which i have no way of knowing

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this is an evil question, but realistically, most teenage couples don't last for that long. What pairings do you think are in it for the long haul?

hmmmm thats an interesting (and really good!!) question. 

lets think

jonas + eva: they didn’t last in s1, but they may have matured through the two years, i havent seen enough of them to know. but the way jonas invited emma to the party to try to get over eva was,,,,,yikes bc you should never use someone to try to get over anyone. so there’s not much in them that makes me think they’ll last, especially since they’re both kids still

noora + william: they have their issues, loads of them, communication, manipulation etc. william seems to recognize the shit he pulled, which is good. idk about them though, from s2, they wouldnt have lasted, but now seeing as they both seem like they’ve evolved and noora knows not to throw everything away and run after him, she seems like she’s matured. but idk enough about them as a new couple to know.

even + isak: these two seem like they would last, honestly. they just click and they became good friends and they have good convos and great communication and honest conversations, even with even being a bit slow on that (which is understandable ofc) but i think they’d last.

sana + yousef: and lastly, yousana. this is the couple we havent gotten the chance to see be an actual couple (sigh). to me, communication and being honest and on the same page is the most important in a long term relationship, and these two are perfect for that. even though all the odds have been against them, they pulled through and when they have convos togehter, it clicks. they understand each other. and even though they might have different subjectives, they can both come to an objectve and support each other, which is beautiful and so so important. so im sure these two would last.

i say that like i have plenty of things to be upset with [how a certain subculture of trans women tends to act], and there are, its just hard to pinpoint a lot of them, but I’m speaking mostly of sexual forewardness here, which is what bugs me the most of all.
i know ill get called a hypocrite because most of my humor relies on a lot of sexual themes (and most of my popular posts reflect this) but it just like… it’s way worse in my eyes when its a more personal experience. and it’s not even like i havent had a phase like that where i was way too sexually forward, like im completely aware of it. I’ve grown out of it for sure (into a sex repulsed phase, however relevant that is) but i think this isn’t something everyone grows out of.. you sort of have to end up making yourself uncomfortable to fall out of it.. and i totally understand also that a lot of trans woman based oppression (and lgbt oppression in general of course) is a sex based oppression, but using that as an excuse to be a not great person is not only a very un-nuanced and reductive outlook, in my opinion, but also personally very offensive as a trans woman.

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okay but, u know that you can actually purchase a box of condoms which contain like 36 right?? like, I feel like evan would agree to only buy those. Because that way it'd take a long time for him to run out, and plus you only have to go once. But since it's a big-ish box, he'd cover it with his sweater and start to speed walk and people would think he just stole something

OMG BUT LIKE IMAGINE HE WAS DOING IT TO A COSTCO SIZE BOX AND THEN THE GUY RUNNING THE STORE WOULD BE LIKE “stop him!!” BUT EVAN WOULDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO SO HE WOULD JUST RUN. then they would call the cops and Heidi would get a call. so she would be rushing from work over to the local police station and Evan is just there sHiTtInG himself. and Heidi is like ????
then the police officer goes, “your weird sex freak son tried to steal a 72 pack box of condoms”
And Heidi would be SO CONFUSED

then on the drive back she would be talking to him about how proud she is that he’s having safe sex and Evan just wants to D I E

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Hey Jenna! To start, you are the best, and your vlogs are a great help to me as an amateur author. Now for a question: Do you have any tips on writing flirting? I'm an aro teen, and I don't know what flirting is like.

You don’t have to experience something to write it. You’re a teenager, which means you’re surrounded by hormonal flirts. So watch them flirt. Study. Pay attention. Take notes.
My personal advice is that flirting and humor go hand in hand. Wit and charm are the way to go. Playfully poking fun at someone, not to hurt or degrade them, but to make them laugh. A witty or silly compliment goes a long way. At the end of the day, the message of flirting is “I notice you, I’m paying attention to you, and I’m interested in you.”

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When making your own spell/spell jar/etc. are there any rules to follow or things you shouldn't do? I've been thinking about making a spell jar to help my anxiety, motivation, have a happy home, and to just be better overall, but I always feel like it won't work because I don't really know what to do.

There are no rules as long as you direct your goal(s) and intent correctly in regards to magick, however, there are rules about safety.

1. Make sure you do not use anything poisonous or dangerous or which you are allergic to. If you use anything risky, keep it out of reach of others, especially children.

2. If you can, get rid of the contents in the Earth. It is a way to honour what you have taken and most ingredients in jar spells are biodegradable and make good compost. (Many people empty their jars to end or nullify their spells if they change their minds or it has fulfilled its purpose.) If they ingredients are not organic, however, do not put them on the ground.
Tip: Use a biodegradable jar, like cardboard, and bury it once you are finished.

3. If you do get rid of the jar’s ingredients, make sure to clean the jar thoroughly afterwards. Use rubbing alcohol, vodka, or something else that kills bacteria, germs, and so on. Never use a dirty jar for a jar spell, especially of it is a potion you can to ingest.

4. If you do not plan to get rid of the jar or its contents, make sure it it sealed tightly when you are done and check on it regularly for mold. This is forgotten by witches so, so often. It sours the spell if this happens and is unsafe.
If there is mold in your jar, get rid of everything.

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i would like to see hillary in another hair color. red or brunette? agree or disagree?

well I don’t know about now, I think she really suits the blonde the way it is especially with her hair all short in it’s current style I can’t really picture her with any other color anymore. But I do think she looked really stunning when she still had her natural hair color, which was pretty close to brunette and I think if she’d kept that through the 90s matched with her killer eyebrows that would have been a Look indeed.

Just imagine all the ballgowns and skirt suits she wore as first lady but with this hair, maybe a little bit longer and in all the different fancy styles she had. I mean the golden color she did have was utterly gorgeous, but there is just something really stunning about her natural hair…

and red I’m not sure about, maybe when she was at wellesley and her hair was all long and straight? that’s about the only era I can really picture her carrying off that color 

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I just want to take a moment to let y'all know EXACTLY how obsessed with WAY I am.... For instance, today is my 16th birthday and I literally forgot it was my birthday, because I was busy obsessing over the fact that we get a new chapter today. And even now after I have remembered it's my birthday, getting a new chapter of WAY is still the highlight of my day. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just thought I'd let you know Exactly how obsessed I am with your beautiful writing Cass.


You are the sweetest person and you deserve all the love and cake today. Plus a new chapter of WAY - which will be up in about 20-30 minutes!!

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Hey Sea Fam, I'm feeling kinda lonely lately. I used to have a bunch of internet friends, and now we've kinda drifted apart which is normal and fine and I'm not really upset by that (even tho I do miss them but our interests changed and all that). I just miss interacting? I don't have a lot of friends, and the ones I do have are all really busy with real life stuff. Do you know the best way to make friends online?

Video games. TF2. Overwatch. Anything multiplayer really. Especially if you have mic, and keep a positive attitude. A lot of multiplayers are full of people being mad so when you go in all happy it catches people’s attention.

Or, start the conversation by announcing to the server that you hate triscuits. Apparently, that worked out pretty well.

-Lou the Lobster

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I feel like I'm sadder about the ending of something I like rather than being sad that the show is over? If that makes sense. Anyway, I feel like something better should've happened , even tho I'm not sure what that is. It was kind of just underwhelming and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way 💕

me too!! underwhelming is the word

but its ok, we have to remember the good skam brought us, which is toooons of it <3


Weekly recap (19th June - 25th June) • This week has been way better than the last one, and went wayyyy better than expected. So this is nice. I thought this week would have a lot of workouts skipped and more junk food because I tend to party hard the week after my exams. Somehow this time it was pretty calm, which is good in a different way. I had more time to spend with myself so I could properly rest. Also it allowed me to hit the gym more often to keep me busy. I’m confident I’ll do as good for next week, both with workout and clean eating. Also, I’m very proud with myself as I resisted to some tempting food, even if I was on my period (and every woman knows how much cravings we can have at that moment), so a good point to me! 😊😊

Meeting of The Minds NSFW

First things first. This is @possiblyhereticalultramarine ‘s fault.

This was his idea (which I went along with), but we collaborated on writing it together. If you are familiar with any of our writing styles you can tell who wrote what and where.

Not much on the plot. Of course it’s smut. No need for a reason. Know that you have been warned. Feedback appreciated!

Is it going to make a lot of sense? No, not really.

Is it going to be OOC? Let’s put it this way, @possiblyhereticalultramarine wrote the man, I wrote the woman, maybe a few lines for the man. You be the judge.

I enjoyed writing this though, even if it is rather heretical. LOL.

On AO3 if you prefer that format: Meeting of The Minds

The sound of torrential rain hammering down onto the marble tiles above him calmed Roboute Guilliman as he looked out at Hera’s Falls cascading down the mountainside. The Fortress of Hera had grown exponentially in size since he had last seen the city. It had overtaken several districts of Macragge Civitas and swallowed up large parts of the mountain, including the body of water that led down into the river Laponis from the mountains. The untamed beauty of its natural waterfall had given way to architectural elegance; its rocky sides smoothed and the flow of its current directed in an efficient manner down the side of the Fortress’ walls.

He focused his attention at the sky above him. His vision was filled with the neverending torrent of rain, the gloom of the cloudy sky and the occasional flash of thunder. In the distance he saw faint observation lights coming from boxy silhouettes descending to and ascending from the city. Even with the bad weather, thousands of bulk landers and cargo transports made their way to and from the landing fields. It was to be expected, he thought. There was a sector-wide war encompassing Ultramar now.

He sighed. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking of the war. He had taken a few hours to himself while his commanders looked over his orders. Depriving himself of both his armor and his bodyglove and adorning himself in his ceremonial robes, he had secluded himself onto the hillside promontory to calm his tired mind. He let out a breath and forced the thoughts of war and empire out of his mind as he looked on into the rain.

A thought glided through his mind. But it was not his own. He frowned for a moment before he realised who it belonged to.

The guest has arrived at the Landing Fields, my Primarch

He smiled as he recognized the soothing presence of Varro Tigirus. The talented psyker made it a point to deliver his mental messages smoothly as possible with minimal discomfort to him. He appreciated the gesture.

Tell her to join me at the terrace he thought back. He had mastered the ability to respond to a psyker’s mental inquiries from Ptolemy when he had first joined his legion.

Is that wise, Lord?  the voice in his head sounded again.  She is at least above Gamma level in psychic potential. Perhaps I should-

Send her in, Varro  he thought back. Then with a softer manner of thought  I can take care of myself, my friend.

Yes, my Primarch  was the reply before the mental connection was severed.

The guest wore a hood that bore traces of the torrent outside. It did not disguise the fact that the wearer was feminine. Even if it had not been announced to him he would have figured out anyway. Her gait was smooth and confident, with a mild sway of her hips that waved the cloth dramatically. She stopped a few paces of the Primarch before bowing her head in acknowledgment.

“Karimah Mehta, my Lord.” she introduced herself. “High Sorceress of Sortiarius.”

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

-          Scissors

-          Flashlight (don’t ask I’m just a very paranoid person)

-          Wallet

-          Pencil case

-          Notebook

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

-          Platypus plushies

-          SVT posters

-          Fluffy blanket

-          Violin

-          I don’t know, but it’s pink

Five things I always wanted to do:

-          Fly

-          Visit the dreams of others (in a non-creepy way which is hard to imagine so… yeah we’ll leave it at that)

-          Speak all the languages in the whole world, or at least get a chance to learn most of them

-          Make people laugh

-          Dye my hair pink or wear pink contacts (I have a problem)

Five things that make me happy:

-          SVT

-          Translating

-          Reading tags of reblogs

-          Platypus gifs

-          Acoustic covers

Five things I’m currently into:

-          Jun/SVT in general

-          Fanfics

-          Voice acting

-          Pretending I’m an amusing person

-          Blogging in general

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fingertips and collarbones, if
i caught you on your own
how would we know
which dreams were meant
to be kept? sometimes
i lie awake and count
all the ways i miss
you. it never helps me
fall asleep.

what about us, isn’t it
when i would fight
for the girl with radioactive
eyes, hands that could bring
the apocalypse. i would welcome
the end of the world with
her by my side.

i never made promises lightly,
and there have been some
that i’ve broken
but never
for you. i would string
out my promises to you
like golden beads on a string,
all shine and clinking metal. i
would have our love last
as long as the gold in some
ancient tomb, waiting
in the dust and silence
for the light to come again.

i know that you’re afraid,
i’m gone i’ll walk away

if it means you smile
again. you are the brightest
star in my sky, but day
is coming in its blinding glory
and we were never built
to survive the fire.

i hope by the morning i
will have grown back.
skin is too thin to live with
these scars, my hands
too tired to hold you
the way you need. forgive
me for all the ways i
fall short. i would still
do anything for you.

- @wlwocpoetrynet​ prompt: put your music on shuffle for five songs and use each song as a prompt (italics are not my words)

songs: xxxxx

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Since you're doing book recs what would you recommend as far as regular books? Like not cheesy young adult ones but just good books that aren't fantasy or so far from the realm of reality that it's hard to follow or relate?

So…YA can’t be “regular books”? 

I stick almost exclusively to YA, some of which is cheesy, so unfortunately you are going to have to have someone else help you out.

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Do you know which characters (both Awakening and Fates) have the fewest total supports? I'm thinking of trying to write a few and wanted to know who's currently most in need

Good question! From a quick scan of the respective support lists, I’d say you’d mostly be looking at the less popular Corrin/Robinsexuals like Fuga, Izana, Yukimura, Yen’fay, Priam. Aside from them, here’s a selection from each game!

Awakening: Kellam (meta af), Ricken, Vaike. All the kids are pretty well-catered for, but Yarne has the least. 

Fates: Corrinsexuals aside (and bearing in mind that Fates has way more supports than Awakening), Rinkah, and Hana have surprisingly few supports, as do Percy, Kiragi, and Selkie. 

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Let's say their S/O is well trained with a knife. What do the male assassins think of this?

Only going to do two Assassins for this as well, love. There’s just a lot more that I have to write, so apologies if the Assassins you had in mind don’t show up here. Feel free to specify which Assassins you want me to write in particular when I open the ask box again :)

Jacob would be grateful to know that you’re extremely handy when it comes to blades. At least you had a way to defend yourself against any potential Blighters that tried to harm you. He always makes sure you have a dagger on you when you leave the train hideout and tries to teach you how to handle a gun in case a blade isn’t around you or if it’s been knocked out of your grasp. It doesn’t change how Jacob sees you as a person, but if anything he may get a little bit distracted during fights when he sees you kicking some random Blighter’s ass.

Desmond will see a formidable opponent in you. Have you seen his ability with a knife? He may be one of the few people to rival your skill with a blade. The two of you would be unstoppable with a few throwing knives, daggers and your gauntlets. Don’t be surprised if Abstergo tries to take you out before they go for Desmond, it just proves that you’re a certified badass with a dagger. Of course the two of you train with guns just to keep up, but everyone knows that the two of you are best prepared to handle a few brutes with a polished silver knife in hand instead of a silenced pistol.

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ereri is still disgusting y'know? you're still disgusting y'know?

Oh anon, I’m in exceptionally shitty mood today so I’m warning you do not get on my nerves, I have a way with words which tend to be really harsh 

So fuck off before I say smth I should regret but I know I won't 

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Can animals feels love? Are they self-aware, do they reflect on things and have thoughts about things? Like, how intelligent are they? (I'm thinking of like pigs and cows and chickens tbh)

If you’re asking me this in terms of a vegan argument, I typically don’t focus on this because to me all animals are worth fighting for no matter how intelligent they are/how much they feel love/etc. I know a lot of people try to draw connections of farm animals to dogs which is smart in the way that it may help draw meat eaters that can sympathize for farm animals via their love for dogs if you compare the two. I don’t really have much research on it, but a quick google search, and you’ll find facts such as pigs being not only just as smart as dogs but may be smarter, and the likes. Or a dairy cow that was rescued and hid her calf from rescuers in fear of the calf being taken from her. My family rescues farm animals so I have personal experience with them, but again an animal’s worthiness to life shouldn’t be purely based on how smart they are/how dog like they are/how much they love. 

Idk if this is a good answer haha, or if this was the point you were tryna get at, but if you want to go more in-depth about it with me you can always message me. 

Someone let the Supergirl writers know when you have a plot and several plotlines those plotlines are usually used to serve the main plot and are meant to have an actual purpose, not just fill in time. 

Like what was the purpose of the Daxamite invasion? It did nothing for the main plot. It only served as a way to separate Mon-El and Kara and cause her emotional pain which would have happened anyways had he gone away with his parents earlier on. So that did absolutely nothing to the plot? It was literally the most pointless plotline I have ever seen. Clearly the writers don’t understand creating a big villain that is the main bad in the finale but is also a filler is lame? You’re not supposed to make a filler plotline your finale one? Especially one that only leaves people going ?? this could have been fixed half a season ago and it would have the same ending ?? It would literally have the same freaking consequences. It did absolutely nothing. They could have had like 5 episodes that actually had a good plotline that affects the plot after having Mon-El go with his parents but nah… 

So now all that happened on Supergirl was she got in a relationship and he left. That was the only main plot that existed. The show literally went and did the opposite of serving the main plot and focused on Mon-El with these side plots that became the focus.