which is an interpretation i like as well


I have a tendency to do things backwards, but I’m slowly adding on to my growing list of posts about reading tarot cards using the lenormand reading style

For those new to this, I much prefer the reading system of lenormand than I do of tarot, but I like the symbols and history of tarot, as well as the many more cards (which is multiplied when you consider tarot has reversals and lenormand does not). So I created a system to combine the two.

I’ll eventually get to the suits, but above are all the majors and their reversals broken down into (noun) keyword (my own interpretation of the cards, fyi) and other parts of speech (noun, adjective, verb and adverb). 

For those TOTALLY new to lenormand, lenormand cards are pulled in multiples and never singly (i.e. no single card draws). The cards are read in combination of one another in a sentence-like manner (i.e. one card as subject and the others as modifiers).

Three card or more draws include stringing together the subject with various parts of speech to make a coherent sentence.

So anyway, I broke each major card into the parts of speech for reference when reading tarot in lenormand style. The 4 suits will be coming at some point for a complete reference. 

Papyrus Joins Tumblr
  • Papyrus Joins Tumblr
  • hellsinners

When a very innocent and naive skeleton joins Tumblr, he has to ask his not so innocent brother about certain things that he seems to be quite familiar with…

This does not mean that I hate Underlust, Undertail or Fontcest, this is simply an interpretation of how I think Papyrus will react. I, in fact, quite like all 3, which you can see on my blog XD

Please excuse my dreadful voice acting and editing… I can’t do either of their voices well, and yes I do ship Papyton and Sansby, but that’s my personal opinion.

Anyway, enjoy :) (pictures below)

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These were on the official Voltron Instagram! Please excuse the quality of the images (I had to zoom in) but I found these very interesting. Interpret these as you may, but I would love to hear your opinions/thoughts on this. I can imagine how many arguments (all which were provoked by Lance) something like this would cause if the paladins saw!

Lance: “Yeah, well if there was a beauty-meter, I’D score the highest!”
Keith: “You’d also score the highest on the idiot-”
Shiro: “KEITH”

Hello friends I’m sure we’re all aware that the “cha” in Chachamaru is the character for tea, repeated twice, but what you might not be aware of (for indeed, I was not aware of it until about five minutes ago), is that if you put two “cha”s together like that you get the beginning of the phrase “chacha wo ireru” which means “to tease” (a phrase with which I was unfamiliar until the aforementioned five minutes ago), and of course the “maru” in her name is a sort of generic name ending for something manmade like a boat or for a pet like a dog,

which brings me to my point which is, if you interpret the name with this phrase in mind Chachamaru could very well translate to something in the realm of “Sassbot.”

This was a revelation I felt compelled to share immediately, in the event that it could bring you the same mirth that I have experienced from it. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful evening.

SoraLon Minecraft now has English subtitles!

Part 1 ^
Part 2

Since Soraru has enabled subtitle submissions on his official uploads on Youtube, I took on the project of translating both of his Minecraft videos that co-star Lon! :) This is his official channel that you can watch them on, which means no video reprinting was done in the process \o/
A few notes:
-Lon’s line at 16:27 is supposed to say “I feel like Soraru-san’s walking speeds and Lon-san’s walking speeds are different.” Sorry about that! I meant to correct it but I didn’t realize the subs had already been published, so I was too late to get that in there orz 
-Due to Lon being on Skype as well as gradually getting sleepier and therefore more mumble-y, her voice was hard for me to interpret on a few lines so I kinda had to use my best judgement on what I could hear. Apologies if I messed anything up too bad, but it really was only a small amount of lines that I felt questionable on.
-Please don’t leave any rude comments on the video such as “I wish he had played with (other utaite) instead” or “I like (other utaite) better”

Translation: Me :) (Emma)
Subtitles: NicoleShieru, Chokyupies, Yumiko

“I said once that a home is just a grouping of objects connected by a shared personal experience of time… which was just a fancy way of really just asking you to move in with me, and it worked, but I wasn’t wrong, and I know now that a relationship is just a grouping of moments connected by that same shared personal experience of time. What it means to make a life together is to take the experience of two different lives and choose to interpret them as a single shared narrative. So in other words changing the story about you, or the story about me, into the story about us. Do you remember before the throat surgery when I sounded like this? ~Science is neat~ Well, science is neat, and I still believe that. But I know now that a lot of things are neat: Having a quiet breakfast with another person is neat. Calling someone over to experience a particularly noisy sunset is neat. This town is neat. Night vale is neat. Love is neat. Love is very neat actually and um, and you are neat. That first night when we sat on the trunk of my car and looked at the lights above the Arby’s, when we got up to leave I looked at you, and I tried to think of how to say everything I was feeling. But I’ve never really been good at describing feelings, I’m only good at describing facts, and love, love isn’t a fact, you know? Love it’s a hunch at first and then later it’s a series of decisions. A lifetime of decisions. That’s love, and I didn’t know how to express that, and so I just said I’m glad I decided to call you. And now um, tonight I say I’m glad again, for this decision and all the decisions that will come every day after. Which is to say uh, scientifically speaking of course, speaking from the point of view of mere facts and logic and you know, what with the science and all, I just thought that it was time for us to make a life together.”


i think i finally found a human piggy i really like!

the unveil the tail episode of the muppets was very obviously about body positivity, but i feel like when piggy felt to need to mention her tail was curly in comparison to yolanda’s straight one, i think there was some commentary about ethnic hair hidden in there as well. there was also the whole thing about people being prejudiced against piggy for her species, something she was born with and has no control over and something she feels like society tells her to hide, which could also be interpreted as a race metaphor as well – which led to me interpreting her as a black woman. this is all pure speculation of course, so let me know if i’m stepping on any toes or upsetting someone with this.

anyway, here’s my human interpretation of piggy. i’m thinking of doing a series of these with more of the muppet gang.



Please please please know the right material from one another.

The top photo is what the Diamond murals were DESIGNED to look like and ARE THE FINAL DESIGNS.

What really bothers me is the incorrect use of the murals of white diamond and pink diamond (middle RIGHT photo) which is completely different than the canon murals as shown in the top and center left photo.

The real white diamond mural DOES NOT have spikes or those fancy intricate designs but yet a drape like designs that’s simple and plain, pink diamonds hands alter between the fake and real one (which could be misinterpreted), the real one has her hand facing away rather than towards her as well as a better hair design.

It’s just the little thing that bugs me is when people interpret the wrong murals that were drawn back before the official mural was revealed. And sometimes I can’t look at those incorrect theories and analyses.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself fans.

canthre replied to your post “If you don’t mind I’d like to ask for more of your headcanons: what is…”

You know, I would’ve never think of this Frigga quote as significant, but you’re right - it’s a declaration of love but it is cruel as well. Thanks for the meta - overall, I agree with your interpretation. There’s one more thing bugging me, so I’m curious of your opinion, is how do you think Aesir culture devalues Loki’s talents? Given “fantasy” settings one would imagine they’d value sorcerers and magics - most likely more than we value scientists.

There’s a lot of benign mistakes, I think, that Frigga (in particular, but also Odin) make with Loki. Which is, I mean, part of parenting and to some degree inevitable. It’s just, again, the confluence of factors that add up to disaster.

I actually think it’s almost the opposite: magic is such a part of Asgardian life that it’s almost taken for granted. It also has to do, I think, with the way that Loki uses magic. There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to do magic, and Loki using his as a primary weapon, for trickery, and basically for things other than stuff like healing or play, is not generally considered “appropriate.” 

I also headcanon along the lines of Norse mythology where magic is a primarily female occupation, and Asgard definitely has fairly strict gender roles (Sif is clearly one of few female warriors, and the other roles we see women in are Frigga as queen and female healers). Odin gets a pass because of, again, his use of magic being tied to his role as the All-Father, which is kind of a different category, but for Loki it’s another way in which his masculinity specifically is suspect.

This combined with the clear warrior culture of Asgard (which involves, at least seemingly, a glorification of direct combat, which magic is not) and the fact that it’s easy to read Loki’s use of illusion in particular as underhanded and deceitful (indirect, not honorable)…

Also, just by its nature, Loki’s magic is less spectacular than (say) Thor’s utter destruction of his enemies. 

I actually think the analogy to how we think about science is a good one in another way: alongside the way that a lot of people do consider science relatively unimportant (or sometimes downright suspect), there’s a lot of lack of awareness about what it actually entails. Like, people can appreciate that scientists are smart, but a lot of times what that means is pretty opaque, and there’s sort of a vague notion of what scientists actually do. Put another way, there’s a big difference between how people in general treat scientists versus sports stars, in part because I think it’s easier to see the ways in which sports require skill and effort, where a lot of the work in science happens behind the scenes. Does that make sense?

anonymous asked:

Whats a "jewish soul", how would you describe it?

Hi anon!

Like many things in Judaism, I do not think that there is a specific way to describe what the Jewish soul.  Instead, I will give you some context.

As Jews, we believe that (physically or metaphorically)  all of our souls were at Mount Sinai when the word of God was first revealed to us for the first time.  When we read the Passover account, we refer to our ancestors not as *them* but as *us*.   The soul which I referred to as a “Jewish soul” is the same soul that existed with the rest of their brothers and sisters at the base of Sinai.

What exactly does that Jewish soul look like? Feel like?  Act like?  What are their passions?  Loves?  Devotions?   That is all up to interpretation.  But I have a feeling that many conversion candidates as well as those who were born Jewish share a feeling of belonging to something bigger than them alone.

I hope that this helps to answer your question!

Shavuah Tov,


kiwicatholic  asked:

Hello Father, I hope you are well. I'd like to know your opinion on the new movie Silence. I've heard mixed things about it, so what is the opinion that we as Catholics should have about this movie?


A movie is art, and much of art is personal interpretation, so I cannot tell other people what to think of the movie “Silence.” I never read the 1966 novel, which was written by a faithful Catholic.

However, the movie takes liberties, as we would expect from a creative director like Martin Scorsese. In these liberties, it is the opinion of some that the martyrdom of the Japanese Catholics is seen as an exercise in futility.

Further, the Jesuits who make the journey to Japan are portrayed as privileged Europeans whose pride only causes Japanese peasant Christians to suffer for a religion that has no chance of gaining any respectability in Japan. Even their mentor apostatizes and renounces his faith as a priest, and seems pretty content after turning his back on Catholicism.

In the movie, one of the Jesuits drowns trying to save some of the Christians who are marked for execution. The other Jesuit is told to apostatize, or renounce his faith in Christ, in exchange for saving some of the Christians. Andrew Garfield plays Fr. Rodrigues, and during his torture, in which God is a God of “Silence” the voice of Christ supposedly tells the priest that it is alright to renounce his faith.

The priest lives the rest of his life, uneventful as that is, on Japan, after being assigned a Japanese name, a Japanese wife, and a new life as a teacher. He dies at the end and a cross is placed into his casket.

Whatever argument can be made that sometimes a Christian has to turn his back on Christ in order to do the right thing, I find no justification for renouncing Christ. 

Perhaps this movie might be a great appeal to those Catholics who are waffling, who are on the fence, or who are angry at the Church, and need to a good story of priests who left the Catholic Church for a more peaceful and comfortable existence in a far away country. As for me, I am a definite “meh.”

Thus, as a matter of my personal opinion, I find the premise of this movie to be uninspiring at best, and at worst, a slap in the face to present-day Japanese Christians whose ancestors were some of those “dumb peasants” who suffered so much to hold onto their faith in Christ. 

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

casuistor  asked:

canI ask you how you feel the yotsubas characters were changed in the anime? I'm v. curious now

well, in general, it’s not so much that a ton was changed as it is that a lot was cut out… specifically, some moments which i see as some pretty telling moments about each of their characters, so most of their traits end up much more understated than in the manga (for example, shimura comes off as a lot less observational and doesn’t express nearly much discomfort with the situation), so they’re interpreted more as a group of businessmen with a couple differing traits and like two who stand out some, as opposed to in the manga where they’re more like individual characters who are also in a group together. if you get what i’m saying? 

(this isn’t super long bc drawn out thoughts aren’t exactly my thing but i’ll put it under the cut anyways jic?)

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Dear Moftiss,
Here’s what I’d like. This would keep me hooked. If you care about such things.

1). A MAP. A mini episode or interview that TELLS us where the dreams/etc begin and end… And who’s dreaming. I expect we are dealing with multiple layers. Don’t need a lot of detail, fandom can fill in, find lots of good clues and interpretations. But we need a map to start. That could keep us engaged for ages.

2). JOHNLOCK. Could be a mini episode set in the not-too-distant future. Or Sussex if we want to get misty eyed. Let them be together, doesn’t need to be shocking. Just show they are positively in a long term lovers relationship. They suffered through everything, they learned, they worked on it- and they realized and acknowledged their love. That would be a very good thing.

Thanks for the good stuff. A bit “not good” on the bad stuff. None of us are perfect, and not everyone can have everything. Hoping you have the heart to provide a small light to guide us through the dark times ahead.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Well, I obviously can’t resist my eldritch abomination roots when designing stories. 

For my own part, I sometimes can’t believe how… incredibly inviting Tolkien made his worlds to Lovecraftian re-interpretations. Like, look at this stuff.

  • “There she [Ungoliant] sucked up all light that she could find, and spun it forth again in dark nets of strangling gloom, until no light more could come to her abode…” – Silm pp. 73

Ungoliant fucking eats LIGHT.

  • “A cloak of darkness she wove around them when Melkor and Ungoliant set forth: an Unlight, in which things seemed to be no more, and which eyes could not pierce, for it was void.” – Silm pp. 74

Actual use of the word Void, like what. And, UNLIGHT? That doesn’t sound un-eldritch at all.

  • “… but Ungoliant belched forth black vapours as she drank, and swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that Melkor was afraid.” – Silm pp. 76

Melkor, the supposed Most Powerful of the Ainur? That Melkor? Afraid?

  • “For though the Valar did not yet understand fully what had befallen, they perceived that Melkor had called upon some aid that came from beyond Arda.” – Silm pp. 79

Literally textbook definition of an eldritch abomination right here.

  • “And thus the fear of Yavanna that the Silmarils would be swallowed up and fall into nothingness had not come to pass…” – Silm pp. 81

So we are to take it that when Ungoliant eats something, it becomes nothingness? Nothingness as in, the cloak of void-y-ness that she hid herself and Melkor with? That nothingness?

  • “Thither (Ered Gorgoroth), as was earlier told, Ungoliant had fled… and there she dwelt a while, filling the ravines with her deadly gloom… and the thin waters that spilled from Ered Gorgoroth were defiled, and perilous to drink, for the hearts of those that tasted them were filled with shadows of madness and despair.” – Silm pp. 121

This sounds exactly like the sort of madness-inducing locales and natural elements of the landscape that abound in HPL. Try reading The Colour Out of Space.

  • “But Morgoth himself the Valar thrust through the Door of Night beyond the Walls of the World, into the Timeless Void…” – Silm pp. 254

I’m just.. you called it a Void. You literally called it a Void. 

Offhand, I can recall similar stuff in the Lost Tales, but I don’t have the energy to comb for that right now. Whatever the case, in both Lost Tales and Silmarillion, we have statements along the lines of “Melkor traversed the void (searching for the Flame Imperishable)”, which is strongly implied to be a sort of nothingness before Arda was created. Given all that, how can I NOT apply a Lovecraftian interpretation?

I’d bet you anything Ungoliant came from the Void.

Okay just watched episode 7 and had a break down when Viktor kiss tackles Yuri (on ice…heh heh). I know this is totally up for interpretation but I read this scene as these two fools are already hooking up and being flirty and probably kissing but hadn’t had the talk about going public etc etc so the surprise was like “I love you, I’m in this, I’m telling the world” 

This totally shattered Viktor’s public image as a lady’s man! Which is probably important to his PR brand as an athlete.

ALSO YURI TELLING HIM OFF ABOUT TRYING TO PULL A “SKATE WELL OR I”LL LEAVE” that was great. that was greattttt. to me that fight was so obviously in a young relationship where there’s a lot of passion but commitment hasn’t been established and there’s the dual nature of passion and love but like not established stability and the anxiety of “what does this/mean can this last”

I will have more to say on this later I’m just really excited and over stimulated right now and needed to take notes for future reference


Various dark mori looks that I’ve saved! To me, this is what dark mori should look like. It originally was much more goth in my mind; the original dark forest mori look looked, to me, like strega looks now, which I think is really cool. It’s been so fun to watch it evolve and see how people interpret the looks.

Dark mori should mostly just look like a darker color palette of mori girl clothing. It should still have a feeling of coziness, with thick knits, wooden buttons, plaid and boots. Colors are typically dusty or dark. Greys, black, purples, dusty pink, mossy and sage greens, soft grey-blues are ideal. Dark jewel tones are nice as well, like garnet, emerald, topaz and sapphire. 

Makeup should be subtle, but I like the idea of using things like green eyeliner, black dots around the eyes and on nails and heavy blush. 

If any of these photos are yours and you don’t want them here, please PM me and I’ll remove it. I’ve saved these photos over the course of a couple years and I’ve lost the sources to most of them. 

anonymous asked:

judging by the amount of 'brother' spoken by alec and jace to each other, i'm guessing the show is going the route of THE one with malec. and the recent true love kiss thing really hinted at that. at least to me.

     Well, considering the ‘true love kiss’ didn’t work….

     But no, I agree. While I think there could easily be IC reasons for Alec being like ‘brother!!!!’, such as trying to convince himself that that is how he feels about Jace (he only recently came out), I don’t think the writing is that deep. There are many different ways to interpret media and stories which is one reason they are so great, and I feel like if they were trying to reinforce romantic Malec as being THE one, which it is endgame wise, they did it purposely to show that it wasn’t enough in comparison to the (platonic) parabatai bond. True love’s kiss didn’t work. Compared to the strength of the soul bond, it wasn’t enough, which is a nice way to highlight the parabatai situation. I know Malec is endgame, and I 100% support this. I love Malec (I write as both Alec and Magnus). However, this shouldn’t lead to the retconning of Alec’s feelings for Jace, either. 

     I don’t want them to spend season after season with the gay character pining over his straight and unattainable bro, I get that, and I think a lot of people want to avoid that, too. But I think it’s important to resolve one storyline before, if not alongside, the secondary - which is Alec’s developing relationship with Magnus Bane. I just would have preferred there to be some kind of resolution for Alec, where his feelings were acknowledged by him instead of Magnus or Clary, and in which he was able to work through them and start to process them so he could move on. In the books, his feelings for Jace continue throughout his relationship with Magnus, but eventually Magnus does call him on it because he knows that Alec isn’t 100% in their relationship - he is still harbouring feelings and ‘holding out’ for Jace. 

      Later CC decides that Alec was never in love with Jace at all, and he was just confusing his feelings. I was really hoping the show would not go in that direction as it is very invalidating and dismissive to anyone who has ever been in Alec’s position, which is that of loving someone close to them, with whom their relationship is complex. I ultimately agree with you, but I’m not happy about it. Most of the Alec roleplayers I know don’t agree with it either. We aren’t the deciders of canon, we don’t write the show, but in my opinion, such a story line for Alec would make more sense and do more justice for his character, eventually leading to a wonderful, honest and stable relationship with Magnus.

anonymous asked:

Wait, is there lore behind why Lautrec killed Anastacia? I don't remember seeing any but it has been a long time since I played the first Dark Souls.

Well, the popular theory is that he killed her for her soul and wanted it to use it as an offering to Fina I8 But, personally, I find this theory absolutely boring, uninspired, and a very shallow interpretation of his character

I like to think that he did it as a way to end Anastacia’s suffering, which is a more compelling angle, in my opinion. If anything, it adds a layer of complexity to both of their characterizations, and I find that way more intriguing 

anonymous asked:

Hhehe, now I wanna know the context of that stingxus drawing. Sting went to get an autograph for Laxus and somehow the two end up kissing? Sounds like an interesting story. (But the pairing seems cute)

//Well, I’m sure there are hundreds of interpretations, but here’s mine.

It’s the beginning of the Grand Magic games, and Sabertooth is still winning. Both of the guilds are at the same bar, and most have had a bit too much. Sting is going off about how ‘Sabertooth is the best guild in Fiore!’ which of course is a bit irritating to Laxus. He got that mad love for Fairy Tail of course, but he p much just stays quiet. 

That is until Sting starts to believe he is getting under Laxus’ skin. He starts aiming all of his insults at Laxus now, trying to ruffle dem scales. Ya know? Laxus brushes it off, but Sting is still grabbing a lot of attention from the other customers. 

Including a very drunk Mirajane, who totally ships it! How could she not? They are like the turtle neck brothers, AS WELL AS the founders of the ‘wearing fur doesn’t make me gay, being gay makes me gay’ club. 

Anyway, Mira is drunk and Laxus knows better than to ignore a request from the drunk demon! 

So they start the smoochin’ i guess, but they also wanna look tough so choke that sucker am I right?

But honestly lets face it, even if sting is trying to act bad and shit all over Fairy Tail we all know he loves them so much, and that includes Laxus, because omg it’s LAXUS! So he’s got his pen and paper ready to get that autograph and who knows maybe them digits too! #StingPlaysHard. 

Note: If anyone wants to write a better fanfiction to go with this image or run with this crap idea, please let me know because I will devour that story in a heartbeat.

Touch Me

John, Sherlock

Summary: John observes Sherlock and realizes that he’s touch starved, so he makes it his mission to start touching him more.

A/N: My Squealing Santa fic for *drum roll* @bottleof-happiness! I hope you like it!

This is the first fic in what I’m calling 12 Days of Fluff, which is basically like 12 days of Christmas only you’ll be getting a tickle fic written by me or someone else for 12 days straight! Get excited!

Warnings: One brief mention of sex, as in “Sherlock’s not interested in it” because asexual!Sherlock is my life.

Words: 2 272

Even though Sherlock was a consulting detective who could read everyone and everything thoroughly in approximately five seconds, John would like to think that he knew his friend pretty well by now. While Sherlock focused on the smallest details in order to interpret a situation, John was a bigger fan of getting to know someone and memorize their little quirks and habits. He was sure that was how the majority of the people worked as well, but he seemed to be the only one who had ever tried to read Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock honestly wasn’t that difficult to figure out, once you’d seen all parts of him. He liked being by himself, and the only person he enjoyed being around for at least a little while was John himself, which was still surprising but he’d decided not to question it. Despite working alone Sherlock had a great amount of contacts he could use whenever he pleased, but that part was less surprising, since Sherlock rarely left a case unsolved, so people usually felt like they owed him. Sherlock was a bit of a lone wolf, to put a label on it. He acted alone, but that didn’t mean that he always wanted to be alone.

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