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which one of your posted works are you the most proud of?

Hello! Hmm, interesting question. Each of my fics is special to me for a particular reason, and quite a few of them were milestones for me, but that’s not really the question here…

I suppose I’m most proud of Palo Alto, just because it’s so huge. 110k words in 18 chapters, and I posted a chapter a week, every week, without fail. I’m really proud that I was able to finish on schedule. I also really like the way the story turned out in the end, and I’m extremely proud that I was able to strike a chord with so many people who identified with Sirius’ struggles, even if they were not ace themselves.

Thank you for the ask! <3

Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Title: Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Summary: Dean didn’t think he could ever be jealous over someone who’s not his. He was wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned), OMC.

Word count: 2014

Warnings: Not much. Tiny bit of fluff, some angst and a whole lot of language (because we all know that Dean and the f-word go together). Jealous Dean, I guess?

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @death2thevirgin “Cassie Classic Challenge”. Cassie, congratulations on your milestone and thank you for letting me participate. I loved working on this one. 

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for her insightful comment on part of the dialogue -which was really needed- and some general advices about the beginning. Twin, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Now. My prompt for this was “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written entirely from Dean’s POV)

Originally posted by yaelstiel

The tiny bar was crowded, filled with smoke and hundreds of conversations narrated in loud voices, brightened only by some old bar lights. Rock music blasted through the jukebox and people around Dean laughed and danced and talked in an annoying cheerful manner.

And he… Well. He absolutely hated it because there was nothing to be cheerful about.

Swirling the amber liquid in his glass, he let the alcohol burn down his throat, eyes focused on the fascinating girl that was sitting a few tables away from him.

She was beautiful in that old Bad Company T-shirt that had once been his, head thrown back and eyes twinkling as she laughed at something the blue-eyed man next to her had said. She looked happy and engaged in a conversation with a man that wasn’t him and he knew, no matter how much it pained him to admit it, that she wouldn’t be heading back to their table anytime soon.

And part of him realized that it shouldn’t bother him. He realized that he had no right to be jealous and that Y/N was free to do as she pleased but the sight of her so close to another man, laughing at his stupid jokes and looking at him like he was the moon and the stars hurt him. Because only minutes earlier she had been chuckling at his antics, arm brushing up against his and bright, wide smile playing at the corners of her lips ever every time she caught him staring.

And he wasn’t being possessive. Or, at least, not entirely. Surely, he hated the idea of someone else putting their hands on Y/N, abhorred the mere possibility of that asshole kissing her, tracing soft skin and curves with his fingers, doing all the things Dean wished he could but knew he’d be never able to.

And yet, he was aware that she wasn’t his to begin with.

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Riverdale Tsum Tsums - The Season One Collection

Since I’m getting close to an amazing follower milestone for which I’m incredibly grateful I thought I’d add to the Betty and Jughead tsum tsums I made a while back to make a full collection including Archie, Veronica, Cheryl, and zombie!Jason. Never thought I’d needle felt a bullet wound but I guess that’s what you get for being involved in fandom.

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Congratulations on your milestone!!! I'm so happy that you continue to always share your beautiful work with us <33 ( & i guess for my request i was wondering if you could maybe do a shy first date with remus and sirius :') Thank you in advance! wishing you well, take care 💕

In which Remus explains films to Sirius as “kinda like wizard paintings”.

(Also I’m really sorry this one got away from me, I’ve got Pennywise on the brain)


Milestone post I guess. Ironically it’s also my birthday but I haven’t bought a gun today which is a first. Still broke from the Europe trip.

For the most part the blog has been 99% gun related posts, and after 5 years on Tumblr it is interesting to see how things have changed in the firearms community.

From the panic buying frenzy pending a potential resurrection of an Assault Weapons Ban to the possibility of silencers being deregulated and 50 state carry “maybe” being a reality. Who knows.

Overall I think with the federal level of government being a lot more gun friendly these days, most of the gun rights fights will be at the local and state level. Is your state passing any pro or anti-gun laws?

So many gun projects to finish but if I could have one gun as a birthday gift, it would be a Lynx…but I’m already on working on it.

In Celebration of 200 250 300+ FOLLOWERS!!

so apparently if you casually mention to some friends that you’re close to a milestone they go and EXPLODE TUMBLR ON YOUR BEHALF. Holy smokes guys. Uh. WOW.

WELL THEN! Hi everyone!! Guess it’s time for another one of these!

The last time I celebrated a tumblr milestone, I took and filled a series of AU prompts. This time, I’m turning it back to you.

For this tumblr milestone, I will write a follow-up to one of my previously-filled Voltron AU prompts. That’s right: 5+ more details about that universe for your reading pleasure. And you get to pick which one!

You can vote in this quick’n’dirty poll, ranking your favorites on a scale of 1 to 9. If the link is still active the poll is still going! I’m only planning on updating one of the AUs from this poll at this time, possibly two, so please consider your choices carefully!

Here’s a full list of the milestone Voltron AUs I’ve got, for your perusal.
(Links to AO3. I post these all on tumblr first and copy over to the Archive later. This Milestone will follow the same procedure.)

Please feel free to reblog this! I know there’s a fair handful of people who saw these AUs who don’t follow me, so help me spread the word! The more votes the merrier. Thanks all for choosing me on your dash!

Vote for your favorite AU here!

EDIT 2/13: POLL IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for voting!

hi everyonee!! so guess what !! this gal right here just hit 1k followers woooOoOOoOoo honestly i’ve never thought that i would get that huge amount of followers but yall here are so nice & gave me a follow which made me get this huge milestone! i wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the love and support yall have given me, you guys are literally the nicest people everrr!! *virtual hug*

and to thank each and every one of you & celebrate this milestone, i decided to do blog rates! this is just a way to rate your blog in my point of view, and i believe that every blog is super cool! okay so by the way here are the rule for you to be qualified for the blog rates:

  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks!)
  • leave me an ask with the emoji 🌙 so i know that you’re asking for a br, and tell me literally anything you’d like! it could be about your day, your fav book, fav song, the weather, or just anything you want! [also leave me a link/tag to your original posts (if any) so that i could find them!]

and that’s it! blog rates will end on june 11

p.s: blacklist the tag ‘dea does blogrates’ in case you don’t want so see these flying around your dash

p.p.s: if this thing gets less than 20 notes let’s just pretend that it didn’t happen

blog rate format under the cut

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     HOLY  MILKSHAKES,  BATMAN  !  !  !     i  haven’t  had  this  blog  for  that  long  &  i  have  already  hit  my  first  milestone  which  for  sideblogs  from  my  main  blog     (  chaoslived  )     is  a  big  deal.  i  want  you  all  to  know  that  i  love  you  all  so  very  much  &  if  i  haven’t  interacted  with  you  yet,  this  is  also  a  way  to  let  you  know  that  i  want  to.  i  just  wanted  to  write  a  list  of  all  those  i  love  &  all  those  i  intend  to  follow  forever  with  no  second  guessing  about  following  you  or  not.  i  am  sorry  if  i  have  forgotten  anyone  but  remember  that  i  love  you  all     -

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Why is Frisk dancing, you ask?

Because they’re excited that the Ladentrue blog has reached 50 followers!

The blog has blown up over the last week or so, and I just wanted to celebrate. Thank you all for following and taking interest in this comic. Seeing so many people follow this blog is uplifting, and it motivates me to do more (by the way, part 7 is in the works).

(Also, Frisk’s dance was made as a fun side projects, using another character’s dance as a reference- I challenge you to guess what it is! Hint hint- it’s from an indie game which, like Undertale, features retro-styled sprites.)

I’ll say it again, since I can’t say it enough- thank you for your support!

GUESS WHO FINALLY HIT THAT DAMN MILESTONE! Which means it’s time for a shout out to my favorite people! Whether it be people I love talking and writing with as often as possible or simply high key admire from afar and wish I could write with, this list shall contain the best of the best! *smooches for you all*

@nxtasidekick, @waiitress, @blindlygifted, @musescoffeeshop, @beauxvenins, @plurcspopulus, @cristclline, @challybs, @majvalerian, @beautifulscoundrcl, @anachroniquc, @sidcral, @coppercrowned, @ancorarum, @blcdhopc, @iichorveiined, @aripaanoptii, @youkilledmyfxther​, @criimsontigress, @alcstboy​, @hawkiisms, @csborn, @prodiigus, @gwendee, @pcindre, @foolheartedly, @ofsais, @hellsdexil, @deathitsclf, @investigatings, @imanavenger, @franklinnelsonforthedefense​, @pastichemuses, @narrativcs, @traineddamsel, @terrorsmasterpiece, @itsybitsyparker, @alinamaximoffrogers, @wcrs, @jacksragingmuses, @xscarletvvitch, @agenths, @archearted, @ithcmagician, @powerfulresponsibility, and last but FAR from least @banncrbraincd <3 

Thank you to all my followers who’ve made rping this moron so much fun. I love you all and hope to gain more interactions with you all in the future! 

The Perfect Birthday

Aye, so today I hit 50 FOLLOWERS! which I guess isn’t much but it makes me happy to think fifty people like this trash blog. So to thank yall, here’s a self indulgent fluffy marliza fic, since that seems to be all I write anymore, which is fine by me bc this ship needs more content. Anyways, thank you so much and enjoy!

Maria didn’t want a big birthday, honestly. Everyone else she had said that to was convinced she was lying, and always managed to go over the top, but she hated it. Didn’t enjoy the balloons and crowds and cheap cocktails, they reminded her of birthdays when she was with James, which had never been pleasant.

Every other lover seemed so intent on giving her the perfect birthday that none got it right. Except Eliza.

Maria woke to the smell of breakfast and Eliza’s lavender perfume. She sat up and yawned without opening her eyes, enjoying the moment in warmth and comfort. “Good morning love.”

She pried her eyes open to find Eliza sitting on the bed in front of her, cup of tea and plate of waffles in hand. “Happy birthday, darling. They’re homemade waffles, and the tea is your favorite herbal mix, a special breakfast for my special sweetheart.”

Maria stared dazedly for a moment, not fully awake, before accepting the cup and taking a sip of tea. She leaned in to peck Eliza on the lips before realization hit her. “Wait, don’t you have work today?”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” Eliza’s voice was soft, slightly raspy from her early morning drowsiness. “today’s your day, so I cleared my schedule. You said you didn’t want anything big, so I figured we could hang out here all day before going to that place you like in little Italy. Then we can come back here and watch a few movies, spend some time together. I hope that’s alright with you.”

Maria took another sip of the tea before answering. “Perfect.”

The day was spent on the couch watching Disney movies and exchanging kisses, with a brief intermission for Eliza to make lunch and sing happy birthday with that beautiful voice of hers. After that, they curled up on the couch, Eliza’s slender form wrapped around Maria in a permanent bear hug, and just talked, enjoyed each other’s company.

Somewhere in the middle of Tangled, Eliza took Maria’s hand and kissed each of her knuckles.

“What was that for, love?”

“One, because I love you, and two, it may be your birthday, but I’m enjoying this too. I love spending time together, just the two of us.”

“Oh, you’re too sappy, shut up and kiss me.”

Reluctantly, around 5, they both untangled themselves and began to get ready for dinner, Eliza presenting a beautiful red dress as a birthday gift, which Maria put on to go out. They walked arm-in-arm down the street, enjoying the city noise. “You know,” Maria said, picking her head up off Eliza’s shoulder to look at her, “this may be the best birthday I’ve ever had, love.”

“Really?” Eliza laughed, “But this was so small! Haven’t you had any big birthdays? Any surprise parties?”

“Big birthdays have never been my thing, and I don’t care too much for surprises,” Maria shrugged simply, reaching the restaurant and unlinking their arms to hold the door for her beautiful girlfriend.

Dinner was wonderful, as expected, and left the both of them giggling and content in the small restaurant. When dessert was brought out, Maria couldn’t help leaning over the table to give Maria a soft kiss. Eliza giggled before grabbing her hands.

“You know, I know you don’t like surprises,” Eliza said quietly, leaning in, “but I have one more gift for you.”

“And what would that be?” Maria asked, confused but smiling.

Eliza, without another word, stood and kneeled in front of Maria, pulling a small black box from her pocket. Maria’s breathed hitched, realization hitting her like a ton of bricks.

“Mar, sweetheart, I know it’s your birthday, but would you give me the best gift on earth and be my wife?” Eliza was now breathing heavily, the anticipation killing her.

“Eliza, yes, love, oh God yes!” Maria got up from her chair, pulling Eliza up from the floor and into a kiss in one swift motion. She could vaguely hear the cheers of other diners around them, but she was more concerned with Eliza’s soft lips on hers, and the small black box being pressed into her hand. This was, by far, the best birthday she’d ever had.

So you know that one post on here that says you read and write what you’re missing in life? If that’s true then I really need a gf. Thanks again for following and hope you enjoy!

Little surprise ~ ♡

Soooo… tomorrow’s reading will be volume 19.

Every HeiShin fan knows what that volume holds. One of the best scenes ever, the one which made me fall for this ship in the first place.

What a better way to celebrate this milestone than with a little very big indeed Surprise? ~

I’ve had this thing in mind for months and now I’m working really hard on it so that it will be ready ( hopefully, since I’m still stuck in bed with little to no movement allowed ) tomorrow.

My dearest partner in crime ( @kimmy-tachi ) is involved in this, too ~

Can you guess what will it be about? ~ ♡

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Our Song (Chapter 4)

Tokyo Ghoul Idol AU

Summary: Hinami is a normal college student leading a normal, happy life. Ayato is an idol drowning in fame and fortune who suffers from sleepless nights and unforgettable nightmares. They meet through a variety show that gives Hinami the chance to sing with him. Initially bitter that she wasn’t given the chance to sing with her bias, Kaneki, Hinami starts to warm up to Ayato and sees the real person beyond the sexy bad boy he appears to be onstage.(Relationships: Ayahina + Kirishima family)

A/N: As of now, this is the chapter I am the most insecure about. I had it written some time back already– I finished half of this even before I started Chapter 3. I hope it’s fine. Not too much Ayahina here, but the Kirishimas’ plot starts here I guess. Please do reblog this if you enjoyed it!
Also, follower count hit a big milestone (and then dropped, probably because of a certain reason) so here’s thanking everyone for following me and my blog! ♡

Index: Masterpost | Information sheet | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

Chapter 4: Alone

Ayato wakes up early from a nightmare. Yomo confronts him about texting Hinami. A little later, Ayato and Touka share a short conversation which makes him think about what had happened in the past. 

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so uh since I hit kind of a milestone I feel like there’s a few blog maintenance things I should do:

  • hello, my name is Lise, my basic “about me” information can be summed up by my sidebar and I guess also this post
  • if you don’t feel like clicking that link though: here’s a guide to my tagging system, which is a bit idiosyncratic 
  • I’m pretty chatty, my ask box is open and anon is on and I have a lot of opinions. 
  • calling this blog multifandom is probably a stretch because mostly I spend a lot of my time on MCU Loki, but there’s some other stuff around too, like “dogs” and “periodic book blogging” and “my emotional issues”. I guess basically this is one of those “I just kind of post what I want when I want to” blogs but if there’s a theme it’s probably “fight me about villains”, at least lately
  • I write fic. not all of it is crossposted to my AO3 but the longer stuff is and everything on AO3 is linked to from this blog

and unrelated to all that: on account of that follower milestone I mentioned, I’m going to do a drabble writing blitz! next week at some time yet to be determined, I’ll start accepting prompts and will be responding to them with an actual drabble (i.e. 100 words). so if that sounds like fun, keep an eye out for it. 

1K Follow Forever! x *My first follow forever so I apologise for any mistakes in advance*  ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Note: First off I just wanna say that right now I am completely about to vomit happiness because honestly I am so glad I found such a positive community to make edits in, the pastel/pink community is so gorgeous and has so many cuties that contribute to making it a great place

So I am just gonna start listing everyone who I treasure on my dashboard,have spoken to, have squealed over their edits and just all the perfection on my follow list   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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There you go! I am so sorry if I forgot anyone this is my first follow forever so I guess something is bound to go wrong but I will send you a thousand kittens and if you message I will get you right on the list! Theres a lot of pastel pink blogs which are amazing so you should definitely check them out if you have similar aesthetics and some other wildcards! Thankyou for the continued support I love you all  ≧◡≦

Introducing Egotisticalfloof - 300 Followers

I swear to god my heart skips a beat whenever I hit a milestone like this. 300 people! That’s so many.!

For this milestone I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of info on me I guess? Since I never really introduced myself when I made this blog. It’s not going to be any super personal info, just some stuff that I’m cool putting out there:

- My nickname is Ranny and that’s the name I go by online. I’m 22 years old (soon to be 23 omg \o/) and I live in England. 

- I studied Ancient History at Uni which was super fun and I love all kinds of mythology and just the super ancient history of the world.

- This is a sideblog, my mainblog is @tyrannysaurusrex. That’s where I’ll follow any of you guys in this fandom from, and I sometimes forget this is a sideblog so I’ll talk to you in the notes and it’ll come up with that username.

- I started watching Markiplier in 2013/2014, but I didn’t subscribe at the time because I didn’t have a Youtube account and I didn’t watch him every day like I do now. I really, really got back into the fandom this February following A Date With Markiplier because the whole idea of the Egos really inspired me.

- I only recently got into the Jacksepticeye fandom, I’ve only recently subscribed but I have watched so many of Jack’s videos since subscribing I love watching his stuff so much!

- My main creative outlets are writing and drawing.

- Any art requests, send them my way! I’m always open to drawing for people.

- Also any fic/drabble requests send them my way as well!

- Talk to me about headcanons, just come to my ask box and whine about your day or send me a DM, I’m always open to talking to people about anything! 

I think that’s about it really, there’s not much else to me ^^ 

Thank you to everyone for following me, I appreciate it and love all of you so much, it’s so good to be part of this fandom! 


I’m sorry I’ve been kinda dead lately, I haven’t watched my YouTube stuff due to life getting in the way and I’ve been super into Marvel as well. I’m almost at 100 followers which is just aweseome, I never I thought I’d reach a milestone like that. I guess that’s why I’m including a picture of myself so you know who I am, that and @shabadad00 made me feel better about myself and encouraged me!

So, I went to Pride for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was amazing! I’ve wanted to go for about five years now and I had a great group of people with me, we spent the whole day there and even got to walk in the parade!

(The hearts and rainbows are covering up where I was, should of thought about that before hand but oh well!)

anonymous asked:

Do you lack inspiration or are you just lazy? We've been waiting for days for you to update.

…I don’t know whether I should be flattered that y'all are waiting for me to update, or slightly upset that y'all don’t think I have a life outside of tumblr. Anyways, I am writing when time permits, which hasn’t been a lot lately. So thank you for being so patient, but please remember that when I see nonsense like this it just makes me not want to write.