which i'm growing more and more to love

✪   Iwa sitting through hours upon hours of alien movies/documentaries just to see Oikawa get excited

✪   No one being surprised after they come out as a couple because ‘wait you weren’t already dating?' 

✪   Iwaizumi growing more and more frustrated at Oikawa slowly getting taller than him

✪   Iwaizumi being the one to carry out old promises from childhood

✪   Oikawa loving spin hugs and requesting them from Iwaizumi whenever he can, regardless of time or setting

✪   Iwaizumi buying shirts that are too big for him so that Oikawa can wear them if he wants to

✪   Skype conversations that go on for hours whenever they are apart

✪   Oikawa crying his way through almost every important milestone in their relationship

✪   Oikawa constantly stealing Iwa’s phone to change his name to cute things in his contacts

✪   Iwaizumi being uncomfortable around children until meeting Oikawa’s nephew– Iwaizumi later preparing to fight the kid when he says setters are cooler than aces

✪   Late night study sessions turning into cuddle time when Oikawa gets bored

random anecdotes about growing up in Iowa:

  • you can’t escape the farming culture.  I was in my high school’s FFA.  we sent people to nationals for FFA.  FFA tried to recruit one of my teammates on the speech and debate team.  I know more about farming than I ever wanted to just from growing up in Iowa.  
  • related: people spoke in hushed tones about corn de-tasseling during the summer, which was good money, but godawful to do.
  • the school had a program where students grew corn and whatnot, and that corn was served in schools throughout the district.  I know this bc I helped.
  • you know at least one person who lives on a farm, probably more.  being friends with them means you can get a reduced price on meats and whatnot from them. 
  • people keep chickens within the city limits.  hell, there’s someone who has HORSES within the city limits. 
  • I had a classmate who called himself a “hick” and wore a cowboy hat everywhere.  he wanted to ride a horse to prom.  like, show up to prom on a horse, and just leave the horse in the parking lot while he was at the dance. 
  • if you grow up on a farm, you will probably have bad teeth.  as a general rule, farms aren’t inside city limits, which means they don’t have city water.  my dad has horrible teeth, in part due to a lack of fluoride growing up.
  • small town culture is real.  knowing everyone is real.  everyone knowing you is real.  these things really happen.  also, people don’t always lock their doors when they leave the house.
  • even tho it’s Iowa, there’s still some people who are pretentious and think they’re better than everyone else.  we’re all from Iowa.  you can’t pull that sort of thing.  no I’m not bitter about Pleasant Valley and their snooty orchestra
  • you know that joke about “well, I had to walk up the hill, both ways, in the snow” that previous generations make?  actually happened to my dad.  he had to walk to school.  and if he wanted to take a second year of German, he had to show up early, bc there wasn’t an official German II class.
  • my adopted sister liked to walk around in the rain, and didn’t bother to run for shelter if the sirens went off.  she just turned around and came back home.  which represents how a lot of Iowans act about bad weather, tbh.
  • related: I am far more casual about flooding than I should be.  growing up next to the Mississippi will do that.
  • holy shit RAGBRAI season is like the best time of year.  something about it is just…v exciting.  probably partially bc it’s the same as fair season. you haven’t been to a state fair until you’ve been to the Iowa State Fair.

Real talk, part of the reason I get weirdly emotional over Weiss being held is because pretty much everything we’ve seen so far points to a scarcity of loving physical affection in her life.

Because we have moments like this

which we all laughed at endlessly, as we should, because it’s hilarious. But the contradiction in what she says and what she does is also indicative of the fact that Weiss really doesn’t know how to show her affection for people. Which also gives us moments like this

…not “physical affection” exactly, but a caring moment, a “tell us what’s troubling you,” somewhat awkwardly executed and confrontational. Some of the tension between her and Blake specifically is probably contributing to the action here, since this episode comes on the heels of the V1 Monochrome train Black and White. But even considering that, she shows genuine concern, reveals that she’s been preoccupied by Blake’s mood, and offers help in a dramatic gesture that manages to feel both caring and out of place at the same time.

And watching her interactions with Winter, I’m starting to understand where some of these contradictions stem from. Weiss greets her very formally (like royalty, I remember seeing someone point out) and has to break down the wall of what I originally interpreted as apathy before Winter starts to (stiffly) show her affection. I doubt the two of them get the opportunity to hug often like they did in episode 4, and their physical interactions before that moment were almost entirely Winter correcting her.

That first hit gets played off as affectionate (“I don’t recall asking about your ranking, I’m asking how you’ve been.”) and we see that Winter actually does care about Weiss on a personal level. But coupling a slap with a thoughtful inquiry carries some implications about Weiss’s family life, especially for the dynamic they seem to have that at times more closely resembles parent-child than sisters. I’m not saying that no one ever hugged Weiss or showed her love, because I was honestly touched by Winter’s “learn yourself” speech, and also because this happened

…but even here Weiss seems unsure how to react for a moment before she gives a cute lil smile and makes me go “awww”

“It was really good to see you, Winter.”

This, right here, is what Weiss needs more of in her life: unconditional affection coupled with the reminder that people care about far more than the perks of her last name, which she’s starting to learn isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The more time Weiss spends with her team, the more we see her depart from the awkward days of V1. We’re not even halfway through volume 3 yet but she’s managed to go from ineffective Pyrrha-fawning, bossy standoffishness, and racist comments, to someone who is willing to step away from her father’s influence and sacrifice herself for her friends (yes Weiss, they are indeed your friends). And she manages to make that growth without totally losing her trademark attitude.

I attribute these changes mostly to RBY’s influence. The beautiful part is that they all challenge and support her in different ways. Ruby’s enthusiasm, combat style, and leader status all really rubbed Weiss the wrong way…

…but she also provides unwavering acceptance of Weiss for who she is and genuinely admires her independent of her family status.

Blake’s background automatically put the two of them at odds and forced Weiss to really examine her stereotyping behavior…

…yet Blake chose to catch her as she fell and carry her to safety even though she had the perfect opportunity to fuck up Torchwick while he was practically begging her to do just that.

Yang cares little for the spoiled rich girl attitude, shares a lot of Ruby’s “fly by the seat of your pants” fighting style that contradicts Weiss’s attention to perfect form, and has a fire affinity to contrast Weiss’s ice affinity…

…yet they collaborate so wonderfully, and Yang’s immediate reaction after the tournament fight ends as she’s coming down from rage mode is to run to Weiss’s side.

Tell me, can a heart be turned to stone?” she sings in White Trailer, but these three seem bound and determined to make sure that doesn’t happen.

IN CONCLUSION: Everyone should hug the snowy shitlord as much as is humanly possible.

Things I would like to see in season 3
  • A continuation of the Sense and Sensibility plot, because both girls need this. 
  • For Riley and Maya to grow more independent and take some time apart. 
  • For the love triangle to finally be resolved
  • For Rucas to come out victorious
  • Lucas fighting for Riley
  • More Joshaya scenes (but I don’t want them to become canon yet). I just want more build which will lead to an eventual romantic relationship.
  • More Riley and Topanga 
  • To finally meet Lucas’s parents
  • To meet Zay’s parents
  • To learn more about Lucas, Zay and Smackle
  • More Shawn x Cory
  • More guest appearances from the original cast - especially more Feeny
  • A Mr. Feeny x Eric scene
  • For Riley to finally use the camera Shawn gave her in season 1
  • More Lucas x Smackle
  • For Maya to date someone who isn’t part of the main cast.
  • More Auggie and Ava
  • More Auggie x Riley
  • More Auggie x Lucas. Also, more Lucas x Cory.
  • More Smackle x Farkle
  • More Farkle x Stuart
  • For Mr. Turner and Shawn to interact
  • More Josh
  • Josh x Farkle x Zay x Lucas scenes
  • Josh x Riley scenes
  • Zay x Farkle x Lucas bonding scenes. 
  • Shawn x Maya x Katy scenes
  • Some cute af, romantic Rucas scenes. 
  • For canon to acknowledge that Farkle is good looking
  • For some random girl to hit on Farkle and call him cute, because I need to see how Farkle reacts to that. 
  • Maya becoming more confident in her artistic abilities
  • More Boy Meets World flashbacks
  • To finally see Morgan
  • An episode where Missy, Charlie and Billy randomly return, so that someone can poke fun at their random disappearance. 
  • Angela x Topanga bonding scenes
  • Riley putting herself first. 

   Hux does not believe in the mysticisms around love which so many creatures seem to hold. It is a chemical reaction within the brain that stimulates a desire to be closer to someone, a dependence if you will, which originated long ago as an adaptation to keep families closer together. The more people there to raise the child, the more likely the child would successfully grow up and reproduce on their own, and so the cycle would repeat. He does not believe in ideas like soulmates, nor does he believe in love at first sight; he finds it more of a weakness, than anything else. Something which gets in your way, something that keeps you from climbing higher, from doing what is necessary to succeed.

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