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Rotten Judgement - part 3

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,564

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Shape-shifting, Mythology, Jealousy…

A/N: Thank you for the lovely comments and replies ♥ I hope you guys like this chapter.

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

A couple of weeks after the incident in the alley, you stood in line at Starbucks. While you waited, you glanced around the coffee shop. It was a typical busy day and the place was packed. You pulled out your phone and scrolled through your news feed to pass the time. Your eyes widened when you saw the headline.

“Notorious criminal dubbed ‘Crossbones’ found dead in cell.”

When the barista called your name, you snapped back to attention. You took your coffee and found a table near the front door. You set your cup and purse down on the table and read the article. The last sentence sent a chill down your spine.

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A thing you probably don’t know about me is that sometimes I get in this mood where I don’t want to do anything but spend every spare moment binge-watching House, M.D. for several days at a time. I was on ep 2.15, “Clueless,” AKA that one where Wilson crashes at House’s place for a while, when inspiration struck and this Sterek drabble happened. Or… It’s almost 2k words, so maybe it’s a bit more than a drabble, BUT it’s still a drabble in spirit. (Rated T.)

It’s almost midnight when Derek finally shoulders on his coat, locks his office door, and steps out, only to spot Stiles crouched in front of the vending machine at the end of the hall, whacking the glass with the heel of his palm and muttering darkly.

Derek can’t just ignore him; he never can. (It’s a bit of a problem, and everyone in the hospital seems to know it, except for Stiles.) Before he knows it, he’s changed tracks and walked right over. “What are you still doing here?”

Stiles sits back on his heels to look up at him. “Bob ate my dollar and I’m feeling petty so I’m trying to get it back.”

“Bob?” Derek asks, a split second before he remembers that Stiles named the vending machine. It’s just this kind of thing that makes Derek feel guilty for sometimes looking at Stiles’ mouth a little too long, or pausing to let his eyes follow Stiles’ progress down the hall. Stiles isn’t a kid or anything, but he’s still only 26 to Derek’s 32, and he’s still got a year of residency to go. A lot of times, like when he’s jamming out to his iPod while he looks over lab work or doing stupid stuff like naming the vending machines, he seems to Derek more like a college kid than a grown man with a medical license and a house and a girlfriend.

Stiles goes back to hitting the vending machine, and Derek remembers why he originally came over here. “Didn’t your shift end at 7?”

Stiles smirks up at him, and Derek tries very, very hard not to imagine him making that same face in certain… other contexts. “What, you got my schedule memorized now, Dr. Hale? I’m flattered.”

It would make Derek’s life a lot easier if so much of what Stiles said didn’t come out sounding so flirtatious. Derek crosses his arms over his chest. “You’re deflecting.”

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★ lvtvr’s long-winded writing advice ★

Heyo. I’m Charlie and I write. You may know me for my Keith/Lance fanfics. I don’t know if it helps my credibility, but I have articles in print that I’ve been paid to produce, I’ve translated and proofread four novels, and I’ve been writing off and on for nearly eighteen years. I’m not perfect, I’m not a master, but I do know what I’m doing. So if you write too, and you want to get better, here are some of the things I’ve learned.

Less is more.

You know the quote “Blood orange? Shut up, it’s fucking red.” Remember this while you’re writing. If you’ve ever seen one of those “100 synonyms for ‘said’ to use while writing :)” lists, here’s what to do with it: burn it. No one utters or opines or verbalizes shit. They fucking say it.

Basically: use vocabulary that you know. Turn to big fancy words if you are certain that they’re the best way to express the nuance you’re going for, but avoid them if you’re only using them to make your prose more “interesting.” Don’t worry about sounding a little repetitive. Sounding pretentious or like someone who hangs out too much on Thesaurus.com is a lot worse.

Remember your whole body.

Ever read writing that punches you in the gut and makes you feel things? Ever aspired to create something like that yourself? Well, the key to doing it is to remember the body. Stay aware of the fact that we exist in the world as messy 3D beings made of blood and meat and emotion. 

It’s natural for most people to start with visual impressions and describe what things look like, but your writing won’t start to come alive until you also begin describing what they feel like, smell like, taste like. The five senses are a cheesy but effective checklist. Throw in sounds, smells, and body sensations alongside the visual aspect.

This goes for emotion, too. If your character is sad, think back to what you felt like when you were sad. Heavy gut? Rain clouds in your head? Tears pricking at the backs of your eyes, but never quite falling? All that is a lot more interesting than simply saying “they were sad.”

For the love of God, never type “Hello.” He said.

This falls under the general umbrella of using correct grammar (which you should!), but I feel the need to point this particular faux pas out because a) it’s soooo common for people to do this, and b) I can’t stand it. This is the type of persistent mistake that actively interferes with the flow of the writing for me as a reader. I don’t care if some big-name fic author does it or if you’ve seen a million others do it – you’ll never find it in a professionally proofread and edited book. Because, at the end of the day, it’s wrong.

Compare these two examples:

“This sucks.” She sighed.
“This sucks,” she sighed.

In the first example, she says the words first, and sighs afterward. In the second, she’s sighing the words. Simple difference. If the action is directly related to how the dialogue is being conveyed, it should come attached to the dialogue. If the action and dialogue are separate, separate them. Throwing in a bunch of loose, orphaned “He said” clauses is choppy and incorrect and pisses me off to an irrational degree. Please, please avoid this. I’m begging you on my hands and knees.

Focus your characterization.

Keeping characters in character is one of the biggest challenges of writing. I find that an easy way to stay on track is to summarize the character’s way of reacting to the world in one or two simple sentences, and when you’re not sure what they would say or do, try to keep it in line with that basic conception. 

For example, I’ve characterized Keith from Voltron as someone who “feels things very strongly and honestly, but has trouble putting his emotions into words.” My Hunk is “prone to gossip, but has a heart of gold and the strongest sense of justice you ever saw.” I keep this minimalist notion of a character at the front of my mind when I write them, and it usually helps them stay themselves.

Try to keep it general, though. “Passionate about food,” “flirts a lot,” or “in love with Mothman” aren’t basic personalities, they’re character traits. They don’t tell us anything about how someone will act in a given situation, and make for poor, flat characterization.

Write what you want to read.

No, really. I know that the urge to pander is strong, as is the desire to give the people what they want. But you’re people, too. Give yourself what you want. Is this hard? You bet. But it’s worth it when someone tells you “God, reading this is so refreshing. I’m so glad it wasn’t exactly like everything else.”

Voltron-specific stuff incoming here, but I feel like it’s important. Listen. Don’t write a fic where Keith and Lance have one (1) drawn-out argument before falling in hapless, sappy love, where Keith and Shiro are brothers and Hunk and Pidge are the Hilarious Meme Sidekicks, just because you feel like you have to. If you’re really passionate about that scenario, then by all means write it, but don’t do it because you’re afraid that’s all people are going to want to read. It’s not true. More likely than not, they’re sick of reading the same fic for the millionth time, and they’d love to see your take on things.

Remember: Fanon isn’t the law. Not even canon is the law. Follow your kokoro. Go weird places. You do you. I will be cheering you on.

Kudos to you if you read this entire mess. I hope it could be of some help. Now go write! I believe in you, friendo.


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga)

Before you could answer his text, your phone lighted up and flashed that Min Suga was calling you. He was always the impatient kind; the type to call instead of waiting for a text reply.

“Hi…” he barely breathed into the receiver, but there was no doubt that the voice on the other line was Min Yoongi. “…so, are you free?”

“I can be in your studio in 20 minutes, but again, why me?” Somehow, talking to him like this made your legs want to stand up and walk around your small dorm room. 

“Why not you? You were the one who heard it first and said that it lacked desperation and sadness…” He paused and you could almost imagine him pursing his lips in thought. “I think I know those feelings now. I made the song the way you described it, a song that would break your heart and still, you’d listen.”

“If you know that it already gives off that feeling, why do I need to listen?” you didn’t mean to sound so frustrated, but the pent up feelings just needed to burst out. 

“Because I wrote it while thinking about you.” As if he regretted admitting it, he immediately followed with, “…and you said it yourself, you’d listen… even if it breaks your heart.”

You remained silent, chewing on your lip as you looked at the photo of you, Yoongi and Jimin sitting on your cluttered desk. Jimin was in the middle, clad in his dance recital attire, while he had an arm over each of you with Yoongi clearly looking like he had been pulled into the photo while you were looking at the grinning younger boy. 


Your heart felt like it had been shot, hearing such a word being whispered by Yoongi’s low register, “It’s the only excuse I have left to see you.”

Finally, you nodded, even when he couldn’t see you and answered, “Okay, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Thank you.”

You found the road towards Yoongi’s shared studio much easier than you thought and even your steps were much lighter than you thought they would be. With your scarf (or Jimin’s?) scarf tucked securely around your neck, you pressed the buzzer. 

Yoongi opened the door, with his hair disheveled and back to his original black, greeted your with a controlled your smile. “Y/N, long time no see.”

Trying to smile, you stepped inside the studio and unraveled your scarf. “Y-Yeah, it feels like ages have passed since I’ve been here. Not much has changed, huh?” 

“Except you and I…” he muttered and caught your startled gaze. “A-Anyway, take a seat.” 

He led you to the chair that he usually occupied, the high-backed computer chair was once a familiar sight to you when you spent your days listening to Yoongi’s music with Jimin either playing games beside you or napping on your lap. As you took the seat, you were reminded of simpler times… those short, sweet, golden days when you weren’t in love with Yoongi and Jimin was just your bestfriend. 

Yoongi handed you the headphones quietly and you closed your eyes just as the song began. Slowly, your heart constricted in your chest as you the song progressed. Compared to what you listened to months ago, this song felt completely different, as if it was a different song entirely and each word spoke to you on a deeper level. 

Just when the last beat dropped, a tear fell off the corner of your eye.

Removing the headphones from your ears, you slowly raised your eyes to meet his. “Wow… what can I say, Yoongi? It’s beautiful.”

“Wh-Who sang the demo? His voice is beautiful…” you commented, breaking eye contact and the long silence that followed, wiping your tears away with your sleeve.

“A freshman named Jeon Jungkook. He owed me a few things, so I made him sing.” Yoongi answered from the seat in front of you.

“And you wrote everything?” 

“Every note, every word.” he exhaled, looking past your eyes and straight to your soul. “I meant all of it too, Y/N. Even when you’re in front of me like this, I miss you. You’ve been avoiding me and I don’t know how else I can reach you.”

Yoongi gingerly took one of your hands in his. “I’m not good with words… but that’s nothing new, so I wrote a song instead. I hope it reached you, Y/N.”

You contemplated for long while and Yoongi knew that you needed the silence more than he did. Thinking back to that day when you stood in the hallway on the phone with Namjoon, unintentionally remembering the whole conversation and the way the late afternoon light created colors in his hair, and how that moment felt like the answer to the question looming over your head, but now, you weren’t so sure. 

“봄날. That should be the title.” you squeezed Yoongi’s hand and added, “It reached me well, Yoongi.”

Yoongi brushed his thumb over your knuckles, “So what happens now?”

“I don’t know.” You sighed, answering his question by another, “Someone once told me that you can choose who you can fall in love with. Do you believe that?”

“No.” he paused. “Well, actually… I don’t know.”

“Why? Why not?” you pressed, trying to meet his eyes which were looking at your hands. 

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” his gaze was sincere and warm in contrast to his cold touch. “Y/N, you’re my best friend and it took me a while to realize, but I know it now. I made you wait for such a long time, but we’re here now and you don’t have to do anything, I will come for you this time.”

Dachi’s words suddenly manifested itself in your head. 

‘He just doesn’t know how to love anyone including himself.’

You inhaled with closed eyes, his words brought back the answer that you lost, “Jimin… He… He once said that we all do unfair and selfish things for love. Do you also believe that?”

6 Months Later…







Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi/ReaderxNamjoon/ReaderxJimin/Readerx?

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: If there’s 2 things that you need to know about this chapter, it’s that I didn’t intend for it to end like this and this was a DEAD GIVEAWAY about the ending. :) hit me with your best theories! I suggest listening to spring day while reading this!!! (I know I did.)

James March: Godawful Opinions

Today in the Blue Parrot lounge it was pretty dead. You and your lovely boyfriend, James were having a drink together, sitting at a table near the bar that is overlooking the lobby. 

Liz was tending the these two girls, a brunette and a blonde, at the bar. They looked like they were in their mid 20’s or so. You noticed that every few minutes they would glance at you and James, but you didn’t think anything of it.

After finishing the last of your drink, you decided it was your time to head back to the room the two of you share to start getting ready for dinner later. “I’ll see you soon for dinner, love.” You stood up and gave James a kiss on the cheek, then picked up your empty glass to hand to Liz, but James stopped you by lightly grabbing onto your wrist. “Not to worry, darling. I’ll have Liz tend to this.” James smirked at you.

You smiled with nod, then went on your merry way.

James signaled for Liz to take your empty glass, which she did willingly, then she made her way to any tables that needed a wipe down.

The two ladies at the bar weren’t being discreet whatsoever because they glanced at James with a smile which he obviously noticed. They were now brought to his attention as he’s smoking a cigarette. Being silent about the words they exchanged to each other was their downfall because James can hear everything they’re saying perfectly clear. He was also smart enough to know those were about you.

“He is way out of her league. Ew.” Said the blonde to the brunette friend.

“Yeah like what does he see in her? I bet you I could take him from her if I tried.”

Liz couldn’t help but overhear as well, so she looked over at James and notices that the grip on his glass of bourbon is getting tighter while his eyes are facing the lobby, trying to tune them out. If he was to put anymore force, the glass itself would shatter.

“I’ll be right back. Going to use the bathroom.” The blonde said to her brunette friend, then left to the restroom.

“Liz Taylor.” James called in his naturally loud voice, making Liz flinch from surprise.

Liz walked towards James with her nose in the air. Typical Liz Taylor attitude. “What can I do for you, Mr. March?”

“Would you be a darling and handle that vile creature for me?” James said in a low tone while scowling at the remaining girl at the bar. “Oh and please hurry.” He signaled with his head in the direction that the girl’s friend left to the restroom.

“Oooo I’d be happy to.” Liz gave an evil grin, then went behind the bar to grab a cloth and soak it in chloroform. Thankfully, the girl didn’t notice because she was too busy scrolling through her phone.

Successfully, Liz knocked the brunette out cold and left to take her to one of the vacant rooms on Floor 7, tying her up once she got there.

When the blonde came back from the bathroom, she looked puzzled as to where her friend went and called her cell phone. The cell phone rang in James’s pocket, which caused the girl to question his motives. “Um, w-why do you have my friend’s phone?” She stuttered from fear because at this point, she answered her own question in her head.

Her first instinct was to run, but James quickly stopped her and picked her up over his shoulder. “Help me! Somebody help me! He’s going to kill me!” She kicked and screamed, but the only people that could hear is Iris, standing behind the reception desk. Iris ignored the girl because it was obviously normal to her.

James, too, brought the blonde to the same room on Floor 7 that her brunette friend is held in.

Entering the room, Liz was there awaiting on James, with the brunette laying on the bed, her face red and forehead sweating from fear. Her wrists and ankles were also successfully tied together by Liz.

“Put the tramp over there, would you please?” James said to Liz, throwing the blonde to her, then pointed to a gap in the wall. The blonde knew exactly what James was planning because she saw the pile of bricks laying on the floor. He was planning on letting her rot inside of the walls, similar to how did with his ex wife’s lover, Valentino.

“No no no! Please don’t!” She cried, but James and Liz ignored. Liz brought her over to the gap in the wall, placing her hands over her to rest on the ceiling. “I’ll do anything! Please don’t do this!” She continued.

James took off his jacket, hanging it on the coat rack, then put on his apron and gloves that were hanging on the coat rack. Of course, James didn’t want to dirty his expensive clothes. What else is new. 

James started humming to his favorite tune from being so content with everything happening right now. Liz ignored the girl’s cries, then left the room to go back and tend to her lovely bar.

The brunette’s mouth was already filled with a hand towel from Liz being annoyed from her cries. James took out a gun from his pocket and shot her in the head without hesitation.

He exhaled from the euphoric feeling. The blonde friend, still stuck in the gap in the wall, gasped seeing her friend get shot. “Oh my god! No no no no no!” She uncontrollably shook her head in disbelief.

James grabbed a brick, then started on building the wall himself. This calmed him and he felt a relief from finally getting his murder fix.

The girl continued to cry for a good 30 minutes and felt deep regrets for what her and her friend had said. She didn’t even know that James had heard either. “Wh-why are you doing this to us?”

“I suggest you and your dead friend should have kept your god awful opinions about my queen to yourselves.” James clenched his jaw, then let out a sigh to calm himself, which he succeeded in.

“I-I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We didn’t mean it, please. We were just stupid and drunk.” She hoped a miracle would happen and he would free her by apologizing, but never in a million years would it cross James’s mind to do so.

“I assure you it is too late for your false apologizes.” James said.

She realized that there’s nothing she could do to get out of this terrible mess, so she was hoping James would at least quickly her out of her misery. “Can you just kill me now. Shoot me. Please please, I don’t want to die like this.”

“To your misfortune, I would be denying your request. Now-”

She cut him off by screaming and crying even louder than before. “No! No! No!”

James was getting annoyed, so he walked over and stole the towel from the blonde’s dead friend’s mouth and put it in hers to shut her up. It’s amazing how James would go through such great lengths for you. Now he’s thinking if he should tell you or just spare you the trouble by not telling you?

playing with fire (5) | taehyung

Originally posted by sugapium

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: part four 

   Lately, you were starting to like Taehyung’s company. He was more chill around you, and not as annoying as he used to be. But also his annoying and childish side was adorable to watch. You couldn’t believe it yourself. Not too long ago, you despised this boy for being able to breathe. Now the two of you were becoming somewhat, friends

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anonymous asked:

For the reveal tropes: What about a reveal where she's calling him and she's at home, but against a neutral background, and her mom calls her and he hears her name?

(Sorry I didn’t get to these prompts sooner!)

Marinette was standing on her balcony. The twinkling lights of the city her backdrop. She made sure before she placed the call that no monuments or other obvious landmarks could be seen, though quite frankly her face would be taking up most of the screen.

By the second ring, he answered. Chat Noir’s face showed up on her screen, a smile on his face, but Marinette could see the question still on his face. It wasn’t obvious, but they were partners for a reason.

“Hey there,” Ladybug greeted, her voice sounding a little rough.

“Hi Bugaboo, is everything alright?” Chat Noir asked, concerned in his voice.

Despite feeling under the weather Ladybug smirked. “Just a touch of a cold. Nothing to worry about, but my kwami suggested I not push it unless there’s an actual akuma threat. You don’t mind patrolling alone tonight, do you?”

“Not at all my Lady,” he told her, as she was sure he would. “You just take care of yourself, alright?”

As Chat Noir was talking a voice called up to Marinette from her trap door. “Marinette, your tea is ready. Come down stairs!”

Panic set in as she looked at her communicator. Did Chat Noir hear? “Thanks, see you later, gotta go,” she said quickly, shutting the communicator before the cat could say anything else as she moved quickly to drop down from her skylight. “Coming!”

Her transformation fell away before her bottom hit her mattress. She looked at her kwami with concern. “Do you think he heard?”

“I suppose we will find out soon enough,” Tikki replied, which didn’t calm Marinette at all. Still there was nothing she could do about it as she pulled at her hair slightly and headed down to the main floor of the family living space.

While her mother fussed over her, concerned with how flushed Marinette was, she showed no inkling to the internal distress of her daughter. Which was just as well, because Marinette wasn’t sure she had the capacity to talk her way out of any prying questions from her mother when her head felt like fluff.

She kept listening for any unusual thumps from the floor above, but she continued to hear nothing and slowly started to relax. Maybe he wasn’t coming. Maybe he hadn’t heard after all, or not well enough to make any guesses.

Instead her mother asked her about school and projects and if Marinette was feeling up for going to school tomorrow. Marinette thought it would be nice to have a day without school, but in all honesty with a good night’s rest and more tra in the morning she was sure she could manage through the day just find. It was only a little cold.

With a little snack to take up to her room, and a promise not to stay up too late, Marinette finally went back up to her quiet room. She looked around half surprised, and the shutted happily going over to her computer. There was a tutorial on YouTube she wanted to watch.

Marinette looked at the time, three videos later, and realized it was getting late. In fact it was about the time she would be getting back from patrol. “We should probably head to bed, right Tikki?”

Her kwami stretched in the air in front of the computer as Marinette shut it down. “That sounds like a good plan. Hopefully tomorrow you’ll…”

Tikki didn’t finish what she had to say as they heard something land on the roof. Something or someone. Marinette found herself hoping it was actually an akuma as she carefully went up the stairs to her bed loft.

Her heart sank as she got on her bed and saw a pair of green eyes looking through the window. Taking a deep breath, Marinette rand her hands down her face, still looking up. She thought he looked sheepish. Good!

Standing she started propping up her window, Chat Noir moving to the opening. “You probably shouldn’t be outside. Can I come in?”

At least he was being polite. Marinette nodded. “Just be quiet. My parents might be asleep, but I don’t need them waking up.”

He nodded and then dropped in, making sure to close the window afterwards. “Um, so, patrol was quiet!”

Marinette looked at him for a while, her arms curled around her chest. She didn’t like this. For some reason she felt so small under Chat Noir’s gaze. It was unreasonable since she’d met him several times in her normal persona and never felt intimidated around him before. “So, that’s why you didn’t show up sooner?”

“I’m sorry. Should I? I know me hearing your mother over the communicator was just bad luck,” he smirked, likely despite himself, at the comment. “But I wasn’t sure what to do. I figured it was best to just clear my head and patrol. Give you a chance to maybe do the same.”

“I honestly wasn’t sure you heard or heard well enough to figure it out,” Marinette sighed, looking down at her bare knees.

“Oh,” he said, sounding slightly embarrassed, which caused Marinette to look at her partner again. He rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess I should have come over right away.”

Marinette shook her head. “I was down stairs with my mother for a while. It’s okay.”

“Your parents are so nice,” he said. She would have thought it was just to say something, but the way he said it, with such confidence.

Marinette narrowed her eyes. “You just met them the one time. With Animan, right?”

Chat Noir flushed. “Well, actually…”

“Yes?” She cocked her head to the side.

“We sorta already know each other,” Chat Noir muttered softly.

Marinette’s eyes grew wide. There was no way, right? Yet here he was saying it was so. “How well?”

“Maybe I should just show you?” And before she could protest, because shouldn’t one of them keep their identity a secret, but on the other hand it would level the playing field, Chat Noir dropped his transformation.

Instinctively she closed her eyes as the electric green flash enveloped her partner. When she opened her eyes there sat Adrien Agreste on her bed. It was completely normal for her to scream.

Thankfully, Adrien moved quickly, covering her mouth. “Your parents,” he hissed in reminder. All the while his eyes were wide, possibly surprised by her reaction, or scared, but why would he be scared?

Marinette looked at him, still in complete shock, but numbly nodded her head. Screaming was bad. Slowly Adrien moved his hand away. She noticed there was some laughter being muzzled not far away and Tikki’s voice soft but annoyed too. Most her attention was on the green eyes in front of her.

She then turned away and pulled over her large cat plushy, burying her face in it. Her voice muffled in the stuffing. “This isn’t happening. This is some sort of weird fever dream. There is no way that I’m this lucky!”

There was a moment where all she heard was unintelligible kwami voices, and then she heard Adrien take a sharp intake of air. “Lucky?”

Turning, to peek over at the blond boy that was still sitting on her bed, not magically morphed into something else like a dream normally would, she saw Adrien was still flushed and his eyes held more than a bit of wonder. “Um, yeah, um, because if you’re him. And he’s you. I… well… wouldn’t that make me very lucky?”

Marinette wasn’t sure she was making sense. Being sick and being surprised twice over made it hard to think. “Um, well, I was thinking I was pretty lucky, because Marinette is my friend and Ladybug is my favorite partner.”

“I’m your only partner!” Marinette said with just a touch of indignation, and a full smack from her pillow.

When Adrien pulled the pillow away from his face he was smiling just as much as she was. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Later that evening.

“If you get sick, don’t blame me!”

“You say that like it wouldn’t be worth it to be with you.”

Yours- Grayson Dolan *SMUT*

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Grayson x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Hiiii! Can you please writ e Grayson smut where him and y/n are out somewhere and he gets really jealous because someone was flirting with her please!! 

Warnings: Smut, public sex, fingering

Originally posted by laurrenjaureguii

With Grayson busy with filming videos and you busy working, you guys haven’t had a date night in a while. Since you both liked doing simple things, you both decided for a classic dinner and a movie.

You didn’t go all out with your outfit. You’ve been dating Grayson for almost three years now so you didn’t bother going overboard. Deciding on a simple blouse and some dark washed jeans, and some light makeup, you and Grayson left the house.

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“i like him” || newt scamander

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word count: 2361

summary: slytherin!reader x newt scamander

author’s note: okay, so i deleted “cliché” because i didn’t really like how it turned out. so i deleted it, and rewrote it.. and now it’s this! so if you like it, tell me :) . enjoy! (sorry for any grammatical errors)

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I Hate This (Part II Ending I) || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: N/A

Paring(s): Jughead x Betty, Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, violence

Word Count: 1632

Parts: Part I, Part II Ending II

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Kevin’s POV…

I was beyond pissed. My best friend was sobbing into my lap because of that idiot. What pissed me off wasn’t that she was crying, it was that she was literally the girl almost every guy in the school wanted to date and she wasted her time and energy on an asshole who clearly didn’t care about her.

“Come on. We’re going to go for a drive in that car your parents got you and our first stop is going to be at Pop’s. I have a few words I would like to share with him,“ I pulled her up and helped her clean up a bit before we left. When we arrived at Pop’s, I looked at her and asked her stay in the car for a few minutes. I got out of the car and walked inside to see the four people she’s been avoiding sitting in their usual booth, laughing as if nothing was wrong.

“Kevin!“ I ignored Betty’s cheery voice and walked over ready to deck Jughead.

“What’s wrong, Kev?“ I looked at Veronica right before I got close enough and punched Jughead right in the jaw.

“What the hell, Kevin?“ Archie pulled me away as Betty tended to her asshole of a boyfriend.

“You know, Jones, if you were actually a best friend to her and cared about her, you wouldn’t have said anything that you did because some part of you would’ve registered it beforehand. You’re nothing but a fucking prick who never deserved to have her in your life,“ I didn’t move from the spot Archie pushed my back to.

“If you’re talking about (Y/N), she’s the one who avoided us remember? She has no reason to be upset,“ Betty argued.

“Of course, back up your asshole of a boyfriend. He went to talk to her today and left her crying her eyes out. Unlike any of you, I didn’t let her push me away which is why I’m her best friend. Unlike any of you, I was there for her whenever she cried because of you. Unlike any of you, I’m not putting up with Jones’s shit just because you’re friends with him,“ I was making a scene and I don’t care at this point. Let me make a scene and call them all out on their shit.

“What are you talking about, Kevin?“ I looked at Veronica standing between me and the rest of them.

“What am I talking about? Did you know, Veronica, that (Y/N) used to have a crush on Jughead and they all made fun of her? Did you know he broke her heart saying that she pretty much had no chance with him?“

“I did not say-“ Jughead tried to cut me off but I beat him to the chase.

“Did you know that Jughead broke her heart again because as much as she hates it, she still likes him? Did you know that he pretty much said that she wasn’t going to be good enough for him?“ I was at staring Jughead, dead in the eyes as I spoke, “I tried to get her to talk to you guys too. I thought you guys had a stronger friendship than that but you ruined whatever friendship existed between not only you and (Y/N), Jones. You also ruined their friendship with her because I know she’s never going to talk to them again. You always follow close behind. And do you want to know the most fucked up thing about all of this? She still loves you. She’s still going to be there at your disposal and you fucking know it,” I left them all in shock before going back out to the car.

Veronica’s POV…

“Is what he said true?“ I turned to my friends and saw them keep their gazes down, “Answer me. Is it true?“

“It’s true but I never told her that she wasn’t good enough nor did I ever tell her that she had no chance with me. That part wasn’t true,“ Jughead said.

“Then what did you say?”

“Archie told us that she used to have a crush on me. Used to being the key words in that sentence. Well, they started laughing and I said that she and I were better off as best friends and that’s what we should stay as. Which is the truth, she and I have always been better off as best friends than we are anything else. Today, when I went to go to talk to her, I never said that she wasn’t good enough. I lied to her saying that she couldn’t make me happy or calm the screaming in my head,“ I looked at him before letting a scoff fall into the thick air.

“That’s just as bad as saying what Kevin said you did. You deserve that punch. Do you even feel bad?” I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed before meeting their eyes, “I feel sorry for you guys. She is the girl just about every guy wants at our school wants to date. She’s the girl just about everyone wants to be friends with. And I get she’s not Betty, but I don’t think you guys realize that you lost one of your longest friends tonight,“ I walked away. I couldn’t stand being there anymore. I had to find (Y/N). I’m not losing one of my best friends that easily.

Jughead’s POV…

I sat there rubbing my jaw while Betty and Archie sat in silence. Everything was still processing. But Kevin’s right. I am an asshole. I hurt my best friend, I lost my best friend, and I didn’t even say sorry to her.

“I have to go,“ I got up and walked out of Pop’s heading who knows where. I just needed to get away from here. Away from all the memories but that seemed impossible.

When (Y/N) first moved here, she and I became friends instantly. We were both weirdos who had our trademark looks. Mine was my beanie and hers was her black and white flannel. We were the two weirdos together and she made me happy even when things were going downhill. She was the first person to know about my dad when I found out and she even offered to let me live with her when I left my dad’s house. She was my source of happiness. And when Archie told me that she used to like me, deep down I was hurt because I liked her and I missed my chance so I did what I do best. Put up a wall.

Tonight, I said so many things I regret. The comment about Betty making me happy and her not being able to was a lie. (Y/N) has always made me happy, it’s just Betty made me feel like I was good enough for her. I’ve never been good enough for (Y/N) and I won’t ever be. The comment I regret the most is the one about Betty being everything (Y/N)’s not. That’s not true, even in the slightest. (Y/N)’s intelligent, funny, beautiful, and like Betty, she’s perfect. (Y/N)’s always been the girl that everyone wants to be with or be friends with.

“I fucked up big time,“ I looked up from my feet and noticed that I was at Sweetwater River. I looked down and saw my reflection in the water, “You have one chance to get your best friend back, Jones,“ I said to myself. I took a deep breath and ran to her house. I decided to take a different approach this time. I sat down on the porch so one of two things could happen; (Y/N) and Kevin return and I can try to talk to her or I stay out here all night and talk to (Y/N) in the morning.

“What are you doing here?“ Looks like it’s the first option. I stand up to meet a pained gaze from (Y/N) and a pissed off gaze from Kevin.

“Can we talk (Y/N)? Or at least, can you let me tell you everything I want to tell you in the case that you don’t ever want to talk to me again.“

“How about-” I smirked when (Y/N) cut Kevin off with the one word I needed to hear.


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I said, (Y/N). You’re my best friend and you always will be even if I’m not yours in return. I’m sorry for comparing you to Betty. You’re not her and I don’t want you to be. I like how you are and who you are. You’re the girl everyone likes because it’s so hard, impossible really, to hate you. I’m sorry for saying that Betty makes me happy and not you. That’s not true. It’s not at all true. You’ve always made me happy but I’ve never been good enough for you. Betty makes me feel like I’m good enough for someone and you’ve always been far too good to and for me. Kevin was right, I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve the story we have. I never did. I’m sorry for hurting you and it kills me that I made you cry. I’m so sorry,“ I was standing right in of (Y/N) at this point, her gaze staying on the ground.

“Jug, I’m sorry but I can’t forgive you this time. I love you but I just can’t. And as for our story… The story is ending now. This is the end. It’s done,” she and Kevin walked past me as I stood there with the feeling of my heart being stepped on. I could feel the heat of my own tears on my face but I couldn’t move. I was frozen. I lost my best friend for real this time.

This is the sad ending, I’m working on a happier one which is Ending II


Stuck Like Webbing

(A/N): idk what this is but it’s shitty. lol help me

Pairings: Peter ParkerXReader

Summary: Peter is dating (Y/N) but he hasn’t told them he’s Spiderman yet and he’s scared to.

Warnings: None?

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace

Peter and (Y/N) were best friends. They had met at the beginning of high school and they were attached at the hip. They could constantly be seen together at school, out of school at each other’s house, they were never apart but what was a friendship turned into something more and both knew it. Peter being the awkward kid he was, didn’t know how to even approach the situation and he didn’t want to screw up what they had so, he contained his feelings as much as he could but as the days went on, he couldn’t help but always stare at (Y/N). He noticed how he loved their laugh, the way they scrunch up their face when they’re thinking, their nervous fidgeting, the way they ate or even just walked. He loved everything.

He finally got the guts to ask them out and he begin to make his way to their house with a bouquet of flowers when some police officers sped past him, chasing after several cars. He wants to ignore it, wanting to just head to (Y/N)’s apartment but gives a frustrated groan as he runs down an alleyway to change into his Spiderman suit.  

It doesn’t take too long but by the time he rushes to change back into his regular clothes, its already getting dark. He grabs the flowers that are drooping slightly and he gives a curse before rushing over the (Y/N)’s building that’s only a couple of blocks down. He finally makes it, walking up to the door, ringing the doorbell as he tries to straighten out his crooked jacket and he looks up when they open the door with a smile. “Hey, Peter.” (Y/N) smiles out as they step outside, closing the door behind them and Peter gives a small smile as a nervous laugh escapes his mouth.

“H-Hey, (Y/N).” Peter stutters out awkwardly, trying to remain cool and they chuckle slightly, taking a step forward.

“You okay, Peter? You look nervous and why are you so sweaty?” (Y/N) questions with a smile as they point to his damp hair which is sticking up in slightly different ways and he curses before running quick hands through his hair trying to fix it.

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine! I-um… these are for you. There a bit… droopy.” He says as he hands the drooping flowers to (Y/N) and they grab them, giving them a smell, closing their eyes as they do.

“These are beautiful! Thank you, Peter.” (Y/N) says as they look at the different types and Peter gives a deep breath, hands fidgeting in front of him.

“(Y/N), I was wondering if you’d like to… to get dinner with me sometime?” Peter asks staring at the ground as he kicks a certain spot and (Y/N) stares at him with a surprised expression. “I mean, if not it’s cool. I just thought it would be nice if we-” He begins to ramble but it’s cut off by (Y/N) leaning forward, giving him a kiss on the cheek making him freeze.

“I’d love to.” (Y/N) states with a wide smile which makes Peter’s heart flutter out of his chest as a smile of his own grows on his face.

It had been a few months since the day Peter asked (Y/N) out and the two of the could not be happier. It was the best few months of Peter’s life but he still had not told them he was Spiderman yet. He wanted to so bad but he was scared they might leave him because of it and he didn’t want to put them in any danger. They were too important to him but he didn’t want to hide something so big from them and he knew they were already suspicious of why he ran off sometimes. He had to tell them, he just didn’t know when.

It was a Saturday morning and he was on his way to bring (Y/N) lunch at their apartment when he gets an alert on his phone that their apartment complex was being raided by armed burglars. He doesn’t even bother changing into his suit as he runs as fast as he can towards the apartments. He sees people running out of the building but he doesn’t see (Y/N) anywhere and he quickly runs to the side of it, using his web shooter to quickly pull him up to the top floor by their window and he sees them inside panicking. He opens the window with ease, crawling in and they jump in surprise. “(Y/N)! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He rushes out as he quickly grabs their arms, assessing their body for injuries and they shake their head, body slightly shaking.

“Peter, you shouldn’t be here!” (Y/N) exclaims as they look around paranoid and suddenly there are loud noises below them causing a small scream to escape their mouth. Peter grabs their hand before pulling them towards the door.

“Come on, we have to get out of here.” He says as he pulls (Y/N) behind him who is hesitant to leave their apartment but obeys their boyfriend as he peaks outside the door. “Come on, this way.” He pulls (Y/N) quietly towards the stairwell when all of a sudden, a man with a gun appears, surprising them both. “(Y/N) run!” Peter yells as he sends a swift kick at the man’s stomach, giving them a few seconds and (Y/N) doesn’t have to be told twice as they head up to the roof. Peter shoots several webs at the man, keeping him down, kicking his gun away before racing up after (Y/N). He rushes up seeing fear on their face and he quickly rushes up to them, grabbing their hand in his as he pulls them close. Angry yelling is heard from inside the building and (Y/N) begins to freak out as they look up at Peter with scared eyes.

“Peter, we’re trapped.” Peter shakes his head as he looks around at the surrounding building, figuring out what was the safest route to get off the roof and he gives a deep breath, the only thing on his mind is keeping (Y/N) safe.

“You have to trust me, okay? Hang on tight.” Peter orders as he hears the men about to enter onto the roof and before (Y/N) has time to question, he scoops them up while jumping off the building. Gun shots are heard their way and (Y/N) screams as they latch onto Peter as he begins to shoot his webbing onto surrounding buildings, swigging smoothly several buildings over. They land on top of another building but (Y/N) doesn’t let go of Peter, still scared and shocked of what just happened and he continues to hold them.

“What the hell, Peter.” (Y/N) mumbles confused and angry into his chest and he tightens his hold on them as he rests his head atop theirs.

“I’m sorry. I was scared to tell you… I was afraid you’d leave me.” He whispers into their hair and they pull back slowly, looking into his brown orbs seeing the fear in his eyes as well. (Y/N) purses their lips together before giving a sigh and leaning their foreheads forward.

“I’m never going to leave you, Peter. Sadly, you’re stuck with me.” (Y/N) lightly jokes and he releases a small puff of air as a smile grows on his face. “And I think I should be the one scared. You pretty much threw me off a building.” Peter looks at them offended which causes (Y/N) to laugh at their boyfriend’s expressions.

“I did not! You were safe in my arms, I knew what I was doing!” Peter defends as he squeezes (Y/N)’s sides causing a joyful laugh to fill the air and he can’t help the smile that grows on his face. He slowly leans down, kissing them on their soft lips and he can feel them hum against his. He feels their smile against him as they continue to kiss and he pulls back, planting another kiss to their cheek. (Y/N) looks at him with loving eyes before leaning over and kissing his nose.

“Sure thing, Spiderman.”


Happy Birthday @sincerelydayyy !!!!!  Here’s a little bit of corny fluff to, hopefully, brighten your day. Thanking @mizjoely for betaing this. It’s not season four compliant. Hugs & Love (it’s G rated!) ~Lil~

“I believe that I’m… ill,” Sherlock said as he sat across from his best friend.

“Ill? As in…?” the doctor responded.

“As in sickness, John. You’re a doctor. This shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp!”

Calling on his reserve of ‘Sherlock patience’, John said, “I need to know your symptoms. And frankly, I don’t mind helping out but if you really think you’re ill, you should see someone else. It’s inappropriate for me to be your GP.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“No, it’s not. Patching you up after a case is one thing, but being your regular physician is something else entirely,” John explained.

Sherlock sighed. “Never mind.”

“No, tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help or send you to someone who can.”

The detective stood up and paced across the room. “I’m not fond of doctors.”

John raised an eyebrow which Sherlock saw when he turned around.

“Oh not you, you’re fine. And Molly. But she’s different, I suppose her patients are already dead. But I do like her. Doctors in general… I’ve no use for whatsoever.”

John took in Sherlock’s appearance: he was disheveled, perspiring and had a slight tremor in his hands. “Okay, I’ll admit that you do look a little ill. What are your symptoms?”

Sherlock nodded and sat back down. “Sometimes I get a flushed feeling, for no reason at all. Heart palpitations, sweaty palms, dry mouth and an odd tightening in my chest.” He looked almost frightened. “I Googled them… I have a heart condition, don’t I?”

John tried to put together everything his friend had just told him and come up with at least a general idea of what could be ailing the detective. However only one thing came to mind. “Is there any pattern to the symptoms?”

Sherlock shook his head. “No. Sometimes it happens at home or at Barts. It’s happened at Molly’s several times. And once while we were at dinner.”

“You went to dinner with Molly?”

“After we finished the Michaelson case. You were celebrating your anniversary,” he said the last word with disdain. “She was hungry.” He rolled his eyes. “So, what do you think?”

John was still having a hard time believing his ears, so he continued his query. “Do you have any of these problems when you’re running around chasing suspects?” he asked even though he hadn’t noticed anything himself.


“This is happening when you’re at rest?”

Sherlock nodded, looking anxious. “What John? What’s wrong with me?”

“Calm down first of all and answer this: does it only happen when you’re around Molly?”

A look of concentration on his face, Sherlock appeared to be searching his mind. Then he stopped and looked up at John. “I’m… not sure.”

Well that seems unlikely, John thought. “Think really hard, Sherlock. Is Molly always around when you feel like this?”

Once again Sherlock seemed to focus, even closing his eyes. He needs his bloody mind palace to help him figure out that he fancies a girl, John mused.

Finally, after some time, he focused on John once again. “Yes. She seems to be a factor… most of the time.” His last words came out slowly.

John leaned forward. “Okay, so what do you think that means?”

Sherlock drew his hands together underneath his chin. John had seen this at least a hundred times… this was it, he was about to figure out his feelings for Molly Hooper!

“I’m allergic to Molly’s perfume,” he said smugly. “I knew it! She changed it last month and even though I told her I liked it, which I do - it’s soft and understated…”

“NO!” John closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. “You’re not allergic to… Sherlock you like Molly.”

The detective gave John his classic you’re an idiot look and said, “Of course I do, John. Everyone likes Molly. She’s kind and generous, intelligent and hardworking. She’s incredibly forgiving and quite possibly the most patient woman I’ve ever known.” He stood up and paced across the room. “She’s loyal and trustworthy and… her eyes… they’re not brown exactly.” He turned to face John but was focused on some point across the room. “They’ve got golden flecks in them, if you look closely…” Suddenly he put his hand to his chest. “Oh my God… I’m in love with her!”

John jumped up. “Bingo… wait, love?” He didn’t think the stubborn git would get that far in their first conversation.

“Yes, John. Of course… It’s so obvious now,” he said, a look of awe on his face.

“Well, yes. Everyone else figured it out ages ago.”


“Yeah, there’s actually a pool.” He thought for a moment. “Damnit. I wasn’t even close.”

“What’s wrong with you people?” Sherlock asked. “You were betting about… What date did you have?”

John looked a bit sheepish. “I thought it would take at least another year.”

Sherlock shook his head the disappeared to his room for fifteen minutes. John used the time to send some text messages, letting the losers know what had just happened. He’d tell Mary in person. Looking up, he saw his best friend grabbing his Belstaff and heading for the door. “Going to Molly’s?” he asked.

“Yes,” he answered tersely as he walked out the door.

John followed. “I already told everyone who won the pool,” he said when they got to the foot of the stairs.

Sherlock whipped around. “You told everyone! Everyone?” He glared down at the shorter man.

“No - no I didn’t mean everyone. I misspoke. I’m telling Mary myself and…”

And?” Sherlock demanded.

“And… Molly’ll know soon enough.”

“Molly was in the pool?!”

“Yes. She must have noticed the symptoms of your ‘illness’ increasing in severity, because just the other day she changed her slot to this week.” Sherlock looked confused. “See, the pool is divided into weekly interv…”

“I don’t care about that, you idiot!” he barked as he stormed out the door.

“Right.” John followed.

“She won? Molly won the pool?”

“Yeah. Anderson didn’t think it was fair to let her in. Said she had an unfair advantage.”

“He’s right, of course. Her advantage is that she’s intelligent!” He held up his hand to stop a cab.

“Are you angry with her?” John asked.

“No. Why would I be mad at Molly?”

“Oh, good.”

“But there will be no betting on any other aspects of our relationship, understand?” Sherlock said as a cab pulled up.

John nodded his head, making a mental note to tell everyone to be careful about the ‘when will Sherlock propose?’ pool he had been planning once this one was over. “Of course, of course.”

“Good.” Sherlock straightened his coat and asked, “Now, do I still look ill?”

John shook his head. “You’re fine. Don’t throw up on her.” He smiled.

Sherlock actually looked slightly concerned before he turned and climbed into the cab.

“Lovesick fool,” John mumbled as he walked toward the Tube.

The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 3/4

Part ONE / Part TWO / Part FOUR

Summary: After saving your life in a chance encounter, you start to see the Spider-Man everywhere. Fluff. Spider-Man x Reader fic. 

A/N: OKAY so I was NOT expecting the reaction I got for this mini-series and I am sooo happy you all liked it! So this is part three, one of my faves, and part four should be up later today I HOPE YOU LIKE IT???

Warnings: Light swearing

Less than a week later, and the Spider-Man was becoming more popular than ever. It was as if people waited until you were near to start discussing him. Or maybe everyone was just constantly discussing him. You had no idea. But it was getting harder and harder to ignore.

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Okay what about a klance au headcanon where Keith is like a single father™ and his kid plays for a little league soccer team or somethin that lance coaches and all the soccer moms want a piece of lances fine ass but him and Keith end hooking up, and at games and practices they low key(high key) hit on each other making all the soccer moms SHOOK I could NOT get this idea out of my head, sorry if it's weird 😕

Keith picked Shiro up, letting him whine his way into being carried, because Keith didn’t feel like arguing, plus Shiro was probably tired. He slipped the folding chair over his shoulder, his hand under Shiro so he wouldn’t drop him, but Shiro was quickly falling asleep on his shoulder, and he was harder to carry when limp. 

“Need help?” Lance smiled, and Keith had to stop himself from swooning, the field full of soccer moms watching the two of them like hawks. Lance took the folding chair and the bag full of Shiro’s soccer gear for him. “It’s hard to carry a tiny person and a bunch of stuff.” 

“Thank you.” Keith smiled, bashfully, as he hooked his other arm around Shiro who was now out like a light. They were still being watched, so Keith started to lead Lance to his car, hoping that everyone would forget about them soon. He knew better, soccer moms never forgot. 

“Y’know, you don’t have to look so nervous. What are they going to do?” Lance had waited until they were out of ear shot of everyone else. Keith sighed and rubbed Shiro’s back gently. 

“I just don’t want them to come down on Shiro for it.” He looked over Shiro’s little arm which came to a rounded end just above where his elbow should be. “He’s got enough going on as it is.” 

“Kieth,” Lance said, “Shiro makes jokes about not having two hands all the time. And you know he’d just yell at anyone who tried to say anything bad about you. He loves you way too much.” 

Keith stopped by his car, leaning on it just a little while  Lance smiled at him. “You’re right, I know, I’m just being over protective.” He glanced at Shiro, who was still sound asleep on Keith’s shoulder as Lance leaned a little closer to the two of them. 

“Besides.” Lance planted a kiss on Keith. “Does it matter what they say if I love you? And your kid?” He grinned, but they both froze when they heard a gasp. Well, everyone was going to know now. Keith and Lance stared at Betty, her hand holding onto her little girl’s. Lance’s lips pursed, “oops?” 

Betty was already gone, probably gossiping, but Keith just sighed again. “I love you too,” Keith said and kissed Lance again. Shiro woke up just in time to repeat a joke his Auntie Pidge had taught him. 

“Get a room!” He giggled when Keith turned to kiss Shiro’s cheek instead, and Lance ruffled his hair, quickly making off to get the rest of the soccer equipment. Of course, not without a promise to bring dinner over later, and asking Shiro what he wanted him to bring. Keith smiled to himself as Shiro babbled in the back of his car the whole way home about dinosaurs. 

Don’t worry anon this wasn’t weird at all! This was actually super cute, thanks for the request!!

What is love?

Title: What is love?  [Chapter 1]

Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut 

Characters: Im Jaebum | Got7 | Reader

Warning/s: None

Summary: Jaebum was your childhood friend. Both of you had a beautiful, strong bond. Like sister and brother after all your families practically saw each other every day. However, he entered in JYP to be a trainee and you was preparing for medical school. Since then both were only able to talk trough kakao talk, after a few years once he was stable as an Idol and you as Doctor, you guys decided that it was finally time to meet again. Having no idea what was about to come next. 

Author: Sakura Choi (me)

Words count:1.4k

Originally posted by got7official

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Boxing Lessons (Harrison Osterfield)

Summary: Harrison tries to teach reader how to box with little success.

Word Count: 1515

Warning(s): Fluffy af

“Come on love.” Harrison smiled beckoning me into the gym. I frowned at him following him shifting in my uncomfortable workout clothes.

“I hate this.” I grumbled. Harrison laughed handing me a pair of boxing gloves.

“You said you wanted to learn how to box.” He grinned. I frowned looking up at him.

“I meant on the wii or something not actual boxing.” I commented looking at the gloves. Harrison chuckled.

“Real boxing is more fun.” He grinned. “I promise. Now put those on.” I fiddled with them glancing at him.

“I don’t know how these work.” I sighed trying to pull them on.

“You are hopeless.” He grinned pulling me closer to him pulling the gloves on mine tightening them on my wrist.

“Hey.” I wrinkled my nose. “That’s mean.” Harrison laughed.

“Bloody hell you have small wrists.” He commented.

“I’m small, you know that.” I complained.

“Yeah—it’s cute.” Harrison grinned. I rolled my arms punching him in the shoulder. “Was that your punch?” He laughed. I frowned. “I didn’t even feel that.”

“Shut up!” I frowned. Harrison laughed grabbing some pads from the shelf and put them on.

“Alright try your right hook.” He said holding his hands out.

“What’s that?” I asked. Harrison chuckled shaking his head. He gestured punching to the left with his right hand.

“Use your hips. That’s where the power comes from. Not just your arm. Hit as hard as you can.” I nodded putting my fists up breathing in before punching his left hand as hard as I could. Harrison smiled. “Good! Again!” I didn’t a few more times my arm slowly getting tired.

“How is my arm already tired?” I complained my hands falling down. Harrison laughed shaking his head.

“You’ll get there. Now do the same thing with your left hand.” I listened punching his right hand with my left a couple times. “Good now both—switch every punch.” I continued for about thirty seconds before dropping my hands.

“Oh my god this is hard.” I groaned. “Can I just watch you?” I smiled. Harrison chuckled shaking his head.

“No, we are learning how to box.” He grinned.

“Well if anyone attacks me I’ll just kick him in the balls.” I shrugged. Harrison shook his head a smile on his face.

“What if it’s a girl?” He asked.

“Then in the boobs.” I shrugged. Harrison laughed taking off the mits.

“Alright then love, attack me.”

“What?” I laughed.

“Let’s see what you got.” Harrison grinned crossing his arms.

“What?” I repeated. “Do you really want me to kick you in the balls?” Harrison laughed shaking his head.

“No.” He grinned. “I don’t, you wouldn’t get that far.” I frowned.

“Wanna bet?” I asked.

“Sure.” He grinned. “If I pin you in less the ten seconds then I’ll buy you lunch.”

“Okay—wait.” I said. “I should buy lunch if you win—which you won’t.”

“Either way I’m buying lunch sweetheart.” He shrugged.

“That’s not a bet then Haz.” I laughed.

“Fine.” He sighed. “If I lose—which by the way I won’t—we never have to do this again.”

“Deal.” I smiled.

“That means when I win you will have to learn how to box—with me. Which means every week love.” I rolled my eyes.

“I got it.” I clenched my fists. “Let’s go.” Harrison nodded stepping back. We stared at each other for a few minutes.

“Well?” He grinned laughing a little before I lunged at him. He caught on quickly grabbing my wrist spinning me into his chest. His arms wrapping around my upper chest. “That was easy.” He laughed. I struggled against him.

“It’s not done yet you have to hold me for at least ten seconds.” I groaned trying to move my arms out of his grip. He laughed.

“1…2…3….” He started squeezing me tighter as I struggled. “4…5…6…7…8…” I let out a frustrating groan.

“This isn’t fair!”

“…9…10.” He grinned letting me go. I frowned and glared at him. “I win.” I shook my head. Harrison grinned. “So that means we will be here every Tuesday morning at nine.” I groaned.

“No!” I frowned. “It wasn’t fair. You cheated.” Harrison chuckled his arms crossing.

“How did I cheat?” He grinned.

“I don’t know.” I frowned as he laughed. “I thought you were gonna go easy on me.”

“Why would you think that?” He said through his laughter.

“Because you are my boyfriend and you are supposed to go easy on me.” I muttered. Harrison smiled pulling me into his chest.

“Aw babe.” He rubbed my back. “I was. You are just really easy to stop. Extremely easy.”

“Jerk.” I muttered. Harrison laughed again. “Can we go to lunch now?”

“It’s 9:30 love.” He chuckled.

“Great so I’ll just watch you then.” I pulled back smiling up at him. He grinned pulling back leading me to the punching bag in the far corner.

“Alright.” He said putting on a pair of boxing gloves. “Show me your right hook.” I sighed putting my arms up punching the punching bag as hard as I could. Harrison nodded. “Good, shift your body a little more.” I tried again punching the bag again. After about 20 seconds my hands dropped.

“How do you do this?” I breathed. Harrison smiled.

“Practice.” He grinned punching the bag as hard as he could.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” I asked rubbing my knuckles.

“A little.” He said punching it again. “You get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to it.” I mumbled. “I wanna eat.” Harrison laughed as his fist hit the bag hard. “Jesus Christ—I’d hate to be the other guy.” I muttered as he punched the bag again harder. Harrison grunted as he continued to punch the bag. He stopped suddenly looking back at me. “How are you so strong?” I asked as he walked over to me grabbing his water taking a gulp of water.

“I’m batman.” He grinned. I rolled my eyes.

“Alright Bruce.” I laughed. “What does that make me?”

“Catwoman?” He grinned.

“I like cats.” I smiled.

“I like you.”

“Even if I suck at boxing?” I asked.

“Even if you are absolutely rubbish at boxing.” He laughed. I blushed shaking my head stealing his water. “Hey.” He frowned. “That’s for people who are actually working out.”

“I did work out.” I argued.

“Fine.” He grinned. “You have to help me with something then.” I nodding taking a drink out of his water bottle.

“What do you need help with?” I asked giving back his water bottle.

“I need you for motivation.”

“Motivation?” I asked. Harrison nodded.

“Yeah.” He put his water bottle on the floor. “Lay on the floor.”

“What?” I laughed.

“I’m going to do push ups.” He rolled his eyes. I laughed shaking my head.

“Fine.” I sighed lying on the matt on the floor. “How many are you going to do?”

“30?” He questioned. I nodded.

“Alright.” I murmured as he bent down positioning himself above me. He did one push up leaving a soft kiss on my lips. I giggled as he pulled himself up again.

“One.” I grinned. He bent down kissing me again. “Two. Is this enough motivation for you?” I asked as he bent down kissing me again. “Three.”

“It’s perfect love.” He said kissing me again. It continued until push up twenty-one when he kissed me I placed my hands on the side of his face kissing him longer. “That’s unfair princess.” He groaned pulling away from me. He kissed me again pulling away.

“I’m helping you.” He kissed me again. 22.

“No you aren’t” He said kissing me again.

“You should kiss me for longer.” I murmured as he came down again.

“That’s not the point.” 23.

“Well what is in it for me then?” I said joking as his lips pressed against mine. 24.

“You are helping me get stronger.” 25.

“Yeah you need to work out more, you are looking a little skimpy.” I joked as he leaned down again. 26.

“Excuse me?” He asked pulling up again and back down. 27.

“I swear to god if you sweat on me—” I started before his lips were on mine again. 28.

“I’m not even sweating.” Harrison laughed. “One more.” He added kissing me again. 29. I smiled as he leant down again.

“Finally.” I murmured as he kissed me again this time his lips lingering on mine.

“What the hell?” I heard a voice from the other side of the room. Harrison grinned pulling away again.

“Oh hey Tom.” He grinned sitting up.

“What were you two doing?” Tom laughed as Harrison helped me up.

“I was his motivation.” I grinned as Harrison kissed my forehead.

“You two were on the floor…” He started a smirk on his face as he looked at his best friend.

“He was doing pushups.” I blushed. Tom laughed glancing at Harrison before pulling on his boxing gloves.

“Really mate?” He smiled. Harrison shrugged and followed his friend to the punching bag.

“You can watch me now love.” He winked pulling on his gloves.

What did I do wrong? - Chandler Riggs

Okay so this wasn’t asked for. But I’m hecka bored and I have nothing better to do with my life. This is gonna be a little cute.. imagine I guess? Let me know if this is actually something yall wanna see more of :) Ps. Please keep in mind I’m doing this on my phone and not on a computer, and there’s probs gonna be some spelling/grammar errors. * summary * You work on the set of TWD, playing the role of “Olive”, young girl who was found on her own and quickly become friends with Carl. After a unexpected scene, tension grows. While on set, and off (within the fandom) a ship name is made. But for some reason Chandler doesn’t seem to fond of it. ———- “Carl, please. You can’t go out there. Do you have a death wish?” I grab onto his wrist holding him from moving forward. He takes a breath and looks back at me. “I’m sorry. I have to.” He turns again and starts to walk away. My eyes start to water. “Wait!” I blurt out. What am I doing. Chandler turns to me confused. That wasn’t part of my scrip.We both know that.But nothing happens. He keeps his act up and stares at me. I run up to him and take my hands, holding his face. His face goes stiff as he keeps his eyes on me. Why am I doing this? Why is no one stopping me? Why hasn’t anyone yelled cut??? “Please don’t die.” I say. In that moment, without realizing it. I kiss him. He’s taken aback and pulls away after the kiss. “I won’t.” He says finally walking away. The cameras stop, the lights turn off and the entire room is silent. “Wow. That was… wow.” The director walks over clapping. “Just so you know, we’re keeping that in. Was priceless.” He says patting my shoulder. (2 WEEKS LATER) It’s been 2 weeks since I pulled off that kiss in set. Chandler won’t talk to me unless we’re recording, which I don’t understand. What did I do? I get that what I did was unexpected and uncalled for. But there’s no reason to just completely stop talking to me. The ship name “Carlive” took way not to long ago, practically leaving Chandler speechless. “Just go up to talk to him. He must have a valid reason. Ask him.” I was talking to Melissa. She’s always been my on set mom. “Alright. I just really miss him, his smile… laugh. The way he would look me in the eyes every time we would talk.. now he just acts like I’m invisible. Like nothing.” “Sounds like you’ve fallen Y/N” I sigh knowing she’s right. “Yea..” She smiles taking me in for a hug. “I think I saw him over by makeup” she says pulling away. Standing, I wipe off my pants and make my way to Chandler. I spot him sitting on one of the lounge chairs scrolling through his phone. Taking a deep breath I walk up to him. “Chandler.” Nothing. “Chandler?” Not a word. “Chandler. Come on.” Zip zap, bipiddy bap, would look at that. nothing. I sigh and take a seat in front of him. “You know what? I’m really sick your shit. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me, I don’t know what happened between us. You’re treating me like complete shit and I’m really not enjoing it.” I look at him still scrolling through his phone and that’s when I’ve had it. I take his phone out of his hands and shove it in my pocket. He groans and finally for the first time in 2 weeks, looks at me. “Can’t you explain. I just don’t understand Chandler. After what happened you’ve completely shut me out. What did I do!?” He quickly stands looking me dead in the eyes. “You wanna know what you did to me? You wanna know why I don’t talk or even look at you anymore unless I have to? You wanna know why I hate that fucking ship name so much!?” He’s suddenly got me pinned up against the wall his lips by my neck. My breath cuts short and I freeze. “Because you made me love you.” My eyes widen and I feel his lips ever so lightly touch my neck. “You made me love your eyes” kiss. “Your laugh” kiss. “Your lips” He looks me in the eyes placing his forehead on mine, then slowly kisses my lips. “You made me love all of you and the worst part is I’ll never get you… that’s why.” He pulls away and walks back to the rest of the cast. I let out a sigh and slowly slide down to the ground. “What the hell just happened?” —– OKAY SO YEA. idfk if that was any good. Probs not. IN WHICH CASE U SHOULD GO READ @strugglingfairy s STuFf cuz iTs acTuALlY sO gooD. Oh and this whole like… “What did I do wrong” type thing may or may not be very relevant to me rn cUz GUYS ARE CONFUSIBG YEA? anywhooo let me know if you want a part 2 or something? Idk. Kk love u bYe.

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For anon and @capitanostella (via comments)…a part 2 to this imagine. Enjoy! (Reader is still a Stark)

Y/N rolled her eyes as she hopped out of the car. Her dad was babbling about how she should stay here. She smiled slightly.

“Dad, I’ll be fine,” she reassured him.
“Are you sure? You’ve never been to Asgard.”
“Which is why Thor will make sure I don’t do anything stupid,” she replied softly.
“Of course not, you’re a Stark,” he countered.
“I promise, I will watch over Lady Y/N,” Thor’s voice boomed.
“See?” she suggested hopefully, “Besides, think of all the technology I’ll get to study! Just think of it as me going abroad.”

Tony let out a sigh. Y/N felt slightly guilty at using his love of technology to be allowed to go to Asgard. She wasn’t completely lying, but she wasn’t completely telling the truth either. Ever since Loki had surprised her in the Tower, she couldn’t get the guy out of her head. It was also the reason she was avoiding his muzzled gaze the entire time. Gently, she gripped her father’s hand.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” she cooed.
But will I? she thought quietly, not fully understanding herself.
Tony smirked. “Alright, kid. Promise me you’ll be safe and kick anybody’s ass if they bug you. Thor is going to be your personal body guard.”
She gave her father a hug. “Of course, dad.”

Bruce, Steve, and the others were quick to give their goodbyes to Y/N. Clint, of course, felt the need to tell her to slap Loki right where it counts for him. She chuckled before Nat asked her to do the same for extra measure. Steve gave the longest hug, considering he was last.

“Lady Y/N,” Thor called.
She started backing away from the others. “Bye guys…don’t destroy anything while I’m gone.”
“Be safe, kid,” Tony called, “Love you.”
“Love you too, dad.”

Y/N turned to Thor. A brief moment of eye contact with Loki caused her jaw to tighten. She forced a smile and slung her arms around Thor’s bicep. Due to the muzzle, she couldn’t see the grimace that Loki sported at the action. Instead, he grabbed the handle of the tesseract that his brother was holding out to him. Within moments, the trio was gone.

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If it isn’t immediately obvious, I am super weak for Overwatch PR Rep!Reader. Do I like the idea of the reader handling all of the shit that comes from Overwatch interacting with the world? Hell yeah. Also, I’m a sucker for everyone crushing on the small and cute PR Rep who is simultaneously constantly sick of everyone’s shit and super endeared by the fact that everyone cares about them.

You rushed into the meeting with all of the necessary materials in hand, mumbling to yourself about how you hated your job and wished you had just taken up photography or something instead. You were so sick of putting out press statements and trying to make it seem like Overwatch wasn’t fucking the world to Hell that all you wanted to do these days was sleep.

“Sorry I’m late,” you sighed, taking your seat and putting your things on the table. Morrison and Reyes both looked at you, the latter smiling a bit as you tried to get your things together.

“Rough morning?” he asked you, which led you to glare at your superior.

“Do you even know how hard it is to get statements together for something that happened two weeks ago that should never have been leaked to the public? I feel like you don’t,” you snapped. Reyes put his hands up in a placating gesture, and you let out a sigh as you apologized.

McCree, Reyes’ boy, slid a mug over to you. Coffee, just the way you liked it. You were glad for the caffeine to pull you out of your mood. You had, after all, been woken up and told to put something together. You smiled at him. McCree was always kind and you appreciated that he kept you in his thoughts.

“What did you come up with?” Morrison asked. You sighed, looking through your papers, and started to read the statement you had written.

At the meetings end you bumped into Genji, who was usually the first out of these meetings (at least, you thought he was, you never knew since you always had to stay behind to go over Morrison’s lines to the public since he was the face of Overwatch) but seemed to have waited up a bit.

“I wanted to thank you,” he stated. You frowned, confused, and he elaborated. “Your statement. You mentioned me as a man doing my job and not some… freak.”

You were taken aback. Genji hardly spoke to you aside from a few passing hellos, but now he was telling you he was grateful just for you treating him like a human being?

“Genji, you are a man doing your job. There’s nothing freakish about it. You still have a heart that beats and feels. That makes you human,” you said. You glanced at your watch and cursed when you realized you needed to get started on the plans for the event the following week.

“Thank you for your hard work!” you shouted as you ran down the hallway, not even noticing the way Genji’s eyes followed you, awe struck.

You could often be found asleep at your desk at the end of a long day. Sometimes it was easier to sleep in your office than to head home, but other times you just fell asleep even when all you wanted to do was go and lay in your bed.

You were glad you had friends who would help you out, though. You woke briefly when Fareeha lifted you into her arms to carry you back to your room. She was typically the person that took you back, since she knew the key code to your office when you locked yourself in. You trusted her like no other.

“M not finished,” you slurred.

“Yes you are,” Fareeha stated. You knew you couldn’t fight her, especially since she could probably guess from your clothes where you had been sleeping the last two days.

“Just a bit more.” You tried to plead with her but Fareeha would have none of it.

“Sleep. Shower. Start again after a meal. Okay?”

You mumbled something she didn’t quite catch, but then again you also fell into sleep once more. You roused, briefly, when you were sat in your bed. You didn’t wake again until hours later, a small note from Fareeha and a glass of water at your bedside.

You made sure to try to remember to thank her later.

You had the necessary training needed to be able to do missions if you had to. You had the necessary training needed to defend yourself if you ever found yourself in a situation where you could be compromised. You had the necessary training to be able to work in the field with the agents if need be.

You wished you had chosen a different profession some days.

Your arm was bleeding and you didn’t know if you would make it out alive, but god fucking dammit you would make damn sure the civilians did.

“(Y/N), what’s taking you so long?” Reyes’ urgent voice called through your ear piece. “The building is going to collapse, why aren’t you out of there yet?!”

You looked down at the mother that held onto her child. You were the only thing that was keeping them from being crushed beneath the central beam of the room. The extraction team hadn’t gotten to you all yet, but you assumed it was because they had thought the building empty. You could have left sooner, but you had heard the child crying and came to the aid of the boy and his mother.

“Have you considered, Reyes, for a second, that there was something keeping me here?” You snapped through the line. You heard frantic shouting on the other end, as it seemed the others were realizing that you weren’t alone.

“It’s alright,” you soothed, giving the mother your best smile. It was what won over the other journalists at press conferences. “Overwatch will get the two of you out.”

“Wh-what about you?” the mother questioned. She looked terrified; she could see that the strain of holding up something so heavy was beginning to wear on you.

“This is nothing,” you lied, even though your back said otherwise, “I could do this all day.”

The show of strength placated the young boy, who stared up at you in awe.

“(Y/N), you need to get out of there,” Jack Morrison’s voice rippled through the line.

“Not until this woman and her son are extracted,” you replied through grit teeth. “I’d die before I left them alone.”

A bit extreme, but you stood behind your words. You would sooner have the beam crush you before you left them to die. Boy, would the press have a fucking field day with that. And like hell you would live through the paperwork required to somehow justify why this woman and her child didn’t make it out alive when you did.

The line was silent for a while and you assumed it was because Morrison was discussing something with Reyes and likely Captain Amari. They were considering their options, trying to figure out how they were going to get their best PR rep out alongside the mother and her child.

You did your best to keep up a charade of hope, but your arms were starting to tire and the blood loss was a bit worrying.

“A team is coming in,” were the first words you heard in your ear piece after a few moments of silence. You were practically relieved when you heard them; it would only be a bit longer before you could finally get out.

Ten minutes past and you heard the sound of debris being moved and broken. You felt a renewed sense of relief at the sounds; it only took Reinhardt and Jesse a few moments before they found the three of you. Reinhardt hefted the beam higher so that Jesse could usher the woman and her son out.

The literal weight lifted from your shoulders had you sighing in relief, even as you limped from beneath the beam. You knew the moment Reinhardt let it down it would collapse, so you moved as quickly as possible from beneath it.

“You must be more careful, my friend,” Reinhardt told you, the worry evident in his voice.

You gave him that press smile, hiding your pain behind it. “I had it under control. You couldn’t tell?”

Apparently not, because the moment you reached open air, you fainted, the ground coming up to meet you fast and hard.

When you woke again, you were in the infirmary, Dr. Angela Ziegler standing over you, worried. The amount of blood loss would have killed a lesser being and you had held up almost two tons of wood with little to no problem (at first).

“There is something about you, I never noticed it before,” Angela said as you managed to quickly get your bearings.

“Admire it later, Dr. Ziegler, I have a report to do and a press statement to prepare,” you mumbled as you got out of the bed. Angela tried to stop you, only to notice that the wounds she had been tending had already scarred over. She was powerless to stop you as you hurried to get back to your office and start your work.

Out of the shadows walked Morrison and Reyes, who both looked at Angela, concern evident on their faces.

“What did you find?” Jack asked.

“(Y/N) healed at an alarmingly fast rate compared to anyone else in that state. The blood loss should have been enough alone to kill them before the extraction team made it.” Angela flipped through the chart. “Vitals were back up in a matter of hours. They should have died.”

Jack looked at Gabriel, who immediately knew what he was thinking.

“So you’re saying-”

“-(Y/N) is practically super human?”

Angela shook her head. “I’m saying (Y/N) is otherworldly.”

I won’t say I’m in love (Zelink)

Whilst in Gerudo Town, Zelda begins talking to Urbosa about Link. Maybe she does like him, but she can’t admit it to anyone. Pre-calamity.

“I do not understand it Urbosa.” Zelda paced up and down. The Champions were in Gerudo town, making final checks with Vah Naboris. Zelda managed to sneak away from Link and was speaking to Urbosa.

“I told my father I did not need a knight and yet, here one is following me around all the time. I’m not a child. He’s barely a year older than me so why does my father feel he’s adequate to protect me should the need –which there is none- arise.” She stopped pacing and sat with an agitated sigh next to the large Gerudo.

“You’re father just wants you to be safe.” Urbosa said, trying to reason with the Princess. “Besides, you could have done worse.”
“What do you mean by that?” Zelda looked up at Urbosa who was now smirking.

“He is rather handsome, don’t you think?” Urbosa laughed at how Zelda began blushing profusely.

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