which i used to love so dearly


“How are we even together when you despise me so badly?”

“I approached you first because I hated you so much. Look where it got us~

“We’re lovers because of it.”

“How are we even separated when you hold me so dearly?”

Hey! You left me first because you loved me too much. Look where it got us.

“We’re rivals because of it.”

It was supposed to be a sketch but then it just.., yeah, Garrison and Voltron Klance. 

So to summarize it, back in one of the days at the Garrison, Keith was approached by this Cuban guy who has calling him his rival, which he’s been aware of for quite some time and so, he just went along with it  but somehow, they end up getting closer over time and got into a love-hate relationship. You could call them the competitive s o u l m a t e s who are kinda always (playfully) bickering and fighting but becomes lovey-dovey along the line. Keith is certainly a tsundere at times

When the Kerberos mission failure was announced, Keith was kicked out of the Garrison.., well, for the same reason he was in canon but then he didn’t contact Lance at all after that, which left them to be driven apart. Despite being left behind, Lance was still really worried about his partner although while looking for Shiro, Keith hoped that Lance would forget him, hate him even.

Later on, during Voltron, Lance and Keith are absolutely at each other’s throats all the time because of their confusing feelings and relationship status at that point and they are both avoiding to engage an awkward conversation that may lead up to everyone else learning about the history between them and the downfall of Voltron due to stupid emotions. 

Are they still together? Are they good or on bad terms? No one knows since they are the only ones aware of their (past) relationship and they don’t seem to bring it up into a proper conversation anytime soon because they have always been the kind to snap at even the pettiest thing coming out of each other’s mouth especially Lance, to the point they accidentally hurt one another’s feelings sometimes when it wasn’t supposed to and so, they’re stuck in that vicious cycle that only seems to repeat itself. 

~I’m not even going to bother with grammatical errors at this point~English is not my native language~It’s 11 p.m. XD~I’m no good but there you go~ GOODNIGHT

                                                                                         -Bleu ;)

Sprousehart parts of Young Hollywood Interview

OK SO i have had some rest and I am no longer speechless.

1. Stop staring LILI honestlyyyyyyy. And Cole’s so smug about knowing about the picture he later tweeted lol.

2. Her leaning. The smiles. Her seducing, loving and uncontrollable smiles at him. 

3. FUCK I LOVE YOUNG HOLLYWOOD! I bet they’re such huge Sprousehart shippers asking Lili that question. OK SO THE IMPRESSION PART: 

- How close can Cole stand? Is he gonna lick her ear? Once again he has no idea what personal space is. Are they glued together at this point? Is it like a game they’re playing? Who can get the closest during interviews without being official? 

- ‘SULTRY’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME COLE IMA KILL YOU! How have these two in a matter of 1 press day manage to use “Lust”, “Aroused” and “Sultry” when near each other?  

- LILI ima kill you tooooo omg at that impression! What the actual fuck! I know exactly which face she’s talking about as well - you know when he’s talking to FP outside the police station? Anyways. Cole. Is. Loving. That. Impression.

- “Do you remember…” “Yes.” He already knows what shes gonna say aaaahhh. And then my friends, the epic #Sprouselilishoulder! I have missed it dearly. 

- How cute is it that Lili is trying to look out for him and give him a heads up about said face? And feel comfortable enough to do so? Says a lot about how close they are. 

4. Lili’s laugh when Cole says dancing lady in red dress is so endearing wtf. And once again, theyre a team that as soon as Lili comes up with Skeleton face, Cole is all onboard, agreeing and confirming his lady.  

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can I get a calum imagine where you broke up cause of management a while ago and he's low key never moved on and he sees you at a party cause your kind of famous too and he sees you with a new guy and he grabs you and is jealous and still loves you THANK YOU

Of course, I am like, totally in love with this idea!

Being with Calum was the time of my life, sure, it was a few months ago, but I loved him dearly. Sometimes, you just have to move on. Many people didn’t even want us to be together, especially his management, they were livid when we got together. We were the perfect couple, we never fought or anything, until management tried to tear us apart, and they did.

My fans, supported me, even through the break up, and Calum’s fans supported me too, which made me so happy. It wasn’t until I was sent to an award ceremony that I had to be placed with someone for publicity. A few days before the award show, me and the guy I was paired with, were sent to go out into town and have a coffee ‘date’.

Mark, was nothing more than a friend to me, he told me about how he had a secret girlfriend that his management didn’t want anyone to know about, and I told him about what happened between Calum and I. “And then management forced us to break up. That was when we had our first real fight, I tried to tell him even if my management wanted us to break up, I would have still been with him.” I sighed while trying to explain everything to him.

“It was really upsetting because he had to break up with me. Management told him the boys’ contract would be deducted if we stayed together and he couldn’t do that to them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love those boys, but it was just heart-breaking, you know?” I looked to Mark who sat across from me in a small booth.

He nodded, “Yeah, I get that, I can see things from both perspectives, but, we’ll be going to that awards show, and I know Calum is going to be there.” He grinned smugly, “And you’re going to talk to him, even if I have to make you.” I giggled, “Ok, it would be nice to talk to him again.” I sighed as Mark cheered.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” I nodded and we walked out of the coffee shop together. Outside, the paparazzi were buzzing trying to talk to us, I looked down and hid my blush. It always got to me, I still wasn’t over paparazzi. “Y/n! Y/n! Is this your new boyfriend?” “What about Calum Hood?” “What happened to you guys?” “Did you know he’ll be going to the awards show you’re attending?” Were some of the things being called out to me.

I tried to keep my head down so they wouldn’t notice the tears being welled up in my eyes. It still hurt to think about what happened between Calum and I. Mark dropped me off at my house and the next few days were me mentally preparing to go to the award show.

When Mark and I got to the place, it was a normal award show, and I didn’t see Calum for the most part. The real fun was the after party, music was loud, and blasted throughout the different rooms. “Look Y/n, there’s Calum! Go talk to him!” Mark yelled as we stood in a corner together with some drinks.

“Um, I’m not too sure I can talk to him yet, is there anyway I can practice on you what I’m going to say?” I asked hesitantly. Mark chuckled and nodded his head.

“Ok, Hey Calum,” I giggled, “This is so weird, I’m sorry.” Mark chuckled, “No, it’s fine keep going.” I sighed again, “Listen, I think I still love you, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we broke up, and I miss you so much. Is there anyway-”

I was dragged away by the arm by someone. When we were a far distance away from Mark I turned towards the person and looked at them -it was Calum. “Cal? Hey.” I said uneasily. I noticed him glaring and huffing. His fists were clenched and so were his teeth, that was his jealous look. “Cal, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Do you like that guy? You were all over him and telling him how you loved him and missed him, and I know you didn’t date anyone after me, so does that mean you loved him while we were together?” He asked in an aggravated tone. I was about to speak, but he cut me off again.

“I know you probably love him or something, but I love you  ok? I’m sick of sitting back and seeing you with someone else. It drives me crazy and I want you to be happy but-” I cut him off by softly placing my lips to his. He was shocked, but kissed back fairly quickly.

“I was talking to him about what I was going to say to you when I walked up to you, but you beat me to it.” I giggled as he chuckled and kissed me again. “Well, I had a whole speech planned out and everything, but I guess I don’t need it anymore.” He chuckled as I hugged the life out of him.

“I missed you Cal.” I sighed.

“I missed you too.”

This low-key killed my heart it was such a cute ask. Thanks for the request lovely. Sorry for spelling and shit, it isn’t edited. :-)

Hey, guys, I hate to have to do this, but as you can see I’m pretty serious right now as I’m using correct grammar and punctuation. As some of you know I recently went through a breakup. Because of that I’ve been living with my mom. While it’s not a terrible living arrangement, it really is not ideal. My mom and her boyfriend’s house is small and I’m currently sharing a room and bed with my younger sister. On top of that, they live 35 miles away from my place of employment, which is really not good for my bank account, as driving 70 miles a day, 5 days a week is costing me about $70 every paycheck, which could be used for other things (like food). My cat, Koda, whom you all know is my son and I love dearly, is still at my ex’s place as I can’t have him at my mom’s (they have 2 cats and a dog already), and I miss him terribly.

I had an appointment today (4/28) to look at an apartment in the same town I work. I really liked it and the landlord said she would hold it for me until I get paid next Friday (5/5) so I can put the application and deposit in. This is where the problem lies. My paycheck will be around $710, I have a car payment due next week of $255, and the other half of my phone bill ($55) is due next Friday as well. That leaves me with $400 for the following two weeks. The deposit for the apartment is $275 + an application fee of $25 + a PET deposit for Koda of $300. That’s $600. And I’ll need money for gas and other necessities over the following two weeks on top of that while still living with my mom. I can use about $250 of the remaining $400 I’ll have to put towards the deposit, but if I want to be able to get the unit and keep my cat, I’ll need another $350.

It would mean so much to me if any of you could donate anything to my paypal ( paypal.me/pontmergay ). And if you can’t donate it would mean just as much to me if you would reblog this post. I need to be closer to work and be with Koda again. Thank you all! 💜

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Well, my birthday passed. It's okay!! If you still wouldn't mind, I wanted the RFA + Vanderwood each on a special date late the night of mc birthday after pretending to not know what the day is! Something cute or anything you wanted to do! Thank you bunches for this!!~💜💚💙- 🎵🎂

I’m so so so sorry that this took me so long to write, annoy!! ;-; I feel awful for not writing this one sooner so I tried making these longer and fluffy, please let me know if you’d like me to change them in any way! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You sighed as you looked at the clock, only three more hours of your birthday remained
  • All day you had been hinting that it was your birthday but Yoosung was oblivious and didn’t even do anything to celebrate it
  • The thought made you want to cry, tears started leaking down to your cheeks
  • Yoosung entered the bedroom and felt his heart drop when he saw you crying, quickly he sat down next to you and wiped your tears away
  • “Follow me, MC. I have a very special surprise for you!”
  • You did as you were told and let Yoosung guide you to the kitchen where he had prepared your favorite home cooked meal with candles lit, a bouquet of flowers in the center and a present wrapped up
  • Yoosung giggled as you playfully smacked him for making you think that he forgot your brithday as the two of you dug into Yoosung’s delicious cooking
  • When finished, Yoosung excitedly watched as you opened up his present to you
  • It was a mug with your favorite animal printed on it, the inside of the cup was filled with your favorite kind of candies plus Yoosung wrote a five page letter detailing how much he loves you
  • “You mean the world to me, MC. I’m always so happy when I’m with you! I’m sorry that I didn’t buy you much for gifts but I’ll give you as many hugs as you want as an additional present! I love you so much MC, happy birthday!”


  • There were times, like now, where you felt that Zen cared more about his fans rather than you
  • Most days you would understand why he hasn’t home until late but today was your birthday and he didn’t even contact you all day
  • It made you think that he didn’t care, so you dragged yourself to the bedroom to sleep your feelings away
  • You woke up as Zen lightly tapped your shoulder, his smile making your heart flutter as he grabbed your hand and made you follow him
  • “Come on Jagiya, I have somewhere important to take you.”
  • Zen led you outside to the rooftop deck in his apartment complex where a small table was set up with dinner
  • Your eyes widened in surprise as you saw a piano set up too, Zen promptly sat down and played your favorite arrangement
  • Once his song was over, you threw your arms around him in gratititude, curious about how he got a piano up there but that was a question fro later
  • Zen then produced a small box from his pocket and told you to open it, which you excitedly did
  • You felt yourself get teary eyed as you looked at the small ring Zen had bought for you, he gave a small laugh and put it on for you
  • “It’s a promise ring, MC. My vow is to always make you smile and feel loved no matter what. This is so embarrassing, but the reason why it took me so long to set this all up was because I just got enough money to buy you the ring. I may not be the richest man alive but I would do anything for you to make you happy. I love you, MC, happy birthday.”


  • You knew that Jaehee was a working machine but it was times like these that made you feel like she cared more about work than you
  • Today was your birthday yet you hadn’t seen Jaehee all day since she left before you even woke up this morning
  • It hurt seeing her work so hard, that work ruled over her
  • Just as you were about to head to bed for the night, Jaehee finally came home
  • Before you could even greet her, she was dragging you out the door
  • “Please follow me, MC. I promise that where I am taking you will be fun.”
  • You had no choice but to follow her as Jaehee took you to a newer looking building
  • Your eyes widened when Jaehee handed you a set of keys, saying that this building was going to be a cafe owner by the two of you
  • But it didn’t stop there, once she led you inside there was a brand new coffee machine with a bow on top for you
  • Jaehee apologized for working so much lately but she wanted to save up enough money to purchase the cafe and coffee machine as she slid her arm around your waist while you rested your head on her shoulder
  • “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this sooner, MC. I really wanted you to be surprised and I think it worked. I’m so excited for what the future holds for the two of us. I love you dearly MC, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays.”


  • Jumin typically made a big deal out of small things when he was with you, but today was different and not in a good way
  • It was your birthday yet it seemed like Jumin had forgotten since he didn’t send you any birthday wishes or even acknowledge the day
  • But you knew how busy Jumin was, he didn’t have time for trivial matter which you guessed was your birthday
  • When Jumin came home, he panted as if he was out of breath and asked you to follow him
  • “I have somewhere that I would like to take you. Please, follow me MC.”
  • Feeling hopeful, you did as you were told and waited anxiously as Driver Kim drove you to a mystery destination
  • Jumin helped you out of the car as he led you inside to a five-star restaurant for dinner
  • Afterwards when the two of you were home, Jumin tentatively handed you his present, looking away nervously
  • Your heart fluttered when you saw what looked liked a hand-knitted scarf in the box, you asked Jumin if he made it himself
  • He shrugged but his calloused and scratchy hands have him away, he said that he wanted to make you something from the heart for your birthday
  • “I know how you can dislike material items sometimes and Assistant Kang told me that making something myself would help show my love for you. I do hope that you enjoy it, MC. I apologize for seeming like I didn’t remember your birthday. You’re so precious to me that I could never forget an important day like this. I simply adore you MC, happiest of birthdays my love.”


  • You knew that Seven had a stressful life but you genuinely felt sad for him ignoring you
  • Today was your birthday and Seven spent all day in his work room, not even bothering to come out and wish you birthday wishes
  • You spent the day trying to subtly get him to notice you but Seven pushed you away all day
  • Just as you were about to call it quits for the day and go to bed, Seven called you into his work room
  • As soon as you opened the door, Seven tackled you to the ground with his arms wrapped around you, giving your face tons of tiny kisses
  • “This is no time to be fooling around MC! You must get up so I can give you your gift!”
  • Seven dragged you to one of his many cars and told you that he planned the perfect night for your birthday
  • When the two of you arrived at your destination, you stared in awe as Seven set up a drive-in theater for the two of you
  • He had the projector play your favorite movie as he wrapped you in tons of blankets along with his lanky arms
  • Once the movie was finished, you and Seven laid ontop of the blankets and star-gazed, he pointed out his favorite constellations to you
  • Seven slyly slid a star shaped necklace around your neck along with a piece of paper that said you were now the proud owner of a large star shining in the sky
  • “Sorry if these presents are kind of weird, MC. I wanted to give you a present that would last forever. You’ve helped me so much with everything, I’ll be forever grateful to you because of it. I love you with all of my heart MC, here’s to many more happy birthday’s!”


  • Vanderwood was never the most affectionate boyfriend but he was truly disappointing you today
  • It was your birthday yet Vanderwood was out all day on business and didn’t even bother to text you
  • Feeling hurt that your boyfriend forgot about your birthday, you slowly walked to bed to sleep your sorrows away
  • As a few tears slid down your cheeks, you heard the door open and Vanderwood tugging your arm
  • “Hey, no more crying MC. I have something to show you so get up.”
  • You reluctantly followed Vanderwood as he wiped your tears away, promising that the wait was worth it
  • Vanderwood led you to an outdoor garden under the starry night sky
  • You looked around in awe as you happily led Vanderwood around the nighttime garden by his hand, he even cracked a small smile himself
  • When the two of you got to the end of the garden, Vanderwood shyly handed you a gift along with a bouquet of your favorite flowers
  • You carefully unwrapped the present to find a simple but pretty bracelet along with a mini taser
  • Vanderwood blushed brightly and used his long hair to hide his cheeks when you thanked him as he helped you put your new bracelet on
  • He handed you the flowers, which you took a pleasing whiff of, and started to guide the two of you back home
  • “Listen MC, I’m really sorry about ignoring you all day. I know that I’m not the best boyfriend around and that I’m moody and sarcastic and maybe even uh… sassy. But I truly do love you MC, you’re so precious to me. I promise that I’ll always protect you from all harm and trust me, I’ll never break that promise. So I hope that you had a happy birthday, MC.”

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I'm not sure if you can help with this, but you seem knowledgeable so I thought I might as well ask. Almost a year ago, I had an epiphany and realized I was probably a lesbian and started identifying as such. I'm a teenager who lives in the Middle East, so I haven't had a chance to date girls, so I started worrying about being a fake lesbian and thinking I'm actually a straight girl so I can't identify as a lesbian, but I can't date girls if I'm straight and I want to. Do you have any advice?

It’d probably be a little much to say “the universal defining experience of gay and bi girls is being terrified that we’re not actually a gay or bi girl and therefore we won’t be able to date any girls, which makes us sad!”

But, like, it is definitely an extraordinary common experience! You have definitely just had one of the most common gay girl experiences! “It is too bad I am straight because it means I can’t kiss that girl, which I would dearly love to do” is the gayest thought process and you are in such good gay company.

 Ditto ‘aaaah that girl is cute and I want to ask her out but what if I am actually straight, straight girls spend a lot of time wanting to ask girls out, right?’ and ‘this girl likes me! I’m so flattered and excited and happy! but OH NO what if I’m  straight! then I couldn’t date her and I’d be so heartbroken.’

My advice is to, whenever you start wondering ‘but am I a real lesbian’, shelve that question and ask yourself these questions instead:

do I want to date girls?
do I want girls to find me attractive and want to date me?

Yep. That’s it. Okay. You’re done. There’s no hidden extra qualification. 

Take care and I hope you soon find a situation where you can explore yourself more!


And here’s to Sormik week day 3, in which I continue to counter any pain and suffering by fluffy baby Sormiks. This time is more of the infamous Legend of Zelda/Ocarina of Time crossover because the theme for today is “Marlind— Knowledge/Nature”, so I decided to make Kokiri forest look a little bit less 1998 polygons.

I have not the slightest idea what Zenrus is telling them to make them shut up and listen

/I used to have chipmunks when I was little and I loved them dearly, but it’s kinda hard to cuddle them without squishing them, so I have outmost respect for Sorey whenever he successfully manages to not squish Fairyleo into fairy jelly

PSA about my Human Zim

I am very very happy that he’s gotten such a high and positive response and I do thank everyone for reblogging and liking art with him in it, but I want to say something as it’s come to my attention pictures of him are being used for an rp blog without my saying so. 

I am not comfortable with that, and I never gave the okay for it. Zim is not my character in any which way, but the design for his human self was made by me. It’s a design I took forever to conjure up and a design I love dearly. i’m flattered, really, that people like him enough to create fanart and even ask to use his design as a faceclaim for their rp blogs. But I never said yes. Please, do not use my designs, any of them, unless the okay is given. If it continues, I will block people. 

I’m not happy to say this cause I’m normally chill about these things. My furry ocs have been used in this way and it’s still just as uncomfy as this is. So please, be respectful. Ask and wait for a response. Respect an artist’s wishes. I literally don’t want to upload pictures of him here if people are gonna just take his pictures and use them like that. If this was any other pic of zim or Dib in their usual canon looks, I wouldn’t care cause the designs are not mine. But human zim’s design was made by me, so uh, yeah. 

EDIT: Also this is not a call out. this is just a general thing for everyone. Please do not harass anyone ;^; 

acouple things i noticed after watching SING for the second time! (spoilers? probably. watch out)

  • i was looking out for that possible picture of meena’s dad, turns out its NOT her dad, its her graduation picture (and shes all shy and stuff how cute) there could be some other detail somewhere alluding to why her dad seems to be out of the picture, but what this DOES tell us is that meena is def out of high school at least
  • ms.crowley helping a nervous johnny backstage before hes about to go on (my boy is very nervous)
  • speaking of which, after johnny’s performance he looks like… really surprised! considering how hard he went and how much passion he put into that song, hes probably never done that before and was surprised at himself that he could even DO that (i love him so dearly)
  • i noticed this the first time i saw it but its such a good reference considering the theme of the movie: fkngn becky with the good hair. that must have happened during/after production and they were like WE HAVE TO GO BACK
  • ash changes guitars (or paints over hers?) from white and red to red and black (vurray nice) and theres a little sticker of a porcupine skull and cross bones :9
  • buster’s reaction to the very thought of just sitting around and playing video games with eddie for the rest of his life. not to say he doesnt like playing Driver™ for the PS1 with eddie! buster is just very driven (hurr) hes got passion for his work and all these ideas and literally the only time he ever sits down is when hes being a cheeky shit and scaring the daylights outta eddie.
  • johnny’s dad punching the speed bag in the beginning and johnny messing with it before he gets the call from moon. i feel like that says alot about his relationship with his dad? like the whole time he’s wanted to be his own person and not just go with what his dad wants but now that hes gone (atm) he still misses him. my poor gorilla son :(
  • i figure that all the kids are out of highschool (johhny can drive, ash is living on her own, meena’s graduation picture) so a nice thing to think about is alla them going to community college part time while working for the theater :9 im thinking that eddie and buster are out of college-age (buster meeting nana at eddies graduation, and buster’s Depression Big Shirt™ is deffo an animal college shirt from eddie) buster probably didnt go to college because of money and also the theater
Holby city and casualty & biphobia

Holby city and casualty have recently been trying to step up when it comes to diversity, especially when it comes to sexuality, and in most cases this has been done well. The Dom and Isaac storyline in particular was written well. They have a history of trying to tackle sensitive topics with a lot of grace, and are well above average on the diversity scale compared to similar shows.

But, there is a clear pattern of biphobia across both sister shows that I want to draw attention to. Not because I don’t appreciate the efforts from the shows, but because I have a feeling the writers and some audience members might not even understand how harmful some of the biphobia on the show could be. So this is just to show you where some areas can be improved.

Let’s start with casualty, as there’s less to talk about in that show compared to holby city.

1. Jez

I really like Jez as a character, but right from the get go he has been the stereotypical oversexualized bisexual. Yes, people can enjoy having a lot of sex, but when it’s done in reference to a bisexual character it just seems iffy to me. It’s like he’s having more sex because he’s with both men and women on different days of the week. Then, when we finally see him starting a relationship with Louise (we’ll get to her in a minute, wow) he breaks it off - for reasons other than his sexuality, admittedly - and is very soon in a relationship with his current boyfriend. To me this seems like he’s being pushed around partners quicker than any other character because there’s “more choice”. You don’t really see this with anyone else. Casualty love pairing people up but they usually drag out one couple and one love interest for months, but bisexual characters move from partner to partner.
Sidenote: as a bisexual person, the more choice thing is a myth. You might be in a club with 200 people and not fancy any of them, no matter their gender.

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What I really want right now is a long, well-written fic where James Potter either somehow survives the third encounter with Voldemort that night, or wasn’t there to buy Lily and Harry time. Lily still died for her son, Harry was still left with a scar, and Voldemort was still reduced to something barely alive, therefore ending the first war with one backfired curse.

The only difference is that James Potter was still alive to raise his son.

I want a fic with James struggling to be a good parent despite becoming a 21-year-old widower and a single father in one fell swoop, and dealing with the fallout of the wizarding war at the same time.

I want a fic where James is a complete wreck after losing the love of his life after only being together for four years, and after hearing about Frank and Alice Longbottom, and everything else that happened during the war, while also trying to keep it together enough to take care of a one-year-old infant.

I want a fic where Harry essentially has 3 very young, very clueless dads who love him dearly and spoil him rotten despite not having any idea what they’re doing.

I want a fic where Harry grows up in a loving household knowing who and what he is and being able to use that knowledge (and his family) to help him along the way.

the life and times of ryan ross pt 5


welcome all! you can thank @jen–ne–sais–quoi for the existence of these posts as she innocently asked to know about ryan ross and could not be prepared for how much i love him. also, this is all off the top of my head for the most part, so if i fuck something up, please tell me. in the last post i was off by an entire year for half of it lol oops.

last time we talked (well. i rambled, for some reason you read) it was july 6th 2009 aka Split Day. i have agreed to tell you the story of ryan ross’ life (as much as i know anyway) and so i must talk about the split. 

the last show panic! ever played was in cape town, south africa (feel free to go listen to cape town by the young veins and bitterweet by panic! now) and then the split happened. it’s fun, no sadness (i’m lying, it’s agonizing.) 

anyway, so jon and ryan left panic! because of “creative differences” meaning, ryan and jon wanted to continue being hippies in the 60s and brendon and spencer wanted to go steampunk and then pop. after the split, there were hurt feelings for a bit, but there wasn’t a whole lot of animosity. ryan still spent time with brendon clear into 2012/2013. 

The Young Veins formed, Change was released, and the album Take a Vacation! was announced all before 2009 ended. 

ryan briefly had a thing with Kate Thompson but it was so brief that i wouldn’t even call it dating and it’s barely worth mentioning.

2009 is also the time of the infamous coke picture

i don’t know for sure, but it can be assumed that during this time, ryan was usually fucked up on something. of this picture he said that he didn’t really even know the coke was there. probably because he was too drunk/high. the girl on the right is Z, we’ll get to her in just a minute.

take a vacation! came out in june of 2010 and ryan’s hair was out of control (i loved it anyway) he also spent a good amount of time on twitter during this era. 

so it’s 2010, keltie’s been gone for awhile and ryan hasn’t really been single since jac. this is where Elizabeth Berg (Z) comes back in. i don’t know how you all feel about z, but i love her dearly, so this might be a little biased since i don’t really care about his other girlfriends but i love z berg. i’m not exactly sure when they got together, but the internet says some time in 2010. Z used to be part of a band called The Like which was still active when she and ryan got together. she features on a bonus track on take a vacation! called ‘nothing matters but you’ which she sings as a duet with ryan. it’s also important to mention that the like also toured with phantom planet at one point, so z’s friends with alex greenwald too, he even played bass on their second album. here are some cute ryan/z pictures

anyway, back to ryan’s career. in december 2010, the young veins went on hiatus. they had toured a little between the album release and the hiatus announcement but still, it was short lived. the album didn’t get the level of attention that panic! ever got and ryan was discouraged

we’re going to end this here because the young veins era is officially over. next time we’ll look into what ryan’s been up to all by himself for the past 5+ years 

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(I LOVE JOON'S LIL FRECKLE THINGS AND THIS AU BLESS YOU) So Namjoon, what was your old civilization like? Even though you're a god are there any things you liked to do besides... idk godly stuffs? Do you miss it?

nj: there is something i used to like to do which, in hindsight, seems narcissistic, but i miss it dearly anyway. on some days, i would come down to earth in a traveler’s disguise to visit my own temple: not for the place, but for the people. acting oblivious, i would ask about the temple, and their responses of adoration were…. incomparable to anything else. warriors rambling on about the workings and accomplishments of a god that they didn’t know was standing right before them! as i thanked them and walked away, i would subtly hint at my divinity, whether it was showing the marks on my hands or sticking a forked tongue out to them. maybe some wouldn’t catch on, but either way, i was grateful.

[psst if u wanna make joons cute freckles even cuter…… u can call them……… sneckles (snake freckles)]

Tulip & Viktor’s Relationship

I love that this show has very explicitly neurodivergent protagonists who nevertheless are presented as heroes within the context of the story. We see all three of them become somewhat childlike in the face of realities of life they’re not equipped to deal with bc they never developed the tools in the first place or lost them along the way. The fact that all three of the main characters on the show are allowed to be these damaged mentally unstable people realistically working through trauma but also heroes is a huge deal - I cannot think of many shows that have done anything remotely similar. Usually if it is in a show, it’s not handled realistically or sensitively but they’re really making efforts here. And most importantly they show that they can still have relationships, be heroes, do good things, etc. - they’re not demonized for being fucked up and in fact the viewer should very easily be able to tell why they are the way they are. And their bad actions aren’t excused, but they are explained, and we see them making efforts to both better themselves and weaponize their darkness for their own survival and that of those they care about. I wouldn’t love them as much as I do without their flaws - that’s what makes them so sympathetic and real and makes their relationship an amazing commentary on the human condition and gives the three leads the opportunity to act the hell out of every scene they’re in.

It was particularly interesting to see how Tulip handled her situation over the last two episodes and I’m interested to see how she will deal with it now. 

Tulip’s very much been written as a child of the foster care system. We saw that as early as the Jesse/Tulip flashback in s1ep7 (”He Gone”) where we find out she wets the bed, which is something lots of kids with horrible stressful childhoods do. A lot of her arc reminds me of certain aspects of Sarah Linden’s in The Killing - very different characters but they deal with problems in similar ways and have very similar pasts - she was also someone who got shunted through the foster care system and came out of it with a whole bunch of abandonment issues and a strong personal sense of justice. Her partner and friend said this to her once - “This is like a pattern with you, you know that? You always leavin’, runnin’. You never stay… ‘cause if you did, then you’d want it. You’d need it. And then you could get hurt. And left…or not left. Why don’t you stay? Stay.“ And ultimately, her response to that is “I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe that home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car riding around, smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. I’m sorry. I should have known that you were one person who always stays. And you were my best friend.”

That is what Tulip has been looking for all this time. Something reliable, something consistent and reciprocal and loving, something like family because she’s never had one, not really. And after Jesse abandoned her, she might’ve had something approximating that with Viktor and his daughter. As Ruth said, “Tulip feels so strongly for Viktor. He was something steady in her life and I think she’s never had that. To his credit, he sort of rehabilitated her. But also, that was the worst thing he could have done because then she was ready to go back on the road again. I think it broke his heart, really.”

So Tulip climbed out of her depression and decided to redress the problem that started it all - Carlos’ betrayal of her and Jesse and everything that followed. There are all these lingering issues between Tulip and Jesse - he hasn’t told her about the abusive maternal side of his family or how he feels he damned his father to hell for sending her away and that is at the root of all of his behavior and hangups. He has told NO ONE about any of that, ever, and naturally that was going to color any effort he made at moving forward. He loves Tulip dearly but he’s got issues that scare him so much he’s in denial about even having them, and I think that when she miscarried he felt this was just another part of his curse coming back to haunt him which necessitated his return to Annville to fulfill his father’s mission…but they’re going to give us more backstory next week in the “Dallas” episode which may enlighten us further about anything else that may have happened in the wake of Carlos’ betrayal and how it affected the Jesse/Tulip relationship. It’s easy to tell that this whole season is about family and the lengths people will go to find it or reclaim it or maintain it, which is an extension of themes about contentious intergenerational relationships carried over from s1. 

Tulip’s uncle Walter was all Tulip ever had, and that was never enough. She was taken away from the Custers and later she had Jesse but that was precarious and unsteady. She was happy with that but he left her when she was at her lowest point emotionally. As my friend @hermouthslipped put it, “I wouldn’t say that Walter wasn’t enough, because he was never on the table as being enough - in his eyes or Tulip’s. He was always dying - and in that sense, Tulip has only ever had a dying family, if she were to even count it as one at all. This means that what Viktor offered - complex relationships, established dynamics, a LIVING family - was more than even the promise crushed with Jesse. Something that neither Jesse nor Tulip ever imagined them as having - they were just too orphaned to imagine belonging to something like that. It was maybe the only thing that could have rehabilitated her.” We’ll see how she handles the reality of her situation now that she’s moved on in some ways but Viktor hasn’t. And I think it’s pretty clear why she was afraid to tell Jesse - Ruth said it was because she was afraid of how he might judge and shame her but from a practical perspective it also wasn’t a good idea bc like she told Cassidy it would, it only made things worse - because his reaction was to shut her out and sate his own jealous defensiveness over his relationship with her - the only loving one in his life.

“This is a design I love dearly to this day… The sepia quality was meant to evoke a non-specific past and to allow the brushstroke across the middle to be better rendered in color and so make a contrast. This same brushstroke was like the swish of a wiper across a wet windscreen, like a lick of fresh paint across a faded surface, a new look to an old scene, which was what Led Zeppelin told us about their album.” - Storm Thorgerson

Dear Seokjin

Originally posted by taetaetown

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Character death

Summary: Since he left, you couldn’t stop writing him letters, it was like a compulsion. Even if you knew you’d never be able to send them.

A/N: This is a sort of sequel to my story Burning Amber . While this fic can be read on it’s own, I recommend you read Burning Amber first :)

(Please forgive any mistakes, this hasn’t been edited yet)

Dear Seokjin,

I can’t stop thinking about that stupid shelf you had at your parents house that was filled to the brim with Mario figurines. I can still remember so clearly when I first went into your old bedroom, how you’d practically introduced me to each figurine individually, as if they all had their own individual personalities, and in a strange way they did. The way you talked about each of them so passionately, so enthusiastically, it brought them to life. You always had a strange knack for making even the most mundane of things seem magical.

The whole time whilst you were talking, I can remember how I thought to myself that you really were such a dork. But you made me laugh, god, you made me laugh so much. I was very happy that night Seokjin, deliriously happy, because I realised that any guy who would individually introduce my to all his Mario figurines definitely wouldn’t be the kind of guy who would hurt me. I was so certain you wouldn’t break my heart.

I guess I was wrong. I know you didn’t do it on purpose Seokjin, but you hurt me. You hurt me so much. Some days it feels like my senses are shutting down, like each individual cell in my body is slowly dying and I can’t eat or sleep, I’m living like a zombie, simply because without you, I have no clue what to do, I have no clue how I’m meant to live on. I know you always teased me for my dramatic nature, but I think that everything I’m feeling is justified.

I can’t help but be angry at you Seokjin.

Why did you do this to me?

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I wouldn’t share this negativity on here but I’m about to turn this into a positive somehow…

I wonder if what she meant when she said that he “chewed” someone out over not holding something was what @bencinyourface here “he said a deadpool cosplayer in the photo bit had asked him to hold a toy gun and it made him feel a bit icky and he had a moral crisis and didn’t hold it up in the end I don’t think” or a similar situation. If he feels uncomfortable about it then that’s his right. Getting upset over it is disturbing. He more than likely said no and apologized for refusing to. If the fan was being an ass about it then of course he wasn’t going to tolerate their nastiness. He wouldn’t be dismissive otherwise.

“He’s coldish round fans”… um what? We’re not talking about the same Benedict then 😂 because all I’ve read from fans is that he was the sweetest peach in all the land. They blatantly overbooked him for both autographs and photo ops but he stayed late in order to see every ticket holder. He stood up all day Saturday and Sunday in order to accommodate everyone. Up until some time on Sunday when they say he was so drained that he finished off the pics sitting down. Literally, he gave hundreds…thousands!… of smiles and laughters, autographs and encounters. He did that for his fans because he loves us. He appreciates us. Benedict is a big star but he remains humble enough to gush over the people that love him so dearly. You want evidence? It’s out there. Just search his name and you’ll find it 😉

This seems to me to be a diss about not being able to include Clyde 😅 If so, that’s not Benedict’s fault. It’s the handlers’. Which, I might add, he doesn’t listen to at times. For example, he was told not to personalize autographs but he did a couple of them anyways. He basically said, “Come at me and love me.”

Where’s the positive? It’s in the fact that he put his arm around her and every other person there when he didn’t have to. It’s in the fact that he was there in the first place. He could’ve stayed at home with his family. It’s in the fact that he looked amazing in his Chambray shirt 😋 and when he wasn’t smiling, he was making goofy faces because he’s a dork.

All in all, what I’m saying is that he is a lamb and I don’t trust anyone who says otherwise.

“Hey. How are you?” Oh, snap. He just spoke to me in his sexy voice and he is right next to me. That’s it. My life is now complete. I would’ve been that person crying over his cumbersweat on my hand 😩 I wish I could’ve touched his “very perspirated (sp!) back” 😔 Oh, well. Maybe one day.

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

tagged by @akadienne <3<3<3 i’m doing this because i don’t talk much about my writing here, especially not as i’m doing it… these aren’t necessarily all my favorites, but they’re stories that are near and dear to me for a lot of reasons!

Lethe and Mnemosyne – Sirius/Remus, 26k, E

apparently there’s something about the end of the year/christmas that makes me want to write thousands of words of r/s, because i’ve done it three years in a row entirely on accident. this has something ALMOST resembling a plot and a whole lot of my favorite, marathon sentences and two people sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. say what you will about my writing but i’m good at writing tens of thousands of words of absolutely nothing. the scene where they finally hook up in this (or i guess the flashback to that) is my favorite getting-together scene i’ve ever done and i BADLY want to write more in that vein soon because it seems so quintessentially r/s:  total inability to communicate anything ever unless they’re pretending they don’t know each other.

On Southerly Winds – Female Hawke/Isabela, 24k, M

weirdly this is one of the few things i’ve written that looked wildly different when it was finished than when i first started writing it/envisioned it (leave the children behind is the only one comparable in that aspect, which i’m not quite as happy with in retrospect) and in some ways i still can’t believe i stuck with it all the way through because after like the third re-write of a scene it starts to get old u get me? but i think it’s one of the best things i’ve ever written and i’m massively proud of it; isabela means a lot to me as a character and i badly wanted to give her and her Issues a story with more meat to it than we see in canon, all the good and the bad, a lot of which became personal headcanon for me. more than anything i wanted to write something about time and pain and cutting ties, real ones and the ones you tether yourself to in your head and heart, and it was a dream to finally make that happen. i cried a little when i finished it in case that’s the kind of embarrassing thing anyone wants to know!!

Like Tinder for Ghosts – Sirius/Remus, 8k, T

so… i think fandom as a whole (i include myself in this) has a tendency to be way too nice to/forgiving of remus, no matter what caliber of bullshit he’s actually pulling, and it’s something i’ve tried to be more conscious of in recent writing, which started with this. the characterizations here are possibly my favorites i’ve ever written and i’m happy with most of my prose; even though i sometimes have trouble with specific aspects of writing sirius (remus too, for different reasons), i think writing him comes more naturally to me than remus? and i still think i rushed the ending a bit but overall i wouldn’t change a thing about this one, which makes it dearly special to me. 

fun fact, the working title for this was paranoid love song #4863 which i like so much i might use some variation of it for something else

Dragging Down a Monolith – Sirius/Remus, Fleur/Tonks, mostly incidental Andromeda/Ted, 13k, M

i LOVE miserable family tragedies with beaucoup de character death for a lot of reasons but also because i read too much faulkner as an impressionable girl. possibly my favorite part of this was actually andromeda as she’s long been an interesting character to theorize about, having been disowned but also appearing to be a more typical product of the black family than sirius (sorted into slytherin etc)–and there’s no way she escaped without some lasting and severe baggage; i tend to see her (and wrote her) as someone who’s aloof and often alone, who cares for ted but also sees him as something of a means to an end. also i’m just really proud of remus’s section at the end; initially i considered harry instead but it didn’t mesh nearly as well, and i like the implication that remus has in a sick, horrible kind of way become a part of the family himself:  loving one of them, living in their house, haunted by them for the rest of his shitty life. i love this theme so much there’s like a 4000% chance i’ll def return to it one of these days.

Six Penny, Seven Stone – Fleur/Tonks, 3k, M

this is on here mostly because it was the very first thing i wrote since last january that i was truly happy with, and that’s an indescribable feeling when you end up wanting to torch everything you’ve written for various reasons for months on end–it was just this elated rush when i finished it, like, i can still write WHOLE SENTENCES and LIKE them and i finally proved it to myself, you know? anyway i really like their thing here, which is very new and very awed by each other but with a bite that makes it sting a little. one of my most unshakable headcanons for these two is that they have a lot of sex in clandestine locales/possibly during actual mortal peril, and they wouldn’t have it any other way <3

i wanna tag @radialarch @yakovah @fireferns @zeiat @holyfant @todisturbtheuniverse @impossible-bbd @chocochipbiscuit @fulltimehabibti (ranya i know you write things) @sqvalors @polytony and anyone else who wants to! rec me yr stuff <3<3<3

Me and mm looked through the old scrap books today, my mum put so much effort into them even when she had nothing and was so sad I guess it’s what made her days better, that and her children which I’m blessed to be one of, it’s all so heartfelt like she poured herself into every page, I wish with all my heart that there were more, one Scooby doo themed paige had me and my sibling in matching pyjamas, mum wrote that it was the only matched set of clothes she ever bought us and that for her matched pairs of pyjamas from ASDA were this special extravagance that she gave to us and that was very emotional, I love her so dearly, another page was me asleep and was about my mum’s time training as a nurse at night and how sorry she is that she had to do it and be away from us and how she was glad it was night as this was the time she missed us least as at least we were asleep then and not missing her, I felt so loved I cried onto the page only for about a minute and gently but for me that’s a lot and I’m proud of that, also there was a double page spread about my diabetese diagnosis, it was the same photo with the left hand page colourful and bright but the right hand page was black and she wrote how hurt and helpless she felt that I was ill and that it had happened to her baby and she called me perfect and that meant a lot and how she wished it had been her, I cried again here big fat drops that stuck on the plastic covering each page. There were pages I did too one was my very first page and it had tiger on it and some of my favourite things me on the computer in a shirt that was a fashion crime, my own little handwriting surrounded by nice paper and borders for the photos, I did another one about a small mad science lab I built from lego, there is a cupboard with a little lego head in it showing even as a child I was profoundly me. I also did a page on the zoo with the title “It is the zoo” I was glad I could look at them with mum,normally we can’t as my step dad hates anything about our family from before he was here which is sad but I feel like mum makes all the family stuff worth it, she is so full of love and kindness and oh so alive she has a heart like a star and yhe gentle words of an angel, she’s so smart as well, she was meant to deliver a paper to an international nursing conference in Japan but the divorce happened she deserves so much better and I’m just glad that I got to be hers