which is an ability i do not share

Just straight up murder your inner critic while you’re drawing.

Replace it with Friendly Art Teacher™

“Okay, that’s isn’t working, but there’s a way to fix that”

“Think of all the experience you’ll get from starting over on a section that had a big mistake!”

“It’s okay to let go of things that aren’t working!”

“The end result might be different from your goal, but you can do things that surprise yourself and make yourself like it even better!”

“You should finish your projects, but don’t push yourself so hard that you burn out.”

“And as long as you turn stuff in, maybe the one you’re working on right now isn’t the answer to your assignment. Keep making, you don’t have to keep making this particular drawing though”

I tend to stay away from the VLD fandom on here but...

Just now I saw someone say that the VA for Shiro is predatory and “tells teens that it’s okay to sleep with adults” (not even close to what he said about the shipping stuff in the video or on twitter) before suggesting that he uses his “power” as a voice actor to get close to teenagers.

Earlier, I saw several other people say that they think he’s dangerous/a danger to children because he said that the ages in VLD aren’t canon and that as long as you’re not shipping “gross stuff” (his words, I believe), aging the characters up should be okay.

Oh and he said that people calling others ped*s should learn the definition of the word. (Which… honestly, they do.) 

It was a clumsy attempt at talking about something that he’s had to deal with as someone who we know definitely gets tagged into ship discourse and has had people send him harassment/demands for “proof” of ages. 

People are out here, ignorant of anything in his life, saying that he’s dismissive to CSA survivors and that he probably uses his position as a voice actor to prey on teenagers.

Honestly, if you believe or share comments like that uncritically, I don’t feel comfortable interacting with you because your ability to twist people’s words makes me worry. 

Because I’m seeing people go from calling this man a p*do apologist to slyly suggesting that he preys on children. Because he said that harassing people for ships because of ages that weren’t canon (the marketing material and canon comics still describes them as “five unsuspecting teenagers”) and therefore are flexible wasn’t okay. 

This is beyond fucked up,

Today’s entry was written by Guest Professor Cody (@toacody)! 

One of the more striking Alolan Pokémon to be revealed could be said to have been Comfey. I know I was not alone in noticing the similarities between this lei fairy and Klefki of Kalos. It’s not hard to see how, seeing as both Pokémon share the same general body structure: a spherical main body with at least one rope-like appendage from which its chosen objects are slotted and carried on (keys for Klefki, flowers for Comfey). This points to the two being a demonstration of divergent evolution: when two or more species descend from a common ancestor. (Klefki adapting around key gathering, Comfey around flower picking).

That is all well and good, but it is only half of the point I am trying to make, about a week after the reveal of Comfey, I randomly came across a YouTube video (which I wish I’d saved so I could tag it) where the poster instead postulated about a connection between Comfey and Flabébé, citing not only the shared flower motif as evidence, but also their mutual Typing, height, and possession of the ability Flower Veil. While I maintain that Comfey is actually more closely relate to Klefki than any other Pokémon, I do believe the poster was correct on the assertion that there is an evolutionary connection between it and Flabébé, just that it’s less one of divergent evolution and one of convergent evolution. For those unfamiliar with the term, convergent evolution refers to organisms developing traits similar to those of otherwise unrelated organisms, such as bats developing wings. Of particular interest is the example of the hyena. It is a common misconception that hyenas are canines, when in reality they are much more closely related to felines. The reason for the misconception is because the hyena exhibits a number of physical and behavioral traits akin to most other canines. The reason for this is because the hyenas ancestors adapted to filling a similar niche (ecological role) usually “reserved” for canines, which is what I believe happened with Comfey.

So in conclusion:

Comfey and Klefki share a common ancestor, with the former adapting to gathering flowers and the latter to collecting keys. As Comfey came to fill a similar niche in Alola as Flabébé does in Kalos, it ultimately developed several similar traits to the Single Bloom Pokémon.

hannahtheblah  asked:

I came across your stuff (totally in love) and I'm just... a bit... confused... about you and Rob B? Like, how did that entire... thing start... ? (so many ellipses) (*「・ω・)ン?

thanks! BUT I DON’T KNOW

so to finally figure it out, i’m going to sit down and actually go back to The Beginning and create a brief timeline wherein i try to work out what happened and when SO PREPARE YOURSELF (i’ll put it under a break for ur consideration)

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“The Breakup” Stefan Salvatore

“That film was truly awful.”

“Stefan Salvatore, you just experienced coloured film for the first time and all you can say was that it was awful?” *yn* grinned as the two  walked down the bustling street and away from the cinema.

“Yes because whilst it was an experience it was definitely not worth the 25 cents I had to pay.” Stefan explained causing *yn* to roll her eyes.

“You are lucky I am so in love with you Stefan Salvatore, I don’t think many other women would be able to put up with your ability to constantly whine about everything.”

“Hey I do not whine about everything!” Stefan whines further proving *yn*’s point causing her to giggle.

“It’s ok, I think it’s cute.” *yn* smirked causing Stefan to smile softly, he wished more than anything that he could kiss her right now but that was incredibly frowned upon.

All Stefan could do was hold out his arm and allow *yn* to link there arms together as they neared their shared apartment which was only a short walk from the cinema.

Stefan had hoped that by the 1940s things would have changed but living with a person of the opposite gender before matrimony was still deemed not appropriate. Luckily he was a vampire and was able to compel everyone in their apartment block to not take any notice of them.

Just as they were about to enter *yn* spotted a group of young women walking on the opposite side of the road. She rolled her eyes when they giggled and gawked over Stefan.

“Honestly you’d think they had never seen a man in their life.” *yn* snapped as the two of them walked into the apartment building.

“*yn* *yln* are you jealous?” Stefan smirked in amusement.

“Of course not, I just think they need to learn to control their urges. Just because more than half of the male population has gone to fight in the war does not give them the right to disrespect a woman lucky enough to have a partner.” *yn* argued folding her arms over her chest.

“I could always go over and fight, that way you wouldn’t have to worry about that.” Stefan suggested as the two stepped out of the elevator and onto their floor.

“Don’t even joke about that Stefan.” *yn* huffed.

“You know I would come back though.” Stefan said in confusion.

“Stefan I know that it’s just, I know you. I know you wouldn’t be able to control yourself with all the blood around you. Think about the hundreds of injured soldiers Stefan. It’d send you off the deep end. And Lexi told me how long it took for you to get back to being in control last time. “ *yn* explained quietly as she opened up the front door to their small flat.

Stefan’s face fell. He knew *yn* was right but he didn’t want her to be. He hated being reminded of what he was. A killer. He didn’t deserve someone like her. Yet he was selfish enough to stick around.

*yn* sent him a soft smile placing a gentle kiss on his lips before shrugging off her coat. She kicked off her heels and went towards the small radio placed on the dining table.

“It is confirmed that Adolf Hitler has taken control of even more land, continuing his mission to kill all-”

*yn* frowned changing the station immediately. She couldn’t bare to hear what was happening in this world. She fiddled with the knob as the transmission crackled until she came across a song she liked.

*yn* smiled softly as she swayed to the jazz beat. She glanced over at Stefan to see him watching her.

She sent him a cheeky smile before walking over to him.

“Dance with me.” *yn* whispered and he chuckled as she dragged him into the middle of the living room. “Anything for my girl.” He whispered causing her to blush.

Soon they were twirling and dancing and laughing. Stefan watched her in awe, as she smiled and danced around the room. He was totally in love with her, she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. And that was when he realised, he wanted to be with her forever.

“Come on why aren’t you dancing!” *yn* laughed when she noticed Stefan standing still and staring at her.

“Stefan what is it?” She repeated in concern when he didn’t answer her.

As she walked towards him the song finished and the room faded into silence.

“I want to turn you.” Stefan suddenly spoke.

“W-what?” *yn* stuttered.

“*yn* I love you more than anything in this world. I want to be with you forever. Think about it, you won’t grow old and we can travel wherever you want to go without worrying about getting sick or injured. Please.” He begged and her eyes widened at his requested.

*yn* took a deep breath as she studied his face which held a look of desperation.

“Stefan I love you.” *yn* spoke quietly and his face lit up.

“My answer is… no.”


The steady sound of the heart monitor rang out through the small hospital room. The curtains were drawn and the door was shut causing a musty oder from the stale recycled air to drift around the room. Every so often a rasping breath would emit from the occupant and fill up the room. Flowers were placed on the bedside table, so long forgotten that they wilted miserably in the vase.

The frail woman lying on the hospital bed was still. Not dead yet, but close to it. Her old heart was barely beating in her rib cage and she knew her time was nearing.

The door creaked open and she shifted her head very slightly as to much movement would cause pain. Visiting hours were over long ago so she wasn’t expecting anyone. A barely there smile graced her wrinkled face when she saw who it was and if she could muster up the energy to cry, she would have.

“You haven’t aged a day.” *yn* croaked out.

“Well I would say the same to you but…” Stefan said softly causing a choked out giggle to erupt from her mouth.

“Still as cheeky as ever I see Mr Salvatore.” *yn* replied as Stefan came to sit next to her. He smiled, he was happy to see she still had that humour left in her.

“I can’t believe you are here.” *yn* whispered before launching into a coughing fit. “Here.” Stefan murmured as he grabbed a glass of water from the side table. He held it to her lips and gently tilted it back and allowed the clear liquid to slide to the back of her throat.

“Thank you, it is moments like this that make me regret not saying yes to your proposal.” *yn* admitted as she became aware of her bones aching in her body.

“Don’t say that, you married a beautiful husband who loved you and you have a beautiful family.” Stefan whispered as he picked up a family photo of *yn* and her whole family including your children and grandchildren. *yn* smiled sadly as she held the photo with shaking hands.

“I miss Robert.” *yn* said sadly as she traced her finger over the photo of her dead husband. Stefan looked down at the ground sadly as he tried to fight back the tears threatening to spill over.

He placed his hand over the top of hers, squeezing it tightly.

“You’re family is beautiful. They are all waiting out there you know, your children, grandchildren and I think I even saw one great grandchild.” Stefan comforted and *yn*’s eyes lit up at the mention of her family.

“Sophia, she is only two but I heard that she’ll be given a brother very soon.” *yn* explained happily.

The two of them sit in silence as she studied Stefan’s face.

“How is Damon are you two finally getting along, and how is Lexi?” *yn* asked and Stefan’s face faltered. He could not bare to tell her that he still hated Damon with a passion and that Damon killed his best friend.

“Yes I am finally getting along with Damon, and Lexi is great, she’s happy and in love.” Stefan lied and she smiled happily. “I’m glad.”

“So, have you found a girl?” *yn* questioned and Stefan chuckled before nodding. “Her name’s Elena.”

“Elena. Pretty name and I’m sure it’s for a very pretty girl.” *yn* smiled and he nodded causing her to smile even wider. She was so happy that Stefan had moved on and she could tell by his face that he was truly in love with this Elena girl.

“She is beautiful and funny and kind, but not as perfect as you.” Stefan smiled and *yn*’s lip trembled as her eyes watered.

“T-thank you for coming.”

“Of course, I had to come see my girl.” Stefan whispered and with that tears began to stream down *yn*’s face at the familiar nickname.

Stefan watched her as her face contorted into confusion when she looked at him again, this time her eyes were not calm, they were wild and distraught.

“S-Stefan you’re alive.” She choked out as she began to sob. “Of course I am, I’m a vampire remember.” He said calmly and she shook her head as her heart monitor started to beat faster.

“It’s been so long, so long.” She sobbed.

“I know.” He whispered softly, squeezing her hand as he began to cry.

“I don’t want to die like this Stefan, in this cramped and dark hospital room, with none of my family, with all these regrets of what I could have done if I had chosen to be with you. I don’t want this.” She begged as she sobbed violently.

Stefan was crying now as he cupped her cheek gently and stared into her familiar eyes. He didn’t want to do this but watching her suffer was to hard for him.

“You aren’t going to remember me. As far as you remember you had a great childhood and when you went to college you met your husband to be Robert. He followed you around a lot and annoyed you, but secretly you found it cute.” Stefan whispered sadly.

“You had no problems with boys or vampires, Robert was your one and only and you were happy with that because you loved him more than anything. And you miss him now yes, but you know you are going to see him again soon. You’ve spent you’re last days in the fields near our- your old apartment, just gazing at the cute little stream that was home to little ducklings in the spring. And now, you are ready. You have no regrets, you do not feel pain. You are going to be surrounded by the ones you love and they are going to be with you until your last breath. You are ok with dying, you are ready.” Stefan sobbed.

“Goodbye *yn*, I will always love you.” He whispered placing a soft kiss on her forehead. He glanced down at her bedside table and snatched something from it before speeding out as the heart monitor started to speed up.

*yn* blinked and gasped as she came out of the trance, looking around the room in confusion. Not sure what had just happened.

Stefan watched as a nurse was called and *yn*’s family sprinted into her room. He squeezed his eyes shut as he heard the heart monitor going haywire and the hushed comforting words of her family. He nearly collapsed when the heart monitor finally came to an abrupt silent stop and the sobs of *yn*’s family started.

He glanced down at the crumpled black and white photo of him and *yn* in his hand. Stefan held it tightly as his tears blotted the photograph of him kissing her cheek.

He shook as he stared at the closed hospital door one more time knowing she was gone for good.

“Goodbye, my love.”

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Harry Potter Sentence Starters

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
“We’re perfectly normal, thank you very much.”
“I am what I am, and I’m not ashamed.”
“There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other.”
“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.”
“We’ve both got both light and dark inside us. What matters is which part we choose to act on.”
“Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”
“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, and a great deal more to stand up to our friends.”
“Scars can come in handy.”
“After all this time?”
“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”
“Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backwards.”
“[He] wouldn’t recognise a joke if it danced naked in front of him.”
“I realised I can’t shut myself away.”
“Do you know, I still have trouble believing it.”
“What does he think we’re doing here, forming some sort of army?”
“Didn’t you see what it was standing on?“


(Official Disclaimer)

Okay, I hate that you don’t always offer your opinions, especially in group settings. I normally wouldn’t mind if an introvert abstained from talking a lot, but with you guys–look. When you do talk, it’s brilliant. I am so not kidding. I’ve seen an entire group of people (including myself) argue something theoretical for about thirty minutes, and then this INFP speaks up for the first time and totally solves the controversy in, like, two sentences.

(To finish the story, I immediately turned to the INFP and demanded that the INFP should talk more. The INFP blushed bright red and stammered. But that’s beside the point.)

Alright, that was more love than hate, but here’s the deal. You need to be more confident in your people skills, intelligence, and problem-solving skills. You need to realize that if you’ve got a good idea, it needs to be shared. Don’t second-guess yourself–you know what you’re doing. Take charge every now and again. Don’t get so embarrassed. I hate that you put yourself down in your head–it’s like you’ve got an internal monologue of self-hate. (that may not be a type-specific thing, but I see this most often in high-Fi users, and especially INFPs.)

I hate that you underestimate your abilities. I hate that you sometimes lack the people skills to deal with forceful, extroverted personalities (I don’t bite, I swear) and then you shut down. Which is super disappointing because, like, I want to talk to you!

I hate that you get nervous easily, because when you’re nervous everyone else gets jittery too (do not ask me why, I don’t know. But when an INFP gets jumpy, it spreads. Seriously do not ask, this doesn’t make sense to me either.)

“Felstalkers are such an interesting variant of felhounds. Personally, I would consider them the smaller, smarter cousin rather than a simple variant. Both the felstalker and the felhound share similar qualities in terms of preferred meals, flesh, and even ability. The felstalker however, is something I believe to be more of an intelligent creature, almost sentient in their behavior. The first and most important quality that separates the ‘hound and the stalker’ is the Stalkers lack of tentacles. The two long, tentacle like appendages that the felhound boasts for their vampiric draining of magical energy and amazing ability to hunt magic are nonexistant upon a felstalker’s body. This brings me to speculate if felstalkers hunt magic, or simply hunt whatever is in their preference. These demonic hunters do not often share their cousin’s vampiric qualities, but some do have the capability to absorb magic like the felhounds. These few however, need time to properly manifest the energy to absorb magic, which often leaves opportunity for evasion. Some of these demonic hunters also have the capability to toxify the wounds of their enemies with their claws and teeth and the foul magic that haunts their bodies. I am unsure if these are qualities are inherited at their creation or if it is something that is gained from their rare ability to absorb magic - an evolution, if you will. If I were to give any sort of classification to a felstalker to relate to mortal creatures, I would say they are closest to wolves. They carry a pack mentality, and often will never be seen without a partner or group. They are able to speak, but only as a beast would, thus only understandable by other felstalkers.”

“A felstalker is smaller, weaker, and quicker than their felhunter cousins. As said previously,and to make up for these failings, they elect to travel and hunt in packs of two or more. Often times these creatures are herded by Legion houndmasters and even Annihilan, or Pit Lords for the uneducated. I don’t suggest summoning these creatures for very long as they seem to be incapable of being ‘tamed’ by any other than demonologists and the Burning Legion. I use tame loosely due to the fact that we as demonologists simply rip open a tear in reality to summon these creatures to rend our foes before forcing them back to their hole before they become too…greedy, I shall say. Even when summoned it is never a sole felstalker always a pair or greater. Where the imps come from that sometimes ride these beasts? I don’t know, and hardly care. More fuel for our firepower. Legion Houndmasters however, seem to hold these creatures and their more grandiose cousins more closely, easily forcing them as permanent slaves for their bidding. More often than not they will be the tools of Annihilan and Fel Lords.”

Well, this won’t include the naughty since I don’t currently do NSFW asks, but I’ll gladly do that when I decide to do them. I hope you like this, anon. If you have any questions, message me!

Once again, I didn’t do Winston, Bastion, or Torbjorn for this.


• The first time it happened, he wouldn’t react at first. He was sure he hadn’t heard it correctly. When it happened again, he realized what was happening.

• Reaper wouldn’t admit it, but he loves hearing you speak Spanish. It would open up a new world of communication between the two of you.

• If he doesn’t know how to speak Spanish, Reaper would be quite jealous that you could speak in a language he believed he should know. He would never ask, but he would secretly want you to teach him.

• This man would definitely speak to you during missions, making sure only the two of you knew what each other were saying.

• This may include dirty talking during missions, too.

• He’d love hearing it when you’re angry. Few others could understand, but he’d like to hear your quick words and furious phrases.


• Lúcio would love to hear it.

• He’d do things to make you speak Spanish at all times. Of course, he may not understand. That all depends on what his families used. Even then, he’d love it.

• Lúcio would spend hours listening to you speak in Spanish, never once interrupting.

• He might actually have you speak Spanish for some of his songs.

• Hearing it when you were angry made him a little excited, but he’d never admit it.

• However, he’d find it even funnier to hear it and no one else would understand.


• I doubt this man would understand a word of Spanish, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try.

• He might secretly try to learn it, going to Lúcio or anyone else who might possibly know Spanish. This would lead to a few mistakes.

• Many mistakes. Like, he’d go to Google Translate and would end up making many mistakes.

• Doesn’t mean he won’t try. Reinhardt wants to know what you’re saying. And he wants to tell you he loves you in Spanish.

• He would love to hear you when you just mumble in Spanish, and he’ll try and translate it without you knowing.


• Though you’d never notice, Roadhog would love to hear you speaking in Spanish.

• He wouldn’t ask you to say it again, but he’d cherish those little moments when he heard you mutter under your breath.

• Roadhog would find it amusing when you would unknowingly start speaking Spanish during a conversation.

• He’d also attempt to learn, but that wouldn’t last too long. He didn’t speak much anyways, so he wouldn’t find a need for it.

• Most of the time, you would translate it for him, too.


• Junkrat would be the one to ask you to speak again and again when he heard you.

• He’d be so excited when he heard it, even if he didn’t understand a word of it.

• Junkrat would be the type to learn how to speak Spanish, but it wouldn’t work out too well. Mixing Spanish with his strong accent resulted in a jumbled mess of words no one could understand.

• He’d ask you to teach him, too.

• Which would result in him staring at you while you spoke, forgetting that you were showing him how to speak Spanish.


• I have a feeling that omnics would be created with the ability to speak all languages.

• When he first heard you speak Spanish, Zenyatta would quickly react with his own words. This would allow the two of you to share something intimate that no one else could understand.

• Zenyatta wouldn’t react all too much, but he would enjoy hearing you speak.

• He’d try to be around when you do slip into Spanish, though he wouldn’t make a show of it.

Soldier 76

• Like Zenyatta, Soldier 76 wouldn’t react much. He’d find it interesting to hear, though.

• I like to think he picked up a few phrases from Gabriel, but most of them were dirty or inappropriate (not that he knew that).

• If this was before the fall of Overwatch, he’d go to Gabriel for some help, which would result in Gabriel telling him phrases that mean something completely different.

• Soldier 76 would be like Reinhardt and may try to learn a few other words when he finds out that Gabriel had only taught him the dirty side of it.

• He would know when you were mad when you slipped into Spanish. He’d also love it when you accidentally slipped into it during a moment of forgetfulness.


• This boy would find it incredibly attractive. He’s the kind that finds accents nice to listen to.

• If he could, he’d record it so he could hear your voice while on a mission. Or when he’s just missing you.

• I feel like he would only trust you to teach him Spanish, but he’d never ask.

• Genji would laugh each time you slipped into Spanish during a conversation, and he noticed it happened a lot when you were tired or stressed.

• He’d also be the one ask you to speak in Spanish when he’s upset because hearing it makes his day better.


• Hanzo, like others, wouldn’t react too much. Though, he would like to hear it.

• He’d be the one to learn it quickly so he can speak with you. (He might teach you some Japanese if you ask nicely).

• He would like to hear it at times, especially since it seemed to soothe him when he’s upset.

• Hanzo would be the type to ask you to say certain words, but he’ll never forget how his name sounds when you say it.

• Hanzo would also love how quickly you can switch from English to Spanish at random times in the day.


• I like to think McCree would’ve picked up some Spanish. (Seriously. Imagine Gabriel teaching a young McCree some Spanish).

• He’d be another one to find it attractive to hear. Though, he’s heard others speak Spanish before, hearing you say something would make him excited.

• He’d especially love it when you’d slip in Spanish when you are having a passionate argument with someone.

• He would be the type to learn all the dirty phrases just so he can flirt with you at all times without anyone else knowing what you’re saying.

• McCree would also be the type to never say when you’re speaking Spanish.

Supernatural traits of Witcher vampires, part 1

Corporeal and incorporeal matter

According to lore higher vampire do not cast shadow nor do they reflect in mirrors. I agree to this but I think their clothes would still have these attributes, showing up on reflective surfaces and blocking light. It’s not stated whether or not other vampires share this trait, but I’m inclined to think they don’t. This is because higher vampire have unique ability to transform their corporeal composition and can even exist without corporeal form.

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I'm quite new to wicca and witchcraft and I was raised as an atheist, so I have no idea how this kind of things work. I'd be thanksful if you could answer me at least some of the following questions: What does it mean to worship a deity? (not the dictionary definition) What are deities compared to humans? Are they an absolute thing? (can they ever be wrong?) How should we relate to them? What should our relationship be like? 1/2

Also: About offerings; if they are physical ones, such as certain objects or fruits or flowers etc., what happens to them after you put them on an altar? They can’t stay there forever.  2/2

Welcome to the converted-from-atheism club, bruh.

Everybody worships differently.  Some will work with a deity but not worship in any meaning of the word; some are more traditional about it; some people take their dedication to the level of being a godspouse.  For me, barring irregular circumstances, this is lighting a candle every morning for deity and ancestors with brief prayer about honoring and acknowledging them with the occasional offering, but others have more complicated daily routines.  What matters is that the relationship is balanced and healthy.  They may be gods, but so what?  The fact that we’re finite, mortal, breathing creatures means that we will live and die and experience and do things in ways that they will never be capable of doing, and there is no reasonable argument that says divinity must be better than humanity by logical necessity.

From here and here, because I’m a compulsive organizer and you may as well take advantage of that:

There is no consensus on what a deity actually is.  I personally think of them as an odd combination of an immaterial substance that likely comes from a fundamental, universal principle that science has not yet adequately understood; human will; and forces of nature that have manifested as distinct, individual entities with agency shaped by the culture in which they manifest and are perceived.  This is purely my own opinion, however, and you’ll get a different answer from everyone.  Even in the mythologies you’ll find that the gods have different relationships with their worshipers (the Irish myths are an interesting exception, but as an Irish recon, I may be biased) and their abilities will be uniquely characterized.  Most polytheists agree that the gods can indeed be wrong and aren’t omnipotent the way that the Abrahamic god tends to be characterized.  Read through the “theology” tag for more.

Different polytheisms have different conventions for what to do with offerings.  Kemetics often share their offerings with their deities.  Gaelic and Irish polytheists respectfully dispose of the offerings, consumable and object alike, after some amount of time determined by the deity and/or practicality.  This might entail burning, burial, or pouring into a stream, depending on how ecologically safe the offering is.  Methodology and choice of offering is up to you and whatever you choose to practice.

Neo-Wicca (and probably traditional Wicca, although its members are oathed to silence on certain subjects) tends to come with a more structured cosmology.

I’m not sure what else to add without more specificity.  The “doubt” and “skepticism” tags may also help.

- mountain hound

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For me the Bellarke romance is really subtle compared to other OTPs I ship. How does Bellarke differ to other ships you ship?

This question is really hard for me, because I’ve never really been a shipper until recently. It’s not that I didn’t like couples together or romance or whatever, just that I didn’t get all that obsessed about it. Until now.

It started with Olicity from Arrow, then Nathan/Audrey from Haven, then Bellarke, which I’m now stuck on. Haven ended. They messed with Arrow too much I think. I still love Olicity, it just lost it’s pull. I do like Richonne an awful lot… still getting used to their ability to be soft with each other. After all this time of being hard badasses, but it does my post-apocalyptic loving heart good.

I don’t think it does differ. I think they all share a partnership and a respect that I respond to. All my ships are between people who are great at what they do and don’t need each other to validate them. But they come together because being together makes them both better and happier. They’re all so busy fighting bad guys or evil or the apocalypse that when they find each other, it gives them a reason to go on. 

They are all also slow burns. Olicity was the fastest and then they had to go and break them up for reasons that, well… meh. 

I’m sure I’ve got some psychology going in regards to why I started shipping and who, but I’m not really going to get into that now.

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1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress?

so i’ve got one thats like an actual document with words typed into it that im trying to write. four outlines that i plan to write. and a bunch of random notes that could turn into fics

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?

honestly i get like a four day sweet spot after an episode thats good to me is aired in which i get the ability to write again

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?

when was the last time i read a real book?? who knows?? can i pick audiobooks? i drive a lot.

4) When did you start writing?

oh god bro like warriors fanfic when i was in elementary school and then harry potter fic in middle school and HERE I AM NOW

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

mostly i just vague post about needing a beta until people arrive and are like “jess i got you” but like ive got a few who are my usuals so ?? maybe i dont actually need to vague post anymore and should just dm them…

6) Where is your favourite place to write?

my bed is my fave place. but im most productive when my laptop is on a desk so like?? i write really fast at work, oops.

7) Favourite childhood book?

my impulse answer is go dog go, so im going wiht that

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

fun fun fun

9) Pen and paper or computer?

computer, for sure. but all my notes are shoved in the middle of my work journals. like it will be a lesson plan of partial products on one side of the page and the outline for kinky ship stuff on the other side.

the kiddos always try to take my work journal to see what ive got going on and i have to be like “nope secrets about how youre doing you cant see it” and hide because its literally fic

actually tho - one of the boys caught me today writing and hes like “miss plinys are you writing a book” and i had to close the journal so fucking fact, like no excuse you miss plinys is outlining a fanfic, very different 

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

i took an essay writing class, and a class on how to teach elementary schoolers to write so?? does this count? probabaly not

11) What inspires you to write?

usually its to make others suffer in the angst pile with me.

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Sonic ask meme: 100 questions

There are always fandom ask memes circulatin’ round Tumblr, but I wondered: why not make a Sonic-related one? Here I made 100 questions that you can ask any other Sonic fan or blog. I tried making them as broad as possible to appeal to as many as possible, but if I missed or omitted anything, I apologize.


1.) Who was your first favorite character? Are they the same character as your number one choice as of today?

2.) Pick a villain, any villain. You are now that villain. What are you going to do and why?

3.) Describe your favorite game in a haiku.

4.) The last Sonic game you played is now your life. How awesome is this adventure gonna be?

5.) Post a photo of the Sonic object that is nearest you right now. Can be merchandise, plush toy, comic book, game, etc.

6.) Post a sprite of your favorite character.

7.) How would you react to seeing your OC in a Sonic game?

8.) Post a random Sonic quote and a reaction gif.

9.) (for all universes and adaptations) How would you have written your most hated scene differently?

10.) What do you like best about your favorite animated adaptation?

11.) Top five stages.

12.) Worst five stages.

13.) What are some tropes you’d like to see implemented in future games? What are some tropes you think are overused?

14.) Do you know any fans in real life? Describe your RL fandom interactions here.

15.) Do you know any fans online? Describe your online fandom interactions here.

16.) (if you read fanfic) What are some fic tropes you love? Ones you hate?

17.) (if you write fanfic) What’s the most difficult thing about writing Sonic fic, in your opinion? The easiest?

18.) How closely does your favorite character act like their RL species?

19.) Favorite soundtrack?

20.) Least favorite soundtrack?

21.) Tell us a funny Sonic-related story.

22.) Have you ever had dreams related to Sonic? TELL US ABOUT THEM. IN LUDICROUS DETAIL.

23.) What would you say if you could say one thing to your favorite character?

24.) What would you say if you could say one thing to your least favorite character?

25.) Top five boss fights.

26.)Worst five boss fights.

27.) Send me a character and I’ll tell you their ultra-lulzy embarrassing nickname.

28.) In your opinion, in which game(s) is it the most difficult to obtain all 7 Chaos Emeralds, and why?

29.) Do you have Chao? How evolved are they?

30.) What’s your favorite console to play Sonic games on?

31.) Tell us a Sonic-related story that will give us feels.

32.) Most underrated character, GO

33.) Most overrated character, GO

34.) Guilty pleasure game?

35.) Guilty pleasure ship?

36.) C’mon now. How many ships do you have? :P

37.) List your favorite platonic ships. (Queerplatonic, sis- and bro-tps go here).

38.) Which characters who haven’t interacted yet would you love to see interact and why?

39.) Which game is your golden standard?

40.) (all universes and adaptations) Write a love letter to your favorite scene.

41.) What was the last Sonic-related thing you Googled?

42.) If you could say one thing to Sonic Team right now, what would it be?

43.) List the easiest and most evil enemies there are.

44.) Tell us the one unpopular opinion you have that you wouldn’t dare admit to anyone else. (Note to askers and responders: Please try not to judge others here!)

45.) ______ vs. _______. Who would win in a rap battle?

46.) ______ and ______. What would they do if they were chained at the ankle all day?

47.) Who or what first got you involved in Sonic? Describe the inciting incident here.

48.) Which character would you defend with your last breath?

49.) Which game would you defend with your last breath?

50.) Which character ability would you want to possess and why?

51.) If you were your least favorite character for a day, what would you do and why?

52.) Do you share the same hobbies as your fav? What do you think of those hobbies?

53.) Send me a character name with their Japanese pronoun, and I’ll tell you if I think it fits that character. (ex. “ore” for Sonic, “boku” for Shadow, “washi” for Eggman, etc.) TV Tropes lists most character pronouns under the label “Japanese Pronouns”. Additionally, here are some useful notes on Japanese pronouns.

54.) Give us a random headcanon about your favorite level.

55.) Give us a random headcanon about your favorite ship.

56.) In your opinion, what’s the weirdest thing any character has ever said?

57.) If you could make a cameo in one game, what would it be? And where would you make your star appearance?

58.) Tell us one thing your favorite character does when the others aren’t looking.

59.) Tell us what you think would make for an ideal Sonic movie.

60.) What character item would you want to possess and why?

61.) Run your favorite Sonic quote through Google Translate and give us the result.

62.) Opinions on Japanese and English voice acting, GO

63.) If you could communicate using only the lines your favorite character has said, transcribe how you would order takeout. XP

64.) What’s an obscure game that you like to play?

65.) What makes your most difficult level so hard?

66.) Have you ever ragequit? Where?

67.) Which game could you not be bribed to play again?

68.) Post your favorite Sonic music remix here.

69.) Would you want to live in Sonic’s world? Why or why not?

70.) Which character do you have a difficult time understanding?

71.) Post a random headcanon about your favorite character’s shoes. :P

72.) Which level design always dazzles you?

73.) Describe the first time you had a squee moment in this series. :>

74.) What’s the best thing about being in the Sonic fandom?

75.) What’s the worst thing about being in the Sonic fandom?

76.) (during gameplay) What’s the one move or action you never get tired of pulling off?

77.) Post a scene that always leaves you in stitches.

78.) Post a scene that always gives you feels.

79.) Are there any games you can speedrun?

80.) What’s one mystery or bit of fridge logic you’ve always wondered about?

81.) Favorite and least favorite memes?

82.) Which locale would you love to visit, and why?

83.) Which locale could you not be bribed to step foot in? Why?

84.) List some Sonic moments that scared you or made you mentally BSOD.

85.) Emblem hunting: yea or nay?

86.) Any favorite character barks? (Note: A bark is a short voice clip. I’m talking about the random things characters will say after completing levels or during levels. Which are your favorites?)

87.) Which mission is a cakewalk for you? Which mission has you gnashing your teeth?

88.) If you could control one Eggman invention, what would it be? And what would you use it for?

89.) Favorite and least favorite VAs?

90.) Talk about your favorite character’s design.

91.) Talk about your least favorite character’s design.

92.) Which character do you simply not care about? Why?

93.) Which handheld titles do you play most often?

94.) Give us your opinions on alternate gameplay styles.

95.) Tell us a story about something funny, weird, scary or interesting that happened to you during a Sonic game. Can include but is not limited to: glitch stories, multiplayer madness, lost data, accidental wins, etc.

96.) Which character annoys you?

97.) Send me a character name and I’ll tell you if I like the same foods they do. If they don’t have one, I’ll tell you a headcanon about their favorite meal.

98.) Send me a character and I’ll tell you how my OC would interact with them.

99.) Where and when do you usually play Sonic games? What time of day?

100.) Ramble about anything that’s Sonic-related! :>


                                         What are you doing? 

There are so many problems that need fixing on this site. 

  • A way to block blogs on mobile without going to said blog. 
  • Weeding out the pornbots 
  • Taking care of the problems with notifications {I.E. having double notifications or not actually being able to see all notifications}
  • The glitch where themes just suddenly disappear from blogs for a few minutes
  • On blog ads that keep turning on  { Note: I understand the need for ads. I do. But putting them on our blogs without warning and messing up people’s themes — themes that people spend a lot of time perfecting — is not the way to do it. }
  • Actual child pornography 

But, instead you take away our ability to check mutual followers… a choice which has caused many people, including myself and my friends, very unnecessary anxiety. 
Perhaps, if you focused your energies on solving the very serious problems that plague Tumblr, rather than make them worse, we could turn this site back into what it was MEANT to be: 
A place where people can form friendships, share common interests, express themselves!

 Let’s try to make it that, again. Please. 

anonymous asked:

I'm confused as to why you so freely give cursing advice. While I know not all curses are done with negative intent, is it not against most of our beliefs to purposely cause harm to another person? Shouldn't we be using our abilities to instead allow ourselves to move on from harmful people, instead of bringing harm to them? It just seems very petty for someone to harm another due to hurt feelings.

Oh you have no idea how long I have been WAITING to get this ask! :D

In the best of way, of course. :p

First of all, I wanna say something about something you said in your ask:

“Is it not against most of our beliefs to purposely cause harm to another person?”

Saying that implies that we all share the same set of beliefs, which we do not. Right there is why I can freely give cursing advice.

I can ultimately give cursing advice because I am aware that each magic user has the right to choose what they want to do with their energy and time. Whether or not it is “morally wrong or right” is completely subjective, as each person’s moral values are different from each other. Each person is allowed to decide on their own what is right or wrong for them, what they want to do or not do within witchcraft. I am not police or judge or jury when it comes to how people use their magic; there is none, and nor do I think there ever will be honestly, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I can freely give cursing advice because I know that there are only so many things that the legal justice system can do to help people. There are limits, and for those that feel that justice was not served, that the law was unable to help them, they may want to take it into their own hands to see that person magically punished for what they did, and I feel that is completely valid to do.

I can freely give cursing advice because I know that there are some things that people do that are just unforgivable, that some people will NEVER get over or move on from, at least not on their own or over time. Some things are never forgotten, can never be removed from us; sometimes something needs to be done to send it back, or punish someone who has wronged us in such an awful way. Some things just don’t go away, some things can’t just be “moved on from.” Life is not that neat and clean.

I can freely give cursing advice because it is everyone’s own prerogative to decide how they react to what has been done to them. Because if someone wants to be upset, or if someone doesn’t want to move on, that is their choice and is valid. How they go forward with what they do in regards to a situation is on them. I will not remove someone’s choice of free will, I will not tell someone that how they are responding to a situation is right or wrong - I will not invalidate someone’s feelings to horrible situations that my own brain can’t even wrap around sometimes.

I can freely give cursing advice because I would rather witches out there being safe doing curses. It is better that they get advice from someone who knows, than try cursing on their own without any guidance, and maybe do some bad damage to themselves as well. “I cannot stop them; I can only prepare them.”

I can freely give cursing advice because the world is a chaotic, messy, and sometimes even downright cruel place. Bad things happen to good people all the time. The world is not all “love and light and kindness,” nor do I think witches need to be either. Magic, as its base, is about helping ourselves, in whatever way that must be.

I can freely give cursing advice because there are classrooms and gyms and dojos across the world that can guilt-free teach people how to throw punches, aim kicks, and countless other ways how to physically harm people. I don’t see anyone going to those teachers and senseis and telling them that they shouldn’t be promoting violence, that people shouldn’t learn how to defend themselves, to react when someone harms them.

It is important to keep in mind that most of the times people curse, is because harm has already been done to them; cursing is done to punish those who have hurt them, sometimes beyond belief or words, or to send back that person’s own negativity to them, so they can understand their wrongs.

Agree or disagree, that’s fine - I’m not forcing you to accept what I’m saying, but my opinion will not change if you don’t. I do what I do for a lot of reasons. And I will continue to do it. At this point, nothing is going to stop me. I stand by the people who have been hurt and used and just wronged beyond words. I will give them the tools they need to do what they need to for themselves.

Because honestly, that’s all that really matters - how each curse caster feels about what they do. Anything else is really just noise in the wind. People will always say what they will about this - there is always going to be debate - but that will not change how a curse caster feels about what they do, and why they do it, and that they do it at all. They do what they do because no one else can do it for them - they do it to take the power back into their own hands from those who have torn it from them. I will not alienate those people just because their methods may be different than mine.

That’s how I feel, and other people may say it better than I do, but I stand by my words, I stand by my actions.

I will always support and aid curse casters.


Your stranger

The first time you saw him, he had entered the store at 4am, staggering around seemingly half asleep whilst rubbing at his eyes with the sleeve of his over sized hoodie. He had approached the counter holding a pack of coke and promptly chucked a crumpled note onto the counter before then turning and leaving the store.

This visit would be the first of many.  

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The Force Bond Awakens

By: FrolickingFizzgig

* This meta was originally published for me on Reylophos’ Tumblr a few weeks ago, but I’ve decided to post an updated version with images and extra content here.

Since its December 2015 release Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has remained a topic of much discourse and debate. Months later fans are still ascribing to their favourite theories and predictions in regards to the future of what has been dubbed the Sequel Trilogy. The success of The Force Awakens was very much rooted in nostalgia, with director JJ Abrams inviting old and new devotees alike to depart on a novel escapade in a galaxy far, far away.

Thirty years have passed since the dawn of the New Republic. In spite of Luke, Leia and Han Solo’s great feats in the Original Trilogy, the galaxy is not at peace. The sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire. History has faded into myth, and all have but forgotten the Jedi of old. Enter Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren, three youths who have grown up with contrasting pressures in the years succeeding the fall of the Empire.

“There’s also heartbreak amid the high adventure, with three lost souls — scavenger Rey, remorseful Storm Trooper Finn, and vengeful, Darth Vader-obsessed Kylo Ren — trying to find purpose to navigating the stars.”

- Director, JJ Abrams

A humble scavenger, a repentant soldier and a petulant black knight… while all are of adult age, our three protagonists are metaphorical children who were prevented from maturing naturally as a result of trauma. Rey was abandoned, Finn was stolen from his parents and subjugated to relentless military training and Kylo Ren’s mind and personality were warped through his innate “gift” of Force-Sensitivity. Though Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren all resonated with audiences, many fans were intrigued by the foundation of a highly unusual dynamic between our new hero and villain. Time Magazine’s review of the film makes reference to the remarkable chemistry brought to life between Kylo Ren and Rey.

“In one of the movie’s finest moments, Ren—unmasked and intense — engages Rey in a major stare-down, an unholy duel between the Light side of the Force and the Dark. The sexual energy between them is strange and unsettling, like a theremin sonata only they can hear.”

With the majority of viewers convinced that Rey will be revealed as Luke Skywalker’s long-lost daughter, the institution of such a potentially inappropriate “energy” has brought about a great rift in opinion, perhaps because no contender has ignited more debate than Kylo Ren himself. 

Fallen son of Original Trilogy lovers Han Solo and Leia Organa, Kylo Ren — then Ben Solo — was ensnared in childhood by the mysterious Dark Side affiliated Supreme Leader Snoke, head of the First Order. He was manipulated into betraying his family and leaving Luke Skywalker’s dream to restore the Jedi Order in ruins, earning the moniker “Jedi Killer.” Regarded as the ideal focal point of the Light and Dark, Ben Solo developed an obsession with his maternal grandfather, Darth Vader. He descended to the Dark Side, training under Snoke and becoming leader of the enigmatic Knights of Ren; however, he was never able to completely relinquish the Light from which he was born. Kylo Ren is a man caught in limbo, at war with the world and with himself.


Forgive me. I feel it again. The pull to the light.

Rey on the other hand can only be described as the dramatic antithesis of Kylo Ren. A dormant Force-Sensitive who was abandoned on the desert planet Jakku as a young child, Rey grew up scavenging the wrecks of an ancient battlefield, waiting in vain for her family to return. 

Rey’s lonely existence is changed forever when she encounters rogue Stormtrooper Finn. The two become quick allies, fleeing together from the minions of the First Order. They commandeer the long-lost Millennium Falcon in order to escape Jakku, and their act of evasion soon leads them to old heroes of the Resistance Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia Organa. From this point, much of Rey’s journey involves her integration into Kylo Ren’s family and former life. It can be said that she serves as a replacement for the lost Ben Solo. She comes to view both Han Solo and Leia as parental figures, she inherits the Millennium Falcon and Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, and there is very much the suggestion that Rey will be apprenticed to Ren’s uncle and former Master, Luke Skywalker. 

Rey’s strong connection to the Skywalkers is made concrete when she is called by Anakin’s lightsaber. The weapon sweeps her into a Forceback that illustrates past, present and future — Luke Skywalker and R2-D2, the hall of Cloud City, the moment of her abandonment, a rainy battlefield and a snowy wood. She is pursued by a black knight through the vision — he stalks her, storming toward her, saber drawn. The knight is everything she opposes, her worst nightmare in the form of a faceless monster. Fear of her own capacity and of this knight leads Rey to flee the call of the Light, leaving her vulnerable. In the ancient forest of Takodana, she and the black knight with whom her life has become inexplicably entangled — Kylo Ren — are brought together for the first time.

“Without the slightest hesitation, the cloaked figure of Kylo Ren emerged and strode forward to join the battle. A stunned Rey could only track him with her eyes. She had seen this man before, in a daydream. In a nightmare” (The Force Awakens novelization).

Kylo Ren incapacitates Rey and spirits her away in his arms, cementing the inception of a troubling fixation he develops on her as the film winds down. Fans and critics alike have remarked on their unsteady rapport. Rey and Ren are as similar as they are dissimilar, two sides of the same coin, Yin and Yang — he is Dark with a little Light, she is Light with a little Dark.

This essay will discuss their connection by addressing one of the most compelling theories to emerge from The Force Awakens — that Kylo Ren and Rey formed a “Force Bond” accidentally during the infamous interrogation scene. Expect very little reference to non-canon content. My intention is to concentrate on the film The Force Awakens and its accompanying script, novelization and production interviews in order to provide the casual viewer with a coherent introduction to the Force Bond as potentially depicted in the Sequel Trilogy. I will focus on three narrative elements presented in The Force Awakens: Kylo Ren and Rey’s unsettling emotional connection, Rey’s use of advanced Force-Sensitive abilities following the interrogation and Rey’s decidedly familial association with Han Solo and Leia Organa. However, I will not be discussing any other theories relating to the film; this text is solely meant to illustrate the most conclusive evidence supporting the Force Bond.

First and foremost, let’s clarify what a Force Bond is. I will elaborate on the bolded as the paper progresses. “Common to occur between Jedi Masters and their Apprentices, a Force Bond was a link through which two Force-Sensitives could influence each other. It allowed the communication of feelings, thoughts and images […] and granted greater coordination in battle. Through such connections the Force easily flowed, sometimes allowing one’s will to bolster the strengths of the other, or possibly draw upon their strengths” (Wookieepedia).

In brief, a Force Bond is an intimate link between two Force-Sensitives that goes beyond the normal affiliation all Force-Sensitives are capable of establishing through the Force. Those under the influence of a Force Bond share their thoughts, emotions and abilities with another. Force Bonds were made canon in The Clone Wars TV series, which established that a Bond existed between Jedi Master Yoda and his ex-Padawan Count Dooku. In the Extended Universe, Force Bonds could form in a variety of different ways, either over time, after a near-death experience or “through being imbued by a particularly strong Force Sensitive.” But what does all this have to do with Rey and Kylo Ren? I present this passage from the interrogation scene in The Force Awakens final script.

Trepidation flashes across Rey’s eyes. Kylo Ren moves closer, his hand rising toward her. She recoils, but has nowhere to go. Kylo Ren nearly TOUCHES HER FACE…

THEY’RE BOTH SURPRISED: they react to a feeling that passes between them – AN ENERGY THEY RECOGNIZE IN EACH OTHER.
And then it’s gone. Adversaries again.

The implication of this excerpt is fascinating — something unknown passes between Rey and Kylo Ren, linking them briefly, then vanishing. There are many theories in circulation about what these lines might infer to. Are they simply sensing the Force itself in each other? A familial connection? Perhaps even attraction? The elements come together more clearly when the Force Bond is applied to the passage. It has been suggested that this moment in the script represents the forging of the Force Bond itself. They were predisposed to form such a Bond, and the Force literally and metaphorically brought them together.

Kylo Ren’s behaviour and proceeding dialogue have been considered with much scrutiny, his entire interrogation of Rey starkly contrasting the brutal methods he employed on Poe Dameron. There can be no doubt that Kylo Ren has a soft-spot for the scavenger girl. Ren is awkward and almost gentlemanly with Rey in his own way, watching her sleep from a submissive position, removing his mask when she expresses mistrust, reassuring her that he has no idea where her friends are. In the novelization, which is based on a slightly older version of the script, Snoke even reprimands his Apprentice for feeling “compassion” for Rey. Many have acknowledged that Kylo Ren seems to change drastically when he is in Rey’s presence, abruptly adopting a much more tranquil and stoic air. Similarly, Rey portrays a great deal more ferocity and unpredictability when she is around Ren. Could this be proof of Ren and Rey’s mutual capacity to share feelings through the Force Bond?

The evidence takes a much more tangible twist as the film progresses into its Third Act, following the interrogation. When the movie was first released in theatres, reviews popped up everywhere, and most — if not all — addressed what is now considered one of the biggest plot-holes in Star Wars history. Right after the interrogation, Rey abruptly and without any prior suggestion develops powerful Jedi abilities, most notably Mind Reading, Mind Tricking, Force Telepathy, formidable lightsaber skills and a sudden alignment with the Dark Side. 

Why was this considered such a conundrum? Well, because every other Jedi established in the canon had to train for years in order to reach the level of Force mastery Rey managed to achieve in the span of an hour. Both Anakin and Luke Skywalker — arguably two of the most powerful Force-Sensitives ever to exist, the former of whom was literally created using the Force — had to train tirelessly in order to grow more powerful. Yet Rey, it appears, does not fit into this equation. She is an enigma of a Force-Sensitive. Some viewers even dubbed her a Mary Sue, an “idealized or seemingly perfect fictional character who saves the day through unrealistic abilities.” Surprisingly, most fans and critics wrote Rey’s random abilities off as “plot-powers,” but to quote the dearly departed Han Solo…

Could there be a more down-to-earth explanation that doesn’t paint the hero of The Force Awakens as some kind of Jedi Goddess? I would think so, and I posit that a Force Bond is that explanation. Not only did Rey gain access to those abilities through Kylo Ren, she was able to do so because he used them. She was inadvertently feeding on Ren’s training and Force-aptitude through the intimate connection they unknowingly forged. This takes us back to the definition of the Force Bond, which states that those under the influence of a Bond can bolster the strengths of their connected individual. Is it possible Ren was inadvertently heightening Rey’s untrained abilities, unwillingly bolstering her strengths through his own?

Ren was previously characterized throughout the film as being a powerful — be it unpredictable and not fully-trained — Force-Sensitive. He portrayed three distinct abilities: he was able to stop a blaster-bolt in mid-air using Telepathy, he retrieved information from the minds of others and he displayed a highly unusual and effective lightsaber style. Is it a coincidence that Rey gained all of these abilities as well, not just because he used them, but when he used them on her? Not before, not after, but when. 

When Ren entered her mind, she shifted the balance of power by entering his; she took the Mind Trick she used on the Stormtrooper guard right out of Ren’s head, as suggested by Star Wars “loremaster” Pablo Hidalgo.

When Ren attempted to use Telepathy to draw Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber into his hand, Rey surprised even herself by snatching the saber in Ren’s place. 

When Ren offered to teach Rey the ways of the Force after battling fiercely with her, Rey suddenly gained lightsaber skills that strikingly mirrored the style Ren utilized against both she and Finn (hard blows, circling movements and a lack of emphasis on defence). Rey even used one of Ren’s signature one-handed saber flips to scar his face after he was already disarmed, much like how Ren slashed Finn’s back after his saber had been lost.

Kylo spins like Kylo.

Rey spins like Kylo.

Rey is even walking like Kylo in the below image. This gif does not do it justice at all. Her fists are even clenched, a physical characteristic Ren maintained throughout the entire film.

Every ability Rey gained access to was previously established as being a “signature” of Ren’s Force-aptitude, or one of his “strengths.” His Mind Trick, his Telepathy, his lightsaber style, his deep affiliation with the Dark Side. Throughout the final fight Ren bolstered Rey’s strengths through the Force Bond, unintentionally allowing her to assimilate his abilities.

On another note, Rey’s interactions with Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker — the family Kylo Ren denounced — take a decidedly familial twist. Simply put throughout the film Rey comes to view Han Solo and Leia as parental figures. The transformation is uncommonly swift, with Rey seeming to feel an immediate connection to Kylo Ren’s family, even likening them to her own family. Observe these quotes from the novel and script.

“’And Han Solo,’ Ren continued relentlessly. ‘He feels like the father you never had’” (The Force Awakens novelization).

“Leia found herself fiddling with the seals on the on the front of the jacket Rey was wearing. Feeling foolish, she told herself even as she continued. […] But it felt so right, and so natural, to be doing so” (The Force Awakens novelization).

[Leia] embraces Rey. A mother’s embrace.

Taking into consideration the fact that Force Bonds grant Force-Sensitives the ability to share or transfer feelings and emotions — perhaps even assimilate strong emotional affiliations — is it so strange that Rey would be privy to a strong parental bond with Kylo Ren’s family? Bear in mind the fact that Rey had never interacted with before embracing. Perhaps Rey is feeling a particularly powerful connection to those who were once central in Kylo Ren’s life as a result of a subconscious capacity to bolster Ben Solo’s emotions through the Bond. Leia is also Force-Sensitive, and would possibly be able to sense her son’s connection to Rey through Rey herself.

The release of Episode VIII’s working title — Space Bear — also supports the Force Bond theory. Not long ago actors Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill shared an on-set photograph of the director’s chair, which featured the insignia of a panda wearing an astronaut’s helmet. While this might seem inconsequential, it is interesting to note that pandas are huge symbols in Chinese philosophy relating to the iconic concept of Yin and Yang.

Because the philosophy is complex I’ll make my description as succinct as possible. Yin is the passive “female” principal, associated with the earth, darkness and cold. Yang is the active “male” principal, associated with heaven, light and heat. Together, Yin and Yang represent “opposites” in perfect harmony. One cannot exist without the other. Yin is dark with a little light, Yang is light with a little dark.

A comparison can immediately be made between Yin and Yang and the Dark and Light sides of the Force, but applying the concept specifically to Kylo Ren and Rey sheds even more light on the potential symbolism. 

Ren is Yin — passive and submissive (to Rey, who overcomes him mentally and physically), “female” (he is often described as feminine), dark (the Dark Side of the Force) and cold (he is associated with Starkiller Base, a weaponized planet blanketed in snow). 

Rey is Yang — active and dominant (over Ren), “male” (she is a girl in the traditionally “masculine” hero role), light (the Light side of the Force), and heat (her name is a variant spelling of a “sun ray”, and she is associated with the desert planet Jakku).

While the Yin and Yan philosophy can easily be attributed to Star Wars through the Force, but the very specific symbolism pandas bring to the table is completely new. It implies that the Dark and Light must harmonize in order for the Force to achieve true “Balance.” Could the Force Bond be the connection that allows opposites to find harmony in each other?

The Force Awakens sparked hundreds of theories, some ridiculous, some believable and some inherently compelling. The Force Bond appears to be one of the most logical and non-convoluted to come out of this entire film, perhaps because it heightens what is already widely considered to be one of the most fascinating and passionate hero/villain dynamics ever brought to the big screen. Fans can only expect that this connection will be further elaborated upon in the next two Episodes. Writers, you’re our only hope.

I end this essay with entries from the film’s script that further strengthen the validity of the Force Bond theory.


Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.

I’m not giving you anything.

*   *   *

The FEROCITY of confrontation builds until it hits critical mass AND REY DOES THE UNTHINKABLE! SHE ENTERS HIS HEAD, AMAZED AT WHAT SHE IS SEEING!

*   *   *

SLOW PUSH IN ON REY, shackled, mind still racing over what’s happened between her and Kylo Ren. She is flooded with emotions, feeling her potential, her strength, that in this moment of being restrained, perhaps anything is possible.

*   *   *



*   *   *


You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force!

The Force.

Rey closes her eyes for a long beat. When Rey opens them, she is centered, fortified, and she POUNDS BACK, SINGLE HANDED SWIPES, hitting Ren’s gnarly, spitting saber with incredible FORCE. It’s so fast now, so furious, that Kylo Ren FALLS BACK – She ATTACKS HARDER!

*   *   *

And she could kill him – right now, with ONE VICIOUS STRIKE!
But she stops. Realizing she stands on a greater edge than even the cliff – the edge of the dark side.

Last Goodbye

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Requested by anonymous:

“Could you do a Stefan Salvatore one shot/reader insert where you two dated for a long time when you were young and he wanted to turn you but you didn’t want to be a vampire so you break up with him and you move on and such and when you’re in the hospital on your death bed he comes to see you and say goodbye? Thank you so much!”

Warnings: Lots of angst, character death

Note: Ahh honestly anon you are evil for sending this in, this is so freaking sad :(((( also this is a little bit inspired by the peggy/steve scene in captain america 2 so get your tissues ready!!

“That film was truly awful.” 

“Stefan Salvatore, you just experienced coloured film for the first time and all you can say was that it was awful?” *yn* grinned as the two  walked down the bustling street and away from the cinema.

“Yes because whilst it was an experience it was definitely not worth the 25 cents I had to pay.” Stefan explained causing *yn* to roll her eyes.

“You are lucky I am so in love with you Stefan Salvatore, I don’t think many other women would be able to put up with your ability to constantly whine about everything.” 

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