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All updates we have until now are still TENTATIVE. No sentence has been issued yet. Only the demand of prosecution has been listed.

Next hearing will occur on 20 July at 1:50pm KST

Now, we just wait and hope for the best and just decision. 🙏🏻

(Ps. All news posted here were from twitter users oh_mes ; revengeanthem ; _BBmusic ; balloon_wanted ; Thank you so much for the updates since day 1.)

[Animus AU] Our Contract

Concept Arts /Character Backgrounds: [Law Enforcement] [Fuurin Shrine] [Ohara Apothecary] [Chibi Icons]

Blips: [Of Cats and Thieves] (pilot blip) | [Our Contract]

A/N: Here’s the Yohariko + Guilty Kiss family blip, which came first in this poll. Note that while this is technically the first ever blip written for the Animus AU, treat this like an interlude chapter that happened after a few story arcs. (Since this AU doesn’t have consecutive chapters, anything I write will be all over the place in terms of the ‘timeline’)
Summary: Yohane shared an intimate moment with Riko, and pondered about their stay here at Uchiura with Mari.
Words: 2,804
Rated R-15 (I think? I can’t rate lol)

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well, not all the elder dragons have that last name just because their power and size, in my opinion i think its because their age, since they are old or extremly old monsters, here I’ll show you a few of them, I’m only showing the gigant ones.

also, have you though about going on a trip Ms Alessia? so you can meet new monsters and who knows meaby make new friends and know new places, meaby make new friends with some of the gigant elder dragons and even the smaller ones, also i need to add, if you know how to swim, you can meet even the ones that live underwater.

also ill put their names and sizes just in case and also elemental control, so when you talk with them, you can have a topic to talk about :3

-Goldbeard Ceadeus - Size: 5837.2 cm 

-Ceadeus - Size: 5837.2 cm

Ps: The ceadeus brothers live underwater, just in case and their element is water

-Raviente or great crag wyvern - Size: emmm there is no size for this snake, it only says colossal, s..so..ehem….it makes sense, t..this monster has the same size as an island - Element: Fire

Ps: the Raviente and its other two brothers, the white raviente or Violent raviente and berserk raviente live in an island

-Ashen Lao shan lung or Rock mountain dragon - Size: Large…..i think its name speaks for itself (also the ashen lao shan lung its a subspecie of lao shan lung its difference is its grey scales) - Element: Dragon

-Lao shan lung or Old mountain dragon - Size: Large……..ok…i dont know how the hunters can hunt these dragons, the dragons dont even die!! they ran away when the hunter deals them the enough damage…i mean…the lao shan could just step of one hunter to finish him off!! - Element: Nope

Ps: the lao shan lung brothers live in a fortress

-Shen Gaoren - Size: Large….hey look its Mr tall crab, but did you know he has two brothers? - Element: Nope

-Tappeki shen gaoren - Size Large….well this is one of them, the difference is that this one is using an Akantor shell instead of a lao shan shell - Elements: Fire

-Guren Shen Gaoren - Size Large….same as tappeki, but its entire body is emiting fire - Elements: ??????

-Yamatsukami or Floating Mountain dragon - Size: Very large…really i dont need to explain this one, and it has a brother too - Element: Nope

-Yama Kurai or floating peak dragon - Size: Large - Element: Nope - element: nope

-Berserk Raviente or Great Crag wyvern - Size: Colossal - Element: Fire

-Violent Raviente or White Raviente - Size Colossal - Element: fire

ps: yeap these two are the brothers of the raviente, but the Berserk one lives underground on a huge cave of the island

-Jhen Mohran or Crest Mountain dragon - Size:11161.9 cm…….this is like a ceadeus, but it swims on sand…yeah…..dont aske me how…..magic meaby? - Element: Nope

-Hallowed Jhen Mohran or pUrple Jhen Mohran or also Soul Mountain Dragon - Size: 11161.9 cm…….yeap…jhen mohran brother…… - Element: Nope

why do i keep saying only brothers?…….im pretty sure they have sisters, but how could i know if for example the purple jhen mohranis not a sister instead of a brother…..i just cant ask them that..its rude!!!….besides i cant just go under them and check their gender…!!!!

-Dareh Mohran or Huge Mountain Dragon - size: 11446.5cm…brother…sister….i dont know….!! T_T - element: Nope

-Dara Amadyura or Dalamadur or also Serpent King Dragon - Size: 44039.7cm …..yeah…it has a brother….sister…….NVM - Elements: Nope

-Dara Amadyura Ashu or Shah Dalamadur or also Snake Emperor Dragon - Size: 44039.7cm - Elements: Nope

-Gogmazios or Giant Halberd Dragon - Size:4920.5cm - element: fire

Ps: i have a theory for this elder dragon, i think gogmazios is the Papa of all the mogalas, but if he is the papa who is the mama? meaby the dalamadur? 

if you decide to make a long trip, meaby you can meet these elder dragons and make friends with them, just try to dont be scare of their size!!

((submitted by @thedragonkingdom))


While it will indeed be a thrill to meet them up close and personal, it is never a guarantee that it will be a peaceful meeting. But who knows, maybe they would actually be friendly and accommodating.

So, the Ceadeus brothers live underwater. Well, they would be difficult to meet, unless they go on shore. (I wonder what it looks like underneath the sea?)

The colossal Raviente… wait, the size of an island? Wow! I could be standing on him without me even knowing! That’s waaaaaaaaaay bigger than tall crab!. He even has siblings. I wonder if they live together. Maybe they themselves constitute their islands, haha. Just kidding.

The Lao-Shan Lung… hey, his face resembles tall crab’s shell. Hmmm, maybe– no, it is indeed a Lao-Shan’s skull.  I don’t think they’re immortal though, it could be that the hunters are just dealing moderate damage to him, but not enough to kill them (Why though, elder Lao’s just passing through)

And look, it’s tall crab and his brothers! Except they’re wearing  Akantor skulls? Maybe the Akantor’s reaaaally fiery, and that Tappeki and Gurren lived in the same place, hence giving them an affinity to fire.

The Yamatsukami siblings would be easy to miss, since they do resemble mountains, but the only difference between them and the peaks are movement xP. Strangely, they don’t have an wyvernlike or dragonlike characteristics, but yeah.

And then the Mohrans… wait, swimming on sand? What comes to mind is usually the desert sand, which can be walked on. Perhaps the sand that they live in is really fine that it’s swimmable, not to mention really vast. It would be a challenge to meet them, since I’m… not a fan of the desert heat, but I can always try.

And then we have the Dalamadur siblings… they reign over a large area, such that they reside on the peak of their respective homes… They’re quite strong ( and boop-able) x3c

You also included Gogmazios again… so that’s what he looks like. I expected him to have a more amplified version of the Frenzy, but he spews beams of fire instead. (Awesome)

It could be that I’m a bit lazy, but if time wills it, I would definitely go. It will be fun.

  • Nagisa: Hey it's pretty muggy outside.
  • Rei: Is this another pun? Am I gonna go outside and find our yard covered in coffee mugs?
  • Nagisa: ... *smirks as he sips coffee from a bowl*
  • Rei: Dammit Nagisa, you're lucky you're cute.

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