which i guess kinda says something about me

being best friends w/ kenma kozume
  • okay so y’all know this boy’s quiet and doesn’t like talkin to people
  • so he plays his 3DS between classes and at lunch or whatever, and during lunch he always connects to Mii Plaza™ to get those puzzle pieces
  • but like, every time he logs on there’s always one person logging on the same time he is and like that’s always one puzzle piece he can count on
  • and since they’ve met so many time you can send those personalized messages, and they either compliment him or send mEMES
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,????
  • who dis??????
  • the reason he doesn’t know who is because they have it as a nickname!! 
  • bc who uses their real name on internet connected mii’s c’mon y’all,,,,,,
  • so eventually he goes on a lowkey hunt bc who can be the kind meme
  • he really, really wants to meet them bc they seem so unique???
  • like wow
  • a chill internet meme 
  • #amazing
  • but seriously lowkey hunts
  • because he’s gotta conserve his social energy for volleyball because the kids on that team are wILD
  • then after volleyball one day he sees you with a 3DS walking out of the school and wHIPS OUT HIS DS
  • he looks at the mii
  • then at you
  • then at the mii again
  • and he’s just like,,,,, “it’s them”
  • kuroo overhears kenma mumbling to himself and he looks at the mii and then at you and he’s like,,, “go to them, my child”
  • but kenma doesn’t know how to approach you so nO
  • so kuroo just grunts and starts walking towards you and kenma’s just like “stOP pleasE kuRoO DON’T-”
  • kuroo starts talking to you and let’s be real you’re kinda intimidated because he tol and he’s got a resting w*tch face 
  • you just bLAST your ds behind your back because hashtag closet gamer 
  • he introduces himself and he’s not that scary but you’re like wow a person approached me out of no where?????
  • caught ya off guard yikes
  • now you kinda hAVe to introduce yourself because it would be pretty rude not to but then you kinda screw it up because you’re still confused about this situation??????
  • “oh,,,,,, hey-o i’m (Y/N) but like people call me by this weird nickname most ofthetimeandimeaniguessigobymyrealnamebutnotreallycallmewhatever—”
  • “but,,,um,,,,,,,,i’m (Y/N)”
  • and it’s like he ignored your weird speech about your name because he just smiles and says nice to meet you
  • “so my friend over there thinks you’re (nickname) from the Mii Town™ or something,,,,,”
  • “it’s actually Mii Plaza™”
  • “so are you them or–”
  • “i meme i guess”
  • “oh my god it is you”
  • you just kinda shrug and it’s lowkey cocky because you know your memes are top quality
  • “but for real, please meet my friend. he always slips in this on Mii - which i guess is you - on everyone one of our conversations,,, ‘oh, (nickname) messaged me something similar yesterday’ ‘would (nickname) do that, ah if i ever met them irl i’d probably intimidated…’ ‘you’re coughing? wash your hands, (nickname) told me that they got sick, a bug must be going around. i hope they’re feeling better.” 
  • and you’re just really amazed because a person that you’ve never met in real life wANtS to mEet YoU and cARes aBouT YOU. 
  • so you’re just like,,,,,, “please let me meet the soft floof.”
  • and you can’t believe yourself because you just said ‘soft floof’ out loud.
  • you don’t even try to cover it up because they’re gonna have to know your #trupersonality sooner or later
  • before you know it you’re walking over to kenma and soon realize this is a bAD IDEA BECAUSE HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE
  • y’all just stand there for a while until you start to introduce yourself and you screw up agaIN
  • “hey,,,,,,,,,,so i’m applepi – wAIT NO I MEaNt– you – you are applepi,,,,,,,uh anyway my name’s (nickname) AKA (Y/N) — hOld on nO my nAME iS (Y/N) and my alias is (nickname)”
  • and at this point you’ve kind of just accepted your fate 
  • right as you were about to blast your ds pinged???? and you’re like “sorry gotta check this, this could be vvv important
  • and it was a friend request from applepi!!!!!
  • a smile immediately forms on your face because you thought that you donked up so hard just a moment ago 
  • after a while kuroo kinda just leaves and you two are sitting under a tree messaging each other through your ds’s talking about the newest video game releases, sometimes you would draw something for your response and it would be so fricking c*rny that you would hear kenma chORTLE 
  • when y’all were done talking and had to go your separate ways and you were home, staring at the ceiling and suddenly you were just like,,,,”dat boi,,,,,,he was kind,,,,,,i wanna be super friends w him.
  • EVENTUALLY y’all would open up more to each other and start talking irl (though you guys still talked through ds bc why not?) 
  • it was a long process but you guys eventually started hanging out after school hours. 
  • sometimes you would wait for him after his practice just so you two could have a break from studying and school and stress and sports by going to a coffee shop y’all found a lil while back 
  • y’all would get your favorite drinks and just kind of enjoy each other’s presence and play animal crossing so y’all could exchange furniture and clothes and just have a dandy time
  • but one time you were so caught up in beating this one boss in Rune Factory 4™ (if you’ve never played it, pls play it, it’s a vv nice game n you can date cute boys n girls and fight and farm and it’s pretty #notspons) and kenma just wanted to trade and visit your town in animal crossing but you were like “not until i beat this boss i nEed to accomplish this. this is my one goal in life right now”
  • you eventually get frustrated, and passive aggressively shut the device like nope, and you just sigh and take a sip of your drink
  • and he just sighs and takes ur ds and beats the boss with complete ease and you see the defeated sign pop up 
  • you look at him,
  • then back at the ds
  • then back at him
  • “you, my friend, are a god”
  • “the boss wasn’t that hard-”
  • “listen, i never said i was good at video games”
  • “are you gonna try and beat it by yourself when you get home?”
  • “bingo.”
  • and he smiles that smol smile of his because you’re such a dO R K
  • if there’s any disagreement between you two, honestly y’all wouldn’t get into a full fledged fight, y’all would talk it out 
  • but let’s be honest
  • you guys wouldn’t get into real fights
  • the most fighting you would do would be you probably calling ‘hacks’ on him for being a better Pokemon™ trainer
  • when you’re sad or down, let’s be real, kenma wouldn’t really know how to handle it, so he’d do his best to make you feel better by offering to bring over junk food and your fave movies 
  • he’d also offer to listen about what’s going on in your life, and if you decided not to tell him, he wouldn’t pry, he would respect your privacy and ask if there’s anything else he could do
  • y’all would have a nice time when you were feeling down and you would fall asleep on the couch he’d look away from the movie to see you sleeping (snoring or not)
  • and his heart would go doki doki
  • “shoot, i’m In Love™ with them”
  • after that things wouldn’t be real awkward because kenma know’s how to #hidehisfeelings but of course, a thing or two would slip out, and he wouldn’t even add like “because you’re my friend”
  • and of course blush on occasion
  • overall, y’all are gr8 chill friends (and potential partners ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) who enjoy each other’s presence, play ds together, and meme together
  • you know what they say; friends who meme together, stay together
  • but he would lowkey meme and roaS T you at the perfect time 

(a/n): i regret nothing. i was gonna add more but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-admeme jin

bluerapunzel  asked:

Thumper for the ask meme

1: sexuality headcanon

Mmmm… Maybe just straight? Or bi? I mean he’s a rabbit I guess so it’s kinda difficult to really make assumptions (insert obvious ‘rabbits love sex’ joke, ahaha)

2: otp

Thumper and that anonymous doe rabbit during the Twitterpated sequence, I guess 

3: brotp

Bambi x Thumper 

4: notp

Meh, don’t have one. 

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Hmm, well I kinda have this weird Toontown AU where he and Bugs Bunny and all of the other cartoon rabbits are kinda members of a club? idk 

6: favorite line from this character

‘I ya can’t say something nice… Don’t say nuffin’ at all.’ 

7: one way in which I relate to this character

Not sure, really. I guess maybe the fact that he has a lot of siblings and some of them can be demanding and bossy at times? 

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

I can’t really think of anything. 

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

Cinnamon roll

Thanks for the ask! 

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things I noticed about Keith

I’m making a Keith post because I love him a lot even though I don’t draw him or talk about him much

Keith is really quiet and I think that’s because he’s a really in-his-head kind of person. If you’re not that kind of person you probably don’t notice it, but it’s one of my favorite subtleties about his character. This can be taken as him being rude or antisocial or just flat and not very useful, but that’s just not true. Ever notice how he always looks really serious? That’s pretty common irl as a sign that somebody is thinking. There’s a million things going through his head, but he thinks before trying to talk about it.

he has trouble obeying orders he disagrees with because he’s so passionate, but he’s a follower and not a leader. This is another thing I have in common with him that easily goes undetected (this is starting to sound really biased but i guess it kinda is??) When he has his own ideas, he executes them himself, he doesn’t like bossing people around when he doesn’t have to.

which leads me to another point: Keith hates confrontation. This isn’t to say he won’t get into fights when he really believes in something, but when he doesn’t have much of a stance on something, he avoids conflict at all costs. Sometimes he takes jabs at Lance which Lance takes as Keith trying to start a fight (because of a lot of personal issues he has about Keith that I may or may not cover in this post idk yet), but that’s just because he’s a little bit of a smartass and he’s blunt, so stuff that’s he’s thinking just slips out of his mouth. He doesn’t mean it as an attack, just a little observation that’s worded rudely and accidentally verbalized.

He’s bothered by being touched. This leads me to believe he A) has not experienced it much; B) wasn’t taught about the benefits of physical intimacy; and C) is probably neurodivergent. He got upset about Lance dismissing the Bonding Moment, which seems like Keith takes touching very seriously. It’s extremely personal to him and he only attempts it when he feels strongly about it. The only one we see him touch without hesitation in casual(ish) situations is Shiro. They have that reassurance-through-clasping-each-other’s-shoulders thing going on, and it’s because they have a past together, (however vague that it is at this point) it’s clear that they’re close and trust each-other.

that brings me back to Keith’s deal with taking orders. He’s almost always ready and willing to go with any plan Shiro gives him. He’s not afraid to give input when somebody else is leading a conversation, but he doesn’t really initiate communications. He’s very fight-or-flight with little talking. I think it’s because Keith grew up being the Prodigy Pilot of his generation and being pigeon-holed into a role without actually being asked for his personal opinion. He doesn’t form strong opinions about everything, and he only talks about things he has a passion for. If he can’t find a reason to care about something, he doesn’t really care. I don’t think he’s afraid of taking charge at all, but I do think it makes him uncomfortable.

Okay y’know what I am gonna come back around to Lance because why not. Lance has very strong opinions about Keith, that’s super clear. The tension between them is so thick it could be cut with a knife. But it’s only really reciprocated by Keith after Lance provokes him. Keith barely remembered who Lance was, and I don’t think that was him being an asshole, I think he legitimately doesn’t know why Lance has so much against him. It seems to me like Lance was compared to Keith pretty often, since Keith was so well known as “The Greatest Pilot of His Generation”. Keith isn’t a snob about it. Sure, he’s probably proud of it, but I don’t think he thinks that it makes him better than anybody else overall as a person. I think Lance has the idea of Keith built up in his head that Keith is a holier-than-thou, overrated jerk, because that’s what one would assume about somebody whose name is constantly invoked to put them down, even if they’ve never really gotten to know them personally. Lance is very hostile towards Keith earlier on, and Keith is just reacting to it with equal intensity. Later on it seems like their arguing has becoming more of friendly bickering, but sometimes Keith takes jabs as if Lance is still upset with him, because Keith is not the best at reading people.

I think it would be pretty superfluous to talk about the “Everybody has families” bit, but I’ll touch on it. Though I think it was more subliminal and that he was for the most part just being logical, I agree with the common theory that Keith was referring to his found-family in Team Voltron, whether he meant to or not.

Hey, if you read through this whole thing holy shit thanks for your time lol. Feel free to initiate further discussion, (although i should probably warn you i’m not this eloquent when conversing lmao) I love talking with y’all about deeper stuff in the show, and If there’s a topic I missed that you want to make known I would love to hear from you.


Hellooo! Here’s a little (but quite special) university!baekhyun scenario ft. some cute Chanbaek interaction!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ignoring the call, you went over the details of the presentation in your head, perfecting every one.


“I’m busy Baekhyun!”

“Please let me innnn,” he whined, voice muffled through the door.

“Baekhyun, I really need to focus; please go do something else!” You heard a sigh from the other side, signaling that you had won. Pleased, you resumed your routine. This presentation meant everything to you; your professor had noticed your potential and offered you an opportunity to present a research project to some of his colleagues, potentially earning you a major scholarship. You wouldn’t let anything stand in your way of it, even if it meant locking Baekhyun out of your dorm room. You loved your boyfriend to death, but he wouldn’t stop pestering you about taking a break, so you had no other choice. To and fro you paced, uttering the same lines under your breath. Closing your eyes, you repeated the words aloud, directing all of your concentration on these now mechanical phrases.

“Right, so today I’m going to be discussing my findings on genetics and stem cells. Stem ce-”

You paused, interrupted by two arms securing themselves around your waist and a head on your shoulder.

“Jagi, please take a break,” Baekhyun coaxed, kissing your cheek.

You sighed for the nth time that day.

“Baek, how did you get in?”

“I know where you hide your spare key,” he enounced cheekily. “Come on, you’ve been preparing for this for a week now; I know you have this whole thing memorized. Come watch One Piece with me! Then you can go ace your presentation!”

You rolled your eyes, mentally chastising Chanyeol for getting Baek hooked on that anime. All you did was shake your head in response, peeling his arms off of your torso and continuing. Your eyes fluttered shut once more, this time with a newfound satisfaction; although you couldn’t see him, you knew he was pouting like the puppy he is. Confidently proceeding, you let your body relax as your arms dropped to your sides.

“As I was saying, ste-”

Click. Click.

You opened your eyes, alerted by the odd noise accompanied by pressure on your wrist.

“Wh-what?! What are you doing?! Are these real?!” You bombarded him with questions, bewildered at the fact that your left wrist was now handcuffed to his right.

“Now you’re stuck with me,” he answered, giving you a big grin. You stared at him, incredulous. He laughed and placed his hands on your shoulders, subsequently dragging your left wrist up as well. “Relax, I have a key. Come watch an episode with me and I’ll un-cuff you! Only when it’s over though, so you won’t try and run away again,” he said with a wink. His eager expression momentarily softened your willpower, and you inwardly teetered on whether to deny him again. But seeing as you were now restrained against your will, you might as well take a break. He was right, you practically had it down to a tee now; what could go wrong?

“Okay, Baekhyun. You win,” you surrendered.

“That’s my girl!” he exclaimed. He then kissed your forehead, the tip of your nose, and gave you a quick peck on the lips. “You’re gonna do great, trust me,” he added, and you couldn’t help but smile. “C'mon!” He interlaced his fingers with yours, slightly uncomfortable due to the handcuffs but endearing nonetheless.

* * *

You raised your head from the pillow, feeling refreshed. You had been lying on Baek’s bed, head resting comfortably in the crook of his neck. You admit, you needed to take a breather, and you were glad your boyfriend was stubborn enough to convince you to do so. Glancing at the clock, you realized you had twenty minutes before your speech was due, so you sprang up immediately.

“Baek, I have to go! Can you take these off now?”

“Oh! Right. Uh, yeah, just let me find the key,” he said casually, getting off the bed.

“Find the key? What do you mean find it? Don’t you have it already?” you asked, feeling antsy.

“No I do! I mean, Chanyeol gave me these to play with, and he said the key was near the window, but I don’t see it…” he trailed off, running his hand on the windowsill.

“Baek! I have to go! I can’t give the presentation like this!” you yelled, becoming distressed.

“Don’t worry! Here, I’ll call him!” he reassured, pulling out his phone. He dialed Chanyeol’s number and put it on speakerphone.

Hello?” a deep voice answered.

“Hey! Where’s the key?”

Key? What are you talking about?

“The key to the handcuffs!”

What do you mean? There isn’t one.

“Wait wait wait, what?! No, you said that the key was by the window!”

I never said that! I said that Sehun spilled tea on my pillow!

Your eyes almost popped out of your skull as you menacingly glared at your boyfriend.


_______? Is that you?

“Uhhhh I’ll call you back! Bye!” Baek blurted, hanging up. He laughed nervously, meeting your gaze. “Oops?”

* * *

You opened the hall door, slowly sticking your head inside. Your eyes scanned the vast room and were met with those of your smiling professor’s.

“______! Glad you’re here. Why don’t you come in so we can set your presentation up?”

You timidly entered the room, Baekhyun closely behind, hiding your left arm out of sight.

“This is my boyfriend, Baekhyun.” He took the cue and gave a quiet ‘hello’.

“Oh? This is a private presentation, ______.”

“Yes, I know sir, I’m sorry… there was a mishap this afternoon,” you admitted, holding up your wrists. Your professor’s expression darkened, obviously irritated with the situation.

“I see. And how do you suppose you’re going to handle it?”

“I'm… not sure, sir…”

“Well. I didn’t expect something like this from you, _______,” he stated, disappointed. “I’ll call someone down to help you out.” You stared down at your feet, too ashamed to make eye contact.

“Jagiya, I-”

“Save it,” you whispered.

As your professor stepped out to make the call, two other men in suits strolled in, taking seats.

“You must be _______. Please, go ahead and begin! Is this your partner?”


“Yes! I am! I’m Baekhyun,” he declared confidently. You gave him a 'what-do-you-think-you’re-doing’ glower, but he ignored it.

“Nice to meet you both!” one of them spoke, outstretching his hand. The other man did the same. You and Baekhyun exchanged nervous glances before reluctantly accepting them, awkwardly shaking their hands while handcuffed. After an expected hesitation, they eyed you both suspiciously, but said nothing, clearly put off by the abnormal situation. You grabbed Baekhyun’s hand and hurried to the front, beginning shakily.

“Right, so, let’s begin…”

Half an hour later, it was almost over, and frankly put, it couldn’t have gone any worse. The fact that they kept staring at Baekhyun was extremely nerve-wracking, making you trip over your words. Weeks of research and preparation flushed down the toilet as you blanked several times, struggling to piece together your thoughts; it was as if Murphy’s law had personally chosen you as its representative. As you reached a close, you fought the urge to just bolt out of the room to save face, or what was left of it, anyway.

“Thank you for your time.”

“… Thank you. Now, what about your partner? Why didn’t he present on anything?”

“Oh! Uh, I’m not much of a talker,” Baekhyun lied through his teeth. You internally scoffed from the irony.

“But surely, you have something to say? What did you feel was most interesting about the chemical structure of DNA?”

Please don’t answer. Just please don’t.

“Um… I mean, it’s swirly? Which is cool, I guess… and it kinda reminds me of a ladder…? Yeah, that DNA, it’s great stuff…”

If anything could be heard in that silent room, it was the imaginary sound of you banging your head against the wall from his awkward aposiopesis.

“… alright. Well, Miss _______, we only consider the top students for this scholarship. Professionalism is something that’s crucial to us, and unfortunately, you didn’t seem to display that today. I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to let you go on our offer.”

Your heart shattered in that instant, but all you could do was nod solemnly, holding back tears. It had gone horribly after all, and you knew there was nothing you could do to change it.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” you mumbled, barely audible. You rushed out of the room, pulling Baekhyun behind you. You were startled when you bumped into an officer who was waiting outside the door.

“Pardon me miss, but did you need help with these cuffs?” she asked, gesturing to your conjoined wrists. You nodded slowly, and she easily unlocked them with her key, confiscating them in the process. Rubbing your sore wrist, your hair fell in front of your face, allowing a few tears to escape. You were surprised you even had the energy to cry, completely drained from the mortal embarrassment you felt.

“Please, let me fix this,” Baekhyun begged, cupping your face, trying to wipe your cheeks clean.

“There’s nothing to fix, Baekhyun. Just let it go.” You forcefully moved his hands away and walked off, intent on leaving the building. At this point, you didn’t care if he followed you or not. This all felt like some kind of cruel nightmare, and all you wanted to do was collapse into your bed and not wake up. As you exited through the doors of the building, you didn’t make it more than a few steps when you realized that you had left your purse in your haste. Groaning, you debated on leaving it there until the next day. You really didn’t want to go back in there, but you didn’t have much of a choice, seeming as all of your essentials were in there. Sighing, you sluggishly trudged your way back into the building, retracing your steps and reaching the hall’s door anew. You weren’t sure if anyone was still in there, and resolved to knock when you heard voices on the other side.

“Baekhyun, is it?”

“Uh, yes. Listen, I… I’m not actually her partner; I’m her boyfriend. I know you probably don’t want to listen to what I have to say but please just hear me out. _______ worked so hard on this presentation. She put her heart and soul into this, and for the past week she’s done nothing but practice for it. This morning, I did something really stupid and I decided to handcuff us together because she wasn’t paying any attention to me, but then I found out I didn’t have a key. So basically, I screwed this entire thing up. It’s my fault. It’s my fault that she was so nervous; it’s my fault that she didn’t do that well; it’s all my fault, and I’m sorry. But trust me when I say that you won’t find a better person to give this scholarship to than her. She’s one of the smartest, most hardworking people you’ll ever meet, and she’s patient too, because she has to deal with me all of the time. She’s the sweetest and most loving person I know, I just, I don’t know, I love her a lot and I have no idea how I got so lucky because I really don’t deserve her; honestly how does she even put up with all of my pranks, I know I- I’m rambling, sorry. What I’m trying to say is, please, just give her another chance. You have to. I promise you, you won’t be seeing me again. Please don’t let the fact that she has an idiot boyfriend ruin her chances at this.”

Your heart ached at his heartfelt apology, especially since he wasn’t aware that you were listening. After a small pause, you heard another voice.

“Your heart’s in the right place. I like that. I’ll tell you what: we usually don’t give people second chances, but I think we can make an exception this time.”

Sighs of relief came from both sides of the door, but yours was a little too loud and you quickly covered your mouth. The door subsequently opened, leaving you frozen in place.

“Ah! Miss _______.”

“I-I’m sorry, I left my bag…”

“Not a problem. I’m assuming you heard what was just said, so I’ll let you know that we’ll be here next month. Please prepare accordingly.”

“Yes, thank you so, so much! You have no idea how much that means to me.”

“Of course. And, just a small tip… keep that boyfriend of yours out of trouble,” he mentioned, turning back and giving Baekhyun a grin.

You couldn’t help but smile yourself, nodding. The two men left the room, leaving you and Baekhyun. Grabbing your purse from the front, you carefully walked towards him. He had his head down, fiddling with his thumbs. You lifted his chin with your left hand and were met with a very pouty, anxious Baek.

“Byun Baekhyun, you’re such an idiot,” you said with a frown.

“But… I’m your idiot, right?” he asked nervously.

You said nothing but enveloped him in a hug. He relaxed under your touch, breathing into your hair and pulling you in tighter. You let your fingers slip into the back of his head, toying with the tendrils of his hair. God, you loved this kid. No matter what dumb things he’s done, no matter how many times he’s pissed you off, no matter what the circumstance; they were right, he has a good heart. He’s made mistakes but he’s still learning, and he always has the best of intentions. At the end of the day, he’ll always be the Byun Baekhyun that you fell in love with on day one and has never failed to make you laugh and cheer you up.

“I love you, a lot. And I’m sorry,” he murmured, pulling away.

“It’s alright; I forgive you. Just promise me you’ll never do anything like this again?” you asked, lightly patting his cheek a few times.

“I promise,” he affirmed. “Thanks for sticking with me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you sincerely confessed, pulling him in for a sweet kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: I know I said that I would’ve had a Kyungsoo scenario for you guys last Friday, but I’m still working on it; my apologies! Please accept this Baekhyun scenario to make up for it. I really enjoyed writing this one; it started out as a really silly/fun idea, but towards the end, I got a little more serious. I wasn’t planning on it at first, but I took the opportunity to spill a little of how I really feel about Baekhyun during the end. This persuades me to further give a little spiel/rant about him; read more if you want, and skip over this next part if you don’t! There will be more scenario updates at the end of this post.

* ~ * ~ *

I believe Baekhyun deserves a lot of love. In the past several months I feel like he’s lost a lot of fans due to the whole “dating scandal” or whatever. (I really hate that word; honestly, what’s so scandalous about it?) That really breaks my heart. Also, I’ve seen so many people hating on him for being “problematic”. Look, I know he’s said and done some things, but I don’t think it’s right to just label him off and then endlessly hate on him for it. Here’s the thing: In the past, I’ve said and done some problematic things as well. Haven’t we all? I regret many of the things I used to say when I was younger, but you know what, I’ve learned from it. Because at the time, I didn’t know they were wrong. I wasn’t aware that I was being ignorant, but now I do, and having my eyes opened to that has made me a much better person. I believe that if you really love and support Baekhyun, then you should be patient and try to educate him instead of just writing him off! There’s always going to be antis out there, but I know that Baek stans are some of the sweetest and strongest people ever and I respect them a lot. My point is: Baekhyun is a good kid. He’s continuing to grow and learn, and we need to support him. He has a good heart. He cares for other people a lot, and yeah he makes mistakes, but everyone does, and that’s what makes us human. Please show him lots of love. Please stick with him. He works extremely hard and tries his best to make us all smile, and we should do the same.

* ~ * ~ *

Phew! Glad I got that off of my chest. If you read it, I’d love to hear what you guys think about it; feel free to leave me a message! I’m lonely anyway haha. Currently, I have tons of bits and pieces of other scenarios, including multi-part ones. These include Tao, Sehun, Kai, Luhan, and more. So please anticipate! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Hey, I'm looking for post-finale/post-series Korrasami fics, do you have any recommendations?

WOAH, I GOT ASKED SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! Woah. That’s kinda exciting, haha. 

If you’re asking me, I’m guessing you already read the ones I have out so far, which I think are not horrible, so xD (I’m moslty kidding, you don’t have to read mine ;P)

Out of the Woods

Noodles, I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t started this one yet, but I’ve heard good things about it. And the other stuff by this author is good, so I assume it’s a safe bet, haha.

This Quiet World 

Never Bet Against Young Love

Beneath the Stars, is incomplete, and the author says it may get smutty in later chapters, so there’s your warning.

World Enough, And Time

A Vacation for Two, is currently incomplete, but for now has stopped at a place that doesn’t feel like a cliff-hanger or anything, so… Also, I don’t like how quickly the relationship moves, personally, but it is written well and I do still quite like the fic and it is cute.


these skies of uncertainty are clear with you, my dear

Just the Two of Us (I’ve only read a few stories in the series this is in so far, but I intend to read the rest soon. Fair warning, some parts have sexy times)

carefully we’ll place our destiny

After the Same Rainbow’s End

Grow Till Tall (mentions of sex, and some angry Tenzin, but otherwise fluffy Korrasami mostly)

and anchor me back down (deals with PTSD nightmares, but is short and ultimately cute)

The Beacon

I tried to mark warnings, but I may have missed a few here and there. At any rate, happy reading!