which is becoming very clear

Some (half-formed) thoughts (many of which have been expressed more eloquently by others elsewhere).

It has become very clear to me over the last months that Taylor is trying (perhaps too) hard to prove a point (about her sexuality/ romantic entanglements?). And she’s not being subtle about it either. Although I wouldn’t exactly say that subtlety has ever been her strongest suit, the sheer heavy handedness evident in her latest social media interactions implies an increasing desperation; she is overcompensating for something.

That the CH connection is being used (somewhat inexpertly) as a means to an end is, I think, apparent, even when the situation is evaluated on its own merits - i.e. independent of any speculation about Karlie/ Taylor’s sexuality.

It’s not that her association with CH, regardless of its unsavoury beginnings, is altogether implausible (as difficult as that is to stomach- we are sadly all capable of hypocrisy or self-deception). But, the way it’s being marketed IS to my mind frankly absurd and almost transparently ingenuine; in short, it does not fit the model of a happy, healthy or stable adult relationship. It feels manufactured.

PR is a consideration in any relationship conducted in the public eye, but when skilfully applied usually remains an unseen quantity or is easily ignored; it does not interfere with, although it is undoubtedly sustained by, the natural chemistry between those involved, because it does not need to. People, in general, respond instinctively to the small intimacies signified by body language etc. - PR cannot disguise genuine attraction/ affection, but more importantly, it cannot create intimacy, where there is none. The fact that, despite their best (!!) efforts any sense of honest interaction between TS/CH is lacking, leads me to suspect the absence of authenticity in the first place. If there is no easy familiarity apparent in the way TS/CH comport themselves around each other in public, it is reasonable to assume that they share no easy familiarity in their private lives.

The whole kaylor debate thus adds only another complication to an already incoherent and poorly executed narrative. It also offers a key to understanding the motivation behind that narrative, which it is possible to dismiss entirely only when blinkered by heteronormativity: despite the indignant protests of some, none of us can state with authority that Taylor does not/ has never consider(ed) herself to be other than completely straight. (Nor of course can we confirm the opposite, but by admitting the possibility that she might be gay/bi we at least preserve a more open minded stance/greater objectivity).

I think it is fairly obvious that there is something amiss - quite what that something is, I can only speculate upon. Kaylor certainly appears to me more convincing than the story which is being scripted for us and, I admit, it it is the reality I would prefer. I accept that there may well be a myriad other reasons for the current ‘panic’, many of which are no doubt beyond my comprehension, nevertheless it is clear to me that, whatever they might be, there is pressure to ensure they stay hidden. Some ‘secret’ is at stake, which the evidence suggests, is, increasingly, difficult to contain. I only hope it is does not consume Taylor completely. In spite of her flaws (or may be even because of them - they make her more human) I want her to be happy. (And no, before you ask, I don’t feel that happiness is to be found in a ‘relationship’ with someone who has shown himself consistently to be a misogynistic racist.)