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It’s about bloody time I created one that was a little easier for you guys to use. I know that my Masterlist has caused a few troublesome issues over the last few weeks so I can only pray that this works a little better for everyone. I think that this may be something much more handy than having to edit everything and all that jazz.

Italicised and bolded titles are titles belonging to stories which contain smut, or some GIFs and pictures that are on the rather graphic side, within them. But, of course, there are warnings at the top of each smut piece, just in case you go a little further.

If any problems do arise, let me know and I’ll get to working them out as soon as I possibly can. Let’s hope this is a lot easier to handle! I’ll slot this under a Keep Reading because it’s actually much longer than I thought it would be and I don’t want to upset people by clogging up their dashboard. 


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How about Tucker Foley!?

  • sexual orientation headcanon- BISEXUAL TUCKER. He learned this about himself later, maybe once as he graduated. During a gap year, he took time to understand himself better.

  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon- I headcanon actually that Tucker doesn’t really have that many problems. He might have depression sometimes but it doesn’t endanger him. But he can feel empty sometimes.

3 random headcanons:

  1. Tucker would NOT be a hacker for the FBI he’d be Chaotic Good like uploading the MS Paint exe files after Microsoft takes them down. He’d uncover BAD SHIT.
  2. His 100% meat streak is lies and so is death. He does it to mess with Sam.
  3. He’s ambidextrous, which is why we see him switch hands a lot.
About Confederate...

I don’t like to react too quickly to things. Actually, that’s not quite true. I typically react quickly, but I don’t like to vocalize those reactions until I’m ready to go in.

I have so many problems with Confederate being something that had that many people say “yes” to.  One central problem stems from the desire of these men to immerse themselves in an “alternate” history where centuries-long intergenerational violent subjugation from which we have never fully healed, continued for the last 150 years, because they think it sounds fascinating. One problem is that we do not live in some utopic present where the Union won the Civil War and then white supremacy was dismantled along with the end of slavery. Instead, in our very real American history, the only efforts for any sort of revolutionary remedying died along with Reconstruction, in no small part due to the emboldened white paramilitary terrorist groups and an indifferent white North. 

White supremacy has not only adapted beyond slavery but was modernized almost immediately and in so many ways.  I’m not talking about the era of mass incarceration only, but the continuity that stemmed from the creation of a caste system, targeted racial violence, legal segregation, legal and extralegal sexual control, voting restrictions, housing restrictions and red-lining, educational gate-keeping, widespread attempts of dehumanization, and racist state violence. The fact is, even with this list, I haven’t included everything. I couldn’t. Quite simply, slavery did not just end. The remnants of slavery exist and the ideology that created slavery is more than alive. Therefore, how does one accurately speculate on the end of something while failing to understand all the ways it hasn’t ever actually ended?

Another essential problem directly comes from the fact that this history from which they want to deviate has still never been properly recognized, taught, nor accepted in our country. How can we and why should we create an alternate history when we cannot even get our compatriots to acknowledge, understand and fully denounce the real history? From the Dunning School of historians to the first blockbuster, “The Birth of a Nation” screening in the White House, and even to the curriculums that dedicate a lone week in school to discuss Reconstruction, our history had been propagandized almost immediately after it happened to minimize the impact of slavery, the evils of slaveholders, and even lionize Confederates soldiers and antebellum Southern life.  

Even when we do not go as far as to exalt slaveholders and the KKK, we still have a nation that just does not get what happened to end slavery. These creators would do well to read Du Bois and some Eric Foner. To say that the South successfully seceded does not necessarily imply the continued use of slave labor. Racial slavery ended, in no small part, because enslaved people acted as revolutionary opportunist during that time, and ran, fought, rebelled, and organized to challenge the system and ensure that they would not return to slavery. The Union had their hand forced. Lincoln would not have freed the slaves if enslaved people had not made it known they had every intention of getting free.  David Benioff and  D.B. Weiss want to write a series about the third such war and my understanding of that history would tell me that slavery would not have made it through two of these wars regardless of what military victories the Confederacy could manage. 

I’m a fan of historical fiction as well as alternate futures. There’s no doubt that an alternate ending of the Civil War would have a lot of interesting and terrifying political implications. Maybe I’d be more interested in how that could be explored if I didn’t see Confederate flags waving, even in states that were part of the Union. We still can find monuments inaccurately memorializing the Confederacy. We saw populations of white people shift, permanently, to Republicans party voters, in large part, because they disagreed with the end of de jure racial segregation. Furthermore, and of primary concern, black pain that endures from this legacy should not be used and triggered for the sake of a story that does not also heal us. They will be taking on a project with immense responsibility. I do not see how these men are prepared for that. As viewers, why should we immerse ourselves into an “interesting” world of our nightmares? One, I might add, many people of this nation love to remind us that they long for. 

David Benioff and  D.B. Weiss already have shown they would not be up for the job, if it were, in fact, a job that should be done. Even in a fantasy show with an unlimited creative license in casting, they still could only see black people as enslaved and formerly enslaved, and even then, we barely saw any.  Even in a fantasy world, they showed sexual violence gratuitously while only seeming to truly show empathy for experienced trauma when that trauma is suffered by white men (i.e. how Theon’s trauma is treated vs. Sansa’s). I worry about how they will treat this trauma and how much empathy they will show to the black people in their world. Furthermore, If they inserted sexual violence into a fantasy show gratuitously, beyond the source material, I shudder to imagine how they will treat an institution in which sexual subjugation was a primary element. I also worry about who they portray as heroic actors in this story, and if this becomes a narrative where things happen to black people. I have no reason to believe they see us as actors in a story, at this point, and when it comes to the Civil War, enslaved and formerly enslaved people certainly acted as consequential historical actors. 

I do not imagine HBO changing their minds at this point, but I hope that these men spend some time understanding what they have taken on. 

When it comes to alternate worlds, I find these fantasies of victorious oppressors to be both harmful and tiring, especially because enduring white supremacy hardly deserves the descriptor of “alternate”. It’s telling that these creators (and those for a certain Amazon show), do not find it nearly as fascinating to explore an alternate history where white supremacy never reigned and disrupted the world in the first place. Now, that is a much more compelling story to tell. 

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I go on hiatus frequently because of health issues, which isn't a problem; all my partners understand that I'm often slow and I try not to rp with super fast ppl anyway. But every time I go on hiatus, I seem to gain a lot of followers - and then when I start being active again, a lot of them disappear. I don't really care how many followers I have; it's just a pattern I've noticed and I can't figure out WHY.

This is actually something that boggled me a lot back in the day, but I was informed as to why and it made sense. From what I recall ( my memory is kind of fuzzy when it comes to the exact details / explanation honestly ), when you don’t log into your blog for a while – I’m not certain as to the exact timeframe, probably at least a few days / a week – Tumblr kind of ‘freezes’ your stats and doesn’t keep track of the activity, mainly when it comes to followers.

When you return and log back in, all the blogs that unfollowed you or were following you but deleted are removed from your followers list shortly after you log back in, which makes it look like you’re losing followers in real time, but you’re not. Basically the “followers” that you’re “losing” were actually lost a while back, it just doesn’t show up while you’re gone, or right away when you first come back. I hope that explains it for you.

— mod Sky

So this week I’ve been going through orientation and mobility training again for a refresher. And I talked to my O&M trainer about service dogs because I’ve been interested in getting one some time in the future maybe right before or as I graduate college. The thing is, I was really hoping there was a way for service dogs to be sort of dual purpose, like one that is trained as a guide dog and a service dog for people with panic disorders. Since I have PTSD and psychosis, and have actually had very bad episodes while crossing streets (luckily this happened at night and there were no cars around because I literally froze in the middle of the road for several moments), it could be really good to have something there not only to aid me visually but help keep me safe in case one of those episodes were to happen again. But I had to explain this to my O&M trainer, which meant telling her about some of my mental health problems. I wasn’t comfortable doing that, but I figured she would be the best person for me to ask, and I didn’t want to ask someone while my mother was around and when I meet with people from the Commission for the Blind my mom is always with me. So I asked, and she reacted totally normally, just nodding and saying ‘yeah of course, we should look into that’. That’s a huge weight off my shoulders and she’s going to try and help me figure out if that’s a possibility and guys, I’m just really excited and relieved that it went so well.


Beware of this clever and devious “tech support” scam

  • Scammers, it seems, have endless ways to try to gain access to money and information. One especially common trick? Tech support scams.
  • These rackets have become sophisticated and can trap the best of us — including yours truly! As a consumer-oriented writer, I was confident I knew all the common tricks, like bogus pop-up windows claiming my computer is infected with malware.
  • But I actually almost got caught in a “tech support” scam myself.
  • It all started when I needed customer service for a problem with a router. I looked up the phone number by typing “Netgear tech support number” into Google, which is the way I look up phone numbers for everything, because companies sometimes make it hard to find contact numbers.
  • Alas, that turned out to be a rookie mistake when it comes to tech support issues — as scammers have figured out how to game the results. Read more (5/3/17)

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So, I wanted to create an appreciation post for the ships that are scorned and receive hate.

For the ships that are treated with homophobia, and are belittled for no other reason than for being between two people of the same gender. The ships whose beautiful emotional developments are ignored, and instead stereotyped into false pictures of “lustful yaoi pairings,” which they are most certainly not.

For the ships that are overshadowed and ignored due to their more popular competition:

For the ships who, conversely, are “too popular,” or have “taken over the whole fandom.”

For the ships who are sent hate for ‘queer-baiting’ in spite of their beautiful, long-developed bond:

For the ships that are considered ‘abusive’ or ‘wrong’ because the characters have problems (and work them out, in DirkJake’s case!):

And the ships between two characters who are “clearly straight,”

(Yes, I have actually seen this argument used against Kagehina XD)

Because every pairing, no matter how minute, mainstream, or controversial, deserves respect. It’s okay if you don’t ship it. Hell, I don’t ship all of the pairings in this post. However, that gives you no excuse to behave with hostility towards the people who do.

(I will likely continue making edits to this post. I didn’t include every ship that has ever received hate, of course, and I may have mis-categorized a few of them. I understand that not everyone will like these ships for a variety of reasons, but I would appreciate it if everyone avoided any shiphate :)

The most expensive way ever to get the police involved.

My wife and I had a first floor condo in what had previously been a nice complex. Unfortunately, over time the couple who lived above us (hereafter designated AA for Angry Alcoholic and AAG for Angry, Alcoholic Girlfriend) began drinking heavily, or maybe they just got louder about their drinking. Nearly every night became a massive screaming match between them. They’d stay up until 2 AM shouting at each other at the top of their lungs, then one of them would put on music at top volume to drown out the other. Their taste in music wasn’t actually bad but when it’s 2 AM and my floor is vibrating, it’s a problem. Sometimes they’d even take their fight out into the parking lot, just to be sure all the neighbors were treated to a detailed explanation of who had cheated on who recently (both), and who was threatening to dump who and leave right now. (Neither of them ever actually left, they just went out to their car and threatened to, loudly.)

Then in the mornings he would “work on” his car in the car in the carport right outside our front door. As far as I can tell the all he did was sit there and rev the engine for (it seemed) hours on end. I have no idea when he slept, maybe while we were at work? We and other neighbors complained to the condo board, who issued a warning, which AA and AAG ignored. Eventually the condo board started fining them, but AA found a genius solution- just don’t pay the fine. All the condo board could do was, eventually, put a lien on AA’s condo, but that would only become a problem for him when he sold the place. Apparently, they couldn’t actually foreclose on him, or maybe they just didn’t want to go to the trouble.

Trying to talk to him directly was useless- if we managed to catch him during a rare moment of sobriety, he’d just kind of blow us off, but if we caught him while he was drunk, he’d get pretty threatening and was then even louder for a few days.

We even tried calling the police, but they weren’t really interested unless he actually crossed the line into a felony. They gave him a few warnings, which he also ignored. Maybe if he’d actually beaten me or one of my other neighbors up, they’d have done something, but none of us felt like getting into a fight to find out. Plus there was always the risk that the cops would arrest everybody involved in the fight on general principles, and none of us wanted an arrest record.

Eventually, my wife and I decided to sell our condo and move, for multiple reasons that definitely included AA and AAG. Because of the timing of our move, our realtor wound up actually showing the condo while we were home a couple of times, and we discovered that one of the potential buyers was a city police officer, her husband, and their 1-year old baby. (I guess their old place was too small now that they had a kid.)

Unfortunately, their offer was $3,500 below the top offer. After talking it over, we told our realtor to accept their offer anyway, and we’d just eat the loss. So AA and AAG had a cop move in directly below them.

I’m Facebook friends with a couple of our old neighbors, and in the six months since we moved, AA has been arrested multiple times, and had his car impounded at least once. Apparently he’s now trying to be quieter, but that only lasts until he gets drunk and then he’s screaming again, and his new downstairs neighbor has long ago had enough of his shit, and does not appreciate it if he wakes up her kid. And I guess she also doesn’t appreciate it if he shouts at her. He’s in an “obnoxious neighbor” war with a cop, and he’s losing badly. Hopefully soon he’ll wind up in jail for longer than a couple of days.

KADO: The Right Answer

Okay y’all, I’ve got a new anime recommendation that I can’t stress seriously enough. It comes with mild yet flashy alien invasion, action-packed international negotiations, sci-fi energy sources, a super exhausted flight attendant crew in a hostage situation, and your friendly neighborhood media frenzy! Do you like Steins;Gate? Do you like the weird, inexplicable dating sim vibes? Have you ever wanted to watch the Japanese government shed tears of blood for days on end in a boardroom environment? Can I interest you in an adorable theoretical physicist equipped with an etch-a-sketch

May I now introduce you to:

1. Your new beautiful alien overlord, now with 100% less emoting and an unwavering dedication to linguistic accuracy, who may or may not also be future-Jesus:

With zero joking, I need to inform you that that his name is Yaha-kui zaShunina. Folks, you don’t get higher quality alien visitors than this.

2. A protagonist that a) doesn’t suck and a) possesses the holy trinity of dry wit, a moral compass, and superior communication skills: 

3. KADO the cube*, who, if this was a dating sim, would definitely be the love interest you wanted to date the most:

(*that’s it, it’s just a cube. It’s 2km to each side, it doesn’t get any sexier)

(**those specks in the second pic are batshit crazy media helicopters, see #9 below)

4. The swooning Junior Colleague, if alien overlords aren’t your thing:

5. A flight crew that just doesn’t quit, despite being told they have to work overtime in a multi-dimensional hostage situation for the next 29 fucking days

6. The afore-mentioned etch-a-sketch physicist, who routinely frightens the military officers so bad they call for backup to disagree with her

6. This cutie negotiator, who I’m pretty sure is actually super fucking ambitious beneath that wide-eyed veneer

7. This other cutie that does shit with military-grade weapons, who I hardcore ship with the crazy physicist 

8. High-powered negotiations, which was a genre I never knew I needed until now and includes intense debates about the problems of inaccurate language localizations and translation fuck-ups in high-stress situations

9. And finally, the military and the media circus, now with proper representation and cool behind-the-scenes depictions of what security procedures really look like during crisis situations


One last note: KADO uses a consistent amount of CGI. If you have been traumatized by CGI in the past (see: the dark side of new sailor moon) I urge you to watch the first 2-3 episodes of KADO before writing it off. Why? Because:

 1) the plot and story are so cool I kept watching even after being thrown off initially, and 

2) it was actually shockingly easy to get used to the difference in animation 

This was because there’s a hell of a lot of geometric detailing in this anime, and the CGI, believe it or not, does a great job in animating it. Facial expressions and body language are also way more detailed because they’re able to alter pre-existing models. This also means the animation is consistently high-quality.

So try it out! The first three episodes (plus prequel, which I highly recommend) are on Crunchyroll with minimal ads. Don’t skip it, ‘cause it looks like it’s gonna continue to be insanely good!


So I have decided to post all the facts and hints about Connor Murphy’s past that are shown in the musical. It’s hard to make out considering people in the fandom usually focus on the lies Evan tells to figure out Connor’s personality.

To get this conclusion (which I will post in a second) I literally skipped all scenes concerning Evan’s lies and went directly to the Murphy family and what they say. None of these facts/hints involve what Evan said about Connor.

First of all, I’ll say now that I have put my own interpretation on each of these facts.

And so, I will put all FACTS in BOLD.
Anything out of bold is my own interpretation and how I see it to be. It’s up to you to agree with me or disagree.

First, I will post my conclusions on each family member, and then afterwards, I will post the reasons for each one.


Zoe was an emotional and verbal abuse victim. There is no evidence of physical abuse, although there were threats that could have potentially led to that. She has all the right to not grieve over Connor, in all honesty, she could have sent him to the police for what he did, but as an abuse victim, that is very hard to do. Connor was probably the cause of most of her insecurities and she hated him for that. The unhealthy habit of taking out his anger on the nearest person to him probably made him lash out at his sister whenever he had a panic attack. Judging by how he really did care enough to keep the creepy letter about his sister, written by Evan, in his pocket for 3 days before he committed suicide, it’s safe to say that he really regretted being mean to his sister and actually cared about her.

Connor’s mom, Cynthia

Connor’s mom was a woman obsessed with reputation. She’s known as the rich man’s wife, and wants more than anything to be a regular family. But because her son had mental illnesses, her perfect image was ruined. She acted as though she was there for him but when it came down to it, she did nothing. She pushed for therapy but after a while, her husband took him out of it because “it wasn’t worth the money,” and she basically went, “welp, I tried.” I will quote what I say later: Connor’s mom might not actually be sad that her son is gone, but rather, she’s ashamed that her family actually doesn’t care. It seems like Connor’s mom is filled with regret for not being there for her son, and she’s forcing her family to act like they regretted it too, because that’s what a real family should have been like. But this is only a personal theory.

Connor’s dad, Larry

Connor’s dad might be one of the main sources of his depression. It is very obvious to me that Connor’s dad believed him to be a disappointment. He didn’t grieve for his dead son and only played along to make his wife happy. He’s annoyed by the whole situation. It even seemed like he hated the fact that there was fake remnants of his son in Evan. Almost like he wished Connor wasn’t friends with Evan so he could just forget all about him and not need to deal with it. At some point he was a kind father. When they went to the orchard together for picnics, it seems like they were a happy family. Connor’s dad had played with their toy plane together and had some great memories. The whole family practically forgot about this, though. Connor’s dad didn’t cry at his own dead son’s funeral. I think that sums it up.

Connor Murphy

Connor was a complicated person. He had many different mental illnesses. I could research which ones he probably had, but there’s probably already a post somewhere on it already. One thing for sure, is that he was unstable. He might not have been like that his whole life, but at the time of knowing him, the time he was briefly alive in the show, he was incredibly unstable. Everything and anything could set him off, and he probably hated that about himself as well. Pushing away everyone near him that could possibly help and hating himself for doing so, spiraling himself into a closed minded world of self-hate and regret, which is something that many people can relate to, including me. He did a lot of horrible things to his sister and to his family. I don’t blame his family for not actually grieving him, he was a really bad person. The problem is, he could have been a good person as well. He had all the potential to get better. He talked to Evan, probably wishing to say sorry about pushing him earlier in the hall. He was trying, he wanted to try. He wanted to get better. He just gave up too soon.

This post is very long! I’m sorry. If you’d like to read more, I’m putting the reasons I’ve come to these conclusions under the cut.

Remember, ALL FACTS ARE IN BOLD. Anything else is my personal interpretation.

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Why do you think it's ok to use queer as a blanket term? As a bi trans person I find it incredibly hurtful and offensive

Do you really want to know my answer? Like seriously, are you actually open to listening to what my answer may be and absorbing any new information I may offer on the topic?

Because from here it doesn’t seem like you are. 

Let’s be honest with each other, you started out with the phrase “why do you think it’s ok” which is aggressive language, and then you justified your disagreement with your identity. Which I always found to be an interesting tactic, because when this clarification exists in an argument it assumes that by having this particular set of identities you are somehow more qualified to discuss this problem than someone else, while at the same time personalizing you so it is harder for anyone to disagree with you.

You then use the words hurtful, and then offensive. Both button words that illicit a certain type of response, hurtful in how inarguable it is. That is your feeling and I would never argue what a stranger is feeling to them. Then there is offensive, which is a word that is very well used in the LGBT+ community to discuss important issues surrounding our dehumanization. 

I don’t think that this message was a carefully crafted masterpiece of debate and trickery that you spent hour figuring out the direct phrasing of obviously, but I do think you had an intent when you wrote this message and the words you chose make that intent clear. 

You don’t want to talk to me. Hell I doubt you even follow me. I have anonymous turned off on my ask box, but I am almost 100% sure that if I didn’t you would be sending this under the little sunglasses wearing icon.

Also if you checked my FAQ you would have found a helpful little link explaining to you my views on the queer discourse. You may have noticed that I have my own reasons why I decide to use that word, and my own history with it. You probably also would have seen my post saying that I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. Or you could have seen that I have a link set up that blocks the word from all my content so no one has to see it if they don’t want to, and they can still have access to the history that I give insight into. 

But you didn’t care about that did you? Because you aren’t actually interested in what I have to say, if you were you would have already seen all of this and you would have seen my request for people to stop asking me to drag out my arguments for why I use the word again and again. You probably would have realized that either A) it is a lost cause so why bother B) that I have nothing left to say on the matter that I haven’t already said and you may have respected my professional boundaries enough to leave it alone.  

But here we are, you uninformed and angry, and me annoyed and tired. We aren’t going to have a good dialogue, and I am near certain you wouldn’t have accepted one if I offered it. You are not here to change my mind, because I have to assume that you at least did a basic check to see that my entire project has the word queer in it and it is pretty clear that isn’t changing. And you are also not here to have your mind changed. 

And to be honest I have no desire to change your mind. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me on this. It actually isn’t that big of a deal to me if someone doesn’t agree with my viewpoints all the time. 

I have read a lot of arguments in favour of removing the word from our lexicon completely. I disagree, but I understand them. As I have said before, this isn’t a huge dividing point for me. 

I have given people access to my work without the word queer in it, and that is the extent of what I am going to do here. 

So why are you sending this in? Nothing is going to change from it, and honestly it is a pretty boring message so I can’t believe you thought something would.

I think the sole reason you sent this was performative. 

You wanted to show that you tried to convince that big mean queer person without actually trying to convince them. Maybe this was a performance; for your followers, maybe you will screenshot my response and share them in a group chat. Or it is also possible this is a performance for yourself, maybe you want to convince yourself that you are doing something. 

Maybe you feel ineffective or like you need to make a difference so you are sending this message to me to feel proud of yourself for trying to change something that you don’t like. 

But you aren’t doing this to actually do the hard work of changing something. 

And it is fine if you aren’t able to do that work for any reason, but leave other people out of your sense of inadequacy. I am not here to be your punching bag that you hit so you can feel big and strong.  

I am tired, and I am bored of people sending me this performative garbage.

Which of course lends itself to the question, why am I answering this publicly?

I will admit there is a little bit of performance from my side as well, I want people to see how right I am and how much this behavior sucks. I want people to see me destroying this ask, and I am not going to lie I am totally going to send screenshots to the group chat.

What makes us different, is that I didn’t seek this performance out. I clearly did not send this to myself, and I haven’t made a post about the queer discourse in months. Which means, this person had to search for me so that they could get mad at me. Whereas I just had to check my inbox this morning and respond to what was there.

But outside of the performance of it all, I want my answer to sit with you for a couple of days. I don’t care if I change your mind about the queer discourse because honestly I do not care about the queer discourse. But I do want to change something. I want you to stop sending asks like these, because this doesn’t seem like it is your first. 

And if you were just sending them to me I would be fine with it. I can delete asks, and they roll off my back if I decide to let them. But not everyone is like that. 

I could now give a rant about the little baby queers I am protecting, but it is not just about them. It is about all of the people you send this kind of thing to (who almost certainly don’t deserve hate mail), whether they are affected deeply by it or not it doesn’t make what you are doing any better. 

And if me writing this long message publicly makes it less likely for you to send something like this again, then it is worth the five minutes I have spent crafting it. Because if you are a little more self conscious about doing something like this again, then hopefully I will have spared a couple of people the annoyance of having to deal with this kind of garbage message. 

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Lmao what's wrong with Laci Green? You said "God you sound like Laci Green" (Disclosure: I haven't watched her videos in a couple of years so I don't know what she's done now)

this would be pretty fuckin twef-y on its own without this absolutely hilarious display of how little she knows about biology here:


hey fuck your phd i’m uhhhh a sex ed teacher…. basic bio 101 says ur neuroendocrinology phd is uhhh bullshit and wrong?“

she’s just, over all, a bad feminist? iirc she said zootopia was about misogyny in the work place instead of. y’know. racism, which is what it’s actually about. a lot of White Feminists have a problem with thinking anything can be about anything besides white women’s problems

[disclaimer: i’m white too lol pls call me out if i do this]

One thing that always bugs me when parents are trying to evaluate whether or not their teenage kids will ever be able to live without them is I don’t think any of them consider that they might be the problem…

Which is totally understandable because why would you ever think that you being there and helping your child is actually hurting them?

But I know for a fact that I have about double the number of spoons when I am living on my own compared to when I’m living with my parents.

Like, the entire downstairs of my house is open plan and I am so anxious that I cannot be downstairs when someone else is.

My mum works from home most of the time so that means that I shut myself in my room and I don’t feed myself or do any chores like taking down dirty dishes to go in the dishwasher.

And trying to work around other people’s bathroom routines usually means that I can’t actually brush my teeth or shower when I have the executive functioning to do so.

I got my diagnosis around the time I moved out on my own for the first time so it’s not as if anyone can retroactively say that I’m incapable of living on my own but there have been times since I moved back in with my parents (so that I could afford to do my masters degree) when it has been heavily implied that my parents don’t necessarily think that I’m particularly good at looking after myself.

This is despite the fact that every time they go away for a weekend, they come back to an immaculate house, with all of the chores done and me actually eating healthily.

I dunno, it’s not really a major problem for me, but I can imagine that it would be if I had been diagnosed earlier, so I can’t help but wonder how many parents insist that their child couldn’t live without them, when they are actually holding their child back…

Imagine it’s John Watson’s wedding. Sherlock has been looking forward to dancing for weeks. John makes a “no-homo” jab at Sherlock for teaching him, then leaves Sherlock to wallow in his loneliness.

Now imagine Sherlock shakes it off, finds Greg Lestrade – who also doesn’t have a date – and proposes they dance the next song together. Greg protests a bit, then says, “Well, I have to lead – I’m more comfortable that way” to which Sherlock replies, “That’s no problem, I enjoy either position”. Then they fall into step, join John and Mary out on the dance floor, the whole room has a collective laugh, and they enjoy the night as one big happy family.

You see, this is what it means to make homosexual innuendo. Something like this is what one would have to do to make that situation a joke.

What actually happened was Sherlock, after John made his “no-homo” jab, resigned himself to a life of loneliness, no longer being John’s choice of life partner, left the wedding immediately, bitched about it all online, and then dove nose-first into a dumpster of cocaine.

So when the writers say, “we never meant to make *that* show”, either they’re lying or they’re the shittiest writers on this planet.

So You Think You’re Not Racist

Alternate title: “Levels of Racism: Why White Fans and Creators Have a Responsibility to Confront Our Biases”

So here’s a thing I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing new and if anyone knows of resources written by Black people that address this, please send me the info because I definitely want to read them. 

(Also if I’ve misstepped or misspoken in any way, please let me know. Criticism is welcome.)

Part of the difficulty of discussing racism, particularly with other white people, is that we don’t actually think about the same thing when we talk about racism. The way I see it, there are three levels:

  1. Individual beliefs and actions that are rooted in racial prejudice
  2. Subconscious racial bias that comes from socialization
  3. Systemic racism enshrined in institutions of power

There are probably more in between, and obviously these aren’t strict black and white categories; there’s a lot of overlap and blurred lines involved. I don’t know if any particular level is worse than the others, and I don’t think I’m qualified to speak on that. But I think these work well as large bucket categories.

The problem is that often people are talking about different levels without actually realizing it. When I try to get my parents to understand why level 2 might lead them to judge Colin Kaepernick’s method of protest unfairly, they respond as if I’ve accused them of level 1 racism. When I tell my coworker that I don’t like the Bruins because the crowd booed PK Subban every time he had the puck, I can tell he’s desperately trying to come up with a reason other than race because he doesn’t want to accuse an entire stadium of people of being level 1 racists, when really the problem is probably a mix of 1 & 2.

And obviously, they’re all bad. They’re all racism and we should fight against all of them. But I think we have to fight against the different levels in different ways, which is why people get frustrated with these conversations.

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Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff (with slightly smutty undertones at the end) and a fail attempt at humor; Soulmate!AU where anything your soulmate does to their body reflects on your own

Soulmate Series: Yoongi | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Taehyung

Word Count: 2.6K

Originally posted by jungk0oksthighs

You’d never had a problem with the whole ‘soulmate’ deal, unlike some of your more passionate colleagues. It’d never sparked up much of a reaction in you, because honestly, who had the time to actually care? Besides, it did turn out to be rather amusing, most of the time.

Like when you were in the middle of discussing an important project with your professor, for example, and you felt something ticklish on the inside of your arm. You’d always been susceptible to even the slightest brush of the fingers, so you bit your lip hard to stop yourself from laughing out loud.

When you finally got to leave, you made a pit stop at the bathroom, to get a napkin or something to wipe your cut lip—go figure, you’d managed to bite it that hard—and you looked down at your wrist: the source of your problems. Looking at the squiggles on it, you felt like you were supposed to get angry, but honestly, the basic math problems drawn crudely with black ink made you laugh out loud. Sure, you got some strange looks from, like, one person for doing that, but you could tell your soulmate had to be hilarious.

You looked again, unable to resist smiling when you saw—and felt—more black ink being scribbled furiously onto your delicate skin. Your soulmate must have been having a math test or something soon; why else would they have been writing all that on their hand? Though, really, what an amateur move.

You took great delight in re-telling the story to your friends later, but it seemed like they’d reached the point where they were just tired of hearing you talk about your soulmate all the time. But really, they seemed great—and you really, really wanted to meet them. It’s just…you had no idea how.

Who knew a single conversation could change it all?

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My body has so many problem areas….

👉🏻Winged scapulas, rounded shoulders, forward head posture, uneven hips and a completely messed up knee.

🙅🏼Not problem areas as in stretch marks, lovehandles, the wonky rib, a bit of a belly, rolls and cellulite. I do have that, they’re just not problem areas.

❌My problem areas are problematic because they make me prone to injuries and pain, both short and long term, which negatively affects my life.

🌟There’s nothing inherently unhealthy about having a bit of fat on your body (yes really, science says so). But it is unhealthy to inactive, as injuries and pain can force you to be.

🚫I won’t allow anybody to call any area of my body problematic. My stretch marks are mine. They haven’t done anything wrong, and I won’t let anybody make me feel inadequate because of them. They don’t mean there’s anything wrong with me as a person.

👩🏼‍🔬I’ve never seen a women’s “health” magazine address my actual problem areas, but I guess doing that would mean they’d have to give genuine and useful advice instead of just making me feel inadequate to sell stuff and advertising spots - and that’s not going to happen anytime soon! #justanormalbody #youareenough

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kixboxer  asked:

11 and 12 for viktuuri!

11. things you said when you were drunk

“Oh,” Yuuri Katsuki suddenly says. It’s jarring to hear him speak so clearly, when just a few minutes ago it seemed like he’d given up on English for the evening. “Oh no.”

Victor looks down at him. Or tries to. He’s got his hands full making sure Yuuri doesn’t slide to the hotel carpet. Or drift into a wall. It’s like trying to walk with a fistful of water.

And yet Yuuri doesn’t so much turn to face Victor as twirl. With a flourish.


“Was supposed to make a good impression,” he says, mournful. “I had a plan.”

“Katsuki,” he coaxes. Then, when that gets no response, “Yuuri. I need you to walk.”

Yuuri squints like he’s confused, like he’s lost the thread of their long, unexpectedly precarious journey from the banquet to his hotel room. Then carefully, as if he might miss the target, he reaches out with one finger and taps the tip of Victor’s nose.

“You gotta cute nose,” he says.

Victor blinks. Then swallows hard. “They usually Photoshop it,” he blurts out.

The set of Yuuri’s mouth goes solemn. “They should be fired.”

Victor only has time to huff out a laugh before he has to keep Yuuri from tripping over his own feet. It’s a near thing, too. He’s still not exactly sure what he was going to say.

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

Victor wakes up, as usual, with Yuuri’s face fully buried in his neck. How much it actually helps with the encroaching sunlight is debatable. But it’s cute, which is the important thing.

“Morning.” He scratches at the nape of Yuuri’s neck. “Thank you for what, by the way?”

Usually, Victor can look forward to at least five minutes of soft, grumpy little protests muttered into his chest. But Yuuri stills and yanks back, blinking himself awake.

“What,” he says.

“You were saying something last night?” Victor draws circles in Yuuri’s arm with his thumb, not sure what the problem is except that there, apparently, is one. “I’m sorry, I must have fallen asleep before–”

Ah, he realizes, as Yuuri turns his head into the pillow and attempts to sink into the earth. It doesn’t take him long to catch on. It’s roughly the third time this month.

“Yuuuuri,” he sighs, resting his chin between his fiancé’s shoulderblades. “You know it won’t kill you to say cute things to my face.”

“I’m trying,” Yuuri says. Or, that’s what it sounds like through the fabric.

Victor hums. He’s capable of patience. He can wait.

Nalu Week day 6: Tattoo

“How much do I owe you for it?” He’d asked the older woman later, after Lucy had slipped from the room to join the others out in the lobby area.

Minerva had that little grin that drove Natsu and the guys around Saber crazy. It was the smirk that made it appear as though she knew something the rest of them didn’t know, “Free of charge.”


“Yeah, it was hardly any ink at all. It’s less of a tatto and more a new collection of freckles. Any idea why she wanted a constellation on her shoulder blade?”

Ink-Stained Skin, ch. 14, by wordsofawitheringwriter on tumblr  and on fanfiction.net

Thought this would fit the day just fine! Love her writing, her stories, and this one is a must! Don’t know why, but figures she’d tattoo aquarius’ constellation.

PS: I’m having some problems with the colours of my drawings, so if you have a spare time please take a look below!

So I’ve started using my Android tablet to draw and it’s been really fun, but with this drawing I noticed that the colours on my pc are COMPLETELY off! On my screen this was all pink!

I tried to correct it… Would you mind telling me which one you like best?

I’m really sad that it’s not looking like how I actually drew it :/

Still hope you like it though!

Pictures on the wall - Bucky x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ I missed writing Bucky fanfictions. This fluffy happy feeling writing them is just lovely and a good distraction from everything else. I still got a lot of ideas to write and also requests to write which I try to write soon. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! ♥

Summary - With your polaroid camera you took many pictures already and hung them up your bedroom wall. Bucky coming to your room with a problem with his phone, seems to be quite interested in your pictures.

Words - 1,340

Warnings - FLUFF! *o*

Originally posted by seabasschino

“Hey, Y/N”, Bucky knocks on your door.

“Come in.”

You pause writing the report for Steve about the last mission and turn down the music a bit, so it’s still audible, but not to loud for a conversation. You look over to Bucky who comes into your room with his phone in his hand and a clueless face.

“What’s up, Buck?”

“I’ve got a problem with the phone again”, he admits, scratching the nap of his neck. You shake your head with a smile, put the laptop on your nightstand to move over to the edge of your bed.

“Come here”, you order Bucky, tapping the bed next to you for him to sit down.

“Why do you always come to me with these things actually?”, you ask, taking the phone and looking at it, trying to figure out the problem. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. can help you with these things, too.” “Yeah, I don’t know. I think you explain it easier”, Bucky laughs slightly embarrassed that he still has problems with today’s electronics.

“So what’s your problem?”

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