which is like five hours without doing any work

Promptlyrefined: week 11

This week’s prompt is a taboo poetry prompt. Which means there’s going to be a list of words that you’ll have to do without while writing. But before I list those, here’s this week’s prompt:

            Like a bridge over troubled water

Note: your poem doesn’t have to have any connection to the Simon and Garfunkel song. 

Taboo words: You, I, She, Her, He, His, And, To, With, Like, Bridge, Water.

Tag your poem #promptlyrefined and I will reblog it here. Be sure to use the tag #promptlyrefined in one of the first five tags accompanying your poem. If your work isn’t reblogged within 48 hours, please let me know.

This prompt will end Sunday August 27. In the meantime, have fun writing!