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Trapped on Christmas Eve (Part 1)

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Trapped in Vancouver National Airport on Christmas Eve, thanks to bizarre weather, fate runs into you. And his name is Bucky Barnes. When the two of you accidentally swap phones, you’re in for a fun ride. Will you make it on time to coming back home for the holiday, or will you be stuck inside the airport with a stranger you barely even know’s phone? 

Word Count: 1,463.

A/N: Took major inspiration from a book I recently read! It’s called, “The Chaos of Standing Still” and I’m super happy to see where this series is gonna go. (lets pray i end up finishing it too) Hope you guys like! 

@theassetseyeliner - thanks a bunch for encouraging me on this idea and for being my beta. 

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In which I fail. Again.

One of my Latin students has been giving me shit (good naturedly) all semester. ALL. SEMESTER.

And I’ve tossed back a few barbs here and there, but this student has remained steadfastly unmoved by my jibes. It rankles.

So I hatched a plan.

It’s the last week of class and everyone’s working on our last bear of a vocab test. This student finishes up and, as usual, brings me their test.

“Thank you!” I say. “But I this?” - and here is where I dramatically rip their completed quiz in goddamned half - “This can just go in the trash.”

AND WITHOUT EVEN FLINCHING my student goes, “That’s a blank one. Mine’s in the stack with everyone else’s.”

They were right, of course, because I’m not a monster, but come on! They weren’t even shocked! Not for a moment! I think I flailed in impotent rage at that.

Yet again, I taste the bitter tang of failure.

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33 and 40 for you!

Talk about what you do when you are sad.

Depends on the quality of sadness. Depression flattens me. It presses on my chest until I’m flat on my back, and no respiration means no inspiration. All I can do is watch my favorite comedic reviews and Let’s Plays, so familiar by now I know half the commentary by heart. But melancholy—a feeling of wistfulness and yearning, a sense of heartbreak, a poetic fixation on despair, a thirst for tragedy? I write my way out.

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Guys, a thought: because Peter’s senses have been “dialed to eleven,” as a result of the bite, does that mean he feels pain more accutely than before, too? Are things more sharp and intense?

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And then along those same lines: if he hears, sees, smells and tastes so much more, does that also mean his emotions resonate more deeply within him now, too? When he’s happy, is it more exuberant because he can experience it so much more intensely? He can actually feel a laugh vibrating his skin and igniting his heart. When he’s sad or angry, does he feel it down to his very bones? He can smell salty tears and taste venomous words. When he loves, is it with so much more of himself because he’s felt it more thoroughly than anyone else truly could? He can touch and feel the way affection beats and pulses against greedy fingertips and hungry hearts.

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No one can tell me that Peter Benjamin Parker isn’t an emotional warrior. No one will be able to convince me that that boy doesn’t feel EVERYTHING deep inside of his soul, and that’s why he is the way he is. That’s why he cares so much. That’s why he beats himself down when he feels like he’s failed. Because it’s all there in ultra high definition for him to soak in and playback over and over again.

ship whatever you want, as long as it’s not real

Whispers to the side that means fictional people, not real ones.

don’t ship real people

No, this doesn’t mean stop thinking two people would be cute together, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about creepy fangirls (and boys) who treat them like they’re fictional characters, that are there purely for their enjoyment, and like they don’t have feelings.
I’m talking about people who got mad at Markiplier when he said he was straight, because that didn’t fit their “headcanon” and “ruined” sceptiplier.
I’m talking about people who harass the significant others of celebrities and YT celebrities, because they’re “supposed to be with this other person!!”, and their significant other “gets in the way of that”.
I’m talking about the kind of people who sent Mikey Way from MCR fanfiction of him and his brother fucking.

Stop shipping real people, stop “headcanoning” them, stop treating them like fictional characters. It’s disrespectful, and fucking creepy.

They’re real people with feelings, and your actions can affect and hurt them, unlike fictional characters.


Going to the theme park together!!
I love this happy family so much 

  • Slytherin: *sitting at table on phone*
  • Ravenclaw: Hey Slytherin. ;)
  • Ravenclaw: *attempts to slide over to Slytherin but slips and falls on their back*
  • Slytherin: *looks over edge of table at Ravenclaw*
  • Slytherin: That was smooth like crunchy peanut butter.

Yeah, it’s not October yet, but in my defense I’m gonna try to do Inktober stuff so I wanted to get this done before all that other stuff got added to my plate.

Jasper and Daniel dressed up for trick-or-treating from the Failed Possession AU! The costumes were Jasper’s idea, he insisted that they both be superheroes. (Also obligatory Danny Phantom joke heehee.) Daniel can’t really say no because Jasper can easily kick his ass(Jasper being the senior ghost since he’s been that way for literal years while Daniel has been a ghost for a few months at most), but at least Jasper didn’t make him style his hair different even though the color had to be changed.

Jasper can’t eat the candy but he likes trick-or-treating anyway, it’s a fun experience and it lets him pretend that he’s alive again for a few hours. He gives his candy to kids who don’t get as much on Halloween because they started their rounds late due to parents working and such. Jasper is a good sweet ghost boy.

Daniel is just pissed and salty and I love it. He is the saltiest ghost. Though who could blame him when he got his ass kicked by not one but TWO preteens(Jasper never aged, and one could say that it was technically Max who foiled Daniel in the cult episode by turning Daniel’s own tactics against him and getting David to see him as a threat to his position as counselor).

(The second pic is transparent.)


BC I NEED TO RANT (warning: long post ahead)

You wanna know why ARMYs are so annoying???? Let me tell your salty asses something. BTS’ success is a monumental feat other artists can only dream of achieving. Many of the most popular Kpop acts right now come from relatively large companies who have other well-known artists to help catch the eye of the public – BTS didn’t have that luxury. They came from a management so small and unknown that they had to use staff as extras in music videos because they couldn’t afford to hire real actors to play miniscule roles. They debuted at a time where no one gave a single flying fuck about their existence and pretty much everyone thought they would be lucky if they lasted a year or two. Also, the boys were so poor that the 7 of them lived together in a tiny ass apartment where one member constantly had to borrow his mom’s kitchen supplies for cooking because they struggled to afford going out to eat or even simple shit like ramen.

Other Kpop groups get famous simply because of the company they come from, but since BTS’ management didn’t house other famous artists, they really had to rely on their talent to propel themselves to fame. Kpop is no doubt a highly manufactured industry and I get why there are so many criticisms towards it because so many groups are literally robots who just do whatever their company tells them to do. It’s very uncommon for artists to write/produce their own music, but BTS is one of the very few musicians in the business who are heavily involved in the creation process of each track of every album. Not only that, but the songs they write and produce aren’t just restricted to love; from the faults in the education system and consumer culture, to female empowerment, to mental health, breaking gender stereotypes, the struggles of youth and loss, BTS has written several socially conscious lyrics and are never afraid to tackle important topics that aren’t discussed enough within the public.

Along with their hard work in the creation process (including the immense time and effort they put into perfecting their intricate choreography), they are just genuinely kind and humble boys who are incredibly passionate and have a bond that can only be described as brotherly. BTS have and continue to be involved in various charitable organizations, most recently they partnered with UNICEF and created the #LoveMyself campaign to help put an end to violence. However, BTS is known for always, literally A L W A Y S, staying connected to their fans even though it would be in their best interest to keep their personal lives private. Yes, some people in this fandom are genuinely crazy and unfortunately BTS has encountered “fans” who have no self-control and respect for other people’s personal space. Despite that, though, the boys still regularly interact with fans through social media and they always find a way to tell ARMYs that they love us and are forever grateful for our support – a claim in which they never fail to prove. Almost every interviewer in America has asked the boys to discuss the most insane things their fans have done to them, but each and every time they continue to reinforce the fact that unlike what many people may think, we aren’t all your average teenage girls whose only dream is to marry them someday; they always make sure to put reporters in their place and they continuously defend us even when they’ve had various unfavorable experiences in the past. Even in person BTS are all extremely kind and respectful: from fans who’ve had the chance to meet them outside of their schedules to people who have actually worked with/for them, literally no one has anything bad to say about the group other than antis or people who are too ignorant to look into them.

And finally BTS is just a group of stupid idiots who have a bond closer than family. Each of them is a meme in their own right (some more than others lmao), but on a more serious note, they each have a distinct bond with one another that it’s hard not to get emotional because their friendship is truly genuine. They constantly praise one another, celebrate each other’s flaws rather than degrading them, and even when they’re on their separate vacations they always talk about how much they miss each other and how much they feel lonely when the other boys aren’t around. Let’s also not ignore the fact that the older 6 members!!!!literally!!!!raised!!!!!Jungkook (the youngest) from a shy, insecure 15 year old into the playful and confident adult he is today. On numerous occasions, each of the boys have said that BTS saved them and they can’t imagine spending every single day with any other group of people. They’ve been with each other through loss, depression, the brink of disbandment, through everyfuckingthing you can think of and while there have obviously been hardships, their bond has only grown stronger as a result.

Each of them have grown immensely and overcome various obstacles both as a group and individually. They’re set apart through the fact that they each possess different personalities and different concerns, but fundamentally they’re all the same in the sense that their passion for music and love for their fans enables them to put 150% into every performance and makes all the injuries, long hours of nonstop practice, and exhaustion from constant traveling worth it. After all this massive success, they are still the same silly boys from 2013 who have never forgotten their humble beginnings and still feel overwhelmed over every award they receive. Every milestone is seen as an opportunity to improve and release better content; they have never settled for “good enough” and they never intend to, and personally I think their fame is an inspiring message to everyone in the world that no matter how much the odds are against you, success will always be attainable as long as you remain humble and put in the hard work and effort to get there. A few years ago these boys could barely fill small venues in their own country and they would get excited over having 200 retweets… fast forward to 2017 and they are exceeding the boundaries of Kpop, reaching global success, performing amongst world-renowned celebrities, and are making massive achievements in an industry in which English is the dominant language and Asians are highly unrepresented.

After everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve sacrificed, they deserve this recognition more than anyone else and enthusiastically voicing our excitement for them is the least we can do to express our gratitude. So yeah, sorry that we freak out over every little mention of BTS in American media. Sorry that we never seem to shut up about them. Sorry that our fandom is so “annoying”, but we aren’t going to apologize for loving, supporting, and taking pride in a group that has truly changed lives through their music and passion.