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Z35B Journal

Morty’s Entry:

I’ve been feeling awfully ill recently… which is just another way to say I’ve got a really bad stomach ache I guess.

Rick is kind of busy, but even if he was here to cuddle me right now I can’t lay down and I keep squirming.

Awe jeez, this already turned into me just complaining, didn’t it….

Uhh let’s end off on a good note!! I’m glad the blog is here to take my mind off of the pain.

Also I love Rick

Like a lot

i’ve always believed that every single thing that happens — big or small — happens for a reason, always. good or bad, and especially when it’s bad, it’s written for it to be that way, even when that’s hard to swallow. i’m trying to focus on the things that have stayed with me, which also happen to be the things that i’d shoved into a corner but never forgot about. everything good about them poked at me while i was too busy trying to get a better look at something that was never meant to stay.
and i say i never forgot about them because their presence was that heavy. but the good kind of heavy we often take for granted. the kind of heavy that keeps you full, but not too full. and that’s the perfect amount you can ever be given, but not when you aren’t paying attention.
so where am i, right here, right now? where am i, now that i see this?
i don’t know but something i’d like to be able to say is, i’m on my way.
—  leila l. // where am i, right here, right now?

thatkevinsmith: Aw, Kraptonite! It’s all over! Finished my second episode of @supergirlcw at 11:30 last night with these cosplaying characters. Thank you @davidharewood, @melissabenoist & @chy_leigh - the heart, soul and spine of this wonderful weekly hour on @thecw - as well as the rest of the cast and the entire #vancouver crew! If you can’t tell, I love “directing” the @dccomics shows in the #berlantiverse. Doing so has made me a stronger film-maker while allowing me to play with someone else’s toys and IP. But it also provides nice cover for me in my day job so I can make masturbatory movies like @tuskthemovie & @yogahosers. Some indie filmmakers in the 90’s used to work under a “One for me, One for them” philosophy - the idea being you work with a studio on something they own then jump back into the freedom of no-budget filmmaking afterwards (Soderbergh popularized this approach). Directing #supergirl and @cwtheflash is kinda like a modern-day version of that for me on one level: the three well-received eps I handled that people have seen thus far clearly indicate I know how to direct and can color within the lines when it’s necessary. But my bat-shit crazy Canadian flicks (the #truenorthtrilogy) allow me to color my flicks any way I want, all artsy or stupid - which has resulted in a few baffled or hostile reactions and calls for my DGA card to be confiscated. So in a way, #supergirl has actually saved my fat ass IRL: working with this show lets me be considered “good” at directing for others while I’m so busy trying to be “bad” at directing my own material (though I like to think the flicks are more experimental than “bad”). Just another reason I love shooting shit with the folks in the photo above: by helping them be fake people, they help me be the real me. Never be scared to make what YOU want to see, Kids - but if you’re gonna get goofy with your personal work, it’s a good idea to simultaneously show folks you’re not really an idiot - you’re just trying out new stuff. Fortune favors the bold! #KevinSmith #supergirlseason2 #melissabenoist #davidharewood #chylerleigh

Long rant...sorry(:

Hey, so I really hate old ladies!! Last Sunday(of course) this lady came into buy coffee, I asked if she also wanted something to eat. She said no, kinda rudely, but whatever. So I take the next lady’s order, and after she handed me the bills and I typed in the amount, she handed me the change, and I paused, trying to do the math in my head. I explained I’m not good at math if it’s not on paper, and that I’ve gone about half a year without working so I wasn’t sure how much to give her. She didn’t mind, said she couldn’t do it in her head either, and took the change back. We started chatting, and I explained that I just had a baby, which is why I have been out of work, and that we moved to the area right before I gave birth. 

Cue old lady gets back in line. And she wants food. Right then I’m like okay, but why now? She doesn’t leave me wondering for long.

Her-“Have you found a church since you moved here?" 

Me-"No, I don’t go to church." 

Her-"Well you need to take your baby to church.”

Me-*takes a few seconds to respond because I don’t even know what to say. So I decided to pretend like maybe she misunderstood me??*

Me-“Oh, sorry, I actually said I DONT go to church”:):):)

Her-“Yes I know, and you need to take your child to church. [Insert name of church] is a very good church, you should go there”

Me-“Uhm, okay..? I’ll have to check it out…”

My manager was standing behind me(she has bible tattoos on her arms) and she goes “did she really just tell you that you need to take your baby to church??” I was just stunned!! I grew up in the church, but now that I’m an adult and not forced to go, I don’t. And if my child decides(on his own) that he does or doesn’t want to go to church(or practice any religion for that matter) he has my full support. But seriously fuck that lady. 

I also had another lady ask if my fiance is the father of my child(none of your fucking business??). Which I told her yes, and she said “Good, you need to stay with him. You need to do what’s best for your baby, not what’s best for you.” Take a second and let that sink in….I understand you’re from an older generation, but why did anyone think that’s a good thing to tell young people?? 

Also old men are pretty bad too. I’ve had a few tell me they’re proud of me for keeping my body in shape for my husband(im not married) after having a child. My fiance gained the same amount of weight I did while I was pregnant, but I’m the only one who lost it from having the baby..lol! I’m sure no one makes comments to him that he should stay in shape for me?? I don’t care what he looks like either way I love him. 

Sorry this mostly turned into a rant. I just hate old people and how they are so condescending! The only reason my boyfriend is now my ‘fiance’ is because I wanted a ring when I found out I was pregnant so old people wouldn’t give me as much shit. 

Black and White - Chapter 4

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4039 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 (M), Chapter 10 (M), Chapter 11

Baekhyun stepped into the lecture hall and spotted you taking a nap. He noted that the seat beside you was occupied by a guy who was chattering with different girl next to him.

Striding up to him, Baekhyun planted his books on the table and jutted his head to the side. Understanding what Baekhyun was trying to convey, the boy immediately packed up his things and left his seat to search for another. He tried to hide the subtle roll of his eyes directed at his intruder but Baekhyun saw and chose not to comment on it because after all, the boy wasn’t in the wrong.

He plopped down on the seat next to you. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, the girl that was initially speaking to the boy whom had been shooed off seemed to have misunderstood the situation. She probably thought the shifting of seats was Baekhyun’s method of getting his way with her because she started an act of seduction.

She casually tugged her tank top lower and bit her lip provocatively. “Hey oppa, are you going to the party this weekend?” she questioned flirtatiously.

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It’s Actually You (Part 2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Words: 2129

Warnings: insults to the reader, if this can trigger something please don’t read it

Request: You know that bit in CACW, where Bucky and Sam are in the car, and Steve kisses Sharon? Could you write something where the reader is in the car too, and whilst Steve is chatting to Sharon outside, the reader is chatting to Bucky and Sam, and they’re both saying she should tell Steve how she feels. And the reader is getting nervous, but she’s really happy, and feels so excited to tell him. But then she sees him kiss Sharon, and her whole world crumbles? With loads of angst, and Sharon being a b*tch to the reader. One part where possibly a party, or event happens, and Sharon and the reader happen to cross paths in the bathroom, and Sharon totally ruins the reader? Points out all her flaws, including her weight, and her legs. Don’t know why I’m asking for this. But I’m hormonal, and I feel like hardcore heartbreak. Fluff at the end, or no fluff, don’t mind. If you like, maybe a series? Thanks darling;) - for anon

A/N: guys!! I’m SO happy that you liked the first part!! This one is longer and I like it more than the other. I’m kind of proud of this one so I hope you like it

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“I said I’m fine,” you said for the millionth time. You were tired of Bucky and Sam bugging you about Steve. It’s not that you were actually fine, it was that you had more pressing matters than this.

“We wanted to check,” Bucky explained. He was worried about you. He was confused as to why Steve had kissed that agent. Bucky had seen how Steve looked at you. Even after so long, Steve was still his best friend and he knew the Captain like the palm of his hand. “That’s all, doll.”

“You know how much we care for you, y/n,” Sam added, putting a comforting hand on your shoulder.

“And I thank you for your concern, but right now we need to prepare our mission not our feelings,” you said smiling at them. You really were thankful. You grabbed one arm of each of the ginormous men and led them to the room where Steve was breaking his brain trying to figure out a tangible and doable plan. It was harder than it seemed.

So much dangers. Your faces where all over the news. You were criminals, for god’s sake. He was planning an undercover mission for the team to gather information about this Zemo guy you found out was messing with Bucky’s head.

“Hey, Stevie,” you greeted with a smile. You brought the men to face him and help plan your mission.

“Hey, y/n. I need your help here, you’re much better at this spy stuff than me,” Steve said. He placed a hand on your back and guided you through all the papers stuck on the wall.

They were people, places and events, product of hours of work and investigation without stopping. Steve explained how he found out Zemo was meeting a source in a private party in Germany. He’d be vulnerable, unaware and unprepared for an intrusion. It was perfect. All you had to do was gather enough information about him.

The only problem was you had to find people who you looked alike to be unnoticed by the guards and guests. It was going to require expensive clothes, tons of make-up and new shoes. This wasn’t a simple mission you happened to be sent to. This was Bucky’s life you were fighting for and, even if you’d known him for only a few weeks, you’d do anything for the man.

After hours of work and too much coffee for it to be healthy, you were ready.

“The party’s being hosted by Herman Scheider, a German business man. Incredibly rich and powerful,” you began explaining. You had a file about the man in your hand. It was only the information you could gather from internet and a few hacked government websites, but it was better than nothing. “He’s suspected of running an illegal business as almost all the guests of this party.”

“Bucky, you’ll have to stay here,” Steve announced sighting sadly. “We’re sorry, but too many people have seen your face in the news. It’s not safe for you to be out there.” He was looking at his best friend with worried eyes.

Bucky nodded shortly. He understood why this was the right call.

“However, Bucky, you’ll be our eyes and ears,” you got near him, “we’ll be planting micro cameras, courtesy of Sharon, during our stay and you’ll monitor them from here.”

Bucky smiled briefly. He didn’t feel useless anymore, he could actually help someone after all these years destroying people. You knew this meant a lot to Bucky, so you have insisted Steve to let him help.

“Sam, you’ll be Falk Holbein. He’s Austrian, rich, owns a few yachts, and his business is incredibly illegal,” you stated. “Holbein has friends up high in the government so play it cool if they come talking to you about politics.”

“Copy that, y/n.” Sam replied, taking the file you were handing him and studying it more carefully.

“Together with Sharon we’re gonna be Albert and Daeva Kügler, a rich married German couple. They’re suspected of running a drug cartel associated with Holbein,” the Captain proceeded with the explanation of the plan.

You weren’t a hundred percent supportive of Sharon tagging along, but you had to agree nonetheless. The team needed all the help available and she was probably the only one in the agency to support you all. You knew Sam and Bucky would look at you with sympathetic gazes, so you ignored them and began searching for the Küglers’ file.

“Y/n’ll come with us, right?” you heard Sam ask.

“Yes, she will. She’ll be Jenell Schmit, another ridiculously rich woman that has some illegal business going around in Germany with a base in Berlin,” Steve replied. He handed you your file, which you began rereading.

Sharon had appeared an hour later. You were getting ready at that moment, so Steve explained how the mission should go by himself. Not that either of them minded. While they were chatting, you prepared yourself.

Red lips, black smokey eyes, striking eyeliner. Everything was going smoothly with the process. After you finished, you went to your ‘room’ to get changed. As you entered, a long delicate burgundy dress stared at you from its hang. It was so beautiful and so eager to be used. 

However, your admiring time was over when you heard hard knocks on the door and Steve’s voice saying: “Y/n, are you ready? We need to leave now.”

“Almost!” you answered. You got dressed rapidly and put on a pair of black heels in only 3 minutes. You stared at yourself at the small mirror hanging from the wall and when you decided you were happy with your appearance, you opened the door.

Everyone was waiting for you outside your 'room’. Bucky, Sam, and specially Steve were looking at you in awe. You looked incredibly beautiful and all three men were well aware. Sharon, on the other hand, looked… jealous? No, that couldn’t be. But it was. She was beautiful too, but there was no match for you in the men’s eyes, which she knew. You had to say, both soldiers were looking good in their black tuxedos.

“Lookin’ good, doll,” Bucky said smirking flirtishly.

“Why, thank you, Barns,” you answered in a fake posh voice.

“May I accompany you to the door, m'lady,” Sam asked offering his arm.

“That is incredibly kind of you, sir,” you answered. When you couldn’t contain the laughter anymore, the four of you exploded in laughter. Sharon, of course, was too busy envying your friendship with the soldiers.

“S-seriously, though, you look great, y/n,” Steve complimented.

“Thanks, Steve. You’re not bad yourself.”

“And what about me? I’m stunning?” Sam joked.

Between laughs, you answered. “You’re absolutely stunning, Sam.“

This mission was going better than you expected and it hadn’t even started yet. Surely, things could get complicated later, but you’d burn that bridge when you got there. When you got to Scheider’s mansion, all four of you were ready. You pretended you didn’t know you knew each other and passed through the front doors with nervously.

"I’ve got eyes on Scheider,” you heard Sam’s voice in the communicator in your ear after walking around for ten minutes trying to find any familiar face. “I’ll plant a camera near him, someone cover me.”

“I’ll go,” you answered.

You went to the living room and walked towards the man. He looked expensive. You needn’t get too close, as the man approached you himself with an easy smile.

“Hey, there, pretty,” Scheider said with a heavy German accent.

“Hi, you’re Mr. Scheider, right?” you faked confusion.

“In the flesh,” he answered grinning. “And call me Herman, please.” Scheider winked at you.

“Oh, my friend’s been talking my ear off about you,” you joked. Scheider laughed, but didn’t interrupt you, so you kept talking. “I don’t think she was wrong about you at all,” you added seductively.

“Good things, I hope,” he answered with the same flirtish tone as yours.

“All good things, Herman.”

“Nice, y/n,” you heard Bucky’s voice in your ear. You could even hear his smirk.

Right after this, Sam announced he had finished placing the micro camera.

“Would you mind getting me a drink?” you asked at the man in front of you.

“Wouldn’t mind at all. When I get back, I’ll want to hear your name, beautiful,” he answered and faded into crowd.

You took this chance to go and look for Zemo. It was hard between all this people. Some came to talk to you about business opportunities, which you accepted kindly.

“I have visual on Zemo,” you said suddenly recognizing his face.

“Hold on, y/n,” Steve said through your communicators. “Where is he?”

“In the living room, surrounded by… escorts,” you answered with a disgusted grimace. “Sam will fit better there. He’s alone so he can bend easily and start a conversation with the bastard.”

“Good idea, y/n,” Steve answered. “Sam, you heard that?”

“Sounds like a plan, guys,” Sam answered. “Y/n, place a micro camera near him when I get there. I want all of this recorded.”

“Copy that.”

You saw Sam come into the room. He blended quite easily and began chatting with Zemo. You looked for a place to put the micro camera and hid it when you found the right one. As you turned around, you heard a familiar voice talking.

“I thought I’d lost you,” Scheider appeared from the blurry crowd with an expensive smile and two martinis.

“My fault. Some people offered me a business deal I couldn’t decline,” you lied accepting the drink he was giving you. “When I came back you weren’t there.”

“I understand that. When business calls, there’s no way of saying no,” Scheider answered, his German accent emphasized in every ‘r’.

You continued talking about business sitting on the bar. The amount of information he was giving you was enormous and you couldn’t feel more motivated. The mission was going smoothly. Besides, the man had his charisma so the conversation wasn’t dull.

“I need to go to the bathroom, Harem,” you said standing up.

The man placed a hand on your waist softly and lowered his head to whisper in your ear. “We’ll finish this, beautiful.”

You stepped back and smirked flirtishly at him.


You turned around and headed to the bathroom. It was elegant and isolated from the loud music and the crowd full of possible criminals. You looked at yourself in the mirror and touched up your make-up. You heard a toilet flush and when you turned around, you saw none other than Sharon.

“Hi,” you said nicely. You decided to give her a chance. If she was going to stick with you often, you should at least fake being nice.

She glared back. You shrugged it off and continued with what you were doing.

“You know what, y/n?” Sharon faced you with a raged expression. “You aren’t nearly as perfect as you think you are. You think everyone likes you? Guess what? You’re wrong.”

Your eyes widened in response of the abrupt insults flowing off her tongue. What was going on? “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You think you’re so pretty in that dress, but it’s not even close. Look at you. Your legs, your waist, that’s no way of wearing such a dress, y/n. And your make-up? Did you smudge it all on purpose? You’re pathetic, really,” Sharon kept on going about your flaws but you weren’t paying attention anymore.

Your breathing started getting more and more difficult and tears were forming up on the edge of your eyes, but your anger was stronger. “Why would you be so mean to me? I get it, I’m your competition or something you invented, right? If this is because of Steve, then you should know he likes you, not me,” you said angrily. He shouldn’t, but he did, you thought.

“You’re so pathetic. I knew there was a reason for Steve not to like you back,” she said stepping menacingly towards you. “You aren’t strong enough to be a part of this team. You aren’t good enough. You’re worthless, y/n.”

That was the last drop. A single tear ran down your cheek and taking it as your queue, you left. You went straight to a small deck in the back of the house. It was deserted, so no one would bother you.

Were you really all those things?

Why did Sharon begin insulting you out of the blue?

Were you really worthless?

All these questions and many more popped in your head. Your mind was running a million miles an hour. Your questions and doubts were interrupted by someone. Steve. He had seen you go there in a hurry and now, he looked at you with a concerned expression.

“Y/n? What happened?”

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anonymous asked:

Heeeyyy :D I'd like to request something! Could you write please a BTS reaction to you being extra cuddly and wanting their attention? Thank you in advance! ^^

A/N: Heeeeyyy, I wrote this assuming that the reader is their gf because a clingy opposite gender friend felt weird and would -more or less- turn into a gf, anyway.


Originally posted by yoonmin

-Depending on his mood, I feel like Yoongi would either be REALLY ANNOYED or REALLY SOFT about this.
-but, even if he DOES like it; he’ll act all tsundere about it.
-“Aish, get awaaay~” He’d be all whiny. I’m so sure of it.
-He appreciates cuddles because it’s warm and comfy, though so, even if he’s annoyed; I think he would melt a little.
-In the end you’ll probably get him to cuddle with you, regardless of whether or not he found you annoying.
-Unless he’s in a REALLY EXTRA BAD MOOD and you ended up pushing his buttons more in which, you should probably get ready to cry.


Originally posted by maknaezyt

-I guess we all know this one.
-Even if he’s busy, I don’t think he’d be able to stand you.
-The only exception I can think of is when he’s losing at a video game.
-He might yell at you then because he gets INTENSE when he’s gaming.

-But, he’d instantly regret it so….
-I think it’s safe to say you’ll get your cuddles and attention no matter which way this plays out.


Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Cuddles? Attention? Okay….!
….after I cook, that is.”
-This guy would totally use this to his advantage and bargain with you.
-“Hm, how about you help me slice the vegetables first, then we’ll cuddle?”
-You’ll be tricked. Come on. We have to admit this.
-He’ll most likely get you to do a bunch of aegyo and stupid poses first before he finally gives you your cuddles, too.
-but, hey. 
-This means you got his attention early on so, who’s the real loser here?


Originally posted by jjeonguk

-He’d most likely be down for this but, he’d also be a shy, blushing mess.
-Sudden and VERY cringey cockiness will happen, as well.
-“Oh, does Bae want a hug? NAMDADDY’S GOT YOU!”
-By the time you get him to cuddle with you; you’re probably going to CHOKE him because he’s just TOO CUTE because he’s all shy but, also WAY TOO CRINGEY because he’s trying to be cool and confident.
-Overall, this will be a very confusing experience for the both of you.


Originally posted by iweedu

-This kid, somebody help him.
-He’s going to get so annoyed because he loves this so much.
-As in, on one hand, he loves this.
-On the other, he loves this TOO MUCH that, he’s losing his cool.
-He does not like losing his cool.
-So, in the end, this guy will pretend to cuddle all for your sake. As if he doesn’t really like this.
-but, we all know he loves it.


Originally posted by iamlatinaandilovekpop

-Would never say no (even in the restroom and, gosh. TMI. Sorry, everyone.)
-He’d always be super enthusiastic about this.
-You might actually get overwhelmed by the amount of attention he’ll give you.
-To the point where you’ll ask him to stop, even.
-but, too late.
-Cuddle time has begun and THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT.


Originally posted by littlebabyfox20

-This little mochi would get so red you might call an ambulance.
-He’ll act all annoyed at first but, a smile would break through and he’d start giggling like the baby that he is.
-I feel like the cuddles could become intense, though.
-I’ll leave it to you to interpret that any way you see fit.
-So, yeah.
-I’m pretty sure this guy would be another one who wouldn’t be able to resist and say no to you.

-And that’s it for that! I hope you enjoyed it!
​​​​​​Also, my requests are still open!

soulmate! Jun (pt.2)


Admin note: AWWW TYSM LOVELY OFC YOU CAN. Jun’s was the first one we did, so both Seri and I love Jun’s soulmate au, it’s our baby, it’s iconic, lol. THANKS FOR REQUESTING AND HOPE YOU ENJOY. (might low key hint about the other part two’s who knows;)

recap: where your soulmate’s first words are tattooed on your arm (part one)

  • Jun likes to tease you
  • ever since that rainy night when you finally met him
  • finally met your soulmate
  • and everything suddenly fell in place and made sense
  • he just refuses
  • to give you back that extra umbrella you gave to him as you spoke the words tattooed on his arm
  • as often you’re over at the dance studio hanging out with him
  • or even the occasional times you’re at the dorm just chilling
  • he never brings up your umbrella, or when he might return it
  • and that’s fine, you don’t really need it
  • but he said he’d return it eventually and he hid it for now, which was just driving you crazy
  • “Jun, this is like the fifth time y/n, has checked the living room for the umbrella.” Minghao says laughing as you turn red and stop your rummaging through the couch cushions
  • “It’s not that I refuse to give it back- … actually no that's exactly what it is” Jun says from the kitchen shooting you a wink
  • turning even more pink you say
  • “Wen Junhui, what is your deal with not giving me back my umbrella!?!?”
  • “It just reminds me of you and how lucky I got that night for having lost rock, paper, scissors.” he says shrugging
  • which shuts you right up as you stare down at your feet, blushing again
  • “I’m still here guys, I didn’t need to throw-up my dinner.” Minghao says rolling his eyes
  • walking out of the kitchen Jun says
  • “Jealous?” as he wraps an arm around your waist to pull you closer to him
  • leaving the both of you a giggling mess and blushing like fools
  • Mingyu comes out of the bathroom armed with a broom to shoo you and Jun out of the dorm so you can stop infesting the place with the “love bugs”
  • as Mingyu calls the two of you
  • granted, you and Jun have been a couple for a while
  • he was the first of Svt to meet his soulmate
  • and wasted no time making it clear to everyone in Seventeen that you two were together
  • you both were the couple that everyone would have assumed had been dating forever
  • you might as well have been called that “old married couple”
  • with your random tickle fights when everyone was trying to enjoy their movie
  • “Really?!?!? Do the two of you have to do that now?”
  • “Keep your hands to yourself, guys we get it, you’re dating.”
  • “Making skin ship 24/7 is NOT NECESSARY.”
  • going shopping together not only for clothes but for random crap for your apartment or his dorm room
  • like that vase of fake orchids that now sits on top of your night stand
  • or this striped dress shirt you called him cute in
  • you also get asked a lot of relationship questions
  • since you’ve been dating the longest and you've been around for when all the others found their soulmates
  • “Do you know where I can get a stuffed animal bunny, y/n?” Joshua asks
  • “What place has the best flowers?” Vernon asks you
  • “I want to do something special, what’s a good date idea?”
  • which low key triggers Jun 
  • “Ok, if any of them come to you for advice with how to deal with their soulmates, tell them to get lost because you’re too busy spending time with me and they need to get their own experience.” Jun says playfully with a pout while sitting next to you on the floor against the practice room’s mirrors
  • “They really shouldn’t ask me, I probably don’t know any better.” you say with a laugh
  • “Good, once they realize you’re bad at giving relationship advice, they’ll leave you alone that way I can spend more time with the most beautiful person in the whole universe.” he said cutely giving a small nod of his head
  • “Yah! My advice is solid!” you say playfully smacking his arm
  • “Is it really?” he says jokingly earning another smack on the arm from you
  • dates generally end up him ordering coffee from your café
  • and the two of you walking around taking pictures
  • you often have Jun model for you
  • even though you can’t post or use any pictures of him
  • there was something about the way he held himself when posing in front of the camera
  • that you just had to capture it in all its glory
  • Jun himself is art 
  • he always convinces you to pose a few times too while he takes pictures
  • of course the selca master
  • the two of you take a lot of selcas together, you have a whole folder on your phone dedicated to selcas with him, and you’re each other’s home screens
  • “Sorry I can’t use you for my lock screen, but the other members would  tease us forever, and I’d rather preserve your sanity.”
  • lately though, all of Svt are really busy with their upcoming concerts and activities
  • and so you just low key try to stay out of their way
  • you’ll be working at the cafe across the street from their studio and catch yourself staring up at the window where you know they’re probably rehearsing
  • and perfect timing
  • Jun texts a simple “I miss you”
  • which nearly makes you spill the Americano you were making to smile down at your phone
  • before your manager asks what you’re smiling at, is making coffee funny all of a sudden?
  • and not seeing Jun everyday was a bit sad
  • you haven’t been feeling all that well either, though you’re not sure if it’s the stress of making coffee or trying to maintain your grades
  • since Jun is often busy rehearsing, you both stay up late face-timing
  • him telling you cute little stories about the members
  • and you telling him about your day
  • even if the both of you are exhausted
  • you don’t mind staying up to talk even if the both of you sometimes fall asleep on the phone
  • you especially like the story of how they burst into the locked bathroom to wish him a happy birthday
  • but for a college photography major
  • you need your sleep
  • and the late night call sessions weren’t helping your health
  • which is probably how you ended up in bed
  • with a horrible cold
  • and your brain pounding against your skull
  • “I welcome death” you groan taking another painkiller before flopping back onto your sofa bed in front of the TV
  • since money is tight and you like sleeping in the living room anyway
  • your bed is the sofa bed that folds outward
  • you fall asleep watching a drama and wake up to 267 messages
  • “Yah! Y/n! Your manager told me you took the day off? Are you sick?” Jun’s contact picture and messages are the ones that stand out the most amongst others
  • “Noona, are you ok? Jun-hyung is freaking out.”
  • “Yah, y/n pick up so Jun can stop annoying us all with his worrying.”
  • “I’m really sorry if we’re being annoying but please come collect your boyfriend.”
  • the struggles of being a soulmate to one of the members of svt?
  • all 13 of them will get your phone number, and rip if you don’t have a good data plan 
  • you can’t help but smile a bit to yourself as you scroll through all your notifications
  • when an incoming call from Jun lights up your cell
  • you reeeeeeeaally don’t want him to worry, so you start panicking and debating whether to answer
  • he needs to focus on rehearsing and avoid worrying about you
  • but you pick up anyway
  • and hearing his voice was enough to stop the incessant headache thank the lord
  • “Jun?” curse you and your dead sounding voice, you regret answering and omg he’s going to panic so much and
  • “How’d you get here Jun you have rehearsals?!?”
  • “Your manager said you were sick and so naturally I went to buy you soup, rehearsals ended like ten minutes ago.”
  • “Aw babe, that’s nice but HOW DID YOU GET MY ADDRESS?!??”
  • he chuckles into the phone
  • “I didn’t even ask your manager for it, he says he’s seen me before and asked why I wasn't  home taking care of you and why I don’t know your address yet even though we’re married.”
  • “HE WHAT?”
  • “He thought we were married.” you can hear Jun dying from laughter
  • “Remind me not to murder my manager, cuz then I wouldn’t get paid.”
  • “I mean, I’m ok with him thinking that we’re married.”
  • “Yah! Wen Junhui!”
  • “It’s cold hurry open the door!”
  • you drag yourself up with the five blankets wrapped around your shoulders not caring they drag on the floor to open the door
  • when you open the door, he stands there thinking you’re just the cutest thing ever with your nose red and so many blankets wrapped around you
  • he’s about to hug you
  • “STOP”
  • “What why?” he says giving you the cutest little frowny face
  • “I don’t want you to get sick too!”
  • “I don’t care let me take care of you.” he pouts cutely, knowing if he acts cute enough he might just get through to you
  • not toooodaaaaaay
  • “Wen Junhui we all know you’ll cry and blame me for weeks if you so much as sneeze once.” you tease him trying to laugh before you sneeze into your elbow
  • “Ok, yes that might be true, but I went out to buy soup so I have the right to stay.”
  • he looks at you standing barefoot by the door with several blankets wrapped around you, some of it dragging on the floor
  • holding up the soup, he gives you a cheeky wink
  • “The soup’s hot but I’m hotter.”
  • you groan, rolling your eyes, but smiling as you playfully throw a pillow at his face
  • “Hey that’s violence!”
  • it misses, Jun’s dodge could only be described as elegant
  • “Hey if I spill soup on the carpet, you have to clean it up not me.”
  • “How is this supposed to make me feel better?” you tease him, sneezing again and settling back down on the sofa bed with your mountain of blankets
  • “No, clearly I came here to annoy you.” he chuckles
  • you watch as he looks around your kitchen for a bowl
  • he pours out the soup and sets the steaming bowl at the dinner table
  • and before you can protest
  • he picks you up into his arms and carries you over to the table
  • then he sits down across from you with a smirk on his face noticing the gentle blush creeping up your face
  • “I know I’ve been busy lately, so I wanted to do something for you. And aren’t boyfriends supposed to take care of their other half when they’re sick?” he says hiding his shy smile behind his hand
  • you sit there, your heart racing from his words
  • “Hurry and eat! I’m not leaving until you finish.”
  • what a liar
  • he didn’t leave your side at all that night
  • insisting on carrying you back to bed and snuggling up against you despite your protests he might get sick
  • you both fell asleep like that
  • you wrapped around his arms, blankets piled around the two of you
  • until his phone blasts a loud alarm in the morning
  • Jun jumps up, almost falling off the sofa bed and you look at the time, before realizing
  • his phone starts buzzing and when he answers the call you can hear people screaming even though Jun’s phone isn’t on speakers
  • “You’re not as in innocent as we thought hyung!!!”
  • “I’ll fight you boy, if you did anything to y/n, Junhui.”
  • “WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.” Jun yells back into the phone while trying not to laugh
  • you throw another pillow at him
  • “I’LL BE BACK IN A BIT!” Jun yells before hanging up and immediately throwing his phone onto the sofa bed
  • “Ok so on the bright side, doesn’t look like they’re angry at you, but on the not so bright side I’M DEAD.”
  • “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t feel too sick anymore.”
  • Jun laughs and grabs your arm dragging you into a hug
  • “You can’t escape, you have to come explain things to them for me so I can walk around with my head intact pleeeeeeease????”
  • he wraps you up in his sweatshirt before the two of you head out to go back to the studio
  • walking into the studio, the both of you grip each other’s hands tightly anticipating the worst
  • “What if they actually kill me, y/n, I’ve got a lot of things to say to you though.” Jun says eyes wide and alert
  • “So do I Jun, but let’s discuss this if we do make it out alive.”
  • you both walk in to the practice room to twelve boys staring into your souls
  • RIP
  • an hour of screaming later
  • though honestly it was mostly them laughing and yelling and poking Jun every once in a while
  • they let the two of you leave, satisfied with their interrogation
  • “Jun-hyung, be good while we’re gone”
  • “No anything 19+ in the practice room, we need it for rehearsals.”
  • “Y/n is precious and innocent, if he tries anything, y/n, just give us a call.”
  • “Oh my god just get out!” Jun says flustered and shooing them away
  • ever since that incident
  • Jun and you never tell Svt when the two of you are going on a date
  • “You sure you can’t change your number, I’m ok with them not contacting you” Jun says over ramen at the convenience store on the corner looking dead serious
  • you stir your ramen and laugh
  • “No unfortunately, some of their soulmates know where I work, I’d never be able to escape.”
  • “Aish, them convincing their soulmates to work on the side of evil.”
  • “They’re all really sweet and pretty though, some of us hang out as friends now because of all of you, should we form an idol group too?”
  • “When would you guys debut?” he laughs
  • “I was joking, all of us can only take so much Svt craziness you know.”
  • “You love us though.”
  • “True”
  • “And they’re pretty, but you’re the prettiest.”
  • “Omo stop Junhui, you’ll actually make me laugh.”
  • “Last night, I had to convince Minghao not to tell them I was getting dinner with you because he caught me sneaking out, and now I have to do his laundry for a week.”
  • “Thanks for your noble sacrifice.”
  • “I know right, the things I do for you”
  • the two of you should be aspiring food critics
  • you’ve both been to almost every Chinese restaurant in Seoul
  • just because you know he likes spicy food
  • and try everything
  • him occasionally just staring at you
  • until you shove more food on his plate to get him to stop
  • you of course taking pictures of the food to post on SNS
  • yes, you’re that person at restaurants
  • standing on chairs to get a good shot
  • with Jun standing behind you, arms ready to catch you if you lose balance
  • and as the both of you walk back to the studio after a dinner date
  • it starts raining
  • and you’re silently cursing yourself for not checking the weather forecast when leaving your apartment earlier
  • but Jun magically pulls out the umbrella you gave him the night you met him and opens it above the both of you
  • “Oh my god, see, you knew exactly where it was and yet never gave it back.”
  • “Mian, I had to hold onto it.”
  • “Why?”
  • “It felt like a dream, meeting you. I had to make sure it wasn’t a dream, so I kept it as physical proof.”
  • you stop walking and face him as he stops too, still holding the umbrella above the both of you
  • “That’s hecka cheesy.” you say grinning
  • “Yea well, I’m naturally cheesy.”
  • “No, you’re cute and sweet and romantic.”
  • “Nah, you’re cute.”
  • you both stand staring at each other a little longer, near the dance studio
  • “Well, I’ll give it back tonight.”
  • “Why? Don’t need it anymore?”
  • “Nope, because now I know it wasn’t a dream. And every time I need proof, I’ll just look for you.”
  • and he lifts your chin up and kisses you softly, the sound of rain pattering around you
  • it’s not cold though, no, the warm feeling from the gentle kiss is enough to keep the cold rainy night’s cold away from the both of you
  • you don’t recall how long the both of you stay like that
  • but when you finally pull away
  • he gives you a cute smile while tilting his head
  • and gives you a wink
  • shocked the two of you turn around to see Svt staring at the two of you from the front doors of the studio
  • “Children, it’s 10 o'clock, way past curfew.”
  • “Mingyu, you owe me ten bucks, I told you he’d kiss her first.”
  • “Man, I really thought she would be the one to do it.”
  • “Shi- run!”
  • and you laugh as Jun and you chase the scattering svt members out into the rain
  • all thoughts of getting soaked or catching a cold lost in your moment of happiness

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


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Strangers PT.6

[PT.1] [PT.2] [PT.3] [PT.4] [PT.5] [PT.6] [PT.7END]

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Namjoon’s p.o.v 

I stood outside of the cafe, all covered up waiting for her arrival. I still felt bitter about our conversation last night, if it wasn’t obvious enough already anyone could probably tell that I was jealous. Jealous of the guy that Y/N misses. Jealous of someone I don’t even know. I wanted to see Y/N, I wanted to finally meet her in person and I was excited that I’m finally getting the opportunity to do so but I couldn’t take my mind off the idea that there’s someone better in her eyes, someone that has overtaken me to reach her heart. But so what if there’s someone she’s interested in? That shouldn’t bother me because she doesn’t know I have feelings for her, but it does. It shouldn’t have anything to do with me because it’s her life and her choices, but I want it to be. 

I could feel my stomach doing flips inside of me. I was nervous to meet her for the first time, did people still do this kind of thing? Where they meet people online or something and meet up in person? Well I suppose it is the 21st century so I’d expect it to still exist. Just, I never expected myself to be in this situation.

It wasn’t long after I had sat down that I saw a petite figure walking in my direction from across the street. It was her. It was Y/N, the girl who was heading directly towards me without stopping is the girl I’ve been dying to meet. She was even prettier in person, and seeing her made my heart flutter. As cheesy and lame as that sounds, it was true. Her style was simple yet elegant, dressed in a flowing summer dress with a cropped denim jacket, some heeled sandals and a few accessories. Her hair was a light brown, long and slightly curly at the end. Her makeup was natural, she looked almost the same as she does when she’s barefaced, the makeup only enhanced her features. I didn’t even realise I was watching her so intently until she waved her hand in front of my face.

“It’s Namjoon in there right?” She questioned and giggled at the same time. 

“I- uh- yeah, hi.” I stammered.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, do you always go out dressed like this?’

“You too, you look beautiful by the way and yeah I kinda have to since I have to avoid being caught especially when I’m out meeting such a pretty lady.”

“You’re full of sweet compliments today aren’t you Joon?” 

“I can’t help it, these thing just naturally fall outta my mouth when I see you.” 

“How about we go somewhere with less people since you must be suffocating in there.” She mentions, referring to the mask and hat I’m currently hiding behind.

“That’d be great.” 

We started walking, and neither of us spoke a word. She lead the way and I would follow by her side. Even though I’m supposed to be enjoying myself, meeting the girl I’ve been wanted to see for so long was supposed to be the best experience but I couldn’t help but think of last night’s conversation. I must have been frowning because when Y/N turned to look at me she said;

“Is everything okay? You don’t look too happy.” She had a hint of disappointment in her voice, which made me feel bad.

“No, no of course I’m happy.” I said almost too quickly.

“Are you sure? I mean if you’re not having a good time, we could just go our separate ways.” 

“Y/N, I swear I’m enjoying every second with you.” She tried holding back a smile, and nodded in response.

“We’re almost there.” I was too busy thinking to even realise where we had walked to. A few metres ahead were two rows of trees, that didn’t seem to have an end to it, with a path down the middle. Since it was summer, the trees were a vibrant green. The scenery was breathtaking. 

“Not a lot of people come here, so it’s always very quiet. It’s as if no one knows this place exists which is a shame because it’s so beautiful.” She explained as she carried on walking forwards. She started to walk ahead of me, reaching one end of where the rows of trees begin before I did. 

She turned back round and smiled at me. Her smile itself was even more breathtaking than the scenery I had before me. 

“Come on slow coach, I want to show you something.” She took ahold of my hand and started to drag me towards a bench. Around the bench were buckwheat flowers surrounding it. She took careful steps and took a seat, letting go of my hand in the process. I proceeded to follow her actions and took a seat beside her. 

“Do you know what these flowers are?” She asks me, whilst pointing towards the ground.

“Buckwheat flowers, why?” 

“Do you know what they mean?” 

“Well, in Goblin it means lover.” 

“Ah so you know your dramas huh?”

“Of course, why do you ask anyway?”

“Mmm, no reason.” Her response, somewhat disappointed me, as if I was expecting a confession when she had asked what it meant. 

“You’re making that frowny face again.” She looked down, and bit the inside of her left cheek.

“I’m sorry.”

“No it’s okay, let’s just go.” She stood up ready to leave, but I took her hand in mine and pulled her back down onto the bench. Her face now only a few centimetres away from mine.

“Don’t go.” Her eyes were looking directly at mine, whilst mine where looking back and forth from her lips and her eyes. The temptation to kiss her was killing me. 

“If you’re going to make a move then do it.” She was bold, just like she always has been. But I couldn’t do it. I’m not the one she likes, so why would she ask me to kiss her? I pulled away, resisting my own temptations.

“I can’t.” 

“What do you mean you can’t? You’re acting real strange today, I mean I know it’s our first time meeting but we’ve talked for a while now and facetimed a lot so why does it feel so awkward and weird? Don’t you like me at all?” 

“I do, that’s why I can’t do this. I like you more than you think and I don’t want to get hurt.” 

“Why would you get hurt?”

“Because there’s already someone else you like. You told me last night that there was someone you were missing, I don’t want anything to happen between us if I’m not the one you want. That’s why I’ve been acting so off - because I can’t get your words out of my mind and it stings. It stings because I’ve fallen for you, whilst you’ve fallen for somebody else.” 

“Who said I’d fallen for somebody else?” 

“You did!”

“I didn’t Namjoon, I said that there is someone I miss and I never clarified who that someone was, but if you really want to know then that someone was you…”

Phone sex (Seungcheol)

Not a request!

This is actually one of the pieces I wrote when I applied as an admin on another scenario blog like 2 years ago, and I’m now posting it here (after re-writing of course) as a, uh, lil filler because I haven’t had time/energy to write recently. I hope some of you’d find it enjoyable despite its short length 😂 


The phone call had been odd to begin with; his voice had been huskier than usually, and it didn’t take too long for him to ask the very cheesy question that easily gave away what he was going after. 

“What are you wearing?” 

As you had caught up to Seungcheol’s plans, the call had soon led to the present: you were sitting on your bed with your back against the wall while he was seated on a comfortable armchair he had in his hotel room, with his hand around his cock.

“Tell me how you feel around your fingers,” Seungcheol said into his phone’s microphone, eyes shut tightly and his other hand wrapped around his hardened length, pumping slowly while he painted the most beautiful images of you in his mind. You moaned on the other end, two of your fingers deep inside of yourself, making you squirm despite the digits not belonging to the one person you were craving for.

“So wet, so t-tight,” you whined and scissored your fingers a little. You felt yourself clench involuntarily when you heard Seungcheol’s groan.

“Touch your clit for me, baby,” he muttered, and you obliged readily. You did your best to keep your phone between your ear and shoulder as your hands were busy between your legs, which you held open for easier access.

“Ah, Seungcheol,” you moaned, slowly pushing in a third finger of yours, desperately trying to mimic how it felt to have the said male inside of you, as impossible as it was for it to ever feel as good as he did. "I need you so bad, oh my god…“

He grinned while biting his lower lip, getting closer to his climax with your sweet moans ringing in his ears, going oh so well together with his mental images. He wished it was you around his cock, but he was grateful for your moans as well. "Oh, if I was there, you’d be long gone.”

“I know,” you moaned at the blissful mental image of your boyfriend slamming deep into you, and you could’ve sworn that you’d never been as frustrated during a sexual act as you were now. Excluding that one time Seungcheol had teased you to no end, of course, but that time had paid off with the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life.

“I do agree though, you don’t understand how badly I want to be inside you right now,” he said with a grunt, picturing you on his lap to the best of his ability. “I’d be in so deep, and you’d be clenching around me so deliciously…”

You moaned quietly and encouraged him to continue his visualization, a very similar image taking over your mind as well, which only made your own touch so much better.

“I’d be playing with your clit in rhythm, and your nipple would be tortured by my tongue…” You encouraged him to continue again while moving your other hand to your chest, playing with your nipples and trying to multi-task with the hand you still had down at your core, desperately reaching the clit with your thumb. In the end it was fairly sloppy, but felt good nevertheless, so you paid no mind.

“What about you?” he asked instead, a hint of playfulness in his tone, and you could practically see the smirk on his lips. You groaned, contemplating throwing your phone away before finally letting your imagination free.

“I’d be pushing back against you,” you began, feeling the knot in the pit of your stomach tighten a little, “and my nails would be digging into your back, and I’d–”

You couldn’t even finish your description as you felt your orgasm crashing over your body, with a loud moan erupting from your lips. Seungcheol groaned, thumbing the slit of his cock whenever his hand, now moving a lot quicker than in the beginning, reached the top of his length.

“Ah, fuck, baby,” he groaned as he came, the image of your blissful, post-climax expression the only thing in his mind. His breathing was heavy as he slowly came down from his high, opening his eyes slowly.

“How did it feel?” you asked with what you hoped was a steady voice as you wiped your fingers into a tissue, and you got a guttural groan from your boyfriend.

“Very, very good,” he said contentedly, wiping himself with a tissue as well, aiming a similar question to you. You smiled to yourself, falling to lie on your side on your bed.

“Not as good as the real thing,” you said and bit your lower lip, and he chuckled.

“I’ll be back next week,” he said with a slightly amused tone. You played with your hair, letting out a thoughtful sound.

“The day I see you, you won’t know what hit you,” you said suggestively, and when he asked what you meant with that, you merely laughed a little and wished him a good night. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he replied with a soft smile on his face, sighing when he put the phone down after you had hung up. Meanwhile, you were already planning the day he’d come back, a solid plan slowly but surely forming in your mind.

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I made some Pokemon Sun and moon Valentines this year. Im uploading them early because this month might be too busy for me to upload them any time before Valentines Day. I made them look kinda bad for humor reasons but my computer did make some of the characters art look blurry or bad, which adds to the effect to me. I used either quotes that they said in the games or good things that I imagine that they might say

The One On The Last Night

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a moment before Dean goes off to face Amara one last time.

Word Count: 1,971

Warnings: Angst, Smut, A bit of Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess‘s Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge! I got the prompt: “The One On The Last Night”. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is definitely welcomed! 

**Also, special thanks to my beautiful Ree for putting up with me and reading over this. I could cry, to be honest.**

Nothing hurt more than knowing that the person you love was going to cease to exist come tomorrow. Nothing hurt more than knowing that it was all due to a plan to help God. Nothing hurt more than knowing that your life was going to mean absolutely nothing from here on out.

Not without the person you love.

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat as Rowena explained the plan to Dean. I couldn’t even concentrate properly. All that mattered was Dean. It was like I was having tunnel vision and all I could see were those beautiful apple green eyes, once so full of confidence and awareness, now looked broken and lost.

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For You

Me a few days ago: I’m not going to write for a bit
Me after last night’s ep. of the Flash: TIME TO WRITE UNTIL MY HANDS FALL OFF
But for real, last night’s episode was so good and now I have Julian feels!!!

Title: For You
Pairing: Julian Albert x reader
Summary: Barry leaves you alone in the lab with Julian, which leads to you discovering his life story.
Word Count: 1,705
Warnings: Food mention, spoilers about the Flash episode 3x04 (obviously)

Your name: submit What is this?

             "No, Allen, you may not steal another sample from me,“ you heard Julian sneer as you walked into the lab.

           You could feel the annoyance radiating off of Julian. Barry catches your glance and rolls his eyes quickly. You smile at his frustration with Julian, vaguely amused, but break the tension by handing Barry a manila folder.

           "Don’t worry about it Julian, Barr’s working on something else,” you told him, resting your hand proudly on Barry’s shoulder.  

           Barry thanks you with a smile before shrugging your hand off gently and walking to his half of the lab. Julian pauses, eyes flickering from you to Barry before replying.

           "Well, good for him,“ Julian replied, busying himself with the papers on his desk. "Working on something useful.”

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imagine #21

character - Newt
words - 1419
warnings - n/a
description - You’re the latest addition to the Glade and Newt starts to really like you, but gets jealous because Alby likes you too.
a/n - requested anonymously ; i’m sorry it’s so late but match-ups got in the way! still, i hope you like it!

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anonymous asked:

DUDE your response to that other anon just now (the one talking about 'if you're unexperienced why even bother writing?') was like amazing~ so often people just get really angry and lash out and you were so like firm and polite and still positive and those are some good vibes to be sending out :D

anon: I’ve been sexually active for 6 years now with 3 different partners. Your reactions are most definitely realistic. In fact, we shouldn’t even be talking about what is realistic and what isn’t when it comes to sex because every couple is different and has their own things. What might be realistic to one couple is something that would never happen to another. Don’t listen to the douche. Do you and you and your writing is perfectly fine.

@suga-honey-icedtea: can i just say, that anon can just stop? writing sexual situations shouldn’t require years of experience and then some. what it should require is a desire to write something good, something you want to be proud of even if it’s filthier than mud, and the drive to keep going despite how bad it is. just because they haven’t had sex or even if they had (which really isn’t your business), doesn’t mean they can’t write sex stuff. gosh, i hope this makes sense, that just really gets to me as a writer.

anon: Hello rude anons I would just like to say that as someone who began writing smut as a virgin and then you know is no longer a virgin, i can say with great confidence that it was not my experience physically that helped my writing to improve but rather more experience /writing/ along with further research and reading other smut to see what clicks and what doesn’t through text so y’all call suck my ass bc sweetie you’re doing great

@toast-lord-of-toastville: Ur such a damn queen i love you omfg

anon: tbh idk what that anon is talking about, i personally really love what you write! I think your descriptions are very vivid and i appreciate u as a writer 💕 -NOT a virgin

anon: I agree that experience is invalid, reactions, smut, fanfics, etc. aren’t always meant to be realistic, just like porn everything’s enhanced for pleasure. Personally, I love the way you write so much <3

anon: thank you so much for your writings even though there are people discouraging you and you have a ton of school work!! I find your writings to be one of my fav and for someone to say something negative about it brings me down too. I hope you have a great day/night and take care of yourself!! there are also many who share the same opinion as me, so please don’t let that bring you down!! (sorry this is long but tysm)

@his-caramel-tears: That anon was rude, who cares if they aren’t “realistic” to them? At least you’re satisfying those who actually love your reactions right?

@ox-charli-ox: It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not. You write because that’s what you want to do. It’s fan fiction FICTION it doesn’t have to be real. Don’t worry about it hun. Your writing is amazing there’s nothing wrong with writing about it just because you haven’t done it before ♥️♥️

anon: u just cleared my skin brought up my grades and made my day so much better with that anon answer. i love how you lowkey buried that anon but in a respectful way what that anon said was so damn rude but you handled it in such a mature way. keep going mochi. btw can i call you mochi? (Yes you can!💘 )

I honestly was not expecting the outpour of supportive and heartfelt messages that I received in my inbox and I just feel so overwhelmed by your love💓 I compiled all these messages not just to show my gratitude in the endless love you shower me with💖 but to also let others on my blog know that there is nothing wrong writing unexperienced, not just sexually but also in regards to writing exposure. If you have the desire to write, write and don’t let your own insecurities or those of hateful anons stop you😚💕💗

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A Haikyuu!!! Au

Basically, I’m trash. I’m trash who likes mafia au’s. I’m trash who has noticed there are pretty much no Haikyuu!!! gang au’s. I want them. I will help you make them. I will be your metaphorical nurse. We will birth this au together.

Questions to answer before you ask them:

Will I write this? Maybe.

Can you write this? Give me some credit and the link and we’re set.

Here we fucking go. Straight into fucking hell.

-There are just about six gangs in one giant city.

- Four of those gangs get along pretty well, you can guess who

-Each of them have parts of the city, some leaders choose to run the whole thing on their own, others split it up in territories or something like that.


- Ukai is the leader of the whole operation. Chain smoker, can probably kill you with one hand.

-He has a very obvious crush on Takeda who is his information source.

-Literally whenever Takeda so much as smiles, Ukai turns into this embarrassing, fumbly mess.

- His secretary, Kiyoko, thinks it’s cute, but is really just waiting for him to profess his love.

-Kiyoko is engaged to Yachi, but Kiyoko prefers to keep Yachi out of all the mafia stuff.

-Yachi is super supportive and is a teacher at preschool. Likes to have Kiyoko come home to a warm household.

-Kiyoko one hundred percent has to be in an elegant black dress, and high heels, with a gun fucking shit up. If that is not a scene, I swear to god.

-By secretary, I mean badass bodyguard.

-They have three quadrants. One of which, Daichi runs.

-Daichi is a highly responsible and respected leader, he’s Ukai’s second in command.

-Daichi is very tough and cold hearted to everyone outside of their team.

-His team consists of everyone on the karasuno volleyball team in canon.

-They are a big family

- Daichi is stubborn, but will do anything Suga asks him too because he’s head over heels in love with him

-Daichi and Suga are very lovey-dovey. Sometimes the last thing someone sees before they kill you is them flirting.

-They are definitely still referred to as Mom and Dad.

-Suga is the best sniper in the whole gang. He’s a great hitman.

-Asahi is definitely their nurse and Noya definitely keeps getting “hurt” to see him.

- Noya and Tanaka are their debt collectors. Tanaka is the bite to Noya’s bark.

-Hinata is their newest recruit. Kageyama, one of their most intimidating and skilled interrogators, is assigned to show him the ropes.

-They don’t get along at first, but maybe Hinata saves Kageyama’s life or something and their relationship blooms from there.

- Karasuno runs a super good illegal weapon store thing

- Tsukishima is their hacker. Yes, he does know that the freckly one has a crush on him. No, these feelings he gets just by looking at him are just the effects of living off of coffee and ramen noodles.

- Kageyama and Tsukishima buttheads a lot because Kageyama always wants to punch someone and Tsukishima always tells him no.


-Oikawa is the overall leaders, obviously.

-They don’t split it up into quadrants because Oikawa is that time of person. It works so who cares.

-Iwaizumi is that guy who everyone knows, but no one except five people have actually seen

-Everyone thinks Oikawa and Iwaizumi are fucking and everyone is right.

-They own five territories, the most out of all of the gangs.

-I’m not saying Oikawa and Suga sometimes get together and gossip, but Suga and Oikawa get together and gossip.

- On the outside Oikawa is proud and confident, but behind closed doors he’s just as insecure as in canon, maybe even worse since he’s running a whole empire.

- Iwaizumi is always there.

-Iwaizumi is his shadow, the bodyguard.

-They’ve known eachother since they were kids and all that. Iwaizumi was there when Oikawa’s dad died and he became a fucking King at the age of nineteen.

-Oikawa is a mastermind, he knows everyone sensitives spots. He knows everything.

- I’m not going to get too into the other characters too much, but yes, Matsukawa and Takahiro are the power couple.

- Also Kentaro is definitely that dude who everyone is afraid of. Not a lot of people like to talk to him beside Oikawa, but he’s super busy all the time.

- Yahaba is their mess cleaner, he makes all their problems with the police disappear, he’s hella good at it.

- Yahaba is fearless so he doesn’t give any shits what so ever about Kentaro being a rumoured puppy killer. So he scolds him when he does something bad and all that. At first Kentaro is angry then he’s all like, “Why are you not afraid of me?” to which Yahaba replies “I’ve seen some shit.” Their relationship probably sprouts into to angry make outs, then into something really tender. Bam! Then their engaged.

- Kindaichi is the super flustered sweet one who everyone is like “Wtf is this guy doing here.”


-Akaashi is the beautiful son of the boss.

-Bokuto is the gang leader who is in love with, but is super out of his league.

-That doesn’t stop him from courting him and endlessly flirting with him. Lots of owl puns because that’s their symbol and he thinks Akaashi will like them.

-At first Akaashi thinks Bokuto is just being nice to him to get into his father’s good graces, but then Bokuto does something really Bokuto.

-They have an affair because of course they do.

-Of course, Kuroo and Bokuto are best friends. Their bromance is the sole reason Fukurodani and nekoma get along so well.

-Bokuto one hundred percent shows Kuroo the same pictures of Akaashi asleep over and over again until Kuroo is just like, “stop. bro. please stop.”

-Akaashi’s dad is pretty accepting of the whole “My son loves someone of a lower position than him.”

- Even though he’s super strict about it and threatens Bokuto none stop. He likes Bokuto though because he’s a good leader and he would be good at protecting his son. Since Akaashi is the boss’s son he needs a lot of protecting.

-He’s pushing for a wedding hard and Bokuto does propose because he loves Akaashi so much like damn.

- They own four territories

- Bokuto runs one of them. The Fukurodani volleyball team in canon are all in Bokuto’s gang.

- They are all really fucking good at their jobs.

- Tbh I don’t know a lot about the other team members so…..

- Fukurodani is known for their super elegants and nice parties. Members from nekoma are usually always there, but Karasuno and Aoba Johsai not so much.

- Sometimes these elegant parties are secret meetings in disguise.


-Kuroo is the leader

-Kenma is the stripper he’s in love with.

-Kenma works at a strip club that Nekoma owns.

-The strip club is a very nice place and all the strippers are respected because Kuroo will kill anyone who is rude to them. There are posters on the walls.

-Their relationship isn’t anything beyond the average lap dance yet because Kuroo has this inability to speak words when he’s around and Kenma is convinced that Kuroo has fifty favorite strippers who he asks to see everyday.

-Kuroo is always showering Kenma with gifts

-During the day Kenma is just an everyday college student.

-Yes Kenma knows that Kuroo is a crime boss

-Kuroo and Kenma sometimes just talk in private rooms when Kenma is suppose to be giving Kuroo a lap dance.

-So Nekoma owns three territories

-Nekoma and Karasuno have this rivalry, but it’s nothing serious. It’s a childish squabble.

- Kuroo annoys the fuck out of Daichi and Ukai. He’ll call them up like, “Guess who robbed that bank first or guess who’s strip club is the best in the city.”

-Suga and Takeda have to talk them both down or else they’ll start a gang war

-Kuroo and Bokuto share a bromance. Kuroo usually always talks about Kenma and how he loves him so much. Then Bokuto shows him a picture of Akaashi sleeping and Kuroo wants to kill him.

- Nekoma are best known for their drugs, cocaine mostly.

-They throw these wild ass party with bright light and really loud music. Bokuto is usually always there because he prefers those over the elegant parties Fukurodani throws.

-Akaashi and Kenma get along super well at these parties because they’re usually always there against their will.

-Lev is one of their hitman. He’s really only there because he looks intimidating, but everyone knows he’s just a hyperactive puppy. He’s super loyal.

-Yaku is one of their best drug dealers and is in charge of all the drug stuff.

-They meet by coincidence and Lev just won’t stop annoying Yaku, damn it!


-So with this you get free range, but I’m a self indulgent asshole so I’ll just tell you what I want.

-So basically there’s been a lot of domestic terrorism around, but no one is really paying attention to it. They have bigger things on their plates.

-Okay you’re going to hate me for this one, so Akaashi gets shot.

-This would work out really well because not only is he the boss’s son, but he is also Bokuto, a gang leaders, fiancé.

-Anyway so maybe the whole thing opens up with Kuroo walking into one of their elegant parties which is really codename for secret meeting.

-He’s escorted to their secret meeting room.

-Theirs the boss looking very sullen and Bokuto with dark circles under his eyes.

-They do this intense small talk thing before the boss is finally like, “My son has been shot.”

-Kuroo is completely baffled and sad about this because Akaashi is his friend and he’s angry too.

-They talk more and they think Karasuno is behind this and all of them are just too angry to really think about how wrong that is.

-Also, Akaashi is in this horrible coma thing and it’s heartbreaking and I’m sorry, but he does wake up, but probably not until the very end.

-So Fukurodani surprise attack Daichi’s base of operations.

-There’s some fighting before they stop. It’s not serious, but it’s enough for Karasuno to know that they are now at war.

-At first they think it’s just with fukurodani, but then one of them points out it’s with Nekoma too.

-So over at Aoba Johsai, Oikawa is in bed with Iwaizumi and they just learned this thing has happened.

-So, he gets a meeting with the leaders of all three gangs. Ukai, Kuroo, and Akaashi’s dad. All of their respective bodyguards with them because it could be a trap.

-Oikawa makes some jokes and all that Oikawa stuff before finally he’s like, “Karasuno didn’t shoot your son, sir, have you heard of all of this domestic terror violence happening all around the city?”

- Everyone is baffled because what does that have to do with anything. Well, Oikawa has been keeping a close eye on them and they’re up to something.

-This domestic violence people could be anyone really, but it would be cool if they are a gang who are looking to take the top four gangs down.

-So they shot Akaashi and immediately everyone wants to go after them, but Oikawa stops them because these guys seem to be powerful enough to do a large amount of domestic terror and start a war with four of the top gangs in the whole city.

-Later, these mysterious gang guy start putting Nekoma’s Karasuno’s, etc. names on their terrorism so these guys are smart.

-So the police get involved.

-Everyone is trying to figure out which of the other two gangs it could be.

-Maybe it could be both of them

-Maybe it could be a gang from a completely different city

-You can choose.

That’s it for this long and rather boring au creation. I’m thinking this would look super cool as a comic or something *wink wink* too bad I can’t draw, *wink wink*

Write it.

One shot, One kill pt. 2

The hit hadn’t even made it to the major news. Like usual the police nor the people of the city seemed to care for the deaths of the lowlifes.
Unknown: Lance?
A bright smile crossed his face, as he picked up his phone.
Lance: Hunk?
Unknown: Yeah, It’s me. You wanted me to text you, remember?
He made quick work of changing the contact to Hunks name, followed by many emojis.
Lance: Yep, I remember. How do you feel about meeting up for lunch?
Hunk: Sure, I can do that :) Where do you want to meet up?
Lance: I can just meet you at your bakery. I want the restaurant to be a surprise!
Hunk: Got it, see you then.

Lance smiled brightly again, slipping his gun case under his bed. “He’s little too trusting for this city.” He sighed, “I wish there were more guys like him coming in.”
For the rest of the morning he cleaned up his apartment. Hiding all his ‘work’ gear. He called and chatted with his mother for a little bit, but spotted the clock on the far wall. “Oops, got to go Mama,” He said apologetically, “I’ll talk to you later, I’m meeting a friend.”
He hung up the phone and grabbed his jacket from the rack.
He headed down the sidewalk towards the bakery and spotted Hunk locking the door, and hanging a sign in the window. “Hey Hunk!” Lance called, waving to him.
He turned with a smile, waving back. “I’m all locked up and ready to go.” He said cheerily.
“You got it.” Lance replied, putting an arm as best he could around his shoulders, “it’s this way.”
They headed down the street already getting into a long conversation. By the time they reached the diner Lance was already loving the guy. “I’m just saying, if people dress their dogs up in clothes why don’t people dress their cats up just as much?” He inquired grabbing a menu from the front stand and heading to one of the back booths.
Hunk looked confused but followed him anyways. “Agreed. We should get to the bottom of it.” He replied with a nod of his head.
“Thank you!” Lance yelled, throwing his hands up in the air.
“Anyways, welcome to Altea diner. Basically my home away from home,” He said motioning around the retro diner, “you make friends here, you make friends for life.”
“Hello Lance.” A voice said walking up to the booth, “I thought I was missing some menus.”
“Guilty.” He replied with a smile.
“Hunk this is Allura, the owner of the restaurant.” He said motioning between the two of them, “Allura this is Hunk, he’s new to the city.”
“Nice to meet you.” Allura greeted with a firm handshake, “Welcome to the city.”
She glanced back at Lance, “I’m guessing the usual?” She questioned.
“Of course.” He replied with a nod.
She looked back over to Hunk with a smile. “Uh, I’ll just have what he’s having.” He said with a smile, handing her the menu.
“Great, it’ll be right out.” She replied, heading behind the counter.
“So, I didn’t catch the name of your bakery.” Lance said, leaning forward on his elbows.
“It’s called Balmera bakery.” He replied, with a smile.
“Balmera?” Lance questioned, “what’s that supposed to be?”
“It’s what my girlfriend and I called the town where we’re from.” He replied, “I don’t even know where we came up with it but we’ve called it that forever.”
“You have a girlfriend??” Lance screeched, “I should have invited her out with us! What’s her name?”
“Her name is Shay, and don’t worry about it she’s working right now anyways.” He laughed, “she’s working at the hospital as a nurse.”
“Here are your drinks.” Allura said, walking over with coffee.
“Thanks Allura.” Lance nodded.
She nodded back and disappeared back into the kitchen.
“So, what do you do for work?” Hunk asked absentmindedly stirring sugar into his coffee.
Lance paused, halfway lifting his coffee cup to his lips. “I do mostly contract jobs, odds and ends that other people don’t want to deal with.” He replied, his smile becoming a little strained.
“Oh, interesting.” Hunk replied, “that must suck though sometimes. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with peoples unwanted work.”
“Yeah, you have no idea.” Lance laughed, “anyways enough about my crappy job. How’s business so far? You haven’t been open that long.”
“Yeah, we’ve only been open for about a month but business is booming so far,” A bright smile lit up his face, “we’re doing just as well back home!”
“Has anyone been causing you trouble?” He asked absentmindedly.
Hunk paused and thought for a moment. “Nope, not really.” He replied, “I was a little worried when we first got the building, and being new and all but nothing has happened yet.”
“That’s good,” Lance breathed a sigh of relief, “it would suck if something happened to good business.”
“Thanks.” Hunk offered.
“Here you go guys, enjoy.” Allura said setting down two burger platters.
They said their thanks and began eating.
Once they were finished they said their goodbyes to Allura and headed back to Balmera bakery. “Want to try some of the sweets?” Hunk offered, unlocking the doors.
“Would I ever!” Lance replied, stepping inside.
He pulled out a tray of cookies from the display case and offered it to Lance. He quickly shoved one in his mouth and grinned. “This is literally the best cookie I’ve ever had the honour of having in my mouth.” He sighed.
“Here take some with you.” Hunk offered, filling a box with cookies, squares, and cupcakes.
“Oh my god.” Lance stated, “I didn’t know God came to live on Earth.”
Hunk laughed loudly and tied the box off with a ribbon. “Come on Buddy.”
“You’re a good man.” Lance cried, grabbing him in a hug.
“Thanks man.” He replied, wrapping his arms around him.
“You’re a hugger too!” He yelled, “you’re the perfect man! Shay is so lucky.”
“Get out of here,” Hunk laughed, “I have to keep working.”
“Well, I have to get back to my garbage contracts.” Lance said with mock offence.
He paused at the door, “but seriously. If anyone give you any trouble, give me a call.”
He gave him a wink and headed out into the sidewalk.
When he entered his apartment he hung his jacket back up on the rack and pulled out his phone.
Blue: You have anything for me?
He flopped boredly across the couch waiting for a reply.
Boss: Not right now. You’re good for the night. I’m working on something though.
Lance sighed heavily. Another night of laying around the apartment doing nothing.
Boss: By the way, payment for your last job is outside your window.
Lance sighed heavily.
Blue: I told you to stop doing that. It’s creepy and too much work.
Boss: It leaves no paper trail. You don’t have a choice.
Lance groaned dramatically again and lifted himself off the couch, heading towards the window. He lifted it up, removed the screen and pulled the black bag onto the living room floor. He took a seat on the floor and unzipped it. He took each stack of bills out counting them, and setting them in his wall safe. “Guess I could go out tonight?” He muttered, moving a stack to the side.
He grabbed his phone from the couch and quickly dialled Allura. “What’s up?” She answered.
“Hey Allura. What are you doing tonight?” He asked.
“I just put the night shift on and I’m heading home.” She said a long pause following, “yeah jk, I’m heading towards your apartment, and we’re going out.”
“I guess I felt that telepathically.” Lance laughed, “I’ll see you when you get here.”
There was a knock on the door before Allura walked in. “That was quick.” Lance laughed.
“Well, I was already in the building.” She replied, throwing her coat on the couch.
“Bruh, at least hang that up.”
“What’s up with the bag?” She asked, pointing at the now empty bag sitting in front of his place on the ground.
“I found it and remembered when I went to the gym.” He replied quickly.
“Hah, loser.” Allura snorted, “come on, lets get ready to go.”
“Are we feeling night club or pub?” Lance asked, opening his closet as Allura sat on his bed.
“Let’s go with pub, I haven’t eaten yet.” She replied, pulling the ponytail out of her head.
“You own a diner, why didn’t you eat there?” He asked.
“You get tired of it.” She replied, with a sigh.
“I don’t.” He sniffed. “So what should I wear? I’m kind of feeling plaid.”
“Plaid is good.” Allura replied, “will you do my hair for me?”
He nodded pulling on a black t-shirt and tying red plaid around his waist. “What do you want?” Lance asked.
“I’m feeling a braid hawk.” She hummed, pulling out a makeup bag.
“You want guys to be cautious of you tonight?” Lance laughed.
“I’m in bad bitch mode.”
“Got it.” Lance said with a nod.
Once they were ready they headed out into the now darkened streets, heading towards the downtown area which was covered in light.
“This place looks good,” Allura said grabbing his hand and dragging him towards a busy looking tavern.
They found a seat at the bar and quickly asked for the food menu. “So your friend Hunk was nice.” Allura said after ordering some chicken wings.
“Yeah, he’s a great guy.” Lance replied, ordering some mozzarella sticks.
“Are you into him?” She asked quickly.
Lance choked loudly on his beer, and covered his mouth. Allura started laughing loudly, pounding on his back. “No,” He answered hoarsely, “he has a girlfriend, and I didn’t even see him like that.”
“Right.” Allura hummed.
“Seriously, he helped me out yesterday. So I returned the favour.” He explained, “he opened a bakery out here.”
“Ouhh, a new business!” Allura said happily, “I love new businesses.”
“Yeah, and he’s already doing great.”
“Anyways we need to get you a man.” Allura said, completely forgetting the past conversation.
“What about you!?” Lance replied with an offended tone.
“Every person in this city knows that I put my career first.” She said.
“Why can’t I do that?” Lance questioned.
“Because you doing ‘contract work’ and ‘odd jobs’ doesn’t count.” She replied, “once you get a real job, I’ll consider it.”
He visibly deflated, “fine,” he groaned, “maybe.”
“That’s the spirit!” Allura said clapping her hands together and glancing around the crowded bar.
The rest of the night was fuzzy for Lance, waking up with a spiting headache back in his bed. “Oh, no.” He groaned, “no, no, no. Please God, I hope I did nothing stupid.”
He sat up slowly and turned on his lamp looking around the room. “Thank God.” He sighed, seeing that there was no one but himself.
He threw on his bathrobe and opened the door to the living room, seeing Allura sprawled across the couch snoring loudly. A small smile donned his face until he smelled coffee. “No.” He stated hurrying into the kitchen.
He paused cautiously spotting a figure standing at his island reading the paper and sipping from a mug of coffee. “Jesus Keith, you scared the shit out of me.” Lance sighed, sitting at one of the stools.
“Well, sorry I didn’t know you were up yet.” He replied handing him a mug also filled with coffee.
He smirked widely, leaning towards Lance. “So, how was your night?” He asked.
“I have nothing.” Lance replied, “Literally nothing of what happened. Maybe I was drugged!” He gasped dramatically.
“Oh, shut up. No one would want to drug you.” Keith laughed.
“What happened then?” Lance asked intrigued.
“You got mega wasted, and danced with Allura and I in the pub all night long.” He drawled, “Allura texted me before you guys even left the apartment.”
“Snake.” Lance hissed.
“We were thinking of going to the diner for breakfast. Coran is working the kitchen this morning.” Keith added, folding the newspaper and laying on the table.
“Sounds fun.” Lance replied, with a blush.
“And about last night Lance-.” Keith started, just as Lance’s phone went off.
“Hold that thought.” Lance said quickly looking at his notifications.
Boss: You have a meeting. Be there is 20 minutes.
“Shit.” Lance scowled, but smiled when Keith looked at him confused.
“Can I meet you guys there?” He asked, “A job just came up.”
Keith frowned but nodded moving to the living room to get Allura up and out. “Thank you so much.” Lance whispered.
Blue: Understood.
They closed the door silently and Lance got to work getting everything set up. He changed into his work clothes and brewed fresh coffee. He waited nervously in the kitchen as the pot beeped, signalling that it was finished. He hated face to face meetings. The people the contracted scared him. He preferred to go through his boss on all contracts. There was a harsh bang on the door, startling him.
He opened the door behind the two larger men. “This is the guy?!” An older man spat, sitting down on Lance’s couch. “He’s weak looking!”
Lance sat down opposite him, grimacing as he yelled louder and louder. “Be quiet!” His boss snapped, “he’s the best shot in this half of the world.”
That certainly shut the man up. “Blue. This is Leo Banetti.” He said, “He requests your services.”
“Okay, but why are you here?” Lance replied, settling into the chair.
“He said he wanted to meet you in person.” He replied, “to be able to explain his request throughly.”
Leo nodded quickly beside him. Lance nodded to him to begin.
“I don’t want to give you too many details about the guy because I want to stay as far away from this as possible.” He started, “but he’s creating a big problem for my family financially.”
Lance nodded, a family oriented guy. He could get behind something like this. “If you’re not going to give me any information about him, why did you want to talk to me? and how am I to know when to get a drop on him?” He asked.
“Well, I heard you’re more opt to do a job when there’s a bigger picture behind it.” He replied, wringing his hands together, “And I’ll go through your boss here.”
Lance nodded in understanding. “Okay, then Mr. Leo Banetti. I’ll work your contract.” He said, standing up and shaking his hand.
A wide smile took over his scowl and he returned the handshake whole heartedly.
Soon they left the apartment, Lance leaving soon after to meet his friends at Altea.
Until he was pulled into a side alley. “What the h-.”
He was shoved roughly against the brick. A bat slamming the brick next to his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He thought.
“Give us your wallet and you won’t get hurt.” A low voice said.
There were three guys in front of him.
“I’m getting mugged? Seriously?!”
He stared at them for what felt like minutes until what looked like the leader raised the bat and swung it against his left leg. He yelled out and fell to the ground. “Did you not hear what I said?!” The leader yelled, kicking his stomach.
“Wait-.” He choked, receiving a punch to the face.
They continued unrelenting. “Why the hell did I freeze up?! Now I’m getting the shit beat out of me.”
Suddenly everything stopped as he was dropped against the asphalt and heard the scrape of feet running the opposite direction. “Oh my God Lance, are you okay?” A distant voice asked as he was lifted easily off the ground.
His sight suddenly cleared and Hunk’s face came into view. “Hunk, I love you man.” Lance laughed, “you saved me.”
“Do you need to go to the hospital?” Hunk asked nervously.
“Nah, I’m good man. They were weaker than they looked.” He replied, “just come with me to Altea diner, I want you to meet another one of my friends.”

one dynamic i really like in akiryu is the reversal of the jock/loner dicotomy.

ryuji seems to really fit the ‘jock’ stereotype: he doesn’t excel in academics, he’s an athlete that frequently visits the gym, etc. so typically, if there is a ‘jock’ present in a high school story, they are usually depicted as popular.

except, ryuji doesn’t seem very popular at all. ryuji most likely has been classmates with a majority of the shujin class for years and while the game doesn’t give too much detail on how popular he was before kamoshida, you’d think he’d have a few friends that would have hung around, but nope. ryuji barely goes into detail about any friends he’s had in the past, which leads me to believe that, while he was probably well-known for being the star athlete of the track team, he was probably just that one person you made idle conversation with or smile and waved when you walked past them. so when everyone heard about him and kamoshida, everyone easily turned their backs on him because he never really had any real friendships in the first place. but over the year in the events of P5, he’s gotten more people to start looking him in the eye again and wave at, but not much has changed.

then we have akira: who comes off as this frail, timid transfer student but quickly becomes the talk of the school and remains talked about for the majority of the year. although akira is fluid so none of this is set in stone, the game encourages you to raise his personal stats that will lead him to meeting and befriending many people. even if you imagine that akira is just a really bored teenager who just likes to be busy, good or bad, akira always seems to draw people’s attention.

so, when the two of them become friends, there’s never any jealously from ryuji, or him wondering ‘why is akira more popular than me?’ storyline. which is odd, because we see that ryuji likes getting attention and the idea of fame, but never makes any passive aggressive comments or seems bothered by akira’s ability to be charismatic. instead, just being friends with akira is enough (because hey, ryuji thinks akira is pretty cool too)