which i thought that was gonna happen

even saw isak on the first day of school and since he was always strategically placed in isak’s line of sight when isak started noticing him, even probably followed him around and sat close to him whenever he could. this means that he saw all the little things no one else noticed. he saw isak yawning and scratching his nose when it was too damn early for anyone to be fully awake. he saw isak stretch his arms above his head and make that high pitched whiny noise. he saw isak hum the postman pat theme song while waiting for the boy squad to show up at lunch. he saw isak struggle with his locker and completely destroy his books every single day. he saw all these stupid things people do when they think no one’s looking and he was completely mesmerized by it


All I feel is just this… emptiness, and I’ve tried everything I can to get rid of it. I’ve lied to myself, to my friends and I’ve smiled and pretended and said I was gonna run away, and I’ve done everything I could except this, which is tell you how alone and broken I feel watching you with my best friend like nothing ever happened. Because you don’t carry this like I do, and I hate you for that. And I- I envy you for that. And I just- I thought you should finally know.

“But Ichigo belongs in the human world and Rukia in SS...

…how did IR fans ever think this was going to happen?”

That is such bullshit that not even Kubo’s own characters believe it.  Setting aside the canonical example of Isshin for a moment, who had to make a difficult choice and save Masaki even before he was well and truly in love with her, has everyone forgotten about this?

Because I sure as hell haven’t. 

That was the moment that got me to start shipping those two dorks in the first place.  Yeah, there was that whole over-the-top “Gonna fly in at the last moment and stop a giant flame phoenix and then go all ‘Yo’ like all nonchalant and stuff; Rukia is gonna think I’m so damn cool” thing earlier on, which was lovely and all, but I adore this quieter moment so much for one simple reason:

That idiot thought Rukia was going to come back with him.

Just think about what has just happened: Rukia has been rescued, she has reconciled with both Renji and her brother, and she has been pardoned.  Ichigo witnessed all of this happening.  He knows Rukia is no longer in any danger, that she has friends and family once more, that she is loved and safe in Soul Society.  

Bear in mind that this all happens well before Ichigo (or the audience) knows that Isshin is also a Shinigami (though there were hints).  The only example of Souls living in the human world thus far were the shoten crew adults, and it’s made clear that this only happened in the first place because they’re exiles. I never thought Rukia was going to return to Karakura for a second, preparing myself for the emotional goodbye scene, and here comes this dork, being all: “Well hurry up, we’re leaving.”

He doesn’t even realize how ridiculous that sounds. Where is she going to stay?  What is she going to do? He hasn’t even considered any of this, he’s just taken it for granted that Rukia is coming back. LOOK:

Ichigo is stunned that she’s staying, and I’m willing to bet it’s just now dawning on him that, oh, of course she’s going to stay.  This is where she belongs. But even when he smiles at her, he doesn’t voice this, he doesn’t say “Right, yeah, this is your home; souls belong here.”  Instead, he says this:


Long story short: nope, Souls and humans aren’t ‘meant’ to live anywhere other than wherever they damn well please.  They can make it work either way, since… y'know, Urahara and all.  It wasn’t 'only natural’ that Ichigo would stay in the human world after the war, and given all the foreshadowing that precedes this choice, it ends up making little sense. 

I think my favorite thing about Yuri On Ice is that I REALLY can’t anticipate the way Yuri acts??

When I first started the anime I thought I wasn’t going to like Yuri much, he seemed like a lot of the usual ‘talented but socially awkward anime protags’ - he instantly reminded me of Onoda Sakamichi from Yowapeda, actually. I thought they were gonna be more similar. 

But Yowapeda’s really cheesy, has a big cast, and focuses more on the friendship/team aspect; YOI is like… so aggressively mature and Genuine, which is the word I always round back to when trying to describe the anime. Yuri feels like a real person because even though he’s so anxious and unsure of himself a lot, and dorky and easily flustered, he’s also got a lot of strength to his personality and his own less appealing traits and selfishness shine through, still. Which I think is something that doesn’t happen a lot with most protags like him?

I’m somewhat limited, I’ve only watched Yowapeda and Free! so I’m not well versed in the sports-anime tropes, but Onoda is a good example of a really likable protag who’s… a little one-note, I think? Like, I adore Onoda, he’s great, but he’s not nearly as compelling as Yuri in terms of depth of character (in my opinion anyway). Onoda’s kind of the ‘heart’ of the team, he’s the optimism and tenacity. But that’s also, sort of, all he is? 

Meanwhile Yuri’s someone who’s already recognized as being great at what he does, it’s just that he’s constantly holding himself back. He even admits that, despite having support around him at all sides, he still felt very alone and afraid, which is! Really interesting!! Yuri isn’t just some flatly written, nervous person with a heart of gold who just needs more practice to excel. He’s a person with worries and self-doubts but he’s also selfish, he has a hard time recognizing things outside of himself, and it hinders his ability to really grow as a person. 

I think that’s why I find his relationship with Viktor so refreshing and compelling. Viktor isn’t just a driving force who helps Yuri become a technically better athlete, he’s constantly helping Yuri recognize new things about himself, things that force Yuri to be thoughtful and grow as a person. The fact that he’s Yuri’s idol as well as an immensely accomplished skater helps Yuri take his words to heart, but I think the fact that he’s a clear love interest too - or, more specifically, not a lifelong friend or family member - is what really gives him an advantage in bringing out Yuri’s full potential. He can recognize aspects of Yuri that other people might never have been able to see, and he can coax them out through a mutual bond of trust and affection. 

And what I REALLY love, and what is seen in episode 5 too, is that Yuri is also giving Viktor a chance to be surprised and learn new things! Viktor is disappointed in Yuri (and surprised, I think) at Yuri’s attitude to a fellow skater/admirer, which has a lot to do with Yuri’s hyper-focus on himself and inability to see his own worth through the eyes of others, I think. Viktor also doesn’t expect Yuri to be disobedient, or to have the audience gravitate to his performance, despite flaws. He realizes this is part of Yuri’s appeal, too.

All in all, Yuri is just an extremely compelling protagonist, and certainly one of the view I’ve cared for so genuinely, one that’s always acting beyond my expectations. I find myself so terribly invested in his performances (my heart was racing during his free skate program…!), I want him to learn and succeed! To grow as a person and become more comfortable and understanding of himself. It’s so refreshing to have a protagonist like this, who’s easy to admire but feels so human, too. 

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[✗] random thought that keeps entering my head and I need to write it down. 

[✗]  Jughead and Betty- day after they kiss but it is not gonna be revolved around what happens in the episode today because 1. IDK WHATS GONNA GO DOWN IN THE EPISODE 2. makes it easier to write. PLEASE ENJOY. <33

Betty Cooper felt anxious. Her hands were slick with sweat and every loud noise she heard made her jump. Knowing that Polly was out somewhere, hurt (which was clear from the blood on the shattered window), pregnant, and on the move was terrifying. On top of that, Betty had the police tell her that the car with all of the evidence was found being burned to a crisp.

Betty swiped her hands on the side of her jeans quickly once she approached the schools entrance. A blank expression crossed her face as she made her way down the hallway, hoping no one would notice she was in a mood. She decided to tune out the wild students with a random song, ‘Check yes Juliet..’ began to play in her head which quickly made her stop in place.


Her heart fluttered anxiously at the thought of his name. Betty really did like Jughead, she realized now that it totally came of as her not being interested when she brought up the car. How stupid could she be? ‘The car.’ way to ruin a moment 101 with Betty Cooper.

Suddenly an arm swung around Betty’s waist causing her to let out a squeak of surprise. 

“Woah, B. Jumpy much?” Veronica quipped with a raised eyebrow.

Betty laughed it off and gave a small smile before starting to walk “Sorry, just tired is all.” was her lame response. Veronica nodded but didn’t seem impressed.

“Anyway’s what happened last night?” Veronica asked causing Betty’s face to flush nervously.

“What do you mean?” 

“Uhm hello, you and Jughead were no where to be found at the talent show last night.” She responded whilst pulling her into another area. Betty let out an ‘OH’ realizing she was silly for thinking Veronica knew Betty and Jughead kissed.

“I was just, uh, chilling?” 

“Is that a question or an answer?” Veronica asked with narrow eyes.

An arm was placed around Betty’s shoulder’s causing yet ANOTHER weird noise to escape her mouth. “It’s an answer Veronica, stop with the interrogating, this isn’t  Nancy Drew.” Jughead said with a forced laugh. Betty looked up at him and mouthed ‘Thank you.’ before turning to look at Veronica with a small smile and nervous laughter.

“Um, excuse me? Do you know who I am? I might as well be Nancy Drew, Veronica Lodge always get answers out of people.” She hissed with a sickly sweet smile to Jughead before she turned and sauntered away.

“Well that was fun,” Betty said all in one breathe, Jughead’s hand lightly traced patterns on her left shoulder over the plaid shirt she wore, which she didn’t notice before until it was just him and her standing in the emptying hallway.”So, how was your night? Sleep well?” She asked glancing up at his blue eyes that were inspecting her face.

“I slept okay Bett’s,” He answered softly, making her heart race faster, “The real question’s we should be asking though, is, are you stealing my style?” 

She laughed looking down at the shirt she was wearing. Maybe she was, he did wear plaid a lot, or had it mixed into his outfit somehow. With a shrug she pulled away from his arm on her shoulder and grinned up at him “You scared that I’m gonna pull it off better than you, Juggie?” She asked teasingly while walking backwards down the hallway.

OH, I know you’re gonna pull it off better than me.”

That made her smile grow wider, if that was even possible. Jughead noticed the growing distance and gave a pouted look “Where you going Juliet?” he asked with his arms outstretched towards her.

“Hm, there is this thing called class Romeo.” She said with false curiosity. 

“Oh, I’m a–” She completely blocked out what he was saying, her eyes looked over Jughead and she almost couldn’t believe that someone like him was interested in her. Soft raven hair, the curl that hung out of his beanie, his eyes had to be the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her life. She never had thought of him like that until a few days ago, because she was so hung up on Archie. Of course she knew Jughead was an attractive guy but never did she think she would be so consumed with this many feelings for him.

“Why are you staring at me?” He asked with squinted eyes.

Betty giggled, thinking of a quote she read a while ago. It usually is for the guy to say to the girl but it felt necessary in this moment, “Because you’re beautiful.” She said in a an overly romantic voice. 

Jughead’s jaw dropped and he let out the loudest laugh she had ever heard from him. She laughed as well, his laughter and smile was extremely contagious. “I can’t believe,” laughter, “you just said,” more laughter, “Betty that was amazing.” 

“Thanks Juggie!” His laughter faltered a bit and he finally started walking towards her, as a joke she decided to turn and start running down the hallway to her class that was late to. Apparently she didn’t run fast enough because before she knew it his long legs had caught up to her and he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into his arms (which she had thought was very romantic until..) and throwing her over his shoulder. Betty pounded her hand on his back “I swear, if you drop me I will-”

“You will what?” Jughead teased from above.

“I don’t know yet, but I will do something okay.”

He let out a hum of amusement and then began his walk to class. With a defeated sigh Betty went limp “Can you please let me down?” She asked giving his butt a gentle pat.

He jumped a little “I will let you down if you stay with me and NOT run away.” Jughead added lots of emphases on the ‘NOT’. “I won’t run okay. Pleeeeeeease.” 

With a grunt Betty was placed on the ground, her smile came back once she realized what he had said, ‘if you stay with me’. It warmed her heart and made her insides feel like they were melting. She also realized in that moment, her horrible mood from this morning was now gone for the time being and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Betty placed her hands on Jughead’s waist and slowly slid them behind into a hug, her head perfectly placed under his chin. His own arms wrapped around her once her registered what was happening, he was warm like a blanket and it radiated so much comfort. “Thanks Juggie.” She said contently. 

“For what?” He asked, squeezing her into a tighter hug. 

Betty closed her eyes and smiled “For being here.” 

She could hear his breathe pick up and the soothing pumping of his heart, and then she felt the soft kiss placed on the top of her head. “I’ll always be here.”

LOL THAT WAS TRASH BUT I NEEDED TO WRITE SOMETHING OR I WAS GONNA GO CRAZY, cOOL 10/10 anyways I feel like shit and my throat hurts so bad, goodnight! <3 (ignore any spelling errors please, its so late and i’m V tired)

Thoughts on grades (aka this started off as something else and turned into a much lengthier post but what else can we expect from me)

One last thing. The other day my friend said something about PTK. I was like “oh! I thought I was gonna be in that cause I have a 4.0 but idk what happened.” She said I probably don’t have enough credits yet, which is fine.

Then she’s like “bragging isn’t gonna help” and I was like “what? I was told that if you had above a certain GPA then you were admitted into it, so I was just saying that I hadn’t gotten an invitation when I thought I would have” and she’s like “seriously stop bragging” and then said it seemed inappropriate of me to talk about my grades.

This irks me a lot. Because I clearly wasn’t bragging; I was stating a fact. More than that, when have grades become a taboo subject akin to money? The thing is, if we make grades this huge secretive deal, it gives them that much more power. If we hide and whisper and tiptoe around a silly number, is that gonna help or hurt all the students already fighting against letting numbers define them?

I don’t brag. I’ll tell a good friend if I got a good grade and I’ll post about it, sure. But I state facts; I don’t say “LOL guys I’m so good at school I’m so smart I’m amazing.” I won’t tell a classmate what I got on a test unless they ask, and I’ve always felt slightly ashamed or embarrassed to tell them that I did well.

Also. It’s not like I sit around eating bonbons and BAM! instant 4.0. YOU all know how hard I’ve fought and worked to get to where I am mentally and emotionally and academically. So to hem and haw and be reticent just doesn’t sit right with me.

Don’t shame people for being good students, or for being bad students. It isn’t bragging to mention your grades. Yeah, don’t make a billboard of your transcript for all to see, but don’t treat these numbers and letters like they’re an inherent part of you to be covered up.

Don’t let others accuse you of bragging if you’re simply saying “I got an A in that class” or “I have a 4.0” in response to a question or conversation. Don’t let them make you feel bad for not having perfect grades, and remember that just because you get a certain grade doesn’t mean you’re more or less of anything.

(Let’s all remember that I’ve gotten a 66 before, as well as 70s here and there. It happens. It doesn’t make me stupid or lesser.)

In the end, they’re just grades, just ink on paper and pixels on a screen that bear negligent weight in your ultimate sense of happiness and self-defined success. Be proud of who you are and the work you’ve done to get there.

2am insomnia thoughts: imagining Keith’s thought process throughout the Big Rescue from ep1?

Like. Keith went in there with zero information, he had no idea what he was gonna find. All he knew was some Arrival was supposed to happen which was foretold by the cave markings or w/e

So he busts in. Maybe he thinks it’s a weapon, or an alien, idk. Instead he finds Shiro. Then the mission quickly morphs from “find out what that was” to “holy shit get Shiro to safety”

Now imagine for a sec the garrison trio never show up. Bc this is how it should’ve played out according to Keith’s plan. So he, what, drags Shiro out to his hover bike? They make it look easy in the show but unconscious bodies are awkward and unwieldy af, not to mention Shiro is that much bigger than Keith so that makes it even more of a struggle. And then I doubt Keith had anything with him to secure Shiro to his bike, since he was not expecting to make his escape with an unconscious body in tow. Which means Keith would’ve had to hold Shiro in front of him while he piloted back to his shack

Basically this entire post is an excuse to imagine Keith cradling Shiro in his arms as he tries to get them both home safely 😅😅


Okay so I just realized this while trying to design a costume for a fusion I’ve created.

But remember in Answer when Sapphire and Ruby first formed Garnet and she looked like a hot mess?

And I thought ‘Yeah, that makes sense, it happened so fast and they couldn’t really think of a form yet.’  And then I thought about the other fusions more and then I realized…

Hold on…Malachite

Their formed wasn’t formed in confusion and was made with a purpose which raised another idea.

At one point in their fusion, Jasper and Lapis were trying to decide an outfit together.

And since Lapis’s top formed on her I just imagine this was how it went in their head.

Lapis:  So how are we gonna look?

Jasper:  I don’t know.  Your top’s pretty nice, let’s go with that.

Lapis: Noice

Even if that’s not the case and there’s probably a better explanation I will still believe that Jasper is fashionably challenged and relied on Lapis momentarily to look nice and not like a warrior gem.

so after FINALLY watching the final bee and puppycat episode I have a lot of feelings and thoughts on it

i feel like bee is a cyborg, not a robot like a lot of people are saying, since there’s that picture that natasha drew of her and her dad when she was younger,
~i was thinking that maybe something happened to her and maybe her dad that he had to ‘fix’ her to be able to survive something that happened(which might be why he’s gone[maybe])
~and this is plausible since we know that he’s really good at machines, making video games for bee since she was small plus making the machine that was fixing her arm
~i dunno he could have been up with some shady stuff that he knew was gonna happen so he could have prepared before hand for bee
~ along with why she doesn’t really need a kitchen, she likes to eat but doesn’t need to

also i feel like the reason why i think cardomons mum started crying jellyfish instead of waking up is because she ate it, so it made her biggest dream come true (hence her cute jellyfish story) instead of having cardomons dream of her waking up come true(my poor baby!)
~does that mean that stickys dream was to be colorful?
~cardomons mom was so pretty i wanted to cry even more than their story was making me do already

~plus DECKARD WAS SO ADORABLE i absolutely loved his interactions with bee throughout the whole episode and his picture of them in their matching aprons killed me
~and awwww bee likes him and hopes shes soul binded with him
~i love that he has so many siblings and lives with them, especially since i’ve lived with all 6 of my other siblings and their families
~i think it’s cool that they make deckard depressed,but don’t really talk down on it but instead just normally bring it up
~toast sounded a lot like the dub usagi in sailor moon and she’ll FIGHT U WHILE TELLING U ABOUT HER EX WIFE

i just love bee and puppycat, but i wish it was a bit more cohesive with the story in general, especially since we didn’t learn anything new about puppycat except that the pilot was cannon in the series. but overall i really enjoyed the episode and all that we’ve leaned about bee AND I’D SELL MY SOUL FOR MORE SEASONS ESPECIALLY SINCE EVERYTHING ALWAYS LOOKS SO DYNAMIC AND AESTHETICLY PLEASING

Heh… said I was gonna be in hiatus and not post anything - which I still am... but I just had a spark of writing something today while writing other homework stuff and thought maybe someone might want to see it *shrugs*…

Kinda had a spark on if PJ was a kid and ‘I’ was his mom. When I mean “I”, I mean a version of me in another universe… who so happens to also be in college cause I thought it would or could add an interesting dynamic. 

So yeah it is inspired by Momma CQ since it would be interesting to see how he would even act in that world or a world similar to it. However, the thing is that (1) this isn’t canon in the slightest, (2) Paper and their family are not near by any other characters in that world, and (3) this whole thing is more of me experimenting with writing PJ as a kid due to things that may happen in Mediplane with him ‘as a kid’. So I just want to see how he would interact with others… so yeah!  ((this also might not follow how the world works with Momma CQ so keep that in mind.))

Title: First Day of School (cause I can’t think of what else to call it)

Characters: Paper Jam (6 years old), Skie (this world’s version)

(it’s just a small drabble that’s around 1500 words - basically what happens when I get bored enough to write)

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Let me recap just a bit what Serena has already been through:

- a nasty divorce

- learned that her ex-husband-lover had an affair with one of the nurse AND that he lied to her about being an alcoholic the same day, in Christmas’ Eve

- several humiliations (because of Guy, Edward, Imelda and oh so many others)

- saw her mom slowly dive into madness, supported her until the end even though she couldn’t even remember who she was

- lost friends

- (I’ve just started season 16 so I’ll update this, maybe)

- falled in love with her bestfriend (which also happens to be a woman, so new experience for her), admitted it et being rejected and heartbroken the same day, AND cope with that broken heart silently and with pride

- thought she had lost her nephew, the son of a sister she didn’t know existed and whom she never met because she’s dead

And now, same day, you’re gonna tell me she’ll lose her daughter. Right.

Could you please leave the poor woman alone?!

anonymous asked:

so how do you think s4 will go? silver betraying flint or flint betraying silver? because let's face it, s4 won't end well for their "relation"/partnership, we won't be so lucky to see them somewhat happy in the end.

i dont know. im honestly too scared to assume anything. i would like to give u a thorough analysis on my current thoughts, but the more i think about it the worse the possible outcomes get. we’ve only been given a total of like 5 minutes of footage so far which is not enough to draw conclusions, but yeah i’m really pretty sure they won’t get their happily ever after. who knows what’s gonna happen between them, if they’ll betray each other, if a third party will set them apart, or if some other circumstance will force them against each other, but i do know that whatever happens it won’t be easy for either. they’re far too involved with each other to walk away emotionally unscathed. flint’s vulnerability and insecurity are out in the open, he relies on silver to stay with him now, to help him win this war, and silver, knowing why flint fights and how important this is to him can’t turn a blind eye out of sympathy. he actually feels protective because they’re friends now. not allies, not captain and quartermaster, but actual best friends. in their line of work that’s kind of a big deal. there are so many ways this mutual trust can backfire on them, and something tells me it will, but right now i don’t.. want to think about it any more. i know im gonna be dead one way or another by the time it all ends.

tazmanianbrit  asked:

Hey how was Pax? I wish I could've gone to meet you and all the other amazing people that went

Pax was freaking awesome man! I got to do so many things that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do!  Got to hang out with the animation squad which was very nice, as well as Ethan.. I mean I guess he was ok to hang with.. much preferred Brian over him though hes cooler B) (JK ETHAN ILU DON’T HATE ME!)

It was also fun cause I got to hang out with Jack, Wiish and Robin for quite a bit actually which I thought wasn’t gonna be possible cause I thought they were going to be pretty busy. I was pretty surprised when they wanted to hang out with us and it was fun to get to know them on a friend basis c:

I already miss it and miss the people, it was too short of a weekend even though I was exhausted all day. Such lovely people and lovely things that happened :3

Today, I fucked up by being a dumb while getting mugged.

I’m working/volunteering for a charity which helps orphans unfortunately the orphanage is located in a extremely violent neighborhood I’m gonna be quick here to let you know what happened:

  • Walking to a bus stop >4KM from here
  • While I’m Just minding my business I pass by a shed
  • This Is where shit gets wild
  • A guy comes out of the shed with a knife
  • He doesn’t say anything but aggressively swings the fucking knife at me
  • I Just threw my wallet
  • Or I thought so
  • I Fucking threw my $700 iPhone
  • It lands on the dirt and screen cracks
  • Even the guy starts looking at me with werid looks
  • He Just says in the local language
  • Abe chutiya hai kya? = Are you a dumb fucker?
  • The guy Just takes off
  • I’m here now with a broken iPhone :(

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

1d and their solo music: it’s not gonna happen

let me clarify:

niall keeps saying he’s finished, only to say he’s not finished, almost as if he’s forgotten the status of his supposed album. Which is weird because it’s literally his /first/ album. he did a complete promo tour for one song, including the jingle bell ball and i know only a few people talked about how suspicious it was, but seriously. it really was. one song, a complete promo tour, and a “oh yeah! the album’s coming haha” like that’s overkill even for a member of one direction (one that’s not harry, which the press would go nuts for)

liam made the first move in This Is Real, This Is Me fashion; kept it simple, to the point and diplomatic on twitter, nodded his hat to 1D, was acknowledged by his label, released a snippet of music.. and then.. nothing. and this all happened within months of each other. and then nothing. you say “oh he’s working on his album!” okay but why make moves when you don’t even have an album to promote? based on everything he’s posted, what he has are scraps of an album. so why make moves? he’s done intermittent promo, which is good, but the audience he’s going for doesn’t care about “ask liam”’s or whatever. it’s like for all this R&B, Next JT hype, that’s so… opposite of what he should be going for. and IG pics/updates are nice, but people outside of these circles don’t even know you??

harry is gonna be in a movie which apparently isn’t enough for people because they’re still waiting on and expecting him to not just put out an album, but debut it at the grammys. which is preposterous, especially with dunkirk promo coming up. so what, he’s gonna drop an album, and miss dunkirk promo to promo his album? which would be stupid because dunkirk is a big deal. or is he gonna do both and then hijack dunkirk promo and put the spotlight solely on himself and his movie/album? which would be equally as stupid and selfish but considering his image right now (which i do not believe to be truly reflective of him) it could work. or is he gonna do both promos separately and burn himself out to the core? like the whole purpose of the hiatus (which, lol) was to relax and take it easy because of being worked to hard like it’s logistically improbably for him to do that in a way that actually makes sense and looks good like.. 

and then louis is apparently collaborating with every person he breathes next to; going wherever his flittering interests tell him to… which i find that hard to believe… because if you actually listen to him speak he’s got a lot of musical insights and thoughts on creative process and he seems to really know which atmosphere he wants and who he wants to develop that atmosphere with (like steve) and since jho he’s probably done a lot more in depth planning for what he wants but as of right now! he’s just flyin by the seat of his pants! just bein a Cool Dad gettin into EDM, oh wait no maybe i’ll make music with james arthur, or no, maybe dua lipa. and it’s like “well, he’s just getting started he doesn’t know what he wants! :)” but um? for all the shadiness This Town/Liam’s music/Niall/Liam are presented as having a vision whereas looking at louis it’s like he has no direction (no pun intended) like 

i just don’t see solo albums in any of their futures. especially right now under these circumstances. like make things make sense and then we’ll talk but this is.. so.. improbable and messy and they’re all intelligent, wise, savvy boys i don’t think it would like this if this is what’s actually going on

tl;dr: i don’t think one direction is putting out solo music because everything is shady

Listen…. it’s captain swan. No matter in which episode they get married. What matters is that THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED. LIKE FOR REAL. BECOMING HUSBAND AND WIFE. THE LOST GIRL AND THE LOST BOY WHO FOUND THEIR HOME IN EACH OTHER ARE GETTING MARRIED. It’s gonna be beautiful and so so emotional and I’m probably gonna die because too many feels. I repeat, no matter what they planned for the wedding, no matter if it’s in a musical episode, it’s gonna be amazing either way.

Regarding Volpina


Okay, but like…

When Alya gets the fox miraculous, unless Marinette is directly in the decision making process, she is going to be so untrusting of her. She’s gonna be like “Volpina again? I thought we got rid of her! Lila, stop! Hand over your necklace!” Etc and Alya will be just… so confused.

There was no major public disturbance with Volpina except the meteor and fake building collapse. Alya will likely know very little about the incident since most of the conflict happened outside the public eye.

SO. Ladybug and Chat Noir inherently distrust fox!alya, which seriously hurts. Alya idolizes the heroes and was so excited to get to be one too! So for them to keep calling her Lila and being skeptical is hard. So she tries to convince them.

They don’t buy it until Lila catches wind of the actual Volpina being around, then she gets pissed and akumatized because she feels she should rightfully be the fox wielder. So now she has a new target: get the fox necklace.

Now there’s two volpinas. And when both of them prove to be solid, and not illusions, THAT’S when Ladybug and Chat clue in. So they have to figure out which one is real, and which one is the akuma, and pray it isnt all an elaborate trap.


lock yourself out // a chapter fourteen sneak peek

“As you can probably tell Harry and I aren’t together anymore which is, surprisingly, not entirely your fault. Maybe there’s still hope for the both of you,” Paulie said bitterly.

“How much of our conversation have you heard, exactly?” Sandra inquired and Paulie thought she could make out the hint of a smile on Sandra’s lips. Given the situation, that seemed pretty low. Even for her standards.

“I think I’ve heard enough. I’m gonna go,” Paulie said and held her coat to her chest. “Bye.”

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Sanvers Minific Roundup!

Soooo I’m done for the night because I’m gonna make a romantic evening for babygirl (dinner, flowers, A CLEAN APARTMENT, etc), but I wanted to toss up a compilation of the minifics I wrote today! Mwa!

Hogwarts Rival AU ft. a very beautiful plot twist: http://queergirlwriting.tumblr.com/post/155822966709/ive-always-thought-that-if-maggie-and-alex-were

Cuddling after bdsm/roleplaying is important: http://queergirlwriting.tumblr.com/post/155820781314/could-you-please-write-a-small-piece-with-maggie

In which Maggie bottoms for Alex: http://queergirlwriting.tumblr.com/post/155819256729/so-i-happen-to-believe-alex-is-a-top-and-maggie

Winn x Alex brotp ft. Winn approaching Alex about her gayness: http://queergirlwriting.tumblr.com/post/155817269204/can-you-fic-alex-telling-winn-about-her-and-maggie

November 28 | got a 100 on my stats test, which was exciting bc I honestly thought stats was impossible and I was gonna have to settle for a B, but things are looking up! I took a psych test, and I wasn’t as confident as I would’ve liked. Throughout the semester I’ve been seeing how little I can study for psych and still get good grades. I went down to only studying for 2 days for the last test and got a 42/40, and this time I studied for 1 day given everything that’s been happening in my personal life, and I’m just not sure how I did.

Guys, this week has been utter shit, but school makes it so much better. My ex boyfriend is just…I could go on an entire rant but I won’t. Suffice to say, it’s been emotional and stressful af. However, there’s a new Guy ™ in my life and although I’m really not in a position to do the relationship thing, it’s really nice to have someone to talk to, and I think he may be into me too. That and school - and my friends - are getting me through this entire thing.

There’s a ton of schoolwork though and it’s stressing me out - two essays I sort of forgot about, e.g. - but I just need to breathe and trust it’ll work out. I’ve recently taken to our neighboring town’s public library as I’m way more productive outside of the house. It’s an easy drive away, and I’ve gotten a lot done there.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with some people at Procter & Gamble in Boston offering both paid and unpaid research internships, and I’m hoping that pans out! I’m also meeting with someone to discuss service learning opportunities next semester. So overall, things are pretty good, I just have to take it one day at a time.