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tl;dr: vegetables and babysitting

I report back to you from my adventures in Oscar Isaac’s Early Filmography with a review of Won’t Back Down:

  • it’s about Women with Children Getting Shit Done, which as you know appeals to me as a genre
  • Oscar Isaac plays the Sexy Girlfriend role, where he is essentially Maggie Gyllenhal’s prize for being a good person who Works Hard and who Cares about Society. we all deserve nice things, right? 
  • she already has the best clothes, but why settle for that?
  • because you too deserve to be banging a hot ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER who LOVES THE KIDS and JUST WANTS TO TEACH! but he doesnt get the big picture about Society, you know? she does. she explains it to him. then he gets it. 
  • he brings food to her flat and cooks it
  • the food involves vegetables
  • is there a man in YOUR life who spontaneously cooks you vegetables? well woo fucking hoo for you if there is
  • after cooking vegetables for her and her kid (oh yeah the kid’s there, this isn’t SEXY cooking, this is weeknight dinner) he lets her PULL his HAIR in the KITCHEN (he seems to really dig this part. i really dig this part. here’s a screencap of this part:)
  • and possibly most importantly, he advances the plot by being her booty call babysitter. 
  • seriously! she just calls him up for a quick peck on the cheek and then leaves him entertaining her child with his ukulele so she can go out and CHANGE SOCIETY with Viola Davis
  • do you know why Women with Children don’t get more shit done? We’re too busy buying and cooking vegetables and we can’t go the fuck out in the evening because of our KIDS
  • kids listen to me I am 37 
  • one day you too will understand the power of my yearning for oscar isaac to come to my house, cook me vegetables and play the ukulele to my kids so i can GO THE FUCK OUT AND ADVANCE THE FUCKING PLOT ALREADY

In conclusion: what do women want? protagonism, vegetables and hot babysitters. next question.

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Oh I LOVE McGregor too!!! He was my first crush! I got obsessed with him and Moulin Rouge! LOL And that helped me to learn english tbh. haha Wonderful time!

Awesome! I first fell in love with him in Moulin Rouge too. He’s just so damn cute, nice, and a great actor. He’s one of those actors that I will go see anything he is in even if I’m not interested in the movie. That’s so cool that your love for him helped you learn English too. Ugh, I feel the need for a Ewan McGregor marathon now. I do not have the time for this. Curse you and your adorable self Ewan. Curse you!

“I don’t hide myself as a magic player.  Everyone at work knows I play magic. They think its odd, because MTG comes with a stereotype.  People don’t get why I sent my kids to the beach and spent the weekend in a convention hall not getting tan.  I don’t care what people think. When I’m playing magic, sometimes men ask if I’m with my boyfriend.  I don’t get angry at the stereotype. I just start talking about the game.  People judge, people can be mean, someone called me a slut… who cares? Mostly, people are kind and want to engage in conversation.  I remember every person I play and I smile at every person I pass.  I speak to every person who wants to be spoken to no matter what they look/ smell like. That mother who is walking around with that baby- she is the kitchen table player who is there as a support.  Just ask her  "Do you play?“ :) “

(via MTG - Album on Imgur


I made these for my light and color design class for a series exploring the spatial relativity of color - creating an illusion of deep space or nearly flattened space by varying the color relations.

(one flattened completely, then the others with cool colors in the near space and warm colors in the deep space/vice versa)

no complaints about the lil ficlets of cas worshiping dean and telling him how important he is, but i’d like to see dean give back as good as he gets and for him to tell cas that he’s beautiful and he’s needed, wanted and cared for. i want dean to hold, touch and kiss every part of cas and to cherish him and to make him feel loved


2014 BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy Final; Grigor Dimitrov defeats Lukas Rosol 7-6(2), 6-1 to claim his third career title, his second title in 2014, and the first claycourt title in his career. With this win, Dimitrov rises to a career-high ranking of World No. 14.

Ever been so sexuallly frustrated you burnt down Paris to get a girl ?

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''#THIS EPISODE WAS SO DUMB LOL'' Isn't every TOS episode a lil dumb lmao. The whole serie is like a fanfiction author who just discovered AU's and it's glorious

i actually love it so much because almost all of the major fanfic tropes were canon in star trek tos!! it makes me feel like fanfics follow the original scifi spirit more than current movies and tv shows do!