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stammi vicino has been playing in my head for 72 hours


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy


My man James rushing to rescue his man John just before he realises he actually has a rebellion to lead

So I was re-watching CATWS and noticed something interesting about the artwork in Sam Wilson’s house – namely, that every piece of wall art is monochrome, and has a rough quality to its work. 

First, a blurry photo in black and white, of two women laughing and a trumpet in motion. It seems to be printed out on basic paper, tacked to the wall without any frame or decoration:

Then there’s this painting, also in muted colours. There’s a raw feel to the work, in the roughness of the paintwork and the grey tones. Even the image of a man sitting slumped, looking up at the viewer, gives it a more emotional tone:

Finally there’s this large photo/painting, which is also in black and white, though I don’t know what the image is:

Sam also has a semi-blurry photo of army planes in formation in the sky, somewhere in his living room. And in the guest bedroom where Steve and Nat talk, there’s a grey frame with just the blur of a grey-toned image.

The art is such an interesting contrast to Sam’s house, because he seems to love brighter colours in his home: every room is painted in different shades of greens and blues, with accents of bright browns and amber… there’s no boring white walls anywhere. But the artwork is always shades of grey.

The roughness of these pieces of art (nothing delicate or intricate, nothing with colour) makes me wonder if Sam is an amateur artist – much like Steve. Someone who paints his feelings and emotions as a way to cope with coming home from the war. Or, perhaps more likely, he brings home the photography and artwork from veterans of the support group, and places them in clear view in his living area. I realize this is wild speculation, but that would be so Sam.


he/him, even with the hijab picture

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Whenever people tell me about my… presence here on tumblr, they almost overwhelmingly bring up this decades old drawing, which, yeah, I love trans Dave too, but for the love of god, take this new version instead.

Byun Baekhyun and his ‘collection’ of hair colours 

On less outwardly noticeable hyperactivity/impulsivity

I had my first appointment at ADHD clinic the other day (after a handful appointments with a non-specialised psychologist to rule out some other things). It was a two hour appointment of talking and filling out forms, and also taking a 13-minute test in which i stared black screen and clicked the mouse button every time any letter except for X popped up - which was one of the most exhausting medical tests I’ve ever taken wow, my brain hurt.

Anyway, ever since I realised I had ADHD, I’ve considered myself very firmly in Inattentive Type camp, but the more I find out and examine myself and talk to people, the more I notice my hyperactive/impulsive type things, like…

  • While sitting at my computer, I often shake my legs or change position a lot or even just continually tense my leg muscles
  • I almost always do that while trying to fall asleep too
  • The other day I was thirsty but we didn’t have any coke, but I still got up and got almost all the way out of my room five times in half an hour before i had time to remind myself we were out of coke
  • I change tasks a LOT when I’m at my computer, and not just in a “i can’t focus on this way”, but also just getting new ideas and immediately jumping to a different task before I can think about it
  • This is why I take a long time to get stuff done, and also why I can take a while to respond or disappear entirely - because I’m usually doing five things at a time
  • Whenever I’m not actively doing something with both my hands, like typing, I’m usually fiddling with something
  • In both online and vocal conversations, sometimes I break into full ramble mode or say/share something without being able to stop and consider whether this is something i should be doing to this particular person or at this particular time
  • I also interrupt people a lot, before apologising
  • I will go to the bathroom or something and pass the kitchen and just be like “i should make a cake” or “i should do these dishes” or “i should organise the cupboard” and then immediately start doing that
  • Extremely poor self-control when it comes to indulging myself
  • Not being able to keep track of my own thoughts
  • Easily bored  (my grandpa always said it was healthy to be bored, and while I think he was trying to make a point about being able to be happy with just yourself without constant gratification, and also about learning patience for menial tasks or having to wait for things, I disagree)

I never considered myself hyperactive or impulsive cause I’m a pretty sedentary person, and because I take a lot of urging to go out and do stuff with people. But I’ve started to learn there’s other ways to be hyperactive/impulsive.

When I was in 3rd grade, my mother carefully went over every single part of the Pledge of Allegiance until I understood exactly what it meant. She then let me decide if I was going to stand with my hand over my heart, and pledge my allegiance to a version of God I didn’t believe in, and words I didn’t feel were a completely accurate description of my country.

I chose not to stand.

And over the years I was hated and punished for it by teachers and students alike.

But I never stood for the Pledge of Allegiance again, and that was my right.

I firmly believe in standing up, or sitting down for you and your people’s rights and beliefs, even in the face of patriotism. If your country has done wrong, you do not have to pledge your love and trust to it until your country reflects the words of the anthem for everyone equally.

Patriotism is supposed to honor your right to speak, to protest, to be safe, and to believe if what you believe in to begin with. That is kind of the point of our anthem and our pledge.

traffic lights


Silverflint Domestic AU: Inspired by @mrbarrow‘s awesome Domestic AU gifset. Silver and Flint go back to Miranda’s house and make a peaceful life there with good books, plenty of food, and a comfortable bed. They go fishing, tell each other stories, and tend Miranda’s vegetable garden. It should be too quiet, too sedate, but they’re both so tired of fighting and pretending that it’s only a relief. They’re safe and comfortable and happy together, and finally James can return Flint to the sea and become himself again. 

(Oh, and of course Silver comes home one day with a parrot and Flint is far less than impressed, but his irritation only makes Silver more pleased with his impulse purchase.)