which is annoying bc i am in love with it

It’s been a whooole week since I’ve had surgery and I still have to keep a band aid on and it’s really REALLY annoying bc I can’t speak, let alone sing, properly or even eat like a normal person (which I am not anyway, so I don’t see where the problem is)
Positive thought of the day: these days I’m feeling very relaxed because I’m FINALLY on a real diet so I’m not stressing anymore about eating too much or too little. Also, I haven’t skipped a meal nor felt the urge to throw up in a couple of weeks so I’m veeeery proud of myself :)))

its super annoying bc i used to really enjoy art and i was good at it and i loved to write but my art gcse made me really hate any work i did, and i just fell out of love with writing for a long time.

now, all the practice i put into my art is down the drain bc i seem to have just lost the ability and all my good writing techniques are also gone and i am back to square one which is super shitty