which i have no way of knowing

Juliette Binoche c. April 2015:It was very violent, I didn’t know where to go until I couldn’t go anywhere else. Inside myself. I had to surrender, you have to die in a way. It’s an abdication of yourself. You have to give yourself to a force which is not you. Life goes not forward, but inward.

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How would SF and UF BROS react to every time they are around them they always end up in an argument. That leaves their crush to think they hate them even though the skeletons keeps asking them to hang out Until one day at the end of one their crush yells "FINE since you hate me so much I'll just leave and never come back!! You'll never have to fight or see me EVER AGAIN!"

SF Sans: Oh no! No! He didn’t want you to think he hated you. He is a loud, sometimes aggressive skeleton. He knows it is pretty easy to start a fight with him, and he knows it’s very hard to stop that fight again. And you started arguments yourself too, you both a bit on the hotheaded side, which just made the number of arguments per week way to high. 

But he doesn’t hate you, he will try to better himself. He doesn’t know how, but he will as long as you still want to stay with him.

SF Papyrus: He is very passive, so whenever an argument starts, it’s usually because of the way he lies around apathetic. And when an argument starts, he usually just nods. He rarely even says anything back. Which just frustrates you, so the argument keeps going for a long time. But he didn’t wanted you to think he hated you?

He is a mess, and he knows it, he just wishes he could show you that he is trying to better himself. He just can’t do it alone. Would you be willing to stay and help him, he doesn’t want you to leave.

UF Sans: Oh boy, he isn’t very hotheaded, but when you start to fight, man you fight. Nobody’s backing off, and he just keeps putting coal in the fire, making each fight last forever and escalate into a pure screaming match.

He honestly has some sick sense of enjoyment from that, to just yell out all his frustration. He knew it wasn’t a good thing to do, but he had no idea it affected you so badly. He swears, sugar, he will find some other way to vent. Just give him another chance.

UF Papyrus: Boy he is hotheaded but has some pretty good self-control, so fights with him are often but short. His anger flares up because of so many things, but he pulls himself together as fast as possible, cutting the fight short. But he rarely apologizes.

He didn’t know he was making things so terrible for you, he will give his all to control himself better. And he will get over himself, and finally apologize when he fucks up.

My name is Scott and I run Transcendical Prosperity.  These are the energy of the astrological universe that influence the life I was born in:

Astrology has been my center focus now for almost 4 years.  It has become a career for me, a passion and a dedication unlike any other.  I was not born with the intuitive gift of knowing spirituality, astrology or it’s impact on the world or the individuals within.  I have had to work myself up from the bottom after I turned 30 years old to embrace it’s diverse realm of possibility.

My journey into Astrology began 4 years ago when I was interested in other ways to uncover depths of the human psyche besides psychology.  At the time of my interest I was not aware my Saturn Return was occurring in Scorpio in my 12th house stellium which was motivating me towards Astrology.  I lived with Major Depression all of my life.  A feeling of no purpose, questioning existence and lack of connection to the physical realm never faded for me .  Years of spending time looking for answers in the physical world never satisfied me. Being born with a 12th house stellium was a blessing and a curse.  The first part of life I spent looking for the answers of life through other’s perspectives; failing to connect with the idea there is something more to being alive then the physical world.  

The Saturn return began both a spiritual journey and an awakening of my intellectual longing to find purpose in life.  With Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius opposite my Gemini moon; I was always in search for greater answers then that which was presented to me.  I could never settle at face value that we are all just here survival of an instinctual need.  I failed to connect with ideas pertaining to life is for ego satisfaction being the only purpose for life.  For years I lived with depression because I never learned to embrace 12th planets I was blessed with.

Through introversion and looking within I have learned an important answer to a question I sought for years.  What is the purpose of life, why are we here?  The simple answer is, we are here to make the most of what we are given by the planetary soul bodies in our universe.

I formed my own belief system instead of relying on therapy and western medicine to mold a foundation for me.  We are not just people who need to survive and make ends meet.  We are living soul beings who need to grow.  Perhaps because I am dominant in Sagittarius energy I always came to feel the most important thing in life is having growth potential.  Dedicating my life towards Astrology allowed just that.  There is no end or final page you read and realize you know everything.  Astrology’s nature is always evolving because we have freewill to use the birth karma influences of the planets as we see fit. Through the journey of learning there are many stories to hear, and experiences to embrace.  The education of personal choices, freewill and understanding life come through the storyboard horoscopes and the priorities of those who author their own lives.  There is a never ending source of inspiration to learn with Astrology and a myriad of ways to employ it’s energies to daily life.

Like most people I took a passing interest in astrology with basic newspaper archetypes before I really got into it..  You always know you Sun sign very easy; but everything else takes time to uncover.  I knew about Scorpio but never really connected with.  Only did I learn in time what the many elements and interaction between the planets and their positions in skies influenced the way we chose to live our life.

My long term prospect with this blog is to turn it into a resource for people in the future to feel inspired by Astrology and it’s potential to offer understanding, hope and connections in life.  A major component of my dealing with depression came in philosophical musings.  One which always resonated; why are we born if we just to die?  Only in the past several years have I come to realize there is more to life than about what we gain in life. Everything is temporary and we are all but passing influences on society in the great scheme of time and human history. The think that matters most is what we choose to do with our time for the better of not just our life, but the lives of all souls incarnated in a physical existence.

I plan to do astrology, this blog and work with others in need for most likely my entire life.  I come to accept one day I will die, life will go on without my consciousnesses and history may forget me.  All I can do with my time is try and inspire others with universal knowledge to encourage personal growth for people as individuals and hopefully society as a whole.  I can’t tell you whether reincarnation exists or not; but I can tell you that this time is what we have and what exists.  If we come back and have more to do after this life is over or not, all we can control as people is making positive impacts on the lives of those who suffer in darkness with no light to guide the way. I intend to be that light for as long as I have time on Earth if possible.  I will continue to both study Western Astrology and Vedic astrology as a means to deliver guidance to those who find my blog and my presence on Earth.

I base my work out of the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area in the Pacific Northwest in the United States.  Studying Astrology helped me find a place to live that really feels like home for the first time in my life.  Thanks to relocation astrology and synastry of comparing my chart to many cities; I finally found a nice fit after years never feeling like home anywhere.  Both cities offer a heavy present a heavy Aquarius Influence that falls in my 4th house of home in my birth horoscope.  It’s very important to exist somewhere your foundation feels secure at the very least and astrology really helps that.  

Maybe one day I will fulfill my dream of generating income to contribute to a school of my own, or to give back to an educational foundation one day who shares my philosophies on the universal language of Astrology.

So something I’ve noticed from watching streams and reviews of Doom on Switch is that the multiplayer for the game is significantly more active than it is on any other platform and I think that’s really, really funny and also kinda cool. 

I mean, it makes sense. There’s a lot of factors coming together here. 

The Switch is selling REALLY well. Nintendo found the machine that everybody wanted, but nobody knew that they wanted it until they saw it. People are buying this magical device that lets you play “real” video games on the go in droves, and they’re hungry for games for the system. 

Lots of Indie developers have stated that their games are selling way better on the Switch than other platforms. People want more stuff to play on their systems, so if something new appears on the Switch eShop they’re very likely to give it a once-over. I know I personally turn on my Switch every day just to give the eShop a quick look, which is something I don’t do on other platforms. 

Doom was REALLY highly reviewed, but it didn’t break any sales records. The game kinda got lost in the sea of amazing games that came out in 2016. The Switch has given it a second shot at life. People will see it in the eShop and think “Oh man, I remember reading a lot of good things about that game! And now I can play that game on a handheld? And it’s the REAL, FULL game? AND it’s got Halo multiplayer? SOLD.” 

So you’ve got all these factors coming together to make Doom suddenly very successful with an actually active multiplayer scene. Objectively speaking, Doom on Switch is the worst version of the game. It runs poorly, the visuals aren’t great, it’s missing SnapMap, and it’s twice the price than it is on the other platforms.

Despite all that, the sheer novelty of the Switch is making people that had previously skipped Doom buy the game and play it. 

And I think that’s really funny, and also really cool. 

Switched Pt. 35

Summary: While on set practicing lines, Arin knocks over a guitar prop that somehow sends him and Dan to the world of Good Game. Meanwhile, Alex and Ryland appear in their places on Good Game’s set. Now Arin and Dan must find a way home and attempt to replace Boogerboss and the Coach for Blood Match, while Alex and Ryland find themselves in a world with their ideal lives… and they don’t know how to cope.

Warnings: None for this chapter.

Genre: Metafiction. Definitely some deep writing and character arcs. Mild fluffy Rylex stuff.

Author’s Note: Wow you guys. I can’t believe this is, essentially, the last chapter of Switched. I still have the epilogue to write, which will come out some time this week and will answer some of the questions and speculations you guys have been having, but this is the last chapter for our core characters. Definitely the longest fan fic I’ve ever written - 60,000 words! But I’m excited to write more in the future. =D Thanks for being with me on this journey and I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Enjoy the chapter, guys. Epilogue soon!


Chapter Thirty-Five

Dan sat on a stool on the stage of the little comedy club Alex and Ryland had been performing at, trying to remind himself to smile.

It wasn’t easy.

But Arin was right there. He had to keep telling himself that. He was right there, right next to Dan, safe and sound. Not stuck in the Good Game world.

Not pinned to a wall by an assassin that looked just like one of his closest friends and bandmate.

God, it had been difficult to even let his own Brian hug him after that whole situation.

Normally Dan and Arin would take opposite ends of the stage in a small venue like this, so more people could see them. This time, Dan insisted on sitting right next to Arin. He fought the urge to grip Arin’s hand and just hold it while they spoke. The temptation was nearly overwhelming, even knowing the reaction the fans would have.

He absently traced Vernon’s path with his gaze as the man wandered to the next guest with a hand up.

But it was the question that really threw him off.

“I’m a huge fan of Good Game,” the young woman said, drawing a few cheers and claps from the rest of the audience. “So my question is this – If you had to guess, what do you think Alex and Ryland are doing right now?”

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I don’t know why they upped the chances of abduction because??? WOW. One of mine was abducted last I played! Do you have a mod that makes it cancelable? Because I can’t do anything once the weird light happens

no i don’t, there’s just a small window within which the action is cancellable (before the light actually appears, at that point it’s too late), i was just lucky to be able to catch it within that window so i could cancel it. i’m pretty sure mc command center has a way to turn down the frequency of abductions if you want to do so, or alternatively you can reset your sim (with the “resetsim firstname lastname” cheat code) if they’re about to be abducted and you can’t cancel it anymore!

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Do YOU have any fic recommendations for us?

I went through my favorites (I don’t always fave them, but these I remembered to fave) and got these for y’all in no particular order. (Sorry it took me a few days to reply to this)

(Basically my sub list on FF.net, which I’m too lazy to do all of)


Basically anything by Recall The Love, Electronic Zappa, Smeg699, RavenClawGenius, thatmitchsentho, knappster, ACamp-toner and hollyhwrites has some good fics, too– there’s so many out there that are amazing. I’ve got ones I wish I could remember the name of that I didn’t fave, so these are not by any means, everything, just what I managed to remember to fave. Also some in progress ones that are good in my subs but there was too many to go through and most hadn’t updated in a good long while. :’c

I reserve the right to add to this list if I happen to remember a fic. :P

So here we are again, another milestone! I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for just over a year now, and I’m half way to a thousand followers! That’s nuts! So to once again show my love to you guys, here we go!


  • ( @ittybittylittlebit-hot ) You know I always have to mention you. You’re always understanding and push me to be my best in life and on Tumblr, even when I have my moments of random hiatus. You truly are one of my best friends and I’ll always be glad to have met you. 
  • ( @mxndhunter ) Marii! We haven’t rp’d as much recently, which is suckish, but I’ve always loved our ships we’ve formed and the writing we do together. They always turn out amazing. I hope we can do more soon, I know life gets busy, but I miss you babe!
  • ( @lespcir ) Heather! You’ve just recently joined this little community (correct me if I’m wrong ofc), but I love your writing and the fact you’re quite 5sos trash yourself. We need to do more things soon!
  • ( @mclliflvous ) Becca! I know you’re on a bit of a hiatus, but I had to mention you anyway. I love writing with you and talking to you. You crack me up and our ships are always hurting my soul as they should. I love you girl!
  • ( @lxveleexinsxnity ) I miss you Justyce! We haven’t rp’d in a while, but even so I love having you as a friend. You’re such a kind soul and great person all around. I’ve always enjoyed reading your writing and I hope you come back soon!


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I’m sorry I know you’re going through a lot and eating disorders fucking suck. Trust me I know. But you shouldn’t be proud that you have 32k followers. You should be sad and horrified. I want you to keep posting it helps you and others but it’s not something to be happy about Please don’t brag about it.

I’m not proud that I have 32K followers. It actually makes me extremely upset that there’s that many people going through the same thing I am and knowing that there’s a whole lot more that aren’t even following me. I absolutely wasn’t bragging about it, just doing what the post said to do which was state how old my blog is and state how many followers I have. I’m sorry if it came off that way, but I absolutely am not proud of the number nor do I want anyone thinking that I am.

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I love this show despite all the cheesy and overdramatic stuff, but don't you think that they've left too many plot holes this season? Like the nana blossom thing and juggie being happy at south side high...And that they pick up something and dont follow through on it? Like the whole Penelope Blossom getting burnt and the reason wasn't anything major... or the bughead make-up scene which they could've put in since the break up was such a big deal...

This show has more holes than Swiss cheese. But y’know what? Despite an incessant need I have to know every and all details about things, I’m okay with it. I just don’t think about it too hard. Although they are abundant the plot holes don’t pull me out of the world in a way that would frustrate me enough to give up on it. Also, sometimes I find it fun to try and come up with explanations to things that are clearly oversights or mishaps in plot myself - in a way I guess you could say that means I engage more with the content because of it; I answered an ask along those lines about my thoughts on the bughead reunion, or lack there of (I’d link but I’m on mobile - if you did wanna read it you could always shoot me another message and I’ll link once I’m on my laptop). But that’s just me and my willingness to let these things go for the sake of this show I’m enjoying.

To my fellow Infp’s out there…

I have a question: When someone - in person - tells you some terrible news related to yourself, how do you initially react?

So I ask this because in my personal experience, I react in a really odd way. I often want to smile or nervous laugh. Which does not reflect how I feel AT ALL. Because when I’m alone and have time to process the news I am devastated, and incredibly sad.

Is it a defence mechanism? Is it because we’re already dealing with such heightened emotions that it’s just all too much at once?

This may not even be an INFP thing. I have an ISFJ friend who reacts the same. Is it a F thing? I don’t know. Just curious…

I just want to send all my love to everyone who participated in the ❤️ ask because this has been a rough day and thinking about all the ways in which you guys have touched my life and mended my heart has offered a lot of perspective. I just want to take a second to remind everyone that failure is not something to be feared. Do the best that your health and mind will allow and if it doesn’t work out, if you don’t reach your goal, do it again. Win, lose, make mistakes, learn from them, help others, spread love and encouragement, and know that you are valid and worthy of love and happiness during your lowest moments, through your biggest failures, and in your greatest regrets. It isn’t your job to be good at everything, it isn’t your responsibility to always be beautiful and put together, or wise. Live in your failures, own up to them, revel in them even. But always get up and try harder next time.

3x7, Feels

Y’all, this was a slow, but ultimately well done episode. I’m going to break it down into the three main storylines for my feelings. 

SpaceDad and SpaceGrandDad

This was a necessary and cute storyline. It was nice for us to explore J’onn’s life outside the DEO a bit. Like most adults on shows about teenagers (and let’s be honest, J’onn is the adult and the rest of those dumb dumbs are the teenagers), the adults rarely get full lives. I like that the writers know that the easiest way to show a character as three dimensional is through their relationships, and that they chose a family relation instead of forcing another romance. I’m excited to have more scenes with J’onn’s dad. He seems like a hoot and that he’ll eventually give Alex a hard time. 


Okay. We all knew this was coming. But it could’ve been a lot fucking worse. We don’t see they kiss on the mouth at all the whole episode which I’m really happy about. If they did that, even to play to the cheap seats (looking at your k*rahell shippers) it would have been in bad taste. 

I’m now interested in the way they set up his and Saturn Girl’s storyline for this season, but I think they fell on the lazy tropes and writing techniques of last season to reintroduce the character. I get the point of using familiar styles, especially if you want to reintroduce, (e.g. Spike entering Sunnydale is a number of ways throughout the Buffy series), but Mon El had such a bad rap at the end of season two, they should have modified the story just a bit more. 

All in all, it wasn’t my favorite storyline in an episode so far in this season by any means, but it wasn’t completely different or off from the six amazing episodes we’ve gotten so far. 


Here is why you need to watch the episode. The CW fucking buried the lead, and think on purpose (they wanted to warn the fandom about Mon El returning and have us not feel tricked into watching an episode because of Sam, which I appreciate). But man, oh, man, was this a Sam-packed episode! I’m just left with so many questions! I’m really at a loss for thoughts. it was so good. 

And it answered the question about how Sam would suddenly go all evil and become Reign. I’m glad the speculation about Ruby is suddenly null, but I’m nervous the awoken!Sam (Reign) will try to do something to Ruby. I hope Alex and Lena are they to protect her in spades. 

omg, lena is going to have so many feelings when we see her next. Which probably won’t be until after the break. Unless she’s in the Supergirl episode of the crossover.

I just have so many thoughts about the Sam stuff, but it won’t fully hit me until like mid-thanksgiving dinner after I’ve had two mulled wines. 

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Um... You realize those my Little pony figures you're selling are McDonald's toys... Like, they're literally given away with Happy meals...

Oh boy, do you need some teaching. 

For starters, McDonald’s toys are NOT free. The Happy Meal price includes the cost of the toy, which you can also buy separately. 

They are $1.69 individually. Including tax, depending on what state you are in, it comes out to about $2.00. And again that’s per toy. 

Now clearly you know little to nothing about toy/merchandise collectors. But here’s a fun fact: we love having full sets of limited release toys. This includes Mcdonalds toys, bling bag toys, or any others sold for a short time and then discontinued. 

I myself have 2 nearly complete G3 Mcdonalds sets and only need one more for each. And if you have a full set, value goes way up my friend. 

Let’s take a look at how much these Mcdonalds toys go for on secondhand sites like ebay or mercari.

Well, would you look at that? Every single toy is HIGHER than the original price. Even the ones that just came out last October. Individually sold toys, as you can see, are all marked above the (rounded up) $2.00 that they originally cost. The ones that are “bundles” or “sets” are still pretty high prices as well. 

Also, note how about half of them are clearly in played with condition. With frizzy hair and what not. 

My listings that include Mcdonalds toys (only 2 right now)

  • MLP: All are restored and styled. 
  • MLP: 4 ponies for $3 ($0.75/pony)
  • Hello Kitty: 4 hello kitty, a bracelet, hello kitty pencil, hello kitty notepad, and a coloring book (that was NOT from Mcdonalds)
  • Hello Kitty: all restored (not styled since they don’t have hair)
  • Hello Kitty: all 8 items for $5 ($0.63 per item)

I price my items fairly. As you can see they are below the retail price ($1.69-$2.00) and all are restored to like-new condition. As well as cleaning, defrizzing, and styling their hair if they have it. 

Please try to educate yourself more on retail and collectors value of items before you try to accuse someone of selling “free” things. 

The World is Unravelling

2257 words today! Which is impressive considering I’m back at work! Most of those are tomorrow’s chapter of 100 Ways, although I did want to share this little snippet of the next scene from my episode rewrite:

He was about to follow [Chloe] inside, drawn as if by a magnetic current, when he suddenly found Maze, of all people, standing in his way.

“Quit drooling,” she said scornfully. “You look ridiculous.”

Lucifer looked back, but he could no longer see his mother and the Detective; they must have gone further inside. He shook himself slightly, knowing that Maze was probably correct in her assessment, before turning to her.

“What are you doing here, Maze?”

“Looking for you. You missed your therapy appointment,” she said sweetly. It took Lucifer aback because it was true, he had, and he was usually on top of that sort of thing.

“So she sent you to look for me?” he asked. It was more like her to call or send a text.

“Nope,” Maze said, with false cheer. “Because she’s suspended. Because of you. Because you have been a terrible, selfish friend. To her. Now you’re gonna fix it.”

Lucifer stared. Her delivery was oddly stilted, and it was unlike Maze to be concerned about anyone other than herself. However, if what she said was true… He owed Linda for her rescue during the Johnson case, and he paid his debts, especially to a friend.

“Gladly,” he said. “Once the party’s over and the Detective is no longer alone with my Mum.”

“No, Lucifer,” Maze said emphatically. “Now!”

People were starting to stare. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back further into cover, talking quietly.

“Listen, Mazikeen. It is imperative that my Mother not discover that the Detective knows. She’s just found out the truth about all of this, I am not leaving her unprotected!”

Maze retaliated by grasping him by the collar, hissing even more venomously.

“Chloe is a badass who can take care of herself. You’re going to take care of what happened to Linda - which is one hundred percent your fault, by the way - or I’ll tell Amenadiel about you and Chloe.”

Who would then go straight to his Mother. Lucifer felt his eyes flash. “You dare-”

“Oh, I do,” Maze said, unconcernedly. “I don’t work for you any more, remember? You will come with me to talk to the asshole in charge of Linda’s fate, and then you can go back to playing puppy dog around your favourite human later.”

Lucifer clenched his fists, but they both knew she had him. “Very well,” he conceded. “I suppose the Detective can manage without me for the time being. Lead the way.”

Maze stalked off without another word. With one final glance back at the ballroom, Lucifer followed her.   

Slightly stalkery

I looked on T’s Facebook page today for the first time in a while, and she has tightened up her privacy settings. Which I think overall I feel happy about. I always feel guilty when I engage in a bit of stalker-ish behaviour yet I still do it even though I know I will feel bad afterwards. Now she has made it more difficult, in a way I feel relieved that she has tightened up the boundary so even if I bump against it, now I can’t get through it.

But it also reminds me of the reality that we have some mutual friends and they will always know more about her than I do. They’re just normal people too yet they get to see her Facebook and know all about her day-to-day life. (Actually I’ve no idea what she posts online, so I’m just imagining they know all about her life.) I know I get something from her and see a side of her that her friends won’t, and I do appreciate that but…. I just want it all!! 😫

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I find like u give good advice even for stuff u have no direct exp with xD So I feel upset my bf still watches porn, because he's getting off to other women. I never liked visual porn, but I would read erotica/ romance, including ur books lol <3 anyway, I know it's not fair if I am upset at his own preferences, which differ from mine in this way. But I feel irrationally(?) I am not enough for him, and that I will be compared to other girls, and that somehow he is mentally disloyal. Thoughts?

I feel so honored that you would come to me with this question, anon, considering I have zero experience dealing with men who aren’t family, friends, or coworkers, but considering I have a weird fascination with dating advice, I will do my best.

I have a lot of feelings about porn (well, visual hetero porn), as everyone does, but I’ll try to avoid that because we’d be here all night and I’d get a million “sex positive” folks in my inbox asking me why I hate women’s sexual liberation or something. SO INSTEAD OF THAT, I’ll say this: everyone likes porn. Speaking as an aro ace, I read and write stuff with pornographic elements, and I don’t want to fuck or date anyone. It’s not about real life people, and it’s not even about me. In fact, I do mostly mxm stuff to avoid thinking about me, as a woman, having sex with dudes. So your boyfriend is probably thinking of those women as players in a fantasy, not something he plans on ever doing.

But you seem to know that, and your struggle is in fighting this “irrational” jealousy over porn girls. I don’t know anything about your boyfriend or your relationship, so I can’t say your fear is unfounded or irrational. He could be a sleazeball, I don’t know. I’m more interested in how he watches porn. I’m pretty sure every single allosexual man watches porn, so there’s no escaping it. Is he just, like, chilling on the couch in the living room watching it on speaker while you make dinner? Or did you type something into Google on his computer and it did an autofill thing? Because I like to think that if I were interested in dating men, I’d follow an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. I wouldn’t be jealous, but I personally believe that the vast majority of hetero porn hates women– some of it violently so–and it would be hard for me to reconcile that with someone I loved who I believed respected me. I also know dudes really love porn, and it would be unfair to ask anyone from watching it if they enjoy it. So my approach would be “I know you do this thing and it’s fine, whatever, but I don’t want to see it or hear about it.” If he can’t follow this one request (which is easy, I think), then it shows a lack of respect toward your limits. It’s okay to have negative feelings toward porn, and to feel a bit hypocritical, because honestly, I don’t think erotica written by women is nearly as hateful as a lot of porn made for men is. It’s okay to want distance from it and to ask a partner to enjoy it privately. It’s important to work on your own insecurities and to avoid blaming your partner for them, but you can also ask that someone else not test them. I’m pretty sure most guys, if given the chance between masturbating alone in their room to porn girls and having a girlfriend they love and have sex with, most would choose the second (and the ones that don’t are either gay, on the asexual spectrum, or hate women).I hope this was at least a little bit helpful, lol.

By the way

Checking out a blog that’s followed me and it having zero posts is like walking into a room only to find an inexplicably placed doll sat in a chair facing your direction

I also do the same thing for both situations which is push down the creeping fear, glance around, then slowly but calmly back out

parumsomnium  asked:

How and when did dramione-ship start? Or do you know who came up with the pairing? The fandom? 🤔

Unfortunately, there’s no way to point you to the person who posted the very first fanfiction ever for the pair. There’s someone on FFN who claims to hold that title for FFN, but a lot of fics have been deleted over the years. And pairings just happen…No one decides them. Personally, I know I came about it when I thought about how Hermione is the character I find most relatable to myself (which I think is true for a lot of us in the entire Harry Potter fandom) and then wondered what it would be like if she ended up with the richest guy in school. I mean, if you think of it that way (in that some of us just kind of stumbled onto the pairing), how did any of us find the fandom at all? And then it just grew, and now we all invite our friends here…

Good question, though!


Edit: I think the earliest dramione fic was from 2003 (?) or something, it evolved from a snamione fanfiction fest. But that fic was deleted a long time ago so we don’t know who the author is. :( - Lisa

There is a pressure in my chest,
a surgical incision,
precisely made to tear with the slightest tug,
transforming me into art in the worst way possible,
as I split apart to look like a pair of butterfly wings.

Because for too long have my thoughts been foggy,
a danger to travel,
centimeters over miles,
preservation instead of rebirth.

A path still unclear,
but I can see just enough to move forward with redefined vigor.

Forward into minefields,
to which I vow not to tip toe,
nor to skip,
but to dance through,
to sing about,
to weep over,
& eventually laugh about!

& I promise,
I won’t fear becoming the villain in someone else’s story,
cause I know there was a time I was good to them too.

Absent of regret,
& resentment,
my renaissance begins this day with the Sun’s rise.

—  V.M.