) - Golden Goose, Common Projects
Sneakers (for the gym) - Nike
Gianvito Rossi - The new Manolo in my opinion. Not as overdone and not flashy like Louboutins. Wonderfully classic. Something I’d wear to a dream job interview or meeting a boyfriend’s parents.
Louboutins - even though they’re a bit trashy now I still love the sex appeal of a red bottom.. who can resist?
Rochas does beautifully embellished flats that you can wear with a cocktail dress if you aren’t feeling heels!
K. Jacques for flat sandals. Made in St. Tropez but they sell it on Shopbop etc.
Chanel and Lanvin for ballet flats
Love Stuart Weitzman’s highland and lowland boots, even though it seems like everyone and their mother owns a pair. They’re just so flattering and I love that they have them in so many neutral colors.
I like Saint Laurent’s basic flat Chelsea ankle boots. Go with everything in the fall.

Dolce & Gabbana - I LOVE Dolce & Gabbana!! As I said I am quite curvy, and their dresses are absolutely made for my body type.
Cushnie et Ochs - Also sexy AF
Giambattista Valli - When you want to look like an elegant, high fashion flower child
Saint Laurent - SO expensive, more for the extremely thin Kate Moss types, but I just like to look anyways :)
Less expensive but still great: Zimmermann (love Aussie clothing brands), Wheels&Dollbaby, Nicholas, L’Agent, Reformation, For Love & Lemons, Maje

Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli
J Crew, Joie, Vince and Everlane (cheaper)

Maxmara for the elegant, most classic pieces EDIT 10/9/2016: Maxmara carries very well-cut and stylishly professional coats. Think Olivia Pope-esque. This is also where Kim K got her iconic camel wrap coat and yes, they still carry it. I have one!
AllSaints for a great rocker chic leather biker jacket - try a mens one to increase the cool factor
Rick Owens - Also great for leather jackets, but more elegant and definitely more expensive 
Chanel: Their tweed jackets and coats are ultimate and so timeless- wear one with a simple white t shirt, jeans and booties to achieve that Parisian je ne sais quoi.
Yves Salomon does a great fur coat, EDIT 10/9/2016: that isn’t AS expensive as other top fur designers… think $5000-$10,000 which is still mega expensive but still far cheaper than J Mendel whose furs can fetch up to 60k (or even more)! and the quality is still great. I used to get Elizabeth and James furs for like a $1000 but tbh they looked cheap. I think if you can’t afford good fur, it’s best to spend on other areas, because cheap fur just makes you look, well, cheap!

Chanel. Duh.
Never used to like Gucci but their new horsebit Dionysus bags (in plain suede without the Gucci logo) are to die for
Valentino Rockstud (a little bit passé but I still like mine)
Mansur Gavriel for something timeless and not too flashy
Saint Laurent for a tote bag. If you’re young, in my opinion this is a much better alternative than an Hermes Birkin or Kelly. I think for a young girl to be carrying a Birkin is a little bit… much. Although if you have found an SD who will buy you a Birkin then I say the more power to you, you’re clearly doing much better than me and feel free to ignore my advice - if fact can I have your advice?? lol

EDIT OCT. 9, 2016:

Where do I shop?
Great question - so. many. places.

Online (just google the names, I’m too lazy to hyperlink haha. Maybe another day):

Net-a-porter: love, and they do same-day courier delivery in NYC, London and Hong Kong
Moda Operandi: swoon-worthy site. You can pre-order next season’s clothes custom made for you straight off the runway, and they show up at your door just in time for the season! You put a 50% deposit down when you place the order at first, and pay the rest a few months later when the clothing piece is completed. I trick myself into believing that it’s budgeting, lol.
Revolve Clothing
TheRealReal (You can get some GREAT designer pre-owned and vintage on the cheap here, AND sell your old designer stuff you don’t want anymore! Note they only accept from a preselected list of designers, check that your item’s brand is on the list before sending anything in to sell)
Vestiaire Collective (same as theRealReal)
Forward by Elyse Walker
TheOutNet (Net-a-porter’s sale site. I’ve found some fantastic deals here. But be sure to check everyday because they definitely sell out fast)
Barneys, Saks, Selfridges, Bergdorfs etc. - I know these are department stores, but their websites are surprisingly well-maintained and carry a really good stock of stuff from top designers.

The "Myth" of Black Love

Let me start off by saying that I got inspiration for this post from another post about the disillusionment of a black woman about dating within the black community, expressing that too many black men aren’t attracted to black women and ideally go for non black women. Which got me thinking that with all this recent promotion of black couples via social media, I feel like we can’t just focus on the pros of black love, but we must also bring to light the darker, behind the scenes reality for black women finding love among black men who directly and indirectly express their refusal to be with black women.

I get it, the praise for black love has to do with unifying the black community by saying, “See, black men and women DO love each other.” And yes, I believe it. I don’t believe the photos I see of black couples on social media are fake or anything, but can we also bring to light female black singles and how their singleness is affected by the presence of misogyny noir and anti blackness among black men? Dating in general is hard, but imagine how dating is as not only a black person, but a black woman who does not fit Eurocentric beauty standards (such as light skin, light eyes, loose hair, slim facial features, etc.) Often times I commonly see these types of “conventionally” attractive black women paired up with black men more so than mono-racial looking black women - I wonder why?

As a mono-racial, dark skinned black woman who grew up in predominantly white spaces, from my own experiences on and offline, I can confidently say that a lot of black men don’t consider me to necessarily be their “ideal” type based off black and white standards of beauty, and I feel like black and white standards of beauty go hand in hand for obvious reasons having to do with cultural assimilation, a history of colonization, and so on. Which brings me right to another point I’d like to make about looks equating to superiority or inferiority. Sure, you can’t judge a book by the cover yet too often black men do so, falling prone to the stereotypes associated with non black ethnicities of women - so it’s not just about non black women meeting a Eurocentric standard of beauty easier than most black women. It’s also about how black men view them as less “controlling” than black women, therefore more agreeable and “nicer” JUST due to ethnicity and ethnicity alone. Mind you, I’m not saying black men who date outside their ethnicity all have agendas behind their attractions, BUT I am still iffy about their reasonings for “racial preferences.” I think now is a good time to quote myself from the post about the disillusioned black woman:

“And whenever I see a black woman who exclusively dates outside the black community I feel like it’s not for the same reasons black men often do it - for black women who either often or only date non black men I feel like I have more understanding for them because of the treatment they receive from black men who often have no issue with voicing how undesirable black women are to them. That gives black women more authority of their love lives by expanding their dating pool (since the lot of black women go for black mates) vs. black men who often go for non black women for superficial, anti black reasons rooted in sexism. So when a black woman says “I don’t date black dudes” I don’t see it as excusable but at the same time I understand her reasons for doing so more than a black man refusing to date black women. I feel like black women are often looking for genuine love, the kind of love too many black men can’t give them because of their racial baggage, while said black men are oftentimes looking for trophies to use to spite black women and make non black men “envy” them for “stealing” their women.”

You read it right. I do feel like a lot of black men aren’t capable of loving black women the way they need to be loved, which has to do with seeing their blackness in the same way that they see their own and not letting gender be the deciding factor concerning superiority vs. inferiority, especially if said black women don’t fit the Eurocentric standard of beauty. I will say that non black men aren’t the “golden ticket” of black women in order for them to find love - there’s undeniably issues of anti blackness and sexism in all communities. But at the same time since non black men aren’t hit the hardest by racism, since anti blackness is global, they do have less baggage from that and less pressure to socially conform in my eyes. Because really, I believe more non black men are attracted to black women more so than they let on, it’s just that their cultural ties such as pleasing family and community hold them back from acting on this attraction confidently.

We really do need to have a real conversation about misogyny noir alongside “black love.” Because part of the way black men are going to love black women unconditionally has to do with an awareness of their own social conditioning and their own perceptions of black womanhood.

Has anyone stopped to consider that denying a bi woman’s bisexuality on the basis of her past or present interpersonal relationships isn’t just biphobic or misogynistic, it’s also homophobic? I mean biphobia itself is a subset of/derived from homophobia, of course, but I also don’t understand why so many of you fail to realize that bi women are susceptible to plain old homophobia just like other LGBT people. When gay men, bi men, and lesbians are denied their sexualities, people rightfully recognize that as homophobic, but when bi women (usually bi women who are currently dating men or bi women who have only dated men or bi women who haven’t been with anyone) are denied their bisexuality people don’t recognize the homophobia inherent in that as well. 

Denying that a woman is non-straight is like textbook, quintessential homophobia, and I’m scared that even other bi women don’t get this. It’s a pretty typical tactic that the straight male perpetrators of abuse use against bi women. Straight men can and do enact violence specifically because a woman is bi (by dredging up stereotypes about how they’re “slutty” and “adulterous”) but they can and do take the alternative route by brutalizing the bi woman to “beat” the bisexuality out of her. This isn’t just misogyny - it’s homophobia, and it’s direct evidence that biphobia originates from homophobia. 

I’m not surprised that most people are completely unaware that bi women, out of all groups categorized by sexual orientation, face the highest rates of IPV and sexual violence. I’m not surprised because I’m sure it’s lumped under straight women’s abuse or it’s just swept under the rug because no one wants to admit that we’re actual LGBT people who are actually same-gender attracted and actually are exposed to homophobic violence, even when we’re in m/f relationships. But it is surprising that on a most basic level, people aren’t understanding how this works not just through a gendered analysis but also through an analysis of how heteronormativity/homophobia operates. Straight people, particularly straight men, violently ridding LGBT people of their non-straightness and/or violently denying the existence of their non-straightness is pretty obviously homophobic, yet when it happens to bi women it’s summarily rejected as a form of homophobia because we aren’t seen as “LGBT” enough. It’s incredibly shocking that bi women actually have to point this out because none of us want this to happen, and none of us want to rehash details of the violence we face, yet we are forced to because people want to continually deny that we have always belonged in the community. 

Every time I bring this up someone inevitably says “all m/f relationships receive material benefits”. And that’s true. Even bi women will receive social and cultural capital, ease of access to public services, and other things that all heterosexual relationships receive, but she will not be treated the same way straight women are in m/f relationships. It’s funny how everyone calls for specific analyses and specific methods of identification for all other LGBT people - and in fact people get angry when you don’t do this - but when bi women ask for specific acknowledgement of the oppression they face, they either receive silence in response or indignant denial. 

If you can acknowledge that gay men, bi men, and lesbians have been abused in m/f relationships before, and that the abuse more often than not manifested as a form of homophobia, then why is it so difficult for you to acknowledge that the same phenomenon applies to bi women? I can also hear someone saying “oh you stupid bislut libfem (I’m not a liberal feminist but bi women are always accused of being liberal feminists, which is also intriguing), you must think hypervisibility is a privilege”. That is not what I’m saying. What I am saying, though, is that bi women clearly aren’t “invisible” in their m/f relationships if they’re being abused so egregiously, yet the abuse itself is invisible and not even all bi women are aware of it. 

anonymous asked:

Do y'all have any suggestions for feminist, anti-fatphobic blogs/spaces that are specific to men? Even particularly straight/cis? I don't want to detract from the spaces that are generally really good for women or LGBT, but sometimes I feel really isolated from the positive conversations I see here and in other places, and I suppose I hoped you all might know of good places to look. I appreciate this blog, and I am not looking to leave, just kind of wanting to target my needs more specifically.

To be honest, most of the blogs I know that are specifically for men are extremely anti-feminist and don’t address issues in a way that I would consider accurate; for example, they’d argue that men and women are equally oppressed or that men have it worse than women, and not understand how issues of fatphobia relate to oppression. Most are pretty fatphobic, too. 

The only thing I can think of is guys-positivity, which I have seen say a few problematic things (like attacking geekandmisandry for believing in patriarchy), but I hear is run by a woman who wants to help men? I guess? I don’t know.

Honestly, I’m not sure you can find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry. Maybe our followers would know? You could also just follow more fat men like @fumbledeegrumble. 

-Mod Bella 


[warning for old-school trans terminology and rhetoric, transmisogyny, slurs, and mentions of violence and rape]

this is the article roycevomit discovered; i managed to track it down in the local university library and use their scanner.  bear with me, the text is a little long, but it’s also very interesting and at times a little too close to home.  obviously i don’t agree with everything it says, but i think it’s an important part of our history.

Beyond Two-Genderism
Notes of a Radical Transsexual
by Margo
published in The Second Wave Vol 2.4 (1972)

Over the past few years, both the feminist and gay movements have been challenging some basic assumptions about human sexual identity and expression.  There is a growing group of people who refuse to see women as inferior to men, and who also refuse to see love between people of the same sex as inferior or less “moral” than love between people of different sexes.  More and more questions are being asked about sex roles and relationships, ranging from why there is not equal pay for equal work to why a fulfilling sexual experience cannot involve less or more than two people.  In brief, the feminist movement has challenged male chauvinism, and the gay movement has challenged heterosexual chauvinism.  Of course, these are not separate issues.  As one who views herself as a feminist bisexual woman, I think and feel them to be very intimately related indeed.

Two-Genderism: Unfinished Business

However, if I am to find a life as a full human being, I must challenge yet a third aspect of sexism which has not yet been challenged, at least not on a large scale.  I call this aspect two-genderism, a rather clumsy term upon which I hope someone will improve.

Two-genderism can be summed up in the following assumptions: (1) human beings are divided into two distinct and mutually exclusive biological pigeonholes, male and female, (2) human beings are divided into two distinct and mutually exclusive psychological and social pigeonholes, men and women; (3) biological sex, subjective identity, and social assignment always coincide, and (4) none of these facts can change as a person grows and develops.

Perhaps these assumptions become clearer when we see exactly who gets hurt by them.  While it is true that everyone is affected to some extent, and that without these assumptions it would be much harder to maintain or justify a sexist society, still there are two overlapping groups that are particularly damaged by two-genderism.  First, there are intersexuals, people who combine some elements of both sexes in their bodies.  Secondly, there are transsexuals, people who develop gender identities which are preponderantly opposite to the ones which society demands.

Most transsexuals have perfectly “normal” female or male bodies, as the case may be.  Most intersexuals tend to adopt whatever sex they are reared to be, no matter how confusing from a two-sex viewpoint their biological condition is.  And there are some people who combine aspects of both these groups.  I am one of them.

A Personal Account

As I have learned from the feminist and gay movements, theory is not enough.  Now women are beginning to feel free to discuss their rapes without shame or euphemism, and gay people openly discuss the joys and terrors of coming out.  In the same way, I feel that an account of my past may give a better picture of what two-genderism means.

I am a genitally male person who has wanted to be female since about the age of four and a half.  I have some female breast development and gonads which produce virtually no sperm for a reason which has not yet been medically determined.  At present, I am taking female hormones and look forward to eventual sex reassignment surgery to make me as biologically female as possible.  At the same time, I must admit that 21 years of living as a male, however unrelished a role it has been, has made my sense of femaleness different than it is for someone born into that status.

Rather than write an autobiographical case history, I would like to relate moments which may give a better feeling of what my transsexuality has meant in my life.  My technique is borrowed directly from an article entitled “Barbaric Rituals,” which is in Sisterhood is Powerful.

Excerpts From A Diary

I am walking around in male clothing, and a child refers to me as a “funny-looking lady."  Teenagers ask me if I am a boy or a girl.  I am not sure if they are affirming my female identity or merely considering me as a hippy.  I think of many replies, respond with silence, and walk on.

In a crowd watching a building a building demolition (do I see the bring-down of a sixteen-story building as symbolic transsexuality?), being asked by some teenage boys if I use silicone, and being warned by a hardhat not to lift my sweatshirt lest I be "lewd and luscious."  Being told by one boy that I would probably be busted for "impersonating a chick” even though I am in male attire.

Being told by a feminist friend that I am masculine in being more idea-oriented than people-oriented, and wondering when people would ever give me a chance to be my real self to them.

Openly cross-dressing, wearing women’s clothing to a university campus, and being correctly associated with the gay movement but incorrectly identified as a male homosexual rather than as what I consider myself, a female bisexual.

Being called a faggot by some fraternity types at school.  The humor was that a faggot is the derogatory term for a male who enjoys sleeping with males, while I was and am in a situation where I can go to bed only with myself.

Finding some genuine beauty and humanness in my own subjectively female sexuality, in spite of all the confusion and ambivalence, but being unable to express a shadow of it to anyone else.

Talking to a friendly gay male who tells me, “I’m a very tolerant faggot, but I can’t understand you.  You’ve gone three steps beyond me and another two in reverse.”

Talking to a gay sister who can understand me as a “cross-gender Lesbian” but cannot understand why I find myself talking in a very different tone of voice, an affirmation of my emerging identity.

Being excluded from feminist groups because of my genitals and required male social role, and being excluded from male society because of almost everything else.

Talking with some genuinely kind organizers of a women’s center at my undergraduate school who has tried to comfort me by telling me that what with nonsexist child rearing I should have company in fifteen or twenty years.

After a demonstration against fraternity prostitution, going to a local newspaper and saying “Women’s liberation frees men too,” rather than, “I am what i feel, a woman who supports both her sisters and her brothers in ending dehumanization.”

Going to a campus meeting for a feminist organization where it is proposed to hold a women’s party, hearing that there can also be a men’s party, and realizing that I can fit into neither; going outside and having a good cry.

Having a radical male friend question whether my transsexuality is a personal distraction from “worthwhile” political work because “how many transsexuals are there, anyway?”

Leaving early from a radical literature distribution meeting and hearing that I had missed an excellent discussion of the unity of the personal and the political.  Later the same night being asked, at a party of the same people, not to discuss my intersexuality since I might be overheard.  Knowing that natural-born women could discuss birth control or abortion at this party without fear.

Telling myself that I am where a female was in 1950 or a gay person in 1960.  Then thinking about a woman or gay person raped, murdered, or driven to suicide, and feeling guilty fro playing the game of “more oppressed than thou.”

Reading about a woman’s project in Vietnam, and getting my priorities straight by hoping that the war will be over before I will be eligible to join.

Wondering if I will ever be able to pass as a female, and deciding that if not, I would rather live in a body and wear clothes that I can enjoy, even if it is on a desert island.

Reading feminist literature which claims that “men sure of their masculinity support equality” and gay literature which says that those who cross-identify or cross-dress are expressing masochism, are a small minority of the upright homophile world, and should not make you doubt that “you can be gay and normal too."  As a Lesbian who considers female transsexuals her sisters, experiencing the special pain of seeing these people apologized for and put down.

Arranging for hormone tests, and wondering what they can really prove.  Realizing that to learn I "really” have breasts, that I “really” am partly female, would make me feel much more legitimate.

Enjoying medieval music, which has scales in between major and minor.  Reflecting that even in classical music you are permitted to modulate, to change key.


This article is intended neither as a scholarly discussion of transsexual and intersexual states nor as a blueprint for ideal societies.  There are a number of articles now available on transsexuals and intersexuals, although many have a sexist bias.  As far as utopias are concerned, many anti-sexist people have shown a great interest in writing about androgynous societies yet small tolerance for actual androgynous people.  I can, however, make some suggestions to both the feminist and gay movements.

To The Feminist Movement:

1.  Do not assume that people who are confident about their sexual identities are for equality.  many people are either confident sexists or unsure people who question the old givens.  It is also an insult to all who do not fit the stereotype of a confident person of any sex.

2.  Understand that because of psychological and social pressures many transsexuals seek extreme versions of their desired sex roles.  Feminism can best reach these people by example and by understanding the uncertainty which sex identity shift can bring and which extreme role-playing can mark.

3.  In writing, recognize that there are intersexuals and transsexuals who may be trapped in a no-person’s-land and who need solidarity from anti-sexist people.  Literature which insists that there are only women and men is conspiring unconsciously with sexist forces to crush those in between.

4.  In exclusively female groups, redefine what it means to be female so that male transsexuals may have at least partial membership before surgery.  It is just at this transitional point, when the transsexual is beginning to live in her new identity, that communication with wher sisters may be important in shaping her life-style and in getting a wider perspective on what it means to be a woman.

5.  Become involved in current gender research and treatment programs so that the feminist view may be represented.

To The Gay Movement:

1.  Do not put down transsexuals, intersexuals, or other unusual people (e.g., transvestites) for apologize or express condescending pity for them.

2.  Explain that gay people are those who wish to love a member of their own sex, while transsexuals wish to change sex.  This is the difference between sexual preference and gender identity, and it should be known in order to confront the confusion and needless conflict between transsexuals and gay people.

3.  Recognize that some female transsexuals will have male homosexual feelings and some male transsexuals will have female homosexual feelings.  Such people should be welcomed to their respective groups.

In general:

Although transsexuals and intersexuals can organize themselves, they cannot make progress without help since they are such a small minority.  Recognizing the problems of intermediate people would be a humane step for anti-sexist groups and a move toward a freer view of sex and gender for everyone.  It would help bring to an end the two-genderism which is being challenged in genetic research but not yet in social reality.

I should say something about my obligations as a transsexual to the larger movement.  First of all, I feel committed to such issues as child-care and abortion, even though I shall never be able to bear or father a child.  I shall always try to be sensitive to the ways in which I have profited by male status, however much I have lost emotionally: for school and job simply being male was an automatic bonus.  Of course, I will be renouncing this status, but I cannot renounce the very unjust benefits I have received and which are now unerasable history.  I shall join with the Lesbian movement, while as a bisexual female I shall try to have the strict dichotomy between gay and straight removed (as Kate Millett has tried to do).  My main feeling is that I want to love human beings; sex and gender should not be determining factors.  At the same time, I do not put down those who happen to prefer one sex or the other.  It is a question of taste, becoming a problem when one taste is almost forced and another is repressed.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 32: Revelations

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s P.O.V.

Mixed emotions raced through me as I stared at Danneel. Frustration, anger, and a little bit of sadness at what had been. “Danneel what are you are doing here?”

“This used to be my home too Jensen.” She purred, her tone of voice annoying me.

“Dee, you gave up this house when we got divorced. Now tell me, why are you here?” I asked, hoping I could get rid of her quickly and get back to Y/N upstairs.

“I’ve missed you so much, and you haven’t returned any of my calls. When I heard you were in Texas, I just had to come and see you.” She said, raising her hand and placing it on my chest. Once upon a time her touch would have been wanted,. But now, it did nothing for me.  would have ignited a fire deep within. But now it did nothing but annoy me.

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When Universes Collide (part 2)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 2,466 words

Introduction / Part 1

Your name: submit What is this?

“ … and the ban on Mutants will take effect.” Echoed in your head as you leaned up against the rails that is wrapped around the fencing of the upper level of the facility.

The Avengers were sitting in the living room with Tony laying down on one end of one  couch and Natasha siting on the other end. Across from them was Vision and Wanda on the other couch with Steve siting in a single chair between them. Sam and James (also known as Rhodey) were arguing about the Accord while the others were siting in silence while Steve was looking through the pages.

‘I don’t know why he is even bothering.’ You glanced at him over your shoulder before turning back to looking out the window.

“Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor which is one more than you have.” Rhodey points at Sam and you rolled your eyes.

‘And yet I can name ten men who don’t have anything like that and they’re ten times better than Ross.’ You thought to yourself and sighed.

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The reason that Dionysus was so different at one time from another was because of this double nature of wine and so of the god of wine. He was man’s benefactor and he was man’s destroyer…
Under his influence courage was quickened and fear banished, at any rate for the moment. He uplifted his worshipers; he made them feel that they could do what they had thought they could not. All this happy freedom and confidence passed away, of course, as either they grew sober or got drunk, but while it lasted it was like being possessed by a power greater than themselves. So people felt about Dionysus as bout no other god. He was not only outside of them, he was within them too… The momentary sense of exultant power wine-drinking can give was only a sign to show men that they had within them more than they knew…

Mythology, Edith Hamilton.

All this to say, as much as Dionysus seems to be portrayed a lot as a stupid drunkard (which, no question, he could be) he was also a very powerful god. Wine and grapes were super important to the Greeks, so it stands to reason, he was too.

Truth or Dare- Alex Nylander

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

Ok roll with me that Alex and Derek Grant are still playing with the Americans cause I think it works better. Ok? Ok! I hope this is what you had in mind anon! Enjoy guys!

Warning: truth or dare shenanigans!

Anon Request: Hey absolutely love your work! and I was wondering could you write one with Alex nylander where him and the reader are not really together but they have something going on and then they are playing truth or dare with a group of friends and one of them dares the reader to eat peanuts off Alex’s lap? Sorry if it’s confusing 😂😘


              You don’t know how you ended up in this position, but here you were.

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alchemy like into wisdom

“Taako. Hermanito. I need advice,” Lup says. Taako laughs at her.

“Who kidnapped my sister and replaced her with you? The real Lup would never admit she needed advice,” he says.

“Oh fuck off, I’m regretting this already.”

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anonymous asked:

(1)You've said that men can't sell their stories and that women dominate the field, and while it is certainly true (women dominating the field), you think the reason for this is that women generally write kinky porn for women to enjoy and men do not. Have you taken into consideration the sheer amount of women writing m/m fiction, comparing to man? And that readers of those works are predominantly women? That men are generally not interested in romance genre, which m/m fiction mostly is.

(2)No one is keeping men from writing their stories. They just don’t do it much. In the m/m fiction section at least. Or maybe there is some gatekeeping movement going on, where women harass man out of “their field”. I have never heard about it, but if it’s true than I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. Maybe there are some hidden gems written by not women no one’s heard about because of that. Can you recommend some?

hi, and thank you for these asks. they pose an interesting question: are men stopped from writing erotica?

i want to say yes. but it might not be the way you think. 

i ran across this thread some weeks ago, and it has stayed with me for quite a while. though i do think the entire thread is important to read, i want to focus on what thebibliosphere is writing:

Oh my gods this. This is everything I try and fail to say when people ask me how to explain fetishization vs storytelling.

Do you know how many books by gay men I edited in my time at the erotica publishing house? One.

Out of literal thousands of manuscripts, there was One gay man writing m/m, the rest were all by women, and I feel safe in saying, the majority of them, not from within the LGBTQA+ community.

And boy howdy did they pitch fits when we turned to them and said “your manuscript does not meet our health and safety requirements please revise” because our house had a strict safe sane consensual rule, along with body positivity, which everyone LOVED when they were writing m/f stories. But when it came to m/m we had so many authors say “ew, but that’s not ~sexy~ :/” to which my reply was often a very politely phrased “literally don’t give a fuck Susan, you know what else isn’t sexy? Bleeding assholes, which coincidentally is what you’re being.”

But y'know, nicer. Because I’m a fucking proffesional.

Anyway. Do you want to know what happened to said singular man writing m/m fiction? He got dropped after a year. Because, and I quote, this is a direct line from our then marketing team, about a gay man writing gay erotica: “that’s not what women want to read”

And if that’s not one of the most precise and fucking infuriating demonstrations of what the fuck is wrong with the “but I write gay slash fic! I can’t be homophobic!” “~allies~” (spoiler: you’re not) in fandom and yes, even in “real” publishing, I dunno what is.

There is a Difference between storytelling and fetishization, and all y'all crying “kinkshaming!” when someone asks you to treat them with respect, need to stop.

emphasis mine

i also found this ask that thebibliosphere got, but i’ll only quote what i found the most important:

Which, there’s nothing wrong with women or people who identify as women, writing m/m stories. But when there’s an entire industry dedicated to gay male suffering aimed as cis straight women, there’s a serious problem. People are not objects, they are not dolls for you to play with. Anyway.

this isn’t some fanfiction, or fanart, or even a free manhwa found online. it’s published books, where the authors get payed for every sold book, and men - man in this case - can’t even get a deal. because women don’t want to read gay stories written by gay men. a respectable erotica house lays off their only male m/m writer, becuase the marketing team doesn’t find that women are interested in it. 

if that isn’t keeping men away from m/m erotica (and romance), i honestly don’t know what else it might be. 

through this blog, i’m also constantly bringing up the fact that non-mlm’s voices are shut down in writing spaces where m/m is prevalent. i’m a fanfic writer myself, writing fanfiction with an mlm audience in mind, and i’ve gotten comments about how my sex scenes are unrealistic (”you don’t need to prepare an asshole that much!”), or boring (”why do you keep adding lube mid sex scene? and condoms?? ugh”), or outright wrong (umm, what?). 

i’ve had non-mlm writing partners tell me that i shouldn’t write for mlm, because i should focus on what women want to read instead. i’ve been told, when i voice my concerns over how the community is treating mlm creators, to “leave the m/m community if you hate it so much”. me, a gay man. leave the m/m community (which entail MY orientation, MY sex life, and MY relationships), becuase some women think their fetishization and objectification of gay men is more important than my comfort

this is why we say that mlm creators of m/m are shut down. and we, as both fans and consumers of published m/m media, needs to change this

to change the subject: i’m constantly looking for good gay books written by men, but it’s a long and hard road. most best-selling m/m books written by gay men are self published, just so you know. 

i don’t have a list i can recommend right now, especially on the happier side. they’re so hard to find that i’m, myself, still looking for more than one or two. a classic lgbt book, though it’s about internalized homophobia which manifests in misogony and abuse, is giovanni’s room (1956) by james baldwin (a gay black man), and it’s a good book to show that mlm should be the ones writing about male-related homophobia, rather than women. 

if anyone wants to add good m/m books written by mlm, send us an ask or reply to this; we’re aiming to keep a list of good representation on our blog in the future

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What was your first memorable moment dancing?

My fifth night stripping, I was speaking to a customer. I mentioned that I had a law exam the next day. My customer asked why I was at work, I obviously replied ‘rents due this week.“ He then asked how much $ I needed to make (which was $600) After song #3 ended, he excused himself only to return moments later with $750. He wanted one more dance, and explained, "this is so you can head home and study.”

It was honestly one of the most thoughtful, kind things anyone has ever done for me at work. The cash wasn’t the main factor (I’ve made a hell of a lot more than $750 from customers), but men rarely manage to focus on what a stripper says - let alone actually care enough to take action.

Hide Your Crazy-15

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)

Juan’s grasp on my hand was tight as he was pulling me along the halls of the courthouse. Looking for the courtroom, we were suppose to be in for our ceremony. I was having trouble keeping up with him, he was moving so fast.

I should have told him about the memory I had  after the drive by, and what I had found when I looked up the information. Even if I didn’t know if I was forsure Claire Elizabeth Raines, I knew I was (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). I didn’t have memories of either life, just the bits of flashbacks.

He stopped, turning to look back at me, walking back to. “Evelyn, are you having doubts? I’ll understand.  We don’t have to do this.”

I shook my head, biting my lip. “No, I’m not having doubts, but you may, when I tell you.”


Jax leaned back in his chair, he didn’t like outsiders, and Evelyn Cora Roberts was the very reason why.   She was going to be trouble, with an ex like Graysen Tucker coming after her. The club would become a target of one of the largest crime families in the area, if they were to protect Evelyn.

Jax didn’t want to get on the Tucker Family’s  bad side, you never knew when you could use the connection.  He was going to have Unser check into her, see if she was hiding anything.  He had to protect his club, in the end.

As of right now he had to support Juice and this sham of a marriage. Going out to the main room, he prepared to welcome her to the family.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife, kiss your bride.”  Juan smiled at her, hands caressing her face. She closed her eyes leaning in, meeting his lips. It was a simple, and gentle kiss.

“Next!”  They pulled away from each other, the magic was over. He placed, his hand on the small of her back, guiding her out of the courtroom

“We have to go by the clubhouse, Gemma is throwing us a party.” He bit his lip looking at her.

She exhaled softly, smiling up at him. “Of course. You’re family wants to share our happiness with us.”  She looked down at her feet, his hands lifted her chin up, so her eyes met his.

“What is it beautiful?”  

“I hate lying to everyone, I know this marriage isn’t real…. “ She looked sad. Juan pulled her into his arms, kissing the top of her head. Not sure what to say, he held her for a few minutes.

He hated lying to his brothers, about his marriage.  He hated lying to them about her background,  about her amnesia  but it was necessary.  He had told Jax and the rest of the club about her ex trying to kill her, but not why. They knew she was in a coma for a month, then woke up, it was half truths.  It was enough to get her protection.

“I know, but it’s only for a little while, until we have all the answers.” He pulled back, taking her hand and walking out the door.  

Heading to a side exit, instead of the front doors,  he smiled down at her. “I had one of the prospects drop off a cage. I didn’t think you’d want to ride my bike.”

She let out a laugh, wrapping my arms around him. “I would have happily ridden your bike.”

He wrapped his arms around her looking down into her eyes. He studied her face, she  tried to look away.  His hands moved up, cradling my jaw. “You’re so beautiful,  and I get to call you mine. I’m a lucky man.”

He lowered his mouth to hers,  his kiss started out gently.  He pulled her closer, letting out a moan, when she sucked his bottom lip between her teeth.

He broke off the kiss, holding her at a distance. “Keep that up, and we’re skipping..”

His words were cut off by the sound of gun shots.

He pushed her to the ground, covering her body with his. They laid there for what seemed life infinity, when the gunshots stop Juan lifted his weight off of her.

“You whole?” He stared down at her still body, panic rising up. “EVELYN!”


Vince had seen Ortiz and (YN), go inside the courthouse. They were both dressed up, he then saw Graysen standing outside. He circled back around the block, he had a feeling that Graysen was going to ambush Ortiz and (Y/N).

Vince called for back up, hoping he’d have enough time for them to show up; before the newlyweds came out. If not he’d just take the man in his own, he had to protect her.

He got out if his car, keeping out of sight, he kept his eyes on Graysen  He was crouched down, behind some bushes, keeping an eye on Graysen.  His former employer, must have some sixth sense. Graysen slowly turned around, walking to close proximity to where Vince had decided to observe.

“Barton, so glad you showed up. I plan on killing you both. I just can’t decide who goes first.”

Vince pulls out his gun. “Stay away from her, if you just leave her alone; I’ll lose everything I have on you. “

“Agent Barton, you disappoint me! You’d give up your career for a little whore? She’s so not worth it.”

Vince pulled out his gun. “I love her, which is more than I can say for you. She was always a possession for you, something for you to own. Leave her alone!”

A black SUV  pulled up, a couple of men jumped out, pointing their guns at Vince. He had no choice but to defend himself, regardless of the consequences.


I looked up at Juan’s panic ridden face, his hands running over my body.

“I’m fine…just shook up. I’m sorry…” I hated that I brought my crazy to his life. Reaching up, I touched his face. “Are you hit?”

He gathered me up in his arms, helping me up. His arming wrapping around me protectively, helping me to a vehicle the, in a parking lot.  He looked at me. “ I’m whole! Are you sure, you’re not hurt”

I nodded my head, smiling at him, reaching over squeezing his hand. I just wanted to leave, and feel safe.

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Mini-fic klance Keith and Lance have a child and they tell Keith about how when thier in school they see other kids with their mommy's and dady's and they wished they had someone to call mommy so they ask Keith if they can call him mommy, he's not keen on the idea at first but he loves his baby to much to deny them so he agrees. Lance was listing the whole time and the moment their alone he calls Keith mommy and Keith flushes while telling him to shut up or he'll make him sleep on the couch.

“How come other kids have a mommy and a daddy, but I have two daddies?” Keith’s four-year-old daughter had just started preschool, she was good at math and seemed to take after Pidge quite a bit. She asked a hell of a lot of questions that Keith never really could answer. 

“Well, because your daddies are gay. So we both love men rather than women. Kids with parents who are straight have mommies and daddies.” Keith looked at her in the rearview mirror as he pulled down their street. She seemed to be considering this, which Keith knew meant she still had more questions about the subject. 

“But I want to have a mommy and a daddy like the other kids. Can’t you just be mommy and my other daddy can be daddy?” She looked significantly distressed and Kieth knew how it felt to want to fit in, he just didn’t know what to say. Worst of all, she pouted her sweet face and her big eyebrows furrowed. “Please?” 

“I, uh, I mean, sure honey,” he stammered, unsure of what else to do and her face just lit up with delight. When they pulled into their driveway, he set her down on her feet, and she responded with a loud, “thank you mommy!” before she ran to hug Lance who was standing on the walk with their son. 

Their son ran to him and started to tell Keith about his day as the four of them went inside, their daughter in Lance’s arms. From then it was a whirlwind of snacks and homework and getting the little ones to bed. Keith had almost completely forgotten the mommy thing, and it seemed like their little girl had too by the time she went to bed. 

When he sighed and sat next to Lance on the couch, his head in the crook of Lance’s neck as they relaxed a little. Lance’s arm went around him, a little smirk on his face as he mumbled, “feel like a movie, mommy?” 

Keith shot up, frowning when he caught a look at Lance’s shit eating grin. He groaned and quickly moved to the other side of the couch, “you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” Keith grumbled quietly as Lance tried to contain his laughter. 
***Requests Open*** 
Thank you to the person who sent me these sweet domestic Klance requests, they give me life.

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Do you think Hamilton had feelings for Angelica?

Romantic feelings?  I don’t think so.  Did he like her and care about her and enjoy her company?  Yes.  Was he in love with her?  Nah.  Do I think he would’ve wanted to marry her?  Nope.  Even if there wasn’t an Eliza, I don’t think so.  And, like, if there was no Eliza might he have been interested in, like, a fling?  Eh, sure.  He wouldn’t have turned her down (she probably wouldn’t have gone for it though).  But because there was an Eliza, and he loved Eliza, and Angelica was Eliza’s sister, I don’t think they were anything more than in-laws who got along well and probably would’ve chosen to be friends if they weren’t related, which is the nicest thing you can say about family that marries in lol.

Ham and Angelica are legit the best example of people thinking men and women can’t be friends.

I just do not look at them and see any “what could have been” between them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Starter Sentence Meme (Some NSFW)
  • Just once I would like to run into a cult of bunny worshippers.
  • Actually we do want trouble. We’re demons. We’re pretty much all about trouble.
  • Look at you, all afraid I’m hot for your honey.
  • I go online sometimes, but… everyone’s spelling is really bad. It’s… depressing.
  • The annoying virgin has a point.
  • We do not joke about eating people in this house!
  • Sing me a new one sometime. That one’s gone stale.
  • Nobody could do that much decoupage without calling on the powers of darkness.
  • Gee, can you vague that up for me?
  • To make you a vampire they have to suck your blood. And then you have to suck their blood. It’s like a whole big sucking thing. Mostly they’re just gonna kill you.
  • I’m sure it frisked about like a fluffy lamb.
  • This tower was built by crazy people and I don’t think it’s holding up very well.
  • You don’t even know what I was writing about! ‘Hunk’ can mean a lot of things, bad things. And, when it says that your eyes are ‘penetrating’, I meant to write ‘bulging’.
  • Yeah, it was sexy the way she touched me real hard with her fists.
  • Now, this is not gonna be pretty. We’re talking violence, strong language, adult content…
  • Maybe you could blow something up. They’re really strict about that.
  • What… is this? The late-night stakeout, the bogus suspects, the flask? Is this a date?
  • I laugh in the face of danger! Then I… hide until it goes away.
  • It’s funny how the Earth never opens up and swallows you when you want it to.
  • If the apocalypse comes, beep me.
  • Testosterone is a great equalizer - it turns all men into morons.
  • What, they were all out of boils and blinding torment?
  • Zombies don’t eat brains anyway, unless instructed to by their zombie master. A lot of people get that wrong.
  • And then I’m going to marry Bob Dole and raise penguins in Guam.
  • You know, I’m searching for supportive things and I’m coming up all bras.
  • To read makes our speaking English good.
  • I may be dead, but I’m still pretty. Which is more than I can say for you.
  • I’ve seen honest faces before. They’re usually attached to liars.
  • You’re really campaigning for bitch-of-the-year, aren’t you?
  • I’m like a… superhero or something!
  • Sorry, but I’m an old fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and the women have the babies.
  • Translate this for me, Spock. I don’t speak loser.
  • This is a special kind of angel called a Charlie. We don’t have wings, we just skate around with perfect hair fighting crime.
  • Yeah, but I think that whole sucking the life out of people thing would have been a strain on the relationship.
  • Yeah, well, to you and me they’re just candles, but to witches they’re like… bongs.
  • Whoa! Whoa-ho-ho, rewind. Since when do they have orgies, and why aren’t I on the mailing list?
  • Oh, he’s a vampire! Of course! But the cuddly kind, like a Care Bear with fangs.
  • Yes, he’s clearly a bad influence on himself.
  • I’m going to have to go with Deadboy on this one.
  • You dragged me out of bed for a ride? What am I, mass transportation?
  • I didn’t jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
  • I defined something? Accurately? Guess I’m done with the book learning.
  • It’s a big rock. Can’t wait to tell my friends, they all don’t have a rock this big.
  • Well, we try not to get killed. That’s part of our whole mission statement: “Don’t get killed.”
  • Okay, but I was right about the leprechauns, right?
  • You really need every square inch of your ass kicked.
  • You always hurt the one you love.
  • I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now, you and me are gonna show ‘em why.
  • Well, if this guy wants to fight with weapons, I’ve got it covered from A to Z — from ‘axe’ to… ‘zee other axe’.
  • When you think about him you get that good, down-low tickle, right?
  • What, you just tripped and fell on his lips?
  • I’m pathetic, illiterate. I’m Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.
  • Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.
  • I’m a rebel! I’m having a rebellion!
  • I was going to walk you off a cliff and hand you an anvil, but, eh, it seemed kinda cartoony.
  • Sometimes the most adult thing you can do is… ask for help when you need it.
  • I provide much needed… sarcasm.
  • I’m here to kill you, not to judge you.
  • Out. For. A. Walk. Bitch.
  • A bidet. Like a bidet of evil.
  • Where would the Justice League have been if they hadn’t put their differences aside to stop the Imperium and his shape-shifting alien horde?
  • Uh, first word: jail; second word: bait.
  • Demons after money. Whatever happened to the still beating heart of a virgin? No one has any standards anymore.
  • I don’t want to protect you from the world. I want to show it to you.
  • We’re gonna have to fight to the death, aren’t we?
  • We’re all on death’s door, repeatedly ringing the doorbell, like maniacal Girl Scouts trying to make quota.
  • I just want to sleep, yo, for like a week!
  • Just don’t forget who’s on top.
  • I’m finished being everybody’s butt-monkey!
  • Oh, I’m not really into porn… I mean, I’m just trying to cut way back.
  • On the plus side you’ve killed the bench, which was looking shifty.
  • Why can’t you just masturbate like the rest of us?
  • Are you just gonna come here and go all Dawson on me every time I have a boyfriend?
  • I am the Dark Lord of Nightmares! The Bringer of Terror! Tremble before me! Fear me!
  • Nothing can defeat the penis!
  • A bear! You made a bear! Undo it, undo it!
  • If those two don’t kill each other, I might lend a hand.
  • We’re outlaws with hearts of gold.
  • I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m not going to see anyone who’s invisible.
  • I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.
  • Maybe that’s why you and I can never get along. We’re not supposed to exist together.
  • Thank God we’re hot chicks with superpowers.
  • The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.
  • I happen to be very biteable, pal. I’m moist and delicious.
  • So let me get this straight. You’re… Dracula. The guy. The Count.
  • And you’re what? Shocked and disappointed? I’m evil!
  • Yes, let’s tie ourselves to the crazy vampire.
  • Don’t speak Latin in front of the books.
  • I owe you pain.
  • Okay, you get Fangs, I’ll get Horny. I mean…
  • Crack a government encrypted code on my laptop? Easy as really difficult pie.
  • Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.
  • I’ll stay behind and putter around the batcave with crusty old Alfred here.
  • Come for the food, stay for the dismemberment.

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ToT for Amagiri-san and Shiranui-san: What is your opinion on the men of the Shinsengumi?

Amagiri sighs. “The men of the Shisengumi are skilled,” he says, “but even the most talented warriors, human or demon, cannot fight against the inevitable. I admire their dedication to their cause—some more than others, as with all groups—but I can and will oppose them for as long as my clan remains in debt to the Satsuma domain.”

Shiranui only shrugs. “They’re just another bunch of humans to me,” he says. “Some of ’em are interesting. Some others of ’em need to be put down. But no matter which kind they are, they need to stop messing around with shit they don’t understand,” he adds, narrowing his eyes. “I don’t have anything against the Shinsengumi personally, and I don’t care what the Choshu have to say about them, but if they’re not gonna see sense… I got no problem going toe-to-toe with them and taking every last soldier out myself.” Shiranui grimaces. “Some things aren’t supposed to happen, and the Water of Life is one of them.”


Can we talk about this please? I love this a lot because we all know that Raph likes to be seen as the toughest, the strongest, the all around best fighter, but after Mona Lisa proves that she exceeds Raphael at all these aspects that he revolves himself around he loves her. Raph loves that she’s a badass and never asks her to dull her own abilities so he can feel superior. I feel like many men in our society don’t like when a woman can overwhelm or intimidate him because they believe it’s an insult to their masculinity. But Raphael doesn’t feel that way at all! The fact that Mona is more skilled as a warrior than he is is a major turn on for him. In Mona’s next appearance in the episode, ‘The War for Dimension X’ Raphael says to her, “Looks like you’ve learned some new skills.” To which her reply is, “I’d be happy to teach you some time, one on one.” Raphael then shouts, “I’d love that!” (I went by memory of this scene because I couldn’t take/find good screenshots of this scene.) The point is though, Raphael was excited for Mona to teach him combat and ways to improve. He didn’t even try to stupidly impress her or was an asshole about it. I love their relationship and hope to see much more of them together in the future.

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I've been feeling super shitty this week. Can I request a Johnny x reader where johnny's gf is depressed or anorexic (either) and he tries to help her.

A/N Im sorry hun, Im here if you ever need to talk

You haven’t been around the gang all week, but most importantly, you havent seen or talked to your boyfriend Johnny all week. You completely isolated yourself from everyone and just spent most of your time in your room. Not eating, barely sleeping, you were just there. You had been depressed all week and to make matters worse, you didnt even know why. You had such a great boyfriend, you had really amazing friends, and you had a roof over your head, which is more than Johnny can say. Why am I like this you thought to youself. You just wanted to be alone and distract your mind from your thoughts, so you decided to read a book. You picked up Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.{Idk if this is like timeline accurate but it took place before the 60′s} As soon as you began to read, you heard a knock at your front door. You decided to ignore it because you didnt want to be bothered. Then, your doorbell rang. You got up and just peaked out the window in your living room. It was Johnny, you decided to just ignore him and he’ll eventually go away. You went back into your room, plopped down on your bed ready to continue reading. Next thing you know, your window opens from the outside and in comes the one and only Johnny Cade. He comes in and shuts the window behind him and sits at the foot of your bed opposite of you. 

“Im sorry..”, “For what?” you asked him looking up from your book. “Im sorry for whatever I did to make you mad at me.” you felt a little guilty. This wasnt his fault. “Im not mad at you Johnny, I just needed some personal time, thats all.” you said heading down to the end of the bed where he was. “Whats going on?” he asked as he played with your hair. You were reluctant at first but knew he would pry. “Idk.. Ive just been feeling a little down lately,” you felt ashamed. “You hungry? When was the last time you ate?” You shrugged, honestly not knowing when your last meal was. He got up and headed out your bedroom door. “where you going?” you called after him. You got up and met him in the kitchen. “I’m gonna make you breakfast.” he said proudly as he got out ingredients for pancakes. You couldnt say no or otherwise he would become suspicious, so you happily obliged. You sat down at the table and knew that Johnny was the one. 

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A/N : That was a little longer than expected but I hope you enjoyed!

16 Days of Outlander - Day #15 Wentworth Prison

I think this is the toughest episode of the season for me personally. As bad as things get in To Ransom a Man’s Soul, I have a really, really difficult time with orthopedic injuries (breaking bones are just not my thing) - plus, the narrative structure here is linear while the other includes flashbacks which allow for a bit more distancing from the material at hand (it’s a small difference but for me, it helps). So lets see what I can come up with for favorites in this dark and horrible but wonderfully put together and acted episode…

Favorite Minor Character, Favorite Line: Taran MacQuarrie and “Put in a good word for me.” If we hadn’t spent the time getting to know Taran MacQuarrie back in The Watch, this entire opening sequence with the prisoners’ executions wouldn’t carry the same weight (which it has to, because it’s actually a rather long sequence). I’m still not completely sure how MacQuarrie - whom we last saw in the back of that British wagon having been captured - managed to end up at the very same prison as Jamie - who had escaped and wandered around the countryside for some unspecified amount of time before being recaptured - and beyond being at the same prison, having their executions settled for the same day. At the same time, that plot hole is inconsequential because if gives Jamie a somewhat familiar face and kindred-ish soul at the “end.” MacQuarrie’s resignation and yet vocal defiance, even as he mounts the scaffold steps shows just how much he truly has in common with Jamie. His quip about his only regret being that he would be hanged before Jamie so that he won’t have the benefit of Jamie’s putting in a good word with him with Saint Peter is the epitome of gallows humor (yes, that was intentional) and it’s something that I, at least, appreciated. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Location: the tavern. It is one of the only truly lighthearted moments of the episode and it’s desperately needed. I couldn’t think of any other location in the episode I could call a favorite because as well dressed as the Wentworth sets are - and Sir Fletcher’s room is quite interesting - I couldn’t pick any place that was part of the prison. It’s not a scene we get to see play out in the book itself, but the events are heavily hinted at and anything with Rupert and Angus is great in an episode as dark as this one is.

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Black Jack’s “offer” of a better death to Jamie. While Jamie is waiting in line with Taran MacQuarrie, he makes a suggestion to try and fight the Red Coats. It’s obvious, even to Jamie, that they won’t be able to break free; all they can manage is being shot, MacQuarrie says they’d be shot like dogs but Jamie disagrees - “not like dogs; like men.” Even when his name is called, Jamie can’t help putting up a bit of a fight. I think this is at least in part because he knows he is innocent of the crime he’s been convicted of and fighting is his way of showing his insistence on his innocence. Later in the cell, Black Jack offers Jamie a more noble death than hanging which he describes as “ignoble.” It’s only an echo of the conversation that Jamie had earlier with MacQuarrie, but it is perhaps the first thing in his interactions with Randall in that cell that truly gets under Jamie’s skin - that Randall understood that bit about Jamie that resists that kind of death so vehemently. I think Randall knows Jamie isn’t afraid of death the way most men are, that its more a meaningless death he fears - and being executed for something he hadn’t done certainly fits the bill. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptaion: Jamie and Claire say goodbye. This is the only part of the episode I can watch repeatedly because it is so heartbreakingly good. The subtle smile and calm that descend on him as he tells her, “I love you, mo nighean donn” and the way she cradles his head…  the way she begs to say goodbye only to declare that “I can’t leave you”… It’s all just completely rip-your-heart-out-of-your-chest level heartbreaking. 

Favorite Performance: Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as Jamie and Claire Fraser. As with The Wedding, this is an episode where I can’t really select one of their performances over the other because - even though they’re not on screen together for as much of the episode as in The Wedding - so much of their performances are almost interlocking and the few minutes they are on screen together are the strongest of the episode. Balfe in Sir Fletcher’s office as Claire only just barely holds herself together, losing the struggle for control as she’s given Jamie’s personal effects; the dead/numb expression Heughan adopts as Black Jack drags Claire out, promising to return shortly (and that tear when Black Jack touches his back). 

Favorite Music Moment: Claire curses Black Jack. It’s not a very prominent track but I just love the music in this sequence - and it’s my favorite as far as the shots of Claire whispering the date of his death to him. It’s the first and possibly the only time I think we see Black Jack genuinely taken aback in a frightened/unsettled/scared way. He was surprised to see Jamie appear in the window at Fort William and the gun not firing was shocking, but I don’t think we see him so visibly affected by anything the way Claire’s words affect him. *Was anyone else a little bothered by the fact that they don’t have that death date audible? I really just don’t understand why they kept that from the audience. 

Favorite Costume: Ellen MacKenzie’s pearls. Yup, I’m going with another accessory for a costume but Ellen MacKenzie’s numerous suitors really gave her some pretty impressive jewelry. The only other time we saw the pearls was on Jamie and Claire’s wedding night when he told her about how precious they - and she - were to him. If their rescue attempts truly were to fail, the pearls would be one of the few things Claire had left of Jamie (except for Faith in this timeline) but she’s willing to give up everything for a chance to save Jamie, especially having come so close already.