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just watched stardust after seeing that gifset you reblogged and can I say: cp stardust au

the only problem with that idea, anon, is that I can’t decide which scenario I like more: 

damen tugging around foul-mouthed beautiful fallen star laurent (having been sent on a mission to catch a star to prove his affection for jokaste, which will conveniently get him out of the way while some kind of coup happens) 


prince laurent, needing a fallen star for some kind of spell/potion that will help him in the fight for the throne, ending up with damen, who hates him and spends the entire time plotting to escape.

I also don’t know who captain shakespeare is but I have a feeling it’s makedon.

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Would you want to write about a Evan/Connor friendship from when they were younger, like middle school? We need more cuteness and less angst in the fandom I mean

Yes fluff is needed, enjoy some fluff.


Eight grade sucked. That’s what Connor decided about half way through the year. He didn’t have any friends and he definitely wasn’t normal. He would hear boys talk about girls while he thought about other boys. He was gay, he knew it. He didn’t mind but he would never dare tell anyone. 

“Um-m-may I jo-join you?”

Connor glanced up from his bangs, he was currently growing out his hair, which only added to the teasing. Connor squinted and in the sunlight made out the silhouette of Evan Hansen. Connor didn’t really know Evan, aside from the fact the boy sat in the corner away from everyone. “I mean if you’re prepared to be teased for being in my presence go ahead,” Connor gestured to the spot beside him.

Evan joined him in the shade underneath the oak tree. “I-I don’t m-mind i-if peo-people tease me,” Evan smiled lightly at the boy beside him. Connor simply shrugged, he didn’t have friends so he didn’t really know how to interact with people. 

The two sat in awkward silence before Connor finally spoke up. “Why are you here? Sitting with the freak who threw a printer at Mrs. G?” Connor questioned as he shot Evan a look. Evan shrugged as he pointed up at the oak tree. “Oak tr-trees liv-live a lo-long ti-time you kno-know,” Evan managed to stutter out.

“You’re avoiding the question,” Connor pointed out as he turned towards the other boy. Evan turned towards Connor and gave him a small, shy smile. “You looked kind of lonely,” Evan admitted, not stuttering for once.

Connor got an angry blush on his face. “I-I’m not!” Connor said harshly, why was he still blushing, why did Evan Hansen make his heart race faster when he sat down. Connor’s eyes almost widened, he had a crush on Evan Hansen. No this was not happening. “Are you-you okay?” Evan questioned, reaching out for Connor.

Connor pushed Evan’s hand away. “I-I’m fine,” Connor lied. Evan shook his head and moved closer to Connor. “A-Are you sick or something?” Evan questioned as he inspected Connor’s face. He usually wouldn’t get too close to people but Connor seemed ill. 

On impulse Connor leaned in and touched their lips together in a soft kiss, he couldn’t believe he was actually kissing a boy. When he pulled away he saw Evan’s eyes wide and shocked. Connor couldn’t believe he done this, he had his first kiss and probably stole Evan’s.

“I-I should go,” Connor blurted. He stood up as quick as possible and took off running. He wouldn’t turn around and he ignored Evan’s cries of ‘Wait’ he just kept running. By the time he got home he was sweating, and embarrassed at what he had done.

That was a moment neither spoke of. As they aged through high school, they didn’t speak about what happened under the tree but they both remembered the feeling of each other’s lips and the sun beating down on them. The kiss meant a lot to both Connor and Evan, it had been their first kisses, even if it was just two eight grade boys. 

Sometimes Connor found himself still sitting under the oak tree, it held a happy memory. “Um…hey,” Connor glanced up and it was like he was transported back in time. There stood Evan Hansen in his blue striped shirt and khaki pants, his arm adorned with a cast. “Can I sit?” Evan asked.

“I mean if you’re prepared to be ridiculed by some assholes,” Connor shrugged. Evan gave the long haired teen a soft smile as he sat down beside him, the suns rays warming both of them.

“I don’t mind,”

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You have a mongols with dinosaur mounts story? I am very intrigued because I love mongols and dinosaurs and this is just 2 of my favorite things smushed together

To be more accurate, I have a working concept of a story about a society roughly based on the Mongols, the people of which ride/otherwise utilize both dinosaurs and other archosaurs as well as early synapsids.

I’ve been tinkering around with it for at least half a year, and even had a couple false starts on it, but it’s not quite ready to be written yet. I do have my two main characters and their overall quest, but not much of the structure yet. It’s a story I thought about making my next big wed serial after Earthcast, if I ever have time.

(BY THE WAY, I haven’t forgotten about the last chapter of Earthcast!! I know it’s March now and I’m really sorry!! I’ve been very busy with my classes since January and it’s hard to find time/energy to write.)

Anyway, here are some fun details:

  • they get their dinosaurs, etc from a kind of necromancy, except it only works on animals that hatch from eggs. egg-necromancy
  • the magic works better the more accurately they can describe the animal’s evolutionary history in the spell, so this is a very phylogeny-focused world
  • the main quest is partially about getting to the capital and submitting a description of a newly-discovered Silesaurus (because yes, there is a prestigious OFFICIAL RECORD of all the critters)
  • the Mongol-analogues just conquered one main character’s country (a China-analogue) and are busy working on infrastructure, so another part of the Quest is to build a damn road using sauropods
  • only people with ovaries can perform the egg-necromancy, so most societies have developed as female-dominated
  • (and because using the egg-necromancy magic increases the likelihood of infant mortality, polyandry is quite common)
  • one of the main characters is a trans man who has to deal with the fact that masculinity = not resurrecting dinosaurs even though he really wants to just resurrect dinosaurs
  • the other main character is Very Strong and has a pet Pakasuchus
  • the main Mongol-analogue clan is just All About Notosuchians

i forgot to show you this

ok so my dad has a lot of energy that he hasn’t found a way to channel & he is constantly planning the next seven moves & rarely relaxes to enjoy the moment he is in & my parents have a not so healthy relationship in which he can never win no matter what he does & he has a work bench in the basement where he makes stuff & he made us all blocks with our names like it’s camp & i imagine it’s one of the only places he feels at peace & it just makes me want to cry & hug him

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Can you recommend any books that will make me cry? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! I’ve never been a big crier when reading books, so I’m probably not the best person to ask, but here are a few that have actually made me shed a tear (or at least feel a little sad):

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: If you didn’t already know, this is my favorite book, which means I’m always gonna find a way to recommend it. It’s about a girl who goes to live with foster parents in Nazi Germany. I’m sure you can already tell it’s gonna be sad, and the writing is so beautiful and the story so captivating. Literally not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell: I know this one’s really popular, so I’m sorry if you’ve already read it. It’s a love story and covers high school bullying (sorta I think? it’s been a while since I read it) and an abusive step-father and is, understandably, very sad.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: I think you should go into this book without knowing much, so all I can tell you is that I am positive you will cry (even I did).

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson: It’s a really entertaining (and sad, obviously) read about a girl who goes to a lake house for once last time with her father, who is dying of cancer. I think I actually cried at this one too.

Paperweight by Meg Haston: This is about a girl with an eating disorder who goes to a treatment center. It is raw and honest and emotional and will probably make you sob.

The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork: This book is about a teenager in a group of kids with mental illnesses, and, like the previous book, it is raw and doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and it almost got me crying.

A List of Cages by Robin Roe: This is a recent release about a boy in the foster care system who is really shy and the seniors at his school who take him under their wings. It was a little sad for a while, but I was controlling the tears, and then I got to a certain point (believe me, you’ll know it when you get to it) that hit me like a truck and I was bawling.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: Another new release, this one is about the Black Lives Matter movement and follows the experiences of a girl and her family after she witnesses her friend get shot by a police officer. You’ve probably heard the hype surrounding it, and it deserves every bit of it.

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera: I haven’t finished this yet, but it follows a boy whose ex-boyfriend died and it’s just about how he grieves and copes with that. Nothing gets me more sad than the death of a teenager or child–hits a little too close to home (to be clear, I just mean because I and so many others are just teenagers but we’re so full of life it’s hard to imagine it all going away).

I’m going to say I have to disagree with what I’ve been reading about the Legends of Tomorrow episode. I don’t think at all that it was OOC and Mick’s betrayal is actually quite understandable. They have been building up to it in a clear way.

While there were occasions where the team trusted Mick (some of which, they hardly had a choice), most of the time they treated him as if he were stupid - sometimes, even in an offensive way, like when they doubted his brain was strong even though he had been tortured for who knows how long. You could say only Ray generally treated him well enough for him to get fond of him.

Overall, the reason why I think it’s well-written is because it gives you a good perspective on the difference between him and Leonard: while both were treated with little trust at first, Leonard picked the team over Mick in season one because they team didn’t treat him like a complete brainless meat.

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you ever feel remarkably lonely because despite all your attempts at making friends you always feel like you're coming on too strong or too weak and then you get left in this lull of loneliness? I feel like all my close bonds have faded except for my girlfriend who i love so much but I'm so platonically lonely and I feel so useless at making friends, even online which should be easy. I'm sorry for the vent. I just admire you and didn't know who else to write to. I guess I could just use a hug.

Anon my sweet… I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. However, I want to remind you that friendships online are in no way easier than in real life — it’s easier to REACH people online, but keeping up with them can be very difficult due to life, time-zones etc. Don’t beat yourself over finding it difficult!

It can feel like hell, not being able to keep up with people you hold so dear, especially if you’re someone who needs and yearns for affection and verbal assurance of how people feel about you. I understand that, and I can imagine how bad you must be feeling. But please don’t pressure yourself or feel like people don’t care for you even if they can’t keep in contact with you day-to-day. It’s hard, it’s unbearably lonely sometimes, but please trust in the love your friends online have for you. It doesn’t disappear just because you can’t keep in contact as much as both of you’d love to.

Making friends is incredibly diffifult, and takes a lot of time. I understand how it could make you feel like an outsider, holding out on that time, especially if you see people socializing online all around you. Please don’t compare yourself to those other people with different situations, lives or social skills than you. Focus on your own feelings and what YOU want out of a friendship. Perhaps you should start out small, and try to make one friend first instead of trying to get a big bunch all at once?

I’m terrible at socializing, and most of my friends are painfully aware of this. But just because you’re clumsy socially doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. You will make friends, slow and steady — just give it some time, and try to bravely contact people in communities you enjoy or share interests with. It all starts with babysteps, and will take time to grow. One friend becomes many, but it WILL take time and work. You’re alright, and you will get there. People love you, you have a wonderful girlfriend, and you deserve the friendships you yearn. Give yourself time. Don’t beat yourself over being clumsy about it.

I’m sending you tons of hugs, anon sweet. I’m sorry for ranting, but I wanted to let out what I think. I truly hope you’ll feel better soon, and will be gifted with all the affection and friendship you want and deserve. You’re a lovely person. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to people, both on- and offline. I believe in you!!!


Dante: How has your weekend been? Done anything interesting?

Vivian: Not really … It’s actually been kinda crappy. Threw that party, which was an utter disaster. You’re lucky you couldn’t make it.

Dante: Aw, I’m sorry, hon. Is there any way I can make you feel better?

Vivian: I’m already feeling better just being here with you.

Dante: Good. C’mon, let’s go inside and I’ll buy you a cannoli.

Vivian: Thanks, but you don’t have to.

Dante: What? But cannolis are your favorite.

Vivian: I know. I just … I dunno, don’t feel like having one right now.

Dante: Huh. Well, okay then.

I just realised that one of my favourite genres is the weird kind of experimentalism you sometimes find in media. Like, when the medium itself isn’t afraid to take everything it could be and put it into one thing. I don’t know how to put it into words, but there are some examples.

Book-wise I instantly think of Danielewski’s House of Leaves, which is a piece of ergodic literature, meaning it demands some kind of efford from the reader to be read. You’re never really sure in which order to read it in since it contains a frame narrative, several lengthy footnotes that can stretch over pages, and an appendix (amongst other things). But that’s the thing; it takes the medium ‘book’ and looks at everything that can be done with it and includes it in one brilliant story. It toys not only with narrative techniques but various unusual format styles as well. If the character in the narrative enters a black room you’re suddenly confronted with a black page. If he goes down a staircase that gets wider, the words are spaced  farther. It’s just great so see someone try out something new and use every option they are given

When it comes to tv the new show Legion is a brilliant example. Considering it deals mostly with the mental ‘problems’ of a person and what it can achieve, it uses the medium ‘television’ quite creatively to depict the workings of the mind. For example, in one recent episode the main character tries to figure out what’s going on, so he pictures a classroom and writes down key terms onto a blackbord. Those terms slowly turn into drawings which then become an animated sort of movie. The show often works with music and noise to underline states of mind, so in one case they cut away all dialogue and replaced it with intertitle cards you find in silent movies. Again, it takes various styles and effects and manages really well to include it in one series, making it a thrilling ride that doesn’t even have a chance to get boring because you’re always confronted with something new.

Lastly (and you know this was coming) we have Nier in the video game corner. It’s often with video games that they could also work as a movie. The narrative is straightforward (not that that’s bad) and the difference between the game and a movie is simply that the players themselves take control. But Nier is a video game through and through. It features multiple, genre-crossing aspects, shifting between 3rd person action, platformer passages, bullet-hell game and space-invader like shooting sequences. It presents its narrative in a way only a video game can, with certain things being only revealed in new playthroughs and different endings that are all needed to understand the greater picture. It doesn’t just take a story and builds a game around it, it interlinks game and story, making them basically inseperable.

Now, these are just examples and I’m sure there are many more things where an experimental approach like this can be found. In fact I hope there are and I hope there are many to come because I desperately need to be surprised, shocked and baffled by the media I’m consuming.

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43. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Aaron hated how he couldn’t hold back his tears, how he couldn’t stop himself from crying in front of a total stranger. “It’s my husband,” he managed to choke out, the woman’s hand on his shoulder a comfort. “He’s in a coma, and they don’t know if he’s going to wake up.”

She gave him a sympathetic look. “You’ve got to have hope, love. That’s the only way to get through this, you’ve got to keep hoping.”

“How?” Aaron begged, his voice exhausted. “It’s only been a week, and I - I feel like I can’t breathe, or think without him here. What if he doesn’t wake up? What if I never get to talk to him again? I wouldn’t survive it.”

The woman gave him a firm look, her expression reassuring. “He needs you to hope for the both of them, now. Okay? You need to go in there, and keep hoping, and keep talking to him, and he might be able to hear you. Hearing your voice might make all the difference.”

Aaron let out a shaky breath, roughly pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she shook her head, giving him a bright smile. She reminded Aaron of Diane, the same comforting demeanour as Robert’s step-mother. “It’s better to get all this out.”

“Thats what my mum says.”

“You should listen to her, she’s a wise woman.” 

Aaron gave her a grateful smile. “I better get back to him,” he jerked his head toward the hospital, thinking of the room where Robert was lying, having not made a single move since the crash a week previously. 

“Don’t forget to keep breathing, love.”

Her words rang in Aaron’s ears as he headed back inside, the stark white walls of Hotten General turning his stomach.

Easier said than done.

send me a number and i’ll write you a drabble 

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Hey nif, I noticed in your get to know me tag you said you're demisexual/cishet? I was wondering what that means if you don't mind telling! Aside from that I absolutely love your writing though and wanted to say keep being awesome 😊

Thank you! So basically, cishet means that my gender identity aligns with the sex that was assigned to me at birth (cis female) and I am attracted to men (heterosexual). But I consider myself to be demisexual, which is actually part of the spectrum of asexuality.

Demisexual people don’t always identify in the same way, but for me, it means that I’m not really sexually attracted to partners right away, and that it takes a pretty long time for me to forge a mental bond with someone before the thought of sex even crosses my mind. 

I’ve only ever been with two people intimately before, and I was in long-term relationships with both of them. I don’t have a very high sex drive (I know this may be a shocker with the amount of smut I’ve written in the past month or so), so sometimes it can be hard when it comes to trying to actually find a partner willing to hold off. But I’m not sex-repulsed, I just find myself being mentally attracted to someone before being sexually attracted to them.

Hope that makes sense!

why do commercial patterns always have way too much ease?

i got out simplicity 8286 which is Ridd1e’s bodysuit/leotard pattern. i thought it would make a good base for the top of my noire widowmaker and also be useful for other future projects. the pattern is made for a mix of stretch and non-stretch fabrics, but i’ll be using all stretch.

knowing that i’d have to take it in, i figured i would measure out the different waist sizes on it. my waist is around 27-28" usually, and measuring the waist at the size that corresponds to, taking into account seam allowances, i got 32"!! on a garment that’s meant to be tight fitting with stretch fabric??? that’s 4 inches of ease! don’t wanna have to take in a pattern that much, so i guess i should go down a few sizes? urgh, this is why i hate working with commercial patterns. XP

Get To Know Me Tag!

Why hello there fine stranger! Having been tagged by @dotson12340 I am now spending my Friday night in the most fantastic way possible…writing alone in a dark room on my laptop. So, here is more than one could ever want to know about me!

Rules: Must answer the questions below and tag 20 of your very own followers to answer them themselves.

Name: Amber 

Nicknames: I mean I have a few, depending on who it is! My friends and history teacher call me Amberino, which kinda sounds like some samba dance to me but since I need an A in history I let it slide. My boyfriend calls me “smol bean” mostly because I am 5 foot 4…but I don’t even like beans. I’ll have to ask him why I’m a bean. My grandparents call me Amber-lance because of their boundless humour and my boundless clumsiness, while my best friend calls me Amberlicious…like the pizza. It’s complicated. 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio …November baby!

Height: I think I answered this before, 5 foot 4, though I’m 5′5 on a good day!

Orientation: I’ll let you know when I know myself…

Ethnicity: White British, though to be honest it doesn’t even do justice to how pasty I am. In my Year 11 leavers’ photo I look like an extraterrestrial snowman. 

Favourite Fruit: Banana, or as I call it, the *trusty* banana. Not even a euphemism, I just love a good banana…. *wink* 

Favourite Season: Spring or Autumn; I like being able to wear comfy hoodies without freezing, however in the summer I burn like a crisp. (Last summer I went to the beach and I thought I had baptised my body in enough sun cream to be spared from Satan’s rays, but nope! I forgot to plunge the back of my knees in that white goo, which ultimately resulted in me walking like a cripple for the next week.) 

Favourite Book: Oh boy, I remember when I had time to read books, back before Year 13. And well, given that I haven’t read since the sands of time decided it was impossible to enjoy life without plunging into impending doom and missing my university offer I am going to tell you the next book I want to read. That book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. 

Favourite Flower: Gosh I don’t know my flowers…pretty ones!

Favourite Scent: Gingerbread and clean sheets, just perhaps not together…

Favourite Animal: Anything smol…little piggies, little doggos, lil’ tortoises  

Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate every time, unless I have an exam to cram for and then coffee is my last hope. 

Cat or Dog Person: A cat person, I’ve spent the last year plotting a scheme to make my boyfriend’s cats like me, though they are very high maintenance felines and Socks still runs away from me, despite my best efforts to appease him. 

Favourite Fictional Character: Having not read any books recently I really don’t feel educated on this topic. Therefore I am going to wimp out and say that since I am on Season 2 of Game of Thrones (I am behind the times) Ayra is my favourite character! 

Dream Trip: Travelling through Europe. Although one day I would also love to visit Canana. My history teacher is from Canana and she is ever so lovely!

Blog Created: I am guessing, but I want to say late January or February 2016. 

Number of Followers: As of today, 35,817 wonderful people follow my blog. 

What Do I Post About: I really think the dynamic of my blog has changed over the last year or so that I’ve been posting. At the beginning, I used it as a method of dealing with the anxiety and depression I was facing at the time. This largely anonymous blog was a method of releasing negative emotions and thoughts that I didn’t feel I could continue to burden my friends with. However last summer I met my now boyfriend, and he was a huge help in coaxing me out of a dark time. At the end of the summer when he went back to university, this blog became my venting space for the challenges of a Long Distance Relationship. Nevertheless, sometimes I just post completely random poetry on here, things that I’ve written and would like to share as well as the weird and wonderful thoughts that simply pass through my mind. 

Do I Get Asks on a Regular Basis: I would say yes, and I try to respond to as many as I can. I certainly read all of them. At the moment I’m not taking submissions as I am trying very hard to build up my own presence as a writer first. Though saying that, it is one thing I would really like to do. 

Aesthetic: I’ll be honest, I have no idea. If you’ve made it this far (god bless you if you have) why not drop me a comment or send me a message telling me which aesthetic you think my blog is! 

Favourite Band or Artist: Look, I’m not here to lie to you, I’m a huge Swiftie. I also love Ed Sheeran, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan, Coldplay, Lewis Watson, Twenty One Pilots, Woodkid, Anarbor, Melanie Martinez, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, The 1975, The Fray…I’m going to stop now, I have no doubt you get the picture. 

Fictional Characters I’d Date: Another fictional character question I cannot answer, one day I must return to these. 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw! 

I really hope you feel you’ve learnt something new about me. Feel free to ask any questions! :) 

And now for the task of selecting twenty followers to continue this insightful and yet hopelessly time consuming trend: 

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// A.S 

You Vs. LoT/Arrowverse Writers

Sometimes (all the time) I feel like you guys, the Arrowerse fanfic writers have better plots, storylines, and ideas than the show.

I swear the tv shows have such good main plots, but the fics can be like 10000x better.

The Arrowverse sucks at love triangles and ships which either get really annoying/are pointless to the plot or are just a tease to death (like leonard snart 😢). They literally cannot form a normal couple. (Except maybe Barry/Iris but y'know *spoiler*).

The fics for LoT in particular have such intricate plots with character development and all that random fancy stuff that makes tv shows entertaining. The ways people have theorized how to bring Snart back.

Cisco vibes him (1 of my theories which i guess failed…)
Him being stuck in time.
Len being part of the Oculus.

There are soooo many cool routes to go about it, bit what do the writers do? Nothing… They finally brought him back and it was great, but not sure if he is gonna stay.

Sometimes i also feel like the writers steal ideas from fics (lol or im going crazy) They should because- damn.

👏👏👌 Fanfics Arrowverse

Good-luck with your ships and plots.

And that’s why you find Madi quoting some beautiful literature to Flint! Because her dad had that relationship with Flint and he knew what could happen. And I think maybe the dad had the right vision, actually, because he kept teaching Madi the ways of how to defeat a pirate or Woodes Rogers. He gave her the book that he wrote so that she could know how to fight that enemy. And he must have known, way before that there’ll come a time, and unfortunately she only discovered that when he was on his deathbed, which is sad, but it was what set Madi to get on that ship and go. Also her dad gave her that thing of… go out there and just conquer and save us and do something amazing. And that’s what she did.
Dally's Little Sister Pt. 4
If you’d like to see the first three parts search or click the tag listed below ‘thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister’. I have about five or six more parts planned for this so far. I may come up with more but there’s definitely five more as of right now. I hope you all enjoy and please let me know if you’re enjoying this so far 💛

Beatrice quickly realized that Dally was a lot faster than she was and by the time she made it to the street she couldn’t see which way he had turned. She rushed back to the backyard where the guys were all sitting around dumbfounded and a bit confused.

“You’ve gotta take me to wherever he is.” She said, panting slightly from running. They all stared up at her and Two-Bit shook his head.

“Shoot, kid, with Dally it’s a mystery. None of us know where he could be.”

Beatrice’s heart sunk in her chest. “You mean you have no idea? Not one idea to where he could be going?”

They all looked at each other awkwardly and they all seemed as if they wanted to say something and finally Darry spoke up. “Look.. Wherever he’s going for the night is no place for a nice girl like you. We’ll help you clean up and if you want we’ll go out looking for him and send him on over but you shouldn’t be wherever he is right now.”

Beatrice felt like she wanted to cry but she also knew that she wouldn’t get a better offer than that so she just nodded. They all did stay and help her clean up before going off. Steve was the last one to go and on his way out the door she stopped him.

“I know you know where he is.” She told him stubbornly. Steve just sighed and looked down.

“Yea.. Yea I do. But Darry was right, Bea, it’s no place for a nice girl like you.”

“Steve..” Beatrice whispered with tears in her eyes. Steve glanced up at her and immediately felt guilty. “Look I know he’s my brother.. You’ve gotta help me please.”

“Dally.. he’s really complicated. I don’t know if he’s the kind of brother you’re looking for. You know.. maybe if it’s better if you just-”

“Just stay away?” Bea snapped. “Well that’s not going to happen, okay? I know what kind of guy he is. But I also know that I’ve spent my whole life looking for him. I can’t back down now and I won’t. So take me to see him, Steve, or I swear I will walk these streets until I find him myself.”

Steve shook his head as he watched you closely. “You really sounded just like Dally there.. You’re both stubborn.” he said and then sighed. “I’ll take you there in the morning. That’s my final offer.”

“Fine.” she muttered. “I’ll see you at nine?”

“Try eleven.” he laughed.

“Ten-thirty.” she replied firmly.

“Fine. But he probably won’t even be up.” Steve said as he moved to the door.

“Hey, Steve..” Beatrice murmured and Steve turned to look at her. “Thank you..”

He just nodded and went out the door.

Bea could barely fall asleep that night she was so excited and nervous. The next morning Steve showed up at 10:30 and Beatrice was already dressed and sitting outside waiting for him. They drove around silently until finally Steve pulled out front of Buck’s and Beatrice’s heart sank.

“What is this place?”

“This is where Dally usually stays.” Steve told her as he shut his truck off so he could turn to face her.


“Well yea.. he doesn’t have his own place so he just stays around wherever he can find a place.”

Beatrice was starring at the building sadly but when Steve started to get out of the car she did too. As they walked inside Beatrice felt even more upset at seeing the dirty mess of a bar. There were a couple of people passed out all over the place, empty cups and bottles all over, and a haze of smoke hung around the room and made it stink.

Steve knew right where to go and he lead Beatrice upstairs to Dally’s room. He knocked on the door for her and after some shuffling from inside the room Dally yanked the door open looking half asleep and pissed that he was just pulled out of bed. He looked at Beatrice- with her arms crossed over her chest trying to look tough- and he sighed.

“Jeez you brought the kid here?”

“I’m not a kid.” she snapped. He just shook his head and stepped aside so they could come in.

Steve shook his head a bit as Beatrice waited for him. “You go. I’ll wait in the car for you. Take your time.”

As he went off she stepped in and looked around the room sadly. It took everything in her not to start picking up the room. She couldn’t believe how cold it was in there. She figured Dally must freeze at night, especially since he opened the door shirtless. She saw that the bed only had sheets and a thin blanket.

“You can sit..” Dally muttered and she hesitantly sat on the edge of his bed while he flopped down beside her. They were both silent and she watched him as he lit a cigarette and laid back against the wall as he smoked it with his eyes closed.

“Are you just gonna sit there silently..” Dally said after a while. “Or did you have something you needed to say to me?”

“I’m sorry I woke you up..” Bea started at first and he laughed so she turned around to glare at him a bit. She sat back a bit further on the bed so she could face him properly. “So you’re my brother.” she finally said. She couldn’t keep the slight waiver of excitement out of her voice.

“Look, princess, don’t expect me to start hugging you and acting all brotherly to you okay. I don’t do that kind of stuff.”

“No I just.. I have so many questions. I-”

“No!” Dally snapped. “No questions. I don’t do questions either. Look I don’t talk about New York okay? So don’t even bother. I don’t talk about me either so don’t even try. If you were looking for some sort of family reunion or some shit than you were truly mistaken because I’m not gonna give that to you. Why don’t you just go back you your happy little life with your perfect family and we’ll both be better off, princess.”

Bea immediately got a rush of anger and she stood up quickly. Dally was lighting up another cigarette so she reached over and snatched it from him, tossing it in a cup of water on his bedside table to put it out. Dally looked up in annoyance and surprise and now that she finally had his attention she spoke.

“You seem to have a lot of rules so let me lay some out for you. Don’t you ever dare assume anything about my life again, got it? And if I were you I wouldn’t ever dare call me ‘princess’ again unless you have a serious death wish.” Bea spoke so harshly that Dally definitely saw a bit of himself in her.

“Are you done?” he asked, surprisingly feeling calm.

“I’m not looking for a family reunion. But I didn’t come all the way here for you to be a complete asshole so.. just..” Bea closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. When she opened her eyes again she stared at him for a long moment before speaking in a calmer tone. “Can I.. can I come back and see you again?”

“You’re serious?” Dally laughed a bit and she just nodded and gave him the most hopeful look she could so he sighed deeply. “Fine. But come back here during the day all right? You don’t need to be here when there’s drunk people and parties.”

Beatrice grinned at finally getting her way and she nodded a bit. She went to turn to leave but not before grabbing his pack of cigarettes. “You should really quit smoking.” she told him again firmly. On the way out the front door of Buck’s she tossed them in a trash barrel with a small smirk as she already began to get excited for the next day when she’d see him again.

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Ok so I'm a young trans guy. I'm underage and living with transphobic parents. They don't know I bind, but my ribs have started warping. My doctor knows I bind, but I know she's probably going to tell me to stop once she sees my ribs. What am I supposed to do? There's no way in hell I can not bind anytime I don't I feel like I'm gonna vomit. ???

Are you using a proper binder? That should not be happening if you are. They arent cheap but its more than worth it for the sake of your health. You can cause a lot of damage through unsafe binding which can also potentially affect your ability to undergo top surgery later. I highly suggest you obtain a proper binder (in the correct size). In the meantime I would try a different method from whatever it is you are doing right now, something that will help binding wise but be far less damaging for your body. There are many different methods you can look into, have a look through the binder/binding tag


I would stop the method you are using right now and switch to something safer like a sports bra or something for now to help your body. The success of each method depends on your size but there are different things you can try. Its not easy when you have to work around parents but if you’ve been doing it already then it seems as if you can do it without them noticing. Money for things can also be difficult but it is worth saving up if you have to than continuing to damage your body. I know how hard it is and the want to do anything it takes to hide it but you will likely regret the damage in the future. It is always worth trying to prevent that as much as possible and limit damage and risks. Try to be as safe as you can and find a method that works for you

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i hate that your empurata windblade looks prettier than actual windblade. do you know how hard that is.

I’m not a huge fan of her design, there’s a kernel of something cool there but it’s covered by glitter and standardization. I think the reason it looks better is because it’s not as busy, her whole head and face have way too much details so it looks uninteresting since the only thing separating the face is different color. Designs need contrast and not only color one, and there’s little of that in hers. She needs either a more plain helmet, which I would personally prefer, or removal of face paint.

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Bromo is having a meltdown with this solo harry thing.... but yes, she is a very supportive fan! Sure, Jan....


Oh and Bulletproofhalo is comparing Harry’s solo career to Freddie’s existence:

#some of the mental gymnastics I have seen#on my own dash#to rationalize the harry solo album and the way it’s been handled thus far#without acknowledging the problems with it#by says by oh we just don’t know what goes on BTS we don’t know everything#this is how it is random ass publication man quoted a source#who said it’s true so!!!!#is the same argument antis make about why Freddie is Louis’ kid#makes me question the validity and rationality of some larries that’s for damn sure

Which is gonna be funny by the end of April when both Harry’s album and Freddie’s paternity will continue on as though all your thousands of posts whining about them never mattered to anyone.