which is drawing cute video game characters

Massive Spoiler for Bendy and the Ink Machine, Chapter 2.

It has nothing to do with what goes on in game, but I wanted to post a high detailed version of a poster found in game.

A new character has been revealed, her name is “Alice Angel”. She looks really cute. I might draw her sometime. But if anyone was interested in drawing her here’s a Bigger, slightly better in quality, & high contrast pic, of the poster. I got it from

@therealjacksepticeye’s latest video. Which if you want to see it, check it out.

I made it black in white for clarity purposes.

Hope this helps!

Inktober 2017 Day 5: Marina (Splatoon 2)

My Inktober theme this year is “Girls, girls, girls!” In which I’ll celebrate the women, fictional or real, that I fell for and related to this year. I have selected 31 of them and I am going to draw them in a randomized order!

Marina is a character from video game Splatoon 2, she is a DJ, and also presents the news with Pearl, forming an awesome duo that I love dearly. But Marina in particular is just cute and absolutely adorable, her character design is absolutely on point, on top of having an endearing personality!

So this was inspired by the tough princess’s in popular culture, it was originally suppose to be an entry into a welovefine contest.. but they accepted it and then a month later told me they couldn’t accept it anymore…  I get why they couldn’t put it up for rating with all the copyrighted characters, which i totally spaced out on when drawing. Yeah!

this is definitely not a full comprehensive post about my problems with tumblr artist rot/tenc/hicken (known lately for their overwatch fanart), but it’s what first comes to mind:

- they drew fanart/gave praise to Max G (if you don’t remember him or never knew about him in the first place: he made those pony.mov videos and is an overall disgusting person):

(picture: a drawing of Max G with the caption “ya’ll should check @hotdiggetydemon’s new show Brain Dump cause it’s very cute”)

- they made “rule 63″ fanart of the game Hylics (which is more or less transphobic, especially considering how..suggestive these are):

(picture: drawings of Wayne and Somsnosa from the game Hylics with the caption “I somehow made my obsession worse”; it is tagged as “rule 63″)

- they drew Somsnosa in an almost over-the-top sexual post out of spite (drawing nsfw content of a character isn’t inherently bad, but resenting someone for not wanting a female character to be sexualized is uh. pretty bad imo)

(picture: a “lewd” drawing of Somsnosa from the game Hylics with the caption “me blue wife”; the background says “dreams of a world where somsnosa fanart isn’t sexualized” over and over; it is tagged as “I am salty”)

there’s some other small stuff that they’ve done (the fact that they ship jun/kmet/ra, for one)

if anyone wants to add on to this, or even correct me if i misinterpreted something, feel free!

Five Nights at Freddy’s - Untold

Finally it’s done! (^_^) It’s for remixthegame-was-taken! It’s a FanArt to her FNAF Project called Untold! I’m helping her a bit with that whole project and yeah I wanted to draw something for it uwu)/
Characters in the front are Legend, Logan, Remi and Alley which all belong to Remix! And Yeah the four cute things in the Background are Chica, Bonnie, Freddy and Foxy! The designs also belog to Remix! :3 Hope ya like it!

I also recorded that shit but I have problems with my video programm at the moment so I don’t know when or if I can upload the speedpaint to this drawing.

Reasons You Should Play Okami:

The main character is a wolf the can wield sword, shield and whip. How many other games can claim that?

The art style looks incredible

The soundtrack is great too! (This song is quite possibly my favorite song from any video game ever.)

The whole “drawing to kill your enemies” concept while novel, doesn’t feel gimmicky at all

Feeding wild animals helps make you stronger

The the characters talk in this cute pseudo-Japanese babble

Just when you think you’ve beaten the game, you find out you’re only about ¼ of the way through.

sword. wielding. wolf.

Even though the plot itself is serious, the game still manages to have a few comical moments

After you beat the game, you get a series of items that can change your appearance into 8 different breeds of dog. Which means you can play as a shiba inu with god-powers