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What are your favorite smutty drarry?

Rorschach by gracerene {5K}

Harry never gave much thought to Malfoy’s soulmark. But that was before he caught a glimpse. Now it’s all he can think about.

Head over Heels by birdsofshore and shiftylinguini Words:6100

Bloody Malfoy. Always turning up when he’s not wanted, making Harry notice things he doesn’t want to notice… like Malfoy’s new tattoo.

Simulacrum by slashpervert Words:3011

Draco sends a gift to Potter and finds himself in a difficult but erotic position.

The Potter-Malfoy Problem by who_la_hoop Words:28939

The room of requirement’s gone mad — at least, that’s what Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy ‘requires’ him, of all people, but why does it keep dragging Harry there like he’s some kind of furniture, every time Malfoy enters it? Throw in Pansy the pervert and a clipboard-wielding Hermione, and things can only go from bad to worse. And that’s not even mentioning the pirates …

Lumos by birdsofshore Words:41478

Harry never expected to spend eighth year listening to Draco Malfoy wanking.

Buy A Heart by Anonymous Words:17668

Draco’s cock hardens as he looks at the invitation to the charity auction; his golden ticket to one wild night of desperate sex with Potter to get rid of this inexplicable obsession. His heart whispers that one night will never be enough, but Draco is beyond caring. All he knows is that he will pay any price to have Potter over and over again.

Ruin Me by traintracks Words:3045

Potter seems even more infuriating lately than usual. It takes Draco a little time to figure out why.

Draco at Nineteen by birdsofshore Words:5196

It’s the middle of the night and Harry Potter is sitting on my bed looking distinctly weird. I’ve had some fucked-up dreams in my time, but this one… this one is something new.

Mistletoe Madness by fireflavored Words:4822

In the face of terrible adversity, Harry and Draco are nothing if not professionals.

Undone by eidheann Words:2501

In the months since he’d started sleeping with Harry Potter, Draco’s carefully ordered life fell to shambles.

The Invisible Man by Faith Wood (faithwood) Words:9984

Sometimes unforeseen side effects aren’t the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Who Shagged Harry Potter? by Faith Wood (faithwood) Words:6464

One beautiful sunny Sunday the Slytherins wake up after a raunchy night only to discover a very naked Harry Potter sleeping in their dormitory. Naturally, they ask themselves a logical question: Who the hell shagged him?

Don’t Think Twice by firethesound Words:8490

Harry was just trying to get away for a while. He didn’t mean to get trapped in the Prefect’s Bath with Draco Malfoy.

Vanilla and Sweet Spices by FleetofShippyShips Words:19699

After the others leave an eighth year party, Harry still has the rum he snagged off Dean. But the only person left to drink it with is Draco Malfoy.

Dangerous by Faith Wood (faithwood) Words:6342

Being trapped in a dungeon with Malfoy — who’s a werewolf, a former Death Eater, and a giant git — is definitely dangerous. Harry has no reason to be excited. None at all.

A Shower, A Meal, A Nap, and A Shag by chickenlivesinpumpkin Words:4656

Harry’s supposed to be alone in Grimmauld Place…so why is there a Malfoy in his shower? And what’s Harry going to do about it?

After the Battle by birdsofshore Words:1465

Written for the prompt: Draco offers a “thanks for saving the world” blowjob to Harry soon after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Let Me Go on Loving You by birdsofshore Words:6626

Harry has learned that the perils of living with a potion master include, among many other things, the occasional exploding cauldron. At least this accident involves a lot of orgasms, so. Could be worse.

Instruction For A Misplaced Slytherin by bixgirl1 Words:8556

Potter stared at him with an intense, indecipherable expression. He cleared his throat. “You know what? It would be easier to learn if you just showed me,” he said abruptly.

In which Draco has a crush but fancies himself kind, Harry is oblivious but overly ambitious (and the teensiest bit sneaky), and things get dirty really fast.

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I don’t know if this falls under the prohibited questions, but do you think ‘Bartemius’ is a name too closely linked to Harry Potter? Google doesn’t give me any results that doesn’t include HP but I am very fond of this name and it fits the [secondary] character perfectly… My Barty is nothing like Crouch, if that makes any difference…

So, from what I can tell, the spelling “Bartemius” was invented by J.K. Rowling, which is why the Harry Potter character is all that comes up in a search.

For that reason, I really wouldn’t recommend using it. However, the name seems to derive from a real world name: Bartimaeus, meaning “son of Timaeus” as derived from Aramaic and Greek words in combination. The name apparently appears once in the New Testament. 

If you want to use the name, I would use this spelling or come up with a spelling all your own, but I would avoid using the spelling created by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter books.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited asks: how to portray/describe (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge requests (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complex questions. Asks directed to other anons/askers. I get dozens of questions per day…please don’t ask if I got your question. See master list & main site for more info!

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Harry finds out Al's gay from someone other than Al (and maybe dating Scorpius Malfoy idk??)

Author’s notes: Hope it’s okay I went really vague on the Al/Scorpius part of this since I sort of stole the backstory for this from a scorbus fic idea I had where Al and Scorpius don’t meet until they’re older teenagers (so Harry doesn’t know about him).

Backstory: Harry and Ginny are divorced and Al hasn’t spoken with his father since he moved out. The divorce set in motion a ‘finding himself’ journey for Al, which included admitting his sexuality not only to himself, but to the whole world as well. Only, Harry stopped reading the papers years ago and nobody else wants to tell him because they’re waiting for Al to come out to him on his own accord.

Send me a prompt.

“Mr. Potter!”

Harry closed his eyes and sighed. Briefly, he considered pretending he hadn’t heard – after all, nothing good ever came from Mr. Potter and he was already in a very, very bad mood. He had missed his 6:00am wake-up alarm, woke up at his 7:00am leave alarm, promptly panicked and freaked out, ran around his house like a chicken with its head cut off, and then, while he was half pulling up his trousers, half choking on his toothbrush, he had reached for his auror robes – hung-up by the door, always, because Ginny knew he would forget them otherwise – only to find thin air.

The realization was a tidal wave of ice, flooding him, chilling him. There was no coat hanger on the door, because he did not live at the house with that door anymore. There were no auror robes because he was not an auror anymore - had not been an auror for over a month now.

He really needed to deactivate those bloody alarms.

“Mr. Potter!” The shout came again, closer this time, carrying through the cool, grey morning air.

Harry sighed. Against his better judgement, he stopped and turned. A young girl was pelting towards him from down the street as fast as her short stature would allow her, a look of keen determination on her face. Her jean jacket flapped around her and with every tremendous step she took, another dark curl slipped free from her ponytail, falling into her face. She reached Harry and promptly doubled over, holding up a finger. Harry waited, amused despite himself. The girl reminded him of Lily, with her torn-up jeans and bright energy. Skewed, square black glasses dangled precariously on the girl’s freckled nose as she heaved for air. A blue quill peaked out from behind her right ear and, to Harry’s vast amusement and incredulity, the girl had a pink square patch on her jacket that read: Secretly a witch.

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Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!


My Top 10 Thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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10. Queenie’s character had a Luna Lovegood quality to her that I actually really liked. She seemed aloof but was actually daring, smart, and sweet. I love how Jacob is practically the Mario to her Princess Peach…except she’s the one saving him most of the time. Not that Jacob isn’t brave, though…speaking of which: 

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9. Jacob. Just…Jacob. I fell in love with his character. He was EXACTLY what this film needed for those watching that haven’t the foggiest about the Harry Potter universe. I love the idea of a “No-Maj” or “Muggle” being introduced to the Wizarding World alongside the audience and Dan Fogler’s performance was just so darn charming and genuine. He goes from the bumbling Kowalski to the brave and endearing Jacob. I just loved his character…honestly, though, his story had a full circle arc, so if we don’t see him in the future films should they occur, I’d be okay with that.

As long as he and Queenie get to be together, dang it.

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8. I love that this movie just jumps right into the wizarding community. It knows that most of its audience have seen Harry Potter and know what Muggles are, how wands and spells work, and about elves and the systematic set up of it all. However, since this is taking place in America, there are some changes to what we already know and the movie does it all in a very easy to follow manner. Which is good; a lot of my audience were small kids, including a cousin of my own who had never seen any of the Harry Potter franchises, and some older women who seemed charmed by the film. 

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7. The Fantastic Beasts Themselves. Yes, they were quite obviously CGI….but to be fair, their designs were so out of this world, they were going to stick out. I will easily let the CGI animals pass on their sheer creativity alone. Going along with the movie, I wanted Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (roll credits) to be in my lap where I could read about the creatures as I watched. 

I read one review that seemed to hate that the cast were constantly flitting around looking for these creatures, but I didn’t really think their journey was all that repetitive. The humorous scenes with Jacob and Newt were well done and the jewelry scene with the Niffler was one of my favorites. “They went that way.” 

Originally posted by gold-motel

6. The moment we enter Newt’s “home” or “habitat for fantastic beasts,” I was sold on Eddy Redmayne as Newt Scamander. His whole personality is quirky, sincere, and with a tinge of sadness beneath the surface. He seems bubbly, but we get that idea that he’s had to deal with a lot. It made for a complex character that wasn’t just a Willy Wonka for Wizardry. The passion and love he shows for his beasts was touching; It also made me wish to see more of him in other films. He’s just trying to look after his fantastic beasts and teach others about him….can we see him teach a baby Hagrid? 

ALSO, just a note, but my cousin afterwards commented on how Redmayne’s performance was much like that of Doctor Who in this. I am totally on board with him playing Doctor Who at some point, or perhaps a younger version of the First Doctor if they ever decide to film it. Just saying. 

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5. Speaking of call backs, we get a few in the film; Dumbledore is mentioned, Hogwarts, of course. And Grindelwald more on him later... even a Lestrange! I’m assuming it’s Bellatrix’s ancestor. It was sad to hear him talk about how Ms. Lestrange, who we’re made to understand once shared a relationship with Newt “has changed.” It definitely had the Lilly/Snape vibe, except that Newt is Lilly in this case. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the callbacks were definitely fun. 

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4. The Duels and Stakes. This movie reminds me of The Hobbit in the sense that the stakes “feel” a little less in this film because it’s set before Harry Potter. This movie is also a little slower paced at parts, which I didn’t mind because it meant we could settle into this world we’ve been introduced too, but also it could have also moved a little more briskly. Unlike the Hobbit, though, this film actually improves upon the battle sequences; the wand fights were some of the best I’ve seen in all the Harry Potter films; everything just looked natural

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3. Ezra Miller played the troubled Credence, whose character was so intriguing and turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the film. There’s such a complicated, painful backstory for his character and the lengths that three characters go to try and reach him is so telling. It becomes a lesson in prejudice and anger and hatred and the effects it has on not only the victim, but those involved, and even those with no connections feeling ramifications. A pretty powerful message in all reality.  The intrigue and mystery surrounding that character and his backstory….very well done! 

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2. And now onto my favorite and least favorite part of the film: 
Collin Ferrel and Grindelwald. 

Originally posted by dreamofdepp

Now, I absolutely adored Collin Ferrel’s performance as Graves in this. The complex, vague nature of his character, or at least what he was playing. I wanted him to, by the end of the film, leave New York and meet up with Grindelwald in Britain….I thought it would go that way, but alas, it did not. 

Now, I wasn’t bothered by an Older Grindelwald making a cameo; not at all. He’s a big player in this story timeframe. I don’t even mind that Johnny Depp is in the role; My main issue was that we’ve spent a whole movie showing off Collin Ferrel and developing his character…only for it to be revealed that it was Grindelwald and have a different actor take his place? That just seemed like a cop out and a way to rush that you’ve been wanting to make a sequel already and wanted a “baddie” reveal before this film ended. 

It just aggravated me and makes me so sad, because Colin Ferrell OWNED this role. Can he just come back in the future films, please? Have Grindelwald disguise as him again? I simply loved Colin Ferrell in this. 

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1. All in all, though, the ending with Grindelwald was the only part of the movie that bugged me. Everything else was, well, fantastic. If you love Harry Potter, you’re probably going to love this. Just don’t get attached to Collin Ferrell…. 

I just came to a realization that makes me more satisfied with how Harry named his children

He named them after the people in his life whose deaths he witnessed and could not save them. People might argue that Remus, Tonks, or Fred or another person that had died could be a name, but those three already have legacies to be carried out through Teddy and through George. People also argue that Harry could’ve named them after other important people in his life, but here’s the thing, they aren’t dead and Harry doesn’t carry that guilt on his shoulders. Those people can carry their own legacies, and Harry can still see their faces and talk to them.

Harry probably felt a duty to carry on the too short lives of Lily and James. Harry watched Sirius die right in front of him and believes it’s his fault, that he could’ve saved him. Dumbledore was killed and fell off of a tower while Harry was literally unable to move or help in any way, so he couldn’t save another person that did not deserve to die. And Severus. Well, I understand how people feel about him, and I feel the same way. But, I don’t believe he deserved to die, and Harry clearly thought so too. Snape was another person that died in front of Harry’s very eyes that he failed to save.

None of these people had children (excluding Harry’s parents, but that’s why he named his kids after them). Sirius’s closest only living family is Harry also. Dumbledore and Snape died while Harry failed to save them and they also didn’t have children or much in the way of a family. Harry wanted to make sure these people were remembered, especially since he feels responsible that they no longer live.

Part of me believes that Harry was oversimplifying, when he told Albus Severus that he was named after the bravest men he knew, for his young child’s sake.

Maybe Harry meant that these people gave everything at the end of their lives for the hope that maybe their deaths could mean at least one person would be saved. They all gave their lives for at least someone which all happened to include Harry. So, Harry wanted to make sure that sacrifice was for more lives than his own. Harry could give them a legacy and a namesake to continue a life that was cut too short in a world that has more hope.

For Luna: personally, I don’t think there were anymore women that sacrificed themselves that Harry directly could’ve saved and that didn’t have other people to take up their legacy.

(Edit: Luna is Ginny’s best friend and one of Harry’s too. So it makes sense to me that she would be included)

in the goblet of fire movie, upon madeye moody’s debut entrance in the great hall, ron says that hes “mad as a hatter” which is an obvious alice in wonderland reference right? so why tf would ron, a pureblood wizard, know that reference? my theories include:
1) he heard it from hermione and doesnt know what he’s talking about, which is extremely cute
2) maybe he had a bit of exposure to muggle literature in childhood since arthur is so obsessed with muggle culture
or 3) (my fave) lewis carrol was a wizard, and his book did well in both the muggle and magical world.

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My friend is writing a fantasy novel, but she's having trouble making it seem more like a fantasy novel and less like a slice of life. Which is problematic, because now she's having trouble getting the reader to care about the MC. I didn't see anything in the tags, so.. any tips??

Hi, I totally love that you are helping your friend write her fantasy novel that is such a great endeavor! So I’m guessing that all these things that you mention are things that you’ve noticed yourself about her novel. Not having read any of it and not knowing specifics I can’t help you a lot, but I do have some suggestions about what you and your friend should think about:

What kind of fantasy setting is this in?

  • Is it a high fantasy novel? This is really going to affect that whole “slice of life” feel. Like I said I don’t know where your friend is going with her story but if it’s high fantasy she needs to stay on track with the epic feel that defines it. High fantasy tends to be a little more somber in tone too and usually has things like elves, fairies, dwarves, dragons, demons, magic and quests. One example of this is The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien. If she is writing something like this then everything should be grand, the main character should be setting out on an epic adventure full of peril and there should be lots and lots of magic/magical creatures of all kinds. This alone would set the tone of the whole book, so even if the characters sat down to have dinner and were exchanging stories of pretty mundane things like their family, you would never forget that you are in a grand world of magic. 

  • Is it low fantasy? If your friend is writing in the realm of low fantasy than she is in our world, where magic and monsters don’t exist and things can get a little more tricky. You might also know low fantasy as urban fantasy which include works like: Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight, The Hollows Series and Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale. When you’re writing in that realm it can be easy to get lost in the mundane aspects of your world. What would help her to not get trapped in the realm of the real is to outline where her story is going. If she plans out where conversations and main events are going she can determine where to bring the magic element in. She doesn’t have to beat her audience over the head with the fact that they are reading a fantasy novel but there better be some goddamn magic, vampires, werewolves or fairies running around causing tension and mischief in the book. A lot of this is going to come from the set up of your story, once you’ve established who the main characters are, what their abilities are and the rules of the world, the reader won’t forget it’s a fantasy novel. Of course, unless she only mentions that her main character is a wizard once and then fails to bring it up again through exposition and character development for the next ten chapters.

  • For more information on creating a fantasy world please check out the Fantasy tag and specifically this post. 

Creating a sympathetic main character for fantasy:

  • This is a completely different issue from trying to create a fantasy world. Again, not having any specifics about where your friend is going with the story, I’m going to say that when it comes to fantasy as a whole what she needs to keep in mind is that her character needs to go on a journey, said journey should help the character grow and evil should be defeated in the end. Both high and low fantasy more or less follow this formula, although of course there are exceptions and in some cases the endings aren’t always happy. However, fantasy is based on folklore and myth, stories which were meant to explain the world to our ancestors when science didn’t exist, but they were also meant to have hopeful overtones of heroics we can all aspire to. I’m thinking for example Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Both series in the end show that their characters all have the potential to be heroes after much growth, change and effort. In short, her main character needs to be going through a struggle, they need to fight some evil and become a hero by the end of the novel. Growth is what will be key in creating a relatable main character. I personally don’t think you have to make your character likeable to be relatable. The world is filled with anti-heroes who are dicks, but who in the end turn out to be the saviors of the world. Just remember that they can’t be the same person at the end of the book as they were at the beginning of it.

- Karla

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This is probably a stupid question, but it's been bothering me. How does the timeline make sense? The series is supposed to take place in the '90s. However, In Goblet of Fire, there is a mention of Dudley owning a Play Station 2, which wasn't released until 2000, six years after the beginning of Goblet. How could Dudley own a Play Station 2 in 1994?

Okay, I’ve seen people wondering about this before so we’re gonna break it down and get bizarrely serious about the timeline of a book about magic. ;)

Starting with the facts, here’s the quote about the PlayStation from a letter Harry was writing to Sirius: 

“… so he [Dudley] got really angry and chucked his PlayStation out of the window.”

- GOF - Chapter 2 - Page 27 (UK Edition)

So it’s not a PlayStation 2, but a PlayStation (commonly known as a PlayStation One). The PlayStation wasn’t avaliable to buy in Europe until September 1995 though, so Dudley shouldn’t have been able to have one in the summer of 1994. The Harry Potter wiki suggests the Dursleys brought one of the prototypes which were given to game developers before December 1994. 

Other suggestions from the page linked above include Harry just being confused about what games console it was, or that our universe timeline is different from Harry’s and that they got PlayStations before we did. 

If we’re going for a real world explanation, JK admits that she’s “not good at these things [PlayStations]”. I think she probably wrote it in as some characterisation for Dudley, and no one caught that the dates didn’t add up before publishing. And now we have to make up theories to explain the slight anachronism of a year or so. 

I hope that answered the question! If not, I had fun trying. Send us an ask if you have any more. 

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hi im a new witch and i was wondering if u could tell me a bit about witchcraft id love to know more -thanks! :) your super pretty btw

Aw, you’re sweet!! I’m new to the world of witchcraft as well, but I’ll do my best.

Oh, dear, where to start. Um….oh. First of all, this isn’t Harry Potter. You don’t jab a stick at someone and yell crazy words while lightning flashes in the background. Real witchcraft is quiet.

There’s many different elements to it. There’s what some friends and I call “energyworking,” which is manipulating your “psychic energy” (that’s basically what it is) and using it to do different things. Examples include psy balls, shields, and searching an area for spirits and such. (this is one thing that i’m actually pretty good at so if you have questions on this i can help.)

There’s also spellwork. Spells usually involve chanting, strange mixtures, candles, or any combination of those. Different colored candles have different effects, as do different herbs/other materials. For instance, basil, rosemary, salt, and eggshells are all good for protection spells. Rose petals and red or pink candles are good for love spells. There’s a spell for basically everything, from doing well on a test to removing a harmful spirit from your home. Be careful, though.

Then, of course, there is the religion associated with witchcraft. I myself am Wiccan, which is sort of a more modern form of Paganism. You don’t have to be Wiccan/Pagan/whatever else to be a witch, but many witches are. Wicca has many gods/goddesses (basically every diety from every culture is a Wiccan diety). The two main ones are the Triple Moon Goddess and the Horned God.

We Wiccans tend to have a matron goddess and a patron god. These are a god and goddess that we have a special connection with and can serve and learn from. You can discover your god and goddess through meditation, research, or perhaps they will come to you out of the blue. You’ll know if it’s right. Many witches will have an altar dedicated to their god/goddess.

Oh, and craft names. A craft name is a name that you use specifically for magickal purposes. It’s the name that the gods know you as. It also kinda helps you “get in the zone.” Sometimes you choose your craft name, sometimes it chooses you. It should be something unique that describes you as an individual. Many craft names have two (or more) parts, such as Obsidian Star or Copper Moon. However, I had a friend whose craft name was simply Sophmore. You can choose to keep your craft name to yourself or tell others. Some say it has more power if you keep it a secret, but it’s your choice. Craft names are optional.

Ah, what else….oh, it’s helpful to have a Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is a journal where you keep a record of spells, meditation experiences, personal things, and various witchy things. It’s often deeply personal and it’s basically forbidden to read someone else’s Book of Shadows. Having a Book of Shadows is optional but I find it very helpful. It’s traditional to have a very very nice journal for your Book, but you can use any notebook.

Important! All magic comes with a price. Choosing to be a witch is choosing to allow the universe to grow you. This means that the universe will put you in situations that really, really suck. I mean it. They’re awful. You have to fight through them with every ounce of yourself. It’s hard. But, when you’re done, you’ll have grown as a person.

Oh, and remember: If it harm none, do as ye wilt. (basically, don’t hurt anyone, be respectful, and have fun.)

Again, I’m pretty new to this, so I may have made a mistake. Take my advice with a grain of salt. If anyone more experienced than I noticed a misconception, or if I missed something important, please let me know!

Blessed Be )O(

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Do you have any fics where Harry potter is smart?

Lolz this makes it sound like your average Harry isn’t very smart, which okay, he has his dumb moments, but still XD Since time travelling!Harry would have the foreknowledge/experience to be automatically marked a prodigy, this will only include smart/capable!Harry fics without the time travel element.

robst’s fics usually have smart/strong!Harry.

Perfectly Normal by BrilliantLady

Harry just wants to be normal, and accepted. The Dursleys’ early lessons in how to accomplish that have a growing and lasting impact on how he works towards that, and so does his choice in friends and favourite teachers.

A Lightning’s Tale by Riddle_Master_101

Harry Potter is abruptly thrown into a different world upon receiving his letter from Hogwarts. Danger stalks him at every turn, light and dark are locked in a constant, eternal battle, and weaving it all together is this substance called magic…

Spinning the World (In a new direction) by UnderlandsCreator

Harry didn’t have many expectations walking into the wizarding world, but it still somehow managed to fall short, in more ways than one. Faced with being told what he should do, and who he should be, Harry has only one thing to say: I don’t care. Having learned from an early age that the only person that he can truly trust is himself, Harry knows that he can’t make himself worry about what people have to say to, or about him. He’s always been the type of person who thinks for himself, and to stick to a decision once he’s made one, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon, magic or no magic, so when he decides that he doesn’t like the wizarding world as it currently is, he sets off to do the obvious, and change it into a world that he wants to live in, regardless of what anyone else has to say.

When the Wind Blows Through It by BonesOfBirdWings

Harry has been able to see ghosts for as long as he could remember, and when he learns about magic, he thinks he has his explanation. But Harry is still unique in the magical world, and with enemies closing in from all sides, he must learn how to gather the support he’ll need. Trusting the living is no easy thing.

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okay babes, it’s 2017 (!!!) and i’ve decided to make a brand new fandom family! my old family was just got/asoiaf and is very outdated, so now that i’ve been a multifandom blog for a while i wanted to make a multifandom family!

this time, my fandom family will be open to my mutuals only. this is not meant to be exclusive or as a diss to my non-mutual followers, but it’s a decision i made simply because i want my fandom family to be made up of people that i actually know, which i think is reasonable. i am sorry though, i promise i love all of you very much! ♡

— must be a mutual
reblog this post (to increase exposure to our mutual mutuals!)
— check here to see which characters are taken
message me which character* you would like to be (please include 3 choices!)
— that’s it! thank you all so much for being the most amazing mutuals in the world. i love you all so much! feel free to message me anytime if you have any questions ♡

* accepting characters from the following fandoms: game of thrones/a song of ice and fire, harry potter/fantastic beasts, lord of the rings/tolkien, skam, doctor who, stranger things, friends, once upon a time, reign, hannibal, parks and recreation, the 100, the x-files, star wars, vikings, buffy the vampire slayer, orphan black, brooklyn nine-nine, how to get away with murder (message me if you have questions about another fandom!)


Hi guys, I’ve recently found out that me and the fam are flying over to florida for the upcoming holidays. Which means that we shall most likely visit a bunch of theme parks, including the Wizarding World of Harreyy Pottaah (!!!!) So now I am freaking out and planning feverishly, hehe.

This means that I have a bunch of questions for all yee potterheads out there;) Have any of you guys been to the Harry Potter facilities at the Universal Studios in Orlando? Any tips, shortcuts, recommendations? And since we are on the subject,  do any of you have any other recommendations on what we otherwise can do in the Orange State? I will appreciate anything!;D

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The Potter fandom has some exciting stuff coming its way.
A few fanfilms (atleast two that I know of), and a whole new story set in the wizarding world from Jkr (THAT IS GOING TO BE A TRILOGY A MUTHAFUCKING TRILOGY OK), AND a play that will explore Harry’s life before Hogwarts which will include a little bit about James and Lily Potter.

We’ve waited so long, we should be really excited! 

Thursday’s Prompt: Blog Love

I know I’m super late. I haven’t been around that much, just because my RL is such a real bitch. But I really wanted to do this. First of all, thank you so much Ara @arbyeatscheesebuns aka @everlarkedalways for the awesome idea. You are such a sweetheart. I’m so grateful that I met you. You always know when someone needs your love and support, not to mention that your undying love for Everlark is just incredible.

First blog you followed: @the-tesseract-wrinkling-time

Last blog you followed: @peetasblueyes

First person to follow you:  @the-tesseract-wrinkling-time

Last person to follow you: @ginnys18

Unexpected blog you follow: @a-world-of-our-very-own I followed bc of the THG edits, but it turned out it’s multi fandom (including Arrow, Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter which I simply love) blog. So glad I followed the blog.

Blog from another fandom: @dragonprincess76, @lifeloveanddance I love them. They are just amazing.

One blog you would be sad without:  I can‘t decide. I‘m so sorry.

Blogs you stalk: I stalk the following blogs on a daily basis.

@muttpeeta, @peetasbunmyoven, @toastbabies, @pookieh, @everlarkeologist

And I wanted to make an addition.

Blogs everybody should follow (at least when you are in this fandom) :

@arbyeatscheesebuns, @akai-echo, @andthisisthewonder, @andshewaits, @ashyblondwaves, @allhailthehutch, @alliswell21, @bottledmichelle, @coalstewart, @carolinepeeta, @chele20035, @dandelion-sunset, @dazzlingjosh, @deepinthemeadow, @dirtytalkingpeeta, @drivebyanon, @deinde-prandium, @dianaflynn22, @doubleweddinganon, @everlarkedalways, @everlarkficquestions, @everlarkeologist, @everlarkbunny, @famousscreamus, @fnurfnur, @fourfinick, @fyeah-everlark, @goodladybug, @hutchhitched, @jamiesommers23, @jennagill, @jlalafics, @joshmopolitan, @jhutchmyanchor, @joshifersource, @joshs-left-earlobe, @katnissdoesnotfollowback, @lostmyselfinparadise, @lovesbiggerthanpride, @louezem, @mellarkberries, @mockingjaysource, @muttpeeta, @myusernamehere, @meggie-mellark, @norbertsmom, @notanislander, @ombradellaluna, @peetasbunmyoven, @peetaspenis, @panempropaganda, @papofglencoe, @pachipachiko, @pookieh, @promptsinpanem, @que-sera-sera88, @safeinpeetasarms, @sothereff, @sohypothetically, @sponsormusings, @spookiestkika, @solesofwind, @starsmahogany, @streetlightlove1, @s2sl, @titania522, @thegirlonpeetamellark, @toastbabeis, @toastbabies, @therockandthecrazyone, @the-tesseract-wrinkling-time, @the-peeta-pocket, @unicorn-feelings, @wwrebel1992, @youarebeingridiculous

Without the blogs the last two years of my life would have been pretty boring. Go, follow the amazing blogs! Please forgive me if I did not list your blog!

And also a million thanks for following me although I can be super boring, and sometimes very whiny.

The one url you want to steal: @peetamellark, honestly I love my URL, but I would do everything for the username.