which i am looking forward to

Things I am thankful for tonight

- Jimin’s jacket, and the fact that it couldn’t stay on his shoulders.
- Jimin’s shirt that was cut so low he might as well not be wearing it.
- Taehyung’s headband
- The sweat on Namjoon’s forehead
- When the vocal line figured out where center stage was.
- The fact that BTS are artists and each stage was an art piece.
- The fancy chandelier over Jimin
- The phone that Namjoon FINALLY PICKED UP
- The oversized shirt/jacket trend
- “Oh Jin haircut!” -Hobi
- Jungkook’s 3 large ass earrings
- Hobi’s thin choker
- Jin’s random aeygo
- The way Nams walked
- The way Jimin danced
- The way Hobi smiled
- The way Tae existed
- Jin’s haircut
- Jimin’s dye job
- Hobi’s purple pimp jacket.
- Yoongi giving up on English in the ending ments.
- JK the true American.
- The beautiful voices and songs of BTS
- Kim Seokjin
- Min Yoongi
- Jung Hoseok
- Kim Namjoon
- Park Jimin
- Kim Taehyung
- Jeon Jungkook

Thank you to all of the above for an amazing night. One of the best of my life.

It’s not my best but after watching @thatsthat24 (Thomas sanders) YouTube video on body positivity and negativity, I was inspired. I was never happy with how I looked because I always thought that I was too fat and on top of that I discovered that I was trans which added to the self hate and body negativity that I already had. But Thomas is such a big inspiration for me to keep moving forward and to love myself. Hearing him say that everyone’s beautiful,including me and anyone else who’s reading this, really hit me. This year I want to learn to love myself for who I am and love the way I look because I shouldn’t care what other people think about my body. I am more than what’s on the outside. So thank you so so so much Thomas. if you ever see this I want you to know,

you’re my hero.

-Erin S.


“We live in a world where billions are spent on physical health and appearance. But yet, mental health and well-being, which are the most important factors that keep all of us moving forward and something that should be given the same level of care and attention as physical health, get ignored and pushed to the side time to time again. I know we would love to look in the mirror and love to see what we see. Sometimes I struggle on a daily basis to see that, but I know that when I look inside my mind, I know that I am happy with where I am at and that’s the most important thing. We need to remember that is so much more important to take care of our mind and our mental health rather than our physical health.”  —  Demi Lovato accepting the Artistic Award of Courage onstage during UCLA Semel Institute’s ‘Open Mind Gala’.

Okay, #1 I am really enjoying the fact that @wiishu is making videos on a regular basis now! I honestly had only ever seen one video of hers before this recent bout, so I knew her art and maybe her Instagram more than her individual personality. It’s really nice to see the human being behind that stuff. #2 her What’s in My Bag video has got to be the most relatable one I’ve ever watched, which was really cool. It was short and simple, but pleasant to watch.

I’m looking forward to more videos to come! Yay!

 Update!! ・ 231016 

Long time no post!! I’m finally getting used to the university lifestyle and can honestly admit that I’m a proper uni student! I’m getting used to my lectures (though I find cognitive psychology really hard;;;) and I am so blessed to have the best flatmates ever!! We get along really well and we’ve actually made a list of things we’d like to do this year, I’m looking forward to get to know them a lot more!~

I also managed to get a new bullet journal!! Which reminds me that I have a lab report due in two weeks…but first I’m off to dinner with @studysthetics hehe, have a nice day everyone!!

Song of the Day: Very Very Very - IOI

Yuuri will place first in the Short Program

Or so I’m assuming.

Because for the finale of the anime to be properly climactic, Yuuri must skate last in the Free Skate, giving us that extra time of suspense which will contribute both to our viewing experience and to Yuuri’s nerves in the show (which were always a big point), and he will only skate last in FS if he placed first in SP.

Not to mention that Yuuri must place high in the Short Program in order to even hope for gold.

I think it would be most logical for him to place first in SP because otherwise we would have to see him wishing the skater after him/the one who did place first bad luck in the Free Skate and I don’t think that’s the point the anime is trying to make.

In any case, I am looking forward to seeing Yuuri’s eros (now featuring engagement rings)!

I know that @harrys-shums​ already talked about the looks between Alec and Magnus in this scene—but can we also please take a second to examine Izzy here?

Because the moment the fighting between Alec and Lydia starts, she turns around and immediately seeks for Magnus. Knowing full well that he might be the only one in this situation who may have a calming effect on Alec. Which even further proves my point because Alec kinda barks at Izzy, too, “Not now, Izzy!” when she tells him to take a break. But he doesn’t yell at Magnus. He just searches for his eyes. Looking at him. Probably on the bridge of breaking down or totally losing it. While Magnus comes forward, slowly, observing the argument. Contemplating what to do now to calm Alec when Lydia just dismisses Alec.

I am just…

It’s just seconds. But their reactions. And the looks. I already feel like this clip messed me up so much emotionally.

Another morning run down! 3.5 miles!

This time with a friend, which was nice. :) Didn’t stop once this time either. I’ve found my pace and am able to stick with it well, which is nice. I’m really looking forward to pushing it to 5 full miles. That will be a whole new milestone for me, I have literally never jogged 5 miles straight in my life. In fact, before like three (?) weeks ago I had never jogged ONE mile straight in my life. Here’s to continuous progress!


@lisa-i-am I put together another group of a set of posts you did. Another homage to my favorite Tumblr who actually is very beautiful, classy, funny and nice. You actually answer messages or questions which is more than a lot of others do on here. I look forward to your posts and I hope it’s ok I keep doing homages to you. 😍🔥😘💕❤️💥💥

Yuri On Ice + casts’ comment

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri Katsuki): 

I feel really happy to be engaged in this animation which is about figure skating,the subject I am interested in. Meanwhile,I feel pressure.(laugh). Whether skating is what kind of representation, we thought that must be faced to think what can I do in order to fit in there. I will do my best!! 

Junichi Suwabe (Victor Nikiforov):

I am Junichi Suwabe who is in charge of the voice of Victor Nikiforov.
I have watched some figure skating matches. I am looking eagerly forward to how the animation represents! To make the tension up I am looking for the BOSCO jersey of the Sochi model but I still haven’t got one・・・Боже мой(Oh my god)!

Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky):

I have read Mrs.Kubo’s storyboard. I was surprised as the finished one seemed for an amateur as if it can be released as an animation work as it is, because it was so interesting! I get excited to think that it is going to emit another new brighteness when it becomes an animation. I also think I am very happy I could engage there.

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Laughs were genuine with Loki; you never had to fake one around him. He was a funny and caring guy and driven by his passion to achieve greatness - the women of Asgard fainted at the mere sight of him and Thor.

He’d just cracked another joke which made you laugh lightly. You looked him in the eye and noted how he looked very happy.

“You look rather merry today,” you complimented flashing one of your adorable smiles at him.

“Do you ever feel random surges of confidence?” He asked and you sighed and nodded your head. It’d always lead to you making a fool out of yourself.

He began to lean forward and your pulse raced. A small lock of hair tumbled and rested in front of your rosy cheek which was burning  up, but with one swift slide of his thumb, it was brushed out of the way. His lips touched your cheek and you froze. When he pulled away you stood speechless.

He looked like he regretted his choices, “I am so sorry,” he mumbled before scurrying away. You ran your finger over where he had kissed your cheek and smiled to yourself. 

chibi-chimera  asked:

Heya! Got any thoughts on Bendy and The Ink Machine? I figure you might like it because of the retro cartoon style and characters.

I definitely am interested in seeing where it goes! From the demo alone, it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be anything too new in terms of writing or gameplay, but when it comes to indie horror games like this, a unique visual aesthetic, and how you can work that theme into the wordplay of the writing (such as invoking the common definitions and language used to describe cartoons in art school textbooks, like ‘creating the illusion of a living thing’ and ‘moving pictures,’  to suggest something more ominous, which is pretty clever!) can honestly be what carries it, and that will probably be the case here.

I look forward to seeing/learning more about Bendy their design is v cute and I am always a sucker for PacMan Pupils

I’m excited to announce that I am now represented by @astonmodels @astonmodelsmen I don’t want to get too soft on you guys but a couple of months ago I was going through some of the worst times of my life and had completely hit rock bottom. I desperately needed a change in my life and not too long ago I set goals for myself to work hard to get out of that slump. One of those goals was to strengthen my body and my mind so I worked my tail off in the gym for the last couple months. During this time of pain came growth and opportunity, one of which was modeling. I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped, supported, and believed in me to help me get where I am. Look forward to learning and growing everyday and if you feel like you can relate just know that you aren’t alone. I promise 🙏🏼 #astonmodels #astonmodelsmen

Code: Realize: Cardia ~The Mysterious Damsel ~

She has a look that could almost kill. She’s beautiful & confident and she knows it. Who is this beautiful, mysterious and elegant young woman? Why, it’s Cardia of course! This is a close up of her in the outfit she will be wearing in the “Lupin the Mafia” (Gang) story in the upcoming Code:Realize fan disk. If you visit the fan disk site you can view the full outfit which is a half dress/half trousers combo, slightly similar to her original outfit but much more refined. I am very much looking forward to this story and hopefully more art of her wearing this. There’s something very special and inspirational about seeing Ms. Beckford looking so confident & owning it. You go girl! You go show those boys what you’re made of. 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Two things I want to point out, though. 

1. In Norwegian we don’t use the word “boy” or “girl” when we are talking about the person we are romantically involved with. We call it “kjæreste” which is gender neutral and directly translated means “dearest”. I think this is one of the reasons why Isak wrote “his name is Even. That is a boys’ name.” To point out that his “dearest” is, in fact,  a boy. I also think Isak was looking for a reaction from his father. (I’m so happy his dad wanted to meet Even and didn’t seem to care that Even is a boy.)

2. AM I CRAZY OR HAVE ALL THE  ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES COME TRUE? First it was the curtains that where yellow in an alternative universe. Flash forward to Friday and Saturday’s clips and Sunday’s photo of Even, Isak has hung up a yellow blanket over the curtains. Then the alternative universe where Even texts Isak back, and now he’s answering Isak’s texts before Isak can put his phone down, he’s even texting Isak first! And then the drawing where Even drew them eating together in an alternative universe and BAM! Saturday morning, Even fucking makes breakfast for Isak! 

I honestly feel like David is one of the best actors in the show. He makes Raphael. If you read the books, I wouldn’t have every really imagined Raphael this way. David goes above and beyond. He does a certain walk as Raphael, he even has a voice that he does. If you notice he has weird movements he does. He doesn’t just play the character with his voice or his face. He uses his whole body. And tbh, it’s impressive af. I felt like all the characters, beside Jace and Raphael, are exactly how I pictured them in the books. Which is fine but I am surprised and happy with the way Raphael and Jace turned out. And even though I’d like to see Raphael every episode, I get that by putting him in only half the episodes makes fans look forward to seeing him. I think Raphael is so fun because you can’t always tell how he fits into the story. I think we can all imagine how all the other characters will act and where there stories will go. I can predict exactly what all the other characters will do but I can’t always predict what they will make Raphael do and that is why he is such an important character.

Day Twenty-Six

-An elderly woman approached an empty checkout lane. After tentatively taking a few steps forward, she called out, “Is there somebody there whom I cannot see?” A cashier told her there was not, to which she replied, “That’s good, because I can usually see ghosts.” I am now mortally terrified of any ghost that this woman cannot see.

-I am beginning to notice a persistent correlation between guests purchasing baby supplies and the computer dispensing Starbucks coupons.

-A single mother came through my lane on a serious business call, accompanied by her eldest daughter who was taking care of her siblings, her middle son who tried to look tough but got very excited by stickers, and her youngest daughter who wanted to be a princess when she grew up. Now I know what it is like to be an extra in a 90s family sitcom.

-A young boy picked up a Baby Bottle Pop and smiled expectantly at his mother. When she inquired if he was serious, he simply whispered, “Yup.” He then began marching around, parading his new candy with the pride of one carrying a flag after battle, until he saw his reflection in a mirror, at which point he yelped and scurried behind his mother’s legs.

-I handed an eight year-old boy a sticker. He looked at it for a moment, then softly told me, “I think that I would like a second one for my brother, please.” This child is the most polite boy I have ever seen and he has my vote in the coming election.

-I met a man in his eighties who was wearing high-waisted jeans, a thin, brown leather belt, a mustard, olive, and maroon striped sweater, small wiry glasses, and a bright yellow bucket hat. He is my new fashion icon and I want nothing more for Christmas than a shopping spree with him as my mentor.

-My register has been freshly stocked with more seasonally-inappropriate winter stickers. However, these stickers now have perforations and the roll has slightly different dimensions. We have clearly been restocked with a new shipment of stickers, but rather than provide me with fall stickers for my people, they continue the conspiracy and give me only stickers that have no place in the present day.

-Today, I was truly blessed, as I was visited by a family as devoted to Target stickers as I am. As I handed the mother one sticker for each of her six children, I saw their eyes light up in an instant. She handed them out to each eager hand, prompting such exclamations as, “Sweet, I haven’t had this one before!” “This is going straight into my Target sticker collection!” “I finally have my first Target sticker!” and, from the five year-old who I am sure is actually employed as a Target spokesperson, “I wish I could come to Target every day to get more stickers!” I nearly teared up. Slightly swept up in the moment, I tore off a strip of twenty-five stickers which I handed to the mother, much to the delight of the children I have decided to adopt. I had to confirm that this happened with a fellow cashier, and now I will go to work every day hoping to serve the Sticker Kids.

-A man who looked as though Hagrid had lived his life out as a hermit purchased both shaving cream and a product called Beard Butter. He seemed unable to decide what path he wanted to pursue with his facial hair, but now he is prepared either way.

-A boy with a thick southern accent, an “AUSTRALIA” t-shirt, bright blue sweatpants, and knee-high cowboy boots laid across the end of an adjacent register and made some of the most intense eye-contact I have ever been an unwilling participant in.

Moving Forward

Set after the eventual future scuffle in which Darrington proves himself to be a valuable addition to the team.  LOOK I AM GRIEVING IN MY OWN WAY LET ME HAVE THIS

She plops down next to him, quivering in his freshly-sullied armor, fixing her braid and brushing debris out of it as he stares, dazed, at the bodies that lie before them.

“It was never like this when I–when we–I mean–”

“When you paid innocent men to get slaughtered so you could kill monsters to get your rocks off?”  Vex’s voice is icy, as always when directing any words at all to this flippant memoir-writing dickwad.

He lowers his head.  “I didn’t think–”

“No. You didn’t.”  Vex lets out a huff.  “You thought this was going to be a shot at glory.  Guess what, Darrington?  Lives are on the line.  Lives of people with families.  People who matter.  People who you can lose forever if you make one mistake.”

There is a pregnant pause.  “I’m sorry,” He murmurs.  “I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

More silence.

Vex glances over at the man, once full of bravado, rattled and broken beside her.  It’s pathetic.  She should leave him like that, let him marinate in his own misery, go crying home to whatever palace is filled with servants to soothe his aching wounds … 

She sighs and grits her teeth, glancing down at the word carved into Fenthras.


“Well,” she finally begins, tone brightening a bit.  “You can apologize by smoothing out that last shot I got in when Doty writes this all down.  Make it sound cool.  Maybe I hit him in the bollocks instead of grazing his shoulder.”  She glances over to read Terrion’s reaction.

He gives a shaky laugh.  “I mean I value my journalistic integrity above all else–but I think I could make an exception.”

They both smile.  Silence fills the space between them again.

It is Vex, once again, who breaks the silence.  “Terry?”


“What’s your mother’s name?”

Viktor’s Hair ?™

Ok so again, we find ourselves looking at some interesting fan theories, (I am looking forward to more of these in the future), and now we have some that claim Viktor Has Cancer Or Is Dying™.

So, I believe that it begun because Viktor mentioned his hair was thinning, which is a common and very pronounced sign that someone is ill or on strong medication. It is also well known that chemotherapy patients lose most if not all of their hair during treatment, which is likely where the cancer theory originated.

However, Viktor’s hair is only thinning, and we already know that he’s under a lot of stress because he is having trouble surprising the crowd because he’s so astounding already.

I am rebuking this (again) because my own hair is thinning only due to epilepsy medication (and I’m only a teenager ffs). If Viktor had Cancer™ it would be at a whole other level; look at his head of hair, he’s fine (I’m jealous).

Plus, he’s a 27 year old white (and Russian™, likely bisexual), man who’s constantly under the light of the world’s cameras. He has a lot of pressure to be perfect in performance, appearance and attitude. It’s no wonder why his hair’s getting thin and he’s running out of energy on the rink

He’s tired. He’s been the top figure skater in the world since he was my age, (16) and my hair’s already thin. You think he’s dying? He’s stressed. CHILL.