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You Should Play Ace Attorney

I am not usually in the business of making recommendations, because they require many qualifiers about the impossibility of any media to be perfect, but the one series that I would not hesitate to recommend is the Ace Attorney series. (Which is not to say that it’s perfect, but it would take some time for me to replay it all with a feminist lens and see what’s good and bad. That is tempting though.) So why should you play it?

Characters: Do you like nuanced female characters? You’re going to get them in abundance. Women get to be everything from lawyers to police officers to spirit mediums to film directors. Do you like nuanced male characters? You’re going to get them in abundance. Men also get to do a bunch of cool things and close friendships between men and male emotions are normalised. Do you like adorable animals? Ace Attorney has you covered.

Music and sound design: the music in these games is incredible and I want to literally live in the moments where you present the right evidence and it cuts out.

Story: Listen. The Ace Attorney games are weird. (This is a good thing.) You will get invested. There are intense character arcs; great themes of working together and the power of friendship; and plot twists in abundance. It’s well written and localised. (So. Many. Puns.) And if you get through the third game without crying, I’ll be amazed.

Positivity: Okay, the third game is heartbreaking, but in general there’s just such a refreshing theme here and I’m so into it.

Longevity: There are 8 games available in English (one of these is a fantranslation; and there are 9 in Japanese). And another on the way! (19 days!) In many ways (like reducing the number of blatantly fanservice-y outfits, for instance) the series has only gotten better as it’s gone on.

There are a lot more things that I could list but I don’t want to spoil anything. You can technically start anywhere in the series but I recommend playing in release order (though the spin offs, Investigations and Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton can really be played any time especially after the original trilogy).

Said original trilogy is available on iOS for £12.99, or you can pick them up for DS/3DS. In fact, they’re currently on sale on the Nintendo eStore until 25 August – for now the trilogy is £12.99 there too, and Dual Destinies is £7.99.

In conclusion:

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How often would you say you get commissions? (BTW I love everything you do.... in a friendly platonic non-creepy way)

Aaaww, thanks!  I get commissions, I dunno…not too frequently tbh.  Especially when it comes to animation, people start bargaining and then the prices turn out to be too much for them and it doesn’t happen.  

Maybe like two or three a month?

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what hogwarts house do you think taylor would be in? 💕

there are two that i think that taylor would fall under which is really funny because they’re considered very different but tbh she’d be a slytherpuff. like slytherin because

cunning - taylor knows how to make things go her way and how to do things so that she gets the most benefit out of them, which isn’t necessarily bad and tbh is a really good skill for someone who’s involved in a lot of business to have

ambition - i mean… homegirl is successful as hell

resourcefulness - she honestly does the most with everything she has and is really good at using all her skills and her money and supplies to sell a bunch of albums and sell out tours etc etc

and hufflepuff because

dedication/hard work - she’s been at this for ten years. TEN YEARS. that’s dedication. she made her way to the top by writing song after song and she never complains about being famous and everything she does is to improve herself etc

patience - have u seen her with lil kids it’s so cute but also she’s extremely polite to everyone she meets and practically everyone who has ever interacted with her has said that she’s lovely to be around. also, she never loses her cool and is always ridiculously eloquent

loyalty - taylor trusts too easily tbh which is why she sometimes gets stabbed in the back but also she’s insanely loyal to her friends and always there for them and she’s loyal to the fans

A lot of these under-21 yo neophyte meme nationalists and wheat field trads are going to look back on themselves and cringe. I’m glad that the zeitgeist is shifting (in any which way), but the quality of a message really tends to suffer as the number of messengers increases.

Sadly, faddism isn’t any measure of success, and a lot of the baggage that comes with it is pretty bad for business. The ‘alt-right’ was a good example of too many bad cooks spoiling the broth.

Apologies to the young shitposters I follow and enjoy on here. You’re genuine kids and understand the importance of the PIM principle (Pepes In Moderation).

Apoliteia, come quickly. Temper my passions and deliver me from false hope. 


FMLS90 - Day 14 (8/14)
Week Two Recap

This week was so weird for me. The week started with some really bad anxiety episodes and that threw me off. By Tuesday and Wednesday I was back at the gym and focusing on eating well, and Thursday I was home from work, which seemed to only encourage me to get off track again. The weekend was busy and very social and, well, there are a ton of reasons I could list but the truth is that I just lost my oomph. And that’s on me. But, I’m feeling ready to get back in the zone this week so that’s the good news.

I’m up +2 lbs from last week, but weighing in on a Monday (as I did today) has been historically bad for me. I’m typically holding onto some water weight. So I’m gonna get back to tracking my food and using my fit chart and we will see where that takes me!

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playing my mage
  • Some Horde jackalope every demon invasion:*tries to pvp me*
  • Me:Honey, don't do this. Love yourself. Walk away.
  • Jackalope:*persists*
  • Me:here we are literally 2-3 spells later you are dead you fucking walnut what were you expecting to happen I am so geared I will destroy you which is why I'm minding my own damn business and trying to fight the demons why do you keep trying to do this it is not a good idea do I look like I am fucking around standing here fighting this elite on my own besides even if I wasn't as geared as I am I'm an arcane mage and the burst from Supernova makes taking on arcane mages 1 on 1 a particularly Bad Idea™ if it's up and I've been standing here firing spells so I obviously have full arcane charges making me think you really don't know what you're doing and you should stop trying to single out and pvp people during cooperative world events anyway because you're being an asshole that nobody likes and get some damn knowledge and skill you fucking twat there are perfectly good infernals right over there to fight and yet here you were thinking you were gonna be cool and now you're just embarrassing

ughhh im so exhausted the past two days have been a wild ride

first i got my first hrt prescription and found out my medical transition might move a lot faster than i originally thought, so i have to make a bunch of phone calls and get all these tests done and get everything coordinated w regards to that

then i found out we’re moving within a month and we need to pack and get all the money together that we need for everything that moving houses entails

so this weeks gonna be real busy on top of me having way more hours at work than i usually do, which is good, because money, but bad because OF ALL THE WEEKS i could have had five days it was the most busy week ever and i have to juggle work w all the other stuff

but i guess its a good kind of exhaustion. things are finally progressing, and that entails a lot of work. itll pay off in the end.


Being at my auntie’s is good and bad. I’ve done more these past few days than I have in a month which is good for forcing me to get out of my own head but honestly right now I’m flagging… It’s taking a lot of energy to be happy and sociable every day and I kind of just want to curl up on my own for a (long) while. There are a lot of distractions and I’m so busy during the day that I don’t have time to think but by night time I’m just exhausted. The thing is, I don’t feel particularly sad, nothing is really wrong and I know I have good things and people in my life - I love my cousins and watching them change and grow up but I don’t have the energy to keep dragging myself through the days. I feel worn down and I’m so close to giving in.