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“Why are you/we whispering?” - Here's a prompt! I feel it's one you can use to sneak in two pairings if you wanted; one pair hiding and (accidentally?) spying on the other having a moment *snicker* I was thinking Ransom/Holster either way but I know you like Nursey/Dex as well! Go wild!

Justin’s coming down the stairs in search of a snack for the next leg of his o-chem study sesh, minding his own business and hoping there’s pie left over, when someone grabs his wrist and pulls him off his path to the kitchen.  

He’s not surprised to see it’s Holster pressing him against the wall, hand wrapped around Justin’s wrist.

“Can I help you?” Justin says flatly.

“Shhh!” Holster half spits his reply as he ducks down to peer around the corner and into the kitchen.

Justin hopes his eyebrows manage to convey how unimpressed he is when Holster straightens back up. He doesn’t let Justin move from the wall so apparently the message is not received.

“Dex and Nursey are in there,” Holster whispers, jerking his chin towards the kitchen.

“Why are you whispering?” Justin asks and gets Holster’s hand over his mouth for his troubles.

Justin lets out a deep sigh through his nose; there’s probably no more pie if the Frogs are working there. He licks Holster’s hand and when he can move his upper body without the 200-odd pounds of d-man crushing it, he leans to look through the doorway to see for himself, twisting his spine awkwardly because Holster still has his hips pinned to the wall.

Nursey and Dex are sitting side by side, their books spread out over the kitchen table. There doesn’t seem to be any pie left on the counter, but he’s looking into the kitchen from a weird angle so he can’t say for certain. It’d be a normal every day scene in the Haus except for the distinct lack of fighting going on in the kitchen.

Holster’s smile is kinda creepy when Justin straightens up.

“There’s no pie, is there?” he asks in his regular speaking voice. Holster punches him in the chest, which fair, Justin’s purposefully missing the point in protest of the snack he’s not getting.

“They’re getting along!” Holster says, voice as quiet as Justin’s ever heard it. It’s weird. Holster looks into the kitchen again. “Rans, the Frogs are growing up and D-bonding!” He whisper-shouts that last bit, spitting slightly.

“Say it, don’t spray it bro.” Justin wipes his face on Holster’s t-shirt.

“I’m just so proud,” Holster continues, ignoring Justin to still whisper-shout in his face. “It feels like just yesterday they were arguing about double knotting their laces.”

Justin rolls his eyes. “They were arguing about that yesterday.”

“Yeah, but look at them now, all grown up and sharing the table.” Holster sighs dramatically. “D-men bonding is so special. Do you remember our Frog bonding?”

Justin shakes his head, thinking back to their first year on the team where he and Holster somehow managed to live out of each other’s pockets without actually living together. Their off-ice bonding included a lot of bowling and arguing about T.V. shows, but whatever it worked and made their on-ice bond that much stronger.

He succeeds in shoving Holster off him so get can go find the cookie dough he saw Bitty mixing earlier if there’s no pie, but freezes in the doorway before he makes it further than a step into the kitchen.

“We didn’t bond like that in our frog year Holtzy,” he says quietly, staring at the train wreck that is Dex and Nursey full on making out over their homework. They’re really going at it, not even stopping for breath when Holster forgets he’s using his inside-voice and asks, “What?”  

He settles his chin on Justin’s shoulders to look past him into the kitchen. “Oh fuck, nope.” Holster laughs, his breath tickling Justin’s ear. “That was junior year bonding.” He grabs Justin’s hand again.

“You owe me a study snack,” Justin sighs, but lets himself be pulled out of the kitchen and up to the attic. He doesn’t want to deal with the fall out of either Frog noticing that their chosen spot for a moment isn’t so private anymore. Idiots.

“You wanna go to Annie’s?” Holster asks in a normal voice.

“Yeah, but text the Haus that there’s very important D-man bonding going on so they don’t get caught,” Justin says, nudging Holster out of the way so he can pack his backpack. He’s going to be productive even if the rest of the d-line isn’t.

“Are we gonna bond?” Holster wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. He laughs when Justin swings his backpack onto his back, narrowly avoiding slamming it into Holster’s gut.

“Never again if you don’t let me finish my notes.” Justin is only half serious with the threat. He turns to make Holster pack his own backpack so he’s not a complete distraction at the coffee shop.

“I’ll be good.” Holster grins, hooking his hands on the bottom of Justin’s backpack straps. He rubs his thumbs over the exposed skin where the the backpack has rucked up Justin’s shirt.

“You’re a such a liar,” Justin says. He pushes Holster away. “I’ll leave without you!”

Holster throws random books into his backpack as he replies, “You can’t D-bond without me Rans.”

Justin watches him pack a textbook that he’s pretty sure he hasn’t looked at since they first moved into the attic, and is really sure that he doesn’t want to d-bond with anyone else.

Holster’s answering kiss when Justin tells him so is worth the chirping he hears the entire way to Annie’s.

Travelling HC’s (Sincerely Three x Reader)

Travelling With Sincerely Three

Sincerely Three x Reader

Hey guys! I wrote this just for fun late at night (sorry if it sucks lmao), but if you guys want to send in requests to me (they can be as vague or as specific as you want), shoot me an ask!

These are headcanons for where you (reader) would travel around on vacation to with the Sincerely Three.

(Slight nsfw mentions, nothing graphic).


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Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 2 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

Not my gif

Words: 1552

Warnings: typos, fem!reader, time travel (?)

A/N: This is part 2 out of 3, the last one will probably be up some time next week. Enjoy! xoxo

Part 1 - Part 3

“Y’know, I wonder”, Peter said in a singing voice, skipping down the sidewalk next to a way more serious Jean. “I wonder, why they picked us.”

“Probably, because they know, how much we care about Charles.” “And you do care a lot for him, don’t you?”, Peter teased and shoved his elbow into her side. Jean blushed slightly. “Don’t be absurd, you know that I’m with Scott, you jerk!” “Oh, this isn’t about Scott or no Scott, I don’t know a single person, who doesn’t have a crush on the professor. And I’m not even gay! Or am I?”, he laughed out loud.

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Dream On by jemariel

Summary: Cas can’t stay out of Dean’s dreams. It starts as an accident; It becomes a guilty addiction. But actions have consequences, and Dean was bound to find out eventually.

In which Cas is totally not a creepy stalker, and Sam and Dean eat cheese.

Comments: 9/10. It’s so sweet and fluffy but also slightly angsty. Most of the dreams aren’t even sexual, they’re just weird nonsensical dreams everyone has. And also of Dean being happy for once. They’re cute and amazing. It’s not all dreams though, don’t worry. They are forced to talk and they eventually get their heads out of their wonderful asses. Cas feels quite a bit of guilt about lurking in Dean’s dreams, and of course Dean doesn’t react well to it, but it all resolves happily in the end.

“Not really that creepy but I sleep in a one bedroom apartment and every night I close my door because I don’t have windows in my room and love the pitch dark. So I drift off and snooze for how ever long and then start to stir. I casually wake up as my eyes adjust to the darkness. I check my phone and lay it back down to sleep more. 

As I’m laying there, I open my eyes and see a face, it’s in the doorway of my, now cracked open, bedroom door. It’s at the height of a child. It took me a minute to really gather what i was looking at, I could only make out the roundness of the face little black beady eyes, lips very shadowdy but still visible. It just kept sort of swaying ever so slightly like it was trying to spy on me. And I just looked at it and, being really exhausted, I just fell asleep. I remember thinking, “fuck it, I don’t care what that is, I’m fucking tired,” and that was it. 

I then woke up, it was morning. I gradually woke up stretched big, looked at my phone, then remembered the creepy thing from just a few hours ago, I thought ‘interesting, must have been sleep paralysis, that’s never happened before, I feel I handled that well.’ I then sat up and looked straight at my door, which was now slightly opened 7 inches. I never got up during the night, I remember that. 

I’ve told people this story and they just say either ‘yea right’ or ‘that’s creepy’ it was a weird situation. I can easily attribute the face to maybe still being sort of asleep but the door slightly being ajar, that’s something I can’t put my finger on.”

By: Milo_theHutt (What paranormal experiences have you actually had that you cannot explain?)

i love seeing custom dolls in concept but i feel like a lot ive seen have a similar like… airbrush-y looking style? that im not always sure i like and definitely wouldnt feel confident emulating? i kinda like the idea of customizing modern dolls to look like theyre vintage, in different styles, kind of like– my parents recently got these mickey and minnie plushes that are directly based on some dolls that were originally made in the 30s and look kind of odd/Creepy to a layperson. which is like easily just a weird nostalgia cashgrab like 70% of what disney does in general but i feel like it could be pretty cool to semi-reproduce older dolls and plushes with a slightly modernized aesthetic sense (emphasis on slightly). u know. not falsifying the aesthetic in a hipster way but still altering it for the modern eye in a similar way to how like, we currently can find mundane packaging and advertising from past decades really interesting and beautiful in a way that didnt stand out at the time. i used to think that was objectively because like midcentury aesthetics were just more honest and good but im starting to feel similarly about 2000s content despite having literally lived through it and found it unremarkable at the time so its a phenomenon i find interesting in general. sucks to be super into the concepts of advertising and specific conglomerates while also having leftist ideals

Stuck With Him: Kai Parker

My eyes flickered open and I groaned at the bright sun that blinded me. “Shit.” I cursed, covering my eyes with my hands as I sat up. I rubbed them before moving my hands and blinking until they adjusted to the light.

That’s when I thought. Where am I?

It seemed like a new strange place only it was deserted, not a soul in sight. Puzzled, I stood up brushing off my clothes which were torn and covered in dirt.

“Just perfect.” I muttered sarcastically, moving my hair out of my face. “Just amazing.”

I began walking around in search of someone. “Hello?” I called out to the empty streets. “Hello is anyone there?”

No response, I sighed. “Guess it’s just me.” I felt around in my jacket pockets for my phone however I didn’t find it. “Shit!”

“I need some clothes.” I looked down at my torn jeans and shirt cringing. “Now.” I walked around the streets for the nearest shop. I went inside the store, in search for everything I would had needed.

Like food.

Swinging down the aisles on the shopping kart I hummed to myself, filling the silence that hung throughout the place. “I’m in the business of misery. Let’s take it from the top.” I sang to myself.

I couldn’t sing to save my life but I enjoyed singing and there was no one around to judge which was good yet bad.

“She’s got a body like a ho-” I paused when the sound of something being smashed appeared. Stopping on my tracks, I scanned around. “Who’s there?” I questioned, hiding my fear.

No reply. I shook my head, clearing it of my crazed thought. “Great, I’m going crazy already.” I mumbled, starting to walk again.


“This is all a dream. This is all a dream.” I repeated, pinching my arm tight. I hissed in pain each time, and let out a loud sigh of frustration.

“Its not a dream.” I whined, lying down on the sofa. I had spotted a house and was crashing in it, also I had made myself a survival bag containing everything I’d need if I ever had to go somewhere.

I sighed, fiddling with the silver chain around my neck.

“I love you, kitten.” He told me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you too.” I said, he smiled and kissed me with me kissing back.

I gasped, sitting up straight. “What the hell? Kitten?” I exclaimed, bringing my knees to my chest and hugged them. “Who was that?”

That small image, flashed in my head it was blurred but I was kissing someone. And I apparently had loved him.

Shaking away that vision, I picked up my black rucksack and made my way upstairs. I still felt a little shaken up but I continued to stay calm as I chose a bedroom.

Yawning, I decided on a master bedroom with its own personal bathroom. Taking of my bag and looking around the room, I nodded. “Fancy.” I kicked off my old trainers and threw them in a corner.

After taking a wash and brushing my teeth, I put on my brand new pyjamas I’d ‘bought’ they were a pair of white shorts with a black vest.

I retrieved my hairbrush from my bag and began to brush through my damp hair, cursing loudly. I grabbed my hair up into a ponytail before climbing into the bed.

I sighed in comfort, moving into my sleep in position. As I closed my eyes, I forced myself to fall into my dreamland.


Dear Diary,

So far it’s been two weeks since I’ve arrived in Mystic Falls, I discovered the name a while ago, and I’m going CRAZY!!!!

I’m serious!! The other day I spent two full hours counting the amount of cups and plates I found in the house. 75 cups and 97 plates by the way.

I also can’t stop talking to myself, it as becoming a habit. Yesterday, I had an argument with myself just to prove I wasn’t going mad!!

The weird visions of me and some guy have suddenly stopped which is great because they were just plain creepy.

However I do believe I’m not alone. I know *cue gasp*. Its because every now and again, I’ll hear noises like footsteps.


Anyway coming towards an end, if this is ever found by someone. Please remember me, Riley Campbell, as a confused teen who doesn’t remember anything.


I finished writing my diary entry for that day and shut the diary. I was keeping a diary to stop myself from going crazy.

Swinging slightly on the swing, I was in a playground because I was sick of being indoors 24/7.

Shoving, my diary and pen in my backpack Zeke (yes I named my bag) I zipped him up before throwing him over my shoulder.

“What to do?” I asked myself, playing with my fingers. I sighed, running my hand through my hair as I kicked the grass beneath me.

“Is someone out there?” I shouted, my head snapping up as I heard a noise.

Once again there wasn’t a response. I sighed, shrugging my shoulders. “Must be my imagination.” I paused and cursed. “Stop talking to yourself, Riley.”

Climbing off the swing, I went towards a massive willow tree and placed Zeke down on the grass. Laying, down I rested my head on Zeke to relax.

The sun peeked through the willow tree and felt nice against my skin. I smiled and closed my eyes, comfortable.

Suddenly the ray of sunlight disappeared and I opened my eyes to see some guy standing over me. “You don’t make a very good window.” I told him. “Who are you?” I guessed this was the guy who I thought was also with me.

The guy looked down at me and I couldn’t help but instantly think. Damn he’s hot!

“Oh sorry, where are my manners?” I rolled my eyes at his fake politeness. “My names Kai Parker, what’s yours?” He introduced, sitting down opposite me.

“Riley, Riley Campbell.” I answered, sitting up and crossing my legs.

“Now may I ask how you got here, Ri?” Kai asked, smirking.

I rolled my eyes. “Riley and beats me. What about you, Malachai?” I knew his name was short for something.

He glared at me. “Don’t call me that.” He growled, my eyes widened at his tone.

“Jeez who pissed in your cereal?” I muttered, earning a puzzled look from Kai.

“Who what?” From looking at his face he was truly lost about my comment.

I shook my head. “Never mind.” I said. “Why are you here?”

Kai smirked, chuckling a little. “I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Shame on you.” I nodded.

“Whatever, Ri.” He replied, rolling his eyes suddenly leaning in and flicking my forehead.

I held my head. “Ow, Malachai?”

He scowled at me. “Don’t call me that, Ri. And there was a bug on your forehead, I was simply flicking it away.”

Standing up, I brushed my clothes and throwing Zeke on my back. Kai also stood, following me as I walked away. “Where are you going, Ri?” He asked, catching up so he was by my side.

I rolled my eyes. “Away from you, Malachai.” He shoved me and I stumbled a little but caught myself and pushed him back. “Bit rude.”

“Don’t call me that, Ri.” He repeated again. “But why are you leaving, you seemed lonely earlier.” Kai smirked.

Stopping in my tracks, I glanced to him. “So you were watching me?” I asked, he nodded and I started to walk faster away. “Now I’m definitely leaving.”

He laughed. “I was making sure if you weren’t crazy even though you talk to yourself a lot.” Kai explained, smirking widely.

Rolling my eyes, I walked into my house. As I came inside I took off Zeke and threw him on the sofa. “So do tell me Ri, how you got here?”

“I already said, I don’t know Malachai.” I smirked as he glared. “I can’t remember a thing, one minute I was in England the next here with you.”

Kai grinned, leaning in forward and resting his head in his hands. “Oh you’re English.” He said, I nodded sarcastically. “That’s cool.”

“Yeah, very.” I replied sarcastically. “So what’s it like being here?”

He shrugged. “Well its a repeat of the same day, no one else is around expect me and you. And….” He paused, tapping his chin. “Times frozen which explains why I still have my good looks.”

I gave him a surprised look. “What the hell? What does that mean? Where are we?”

Kai rolled his eyes. “Isn’t it obvious?” I was still lost. “We’re stuck in a prison world.”

“Prison what?”

“Its a prison made for one specific person. Witches must have put you in here.”


“Yes witches. I’m one myself.”

“Well you are definitely cuckoo up in the head, Malachai.” I backed away, picking up Zeke in my process. “So, I’m just gonna go but it was nice meeting you.”

Turning around I went to the door when I felt myself being pulled back. “Don’t leave, we were having fun.” He said into my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I took deep breaths. “I’ll have to pass on the lovely offer, but maybe another time.” I struggled against his grip but he tightened it.

“Bye, bye, Ri.” Before I got the chance to respond, Kai injected something into my neck making everything black.


“Ri, Ri, Ri, Ri, Ri.” Someone said, poking my cheek. I groaned, opening my eyes and groaned again when I saw it was Kai. He grinned at me. “Finally you’re awake.”

I looked around and noticed I was tied to a chair and the ropes had some weird smell to them. “What did you do to me?”

Kai tilted his head to the right slightly. “You wouldn’t stay, so I made you.” He confessed, biting his lip in a cute way.

What the hell, Riley? I thought. This guy’s clearly crazy.

“Alright, what’s on the ropes it stinks.” I cringed, looking for Zeke but I couldn’t find him. “And where’s my bag?”

Kai pointed to the sofa where Zeke was. “Ok, so you’re not a vampire.”

“Vampire, what is wrong with you?” I questioned, feeling a little dizzy.

He rolled his eyes. “Me, your the one who can’t remember why she’s in a prison world!” He snapped, making me flinch away.

“Its not my fault and calm you drama queen.” I snapped.

Kai rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’m going to untie you now but only because I want pancakes.” He said, cutting my ropes loose.

I held my sore wrists, rubbing them to ease the pain. “Make your own pancakes.” I said as he sat on the sofa, opposite me.

“No, I hurt my ankle.” Kai held his ‘injured’ ankle and pouted to me.

Glaring, I shook my head. “And my ears hurt from listening to your bullshit but i’m not complaining.” I glared. “Do it yourself, Malachai.”

The look on Kai’s face went to (being honest) quite scary as he lifted his hand up and started whispering something.

“What are y-” I stopped, speaking because a sudden wave of tortuous pain went through my head.

I screamed, dropping to my knees as he continued. “Kai, stop!” I begged, tears streaming down my face. It felt like my head was being teared open.

Finally, the pain went and I lifted up my head to Kai. He smirked at me. “Please hurry with the pancakes, Ri. I’m starving.”

“How did you do that?” I whispered, wiping my eyes clean.

Kai chuckled. “Magic, I am a witch after all.” He replied.

“You’re nothing but a prick.” I mumbled, standing up and leaving the room to the kitchen.

“I heard that.” Kai said.

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t care.”

In the kitchen, I washed my hands and tied up my hair into a ponytail. “How old are you?” I jumped at the sound of Kai’s voice.

Turning around, I saw him on sitting at the island with a newspaper. “I’m 18 but 19 soon.” I told him, quietly still quite scared of him.

Kai nodded. “Always had a thing for younger girls.” He said, I blushed a little.

“How old are you?”

“I’m……” He paused and counted his fingers. “40, I think lost track after 25.” He grinned, resting his head in his hands.

“That’s explains the wrinkles on your face.” I chuckled, Kai glared at me and I smirked getting out the ingredients.

As I started to make the pancakes, I felt Kai’s stare at me. “What are you looking at?” I asked, looking back at him.

Kai shrugged. “You because you’re pretty.” I blushed at his comment, hiding my face by looking down.

I heard him chuckle as I continued to make the pancakes.

After a while, I slowly lifted my head back up to him trying to read his face. “I know I’m beautiful, Ri. But staring is just creepy.” He smirked, not taking his gaze off the newspaper in his hands.

Blushing, I went back to making the pancakes.


“Give me the paper.” I argued to Kai as we ate our pancakes. I didn’t feel as scared of him as I did earlier. I actually grew a liking for annoying him.

He rolled his eyes. “No.” He spat out food as he spoke and it landed on my leg, I looked disgusted and he laughed.

Slapping his arm, I flicked off the food onto the floor. “Gross.” I muttered. “Now, hand me the newspaper.” Kai sighed but slipped the newspaper to me.

I thanked him, looking over the crossword I was doing.

We had a bet in the amount of time it would take me to complete the crossword: under a hour I won, over a hour Kai won.

It was for who was sleeping in the master bedroom tonight and who was in the guest room.

So far I had spent 30 minutes and done two lines. Kai had insisted to help me but I would had to give him my pancakes. “Just give up already.”

I shook my head, taking a bite from my pancake and chewing slowly to rub it in Kai’s face that I still had some left.

“This is so nice.” I moaned, smirking at him as he glared.

“Whatever, Ri.” He muttered, running his hand down his face. It was quite late at night.

“Riley.” I corrected, sick of that ridiculous nickname. “It’s Riley.”

Kai shrugged at me, tapping his fingers on the counter as I focused on the crossword but he was pissing me off big time.

“Can you not?” I snapped, Kai smirked at me.

“Can you not what?” He grinned, I rolled my eyes, shoving my plate in his direction. “Giving in already, Ri? I expected more of you.” He chuckled, throwing on a huge chunk of jam to the pancake before eating it with his hands.

I cringed at him and he smirked, doing it again. “You’re disgusting.” I said, I hated jam with a passion. “I hate jam.” I muttered.

Kai gave me a shocked look. “What is wrong with you, Ri?” He asked.

I shook my head at him standing up and refilled my drink, as I came back I saw Kai had ate the whole pancake and completed the crossword. “Show off.” I mumbled, sitting back down.

“I’m just smarter than you Ri.” Kai smirked, eating jam from the jar using his fingers. Cringing, I looked away from him.

“You’re such a child, Malachai.” I stated, he glared at me. “Oh my mistake Kai.” I corrected, sarcastically and he rolled his eyes.

“Sometimes I just wanna kill you, Ri.” He said, I raised my eyebrows. “But then I’d have no one to make pancakes for me.”

“I’m touched.” I said, sarcastically and punched his arm.

“Sore loser much, Ri.” Kai grinned.

I scoffed, kicking his shin and he kicked me back harder. I hissed in pain, holding my shin. “Can you even die here?” I asked, he shook his head and I nodded. “Great.”

Kai grinned at me, continuing to eat his jam. “Guess you’re stuck with me, Ri.”

“Oh the joys.” I replied sarcastically.

And that ladies and gentleman was the day I met the one and only Kai Parker.


[Here is the first chapter to my Kai Parker fanfic which you can find on Wattpad, @SleepMindWriter]

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A flower for a secret!

Send a flower to hear…  // accepting

  🌺… a secret.

    [ Muns secret is she has to pet every dog and once actually took her neighbours dog just for an hour (HE’S SO CUTE) and let their dog play with hers, creepy, weird but so cute to watch our dogs play. Plus; never got caught

Kakashi has a secret which he is currently trying to write a fan-fic about the characters in the Icha Icha novels and he keeps the copy under the bed and it’s EXTREMELY SEXUALISED. ❤]

229. He’s nervous about asking you out

Dan: “Are you going to go talk to her, or are you just going to stare at her?” Phil asked as he looked at Dan from the opposite side of the table. “I don’t even know what I would say.” “Just go up there and say hi.” Dan sighed, stood up, and walked over to you where you were sitting a couple tables away. “Hi, um, I’m not really well-versed in these things, and I don’t want this to come off as creepy, but you’re really pretty and I was wondering if I could take you out to dinner or something?” Dan asked shyly as he rubbed the back of his neck. You laughed slightly, which Dan thought was directed at him. “Oh god, I’m sorry. This is really weird isn’t it? I’ll just–” He was getting ready to turn around and leave when you spoke up. “No, no, it’s fine! I was just laughing because this kind of stuff never happens to me. Nervous response, sorry. But sure, dinner sounds nice,” you smiled.

Phil: Phil took a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can do this,” he said to Dan as he held his phone in his hands. “You’ve known her for five years! Why are you so nervous?” Dan implored. “That’s exactly why I’m nervous. If I didn’t know her, then we could just go our separate ways if she said no.” “But what if she says yes?” Phil looked at him but didn’t say anything. “At least you’re not saying this in person,” Dan pointed out. “That’s true,” Phil mumbled as he began to type out a message. “How’s this? Hey! Would you be interested in getting dinner on Friday?” he asked Dan. Dan let out a little laugh as he was expecting something much more elaborate due to all of Phil’s worrying. “Sounds good,” Dan replied. “Ok cool.” Phil hit send, and not even two minutes later, you replied. Sure! Any special occasion? To which he replied, not really. i just wanted to take you out somewhere :)

I hit 2,500 followers yesterday! GHEISGHOSHGSO How did that even happen?! Thank you all so much! I’ll be posting a longer fic for #250 featuring Dan.

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Hc that Alcor doesn't get very cringe-y or creeped out by anything except a few things such as Ian's synthetic eye because of how it's a bit discolored in comparison and how it can pretty much look anywhere so whenever Ian looks at him out of the corner of his eye Alcor just kinda internally cringes or squeals like a pig.

Demons revel in the creepy and weird, particularly because they themselves tend to be creepy and weird. And they love the comical reactions it conjures. But Dipper will always be perturbed by a number of things - which includes, but isn’t limited to:

- Bill

- cats

- that weird way Henry can ever so slightly bend his knuckles backwards

- Twin Souls