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i dont know if anyone else feels like this but sometimes i get the impression from of the a //nti yoi folks that they just… genuinely want yoi to be queerbaiting just so they can be all “i told you so ”, you see them so badly looking for the smallest things that they can use debunk to victor and yuuri’s relationship (the first one that comes to my mind right now is that person who purposely mistranslated one of kubo’s interview to make a point which is, i mean, how desesperate can you possibly be) and at this point i’m more than certain they don’t care about representation nor i believe their fake concern and it’s all about them proving a point and being right which is really sad because having its flaws and all this show has made lots of people incredibly happy and to see them holding such a grudge against it it’s like??? you do you i guess but surely you could spend your time and energy doing more productive things

In honor of reaching 200 followers...

 (In less than a month and a half I might add)

I decided to put together a list of all my favorite fic authors to celebrate reaching 200 fabulous followers. I wanted to start this blog because I was curious If I could write what I loved reading. As it turns out, I don’t think I can, but you guys do, so I just keep churning out stories for you guys. I would have never thought that I would reach 200 followers. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. You guys are the best. 

Now for some amazing inspiring authors.

@xenaathena Is like 50% the reason I wanted to start my own blog. I loved her work so much. Prove it and My Midgard Life were the main reasons I didn’t delete my tumblr when I first joined this site . Caution: Don’t read unless you are prepared to pull an all nighter reading fabulous writing. Masterlist

@that-sokovian-bastard writes amazing work that will leave you wanting more. Has written a multitude of different Pietro stories too. Lots of unique situations and memorable quotes. Is a beautiful funny person as well. (Happy late 9000 followers too!)  Masterlist

@spiderwho is the best Peter Parker writer out there. I read so much of her work that It inspired me to write “Studying”. She captures Peter so well. Other writers tend to write Peter as the wet blanket of the Avengers but she doesn’t and I am so thankful for that. Basically the best spiderman fics there are. Masterlist

@pietroimagines Has unbelievably well written Pietro imagines. I’m 400% sure that I have read every single one at least twice. They are so addicting that I choose to read instead of sleep. One of the best Pietro writers out there. I love the playing house series. Also is an incredibly nice person who reblogged some of my work.(Update: And now follows me oh my god!) Masterlist

@steverogersbrooklynbabe writes wonderful fics. I love her Tony Stark pieces very much. SO GOOD. Her feed also makes me really happy when I scroll through. Lots on feminism empowerment GIFS, and very cool Avenger GIFS. Prepare to get lost discovering cute videos and amazing writing.

@pocmarvelworks pretty much writes everyone on the team so accurately. My favorite piece of work she’s done is ‘No, we can’t buy five hundred pugs…’ . I thought It was so well written and adorable. She writes for PoC readers which I don’t see enough of here. She is also an incredibly lovely person to have deep discussions with. 

@willsolaced isn’t a Marvel account. Its is my favorite Solangelo account. The best Percy Jackson fics can defiantly be found here. I’m normally not a fan of they way Percy Jackson fics are written, but these are amazing! I highly recommend. 

That’s it for now, so I’ll just say If you like my stuff, check these authors out because I promise you they are all 2,000 times better than me. Thank you again for your support. I love you guys❤

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Reptile curiosity is underrated

We spend a lot of time obsessing over whether reptiles experience emotions like affection or love, but I’ve realized that one of the most relatable things I’ve seen in my reptiles is curiosity.

I don’t know if curiosity is an emotion exactly, it’s probably more like a drive. But while we can debate back and forth all day about whether reptiles feel affection I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they experience curiosity. Curiosity is probably shared by most, if not all, vertebrates simply because of its survival value. But beyond that you can see a reptile’s curiosity when they explore a new cage or flick their tongue at an unfamiliar object to determine what it is.

Just like us they have a desire to learn about their environment, to experience new things, to understand, in whatever limited capacity they can, what is going on around them. I find it incredible that the same drive which pushes human scientists to study rare butterflies or send probes to Mars can be shared with a simple, primordial creature whose ancestors watched the dinosaurs come and go. 

I love the moment when I pick up a wild snake and, after giving up on trying to escape, it just looks at me. We stare at each other and it flicks its tongue in my direction to try and determine whether I’m a threat. Two species separated by millions of years of evolution and we are experiencing the same curiosity as we look at each other, both just seeking to know more about the other.

I love seeing animals be curious and I love giving them new things to be curious about. Sometimes I think enrichment is just as much fun for me as it is for the animals.