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Firstly, I love your BD/KO/WB stuff and your blog! Second, I do hope I'm not coming off as rude or weird or anything... <^^"... Thirdly: Am I the only one bothered with the way WB seems to be portrayed in the "Bee Cool" ep? It almost seems like he's portrayed as the lackey minion, almost like Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, and it just.. bothers me kinda..

Gosh, thank you! Re: portrayal of Wildbreak in the show, that may have something to do with the fact that Drag Strip is voiced by The Brain himself – Maurice Lamarche – which possibly inspired the writers to channel a bit of Pinky/Brain into WB’s and DS’s interactions. Which is great for slapstick but not so great if you want to take the characters seriously. I can’t comment further, though, because I haven’t watched an episode of RID in its entirety. Like a child who eats the soft insides of the bread and discards the crust, I gleaned everything I could about WB and abandoned the rest.

A happy series about the friendships we never got to see explored, 
that had potential lost to hatred, that were forgotten or ignored 
or never given the chance to grow.
Most take place in the Happiest of Happy AUs - one where no one
tries to kill one another or destroy the kingdom, and magic is free.
Others could be canon-compliant. All of them are somewhat fluffy. Based on this post and the prompts people sent me after I made it. 

Just a Man (Not a Hero) | Gen | 4,365 | Merlin + Lancelot

Arthur refuses to give Merlin a proper day off, so the knights take matters into their own hands. Lancelot takes it a bit further than that.

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Tell Me a Secret | Gen | 476 | Merlin + Morgana

In which Merlin magicks flowers into Morgana’s hair as he braids it.

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A Sloppy Stitch | Gen | 1,079 | Merlin + Gwen + Morgana

Gwen tries to teach Merlin how to sew. (Operative word: tries.)

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The Punchline | Gen | 1,620 | Merlin + Mordred + Morgana + knights

Merlin and Mordred have an ongoing contest. A very punny contest.

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Expectations | Gen | 949 | Gwaine + Merlin

Merlin talks. Gwaine listens.

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A Little Something Extra | Gen | 1,272 | Merlin + Gwen + Morgana + Arthur + Gwaine

Gwen instructs an impromptu baking class.

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The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… A Passion for Space Pushes Limits.

She dreamed of becoming an astronaut during the early days of the Space Age in the 1960s, years before women were allowed to apply. It was a time filled with science-fiction movies and TV shows of the future. She heard Alan Shepard’s launch on the radio in second grade. When NASA allowed women to apply to be astronauts, she submitted her application in 1978. Candy Torres’ story also emphasizes the importance of role models.

Valentina Tereshkova the year she flew.

“I wanted to work in science though that was a very strange idea for a Puerto Rican girl in the 1960s. I saw science and technology as the way to improve people’s lives. I grew up visiting relatives in Harlem and I lived in a housing project in The Bronx so I knew about poverty and discrimination. I was 13 when Star Trek came on and I saw different types of people including women, which has been the major source of inspiration throughout my life with a positive view of the future.”

Years later, Torres would receive an autograph from the Star Trek actress Engineer Torres with a signed autograph and the message, ʺFrom one Torres to another.ʺ

Did you know that it was Russia who sent the first woman into space? Valentina Tereshkova flew in 1963. The United States didn’t send Sally Ride into space until twenty years later!  In contrast, Russia has only had 4 female cosmonauts fly in space, while the US has sent 43 women to orbit.  

Sally rides 20 years later.

The reality of the world now is that even though there have been tremendous advances, we each may face obstacles that will need to overcome.  

Candy said, “I was told early on that little girls don’t work in science and their dreams don’t come true. I had no role models in my family or community. As a girl I ran into barriers. I chose Leonardo da Vinci and Amelia Earhart as my role models though live ones would have been better. As a teenager I joined Civil Air Patrol to get my aerospace education and I learned to fly an airplane before I learned to drive a car. In college I entered engineering, but saw none of the other 6 women in any of my classes. The guys ignored me and made their disdain clear. There were no support groups or mentoring for women engineers. I decided to take advantage of the individual major option choosing any course related to space science.” This decision gave her the background which was important years later when she graduated and got a job at Princeton University’s Astrophysics Department on the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO-3C). Years later she moved to Houston to support the space shuttle and space station programs.

The only way to make change happen is to pioneer the change. Each of us can play a crucial role in inspiring the next generation to expand a bit further.  The greatest solutions to what might at first glance be an immovable obstacle is creative innovation. In today’s world, woman engineers and scientists are likely still experiencing similar problems.

Are things changing?  Do you have any innovative ideas for expanding perspectives and viewpoints?

Next time on the NASA Village… Flight Surgeon: What’s Up Doc?

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gif loop inspired from Oneohtrix Point Never - RplusSeven album cover, which is a still from the old wonderful animation “le ravissement de Frank N.Stein”.

I recreated the room in Blender, it took a lot of work and times because it was my first 3d computer animation project, but it also was loads of fun and intriging discoveries. I resized and recoloured it with noises artifact as a gif, which feels to me like old vinyl scratches. 

ROOMS is a okay place, to feel empty and a bit warm.
I’m thinking about taking this further, could be hypnotising live visuals with some kind of progressive feedbacks.