which is annoying bc i am in love with it

ALRIGHT so i’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and my lazy ass finally worked in enough time to do this :) Thank you guys so so so so much for 3.6 k like idek why you guys follow me bc im really lame, but i’m so grateful for all of you! ALSO i apologize in advance if I forget anyone bc i feel really bad but there is no way I am going to remember everyone, so just message me if you want me to add you haha :) 

first i wanna give a quick shoutout to beforetheshipgoesdown​, blazedmichaelbecause they are literally my best friends in the world and they constantly put up with my annoying ass and pick me up when i’m down (which is quite often so thank you). Also thank you to 5sos-official​ because without them i would never have met these lovely ladies. This next year and a half is going to take too long, but i can’t wait to be roomies with you guys :) love you forever and ever <3

Also big shoutout to Rejects and The Meme team and thequeenofthenewbrokenscene you guys never fail to make me smile everyday :)

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again im sorry if i missed anyone, but i want every single person to know how much i love them. I am grateful for all of you :) have a lovely day bc ur rad and you deserve it :)

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Fannis' record

Honestly, the more you talk about you not wanting Pero to break Fannis’ record, the more ‘fear’ and 'annoyance’ vibrations you are sending out to the universe, which almost always makes sure, that the fearful and annoying thing will actually happen. Plus, you’re just giving Pero more reason to try and actually break it. And I’ll be God damned, if he doesn’t set a new one, of course if the jury decisions about the starting gates will be fair and will enable him to jump long, he will do it. Just out of your selfish “we love the Norwegians and we don’t want Pero to win bcs it’s boring” attitude, I am literally appalled. Peter has worked his ass off for everything he’s achieved this year and certainly deserves every single win and podium. And if he is in a better shape than Anders and will jump longer and actually set a new world record, he will a 100% deserve it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Norwegians, I rly do, but don’t deny anyone’s win or success in general just because it doesn’t meet your desired preferences. Don’t deny someone’s well deserved achievement because of your rude selfishness. That’s all kids, and I really don’t want to see another post belittling Peter. It is rude and selfish and quite pathetic, and you don’t deserve to call yourself a member of the ski jumping family if you deny or belittle anyone’s achievements for that matter. Be nice to each other kids and enjoy this wonderful sport as a whole.