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The Case for Jonsa: Why Jonerys will be one-sided at best

First, yes this is very anti-Jonerys and it is pretty brutal. I understand why Jonerys shippers will have a problem with that so there’s no need to call me delusional or pathetic. Please keep in mind, we don’t choose who we ship.

Also, I am spoiler free. If you know something from a leak that negates one of my theories please keep it to yourself.

So, why do I believe Jon and Dany’s relationship will be almost entirely one-sided? While I do believe that a Jonerys marriage is inevitable and that the writer’s have attempted to show physical attraction between the two, I do not believe that any romantic interest will be equal on both sides. I think it’s clear from this episode that Dany has already fallen hard for the brooding King in the North while Jon… not so much. For clarity’s sake I’m going to include the evidence I discussed in my post The Case for Jonsa, but there are definitely some new scenes to examine. Let’s begin:

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Quick overview

Sigurd is rather interesting for a unit. He’s a unit with trash resistance and yet a great magic check, even his colour would indicate he’d be bad in the meta but his legendary weapon makes up for his poor res. However he’s also not the best offensively infact in some cruel twist of fate, he’s designed to be a character who is very hard to kill.

Base kit

Sigurd for some strange reason comes with pretty much the full kit. First things first, Divine Tyfring is a upgrade on the normal tyfring which gives him +3 res, and nullifies 50% of magic take on the first hit of magical attacks.Mind you this means they need to double you but most mages will anyway. Then add crusaders ward to this which reduced damage dealt from attack 2 spaces away by 80% if consecutive means a lot. Take Reinhardt for example lets say one hit does 40, so normally he’d be doing 80 to Sigurd here but take these skills into account and it goes to 20 + 8 so 28 damage, that’s a 65% damage reduction. However the fact you can get it as a sacred seal means eventually it’ll be obsolete. Close defence is a amazing A skill which patches his res against dragons and gives extra defence putting him at 40 defence when active. Speed smoke is a very interesting skill, and arguably the best of all these smoke skills we’ll get but don’t feel a need to use it over a horse buff if you run horse emblem. Finally Miracle is well Miracle it’s probably better to swap it out.

Suggested set(s)


+Atk/spd/def/hp/res -res/hp/spd

Divine Tyfring, Reposition, Bonfire

Slot A = Close defence, Distant counter

Slot B = Crusaders ward, quick riposte

Slot C = Horse buff or speed smoke

The cheap and easy set, working with about any plus iv but ideally a drop in res or hp is ideal. Speed is a interesting drop to make more use of the res skills in his kit but will harm his ability to act on player phase. Close defence offers the greatest boost for him, giving him +6 to defence and resistance. Distant counter is your other option giving up physical bulk for the ability to counter the mages who dare attack him. Crusaders ward is a must for this set but if you have the sacred seal of this skill, use that followed with quick riposte to make a very devastating combo, even with Distant counter he still enjoy less damage from Reinhardt and Olwen, and any desperation mages. Quick riposte though in general is a solid choice especially with -spd ivs. Finally and c skill is good, just based on your needs.

Danganronpa V3: Burning Harmony

+Atk/spd -res/hp

Divine Tyfring, Reposition, Bonfire

Slot A = Swift sparrow, Death blow, Life and death, Fury

Slot B = Sword breaker, Desperation

Slot C = Horse buff 

A pure offensive threat, to ironically put bonfire to some great use. Ideally anything to increase your attack and speed so swift sparrow, life and death, fury etc are all solid. Even life and death which would but him at 29 defence, you can still use bonfire as this Sigurd should be used with horse buffs. Sword breaker is the best option when at full hp as it helps to combat foes if you are ever without horse buffs,but otherwise Desperation is a solid choice once low on hp and when combined with fury is a ticking time bomb.

FT Theory - Lucy and Ravines of Time

Call me crazy but…Lucy could save the Dragon Slayers. Think about it:

The Ravines of Time is a time-space magic. Celestial magic is a type of space magic. If she were to combine her Urano Metria spell with the Ravines of Time, (like Zeref did with Fairy Heart), she’d be able to harness it just enough that she could shut it off and/or close it. 

She’d have to get the Dragon Slayers out first…which would be easy since she has Gemini that copied Marin. She could use his Rules of Area magic (like she did with Jacob). It can negate all types of space magic!

Lucy and Anna could do a unison raid. So far the only people to use the Ravines of Time have been the ones from 400 years ago..(Zeref, Anna, Acnologia).

Could this be possible?

Something Familiar This Way Comes (Part 2)

Bucky finished unwrapping the bandages and splint around Tony’s wing. He brushed his fingers gently across the black feathers. The feathers were as soft and silky as they looked, and the sensation of them brought a smile to Bucky’s lips.

Tony squawked and fluttered his wings.

Bucky took a step back to give Tony space and bumped into Steve, who was in his human form. He’d helped Bucky heal what was left of Tony’s injury and had stayed close by to watch as Bucky freed Tony’s formerly broken wing.

Tony raised his wings and almost knocked over one of Bucky’s vials on the lab desk.

The lab was filled with just as many knick-knacks as the house. Bucky had a hook of crucifixes in one corner right below the hook of ankhs. The two religious items were right next to the shelf containing dragon parts, which was above a basket of unicorn hair and a jar of gremlin toe nails.

Bucky quickly caught the teetering vials and righted them.

Tony hopped away from the vials of potions and ingredients. Once he had adequate space he flapped his wings.

A small gust of wind blasted Bucky in the face and he chuckled. “Looks like they’re good as new.”

Looks like it,” Steve pointed out. “We really won’t know until he tries to fly.” Steve galnced at the large candelabra swinging from the ceiling. He eyes traveled across the room, taking in all the items covering the walls and shelves. “This room isn’t conducive to flying.”

Bucky frowned, humming as he mulled over Steve’s observation.

Tony flapped his wings again and hopped to the edge of the desk.

Worry punched Bucky in the gut. Feigning nonchalance, he reached out and stroked Tony’s chest, using the affection gesture as a way to keep Tony from jumping off the desk.

An idea occurred to Bucky just then. He snapped his fingers and beamed. “Tony, if you’re fully healed then you should be able to take on your human form. How about it? You think you can do it?”

The crow familiar cocked his head.

Bucky kept up his upbeat exterior. He knew enough about Tony to feel confident that if allowed time to process the request and weigh the positive and negatives, Tony would eventually come around.

Tony’s body began to expand and the feathers rose to his head as his body stretched out until a man was sitting on Bucky’s desk.

The strategically shaved goatee, the dark hair, the whiskey brown eyes were all familiar to Bucky. Just the sight of them tugged on his soul and magic.

He wished that Steve could feel it too.

Bucky glanced over his shoulder at Steve to see if his familiar and lover recognized Tony, but was thrown by the deep frown on Steve’s face.

Bucky blinked, breaking out of his happy cloud of thoughts to really look at Tony.

Tony was a tad smaller than what Bucky was used to seeing, and the height difference was made even more prominent by the way Tony hugged his arms and curled into himself. This was not a confident Tony.

Nor a well fed or  well taken care of one either. His clothes had holes in them, his body lacked muscles, and he was far too slender.

This world had not treated Tony kindly.

Tony looked suspiciously up at Bucky through his eyelashes. When they made eye contact, Tony straightened and put on a haughty air. “Thanks for the help. I’ll get out of your way now.”

Tony jumped off the desk and moved to get around Bucky, but Bucky side-stepped into his path.

“You’re not in my way; I’m in yours,” Bucky teased.

Tony was not impressed. “Listen, I don’t have anything you want, and honestly, if I stick around I’m going to bring you nothing but trouble, so I’m leaving.”

“But I want you to stay.” Bucky turned to Steve. “And you want him to too, don’t you?”

Steve eyed Tony. He shifted uncomfortably. “Bucky, I can see why you want to keep him, but Tony doesn’t have a reason to trust us or to want to stick around.”

“Of course he has a reason.” Bucky whirled on Tony. “Of course you have a reason.” Bucky grasped Tony’s hands in his. “I’m going to love you and take care of you, doll.” Bucky beamed. “And Stevie too.”

Tony gaped and took a step back, his body language screaming fright. “You’re crazy.”

Steve sighed and  pinched the bridge of his nose. “No. His warlock specialty is interdimensional travel as well as creating dimensional pockets.”

Tony’s blinked as rapidly as a hummingbird’s wings for a second. “What did you just say?”

Bucky grinned and tapped Tony on the forehead. “That’s right, babydoll, I specialize in dimensional travel, so while I am may not know this specific version of you, I’ve seen enough versions of you to know, I don’t care what kind of trouble you bring to my doorstep, as along as you’ll let me, I’m keeping you.”  

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this is more book canon than movie (they’re all about 11-12 years old)


“Bev should be the princess this time,” Eddie said, putting his foot down.

Bev gave him a sharp look.

Eddie almost shrunk back, but he stood his ground. “I’ve played the princess four times already! It’s not fair.”

“That’s t-true,” Bill said soothingly.

“But that doesn’t mean I should be!” Bev intercepted.

“I-I know.” Bill agreed. He smiled as some of the losers looked to him, besides Richie and Stan, who have yet to arrive.

Richie usually went to Stan’s place first before they walked together to the Barrens. And they take their sweet time, while they’re at it. Frequently so if they take a detour to the malt shop. This looked to be one of those times.

Not that Bill or any of the others minded.

So they might be a little too absorbed in each other. It’s certainly better than having Richie ogle Stan from afar or Stan making up excuses to avoid Richie when he gets him too flustered.

“How about―”

“Stan should be the princess and I’ll be the dragon!” Richie bounced in, holding Stan’s hand. Even though he just arrived, he got the gist of what they were arguing about quickly.

Before Stan could object, Eddie spoke up, miffed. “Why do you get to be the dragon?”

“Because, Eds,” Richie said as he poked Eddie’s cheek.

Eddie swatted his hand away. “Because what?”


“I have an idea,” Mike interrupted Richie before he could put his foot in his mouth. “Why don’t we draw matches?”

“G-Great idea, Mike,” Bill said gratefully.

“My idea was pretty great too.”

“Beep beep, Richie.”


“Foul demon, how dare thee take my bride,” Richie said in all his princely glory as he waved his stick like a sword.

Eddie roared and spit fire, but in actuality, he threw water balloons as substitution for fire breathing magic.

Stan, who despite being unlucky enough to draw the princess role, was surprisingly having fun watching his friends play. He sat on the lowest tree branch behind Eddie, who had created a mini wall fortress using materials from the dump and heavy rocks laying around (with Ben’s help, who now played the role of Eddie’s minion after Eddie had used ‘mind control’ magic to get him under his command; before that, Ben was a knight in shining armor, who grew up on a farm with big and noble dreams, but alas.)

“He’s not your bride,” Beverly hissed by his side. She carried a makeshift shield (a trashcan lid) and a plastic toy sword that Bill let her borrow. She was the princess’ personal knight who had failed to protect him, and now must rescue him to redeem her honor. “King Bill said that whoever rescues the princess first will get to marry him and take the throne.”

It was too bad Bill had to leave the game early, but it didn’t make what he said obsolete.

“And that will be me,” Richie said as he stood tall and stroke a princely pose. He almost looked like a prince even with his makeshift crown, which was actually a flower crown Stan had made for him last night. They were pink roses from Andrea Uris’ rosebushes. He took them with her permission, but she was the one who clipped the roses from their stems and snipped the thorns off before she handed them to her son.

“We’ll see about that,” she challenged and stepped aside, breaking off from the team. She snuck into the foliage and out of sight.

“No, wait, Sir Bev,” Mike said, holding a large tome open in his hands loosely. He was a wizard prince, heir to a far off and magical kingdom whose father volunteered him to help in the hopes of creating an alliance through marriage. “We have a better chance sticking together―”

Eddie threw a water balloon at Richie, but he ducked and it hit Mike instead.

“Aaah, it burns!” Mike play acted and then recited a healing spell that’s just him saying, “I heal myself,” backwards three times. Mike was a pro at speaking backwards.

“Are you alright, Mike?” Richie asked as if it wasn’t his fault Mike got hit.

“Now I am,” he said, “but I don’t think I’ll survive another attack.”

“Alright, follow my lead ‘cause we totally have him trapped.”

“You wish, trashmouth,” Eddie said, gathering more ammunition.

What followed was an epic battle of epic proportions. Fire breath and magic spells flew at each other (some were Eddie’s water balloons, and others were Mike’s bubbles, which as silly as it sounds were quite effective on Eddie the dragon.)

When Mike and Richie were closing in and his water balloons were running out, Eddie sent his minion Ben to handle them.

Swords clashed while Mike backed up Richie as best as he could but Ben blocked his spells.

“Go, Ben,” Eddie cheered as he backed away. He held his last water balloon in his hand.

Ben was, indeed, winning. He was about to deliver the final blow when Mike chanted, “lortnoc dnim morf uoy eerf I.”

And Ben stopped just as his toy sword almost touched Richie’s abdomen. He stepped back and dropped it and yelled, “I’m free!”

Richie sighed in relief and then grinned triumphantly. “You hear that, dragon lord? Your days are numbered.”

Eddie is almost backed up against the tree as the three surround him. Eddie was thinking of a way to use the last water balloon to his advantage when there was a rustle behind him. But he didn’t pay any mind to it.

And that was when Bev burst through and surprised him.

Everyone gasped, both awed (Ben, Mike) and dismayed (Richie), as Bev ran her sword through Eddie (or technically, the space between Eddie’s armpit and arm, and she did it slow and gentle so she wouldn’t actually hurt him).

Eddie went down with exaggerated wide eyes and tongue rolled out for a dead effect.

“Huzzah, I have slayed the dragon!” Bev dropped her shield and sword. She smirked at Richie.

Richie, meanwhile, had his mouth open until Mike closed it. “You, you―”

“I, what? Saved the day?” she turned her back to him and held her arms out to Stan as if she could carry him safely to the ground. Which to be fair might be possible since they’re almost the same height. “And I get a kiss from the princess, and most importantly, marry him and ascend the throne?”

Stan looked uncertain, but found himself scooting forward and held onto the flimsy branches as Bev reached for him.

“Wait,” Richie shouted.

Both of them stopped and looked at him.

“It isn’t fair to princess Stan that he doesn’t have a choice on who he gets to marry. Marriage is about love and being with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s not about spending your life with a person who decided to save him on a whim or only saved him for money and power.”

Beverly, Ben, and Mike looked at him in a new light as they considered what he was saying.

Meanwhile, Stan looked at him with an unreadable expression which almost made Richie audibly gulp. His eyes were critical, but they also had a soft fondness to them. Richie could tell that Stan’s internal bullshit meter was skyrocketing at a record breaking high.

“…You never cared about that when I was the princess,” Eddie said as he picked himself up and brushed dead leaves off of his shirt.

“Literally, no one cares, Eds,” Richie said.

(In the background, Ben put a comforting hand on Eddie’s shoulder. “I’m pretty sure everyone cares.” “Thanks, Ben.”)

Beverly was nodding anyway, despite clearly seeing Richie’s bias. “I think Richie’s right. It’s not fair to the princess.”

“True.” Ben agreed.

“Since we’re all in agreement,” Mike said. “Stan, who do you want to marry?”

From his perch on the tree branch, Stan tilted his head. There was a playful smile on his lips as he gazed at Richie.

Richie was caught in that moment. His mouth was slightly parted and he couldn’t look away.

Stan was so pretty and he was all his (just as much as he was Stan’s).

“I choose,” Stan said slowly. “Mike.”

Richie found himself smiling and playing along. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it right there, princess. I didn’t say that empowering princess speech for you to go and pick not-me.

“I say, it ain’t fair. I did a good deal a damage, yessir, I did.”

“True, but it was Mike who did most of the work,” Stan said, swinging his legs back and forth. “Mike’s the reason you’re not dead. Mike also saved Ben. So, if we’re talking about fairness, then I choose Mike.”

The thing about winning this game (meaning successfully saving the princess or in this case, whoever the princess chooses, or defeating the heroes if you’re the bad guy) is that the winner gets to choose what they do for the rest of the day and everyone ‘had’ to follow.

Everyone agreed to this because it’s usually nothing outrageous. Sometimes if the winner wanted to go to the movies, they go to the movies. If they want to go somewhere a bit more expensive, then they plan for another day so they could save up some money, like if they were planning to go to a baseball stadium game, or a museum in Bangor.

Mike beamed at him. “Thanks, Stan.”

“Now, get me down from here, my prince.”

Both Richie and Mike step forward to catch him and roughly bump into each other. “Whoa!”

Stan bit his lip to stifle his laughter, and then said in the most level voice he could, “Nevermind, I can get down myself.”

Bev playfully sighed and crossed her arms. “Boys, amirite, kids?”

“You mean, Richie,” Eddie said. “But yeah, boys too, I guess.”

okay, I absolutely love the way DreamWorks gave all the riders different styles that fit their personalities and relationships with their dragons.

Hiccup tends to ride with his whole body close to Toothless’, leaning forward against him, sometimes almost lying down on his stomach on top of him. he and Toothless are one flier, moving together; because of the tail, they have to be, but it’s also a big part of their bond. the position Hiccup chooses also emphasizes speed, which we know they both love, and lets them fit through small spaces and make tight turns.

Valka stands on Cloudjumper’s back. she’s not secured to him in any way. after twenty years, she trusts Cloudjumper not to drop her, and he’s gotten so used to flying with her on his back that he knows exactly what he can and can’t do, and how to communicate his intentions to her, and he trusts her to do what she needs to do to stay put. also, unlike Toothless and Hiccup, they don’t seem like equals in the air; Cloudjumper listens to Valka but ultimately he’s the one that makes the flying decisions, which she’s been letting him do since the night they met when he picked her up and carried her away. (plus Valka likes to pretend she’s a dragon and could fly on her own if she so chose so she doesn’t need to hang on.)

Fishlegs uses his weight to balance on Meatlug (and probably has some kind of seatbelt system rigged up, ‘cause he’d be the one to think of that), and doesn’t need his hands to hold on. Meatlug isn’t a very speedy or maneuverable dragon compared to Toothless or Stormfly, so he doesn’t have to be wary of sudden turns or changes in speed. where the other Berk riders sacrifice the use of their hands most of the time while they’re in the air, Fishlegs’ riding style lets him check his stat cards or a book, or even use a two-handed tool or weapon easily rather than relying on Meatlug for whatever he needs to do.

Astrid kind of perches on top of Stormfly, resting on her knees, shins, and toes rather than her butt. that means she’s always ready to leap off her dragon’s back at a split-second’s notice, because as much as she loves Stormfly, Astrid is a Viking warrior first and needs to be able to dismount quickly and jump into the fray axe in hand.

and then there’s Snotlout, who sits on Hookfang like he’s on a fucking Harley. “look at me, I’m a cool dude on a cool dragon. we both know exactly how awesome we look. no, you can’t have a ride. unless you’re cute.”

Dragons are Assholes

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Sam, Dean and Castiel

Reader gender: female

Warnings: SMUTTY SMUT, foursome (so many dicks), anal sex, oral sex, cussing, and a little fluff too.

Dragons are assholes.

So here’s how this whole thing started. Another hunt had come along and there’s a small town in, of course, Virginia where all the virgins were disappearing.

Instantly, you, the Winchesters, and Castiel all knew. A god damn dragon.

So you drove four hours to Brookneal, Virginia to investigate and gank the son of a bitch.

But once you got there? Oh boy. That’s when it all went south.



“Ha, good thing none of us are virgins. Not even Cas.” Dean chuckled, patting the angel on the back.

“Yeah. Good thing.” You faked a laugh as Dean pulled into the motel parking lot. You started sweating a little. But surely, you’d be fine, right?

After checking in, you went to your room with Castiel as the brothers went next door.

“Are you alright?” Castiel pressed for the third time in the last twenty minutes.

“Cas, I told you, I’m- I’m fine, alright?” You wiped a bead of sweat from your forehead.

“I can sense hostility.”

“I can sense douchebaggery…” You muttered to yourself.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. You just seemed upset. I’ll leave you alone now.” Castiel sounded small and as you turned around to apologize for your behavior, that’s when you heard wings and he was gone.

A moment later, he knocked on Sam and Dean’s door. Dean answered, letting him in. “What’s up, Cas?”

“Y/n’s acting odd. Like she may be hiding something. I can feel it.” Castiel sighed, sitting down at the table in the room.

Sam came out of the bathroom, drying his hands on his pants. “Hey. What’s going on?”

Dean turned to Sam, “Cas thinks that Y/n’s hiding something.”

“Funny. Dude, she’s an open book. We’ve known her quite awhile. She’s not one to hide something.” Sam shrugged.

“Maybe it’s a new thing.” Dean shrugged as well.

Castiel chimed in, “she won’t talk to me. I’m not sure how you suppose I get information from her, Dean.”

Dean sat up, “what’re you- I didn’t- dude! I’ve told you, stay outta my head!”

“My apologies…” Castiel looked down.

Sam sighed, “well how do we get her to talk? If she’s even hiding anything in the first place.”

Dean scratched the back of his head, “Just act cool about it. We’ll smoke her out after the hunt. But for now we all need to be on our A-game for tomorrow.”



“What the HELL happened back there?!” Dean shouted at you, slamming the gun onto the table in your room where the boys had followed you into.

“I don’t know!” You yelled back, feeling something in your chest. You hated lying to them.

“Bullshit.” Sam muttered.

Castiel was in the corner of the room, watching quietly, not wanting to intervene.

“It wouldn’t have attacked-!” Dean started his sentence but then paused abruptly for what seemed like more than thirty seconds before continuing. “No fucking way.”

“Shut up, Dean.” You mumbled.

After a full minute of silence, “Seriously?” Sam added.

“Please don’t talk about-” you started but Castiel cut you off.

“You’re a virgin.” Wow. Way to beat around the bush.

“Yes! Okay?! I’m a fucking cherry!” You hissed, crossing your arms.

Dean was the first to approach you, softly running his hands over your shoulders and down your arms as he unfolded them. He moved slightly, his right hand holding your left as he looked into your eyes. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We just- we don’t want you getting hurt.”

Sam went to your right side, but slightly more behind you than to your side. His right hand slipped into yours and you could feel the heat of his body on your back. Or maybe that was you heating up. “But, this is a dragon and… If you wanna be safe…”

Castiel emerged from the corner, moving to the space in front of you and resting his hands on your waist as your eyes closed half way and you felt like this wasn’t real. “If you wanna be safe… You can’t be a virgin.”

You were able to find your voice. “I- I-” you had to be honest with yourself. You were extremely attracted to these boys. “Which one of you-”

“Can’t be too careful, can we?” Castiel smirked, his face impossibly close to yours.

Where had this all come from?

“Only if you want.” Sam offered, his lips against the back of your neck. God, it was getting hot in here.

“You can say no. You’ll need to stay here in the room for the rest of the hunt.” Dean smiled, his hand squeezing yours just slightly.

“Yes. All of you. Y- yes…” You breathed, eyes closing all the way as you leaned back against Sam and Castiel’s lips were on yours while Dean worked his hands under your shirt. “And you make the rules, baby girl.”

You nodded, weak at the knees with this as you moaned quietly into Castiel’s mouth.

Sam got to his knees, pressing his lips to the skin on your lower back that Dean slowly revealed. Castiel popped the button on your pants and undid the zipper, Sam pulling them down agonizingly slowly.

Your shirt and pants were on the floor now and you smiled, “I- I make the rules right?”

“Yes…” Castiel practically growled.

“All three of you, in front of me, strip.” You smirked, raising an eyebrow and feeling powerful.

Dean smirked, chuckling a little and Sam licked a stripe up the side of your neck and the three of them lined up before you. You sat on the bed and loved that Castiel was the first to start, his eyes darker than you’ve ever seen them.

They made a damn good show of it and hell, Dean took his shirt off in a way that just- wow.

Sam was the most eager, moving the fastest in undressing but Castiel was close behind. This was getting you horribly wet and you just needed them all, now.

You leaned back a little, spreading your legs with a huge smirk and running your fingertips along the insides of your thighs lightly. You saw Dean go tense, heard Sam growl and Castiel was blushing bright red.

Castiel was the first to be done, moving to the bed and standing you up to kiss you deeply, his arm wrapping around your waist.

You kissed back greedily, guiding Castiel to sit at the head of the bed before straddling him.

Suddenly Sam and Dean were at your sides, their hands drifting across your torso and back while Castiel dragged a couple fingers across your clit through your panties.

This was already so much and you’ve never been able to be touched like that by another person, and God was it amazing.

You gasped, surprised when Castiel used his strength to rip your panties on each side, tossing them over your head. He crashed his lips against yours as the Winchesters unclipped your bra and maneuvered it off of you.

Sam and Dean massaged each of your breasts as Castiel let a hand wander back down, all of it making you moan and buck your hips.

“Sam, Dean,” Castiel spoke in a gravelly tone as he looked you in the eye. “Y/n is very wet.”

“Aww, all for us?” Sam teased, pinching your left nipple.

Dean leaned in to whisper into your right ear, “Where do you wanna take us, sweetheart?”

Your breath hitched as your eyes closed. “D- Dean I- I wanna suck you off… And… Sam, I want you behind me…” You were blushing deeply all over and you felt like you might die from the pressure in your abdomen. “F- fucking now.” You ordered.

Dean stayed at your side, working over your breasts, Castiel kissing you as Sam got up to get lube quickly from his bag before returning and settling on his knees behind you.

“You know how to give a blow job, baby girl?” Dean smirked, standing and looking down at you. You reached around with one arm to push his ass, getting him closer to you. You took him into your mouth giving a teasing amount of suction, your tongue circling around the head as you pulled off. “Does that answer your question?” You smiled.

His moans a moment ago were a good enough answer but he added a breathless nod.

“Good.” You smiled and looked back to Castiel, loving the look in his lust filled eyes.

Then you felt it. The feeling of slippery fingers against your back entrance. It made you groan and tip your head back, leaning it against Sam’s chest.

You looked up into smug, hazel eyes and laughed a little, it turning into a moan.

“Sam… P- please hurry-!” You whined, rolling your hips down.

Sam opened you up, inserting one finger at a time and making you whimper as noises came from all three of them, touching themselves as they watched you.

“You think you’re ready, dirty girl?” Sam smirked against your shoulder and you nodded furiously.

The next things you felt were Sam’s fingers leaving you while Castiel lined himself up with your pussy and pushed in a moment later. “C- Cas!” You whined loudly, jaw dropping.

Castiel and Dean made a simultaneous moan, Sam currently a little busy preparing himself.

You gasped once Castiel was fully inside you, reaching up to start stroking Dean with your right hand. Sam pressed the head of his dick to your hole, making you whimper as he began to slowly push in.

“Fuck- y- you’re big… All of you…” You moaned.

A moment later, you started to move up and down, making Castiel and Sam cry out, but you were louder, feeling so full.

The younger Winchester and the angel found a good rhythm and Dean stepped closer so you could easily reach him. Leaning forward, you started to lick and suck softly at Dean’s tip.

Hands were all over you. Castiel’s mostly on your breasts, Sam’s guiding your hips, and one of Dean’s in your hair while the other was gripping the headboard to ground himself.

You moaned softly around Dean, making him whine in return.

Castiel was the first to pick up the pace, slamming up into you as he let out little whimpers with each thrust and God, those noises alone could probably make you cum.

You felt Sam twitch inside of you and with no warning and a groan, he was gone, spilling inside of you.

You let out a guttural moan, sucking harder and Castiel whined out a “I- I’m-!” Before you and him released at the same time. Your hips moved amazingly fast, thrusting with Sam and Castiel.

You stroked Dean’s base, rubbing your tongue over his slit and he was gone too. You swallowed as much as you could, feeling wonderfully overwhelmed by all of this.

A few minutes later, all of you were exhausted. Sam pulled out and Dean backed away before you pulled off of Castiel with a whine.

You don’t remember where you were all laying, but the four of you were cuddled up in the bed, breathing starting to even out.

You yawned, then giggled. “I think I’m safe now.”

wholockdragons  asked:

I want an rtte episode that deals with the gang's phobias. I've always wondered what they are. Have any ideas? We know Fishlegs is afraid of heights but he might have gotten over that seeing he rides dragons for so long. I can see Astrid have claustrophobia but that's about it. I think it would make for an interesting episode.

Oh! This is interesting to think about! Even if we don’t see an episode about it, it’s fascinating to headcanon what peoples’ phobias might be. We humans all have our strengths and our weaknesses, and this would allow us to explore the characters in some of their hard spots. Phobias are very unfun experiences to have and not light emotional matters at all, but they can shed light into these characters’ emotions and allow us to see them hopefully conquer their fears and empower themselves.

Fishlegs: Hypsiphobia (Fear of Heights)

I have a distinct fear of heights… but only in certain circumstances. If I am on a long staircase with short railings and/or open-paneled steps (aka your feet can slip through the steps), then I am not cool with it. If I am on top of a build looking over a railing that is not at my upper chest or higher, I might feel queasy. If I am on the edge of a mountain cliff, I will not enjoy it. However, if you take me to an amusement park, I’ll want to go on the highest, wildest ride, and will hold my hands up in the air as they slowly, slowly, slowly bring me up several stories off the ground. And I’ll enjoy it and laugh every second. 

The difference is that I know amusement park rides are safe and have been tested time and time again. I will do anything at a park and not feel frightened. It means looking out an airplane window has zero effect on me. But when I am somewhere where there is not a safety standard, and where I have a better chance of falling, then I’ll be queasy.

I’m saying all this because I think we can still keep the idea Fishlegs is afraid of heights. He might not be afraid of heights when he’s on Meatlug because he’s feeling secure - just like I feel secure on an amusement park ride. He’ll believe Meatlug will keep him safe and so the heights don’t bother him. But if Fishlegs is in a different context, the heights could be far more worrisome.

Tuffnut: Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark)

This one is sort of implied in Riders of Berk during “Animal House” in this little moment:

Astrid: Remember Magnus the Merciless? He was a pretty scary guy. I was afraid of him until I learned that he was afraid of the dark.
Tuffnut: So during the day, merciless.
Ruffnut: And during the night, Tuffnut!
Tuffnut: Hey! That’s a real problem.

At first, it seems like Ruffnut is just joking that Tuffnut is always frightened of things, perhaps cowardly. However, Tuffnut then says, “Hey! That’s a real problem,” suggesting that the dark is a real problem. This makes me think that Tuffnut is not incredibly comfortable about the dark. So I could stand behind the idea of Tuffnut having nyctophobia.

Ruffnut: Something Unexpected

Ruffnut is someone who does not seem afraid of many things. I have a feeling then, that her phobia is one that no one in the entire dragon gang would expect. It will come out of nowhere and people will say, “Really? I didn’t know that about her.” This means it has to be some sort of fear to an object or event that does not happen every day. Fear of wasps, fear of lice, fear of dolls - take your pick. I think that Ruffnut’s phobia, if she has one, will be something like that which is not immediately predictable from what we’ve seen of her personality so far.

Astrid or Hiccup: Kakorrhaphiophobia (Fear of Failure)

I have problems thinking of what Astrid or Hiccup might be afraid of, at least from the sense of a phobia. You could headcanon Astrid might be afraid of closed spaces or something like that - that could work! For another suggestion, I will just point out that, even if it isn’t a phobia in how they act, Hiccup and Astrid are both people who do not take well to failure.

Astrid is an overachiever who wants to be good at dragon training. Then she works to be a good dragon rider. She’s someone who adapts quickly and adapts well. She loathes the fact the Hoffersons have a bad reputation because Fearless Finn Hofferson froze in front of the Flightmare. So Astrid becomes very preoccupied about succeeding and restoring familial honor.

Hiccup is not afraid of failing everywhere. Honestly, the poor kid has made more than his fair share of mistakes. Hiccup brings disaster with him every time he steps outside, according to Stoick in HTTYD. It is clear, then, that Hiccup is an adamant soul who is not afraid to keep failing so that someday he might be an accepted Viking.

But here’s the thing: what’s driving him to do all these crazy missions is the anxiety of disappointing his father. What Hiccup fears is failing his father’s love and expectations. He’s accustomed to the way his father seems displeased with him, but it hurts Hiccup greatly - just as it would hurt basically anyone in this poor familial situation. I would not call Hiccup’s emotional struggle kakorrhaphiophobia, but he does definitely spend so much time in HTTYD, ROB, and DOB trying to please his father. Man, we even see the poor guy still affected by this in HTTYD 2.

So I cannot think of a phobia for Astrid or Hiccup. But here are certain fears and emotional struggles they do have.

Snotlout: Poliosophobia (Fear of Paralysis)

Technically, we already see Snotlout conquer his fear in “The Next Big Sting.” I would not call it a phobia by any means, but Snotlout is incredibly wary about Speed Stingers more than anything else we have seen by him. This has developed since “Frozen” in Defenders of Berk, but we do see Snotlout is incredibly preoccupied about getting stung and paralyzed by the dragon.

Since this has already happened, I will give the back-up idea of ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. This doesn’t have much canonical basis, but for some reason, it just seems very… Snotlout-esque. Call it random headcanon intuition? He complains about the eels coming back to attack in “Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 2,” but he does pick up eels later. Still, it suggests Snotlout is not much of a fan of long, legless reptiles. It also makes sense in a way given that this Jorgensen boy’s fears tend to be about those things in life that are likely to harm him… and humans tend to have an innate fear of snakes because of their historical danger.

Heather: Autophobia (Fear of Being Alone)

Heather struggles with solitude and it’s messed her up psychologically. Shutting her out so she is completely, utterly alone could do serious damage to her. It’s something she does fear - maybe not at the level of a phobia - but certainly it is something that emotionally messes with her.

Gobber: Ablutophobia (Fear of Bathing)

I think people who have watched the television series know why I’m saying this.

Dan doodling on your arm - Danisnotonfire Imagine

You were cuddling with Dan. You were on the edge of sleep. You felt your thoughts go fuzzy and your muscles relax. Happily you snuggled into Dan hoping to fall asleep.

“Y/n,” Dan mumbled. He was so awake, why was he so awake. You hummed in answer.  

“Babe I’m bored,” he whined kissing your temple.

“Then do something,” you murmured feeling your eyes shut again.

“But I want to cuddle too,” he complained as if his dilemma was one of epic proportions.

“Here!” I said a bit too harshly thrusting a pen into his hands. He looked at it with confusion.

“Draw on my arm,” you ordered draping your arm over his lap and you snuggled back into his shoulder.

“Are you sure?” He asked but you could here minor notes of excitement in his voice.

“Yes 100%,” you replied closing your tired eyes. You slept for maybe forty-five minutes. When you woke Dan was still beside you examining your arm thoughtfully. You looked down.

“Dan!” You gasped. Doodles covered your arm from your wrist to your elbow. Small stars, dragons, hearts, planets, flowers, and lightning bolts peppered your arm. A small anime version of you and him was on the middle of your forearm. On your wrist was some quote that had apparently been said by Kanye west which you rolled your eyes at. With the spaces left he’d written the word love in multiple languages and fonts.

“I’ll wash it off, I’ll wash it off I swear!” He said looking at your worriedly. His high pitched promised brought you back to the real world.

“Dan no, I love it!” You told him in a dreamy voice.

“You do?” He asked with a sheepish grin.

“It’s so lovely. I didn’t know you could draw this well,” you complimented as you ran your finger over the pen drawings.

“I can’t, I’m shit,” he laughed. You sat up and kissed him gently to quiet him.

“Well I love it,” you smiled happily down at your arm. “It’s beautiful,” you told him and gave him another quick kiss. He was blushing and looked a bit dazed from all the kisses.

“Thanks,” he almost giggled.

Fenhawke * M!Hawke * DA2 * angst * 736 words

Fenris can see it in his eyes.

The way Hawke looks at him, those honey-brown eyes that track him carefully when they’re together. Ones that glance at him when he thinks Fenris isn’t looking, the apprehension most apparent in the flickering glow of the bedroom’s fireplace. Fenris is used to seeing the man wear his heart upon his sleeve, no expression guarded or masked completely. The joy within the crinkles of his eyes or the warm fondness within their depths fade to emotions of worry or even pity. Those eyes tell him many secrets, but even more so in the silence.

And he can also see it in his hands. Those broad palms hold him steady but keep him at an arm’s length away, thick fingers that ghost across his skin but rarely ever more than that. Hands that once touched him, grasped at him, and grounded him now regularly withdraw during times when Fenris needs that touch most desperately.

All the signs are there. It itches just under his skin, the thought claws its way out of the depths of his mind. It’s red, boiling, bubbling, then simmering and when he settles with the realization, his fists clench so tightly that the gauntlet’s tips draw blood from beneath his palm.

Hawke thinks he’s fragile.

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22nd of October | 6:02 pm | 2017

James is…worried for me. He had a nightmare about me and is a little shaken from it, which is why he had to make sure I was okay.

He was really distressed and I’m hugging him close. Eras is watching nearby, unsure whether to give us space or not. James assured him that he could stay, but still.

James explained that he had a dream where the two we were in was being attacked by a dragon. I told him to run off with the book we got, while I stayed back to distract the beast.

He didn’t want to leave me, but he ran. And part of him wasn’t sure if I ended up dead, but the last thing he saw was the huge dragon charging towards me.

I hope he won’t get another dream like it.

The City of Noxus

OOC: Noxus wasn’t built in a day. It was built in several. By me.


The black city of Noxus, from which the nation derives its name, is an architectural marvel and one of the great wonders of the world. Its construction predates even the nation itself, stretching back to an all but forgotten age. Even Noxians do not claim to know who built it. As far as most people care to know, the city has always existed. In truth, it was erected in the long reign of Mordekaiser, primeval warlord of Valoran. Countless slaves and laborers toiled and died raising the city’s walls and citadel, taking generations to complete, while the wanton use of magic in the construction helped realize the grandest of designs. Most Noxians do not know the origins of their city, but some are keener, especially those willing to delve into the city’s secrets. Nonetheless, Noxus embodies its offspring nation’s principle that strength is eternal.

Design and Layout

Typical architecture (OOC: Concept art of the Kirkwall Gallows from Dragon Age II).

If a single word could easily describe Noxus, it’s “cavernous”. Certain sections of the city are nothing short of colossal; from the awesome Conquest Gate, to the titanic Dead Trenches, to the looming Immortal Bastion, one can be made to feel awfully small in Noxus. From certain vantage points, the city can stretch as far as the eye can see. The architecture itself relies on strong, severe lines, sharp edges and drab stone; and heavily feature skulls, dragons, and other iconography that portend power or doom, relics of Mordekaiser’s aesthetic.

The city, of course, is filled with all manner of buildings: vendors, markets, forges, taverns, brothels, homes of all social standings, ad infinitum.

The construction most often follows the lay of the land, rising and falling naturally with elevation; other times, it continues in a direction in spite of a depression in the land, accounting for it by also building vertically all the way to the ground.

A considerable portion of Noxus lies underground; spacious sewers and storm drains, storerooms and undercrofts, tunnels and accessways, old slave quarters and mining shafts provide a safe haven and breeding ground for Noxus’ criminal element, as well as a quick means of travel for those wise to the tunnels’ idiosyncrasies, such as the Black Rose. The subterranean granaries, kept under close guard from greedy hands, are large enough to feed the city for a whole year in case of a siege.


The sprawling interior of the city has changed a deal since its earliest days, what with the expansion of the underground and necessary reconstruction after major fires and such, but the legendary black walls and the Immortal Bastion have endured. Built from the same gleaming black stone (often misidentified as obsidian), these structures have proven impervious to both time and the tampering of man. The stone resists every attempt to change it (even to its benefit), while no known weapon can harm it. Even during the Siege of Noxus centuries ago, the closest Demacia has ever come to besting its eternal rival, the assembled siege equipment of King Jarvan I could only inflict a few scratches and chips on the walls’ surface.

Noxus has never been taken by siege or storm in modern times, and with good reason; it may be the most defensible city in the world. From no gate is there a straight path to the Immortal Bastion. The city is divided into walled districts, each one capable of sealing itself from the others. Thanks to the city’s labyrinthine design, these districts act as buffers for the Immortal Bastion. If a force were to somehow breach the gates, they would have to fight their way through several districts in order to reach the Bastion. But the gates themselves are an invader’s first impediment. The Gate of Conquest (touched on later), the easiest entrance to march an army through, stands little chance of falling to siege weaponry. Therefore, an enemy commander would be forced to take one of the smaller gates, which are natural bottlenecks, replete with their own defenses. Overcoming that, the gates’ tight confines would prevent any substantial force from moving through at once. A commander would either have to accept the delay of getting all his men through a single narrow opening, or divide his forces to take multiple gates and unable to regroup easily.


The Bleak Academy

In the time of Mordekaiser, the structure that would become known as the Bleak Academy served as the dark lord’s alchemical lab and repository of arcane knowledge. It is here that he plied his craft as a sorcerer, exploring the nature of the soul and how to harness it for his own devices. Much anguish and suffering was born here. In modern times, the academy’s usage has remained much the same.

Within this squat warren of black stone, possibly of the same material as the city walls and the Immortal Bastion, Noxus’ scholars, scientists, men of alchemy, and practitioners of other esoteric arts create dangerous substances, experiment with new innovations, and investigate the nature of reality and magic. It pales in comparison to Zaun’s own academies, but remains impressive in the world of Noxus. Many of the ancient tomes belonging to Mordekaiser were burnt or taken when the city was left derelict, but many of its old facilities have remained intact or have been replaced. The sum knowledge of Noxus is kept within the Academy’s vaults. Some parts of the academy are free to the public, but many of them are off-limits, on account of the sensitive materials or information contained therein.

The Dead Trenches

OOC: Sion’s memorial, and what initiated the whole idea of this location. Notice the high walls above? THAT’s what inspired this trench idea.

Possessing the largest military in Valoran and placing great value on strength, it should come as no surprise that Noxus boasts a prodigious resting place for its fallen. The dead are not buried in Noxus, for there is precious little dirt within the city; instead, they are commended to the tombs of the Dead Trenches. Its name comes from the view from the ground of the high walls that enclose this district and its purpose. Typically, only city-born citizens are allowed a permanent place in the Trenches; outsiders are burnt in grand pyres. Accommodations vary depending on one’s class; commoners are regulated to communal mausoleums, nobility usually own a familial crypt, and recognized heroes are given great sepulchers carved in their likeness. The greatest such memorial belongs to Sion, pictured at the head, the general who broke the Siege of Noxus by killing King Jarvan I before dying himself.

OOC: Concept art from Dragon Age II, which captures what I imagined for these crypts

Larger still is the Tomb of the Unknowns, which houses unidentified remains, those unclaimed or unable to be claimed, if they have no relatives, and those lost afield but nonetheless honored with a space. The Dead Trenches extend well into the underground, and careful expansions are regularly made deeper to accommodate the population. Citizens are allowed to come and go through the Trenches whenever they please, but guards keep a close eye for graverobbers, as some try and risk to plunder the possessions of wealthy individuals. This isn’t often the case as Noxus traditionally looks down on materialism, but burying one with valuables is a symptom of the nobility’s influence in the city.

The Gate of Conquest

The impregnable walls of Noxus are not without a few points of entry. Several gates lead into the city, each of differing size and purpose. The smaller gates are more analogous to tunnels than proper doors, passing under and through the city wall itself, and are protected by portcullises, doors secured with heavy iron bars, and murder holes.

But the largest gateway into the city, almost as tall as the wall itself, is the Gate of Conquest: a massive double set of doors wrought in steel and emblazoned with the grim, ancient sigil of Noxus. The gate allows fifteen mounted men to ride abreast or forty men to march through shoulder-to-shoulder, and opens onto an equally-massive open road. The bastions adjacent to the gate house the mechanisms needed to operate it.

Because of the doors’ great size, they are too cumbersome to open and close on a regular basis or on short notice (say in an attack). Hence, the gate is rarely ever opened. In fact, the Gate of Conquest has only opened a handful of times in the nation’s long history, each a breathtaking experience, sometimes interspersed between decades, and always done symbolically to declare a major offensive. Opening and marching out of the Gate of Conquest symbolizes Noxus’ roused strength, as if the city were a latent giant.

The Grand Arena

Of all Noxus’ forms of public entertainment, blood sports is the most beloved. Nobility may look down upon the street performances beloved by smallfolk, and said smallfolk may similarly disdain the pastimes of well-off nobles, such as hawking—but Noxians of all sorts of ages and standings share an appreciation for gladiatorial combat.

To this end, city residents occasionally flock to the Grand Arena, the largest fighting pit of its kind in the city. It isn’t just the thrill of danger or the prospect of bloodshed that draws the crowds, but the application of their nation’s merits. For Noxus, the mortal art of combat isn’t mere butchery, but a chance to display one’s strength, courage, and skill. Some even venture to say that the arena slakes man’s innate bloodthirst in a controlled manner, thus keeping the people content. Victorious fighters are treated well, even if they are prevented from leaving, while those who proved memorable in death are forever remembered and honored on the arena’s monument to the fallen.

The participants are often criminals or prisoners of war, but the arena also keeps a menagerie of beasts brought from abroad to make matches livelier whenever necessary. The objective of the combatants can change too, from time to time, according to the caprices of the heads of the arena or a wealthy patron. The most well-known form of match is known as “The Fleshing”. It follows the normal procedure, kill your opponent, but comes with a twist: For every victory, the more opponents one would face in the next battle. This means the eventual death of every contender, but also unparalleled glory. Of course, given the cost of lives, the Fleshing is a spectacle done with some rarity; and typically reserved for special occasions, such as the raising of a new member to High Command or to celebrate a major victory afield (an influx of new prisoners of war helps a great deal).

The Harbor

OOC: Kirkwall of Dragon Age II is one of my favorite cities in fiction ever, and was a big influence for my vision of Noxus overall.

As the empire’s economic capital too, Noxus comes with a fully-equipped and spacious harbor. Here, dozens of trading galleys and cogs bring in goods from the seas under the silent vigil of the moored Noxian Armada. But if one thinks to approach the city from the sea, one must first pass through a pair of sheer cliffs. Defense emplacements line the channel between said cliffs, and massive boom chains can be raised to prevent passage altogether in case of emergencies. Neither can landing parties find purchase beside the cliffs, which are too steep to scale without proper climbing equipment, which itself wouldn’t be very practical when weighed down by one’s own armor and other gear. Furthermore, would-be climbers would be vulnerable to defenders dropping things onto them or picking them off with archery the whole way up, as the cliffs possess slight openings for that purpose, part of a man-made tunnel system.

The Immortal Bastion

OOC: One of the first scenes of Fable II, and one that’s stuck with me for years. Whenever I’ve thought of the Immortal Bastion, this is what comes to mind. It doesn’t look like my vision of the Bastion, but this was a point of reference; this massive elevated castle in the center of the city, visible from all directions.

The very heart of Noxus, of both the city and the nation. You’ll see it miles before you reach the city, as it was built into a lone, solitary mountain. It is a fortress of unprecedented size if one considers what lies within the mountain itself, and is made from the same indestructible black stone as the city walls. From here, Mordekaiser ruled his vast empire in ancient times. It is yet still a seat of power, though Mordekaiser has long since left Noxus; it now houses Noxian High Command, the ruling body of the nation itself, headed by Noxus’ Grand General. An austere and grim majesty describes the fortress interior, as built to Mordekaiser’s tastes and maintained by its current occupants.

OOC: This is the kind of the stuff you’d find in Noxus, at least in the Bastion or underground. Just a door from Darksiders II. There’s no proper way for me to express my love of Darksiders aesthetic, especially the second game’s. I recommend you pick up a copy, for reference if nothing else.

Positioned in the city center, the whole rest of the city is built to defend the Immortal Bastion; the complicated street plans, the segregation of the districts, all of it is meant to better protect the citadel against enemy intrusion. Even in the extreme unlikelihood that all else fails, the Immortal Bastion can keep an enemy army at bay. The ascent alone would prove arduous, as smaller forts, accessible from the fortress via hidden tunnels, stand in the way of the road. The fortress comes its own storerooms, granaries, halls, kitchens forges, barracks, alchemical labs, stables, archives, and courtyards; while countless dungeons fill the lower depths, along with an indeterminate number of tunnels can bring one anywhere and everywhere in the city. Don’t think that the castle’s entirely subterranean, though. What visibly extends from the mountain could qualify as a castle in its own right. There is a network of secret passages even in the castle proper, some of which connect to the aforementioned tunnels. Invaders stand little chance of abusing any of these passageways, as knowledge of their existence and locations are kept under wraps; not even all of High Command are privy to them. But the Black Rose certainly knows, and has occasionally divulged a few of these passages to whomever is in their favor at the time.

The Ivory Ward

One of the wealthiest and most well-preserved districts in the city, named for its bone-white flagstones and known for its grand marketplace, at the center of which looms an ancient stone dragon inlayed with actual bone (of dubious origin), another of Mordekaiser’s personal touches. Some of the oldest noble households in the city are located here, some of them owning walled estates complete with their own gardens, a rare thing indeed in a city of stone.

The Outskirts

While Noxus certainly has poor quarters, no one’s conditions are as wretched as those that eke out an existence in the rough foothills outside the city walls. These ramshackle dwellings have no name, but are collectively recognized as the Outskirts. No one lives here by choice; the inhabitants are victims of circumstance, either refugees displaced by war or those simply too poor to live in the safety of Noxus’ walls. Families cramp into failing almshouses, surviving on a diet of rats and rainwater. The utter lack of sanitation, as water is too precious to spare, allows disease to run rampant. It’s no surprise that many mornings begin with the wailing of bereaved parents who wake to find their child cold and lifeless beside them. And every morning, threadbare morticians drive their carts through town, calling for people’s dead and singing consoling hymns. These men do not work on behalf of the city. No one asks them to collect the dead; no one asks them to spend precious time and energy laying other people’s folk to rest, whether in biting cold or gusting wind; no one asks them to sing their songs of solace. What they do, they do willingly. These “tally-men”, as they’re sometimes called, are spiritual in some regard, almost as a necessity, considering their line of work. How else can a man convince a grieving father to surrender the pale body of his daughter, if not with promises that she awaits a better existence? These undertakers pay respect to Kindred, the dual aspects of death, notching their staves for every body they collect.

The existence of the Outskirts exemplify the flaws of Noxus’ overemphasis of self-determinism―and in sight of the capital no less. A man might think enlisting in order to provide for his family, but becoming a soldier takes months of training; months they would be away from home, such as it is; months that, without them being there, their family may not have. Thus, they are trapped, unable to change their lot.

The Outskirts are suffered to exist, though High Command often condemns it as a blight on their great city to no action. The city watch does nothing to police the Outskirts under the justification that it lies beyond their jurisdiction, but it does watch against the shanty town’s growth. The watch does not permit the town to encroach too closely to the city’s roads or walls, as the latter might provide assailants a means to scale the walls.


Building my vision of Noxus, piece by piece, was a ton of fun. I’ve always had this image of the city in the head, but I only started organizing them a couple of days ago, then suddenly, oops, I made this post.

Please, if you’re a League of Legend RP Blog, pass this to every Noxian muse you know. For the last few days, I’ve looked forward to coming home and compounding what I drummed up for that day; new ideas, specific wordings, little nuances. I’ve put some time and effort into getting every little say of mine in, damn near every little thought I’ve had about the city. But if I waited to perfect it all, as I’m tempted to do, I’d never post this thing. So it may be a little messy; some passages might be a little hard to read, there could be spelling errors, that kind of stuff… but I wanted to get this out to the community.



  • A Song of Ice and Fire: King’s Landing & Mereen & The Wall
  • Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest
  • Bloodborne: Yharnam
  • Darksiders II
  • Dark Souls: High Wall of Lothric & Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
  • Dragon Age: Kirkwall & Minrathous
  • Fable II: Bowerstone
  • League of Legends (OH REALLY, IOANE?)
  • Lord of the Rings: Orthanc & Minas Tirith
Storm Warning

So voiceactresskurutta reblogged a list of OTP prompts maybe a week ago and… things happened.

A huge thanks to dragonnutt for beta reading and encouraging me to actually post things, as well. ^^;

Xiaolin Showdown | Raikim

Prompt: At a ski lodge and somehow got stuck outside in the middle of the storm but hey look there’s a conveniently abandoned cabin I guess the logical thing to do is go in there and snuggle for warmth for the night…


“Ohh, no. Not a chance. No way am I— HEY!”

Kimiko’s hands flew to cover her eyes as a blush overtook her.

Raimundo chuckled as he stripped his outer robes and sash and let them drop to a pile on the ground. “What?” he asked, grin knowingly teasing. “New robes, remember? Undershirt. And don’t worry, pants stay on.”

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anonymous asked:

Uhhhh elves are NORSE legends, as in WHITE. Sorry but you can't just go against the lore for your own SJW bullshit

Oh BOY I was prepared for this. Sit your ass down, buddy. It’s story time.

The myth of “elves” or elf-like creatures exists in cultures across the globe. For example, in Hindu mythology, later adapted to Buddhism, there are Gandharvas who sometimes correspond to European male elves and Asparas who sometimes correspond to female elves. On a more linguistic level, the origin of the word “elf” has been linked to the Indian myth of the Ribhus. Or maybe you’d like another example of elf-like mythology from another folklore.

The Emere of the Yoruba culture are a sort of super children, who can travel between the worlds at will, are beautiful and powerful – the Elves of West Africa.

Then there’s the Duende of Latin American folklore, the Japanese Mazoku sub-genre of mythology, the Chinese Flower-elves… the list goes on, really.

And even if that weren’t the case. The fantasy genre, particularly the high fantasy genre, does not keep to the Norse/Scandanavian folklore of elves at all.

Elves have become part of a wonderful new mythology that has been created. From J.R.R. Tolkien’s otherwordly high elves to the downtrodden elves of Dragon Age (the world in which I was basing my picture, by the way) people are beginning to create their own lore, their own stories.

And are you seriously trying to tell me that in new, fantastical and magical worlds that people have created there is no space for non-white elves?

If you truly are that close-minded, I actually pity you.


Yes it looks like Epic 40K, and it smells like Epic 40K, but this is actually two games we played of Dragon Rampant. Yes, that Dragon Rampant, the new 28mm retinue-sized fantasy game.

Everything was statted up as it’s closest equivalent in DR and off to the races we go. No rules changes whatsoever.

The trick is to assume that what is an ATTACK in DR (or melee, assault etc.) is happening at small arms firefight range (i.e. boltguns, grenades, lasguns, shuriken catapults etc.). This looks better than it sounds as for a melee to be kicking off in DR only one model on each side needs to be in base-to-base contact. Everyone else fights along with them so most of the 6mm models look like they are at a sensible (by 40k standards) distance from the enemy for close range firing.

The Dragon Rampant SHOOT action which represent bows and crossbows here only represents the long range weaponry such as artillery and tank guns.

The upshot of this is that something like Ork Boyz get treated as Bellicose Foot, and Space Marines are Heavy Foot (taking the Offensive upgrade if they represent particularly belligerent examples such as Space Wolves, pre-Heresy World Eaters, CSM and the like - this removes the Wall of Spears static defensive buff option). None of these get any SHOOT action, but Devastators probably would.

It’s just a question of justifying each fantasy rule in sci-fi terms. The “Wall of Spears” action allowed to infantry increases their armour - in fantasyland this is a shield wall or schiltron but for the Eldar infantry is powering up holo-fields and force fields, Guard infantry dig in and scrape foxholes etc.

All models owned and painted by Phil, original Epic buildings (and some modern resin interlopers) from the Coop collection.



It was a few months after finding a home with the large dragon that lilian had a VERY uncomfortable experience with growth spurts, being as young as she was meant they were close together and often rather major, in the space of six months she sprouted nearly a quarter of a foot, but the aching it caused made it nearly impossible for her to sleep, which meant she was irritable and positively whiney and unruly

The Font of Life

Sketch of the Font of Life with the Behemoth actually in place above it.  I’m not sure I’ve quite gotten the scale of it to my liking, I feel like it should be larger.

For reference, the floating thing in the center is the Eridanus Conclave’s floating portal entrance.  The dais upon which the central portal sits is a full 700m wide; large enough to accommodate many Guardians, Imperials and Ridgebacks who happen to be coming or going and considering the Guardian population within the Conclave itself, as well as its sister clan, Arvoisa and close allies in Ith, the space is much-needed.

The inner area beneath the trunk and hidden between the roots is, at current scale, roughly 5 miles wide.

The water is supposed to be several miles deep.

Water clan dragons who’ve taken up residence in the Font of Life for ages, perhaps even some of the first proto-dragons, who have grown attuned to the life-giving water and become immortal, having been infused with its power.  Warped and forever changed by the intense magical energies, these creatures are forever changed and no longer look like the Guardians and Wildclaws of today.

And speaking of dragon cities, perhaps the whole root system around the hidden lake is home to many clans of dragons who’ve all banded together with the common interest of protecting the Behemoth at her most vulnerable source.

anonymous asked:

What games have you been playing please? The main problem is still the amount of male protagonists but even that changed over the years. Women aren't treated bad in most of the latest games, they're not even minority as NPCs/main characters. Still ... if your issue is that there are not enough female characters or NPCs properly represented in games then making a game that lacks male characters is just you making the same mistake in reverse!

The Last of Us had three important lady characters and two of them died super fast. And you’re mostly following Joel’s story.

Final Fantasy IX got super close, but was still full of some sexism in how garnet got treated, and Alexandria, while led by a matriarchy and mostly guarded by women, had them in skimpy armor and treated the man led soldier troupe horribly. And you follow Zidane as the main character.

Metroid is cool cuz Samus but basically all the other characters are men, including the dragon space pirate.

Most Indie pixel games follow a man as the main character.

Tales of Vesperia, which I love, and lets you put everyone even the dog into a swimsuit, still suffers from some sexism and you follow Yuri, a young man, as the main character.

Portal is a great game, but that’s just… one game.

Also none of these let you be a monster girl in a non-sexual fashion.

So excuse me while I continue to make my girl and nb filled videogame seeing as that market has yet to be oversaturated.

ALSO: i’ve already stated men in the game, while not the focus, aren’t going to be mistreated like wtf.