which is how i think lyanna would be

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do you have any headcanons if the impossible had happened and lyanna had been able to raise jon in winterfell (or wherever she wanted)? i'm such a sucker for jon growing up knowing his mother, and i want to hear what everyone else thinks

So like, the most plausible scenario I can think of (which is bordering on implausible but let’s file this under ‘artistic license’) is Lyanna getting pregnant before marrying Robert, like not in a “let’s hide this and pretend it’s Robert’s” way but in a “let’s hide it until it’s too late and the betrothal is broken off and Lyanna is forced to be a spinster in Winterfell” way. The way I tend to explain it is it happened on the way to Brandon’s wedding, idk how, don’t ask me the logistics of it, no I don’t think Rhaegar would be okay letting his prophesied kid go off with his mother, I know she’s even younger at this point, she could probs still die in childbirth (and most likely would), BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT, I’m rambling too much on the premise and I just need everyone to just Go With It

  • Jon wouldn’t be named Jon, for sure, he’d probably be named Brandon or Eddard or Benjen bc Lyanna’s cheesy like that– probably Brandon
  • Unless Ned ends up being the one naming the kid bc Lyanna refuses to do so due to second thoughts or whatever… Talk 2 me about Lyanna initially rejecting motherhood pls
  • He would be a MAMA’S BOY, make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT
  • He’d probably start off most of his sentences with “Well, my mom said….”
  • Lyanna would be fiercely protective of him in every way possible. Mama wolf mode is activated 24/7
  • He’d probably learn to ride a horse before he even knew how to walk bc no child of hers is gonna get from place to place using their legs if she can help it
  • They’d both have stigmas in common; Lyanna as the unmarried, disgraced lady, Jon as the bastard child. They’d learn to be strong, together
  • She would live VICARIOUSLY through Jon’s sword training. Probably cheering on the sidelines like “YES SMASH THAT PUNK ASS ROBB SHOW HIM WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YOU” even when they’re like five and still wearing pillows for armor and pots for helms and swinging wooden swords
  • Overall tho I feel like they would retreat into each other. They’re both outcasts in their own ways, but as long as they have each other they’re never alone
  • Lyanna would never let him see her cry. Never.
  • Jon would grow up taking care of his mother more than she takes care of him. He’d be reminding her to eat and stuff and cutting off her wine supply before she turns into the potty mouthed wine aunt at dinner
  • Lyanna would be so thrilled at seeing Jon and Arya being so close. She’d probably see herself and one of her brothers, honestly
  • Lyanna isn’t a disciplinarian, largely because she doesn’t have to be. Jon is basically the best baby ever but if she gets frustrated she’d definitely be a yelling sort of parent
  • But then she feels bad for yelling bc Jon would probably just take it, like not even cry about it, he’d just sulk and Lyanna would be like oh no Ned tell me what I should do I’m such a bad mom
  • She’s actually convinced she’s a bad mom like 90% of the time
  • Lyanna would be that parent that, when their kid gets older and thinks he’s too cool for his mom, would be like “listen if you’re too embarrassed to give me a kiss in front of your friends i will MAKE you embarrassed and kiss you myself do you hear me”
  • I’d like to imagine that Jon would have more self-esteem and confidence in himself, because he has someone who is devoting their complete attention and love to him
  • But I mean Jon canonically pines for a mother in the books so I reiterate: HE’S A HUGE MOMMA’S BOY
  • “In his dreams, she was beautiful, and highborn, and her eyes were kind.”
  • And she was.