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I wasn't able to fill out the survey but I'm curious to know how many other women have had trouble with guys becoming possessive over them because that was the biggest and most insidious issue I had but I've not seen many other people talk about it

Not sure if you mean that you’re having technical issues or you’re just busy/don’t want to (which is fine!) but the survey is still open if you did want to talk about this a bit!

I’ve only skimmed the answers so far but I haven’t seen too much about this so it’s an interesting angle. I definitely haven’t seen much about it elsewhere either so I’d love to cover it in my article. If anyone has anything to add about it specifically you can shoot me a message or a reply too :)


MP100 AU where Sho is Reigen’s adopted son

Okay here me out on this one. I am certain there are no Sho and Reigen interactions in the manga (just a hunch), but I really wanted these two to interact, so… I created an AU that’s still in the works.

Here are a few things about the AU:

  • After his wife left, Toichiro was left to raise Sho. However, it didn’t last long because he abandoned him. His reason: Sho wasn’t “fit” to be his son. (Was Sho considered “weak” to him?)

  • Sho has been alone and homeless for… either a few months or a year, but he managed to survive. He also honed on his psychic powers and got better control of it.

  • Sho’s life was about to change when he met Reigen, who was still in college that time.

  • Reigen was heading home until he saw someone hanging around in the alley. When he noticed it was a kid, he just felt his heart drop. (“How long has he been living on the streets alone?” “Where are his parents?” “Was he abandoned?” “How can he manage to survive?”)

  • Reigen was really concerned about Sho’s condition, so he persuaded the boy to let him stay in his apartment.

  • Sho was pretty stubborn though, so he refused and left. Reigen was also pretty stubborn, so whenever he saw the same boy, he kept persuading him until Sho finally gave in. (Roughly… a week or two)

  • Sho has been living with Reigen quite a while. There were times that he wanted to leave, but he didn’t do it.

  • Despite being swamped with assignments or studying for his exams, Reigen managed to take the time to teach Sho during his breaks.

  • There was one time Sho showed his psychic powers to Reigen, and Reigen was really amazed. (Reigen’s interest in the supernatural)

  • Reigen decided to teach him how to use his powers for good

  • Sho was skeptical, but just went with it

… Okay that was just a build up how Reigen and Sho met, so here’s the fun part:

  • One time, during Reigen’s Summer break, a few people mistook them as father and son which surprised them. They just went with it.

  • Sho accidentally called Reigen his dad after that little mishap.

  • Reigen didn’t mind in the slightest (“It sounds a little better than ‘Reigen-san’ right?”)

And that’s about it so far. Hope you enjoy it.

our wounds will scar.

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I saw your post about Stan and Ford and the scenarios and I loved it! You got any other scenarios or headcanons?

Thank you! *rubs hands together* Glad you asked!

Might put this under a read more if it gets too long, which is more than likely. XD EDIT: I was right.

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in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

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Listen, Calvin is not my cup of tea ether. he's the exact kind of bro that I actively avoid, but I have not seen any actual allegations of him with minors. only anons claiming it's true. so these anons need to put up or shut up on that accusation.

I never saw any hard actual proof that Calvin did what he was accused of. It was all just rumors and hearsay. Until then, I choose to believe he is what *I* see from him, which is a good friend to Louis. Unlike with Nizam or whoever with him actually tweeting gross sstuff. No thanks.

I’m in no position to know better, so, yeah, this, too. 

since i came out i’ve had a few people tell me i shouldn’t make a big deal about being gay and if i want people to accept me i should just love my girlfriend and be quiet about it. which honestly is complete bullshit considering i went through so much hell to figure out that i’m gay and i should be able to talk about it as much as i want

what straight people seem to like to do is pretend we’re the same as them, that our relationships are just like straight relationships. yes, we want to have the same rights as straight people, but we can have equal rights without being “basically straight.” we can be proud of our history and culture and who we are, and straight people don’t have to pretend we’re the same to accept and love us.

the point of loving people who are different than you isn’t pretending they’re the same as you, it’s loving them for what makes them different

Over the last 30 years Link’s partners have included at least five different fairies, a talking ship possessed by the ghost of the king, a robotic spirit that lives inside his sword, a flying bear, and a sentient version of his own hat, yet somehow people seem to feel the strangest and most illogical idea we have been presented with is Link going on his journey alone


#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

which nations to hug
  • italy: he loves hugs and his day will be brightened if you hug him. also why wouldn't you want to hug him though like this is italy we're talking about. hug italy.
  • germany: he'd be really awkward and uncomfortable at first but he'd definitely hug back, at least out of politeness. hug germany.
  • japan: he doesn't really like physical contact in general. he'll probably blush bright red and try and shuffle away. if you like that kind of stuff then sure go for it. maybe hug japan.
  • america: he'll be really excited if you hug him, kind of like italy. you may be raised in the air at one point. hug america.
  • england: he is against hugs in general unless they are from very specific people. he will fight you because there is a really really high chance that you are not one of the specific people. do not hug england.
  • france: he will most likely interpret you hugging him as a signal that you are also okay with being kissed on the cheek. maybe hug france.
  • russia: he's a cinnamon roll???? sure he might accidentally crush you with the force of his teddy bear hug but it would be an accident???? hug russia.
  • china: if he's in a good mood, he'll hug back and be a lil fluffle. he's usually in a good mood. it's a good idea. hug china.
  • canada: why wouldn't you want to hug canada though seriously. he's precious and pure and will probably make a cute little squeaky sound because you will have caught him off guard and then he'll hug back and be adorable. hug canada.
  • prussia: he'll grumble about it but hug you back and be internally screaming that someone hugged him and jumping up and down in joy but externally he will seem a bit annoyed. hug prussia.
  • romano: he might try and murder you. he does not want to be hugged. not even by spain. maybe by spain. do not hug romano.
  • spain: omf yes. he's so cute just hug him already. i know you want to. do it. do it now. hug spain.
  • netherlands: he will be annoyed kinda a bit and he won't hug back so it's not really worth it. do not hug netherlands.
  • belgium: she'll probably offer you a free waffle just for hugging her because she's a cutie and she needs more hugs and appreciation and things. hug belgium.
  • finland: i'm not even gonna bother explaining why you should hug him. you should know this already. oh my god. hug finland.
  • sweden: he'll just stand there and wait for you to finish hugging him and it'll be awkward and stressful and any little conversation you might have been having will be gone. do not hug sweden.
  • denmark: he could probably break your bones with the force of his hugs but it'll be fun i swear. hug denmark.
  • norway: before you go running off and hugging him, please ask yourself whether you want to be cursed and haunted by like 500 spirits and stuff. the answer is no. do not hug norway.
  • iceland: he hates hugs. he will hate you. he will burn you in the flames of hell. however, his expression when you hug him is totally worth it. hug iceland.
  • hungary: yes. she will love you forever. well maybe not but she will at least appreciate that you hugged her. hug hungary.
  • austria: he will be so terrified. he might even start screaming. if you have a camera or your phone it's well worth hugging him. but your ears will probably start bleeding from the high pitched screeching austria. if you're okay with that then sure. maybe hug austria.
  • latvia: tiny tiny precious cinnamon roll. hug latvia.
  • lithuania: he likes hugs, but don't hug him too tight or he may take it as a sign that you are trying to attack him and he will fight you and you will lose and it's a bad idea to do that. maybe hug lithuania.
  • estonia: uhh no there's a 99% chance he will kidnap you and start a tumblr about your reactions to questions and it'll be pretty popular but nobody will be able to tell that you've been kidnapped and you're not running the blog yourself and you'll spend the rest of your life in captivity unless latvia or lithuania find out which they most likely won't. it's not a smart idea. do not hug estonia.
  • poland: free nail painting with every hug. seriously he will do that. you will become one of his best friends. sunshine and rainbows. ponies. lots of ponies. hug poland.
  • greece: he likes cats. he'll probably like hugs too. he's precious and pure. pet greece's head. high five greece. hug greece.
  • turkey: yeah ok but if you hug him he'll assume you will never hug greece ever and of course you're gonna hug greece because he's very smol and fluffly and if he sees you hugging greece he will feel betrayed and stuff. do not hug turkey.
  • switzerland: he'll fight you. he really will. screw neutrality. he'll fight you. do not hug switzerland.
  • liechtenstein: of course????? she's like the cutest out of all the characters that are cinnamon rolls. and that includes latvia. hugs are very necessary. hug liechtenstein.
  • belarus: she will also fight you. but she'll probably take a selfie with you halfway through and send it to russia so you might be able to escape and live to tell the tale. maybe hug belarus.
  • ukraine: boob hugs, bruh. do it. hug ukraine.
  • monaco: sure!! she's fabulous and you might even get invited to her house which is pretty cool when france isn't around. hug monaco.
  • seychelles: ok she's not really used to hugs except from france which she tries to avoid. but if you aren't france then it should go well. hug seychelles.
  • luxembourg: sparkly cinnamon roll who loves hugs. what reason is there not to hug him. hug luxembourg.
  • czech republic: she's a literal ray of sunshine and happiness and hope. unless you hug her. hugs are not her thing. do not hug czech.
  • slovakia: ahh he'll be so awkward and cute and shy oh my god it should be a law to hug him all the time yes. hug slovakia.
  • bulgaria: have you seen his face. that cute, pokable, fluffly face. totally do it. hug bulgaria.
11 facts about me

I was tagged by the lovely @seoulraindrops who makes the most beautiful aesthetics

  1. I can’t cook to save my life
  2. My hair grows quickly and lowkey hate it
  3. I’m not a very talkative person
  4. I’m very forgetful which is way it takes me like a million years to reply back
  5. I’m going to move out soon and I’m extremely terrified
  6. Minghao over anyone (yes a bitch is whipped)
  7. It took me three months to finally get down Jin and Jimin’s name (I always mixed their names up lmaoo)
  8. I always get mistaken for a freshman in high school or on fabulous occasions a middle schooler :))))
  9. I have two dogs who own my heart I would die 4 them :’’’)
  10. Taehyung in headbands make me want slam my head into a brick wall
  11. (i’m obviously joking) I h8 maknaes minus Hyuk @sgtlarry

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I bet anon is from tlc. They were talking about karlie and contracts on taylor's thread some day this week. Why is this person so obsessed with debunking kaylor anyway? If they feel like they are over then just leave. Why try to convince you? They are way too pressed which leads me to believe they are the anon from tlc who tries to EVERYDAY force down everyone's throats taylor with anyone but karlie. Also forces karlie with penni. 99% sounds like same anon.

I try to avoid. But the theory about Penni I do read sometimes because it is just so funny. Maybe Taylor and Tree can double date.


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Abby for the name thing

hmmmmm which Ab(by/i) to talk about

they’re all pretty great

there was an Abby who was the sweetest (probably still is) and in high school she was one of those people that everyone liked because she was just so nice and had no ulterior motives and was just a very sweet person all around 

(another Abby I knew loved percy jackson and wanted to be just like annabeth chase, good mems)(she was a pretty great artist when she wasn’t trying to make it perfect the first try)


thanks so much for the ask!!

send me names anonymously and I’ll share my personal experience with a person with that name