which is hella cute if you ask me

I just had one of those moments, where I kind of just realise I’m exactly where I should be and exactly where I would have wanted to be, if you asked me 5 years ago, where I picture myself in 5 years ideally, this would be it.

I am standing in the kitchen of my old mismatch apartment, eating the most fantastic rissoles / dinner ever, I have comfy clothes on, tea steeping and my housemate playing The Cure songs on his guitar (which is hooked up to his amp). And I’m talking to a hella cute boy who is super rad and accepting of literally all of the shit I’ve thrown at him thus far! 


oshisageru asked:

Please, tell me more about MidoReo

THANK YOU FOR ASKING because let’s be real that epiphany made me insanely happy

Alright FIRST they’d look hella cute one next to the other, think about it, they have the same kind of very very delicate beauty, long lashes and pretty faces and lean bodies, can you imagine them next to each other? Let me give you a hand, Midorima is nearly 10cm taller than Reo (195cm vs 188cm)

As I said, hella cute

Then you have the fact that they’re the two strongest shooting guards out there, which for some reason makes me happy and also wish they had interacted more - also, Reo’s perfect type is someone who’s attentive and he dislikes vulgar people, I mean his type is pretty much Midorima, man I love this (on a side note Midorima preferes older women, which may indicate that he likes… someone who isn’t annoying, and I have a feeling that Reo would be a super duper attentive and affectionate kind of lover WHICH is just priceless and too cute when I try to picture it)

By the way Reo’s in the health commettee and Midorima would be a doctor as an alternate job - I’m literally pointing this out only to have you imagine a doctor/nurse AU jsyk

(please imagine it the idea is killing me)

ALSO and I kept this for last because it’s my favourite thing ever, Reo’s speciality is tarot reading


He’s another fortune telling/zodiac nerd christ honestly I don’t even need them to be in a romantic relationship at this point, just let me see them be the nerds they are together - sending each other’s fortune and daily rankings and Midorima finding Libra’s lucky item for Reo I’m having a moment this is too cute omfg


void-earth asked:

▲ wee

Send me a ▲ for an unpopular opinion

[Uh. UHM. I guess this is an unpopular opinion in the marvel fandom but StevexSharon is hella fucking cute. Like they’re one of my OTPS. They just really complement each other. And Sharon calls Steve out on his shit which is really amazing. And he’s just so amazed by her??



They’re pretty perfect for each other tbh….

gundhamtanakaswife asked:


Oh my god hi,,

1. First impression: Really likes Gudam, hella rad blog, is probably really serious

2. Truth is: You REALLY like Gundam (Which makes me happy because I like him too :v), You’re a v pretty girl, and you seem like an overall cool person!

3. How old do you look: 14-15!!

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes actually believe or not

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope! Not intentionally!!

6. Best feature: Your hair color and cute freckles

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: No, but I do think you’re pretty!

8. You’re my: DR Senpai

9. Name in my phone: N/A // Would probably be Cat though

10. Should you post this too? Sure!

anonymous asked:

i bet you looked hella cute in your crop top! i hope that this day is far more fantastic and you have a rad time!!

thank u!!! it was i ended up skipping math class so i could hide out somewhere else and pretend 2 b interviewed which weirdly enough gave me my attention fix??? lmao o well

anyways thank uuu u uu for this ask!!!

hey ginganinjahdo you sent me fanmail so I hope its okay to answer your blog rate thing here!!

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every fall out boy is love and life man

would it be okay if I asked for the meaning behind your url though because I feel like its something I would like if I knew what it was about ????

I do like the things you post but I see those things quite often on my dash already which is why I didn’t follow you !! but I do really like the things you post please forgive me :^(

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146. Was today a good day?

Eh. Today was okay. Work was, like, busy but not stressful pull my hair out busy. I got a migraine, but my coworker gave me two Advil migraine and I swear that shit got rid of my migraine in like 20 minutes which, if ya’ll suffer from migraines, you know that is AMAZING. Now The Parent Trap is on MTV and I don’t know how I’m going to go to sleep…even though I have to work in the am…

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lets-have-adventures-together asked:

Do you ever think about Space? Bcuz I LOVE space, hope you're having a good day <3

I do! It’s so amazing how big the universe is and what else is out there like wow. Thank you so much darling

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ktangled asked:

I can't decide which side of my nose to pierce. I've got 3 ear piercings total. 2 are on my left ear and 1 on my right. so I was sort of thinking go with the right.. but then my sister said that the right side of my nose is smaller so to pierce the left... and I can't decide what would best suit my face.. also if I didn't like the piercing i'm worried about it scaring too. any opinions? should I just do it one day or never and play it safe lol. also how do u feel about yours? any cons?

I love my piercing! What I did is I asked my piercer which side he thought would look best, and he put a dot in the place he thought was best and asked me if I agreed. I totally agreed with him and trusted his judgment. I think you should go for it! I have no cons for it actually! It’s hella cute and I love it whole heartedly! Talk to your piercer about it!! :) you won’t regret it!