which is close to space dragons

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Honestly, I'd imagine Zarbon would probably be in the same category as Whis, and Cyborg-17 would probably be in the same category as Broly (or even Freeza). But you're omitting a certain pair of somebodies...Blue and Otokosuki?

I was definitely having some issues with placing Whis and Zarbon but if you look at them side by side 

You can see why I had chosen to put Zarbon in femme rather than high femme, hes pretty damn close though because hes on a 2 at least compared to Whis’ 1, Whis is more lithe and there is a difference in fighting styles (which i think contributes to personality as well, and then there is… Zarbon’s transformation…)

17 was more of a filler because I was running out of characters to put in femme, but having no space in the other slots (I wanted to put Sky Dragon in futch, also wanting to keep it mainly w/ characters people know well/remember) but I can totally see where you’re coming from, viewing them together

17 would’ve been a little closer to butchy femme (or even soft butch as you said), I think Frieza and Broly would relatively stay in their positions.

Didn’t really think about Blue and Otokosuki at the time, that is a good call, though I would have added Zamasu to femme if I made any changes

A very eye-opening and fulfilling discussion… I will see u all at the next futch scale meeting

The Font of Life

Sketch of the Font of Life with the Behemoth actually in place above it.  I’m not sure I’ve quite gotten the scale of it to my liking, I feel like it should be larger.

For reference, the floating thing in the center is the Eridanus Conclave’s floating portal entrance.  The dais upon which the central portal sits is a full 700m wide; large enough to accommodate many Guardians, Imperials and Ridgebacks who happen to be coming or going and considering the Guardian population within the Conclave itself, as well as its sister clan, Arvoisa and close allies in Ith, the space is much-needed.

The inner area beneath the trunk and hidden between the roots is, at current scale, roughly 5 miles wide.

The water is supposed to be several miles deep.

Water clan dragons who’ve taken up residence in the Font of Life for ages, perhaps even some of the first proto-dragons, who have grown attuned to the life-giving water and become immortal, having been infused with its power.  Warped and forever changed by the intense magical energies, these creatures are forever changed and no longer look like the Guardians and Wildclaws of today.

And speaking of dragon cities, perhaps the whole root system around the hidden lake is home to many clans of dragons who’ve all banded together with the common interest of protecting the Behemoth at her most vulnerable source.


Sorry again for crude translations;; Having a hard time typing out something this long on the phone since it just randomly restarts after a while so I just wrote it down.

- Ryukichi literally means ‘Dragon’s Luck’ but idk a good term for it right now since I have no idea what kind of award it is.
- There’s the Excellent Squad Award which Suzuya has and it seems this award is given in different periods.
- It says 'my boom’ (マイブーム) in JP but it means current obsession. o/
- One of Mikage’s hobbies which is 妄想 is actually close to something like daydream, fantasize, have delusions of but I just put imagine.
- Also space refers to outer space.

Please feel free to send me a message if there’s anything I missed or if there are corrections!