which is a far bigger betrayal than being up front and honest about it


REQUEST: Oh can I request Patrick getting jealous after following Y/N & finding her hanging out with another guy at the quarry (in secret) but all she was planning was to steal the kids wallet after she convinces him to jump off the cliff into the water. And while she’s putting her clothes back on & leaving; Patrick is standing in front of her like “I knew I loved you for a reason” Thank you 💕💕

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18&19 because I think it can be mixed but it is okay if you can't. Black reaper Kaneki X Fluffy haired Touka

18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
19. “I could kill you right now!”

Sigh :’) This was a whole period of angst. I tried my best to mix them! I hope you like it. 

Furuta’s rambling away about something. Walking a step in front of him, Kaneki can’t care less about whatever he’s saying. It’s been a long day, it’s late and he just wants to return home to sleep.

They continue walking a little while longer and he senses it. It’s a weird sensation that turns his blood cold, a chill that runs through and even freezes his bones. It confuses him for a moment, until he sniffs and he smells it— a ghoul. He quickens his pace, ignoring Furuta’s gasp of protest at the sudden acceleration. But it’s only for merely five steps before he slows down again. The scent’s still there, only stronger and more recognisable.

Smells like coffee… 

True enough, when he turns at the bend, he sees her. Standing in the middle of a pavement, in front of a store in the midst of closing, she’s staring at her phone with an unsightly grimace on her face.

Don’t… he thinks. Touka-chan, when you make that kind of face, you’re not as beautiful as you always are.

He slaps himself for that thought, or maybe he’s slapping Sasaki Haise, who’s still in there, lurking somewhere deep within his conscience, now begging him to approach the blue-haired barista.

He doesn’t need to approach her though. With a sigh, Touka looks up and she catches the figures from the corner of her eyes. She turn to him and instantly, there’s a flash of despair in her eyes— the same look she always makes when she first locks eye with Sasaki Haise— but it’s immediately concealed with her feigned joy… as always. 

“Ah… If it isn’t Sasaki-san!” she exclaims, with a slight laugh. “It’s been awhile. Are you well?”

“Yeah…” he says hesitantly, walking forward towards her. Furuta follows after behind him and Kaneki realises the situation they’re in right now. He prays so hard that Furuta doesn’t notice that the girl before them is a ghoul. What is he supposed to do if he does something to attack her? He can’t break his cover right now, not when he’s merely weeks away from being able to save Hinami.

I want to keep all of you safe…

“You changed your look,” she comments, studying him with a wry smile. “What’s with all the black?”

“No… reason… I guess,” he sighs.

He realises it makes no sense. Why is Touka so friendly with him, a ghoul investigator? There’s no way she would have found out about him getting his memories back. Right before her stands someone who works for the enemy, the very people that slaughters her kind and might anytime stab a blade right through her.

“Ahhh… it’s been so long since you’ve last visited, I might have forgotten how you originally looked like,” she laughs. Her eyes twinkle as her smile reaches them and cheesy as it might seem, Kaneki’s almost blinded. Had Touka always been so dazzling?

Stop it, he begs silently. Stop looking at me like that, stop talking to me. Be more careful. Take care of yourself. I could kill you right now! Touka-chan, please. I—

“What are you doing out here?” Furuta asks, cutting into Kaneki’s thoughts. There’s a chill to his tone and Kaneki stiffens immediately. “It’s late. For such a beautiful girl to be standing out here all alone at such a time… It’s dangerous… There are bad people… a lot of monsters…”

Kaneki imagines his eyes twinkling at he speaks and he’s overwhelmed for a moment with the thought of taking Touka’s hand and dashing away from him. He clicks his tongue and pushes the fantasies to the back of his mind. Touka’s staring at him still, though she seems to be genuinely considering Furuta’s words. 

“Ohh… I’m waiting for my older brother… I got some coffee beans but I think I bought too much and I can’t carry all of them back since there’s too many bags… He’s about five minutes away so I’ll be fine,” she says– a little to relaxed for his liking.

“Tou— Kirishima-san,” Kaneki says, stumbling a little and catching himself. He sees Touka raise her eyebrows at his words and he slaps himself internally again. “It’s really dangerous now so please do be careful.”

“Did you just almost call me by my name?” Ever the direct person she is, Touka doesn’t feign ignorance and Kaneki hadn’t expected her to. “It’s alright, you can call me that if you want.”

His heart swells at her words. Truth to be told, he longs to call her that again, to be more honest about his words and feelings around her— for things to return as they were. He wants to be by her side, or to have her by his side— either way it doesn’t really matter. But there are bigger things at stake, things more crucial and important than both of them.

Honestly, Kaneki can’t see a future where he’s with her, even though he longs to be by her side. But what’s the use? Touka’s living a happy, carefree life now— one which has no place for a dead man like him.

Even though he wants to hold her, to pull her close and to caress her face, he can’t. Even if he wants to run his hair through her light, wavy locks, to push it away from her face and stare into both her shimmering eyes, he can’t. Even if all he wants is to lock fingers with her, he can’t.

No matter how simple his desires are, they are completely unattainable and it’s useless to even consider attaining them, not when he merely has such a short time to live.

“I’m sorry,“ he says, and he pushes himself to walk away despite Touka’s confused expression. He feels her eyes on him as he walks away and he notes how different their parting this time is. He senses no anger or betrayal from her— just despair. He’s a terrible person, he notes, to put someone like her through all this torment and pain.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers again, “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

on the wings

SUMMARY: Sometimes, we can discover bravery within ourselves when somebody weaker needs help. If you think you didn’t get a miracle, become one for someone else.



PAIRING: Amimagus!Reader x Credence Barebone

A/N: this idea struck me when I was sitting without internet after six hours of studying a goddamn atomic physics, reading some Credence fanfiction. I got inspired by this drabble, so check it out. I hope that @credencebarebonebby​ won’t be mad at me, ‘cause their writing is amazing. Hope it was worth it. I’m planning on doing Part 2, with more fluff.

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