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Watch Repair Girl again

I’m submitting so soon because the worst and best thing happened on Friday the 13th.

To start, I haven’t broken a customer’s watch since December 2015. That’s pretty damn good compared to some. -side eyes my coworker, the unchallenged king of breaking shit-

But I went to take the trash up and hit the bathroom around 8:20, 40 minutes before we closed. We had been dead and I didn’t expect to find someone waiting for me. I rush in and ask what I could do for this guy. He politely asks for a battery. Standard procedure. I tell him 5 minutes, he says to take my time, I get to it.

It was a thin watch and I thought I was being careful. Nope! I snapped the stem when I pressed the back on. I start panicking. I’m trying to think of anything I can do to fix this. Ultimately, I come to the conclusion that I am well and thoroughly fucked and I have no choice but to send it out for repair. 9 times out of 10, the customer starts screaming and using words that I would never repeat, which is surprising. After stalling for a moment to collect myself, I took the watch to the guy. The conversation went like this:

Me: Um, okay. So. Unfortunately. I broke it.
Customer: What happened?
Me: Well, this little white ring? It slid out of place and I didn’t double check and it snapped the stem. I’m very sorry, sir. I genuinely apologize!
Customer: It’s Friday the 13th, right?
Me: Yes, sir
Customer: Let’s blame the date and not you!

I was shocked! He was so chill about it and insisted on paying for the battery even though I intended to cover it for him. I gave him a discount and promised to call him after I had the watch fixed. The situation had every intention of turning into a fuck customers, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Bts reaction {Wanting to break up because of his insecurities} Part 1/2 Hyung Line.

(Currently taking requests)

Request:  Helloooo! I’m a bit overexcited but I’d love to read a reaction in which the members doubt themselves (about looks or characteristics or smth) and want to break up with their s/o because they feel like they aren’t enough (heavy angst oh boy) but with a happy ending in which their s/o reassures them and they kiss, hug etc… just fluff :) Not sure if you write angst but yeah that’d be great <3

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Her old home, right next door felt like it was centuries away as she sat in Nate’s home… her home eating dinner. The day had been so eventful that Laelia and Nate hardly got a bite in. She had been so busy socialising that they had barely spent a second alone together. Now as they sat together at the table, Laelia suddenly didn’t know what to say. They were married after all. She had envisioned this moment several times, all thoughts contained some form of Nate ripping at her clothes. 

She looked over at Nate, her husband as she chewed on a piece of lettuce. He caught her gaze and soon the two newlyweds were laughing together. 

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Nate asked and bumped his feet with hers under the table. 

“A little. I didn’t think we’d do these normal things so early into our marriage. I thought we’d be doing… other things,” Laelia commented with a laugh. Nate smirked at her comment and Laelia found herself staring at him again. Her gaze shifted from his eyes, down to his mouth, chest and finally down to his parts which were obstructed by the table. She would finally get to see it today. She almost choked on the feelings of anticipation and nervous excitement that she felt. 

“If you keep looking down there, I might rip that bodice off,” Nate growled. Following his comment, Laelia suddenly began coughing, surprised by his accurate depiction of what she had envisioned. 

“Babe, you okay?” 

“Fine, fine!” Laelia responded and wiped her mouth with a napkin. God that wasn’t sexy at all. She looked down at her plate, gathering her courage before she spoke, “Um… I am hungry.”

“Oh well there’s more salad over-”

“No! I’m… I’m not hungry for food. I’m hungry for.. for other things!” she stammered out and kept her eyes focused on her plate. She refused to look up, to see if her words had the impact she’d hoped. She wanted this and she was tired of waiting. 

Galra biology is weird

Okay WTF is with the Galra, seriously.

We have confirmed babies of Human x Galra and Altean x Galra, which I easily accept, since they look similar to each other (you know, just without the purple skin). But then you have all of Lotor’s generals looking like they each came from entirely different species, Narti even being more reptilian than mammalian.

Am I supposed to believe that Galra are omnisexual lifeforms that can have babies with any other form of sentient life? Is there a half Galra, half Balmerian running around? What about the mermaids or the noodle people? Is it limited to just humanoids? Do Galrans find other species sexually attractive?

So many questions.

anonymous asked:

Belle dying of old age (OLD, not like 50 something, which would infuriate me) would be fine - except if Emilie doesn't return (which it appears she won't) then Rumple will very likely live forever without her, which is unacceptable and makes no sense. That would be depressing - and not beautiful, but also just like Adam and Eddy.

Look — I am 100% okay with Belle dying of old age and with a Rumbelling of UP. (I agree OLD AGE though. Not 50. I am 50. 50 is not old age.)

UP is one of the best movies ever. Carl and Ellie are RELATIONSHIP GOALS. They had a good marriage and a good life. It’s also very real and reality isn’t always pretty. I’d rather Rumbelle have an “UP” ending than anything even remotely close to the codependent CS bullshit we got last week.

I also don’t have a problem with Rumple being alone. I think it’s in character for him.

All of these are probably unpopular opinions but it’s how I feel.

MY worry is that this writing team is still this writing team. And no matter what they do, they ALWAYS find a way to work in some nasty dig, via a line or a scene, that just negates and taints everything beautiful they had accomplished. They’re incapable of letting something be nice just to let it be nice.

Also — for ME — I really haven’t let go of all of the OOC shit from the last three seasons. It was too much and I’m still pissed off about it. So at this point I’m just not as excited or emotional as everyone else, because of that. I still love Rumbelle. But the last 3 years were draining. So I’m okay with letting go permanently and moving on to fanfic only.

But that’s just me.

Me: Hey Vaderkin! Why don’t we try NOT doing that creepy, obsessive thing you want to do? Because I am 200% positive Obi-Wan won’t like it.

Vaderkin: No.

Me: Okay but how is that going to get you to your goal, which is some fun sexy Vaderwan time?

Vaderkin: No sanity. Only Sexy Time.

Me: That… that isn’t even how that meme works.

Vaderkin: I am father to two small four year olds, a High General in the Imperial Army and a Very Important Sith Lord. I do not have time for your Rebel Scum memes.

Me: Ah huh… You know, I think Obi-Wan might have smiled in your direction a minute a go.

Vaderkin: What? Where? When? How did I look? Did I look good? Where did Obi-Wan go? OBI-WAN! COME BACK HERE! I DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD LEAVE! OBI-WAAAAAAAN!

Me: -_____-;;; They’ll have announced, filmed and released the damn Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie before I finish this thing.

magpiefngrl  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if an artist were to draw fan art of your work, which fic or scene would you like them to draw? I've been wondering about this myself and am curious to see what other authors think :)

Wow this is both a wonderful and impossibly hard question! :D Okay, well, the short answer is ALL OF THEM. I seriously would adore fan-art for everything I’ve ever written (save Right Hand Red, since that was already illustrated by the incredibly talented Iwao). As for specifics, I feel like I could probably name about a dozen stories/scenes here LOL. But the ones coming immediately to mind are, okay, the last scene of In the Shadow of Your Heart has leather trousers!Draco (shirtless, because of course) dancing with Harry in a club. Draco strips Harry’s shirt off and then tucks it into the back pocket of his own trousers and then keeps dancing up against him. That would be some super hot art!

But really any of the sex scenes or romantic moments would be amazing! Really anything that I’ve written with Shelly (@whipmyhairlikebangbang) would be super great to have art for: Until It Rains, Like a Star, Weeds or Wildflowers, Touch the Ground (which is Pansy/Hermione and omg that would hhhhot, since it’s against the wall sex and what not.) Any of the femslash I’ve done solo too would be amazing to see! But maybe especially the femme Millicent and butch Ginny from High Heels! GUH! That would be incredible. Also any of the Harry/Teddy! The Harry/Teddy/Draco! Unf! And yeah, just any romantic moment between Harry and Draco. I’d love a “Let’s rattle the glass, shall we Potter?” moment from Touch Me Fall. Harry and Teddy with the bike in Putting Out Fires, and while we’re talking about the bike, Harry doing Draco over it from Side-Along! Uh, yes please! Harry spanking Teddy over his knee from Simple as It Is would be amazing! (Yes, I’ve now gone to my AO3 page for inspiration so this very well could turn into that ‘dozen things’ business oh god). Literally any H/D shower scene, but the one from In the Shadow of Your Heart with Harry Apparating in naked with a wand… yeah that. :D

Okay, I’ll stop now! Really anything would be incredible! I love art! And I would consider it a huge honor for someone to make art for something I wrote. Thanks so much for the ask, magpie! You’re awesome!

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Okay, now you're just blatantly confirming that Waterfall will have pirates (or misleading us all with obscure references), so by virtue of the fact that she has an eye patch and looking at the roles of the characters in Altertale, which so far this AU seems to be a deconstruction of, I predict that Undyne will be a pirate and routinely raid Waterfall looking to impress Alphys, who'd be like some Bill Gates technology mogul, judging by the text on the dimensional box. Am I close?

Good Guess.

You think “fucked my way up to the top” was literal? No it was her making a mockery of a person that claimed she did that. Lyrics are not literal, things have multiple meanings and interpretations, and unless a writer says what the backstory is, you are just interpreting it how you see fit which imo does a huge disservice to any artist. Okay I am done ranting now. I don’t know if she’s made any comments about this recent thing, so I guess I’m wanting to make sure, seeing as she could be a potential victim, that others see why their quick judgements keep people silent and down

Bless This Kingdom

So I am so late, but I did manage to squeak this in while frantically studying. I admit that while long it’s a little convoluted. I based this Mythologies AU on the triple goddess the Morrigna more commonly known as the Morrigan of Irish legends and the story of Deidre and Naoise which is one of the greatest tragic love stories in Irish love stories. I hope you enjoy it though.Thank you @everythingisklaroline for running this event!

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killamorrikilla  asked:

Hello, I like yours tumble so much, I helps me a lot!! But can I ask something? So my problems is I am not Native speaker and I don't have good grammar.. I was wondering do you have any advice or any solutions that I can apply to help me? Since I love reading and put out my "wild" fantasy. Sorry for long post...

Thanks for the love! (And this is in no way a long post, I’ve had one person submit two asks to continue their question, which was also okay since it was only two. You’re fine and thanks for submitting!)

I can only give the same advice that I give to anyone looking to improve grammar: classes, self-teaching, and/or more reading authors in English. (I stress authors as opposed to online work because you at least know that a traditionally published piece of work has gone through a professional editor that’s there to catch grammar mistakes.)

I will say that creative writing doesn’t have to follow hard grammar rules, though. It’s a type of informal writing, so as long as your sentence meaning is clear, you’re usually okay. There’s a difference between:

“Tell the visitor that they’re welcome to come in.” (Technical plural subject issue, but okay since “they” is colloquially acceptable for referring to a person of unspecified gender.)


“I go to the store and I bought milk.” (Tense issue, confusing for time of action.)

It can also help to write something and get a critique! Since you know what your issue is, you’ll be prepared to hear and and won’t feel bad at the “fix this” tone because you want to improve. 

Sorry I can only point you in the direction of other things, but good luck with your grammar!

i’m told a lot these days ; chapter 12

Aleks sniffles once, nods his head as he looks up at the ceiling. His eyes look a bit wet.

“Oh, okay,” he says quietly, almost as if to himself. “Okay, so it’s… either it’s crackhead or, or fucking nuthouse. Okay. Cool. Which one is it?”

James wants to laugh.

“Do you have any idea how fuckin’ easy this would be if those were my only two options? Sign me up for the nuthouse, man. I’ll take it.” He lifts his arms, presses his palms to the back of his head as he tries to think of what he can say. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot. Near their feet, Mishka’s started to pace between the two of them, and her nails clack loudly on the kitchen floor. “You asked for the truth. I gave it to you, okay? I gave it to you.”

The glare he gets in return for that one is… it’s visceral hatred again, but maybe there’s almost like a little bit of pity in there as well. He’s looking at James like he doesn’t quite know what to do with him yet. He clearly thinks that James is in need of some serious help, and to be honest James wishes that was the extent of his problems. But he keeps his gaze, stares back at Aleks until he speaks again.

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I see lots of posts talking about how enbies don't need body dysphoria to be valid, which is great, but I'm an AFAB enby who has a lot of body dysphoria (I sometimes question if I'm actually a trans guy bc of it) and it just adds another layer of confusion to figuring this all out. Is it weird that I want my body to be read as masculine, while I as a whole am read as androgynous? (it also makes sexuality incredibly confusing- i feel like an intruder everywhere but that's beside the point)

Lots of non binary people actually do have dysphoria. What makes someone non binary or trans isn’t how much dysphoria they feel, but what gender they think they should be. So you can be a trans guy that experiences minimal dysphoria who wants T but not surgery, for example, or be a non binary person who experiences a lot of dysphoria and wants to medically transition to alleviate it. What determines gender is in your head, not necessarily in your dysphoria. 

Dysphoria can often help you figure out what your gender is though. So if you feel dysphoria over the fact that your body is not a “man’s body”, that might be a sign that you are actually a trans guy instead of non binary. But if you feel more comfortable being perceived androgynously, you might be non binary. You might want to look into the label transmasculine non binary  - Lee @questingqueer identifies as a transmasculine non binary person. They are on T and have gotten top surgery even though they are not a man, showing that it’s possible to want a masculine body but be non-binary. 

If any followers are trans masculine non binary people and have something they’d like to share with anon, please do!

small notice:


I am putting Solas on a semi-hiatus ( which I know I’ve had that on my blog for forever, and technically… it’s always been true since I’m slow ), but for right now, my muse is low and I can’t keep trying to force myself to make replies I just can’t do right now, so basically throwing up a semi-hiatus at least makes my insides feel a little better than all gut-twisty.

Does this mean I’m not gonna ever reply? No. I’ll still come on to do replies occassionally, and I DO intend to get to those starters from here and there ( but they’re gonna just be small starters ), but it’s probably going to take a bit longer than… it already does even now. There’s stuff going on right now in my life that I wanna try to prioritize and I really am trying my hardest to become a better person, and sometimes being on Tumblr from time to time makes me feel smaller. Which isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s mine. No one has the right to make me feel this way but myself. So I want to get better, and I do feel a little better than I have in a while? I think?

But I don’t wanna… disappear for half a year like I did last time. In the mean time, I’m gonna be working on a new blog for Solas because this one is unorganized and scattered everywhere. I do feel like that’ll help me with my muse a lot. I’ve also been working on an OC for… months… I don’t know when he’ll be birthed. BUT YEAH THAT’S THE JIST OF IT. I’m sorry this kind of post seems so common, but I just wanted to write it so people at least understand why I’m such a flaky turd. 

[voluntarily flings self into the pits of Voltron hell]

I have accepted my fate.

[edit: made some minor adjustments to the anatomy - and now i must sleep for 16 hours *passes out*]

To my favourite person in the world,
I know things are over, and I know that means I don’t get to create any new memories with you. I know I have told you not to talk to me again, but every day I talk to you, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in sobs, but every day I do. I know a lot of things now and one of them is how incredibly I miss you, but how that alone is not a great enough incentive to get us to talk again anymore. I know what we had was special and invaluable, and I know it because I know a lot of people, a hell lot of them, and still nothing makes up for the fact that we won’t get to stroll around aimlessly together anymore. I know I am sad, I can feel it every day as I lay my head down to sleep, and I know why I am so, but I also know that I have tried with all my heart for the both of us and it went in vain. I know what would feel good and what is right to do, and it aches me that this time they are two completely different things. I know I had you. I know I lost you. I know things are shitty. I know it’s already been a while. I know I should’ve been feeling better. But I am not. And that’s okay, or at least that’s what they say. The one thing I don’t know is whether this will end up being just a break or a good-luck-in-another-lifetime kind of thing. And it’s scary how I don’t even know which of them would be a better option. I don’t know why I’m writing this as well, but I guess if I ever figure out why I still talk to you in my head every day, I’ll figure out the rest of this.
Love, always.
—  far-far-awayy 

drawing commission for Brittany