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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)


I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous 
Because there’s always the calm before the storm
Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love 


Farkle Minkus | Riley Matthews parallels  


riley matthews in every episode ☆ girl meets world [1x01] 

how long do i have to live in my father’s world?

excited to share that i will be working at ign entertainment as a designer starting june 1! my first job out of school and what better way to start my career than to make stuff promoting video games :D

  • The first time you read The Thief: A penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.
  • The second time you read The Thief: In the most ingenious move of political intrigue of the millennium, a penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.

one member per m/v (vixx edition): eternity → N

into an eternal dream that i won’t ever wake from

“Oh Mutt darling, don’t even worry about Tank!  He wouldn’t hurt a fly–would you, big boy?”
“….Unless it landed on me, of course, then he would absolutely destroy it.”

Mutt has never been the shortest girl in the room before, but hey.  Number One is 6′3 without her heels. ((Limousines have a certain amount of high-society pretention about them, even limousines belonging to the Duke.  ;)  Thus the evening wear haha)) ((I gotta figure out names for them they can’t just literally go by their car names.  Can they?)) ((CAN THEY?? 8I))

Imagine: Harry Potter Has No Boggart.

Boggarts love the dark places. The space between walls, the forgotten trunks and the bottom draws of dusty desks. The cupboards are a particular favourite for many. 

A boggart moves into No. 4 Privet Drive’s Cupboard Under the Stairs, only to find it already occupied by a little 5-year-old Harry Potter.

8 years later, Professor Remus Lupin gets distracted, allowing the now 13-year-old Harry Potter to take his turn. 

Much to the shock of Remus Lupin, it does not turn into Voldemort.

It does not turn into a Dementor. 

It does not turn into Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia. Nor any corpses of the people he loves. 

It does not turn into a cruel and power-hungry version of himself nor a Tom Riddle.

It does not turn into any of his friends turning their backs on him and calling him freak.

It does not turn into Fluffy or Aragog or the Basilisk.

Instead, the boggart does…


Harry has not been afraid of boggarts since he was 5 years old and after all, things that hid and live in the dark must look out for each other.

Harry Potter spent a long time hiding in the dark.

Imagine attentively listening to Wonwoo excitedly talking about the book he’s currently reading.

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*bangs fist on the table frantically* Zenyatta and Genji outfit switch god yes I'll wait 20K years to see that!





I love yaaaa tomorrow you’re only a daaaay aaawaaaaay


I’m gonna raise hell

@menaceanon Pirate AU… I loved it so much I could not help but draw it hahaha

The outfit of Maria is from here

And the words are from this song which u can find here

Let’s play a game. It goes like this… Stop stalking and harassing Skam cast when they clearly gave notice they don’t wish to be bothered. Stop waiting for Tarjei and David in front of their school.

Just because Tarjei is smiling doesn’t mean he is comfortable doing it. Do not call him rude or ungrateful and guilt trip him for not wanting to take pictures or talk to you. Today he wanted to leave and he was basically forced into meeting fans??? Do you not see the problem? You actually think it’s not disturbing when you go after him two days in a row? Also I’m sorry but same people waiting for Henrik after he just came back? Not creepy at all?

I know you all get excited when you get new content but please consider the circumstances. And if you already get pictures with them don’t expose them on every fucking social media and encourage people to do the same. That’s chill?

Someone please write for me ‘Hannibal, everything is exactly the same but Alana is Alan’

I was to see Alan Bloom in the exact middle of all this flirty nonsense from absolutely everyone in this show, and Hannibal being Mr Steal Your Man when Will is too busy drooling over the younger male psychiatrist who wears less gaudy suits.




(which i mean is basically what’s happening in canon, but now without the reasonable excuse of ‘maybe will doesn’t notice me because he’s straight’)

I dunno i just think it’d be kind of funny to have Hannibal be offended that Will hasn’t flirted with him like ‘we are both wealthy psychiatrists, we wear suits everywhere, we are both bisexual, *IM* the one that taught him about pocket squares and that the knot of your tie can accent your neck, WHY DONT YOU NOTICE ME’

Im picturing Alan Bloom as this super clean cut, typically gorgeous, mid-30s gym-twink thats just… utterly out of Will’s league.

Jack does not understand how he accidentally started this Big Gay Feud

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Hi yo! I've been following your work for a while now, through the reblog site of mine! I enjoy all the 2D animation. I learned about Tonko's great animation tutorials through you too, so thank you! Do you have any more advice on how to in prove 2D animation? Like any other great videos to watch, or excersizes to do? And how do you specifically work on timing? You've gotten quite good at it! Thanks! -Melissa

Hi there! Firs of all, thanks so much! So great to meet a fellow animator :) I know right, Toniko’s tutorials help me sooo much as well! His recent one on breakdowns is fantastic! As for other tutorials, I find them super rare, sadly :/ Aaron Blaise has some nice animation advice on youtube, though, and I like Andres Deja’s Blog, Deja View, that has some great observations on animation and character design. There are a few helpful things on the website Animator’s Island as well. Other than that, I think the Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams and Eric Goldberg’s Character Animation Crash Course are the two books that have helped me a lot, especially the Eric Goldberg one is fantastic for people who already know the basics, which I suppose you do from looking at your beautiful work.

Timing is a pretty difficult thing and I have to admit that I still don’t like to work with charts. I rather like to plan my animations by drawing the keys, play them with the desired length(for example have the important frame be there for a second, the quick action just a quarter second etc, the next half as long etc), so that I have that rough skeleton of the animation. Then I refine it by filling in breakdowns and adjust the timing, how long each frame is supposed to be on the screen. After that, I only have to fill in the inbetweens to make it look more fluid. It feels like being a woodcarver who works from rough to detailed but never looses the overall idea of the figure, if that makes sense. 

I learned that kind of working from watching CG shot progressions like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4xsqnQeFeE 

See how blocky the animation is at the beginning, still the timing is very well defined, and you have a feel of character and weight from the beginning. You don’t have to constantly worry about if eyerything is going to work out as you planned, because you see how it’s going to look very early. That way, you have better control over your timing. 

Please take all of this with a grain of salt; it’s simply what works best for me. There are a million ways to organize your animations, and I’m still learning myself. 

I wish you a lot of fun and inspiration, though! All the best!