which i'm perfectly fine with

There’s only the song of birds, and the wind blowing in the trees. Insects buzzing. Nothing for him to do, nothing for him to sort out, nothing-

“Thorin, you’re going to get a sunburn.”

Bilbo’s fingers smooth over his cheek and Thorin opens his eyes and blinks a few times at the sudden light.

With the sun behind him, it’s hard to see his husband’s face as Bilbo leans over him; kneeling beside him, but then again,Thorin doesn’t need to see him. He knows Bilbo’s face down to the smallest wrinkle at the corner of his eyes, and he knows what expression would be greeting him. 

Raising one hand, he reaches to cup the back of Bilbo’s neck, tugging him down, slowly, until their lips brush. 

Sometimes he still does not quite believe that he is allowed to do this, that this is wanted. 

That he is wanted.

“Am I supposed to stay like this and provide shade to you then?” Bilbo murmurs, brushing a stray strand of hair away from Thorin’s forehead before pressing a kiss to his nose. “Because you are getting a sunburn. I can see you turning pink.” 

“I have not been here for very long,” Thorin points out, blinking again as the shadow cast by Bilbo allows him to see more clearly.

Bilbo smiles, and that’s really all Thorin wishes to see.