which i am not uploading

all the hardships and challenges i’ve been through
were what gave birth to me.
look at me closely

#agustd [ fa ] - don’t remove caption, don’t repost.
just my interpretation.

My first #inktober sketch, which I didn’t have time to upload yesterday. I am intending to include exercises from proko’s anatomy course on youtube, but the first assignment for that is a Photoshop excersise, so MEH MAYBE LATER. I am shit and want get less shit, so I thought I could do something very comfort-zoney and fandom trashy to start with. Also, I have no scanner so expect these uploads to look hella shoddy and strangely lit.

5/100 days of productivity
11 ∙ 7 ∙ 16

Today I:

wrote killer notes in all of my lectures (which I will upload tomorrow bc I am currently very comfy in bed)
found and annotated a couple more articles for my two research papers due in a month
finally caught up on Beloved
finished my pre-lab report for this week’s lab

I’m super proud of myself for getting so much work done because I think I’m getting sick :c Anyway, can we talk about how cute this Ipsy bag is? I’ve been using it as a pencil case for the past month, and I absolutely do not care that it isn’t relevant anymore. It is adorable, and I love it! (also yes, the zipper slider is a little ghost 👻)

peep scully on my laptop



I can’t believe Andy Samberg invented the Precious Laugh™!


just some. thoughts on being nonhuman & mentally ill and also a bonus example of what happens when sai decides to fuck my shit up when im just trying to live my life

rf10th day one - the first character you fell in love with

rosetta is the love of my life that i never married because rf1 gets very boring after the last boss lmao


Their appearance may look exactly the same,
still it is the heart & soul that counts and also differs from the two of them.

   "Everything will surely be alright, because someday we will all meet again.“

Fan: So, we all know Dean is the funnier one…





Jared: Funnier looking. *drops mic*



Fan: Sam’s the serious one, it’s okay.



Jared: Seriously awesome. *takes off beanie and flips hair*


So I’m having a little trouble deciding which photo I am going to put on as profile picture once we start uploading the knight series. As you can see the theme of my blog has Knight Dean in it and I want the icon to do as well.

Also, feel free to use!