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Halloween Series: Ghost/Hair Color Changing AU - Michael

Requested: No

Word count: 2,823

Warnings: suicide mention, death mention. 

Pairing: Michael/Reader

Writer: Ellie

So I guess this counts as a Malum one a bit because Calum’s involved in it too??? idk it’s more about Michael and it’s the first off the Halloween series I will be doing. If you want a Halloween related imagine or something you can request it. The link is at the end of this post ;-) ilyx


There is a bit of suicide talk on this, and talk about death just letting you all know so i don’t trigger anything, ok? ily all :*

You didn’t believe in God, you didn’t believe in the Devil, and most definitely, you didn’t believe in ghosts. No one in your family did, which is why when the realtor told your parents that a double death had happened in your new house to be, they brushed it off and bought it anyways. You would’ve done the same; the house was beautiful. Your room to be was huge and the kitchen was almost too big, even for your mom, you loved cooking all kinds of stuff.

The day you moved in nothing remotely strange happened. No creaking sounds at night, no weird air currents, no dead dogs (Burrito was actually really enjoying making you company in bed), and no shadows. It was the second day that made you re-evaluate your faith. It started as your curtain flying as if it was being blown by the wind, but all the windows were closed and the AC was not nearly strong enough. The next night a few things fell from your shelf. Things kept happening, but you tried to not let it bother you.

One day, after about a month or so of living in that house, your parents left you home alone while they bought a couple of stuff that the house was missing.You danced down the stairs, making your way to your huge ass kitchen to get a snack.You had your big headphones on, listening to Marina and the Diamonds at full volume with your Classic iPod in your hand, but as soon as you saw a levitating sandwich being bitten by something that was not visible, your iPod fell to the floor. Good thing those actually survived a fall.

Your first instinct was to scream and grab the closest thing to you as a weapon. The closest thing to you just happened to be a spatula.

“Well, you blew it, didn’t you?” you heard a voice say, but you couldn’t see where it was coming from. “You know, we don’t even digest food, it’s not like you will actually eat it!”

You aimed your spatula in different directions, making attempts at hitting whatever was talking. As if by art of; magic, a boy appeared leaning on the kitchen island. He had brown skin and dark hair and eyes. He was dressed in tight black jeans and nothing else, showing his toned, tattooed body.

“What are you doing?!” another voice whispered.

“Well, she saw you already, there’s no point in hiding now!” the visible boy complained. “I mean, unless you have a way to explain a floating sandwich without showing yourself.”

Another boy then appeared next to the refrigerator, revealing he was the one holding the sandwich. This one didn’t look a thing like the other. His skin was as white as snow, and his hair was colored a lilac color. He was wearing a pair of jeans very similar to the other boy, but unlike the other, he was wearing a shirt: a black baseball tee with white sleeves. He had green eyes, no wait, blue eyes. Green or blue? You couldn’t decide, but either way they were shining bright.

You twisted your hands, getting a tighter grasp of the spatula as you held it like a baseball bat.

“That’s not going to hurt us.” the dark haired one laughed. “I mean, you can’t really hurt us at all.”

The pale boy looked down at the sandwich in his hand, looking tempted to take a bite.

“Who are you?” you asked, not letting go of the spatula.

“Calum.” the dark haired one replied extending his hands to you and giving a few steps your way, but you walked backwards. “I was just trying to be friendly. This is Michael by the way.”

The boy with the sandwich waved shyly at you.

“What are you doing in my house?” you asked harshly.

“It was my house first.” Calum said giving a step forward, but this time you didn’t move.

“You can’t just break in-”

“Oh my God, you just saw us appear literally out of nowhere and you think we’re burglars?”

You say nothing. Michael gulped down saliva and Calum placed his hands on his hips in a sassy manner. You slowly started lowering the spatula.

“What do you want?” you asked.

“We don’t want anything.” Calum said.

“Then why are you here?” you asked.

“Because we can’t leave.” Calum replied.

“What are you?” you asked.

“We’re dead.” Calum says. “That tattoo on your thigh is very hot by the way.”

Michael tried to silently take a bite of his sandwich, but the lettuce crunches loudly, making his cheeks blush.

You chuckle at the act and finally relax, letting the spatula rest on the island.

As weeks passed, you saw the boys more often. Calum always tried to keep quiet, but you could always tell when he was in your room. Michael in the other hand, gave you your space. One morning you found yourself awake at seven, which was early for you. You went down the stairs for a glass of water and found Michael sitting in your couch watching Beetlejuice on Netflix. His hair was not lilac, it was light blue, that was until he saw you. When he did, his hair turned lilac again.

“How do you do that?” you asked him intrigued. “Changing your hair color.”

“Um, I don’t actually do it.” Michael said. “It just kind of happens. I think it has something to do with the way I’m feeling or something? I don’t know, that’s Calum’s theory.”

“That’s interesting.” you tilted your head, taking a seat next to him. “What does lilac mean?”

“Nervous, I think.” Michael answered. “Is it lilac right now?”

You nodded with a smile, pushing your own brown hair away from your face.

“Was it you making all those noises at night?” you asked. “Moving the curtains and dropping my stuff?”

“Calum.” Michael answered, his hair was now shifting from lilac to full on purple.

“What’s the point of it anyways?” you asked.

“He has fun that way, I guess.” Michael responded. “There’s not much to do when you’re dead.”

“Where is he right now?”


“Ghosts sleep?”

“I don’t, but Calum does.” Michael explained. “I’m not sure why most of these things happen. I get hungry too and Calum doesn’t really. He drinks lots of coffee though.”

“Haven’t you been a ghost for a long time?”

“Two years.” Michael said. “but unlike this movie, we don’t really get a manual.”

“Can I ask something personal?” you say after about a minute of silence.

“How did I die?” Michael asked. His hair turned completely purple and then black, which really, really suited him.

“If that’s okay.” you told him.

“It’s really stupid.” Michael said, hints of lilac in his black hair. “I, um, took my own life.”

“Oh…” you let out. “Why?”

“That’s the stupid part,” he continued. “for a girl. I thought she died and, uh, yeah, I loved her I guess.”

“You guess?” you frowned. “Michael, you killed yourself.”

“And she wasn’t even dead, which is the worst part.” he chuckled sadly.

“This is serious, Michael.” you said still frowning.

“It’s alright, I’m okay.” Michael replies.

“Michael, you’re dead.”

He laughs, his hair turns blue for only an instant. It then turns light blue like it was when you first came down the stairs.

“I mean, Calum literally died falling down the stairs so.” Michael said.

“Really?” you asked widening your eyes.

“Yeah, the dumbass got drunk and fell.” Michael said, his hair turning red, which made him look soooo good. “He didn’t handle my death so well, so he drank a lot and…”

His hair kept getting redder, but then Michael’s facial expression changed from a frustrated one to a sad frown and his hair turned back to black.

“What does black mean?” you asked.

“Is it black right now?” Michael asked.

You nodded.

“Sadness.” Michael said looking down rubbing one of his eyes.

You stayed up talking all night. Turns out the reason why they couldn’t leave the house was because they both had died here. I won’t get into details about it.

Months passed and you were getting close to both Michael and Calum. It was very confusing because you felt attracted to both of them in different ways. Like with Calum, you just wanted him to push you against the wall and leave hickeys on your neck, but Michael… With Michael you wanted to make out until your lips felt dry and then cuddle.

You feeling were very mixed until one night. You seeing Michael at night when you couldn’t sleep became a habit, and this one specific night he was lying on the floor. His body facing the ceiling and his hands holding a picture. At least a dozen more pictures were scattered around him. His hair was a mix of black, red, and pink.

You hugged your body as you walked to him. It was always colder when the boys were around.

“Hey.” you said. Michael’s head shot up and then he slowly sat up. He didn’t let go of the picture.

“Hey.” Michael greeted back. His hair turned purple.

“What are you doing?” you asked. “And what the fuck does purple mean?”

“You ask a lot of questions.” Michael laughed. “I’m looking at pictures, and I have no idea what purple means.”

“Can I sit?” I ask him. “Sorry, that’s a question…”

“I didn’t say I minded.” Michael winked, his hair turning magenta. “Of course you can sit.”

You sat cross legged next to Michael and he handed you the picture he was holding. As soon as you saw it, you smiled. It was baby Michael sitting in some sort of wood basket with a chef hat on. You let out a giggle. When you looked up at Michael he was smiling at you, the kind of smile that made him look completely lost in you. His hair was now pink.

“Why are you smiling?” you chuckled.

“Am I not allowed to smile?” he asked with a fake offended tone.

“You are most definitely allowed to smile.” you told him. “I like your smile, it’s cute.”

Michael’s hair changed from lilac and pink repeatedly and he looked down, still smiling. You noticed a picture of Michael (with red hair) and another girl hugging his torso. He had his arm around her. She had olive skin and dark eyes. Her hair was dark brown, and you couldn’t help to notice how good her eyebrows looked. You had come to the conclusion that when it came to Michael’s hair, red meant anger, but he didn’t look angry at all in the picture. You figured his hair didn’t change colors when he was alive.

Michael noticed you taking hold of the picture and he smiled faintly, his hair turning half lilac half black.

“Is this her?” And then you noticed that you in fact did ask tons of questions.

“Yeah.” Michael said.

“She’s pretty.” you said. She was. She was like the perfect example of society’s beauty ideal. You were trying so hard to not get jealous. You didn’t really have a reason to, but you did anyways.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he said.

“Mhm?” you asked still looking at the picture.

“I think you’re pretty.” Michael said taking the picture from your hands and sliding it away from you both. His hair was back to pink.

“Thanks.” you said with a smile. It had been a while since someone told you you were pretty. “You’re pretty too.”

Michael laughed and slid his hand into yours. His eyes sparkled in the dim light from the lamp. You felt butterflies in your stomach. It was the same thing every night. You’d say something and he’d laugh.Then there would be a comfortable silence in which he looked at you with those sparkling eyes. You were always tempted to kiss him, but you never did. You always changed the subject before anything could happen because the idea of dating Michael seemed way too complicated. That night was different though.

“Can I ask you a favor?” you asked. “It’s kind of a big one.”

“Do I have to stand up?” Michael asked with a scrunched nose. You laughed at his laziness and then shook your head.

“No.” You said softly.

“Then yeah, anything.” Michael said.

“Kiss me.”

Michael’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Michael was about to talk, but you didn’t let him.

“No, no, no,” you said. “Just once. Just one time and that can be it.”

“I wasn’t going to complain.” Michael said before putting his lips on yours.

Although most of the time his lips were chapped, they felt very soft on yours. He placed his cold finger tips on your cheek, slowly letting himself cup it with his whole hand. Your own hands rested on his shoulders. His hands were slowly making their way down. From your cheeks to your neck, from your neck to your back, from your back to your waist, but then he was gone. You were both startled by the sound of Calum’s voice in the distance.

“Oi, Mikey!” he said. “Where are you, mate, I had this dream.”

You quickly stood up and Michael remained sitting, you went to the fridge and pretended you were looking for food. Calum came into the kitchen with the curliest hair you had seen on him yet and watery eyes from just having woken up.

“Oh, hey, (Y/N).” he asked. “Looking good as usual.”

“Thanks.” you said, your voice cracking slightly. “Um, I’ll be going upstairs now.”

You left the scene without another word.

The next day, your parents were both out and you were playing Twister with Calum. It was funny because Calum was turning the clock thingie with like air currents and shit. After half an hour of playing without falling, you started getting tangled and after only seconds, you fell on your butts. Calum’s butt bounced on the living room’s wooden floor and your butt bounced on Calum’s lap. You both laughed as you tried to untangle yourself from Calum’s body, but he wouldn’t let you go. He tickled your sides, making you shake in laughter.

“Hey, guys, have you seen the-” Michael started as he walked into the scene, but he stopped himself when he saw Calum embracing you. His hair turned from blonde to bright green. His jaw clenched and a little bit of red started showing in his fringe.

“Are you going to finish or…?” Calum asked after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence.

“The pack of post its.” Michael finished, his hair turning half red.

“Why would you even need post its?” you asked laughing. Your stomach was still sore from doing so too hard.

“Nevermind.” Michael said, turned his heel, and left upstairs.

“Cal, what does green and red mean?” you asked, noticing his hair would turn those colors very often lately. You had your theories about red, but green…

“Red is angry.” Calum frowned. “But it was never green before.”

You stood up from Calum’s lap and frowned. “Hmm…”

“He has off days, it’s alright.” Calum assured you. You still stood up and followed Michael upstairs. You noticed he was heading to your room. When you both had entered he shut the door without touching it or even being close to it.

“What’s up with you?” you asked Michael, being a little startled by the door thing.

“What’s up with you?” Michael replied. His hair was bright green.

“Not much.” you said. “I mean not since last night, when I talked to you.”

Michael let out a frustrated sigh.

“Did kissing me mean anything to you?” Michael asked. His tone wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t calm either.

“What?” you asked confused.

“Because if it’s the whole being dead thing that’s keeping you from doing this then I should remind you Calum is dead too.”

“Keeping me from doing what?” you asked. Your tone was louder. “What does Calum have to do with anything?”

“We kissed last night, but then you were all over Calum minutes ago!” Michael said with an altered tone this time. His hair turned bright red. The furniture in the room started shaking and the main light flickering. “If something is going to happen then you can’t be messing with more people, because I can’t be fucked with this way again. Once was enough and I don’t plan on forgiving this time. And I mean, of course you like Calum. I mean, why wouldn’t you? He’s all fit with his muscles and his like, biceps and shit. And yeah he’s funnier and he’s a lot more charismatic and he isn’t the one with a fucked head. But you were the one that asked for a kiss, so don’t just-”

And then you kissed him. You walked swiftly to him and pulled his to you. You instantly felt Michael’s body relax. His hands rested on your waist, making your heated body a little cooler. After kissing for a while, you finally had to stop to breathe.

Michael mumbled a barely hearable “Fuck.”

His hair was pink, but it was a different pink than the one that usually took over him. This one was brighter, richer.

“I suppose green is jealous then.” you said.

Michael laughs and when you look up at him his eyes have the same sparkle you noticed on them the very first time you met.