which is like a day before his

the fma fandom likes to paint roy as this goofy dork who’s ‘useless’ and lazy and whatever but…..do we ever stop think about how RIDICULOUS this man is?? 

like…roy got promoted to colonel before he turned 30. that’s INSANE. take any modern day military and every colonel you find is going to be some old fart in his 50s/60s with DECADES of experience. but roy gets the rank while he’s still in his twenties and i don’t think we ever stop to think about how unreal that is. 

and do you think it’s because he can shoot flames with a snap of his fingers? yeah, that might be part of it but it can’t be everything. there are plenty of other examples of combat alchemists who remain at the rank of major (which they’re given automatically) or take forever to get promoted. ed obviously is never promoted even though he’s a prodigy. armstrong is a major throughout the series even though his alchemy is impressive. even basque grande, who despite being a brigadier-general, looks like he’s got quite a few years on him. roy becomes a brigadier-general within two years of the promised day…so we can assume when he’s around 31 or 32. 

that’s insanity. it’s not his alchemy or even his connections that got him that prestige so early on. it’s because he’s damn good at what he does. everything the military needs in a high-ranked officer, roy is. he’s got power, he’s got motivation, he’s got RIDICULOUS intelligence (solely because he’s a prodigy alchemist like ed), and he’s got charisma. 

you don’t promote flameboy because he looks pretty and has a way with words. you promote him because he’s strong, mentally and physically, and can do the job the military wants him to. and everytime the fandom makes him into some dork loser….it’s good for a laugh, sure, but it doesn’t encapsulate his character and his ability at all 


pairing: luke x reader

word count: 2,065

storyline: ‘in which a single dad falls hard for his daughter’s teacher, even though they can’t be together’ 

“daddy,” charlie called softly into father’s ear like she usually did in the morning. it was always hard to get him up on time, especially on school days, but she knew if she didn’t he would sleep through out the whole day. “daddy, you have to wake up,” she tries a little louder, this time shaking him lightly to help wake him.

“hmm?” her father groaned before opening up his eyes to see her beautiful blue ones that she got from him. It was practically the only feature she got from him. she looked exactly like her mother which was something he’d always been happy about, but now seeing her face every time he looked at his daughter brought an unwanted pain in his chest.

the subject of charlie’s mom has been a sensitive topic in their house for a while now, he didn’t like to think about her but sometimes he just couldn’t help it. late at night, after he put charlie to sleep and he was laying in his bed, he couldn’t help but to think about how it wasn’t always as empty as it was now. he remembered how it felt to hold her while they were sleeping and smile, he was so in love with her, and she was so good at fooling him into thinking that she felt the same. but it was all just a lie.

“good morning princess,” he said, snapping himself out of his thoughts, before looking at the clock to make sure they weren’t late. he let out a sigh of relief when he saw they had plenty of time before charlie needed to be at school, he hated when they were late and had to rush, which is how their mornings usually were.

“good morning daddy, uncle calum told me to tell you that breakfast will be ready soon.” she told him with a huge grin on her face, that was one of luke’s favorite qualities about his daughter. no matter what was going on she was always smiling, something that contributed immensely to his own happiness.

“uncle calum is here?” he asked confused. it was a normal thing for one, or all, of his friends to just show up at his house uninvited, but it never happened in the morning. charlie just nodded at her father, to answer his question. luke pushed away his uneasiness caused by calum’s presence and picked up his daughter. “then let’s go get some breakfast baby girl.”

“oh look sleeping beauty is finally awake” calum said from his spot in front of the stove, he was in the middle of flipping pancakes, and to luke’s surprise it actually smelled good in his kitchen.

calum had been luke’s best friend since they met in the seventh grade. they were partners on some school project, the subject of which they both have long since forgotten, and they just instantly clicked. calum had always been there for luke, even when he had his own stuff going on and luke would never admit how much he actually appreciates the fact that calum is willing to just drop everything and be there for him, especially now.

“you know i could get you arrested for breaking into my apartment,” luke said before sitting charlie on the countertop.

“i didn’t break in, you gave me a key!” calum argued. he put the finished pancakes on a plate and set it in front of charlie. “besides i know you guys are always happy to see me.”

“thank you uncle calum.” charlie smiled and started to eat her pancakes, making a huge mess as always.

“you’re welcome sweetie. do you think you will be okay if i talked to your dad alone for a second?” she nodded before hopping off the counter with her plate and running out of the room, leaving calum and luke alone.

“this better be important hood,” luke said as soon as he was sure charlie could no longer hear them. he didn’t mean for it for it to sound as harsh as it did, and he knew from the look on calum’s face he wasn’t expecting it either. but rather than get mad like he usually did, he stayed calm.

“i just wanted to see how you were doing with… everything.” he chose his words carefully, knowing that if he said something wrong it could set luke off, and neither of them wanted that. but then again the only way to avoid setting him off would have been to avoid the topic completely.

luke bit his lip trying to hold back the tears threatening to spill from his eyes. he didn’t want to have to think about it anymore because he has tried so hard to forget what happened and move on for his daughter’s sake, but every time he looks at her all he can see is what her mother did to him, and what she did to their family. he tried to be okay and be the father that charlie needed and deserved but he was not okay, and he didn’t know if he ever would be. “how do you just leave your kid like that calum, how could she just walk away?” he couldn’t control the tears that were pouring down his cheek now.

“i don’t know luke, but what i do know is that she doesn’t deserve your tears. it’s been 6 months, don’t you think it’s time to move on?” luke sighed at his best friends words. of course he knew that he had to get over her at some point because she was never going to come back. he knew calum was right but he just couldn’t let her go. he had spent so many nights ready to forget about her and all the pain she caused him, but luke knew deep down that she was always going to love her, and that terrified him.

“i can’t do it calum, i don’t know how to let her go.”

“you just have to find a new girl luke, someone who makes you feel better than she ever did” calum said while luke wiped the tears that fell off of his cheek and tried to compose himself so charlie wouldn’t know that he had been crying. “somebody who will stay.”

“that’s the thing calum, i had that and i let her go.” he mumbled before walking into the living room. “come on charlie! we have to get you to school!” luke yelled, jumping right back into dad mode. she ran out of the living room with her backpack on and climbed into the car. luke turned on the car and started the five minute drive to the school.

when he pulled up to the front of the drop off line, charlie was very eager to jump out of the car. “bye daddy, love you!”

“bye princess, i will be here at two to pick you up okay?” she nodded and shut the door leaving luke alone to his thoughts.


okay so luke lied when he said he would be there at two to pick charlie up, because when the clock turned three he still wasn’t there. “miss y/l/n, can I try to call him again?” charlie asked her teacher, who was sat at her desk grading first grade spelling tests.

“of course sweetie,” the teacher handed over her phone. you felt bad for the little girl, nobody should be an hour late to pick up their child from school but you didn’t mind staying with her because you didn’t have anything else to do. you didn’t really have a life outside of the school, your whole world revolved around a bunch of six year olds, including charlie, who you had grown to love over the school year.

just as charlie hit the call button to ring her father, luke ran into the room. “i’m here! sorry i’m late.”

charlie gasped and in a state of shock, dropped the phone on her tiny desk when she saw her dad. but she wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the blonde man’s appearance. “luke?”

at the sound of his name, luke turned his head to the person he didn’t even realize was sitting there. he was met with the face of a person he never thought he would see again.


“you’re the amazing father that charlie always talks about?” you asked. you were surprised to say the least.

“um yeah, unless she has another dad.” luke smiled, hoping it would be contagious but nobody else did. “you’re the famous miss y/l/n?”

“guilty, i guess.” you shrugged. it had been almost seven years since you last saw the man in front of you and in that time he hadn’t changed much. he had a lot more facial hair than he did at seventeen, and instead of having his hair styled up in the famous quiff he use to wear, he just left it hanging in his face. he looked exactly the same only a little older.

but you however were a whole different story. luke always told you that you got more beautiful every time he saw you, but he had never seen you like this. your hair was much longer than it was the last time he saw it, and instead of having colored tips like you used to, your hair was all just one color. you no longer wore adorable thick rimmed glasses, which you always hated, but instead wore contacts. you definitely outgrew that awkward teen phase.

luke thought adult y/n was even more perfect than teenage y/n.

“daddy, can we go home now?” charlie asked the man in front of her but it was no use, he definitely could not hear her. he was too focused on staring at her teacher. “um hello, earth to daddy.” she tried again, but this time she stood on top of one of the desks so she could wave her hand in front of his face.

“w-what?” he said snapping out of his thoughts. you just started to laugh at him.

“charlie wants to go home luke, you know since you were an hour late to pick her up.” it was then that luke heard the bitterness in your voice and remembered what he did to you, and that you hated him. but he didn’t blame you because he hated himself for it too.

“okay, char do you have your stuff?” she just nodded to her father before walking over to the teachers desk, ignoring her father’s hand he wanted her to hold.

“bye miss y/l/n, thank you for staying with me.”

“well I certainly wasn’t going to make you wait here alone charlie.” you smiled at the little girl. you don’t know why it took so long to realize that luke was her father, she had the same icy blue eyes that you fell in love with all those years ago.

charlie ran out the door of the classroom leaving you and luke alone together.

instead of saying something like he desperately wanted, he just stood in the middle of your classroom with his eyes glued to the floor. you didn’t say anything either but it wasn’t because you couldn’t find the words, but because you were scared to find out what would happen if you did speak.

“you probably shouldn’t make her wait anymore today luke.” you finally said, after what felt like an eternity of silence. luke looked up from the ground and looked you in the eyes, finally seeing how much pain him being there was causing. he knew he had to leave because hurting you was the last thing he wanted to do.

luke made his way over to the door of the classroom and as he was about to walk out of the room, and ultimately your life forever, he turned around and got one last look at you.

you were still sitting in your desk chair but now you had your head down on the desk. luke knew that you weren’t crying because your shoulders weren’t moving but he also knew that you wanted to because he could see it in your eyes before.

“I am so sorry y/n.” he whispered before turning back to the door and leaving the classroom. it was a whisper so low that he was fairly certain that you didn’t even hear it.

but you definitely did.



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Ivor tells Jesse stories about his adventures. He would go on and on about them, and before and after the Wither Storm, his excitable nature is clear that it's what he's really like at heart, which helps Jesse become closer to him.

Yeah he would definitely be super eager to share all his adventures with Jesse, and just as eager to hear about and comment on hers as well. And of course Jesse would be more than happy to sit down after a long day and just listen to Ivor’s animated retelling of his most recent adventure.

People need to know there is no one like NU’EST Ren, he’s been destroying gender norms and standing for what he believes in since 2012, He’s truly one in a million! #BornThis_RenDay

It’s Ren’s 22nd Birthday today! So I thought I’d write this to let people know how unique Ren is as an idol. Theres many reasons why a fan might stan an idol, but it warms my heart seeing the warm and genuine Love given to Ren today! People have been inspired by everything he stands for and confidence in fighting for what he believes in since day 1.

- Despite being only 16 when he debuted as NU’EST maknae in 2012, he has always challenged gender stereotypes

Ren is basically obsessed with Lady Gaga, and wants to be his fans strength like her. Even in 2012, his debut teaser is obviously inspired by Gaga. Although in the beginning, he said, he did like stuff like long hair and nail art, Pledis kinda OTT ‘girly’ image was forced on him and caused him a lot of trouble, constant misgendering and harassment. But eventually he did grow confident and even had his long blond hair for over 2 years. 

-He challenged Gender Norms yet Again in 2016 in a viral Chinese CF, where he both wore “Men’s” and ‘Women’s” clothing

His Instagram caption said “Am I a Man or Women? I am a Man😂, Fashion Makes a Person and Their Impression” he said people can wear whatever they want to, it doesn’t matter what gender you are. He yet again showed he was a role model to fans who struggled to be accepted. 

-When told he was “Like a girl” by an MC, he replied with “Thank You” He doesn’t consider being called a girl an insult.

In fact I could tell Mingi was pretty angry on the inside, but he remained polite as always, and confidently answered that it made him happy, what a legend!

-The same MC pushed him further trying to insult him by saying he likes to wear Women’s cloths- he calmly replied “I like it,”

Seriously how many idols do you know who’d react like Ren did?! Most male idols masculinity is so fragile they’d try to refuse it imediently; but like I said Ren is one in a million. I love him so much for never taking shit from anyone, and always pushing for equality when it came to fashion/clothing. Its kinda sad most kpop fans don’t know all the times Ren has shut haters and misogynists down! 

-He stands for the causes he believes in, such as wearing the Sewol Ferry Disaster bracelet every single day

-He owns and wears many items that are for Charity, such as MaryMond

He told a fan he feels its meaningful to help people, which really shows how pretty his heart is. The thing is he did all of these things secretly, even before NU’EST became famous this year. He’s always been like this.

-He has always posted about Human Tragedies and natural disasters on his social media to raise awareness

-He constantly tell’s his fans they are perfect the way they are don’t need to change and a pretty heart is the thing that makes you beautiful

Personally, when I saw he said this years ago, i really fell for him. Whenever I hate myself or my appearance, I always remember Ren said this, and feel better … cos honestly it’s true. Even thought he himself is not always confident, he tries to make loves confident, and showers us with love daily irl or in the fancafe. In a country and industry obsessed with physical appearance, for him to say this is pretty progressive and a big deal!

-He’s done countless other amazing things like cheer the Produce 101 trainees up when everyone was depressed, even though he was hurting himself and is always the life and soul of NU’EST, he always protects and cheers up his members.

In conclusion Choi Mingi aka Ren of NU’EST has been mercilessly tearing down Gender and societal norms, while standing up for what he believes him with a confidence few idols have, since he was 16 years old.

Stan a Man who is beautiful inside and out, a total diva, no.1 Gaga fan, powerful maknae and absolute LEGEND REN!! 

There’s a Ball?

So, this was a prompt. I have included the ask at the very end this time because I don’t want to give away the spoiler! Another one that was slightly longer than expected. Oh well. 


            “Did you hear?” A boy whispered in delight, voice echoing around the now silent corridor. Draco rolled his eyes heavily. What was with immature people being obsessed with gossip? One would think that there would be better things to talk about than mindless shite.

             “Harry Potter is coming back for the Remembrance Ball next month!”

               Draco froze as he fought the urge to demand the boy to spill his sources. It wouldn’t do well to bring himself attention, especially about Potter.

               Excited whispers broke out as they all waited for Slughorn to open his door for class.

               “Where did you hear that?” Smith asked doubtfully. “Someone else brought up Potter at the beginning of the year but it turned out to be false.”

               For once, Draco was rather grateful for the Hufflepuff’s insight. He just hoped that it wouldn’t be a recurring thing.

               “I overheard McGonagall telling Flitwick about it when I was passing by the staffroom.”

               Draco furrowed his brows. If Potter was stopping by for a visit, Granger or Weasley would have acted like it, wouldn’t they? He shot a look towards Granger, who had a book on Modern Goat Conspiracy Theories compared to Anciently Deceased Theories open in one hand and their Potion’s book in the other. Surely, she couldn’t be reading both, right? Weasley had his head resting on Granger’s shoulder and appeared to be asleep. His mouth was open and Draco was pretty sure he saw drool.

               The clang of the door opening had Draco putting this behind him. It was no doubt just gossip.


               “If Potter is coming back for the ball, who do you think will be his date?” Abbott asked as Draco sighed heavily, a few seats away from her in History of Magic.

               “Who says he has to have a date?” Macmillan asked with a scoff. “I’m going stag and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

               Finch-Fletchley snorted loudly. “You’re going stag because everyone you asked turned you down.”

               Draco was incredibly sick of everyone talking about Potter. This was getting out of hand. What was with everyone being obsessed with the savior? Merlin, there had to be better things to talk about.

               “That’s because he is blind to Abbott’s desperate pining after him.” Draco snarked, not bothering to turn around. He was just fed up with the whole conversation.

               There was a stunned silence that filled the room. Macmillan sounded as if he was choking on his own tongue and that was certainly the highlight to Draco’s day.

               “Is—Is Malfoy telling the truth?” Macmillan whispered, sounding awed. As if he hadn’t noticed that the girl had been in love with him for seven years.


              Draco spared a miniscule moment of guilt as the girl sounded positively miserable. But it was for the best. He knew how this would end. And really, what was a little pain as long as it ended in happiness? Well, if they actually lasted as a couple that is. As a realist, he predicted those two would break up after one or two children.

               “Would you like to go to the ball with me?” Macmillan’s tone was scared, which had Draco rolling his eyes.

               “Yes!” Abbott squeaked out far louder than was necessary, causing Draco to nod approvingly.

               And if a small smile also escaped, well, no one had to know.

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Missing Link

Missing Link (m)

Word count: 6.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, talk of masterbation and language

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You catch Yoongi playing with himself before a night out and some part of you wants to join him. That’s crazy though, he’s your best friend… Right?


“Yes, Y/N?” Yoongi said as he watched tv, happy to be home after a long day with you. 

“Will you please go with me tonight? I don’t want to go by myself.”

Yoongi sighed on the couch next to you. “Y/N, i’m too old to be going to these college parties.”

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If there’s one thing we learned from this year’s CW crossover, it’s to not invite Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak to your wedding.

Or we guess we might be calling her Felicity Queen now, since she and Oliver tied the knot in what was probably the most obnoxious way possible, after the proposal happened in the most obnoxious way possible, and then they were all obnoxious about it while there were actual nazis (including a nazi version of Oliver!) roaming around trying to kill everyone. And to top it all off, they were among Barry and Iris’ many friends who didn’t RSVP for the wedding until the day before, which is just plain rude!

But let’s start with that proposal, which was barely a proposal. At the rehearsal dinner, Oliver just started talking about how he wanted his and Felicity’s rehearsal dinner to be just like that, and Felicity got all “what are you talking about?” Finally he did actually ask her to marry him, and she said no, eventually declaring to the entire room of people focused on the happiness of Barry and Iris that she did not want to marry you, Oliver Queen.

Whenever Oliver had a moment during any of the nazi-fighting, he brought up the fact that Felicity didn’t want to marry him, either to Felicity or to Barry and Iris, and wanted to talk about it constantly. He had a nazi doppelganger married to nazi Supergirl, and all he wanted to do was talk about Felicity rejecting his proposal.

Then, Barry and Iris were literally in the middle of an adorable impromptu ceremony with Diggle officiating (which was already awkward because it was right after Stein’s funeral, still in funeral clothing, but whatever). Oliver and Felicity were supposed to be the best man and maid of honor, the silent witnesses to this beautiful event—silent being the key word. Instead, Felicity stopped Diggle while he was pronouncing man and wife to ask if she and Oliver could SHARE THE CEREMONY.

She realized right then and there that she did, in fact, want to marry Oliver, and they should do it now! Right now! While another couple was also getting married! She and Oliver didn’t even have their own vows, because they couldn’t compete with Barry and Iris. So they not only stole their ceremony, but also essentially stole their vows.

Barry and Iris just stood there, saying nothing, while Oliver and Felicity blabbered on about what they were doing, with no one ever pointing out that Oliver and Felicity could have Diggle marry them literally any time they wanted, any other time that was not during the post-funeral wedding of someone else.

But since no one pointed that out, they just continued on with it, and both couples were married together for some reason. And it was clearly supposed to be cute and heartwarming but instead it was just SO RUDE.

And another thing: Barry and Iris’ second wedding did not include the phrase “I do,” which might not be such a big deal in a casual setting, but remember the waitress who was most likely Barry and Iris’ future daughter? “Remember to say ‘I do,’” is the last thing she said to him. Does this mean we should be worried?!

Of course, it’s The Flash and we should always be worried, but honestly, WestAllen has had enough wedding drama to last them a lifetime, which Oliver and Felicity should have realized, which is why they should have just let them have this one to themselves, gosh darn it!

Anyway, don’t invite the Queens to your wedding because they will most definitely make it all about them.



All I Want For Christmas

In which it’s Christmas time, and Harry can’t help falling for the girl who helps him shop for gifts. 

A/N: THE CHRISTMAS ONESHOT IS HERE! I’m sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday like I originally planned, but I figured better late than never right?!  Enjoy, my loves, and Merry Christmas!!! xx

Please do NOT repost without permission!!!! 

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I know we have the bathing headcanon for Wolfstar after Azkaban but get ready for HAIR CUT HEADCANON.

  • Because Sirius’ beautiful hair would be a bloody mess and it would make feel Remus sad
  • Instead of using magic, Remus grabs a scissor and tells Sirius to sit still
  • If he had tried this in Hogwarts, Sirius would run away the second he saw the scissors but he doesn’t even flinch. Remus’ insides ache.
  • Remus tries to run his fingers through his hair but fails, so he summons a brush.
  • Scared of hurting Sirius, he slowly brushes his wet hair. Sirius is trembling in front of him so he casts spells to keep him warm.
  • It takes hours to untangle his hair but with all his patience Remus tries. It’s the middle of the night but neither of them are willing to sleep.
  • Trying to remember how his mother used to cut his hair, Remus takes a part of Sirius’ black hair and cuts 10 inches off.
  • He makes sure Sirius’ hair is at a length which he can put it in a bun.
  • When he is done, he runs his fingers through Sirius’ hair to see if he had done an alright job and feels Sirius shiver under his touch.
  • When his hair is no longer wet, Sirius looks more like himself but Remus knows there is still so much work to do.
  • They don’t talk at all during this but at the end Sirius mutters an almost inaudible thank you
  • From then on, Remus deals with something else everyday.
  • His nails which used to be perfectly shaped before, his body who is so used to being Padfoot now, his soul..
  • And for once, Remus takes care of Sirius
Sloth (M)

Deadly Sin: Sluggishness of the mind which neglects to begin good… [it] is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses man as to draw him away entirely from good deeds.

Pairing: Demon! Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Demon au!

Warnings: riding, overstimulation, (slight) degradation, oral (giving), sadism, masochism

Notes: For my halloween collaboration with bulletproofwhalien ! Gif isn’t mine! 2k Words

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Hey what if instead of writing Lance as the only omega in the pack of alphas he’s the only alpha in a pack of omegas? 

Like, before Voltron, Lance was the leader of his own little pack. 


Lance met Hunk in school. They still shared a room, which was a surprised and a confusion. People thought Hunk was an alpha thanks to his size, so his papers were wrong and he was assigned to Lance. 

It was quite a shock for both of them. Hunk was clearly uncomfortable and Lance didn’t know what to do to help the omega relax. It was problem, because all the rooms were full and they couldn’t reassigned them. 

The first few days were… Something. Omegas were cruel to Hunk because he wasn’t as cute of delicate as them, and alphas often told Lance how lucky he was for having an omega there to fuck. 

Of course, Hunk recived the worst of it and Lance started feeling guilty. Hunk seemed like a really cool guy, and didn’t deserve to go through this. So, he went agaisnt the alphas that were talking shit agaisnt them and after that he talked with the omegas who were taunting Hunk. 

Things got so much better after that and after hearing from someone else what Lance had done for him, Hunk stoped avoiding him and started speding more time with him. 

They became the best of friends and it was perfect. Then they became closer and started sharing a bed. They didn’t realise then, because it was just the two of them… But they were acting like a pack. The often scented each other and felt the need to protect Hunk from everyone. 

Then Pidge arrived to the Garrison. There was something about her that Lance hated it. It was her beta smell, it was… Off. But Hunk had a soft spot for her, for some reason. And if Hunk trusted Pidge, then Lance could. They befriend her, since nobody else did. Pidge was kind to Hunk, and Lance appreciated that.

Hunk adored Pidge and those two became best friends. Lance was ok with, he was happy that Hunk had more friends. Pidge could understand the things that Hunk loved, and it was perfect. 

Slowly, Lance opened to her, and without realising she was part of his little pack and protected from everyone else like he did with Hunk. 

It was clear for everyone in the Garrison that they were pack, even when Pidge wasn’t aware of it. 

Still, Pidge had a mission. And she couldn’t let them distract her from it. She often reject them and tried to be on her own. She hurt Hunk and Lance with this, but they never complained about it. Hunk thought she was busy and Lance gave her space she wanted. 

Voltron happened time after that. They followed Pidge to the roofs because Lance was worried and curious. One thing lead to another and suddenly, they were running away from the Garrison in Keith’s bike, and omega Lance used to have a rivalry with and Shiro, an amazing alpha Lance admired and thought dead. 

They ended up in a shack in the middle of the desert talking about ‘Voltron’ and the next thing Lance knows he’s flying a Blue Lion and aliens are real and they are now paladins, protectors of the universe. 

It’s to much to swallow, but Lance is willing to stand up and fight for what’s right. 

The three of them, Lance, Pidge and Hunk, keep acting like a pack. Shiro and Keith are like a different pack even when Lance makes his best efforts to include them (even if that means stop being the leader of his pack and giving the leadership to Shiro, who has a bigger rank than him) they don’t seem to comfortable with them. 

Allura are Coran are easy. They don’t have dynamics, so they spend time with both packs. But it isn’t an ideal situation, really. Lance can feel his alpha side wanting to fight for power and territory, even when the only thing he wants is to everyone to get along. 

Things change when Pidge tells everyone about her real dynamic and to be honest, Lance is surprised but at the same time it isn’t. Everything makes sense to him now, and to prove Pidge he’s not mad at her for hiding the truth from him, he scents her for real this time. He kisses and nibbles her neck. He gets a wiff of her real scent under the beta-fake one. It’s like vanilla, and Lance loves it. 

Pidge melts in his arms and purss happily. Then Shiro clears his throat and speaks, telling everyone the truth about his dynamic and revealing that him, just like Pidge, is an omega. 

That was something Lance was not expecting. Shiro, the perfect Prime Alpha that everyone talked about. An omega. Amazing, really. They were all waiting for Lance’s reaction. Shiro was cleary tense, and Keith looked ready to attack. Hunk and Pidge were grabbing Lance from both sides, wary. 

“So, you are an omega…”


“And you fooled the whole Garrison into believing you were alpha prime.”


“Dude… That’s gold!!” Everyone jumps and looks at Lance in disbelief. He looked genuinely happy and curious about Shiro’s dynamic. The older omega relaxed and smiled, things didn’t go as wrong as he thought. “Wait… This means… Both of you are on supressants?”

Suddenly, there was silence again. Everyone was looking at both omegas with worried and Lance’s expression was one of anger. 

“Well, I used to be… When I was on Earth. But my omega scent hasn’t return, so I guess the Galra gave me something.”

“What about you, Pidge?”


“Taking something that covers your scent is one thing, but blocking your dynamic? Do you know how dangerous supresants are?!” 

Pidge whined and Shiro looked ashamed. Lance sighed. 

“I want both of you to go to Coran and ask him to check on you hormone levels and give you something to counter the supresants effects.”

After that things on the ship got so much better. Without Shiro and Pidge pretending to be something they weren’t, they found a new balance in the team. 

Lance started spending more time with Shiro. His omegas new Lance was only trying to make him feel comfortable around him and like that, to invite him little by little to his pack. Shiro was a bit obvlious to Lance’s intentions to be honest, but let the alpha be with him. 

Lance was different. He was loud and confident like most alphas, but he was caring and sweet to his omegas. He took care of Hunk and Pidge and never tried to use his alpha voice to force them do things they didnt want to and tried to take over the position as the head of Voltron. 

Shiro got closer to Lance without realising. He found himself one day wanting to invite the alpha to his nest. Of course, he felt embarrased to only think about it and instead of talking about it with Lance he stole one the alphas t-shirts and sleep with it. 

Of course, Lance finds about this and it only warms his heart when he finds Shiro in the couch sleeping with shirt. When Shiro wakes up, the alpha is sitting besides him playing with his hair. The omega blushes like crazy and tries to explain everything to Lance but he only chuckles and tells him there’s nothing to worry about. 

It’s a matter of days after that he scents Shiro and becomes an official part of his pack. 

Keith was more… Difficult to approach. The reason Lance went for Shiro frist, was because he thought if Shiro joined, Keith would follow easily.

… He was wrong. 

He was stubborn, and when Shiro joined Lance he only felt left behind. It took a lot of effort from Lance to make him understand he wasn’t trying to take Shiro away from him or something like that. 

Lance didn’t know how to deal with Keith, to be honest. The omega was something else, really. He liked to to fight, and didn’t give a fuck about Lance’s position he was ready to fight him in any moment. 

Lance wasn’t sure if he liked it or hated it. 

Keith avoided Lance, and even growled at him everytime he tried getting close. Lance was frustrated, all of his omegas could see how much it was hurting the alpha not to be able to reach Keith. 

It seems like an impossible tasks, but before Lance can give up, a mission go wrong. 

They were inside of a Galra ship. Everything was going smoothly when an alarms started ringing. They were caught and had to go to their lions quickly before the reinforcements arrived. 

Before Lance could reach his lions, all of them heard a horrible scream through the halls.

An omega.

His omega.


Lance ran and ignored everyone. If Keith was scared enough to let out an omega cry, it means whatever thing he is happening is bad. Really bad. 

When he gets there he finds a big Galra over Keith, doing— Terrible things. Lance goes feral and gets rid of the Galra that’s hurting Keith. The omega is crying and a whimpering mess, and the alpha in his wild state of mind only manages to carry him to his lion and let Blue fly them to the castle. 

It takes a while for both of them to leave the Blue Lion. Keith clinged to Lance trying to feel safe and the alpha kissed and licked his scent glands until the only thing he could smell was himself on Keith. 

They went to the pods after that, since Lance was also badly hurt from the fight. When the pod opened, Keith hugged him and thanked him for everything. 

He didn’t need to say anything, Keith was part of them now. 

Neil + Casual Honesty
  • Neil trusts the team and doesn’t want to hide things from them, so slowly more and more of his past comes out in casual conversation
  • The whole team is beyond concerned and horrified
  • Except for Andrew who just likes the honesty, although he doesn’t particularly care what Neil tells the rest of the team as long as he keeps telling him truths
  • One of the twins trying to claim Neil doesn’t know what Kevin terrified actually looks like because he wasn’t there to see Kevin broken on the bus after Riko broke his hand and wasn’t around when Kevin first joined the Foxes
  • Neil doesn’t skip a beat before responding “I think he looked pretty terrified after we watched my father torture a man to death.”
  • And the team is like what the fuck Neil?
  • They’re watching a movie and Matt’s like “There’s no way he’s just walking around after being shot like that. They have to get him to a hospital.”
  • And Neil says “I didn’t go to the hospital when I got shot.”
  • Matt is concerned
  • Neil zoning a movie out while thinking about how this movie is making him wait way too long before he and Andrew can sneak off to the roof
  • Nicky’s like “There is no way he’s lost this much blood and is still conscious.”
  • Neil knows exactly how much blood loss it takes before someone can’t stay conscious anymore
  • So he’s like "I’ve seen someone conscious after losing more.”
  • And Nicky’s head whips around to look at Neil like he is concerned for Neil’s immediate well-being which Neil thinks is ridiculous
  • It was a long time ago and it wasn’t even his blood

BTS Reaction To: You Never Being Eaten Out Before

Hope you like it guys :) and thanks for the request honey bunch 💓

Warnings: smut


Kim Seokjin

Jin and you had never done oral with one another yet in your relationship. One day you had come home stressed which had led to Jin wanting to help you relieve that stress and make it all about you. His soft and sweet kisses trailed down your bare stomach stopping just above your underwear you gently stopped his hand that had looped around them, ready to pull them down. “What’s wrong princess?” lightly rubbing loving circles on your hips. “Nothing it’s just I have never had this happen before.” You stated nervously. Jin was a little shocked to say the least. I mean he knew you hadn’t been with many guys but you were beautiful, he couldn’t believe someone didn’t show you that in this way. “Then just relax, let me show you what you have been missing princess.” Jin said softly as his kisses trailed up your thighs.

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Kim Taehyung

You had given Tae blowjobs before many times but he had never returned the favour for you. Not because you didn’t want too but because you had never been eaten out before so you were nervous that would would do something wrong. So you would always push him away when the time would come. But he noticed and this time you pulling him back up from in between your legs he knew something was wrong. “Baby girl, you always push me away when it comes to this. Why? Am I doing something wrong are you not interested? What’s wrong?” He sounded genuinely concerned. “No baby it’s just..I’ve never been eaten out before and I’m just nervous i guess. It has nothing to do with you.” His hands caressed your face as he gently pecked your lips. “I’m just gonna make you feel good okay baby? Trust me.” His words trailed off as his kisses got lower as he repositioned between your legs he looked up at you with a low deep voice. “Do you trust me baby girl?” You nodded slowly as you felt his kisses get closer and closer to where you wanted him.

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook was a bit more inexperienced in some areas. Oral was one of them. He was attractive and young so he had his fair share of blowjobs but he had never went down on a girl before. So when you two had been taking about how you had never been eaten out before. This little bun would be just as nervous as you. “I-I want to please you princess but I have never done it before.” You giggled as he hovered above you rubbing your hands through his hair. “Baby bunny it’s okay, you don’t have to do anything.” You planted a small kiss on his nose. He shook his head as he began to kiss your neck his hands caressing the skin of your thighs getting dangerously close to your clothes underwear. “No I want to do this for you baby, just make sure you make lots of noise so I know if I’m doing good or not.” He gave you a quick wink as you giggled only for your giggles to be replaced with a moan as you felt his teeth graze the soft pink material.

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Park Jimin

Little Chim was always doing whatever he could to please you. He was undeniably the sweetest. Especially in the bedroom he was so caring with you and always made sure you were ok. You had just given him a blowjob since he had come home from stressed. But when he went to return the favour and you told him he could skip that he asked why. “It’s just I have never been eaten out before.” You said shyly as you looked down. His hands cupped your cheeks pressing a kiss to your nose. “I won’t do it if you aren’t comfortable baby. I just want you to know I would give you nothing but pleasure and there’s no need to worry.” His eyes were dark with lust and you knew he wanted to do this for you and you couldn’t bring yourself to say no. Biting your lip you cheekily replied. “Get to it then.” He smiled cutely as you ruffled his hair while he kissed down your stomach caressing your skin softly leaving you breathless.

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Jung Hoseok

Hobi is secretly a huge Dom. Don’t fight me on this. So he really liked to be in control. So being tied up under his control was just one of the many things you two did. Today was no different. However when he didn’t get straight to the point and began to hover over your covered heat you became tense and Hoseok noticed that. “Relax princess.” He soothed as his hands fondled with the waistband of your underwear. Nothing but ragged breaths escaped your mouth. “Hobi I-“ he cut you off with a kiss on your thigh. “I know you have never been eaten out before but there’s always a first for everything.” He continued applying light kisses around your thighs. “Now enjoy this and be a good girl for Daddy ok?”

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Kim Namjoon

Joon wasn’t the biggest fan of oral himself. Not that he didn’t like it oh no he enjoyed the fuck out of seeing you on your knees for him. However he preferred to get right to the point and waste no time before pounding into you. Today was different, he wanted to please you. You two had conversations about how you had never been eaten out before but you never cited upon it. So as you were naked in front of him looking beautiful as ever he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “Baby can I?” He asked sweetly as his fingers grazed your clit, his heavy breathing on your thigh. “Y-yes please.” You whined. He smirked as his fingers were soon replaced by his mouth causing shivers throughout your whole body. “That’s it baby, you look to pretty like this.”

Joon is me in this gif

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Min Yoongi

He is Agust D with the tongue technology for a reason my friends. So telling him you had never been eaten out lightly boosted his ego. Knowing that he would be able to please you so well you would never think of someone else eating you out. He liked being in control and having you be submissive to him. You two had just finished your heated make out session, both naked ready to continue when Yoongi stopped. “No no princess come sit on Daddy’s face.” He commanded you nervously sat up crawling closer. “A-are you sure?” You asked nervously. “Shhh don’t talk.” His hands gripped your thighs positioning you over his mouth. Your breath caught in your throat. “Just let Daddy please you kitten.”

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I Won’t Say it // Finn Wolfhard Imagine

So I was listening to some Disney songs today and one of the songs that played was “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from the Hercules soundtrack. While listening to the song my mind kind of just clicked like “I should write an imagine for this.” So here I am. Happy 600+ followers to me, here’s a gift from me to you. 

Summary: Y/N refuses to admit that she has feelings for her friend, Finn.

Warnings: Cursing, as usual lmao

Characters: You, Sophia, Jack, Wyatt, and of course Finn.

Jaeden, Finn, Jeremy, and Chosen were sleeping in their rooms while you, Sophia, Jack, and Wyatt sat on the living of the hotel penthouse that the eight of you were currently staying. The seven of you just came back from a two hour press conference and you were all completely exhausted. Thankfully, they gave you all the rest of the day to relax. 

You four were watching Hercules on the T.V. It took all of you almost an hour to pick a movie. You were all arguing which Disney movie watch, the boys wanted to watch Big Hero 6 while you and Sophia wanted to watch Hercules. The boys gave in half way and decided to let you two have your way.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to get more popcorn.” Wyatt said as he stood up and stretched his legs, “Fill me in afterwards.”

“Mhm, okay go.” You replied without taking your eyes off the screen. 

A few minutes later, Wyatt returns to the living room with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle of water for himself.

“Okay fill me in, what happened?” Wyatt said as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“Megara’s about to sing I Won’t Say I’m In Love.” Jack replied while also grabbing a handful and shoving it inside his mouth.

“Ah alright thanks.” Wyatt said as he sat beside you. 

“Speaking of saying that they’re not in love, Y/N, have you told him yet?” Sophia looked at you while teasingly wiggling her eyebrows.

“What? Tell who what?” You give Sophia a look of confusion, you had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

“Yea Sophia, tell who what?” Jack said curiously, now paying attention to Sophia and not the movie on the T.V screen.

Wyatt raises one of his eyebrows and looked at Sophia, “What are we talking about?” 

“Oh you know! Y/N has a little crush on Finn.” Sophia winked teasingly which caused you to roll your eyes.

“I never said that! When did I say that?” You said as you tried to recall the day you mentioned liking Finn. You couldn’t recall anything though because you never in your life said that particular line.

“OH SHIT REALLY? YOU LIKE FI-” You quickly put your hand on Jack’s mouth to cut him off. Jack tried to say something, but his sentences were all muffled and incoherent. Jack didn’t like this one bit so he licked your hand which caused you to quickly take your hand away from his mouth.

“What the hell, Jack! That was gross.” You looked at him in utter disgust as you wiped your hand on his shirt earning a laugh from Wyatt and Sophia.

“That’s what you get.” Jack laughed as you continued to wipe your hand on his shirt. 

“Anyway,” Sophia let out her last giggle before continuing, “You didn’t have to say it, actions speak louder than words you know?” 

“It all makes sense now, you were like staring at Finn the other day. Not in a creepy way though, it was like you admire him or something. You were the living embodiment of the heart eyes emoji.” Jack said with a wink causing Wyatt to laugh a bit. 

“You are so annoying.” You grabbed a pillow and threw it at Jack, hitting him in the face. “Look, I don’t like Finn okay? He’s… He’s annoying like you and… um…”

“You’re struggling.” Wyatt said as he opened his water bottle. He stared at you as you struggled to come up with reasons why you didn’t like Finn. He found it amusing how you tried so hard to hide the fact that you had feelings for his friend. 

“I am not! I don’t work well under pressure okay?” You huffed and crossed your arms, earning yet another laugh from Sophia and Wyatt. “As I was saying, Finn is annoying and… and loud! He is so loud! And he’s playful! And annoying!”

“You already said that though.” Sophia pointed out while chuckling.

“I hate you guys.” 

“You love us.” Jack said earning a nod of agreement from Sophia and Wyatt. 

No chance! No way! I won’t say I’m in love! 

It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love.

“Look at you, you’re like Megara.” Sophia joked as she watched Megara sing. 

“You know Y/N, you should just admit it. Why are you hiding it anyway?” Jack said while turning towards you. Whenever Jack does this, he means that he’s being serious. 

You friends have shipped you and Finn ever since you all started filming IT. They all thought you and Finn have some sort of connection, like you two have known each other for a while, like you were meant to be with each other sort of. They think you and Finn really blend well together. You didn’t know this of course and neither did Finn.

“Exactly, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.” Wyatt said matter of factly. As soon as Wyatt said that, you immediately turned red. 

“Aw she’s blushing.” 

“Shut up, Soph.” You say as you threw a piece of popcorn at her, causing her to giggle. 

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you hiding the fact that you don’t romantically like Finn?” Jack placed his hand on his palm and waited for your answer. 

“The fans are probably going to come after me a-and besides… Finn doesn’t like me like that you know? He probably likes Millie or something, I don’t know.” You replied as you nervously scratched the back of your head.

“Welp thank you for confirming that you like Finn.” Jack said slyly, he just manipulated you to admit that you like Finn. 

“You little shit!” You exclaimed while throwing another pillow at Jack, so maybe you do have feelings for Finn, so what? It wasn’t a big deal. You didn’t know why your three friends are making a big deal out of it.

“Just tell Finn that you like him.” 

“Tell Finn what?” Finn said suddenly as he entered the living room. He stretched his arms and plopped himself between you and Wyatt. Your eyes grew wide as you freaked out on the inside. Your facial expression was priceless, you looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“HOLY SHIT LOOK AT YOUR FACE, THAT’S PRICELESS.” Jack yelled out while laughing his ass off. Wyatt and Sophia were also dying of laughter. 

“What the hell is going on?” Finn said in confusion as he turned to you in hopes of understanding what was currently happening. 

“I’m going to sleep, goodnight.” 

“It’s like four p.m. though?” Finn scrunched up his face in confusion as he watched you stand up from your seat.

“I said goodnight.” 

You then ran to your room, shut the door, and belly flopped onto your bed. ‘That’s it. It’s all going down hill from here. Jack’s most likely blabbering his heart out about how much I like Finn. I’m so done for. I’m never going to hear the end of this.’ You thought you yourself as you buried your face onto your pillow trying to drown out the loud conversation coming from the living room. 

Later that day:

You woke up from your rather long nap. You lazily got out of bed and checked the time in your phone. 11:35 p.m.

“Holy shit I was asleep for that long?” You said with a yawn. You then got out of your room, totally forgetting what happened hours ago.

Your stomach was growling so you decided to go head to the kitchen to grab a snack. You entered the kitchen and see Finn eating cereal. You stood at the entrance of the kitchen, suddenly remembering what happened earlier. You mentally slapped yourself and tried to keep yourself together. 

“How was your sleep?” Finn said while eating a spoonful of cereal. He gives you a small smile as he chewed his food. 

“Um…g-good. Sleep is um… good.” You awkwardly say as you tried to reach for the cereal that was inconveniently placed on the top shelf.

“Let me help you with that.” Finn put his bowl of cereal down on the counter and grabbed the cereal from the top shelf effortlessly.

“I hate that I’m short, It’s so annoying. Who placed the cereal so high up anyway?” You grumbled as you poured yourself a bowl of cereal.

“I did, sorry.” Finn lightly chuckled as he ate another spoonful of cereal.

“I bet you did that to mock me.” You joked as you poured milk in your cereal. 

Finn laughed at your response which causes you to laugh too, “Yea, I totally did that to mock you.”

“You’re such an ass, you know that right?” You giggled as you ate your cereal.

“Yeah I know, whoops.” Finn replied causing you to jokingly roll your eyes. “Hey Y/N, can I ask you a question?” 

“You’re already asking me a question, genius.” 

“Don’t sass me.” Finn says with a chuckle. “Anyway… so I heard from Jack that you… you uh… li-like me? Is that true?” 

Your face turned red as soon as Finn finished his question. You looked down at your bunny slippers to avoid Finn’s eye contact. ‘Jack is so dead.’ You thought to yourself.

“I… I um… have a headache, I should rest. Night, Finn.” You lied as you placed your bowl of unfinished cereal on the kitchen counter. You then speed walked back to your room leaving Finn confused. 

You closed the door of your room, you then leaned on it, and slid down to the floor. ‘What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Do I just hide in my room for the rest of the week? Fuck I hate myself. Finn probably thinks I’m weird. I’m going to strangle Jack.’ You thought to yourself as you ran your hands through your hair. Your face felt hot and you felt your stomach twisting. You’ve never been this nervous since you auditioned for IT. 

A few minutes later, you were still sitting down on the floor. You didn’t feel like moving to your bed. You kept replaying what happened a couple of minutes ago. Your hands were clammy and you felt a bead of cold sweat run down your back. ‘I wonder how Finn thinks of me now… What if he thinks I’m weird? Oh shit what if he hates me… Holy shit…’

You heard soft footsteps outside your door. It paused when it reached your door. ‘Please don’t be Finn.’ You thought to yourself as you crossed your fingers. 

Finn sat outside your door with a sticky note on one hand and a pen on the other. He thought you were fast asleep so he figured it was now or never. He took the pen and quickly wrote a note. He then folded it and slipped it in the crack of your door. 

What he didn’t know was that you were still awake and was sitting by your door. You hear a piece of paper slide inside your room. You stared at it for a few seconds, then picked it up, and unfolded it. 

You couldn’t stop smiling. You read the note one more time and then held it close to your heart. As soon as you hear Finn’s bedroom close, you decided to do the same thing: Leave him a note. 

You quickly scribbled down a reply and tiptoed to Finn’s bedroom door where you cautiously slipped it in the crack of his door. 

“Goodnight Finn.” You whispered softly and you then tiptoed back to your room. You placed Finn’s note on your nightstand and then went off to sleep. Finn’s message replayed in your head endlessly. 

Lmfao I was supposed to post this last night. but I fell asleep. Hope you guys like this one xx

Also, I’ll write and post the requested imagines soon so sit tight! <3

Once Upon A Dream (Part One)

Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader/OC
Rating: NSFW, Mature
Warnings: Language/Cursing, Adult Themes/Situations, Emotional Stress/Angst, Gang Activity, Underage Drinking/Drug Useage (Party responsibly!), Rivalry, Smut!
Format: Part One of Three

Note: So this is a little something that popped into my head, inspired by the song, Wildest Dreams. Silly, I know, but some of those lines just seem to fit Sweet Pea so well. I couldn’t resist. This has a slight AU!Quality, where there is a strong football rivalry between the Southside High and Riverdale High. Cliche, perhaps, but I lovee it. There’s some Archie!Angst in the beginning, so if any of you are a sucker for that! This will be a three part mini-series, and should wrap up after the third part!

Looking at him, she couldn’t help but think he was beautiful.

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All I’ve got II pt. 4

Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff, ANGST, smut!!, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 13k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?


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I’ll Fight for You- Part I- Sweet Pea x Reader

Originally posted by forsythpjones

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female!Jones!Reader, Jughead Jones x Sister!Reader

Words: 1781

Warning(s): Violence, Maybe some swearing

Description: (SERIES) Being the sister to the infamous Jughead Jones comes with its perks. One of those perks is the chance to get close to a certain serpent.

Tagged: @hanane-billy12

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BTS Reaction to Getting Into a Heated Argument With Their S/O

GENRE: angst, lil fluff ofc


A/N: i am full of so many emotions rn. my heart goes out to all of those impacted by jonghyun and the entire event as a whole. if you EVER need anyone to talk to, please do not be afraid to message me. i love you guys endlessly; you’ll never know how much you mean to me, and if i can help i absolutely will dedicate my time to listening to you.



@aphrxdite17 said: Bts reaction them getting inti a fight w/ their gf over something and it getting so heated she asks “Do you even love me?” Idk if thats too specific sonlike play around with it if you want





— “Do you even love me?”

Once the words slipped out from between your lips Jin’s face was full of regret. He had been away for days, spending his nights at the dorms rather than coming home to see you. You had attempted contacting your boyfriend but nothing seemed to work. No matter what you did, from cooking dinner to stating how desperate you were for his presence, he had not appeared by your side. Tears begged to fall from your swollen eyes, and Jin quickly responded without hesitating. He had not realized the impact he was having on you.

“Of course, baby… I am so sorry…” Jin wrapped you in his warm embrace, kissing the top of your head repeatedly while experiencing his own emotions. While viewing you crying and simply needing him to be around, he felt his heart break. Jin held you close and continuously mentioned that he loved you, stating that he was being inconsiderate and not a good boyfriend to you. You would not agree with everything he said, but you did not speak up. After the fight would sizzle down, you would not let him go, cuddling into his chest in your bed while finally allowing yourself to calm down.




— “Do you even love me anymore? It appears as if you do not—“

After speaking those words, you would be adding more fuel to the fire that was explosive by this point. Yoongi would be full of anger as he shouted back at you, resulting in more harm than good. He did not mean the words he expressed in the moment, and he would come to terms in his own time, but hurtful statements continued to leave his lips instead of comforting you and stating that he obviously did.

After you both had calmed down, Yoongi would slip beside you in your bed, hesitating before wrapping his arms around your waist. You would be asleep by this point, not responding to his actions due to he exhaustion that was a result of your fight. The next morning, Yoongi would wake up earlier than he had in a while, preparing you your favorite breakfast as an apology. Once you had woken up, he would beg for your forgiveness while declaring his actions unreasonable being that he had been avoiding you and putting himself first. It was your decision to forgive him or not.




— “Do you love me anymore?”

That would be his cue to stop the argument that he had began, pausing his actions and feeling his world freeze up. Almost like he had seen what your side of the story was, Hoseok felt himself break down into tears. He was not being himself due to the stress continuing to pile on top of his shoulders, and you remained to stare at him while awaiting his answer. You were at the point of forfeiting, preparing mentally what you would pack before leaving to stay with a close friend.

“More than anything else,” Hoseok would respond before lowering his head into the palms of his hands. You would allow a quiet sigh to escape your lips, having known all along the built up anger was caused by the upcoming events and performances. You would then quietly forgive Hoseok, stating that if he ever spoke to you like he had, no matter the reason why, that you would be out of the apartment permanently. From that moment on, Hoseok would not ever take you for granted, loving you more than he ever had, as strongly as he possibly could.




— “Do you even love me anymore, Namjoon? I am willing to leave if you give me the answer I am expecting!”

Namjoon would stop once the words left your mouth. He had not anticipated you to take the argument that far, but he understood your side of the conversation. He was being unlike himself and not considering your feelings. You disliked the Namjoon that you were observing before your very eyes, and you felt as if your heart could not handle his statements for much longer. Namjoon would gulp before nodding, stating that no fight could change his love in regards to you.

“I love you so much, baby.” Namjoon would quietly speak, barely above a whisper. You would nod, lowering your head to stare at the socks on your feet. Lately, it had felt as if he had not ever loved you like he once had, and you were at your breaking point. After hearing his words you were a jumble of emotions, not knowing how you should feel. “If I ever speak like that again, slap me as hard as you can and walk out. My behavior is not tolerable, and I do not want you to keep trying.”




— “Do you still love me?”

“Baby, of course. I am so, so sorry.” The second the words were spoken Jimin would be unable to forgive himself for the words he had expressed and the lies he had said. Jimin would feel the most guilty for the argument that had occurred, taking the precious time he had been given with you to make it up. Jimin would cancel a few days worth of practice and dedicate them to specifically you. Jimin would easily be similar to Yoongi and make you meals and take you to see movies and events that you had wanted to attend for ages.

A fight like the one you both had endured would never occur again, both of you vowing to stay strong together and not allow work or others to interfere. Jimin would have an eureka moment in actuality, pondering more before speaking, which would result in a lot less arguments. Jimin would often find ways to state his love for you rather than continuing the small bickering that one of you began. In the end, neither of you would regret the fight that once happened due to overall stress.




— “Do you even love me?”

Taehyung would be in awe at the words that you had spoken. He had his suspicions that you would eventually question him and his odd behavior, but he did not expect the statement to be said aloud the moment it did. Tae had arrived home from practice a lot later than he had anticipated, and he believed you would be asleep when he walked through the door. But rather than doing just that, you were sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, your eyes red and puffy from tears that had escaped due to the situation at hand.

“Baby, I know; I am so sorry and I promise to make it up to you. I can not blame missing our planned date night on work again, and if you allow me to I will take off the rest of work on date nights for the next year.” You would still be angry, disregarding the promises that you felt as if Taehyung would yet again break. Tae would allow a sigh to escape his lips as he continued. “I love you so much, baby. Allow me to gain your trust back; I know I can.”




— “Do you even love me anymore, Jungkook?”

Jungkook would turn towards your voice as it entered the empty dorms, not expecting to hear it so suddenly and angrily. Jungkook’s jaw would drop to the floor at the sight of you dressed in your finest attire, having expected Jungkook to pick you up at your apartment for three hours to find him located on the couch in the dorms, controller in hand and practically screaming at the television. It was the eighth date he had forgotten, and at that point you had disregarded whatever his response might be. You gulped before attempting to continue.

“I love you more than the world could even comprehend, and I do not state those words enough but allow me to assure you that I mean them with the most sincerity. I clearly do not deserve someone as magnificent as you, and I understand that you have the desire to break up with me right now but baby please… Without you I will be an absolute mess, allow me to get my stuff together. I promise I will stop my habits and spend more time with you.” Jungkook appeared as if tears were welling up in his eyes due to the pain he had caused you and himself. You would not hesitate to speak your next words, either calling off your relationship or accepting his extravagant apology.


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Can you do some Cheerleader!eddie and Punk!richie AU ? I love your writing, they make me haPPY 🌻

- Eddie Kaspbrak was known as the clean and precious seed of Derry.

- He was loved by almost everyone, especially the elderly.

- Parents would comment to his mother on how Eddie was going places, whether it was academic, or something to do with cheerleading

- As Eddie was one of the best cheerleaders on the Derry High School Squad.

- He was also imfamously known for being the only boy on the squad that wore shorts instead of long legged pants.

- “Shorts are more comfortable and allow more room for kicks!”

- Richie Tozier was infamously known as the ‘bad egg’ of Derry.

- Parents tell their kids to cross the street when they see him. Not to make eye contact and not to make conversation.

- Eddie’s mother was one of these parents, warning her precious little boy to stay clear.

- Eddie did. He avoided Richie as best as he could. He focused on his subjects and his cheer practice, but sometimes Eddie would find himself staring at Richie in class.

- He’d watch when Richie got his tests back they’d all be in the 80-100% region, which Eddie found odd for someone that had the reputation of being a waste of space.

- Then they are paired up for a project.

- Eddie lies to his mother by saying he’s putting in more cheerleading practice, but he is in fact meeting up with Richie Tozier in the library.

- The first few meetings are awkward, they barely speak to eachother and get on with their work. The only conversation they make is Richies crude jokes about his mother.

- Until the third night in when Eddie compliments Richie’s leather jacket, which earns him a smirk that makes Eddie’s head swirl.

- “Thanks cutie. Has anyone told you how good your ass looks in those shorts?”

- Eddie flushes bright red but mumbles a quiet “no”

- Richie is SHOOK.

- Because WTF? Eddie is smokin! How had no-one told him this before? He’s like the only reason Richie attends the stupid pep ralleys the school throws.

- After that day, they start spending time together outside of the library.

- Richie takes Eddie to the roller rink diner and they spend the night skating and eating burgers.

- When Richie dropped Eddie off a block away from his house he smiles this shy smile.

- Eddie is about to ask what was wrong before Richie just went for it, leaning over and pressing his lips to Eddie’s.

-Eddie is flushing red, but kisses him back because he really really likes Richie Tozier.

- After that, they spend more and more time together.

- But in secret.

- Because if Eddie’s mother found out she’d never let him leave the house ever again.

-The only people who know are Eddies friends Bill, Stan and Ben, and Richies friends Beverly and Mike,

- They all start hanging out as a group, spending all their free time together.

- After they’d been together a year, Richie, in a rate burst of romance, gives Eddie the ring he wears on his right hand.

- Eddie might think Richie is disgusting for smoking, might fins his crude jokes annoying, and his motorbike his just plain dangerous.

- But he loves him anyway.

- At graduation, two years after they’d gotten together, Richie surprises everyone by being named Valedictorian and Eddie surprises no-one but his mother by getting up onto the stage and kissing Richie in front of his whole school year.

- He can still hear his mothers screech drowned out by Richie’s chuckling to this day.

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