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You can still be nonbinary even if you are mostly comfortable doing things that are associated with your birth gender.

Being nonbinary doesn’t have to be about distancing yourself from the past, if that isn’t for you.

It can about realizing that there is simply more to you than you previously thought.

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before, but to celebrate the return of SKAM with season four and the first full episode tonight I thought I’d do a follow forever! I’m also about to hit 1.5K which is VERY EXCITING I honestly don’t know what you get out of following me me but hey thankyou I’m glad you’re here. ♥  

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Bc I'm the worst I was wondering if you could do a fic rec of big brother/protective Dean and definitely some hurt sam... not wincest though if possible ❤

I am the actual worst at saving links, but I’ll bet there’ll be some of it under my protective!dean + fanfic rec tags. (With rare exceptions, I reblog only gen.) 

There’s also a whooooole bunch of hurt!sam stuff under this gigantic list of hurt!Sam recs, which ended up being a collaborative effort with lovers of the genre. Any pairings should also be listed here. Also, @spnlittlebro makes awesome rec lists and is sure to mention whether the stories are gen or wincest.

(Also you are not the worst; if you are, I am right there with you, anyway.)

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So I posted in whisper (bad idea, I know) about getting top surgery and I got the messages I expected, cis dudes asking to "say goodbye" to my tits. But I also got a message from another trans man and I'm not sure I should submit it because it's really bad...i just can't understand...why do we have to put each other down? Why is my gain your loss?

Please submit! I’ll tag it thoroughly, and depending on how bad it is, I may provide links to crisis lines (which I’ve done in the past with especially bad posts).

Okay, guys. Okay.

I have been saying that this is a great arc, and all the writers had to do was not mess it up.

They messed it up.

We should have seen Fitz break through just a little. We should have seen him struggle. Her name should have been on his lips when he woke.

But that doesn’t happen. Fitz comes out confused, and is re-kidnapped .5 seconds later.


Next episode we will have Fitz with AIDA, who will be trying to convince him that he really loves her, that he really is the bad person she brainwashed him into being, and he will have to figure out who he really is. That should actually be a great scene if they do it right. I mean, they just did some stupid FitzSimmons. So, we’ll see.  

One of two things will happen, I think:

1. There is an even more epic reunion, where Fitz frees himself mentally while Jemma frees him physically. He apologizes for putting a gun to her head and they work it out and we die from happiness.

2. They pull another 3A. Who does Fitz really love? It’s not wrong to love two people at once, right? Is a romance built from manipulation REAL?? Has he changed too much to be the man Jemma loves???? We’ll never really know, because they’ll put it in some gray area and then two episodes later make jokes about it.

I’m not really sure which is more likely. I really feel like I did when we found out Will was actually real—all the clues pointed to something GREAT, and then somethie mediocre happened. So I will just lower my expectations from here on, I guess. 

This was supposed to be a continuation of my dancer virus headcanon, and I originally planned to draw more of Virus teaching Trip to dance, and eventually them dancing together, but for some reasons I don’t think I will. Still have this (he’s showing him how to place his feet properly)

I was just browsing the tcc tag on my phone when I came across one of those sexy-ish ‘teacher crush’ pictures which made my little brother scream out my name and ask what the hell I’m looking at. I mean… I could just say i was looking for school shooters and serial killers but I’m not sure if that would’ve been that much better.

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Who is horny ALL OF THE TIME?

lmao Helga. It’s definitely Helga. And when she is, Arnold’s probably not gonna be far behind b/c if she’s gonna be horny she's bringing him with her, which leads to some hilariously hot stuff I'm sure. He’ll try his best to be the reasonable one and hold himself back, especially if they’re in public, but once they’re somewhere where they can do it they’re both gonna be so sexually frustrated b/c Helga needs to get off now, and horny eager Helga is hot af  Arnold can’t take it, and so they’ll basically jump each other. 

Snippets From A Life That Might Have Been - Haven Fanfic

“Uncle Duke?”

“Yes Aaron?”

“Can you show me how your boat works?”

“Sure, but we should probably ask Gloria first.”

“She won’t mind.”

“You think? Hmm, I still think we should check; I don’t want to get on the wrong side of your Gran.”

Little Aaron frowned, considering this. “Which side is the wrong side?” he asked.

Duke laughed, “The side where she’s cross with me.”

“She won’t get cross; she likes you.”

“Yeah? Well, she likes you too,” said Duke with a smile.

I was trying to type in the tags of a post and……Tumblr for some reason decided to pull me out of the tags and start typing in the caption of the post. which would be just frustrating bc you know, accidental clicks happen and all, except it typed everything in the caption in reverse???

The first story board for Iteration 1 probably was inspired by the last scene of Texhnolyze. I1 is probably the most fleshed out arc I ever did, and that’s one of the roots of it.

I’m not sure how many times I watched Texhnolyze. I don’t even remember which year I watched it in (2009?), but I feel for a fact like I watched it twice about a year apart. I’d like to call it memorable, but it was more surreal and dark than coherent, to the point that I’m not sure I accurately remember the few scenes I think I do. But the things it did right it slammed out of the park, so credit where credit is due.

Alfred looked at the brown water warily. “It is not from the healer, Alfred. It is only a tea.” Ivan said. He held out the cup and Alfred took it, frowning at the taste.

I really hope it’s ok that i just quoted this scene

Look! I’m working on a thing (gosh it’s been ages since the last time i tried to produce any sort of art with my tablet although i should really practice…)

Some notes on this:
1. this is more like a preview (though i’m not sure whether i’ll be able to colour this but i definitly will try to clean the lines) than a finished picture
2. Yes i started shipping RusAme bc i stumbled upon “The chosen end” while searching for Historical Hetalia FFs (though i honestly skipped some parts and only read the footnotes bc i just don’t like nsfw stuff)
3. Shortly after i “stumbled” across “Here and Now” a really really good FF written by IridulcentDays and after i binge-read the story i moved on to read her other RusAme FFs bc i really like her portrayal of them and their relation
4. This depicts a scene from “The Magicians Husband” (-> quote at the beginning)

As i mentioned this is more like a preview for @iridulcentdays than a finished thing so i’ll (hopefully) post a better version as soon as possible (but it’s wednesday which means there is going to be an update on Here and Now and i just really really want to show my appreciation for the FFs and since i’m not sure how long this is going to take i just wanted to post this as a sort of preview to “shorten” the time until i’m done)

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I'm planning a medieval fantasy novel, but I'm not sure where to look to research and to make sure its realistic. Help?

There is the fantasy tag and the medieval tag, and I’ve also written extensively about the Middle Ages (which you can find on this page). 

Eventually, you’re going to need to choose which you want to hew more closely towards: fantasy or realism. Fantasy means worldbuilding. Realism means research.

You should do some cursory research on the Middle Ages (understanding what feudalism is, understand who held what power) and have a slight understanding of how your world will work. If you want to add more fantasy elements, I suggest starting to build the fantasy world and figuring out how medieval elements work into it (in a feudal system, where do mages fall?). If you want a more realistic medieval story, build a medieval world and figure out how fantasy elements work into it (if there are dragons, what do castles look like?).

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Can you please help me? I'm looking for more pjo artists except for viria and burdge and all the other famous ones...

I made this list, with great help from revi. also, you should check the blog ful-minata - the owner reblogs all of the fanarts aaaand she tags all of the artists, which is great of course

(sorry I didn’t put links and just the names but I’m sure you can handle, I’m just so tired, sorry love!)

  • andythelemon
  • alexcopeman
  • asmiwa
  • ah-nada
  • andiree
  • anxiouspineapples
  • burdge
  • beastlyworlds
  • bbandit
  • burstinglight
  • coldcigarettes
  • caenu
  • cookiekhaleesi
  • dreamsoffools
  • emmilinne
  • fuocogo
  • galaxyspeaking
  • hannak
  • hnader
  • isartsomedays
  • incredibru
  • juliajm15
  • jimmymm-ilustra
  • kayteequeue
  • minuiko
  • odairwho
  • princessesoupir
  • radycat
  • ryuuringo
  • shanlightyear
  • shorelle
  • sealguana
  • shaungart
  • thatu
  • thecottonproject
  • thesilvereye
  • viria
  • zukorra

note: I only put in here guys i’ve seen posting more than one fanart, and i also suggest you dig in deviantart. if you guys have an artist I didn’t put in the list please let me know so I can add him!