which i agree


We’re missing a few ghosts. 

Reasoning: their bodies are completely eliminated in one manner or another. (Disintegration, burnination, glitching out of existence via angsty Heart powers.)
Their physical bodies are what the dream bubbles use. The various doomed timelines are physically moved to the dream bubbles. If there is no body to use, then you’re either left with the standard definition of a ghost, or they simply cease to exist. The latter option seems more likely.
After all, when Lord English destroys the dream bubbles, he kills the ghosts to whom that bubble belongs. Without that containment, the souls/whatever of the dead simply cease to exist. They need an anchor.

In essence, anyone without a body experiences immediate second death because the dream bubbles have nothing to anchor the person to. 

[edit] roughstar makes a valid point, which I agree with. 

The dead dave shown in the flash was thrown into lava, but still went into the dream bubble while he was still dead in his room. I think the rule is that someone must be dead before the body disappears, which was not the case for the above three.

So what this would mean is that the dream bubble is created at the exact moment of death. For the Game Over versions of Kanaya, Karkat, and Dirk, their deaths happened because their bodies were destroyed, thus eliminating that anchor. 

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I didn't expect you'd take offense to my suggestion. TSOIPs is not a romance novel. But some people want it to be and those are the ones who dislike Stiles in TSOIPs and cry over Derek being a doormat. There are people who are obsessing over a relationship that is never going to be what they want it to be. The plot is so good that it sucks that people are getting grey hairs over the fact that Stiles and Derek are never going to kiss and Stiles kisses Erica. I'm just saying the truth.

Okay, well, there’s kind of a difference between what you said and what you meant, in that case. There’s a big difference between “TSOIP is not a romance novel”, which I 100% agree with, and “the relationships aren’t relevant”. The relationships are the driving force behind the entire plot. I mean, if Stiles didn’t care about these people, he wouldn’t do any of what he does. His entire character revolves around protecting the people he loves. If he’s suddenly just buddies with Derek, would he take Kali’s insults so seriously? Would he be so eager to challenge Sebastian Stone?

Anyway, it certainly is true that some people want the Sterek in TSOIP to be something it’s not. But I don’t think that erasing everything it is, is really the answer to dealing with those people. If they can’t accept a queerplatonic relationship or an asexual character, that’s their loss, not mine. ^_^

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“A student wants to do a programming project for Calc 2, and I promised…”

You could change the project to writing an essay with the prompt, “Why some programmers need to get over themselves”

really though, this guy is fantastic

  • did slightly below average on the first midterm, came to me to complain
  • started his speech with “I am a CS major. I also don’t like doing things that are meaningless” (implying that calc 2 is meaningless for a cs major, which i tend to agree with somewhat)
  • told me that he needs pass/fail and not a letter grade, so i let him re-do the midterm at home, with time and textbooks, said that if he does everything flawlessly, i’ll give him the class average
  • he didn’t improve much, after a week of doing the exam at home
  • submitted only 1 of 7 homeworks (HW is 25% of the grade)
  • got 7/100 on the second midterm (probably thinking that he’ll get the same deal as with the first midterm)
  • when I told him “no”, looked at me very surprised and asked “but why?”
  • i told him that why would i help someone who refuses to put any effort into the class whatsoever, he admitted that he didn’t study
  • he keeps not submitting the homeworks and not showing up to class
  • today showed up in office hour, complaining about a problem “show that a linear combination of two solutions to a linear diff eq is a solution”, didn’t understand what a differential equation was, and waht a solution was (this material was covered 4 weeks ago), when I showed him how to do it, he asked “do you really expect me to memorize it?!”
  • now he wants to meet with me tomorrow, 4 days before the final

literally the only reason why i agreed to look into a project for him is that i am incapable of saying ”no” to people

oh my god…my period cramps are so bad I’m having trouble breathing. My extremities are kind of cold and numb and it feels like all the blood is draining out of me. I started birth control pills this month because I was hoping to fix my cramps…maybe it just needs more time to work but this is like, worse than usual? Day 3 of my period and my cramps are only getting worse and worse. Hot flashes and cold sweats and shaking and feeling faint all the time. Anyone else have this experience with bcp’s?

Edit: The doctor who prescribed my birth control told me my usual period symptoms are very suggestive of endometriosis, which I’m inclined to agree with after doing my own research. But…birth control pills are supposed to help endometriosis, aren’t they? I’m going to see how things go during my next cycle but if they’re still bad, I’m going back to see if I can do the continuous use thing where you don’t get a period at all. The first three weeks of pills were really great, other than some nausea. I noticed much less PMS and I had basically NO acne whatsoever, both good things. But then a whole week of spotting followed by this absolutely miserable period? Mmmmm no thanks. If this happens again next month, I’ll need a change. I’ve been absolutely useless at work all week and I’m having those cramps where you’re like “okay I know it’s just my period but like……….am I actually dying?”

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I don't think Jake was dissing Nick and Jess per se, just how it went down, which I happen to agree with. They shoulda had them try dating and then quickly break up, keeping their fire simmering. They burned too fast, I think that's what he meant.

I get that the writers were unhappy with S3 and how it all panned out, I just don’t think the answer was to torch everything that came before. They took one of the most charming aspects of the show and pretended it was nothing. Also, blaming the perceived failure of S3 on the audience rubs me the wrong way. The writers/actors were plenty enthusiastic about N/J when it suited them, so to now claim that they were conned into going there? Please. 

Eh, Jake is delusional if he thinks that S4 was the show getting back to its “roots”, or that his performance in S4 remotely resembled original-recipe Nick. But, that’s just my opinion. 

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To your other anon re: Tablo and Taewoon. I don't think Tablo hates him, he spoke harshly to B.I last season and then he said he would pick B.I for a son-in-law. I think it comes from thinking Taewoon could do better than what he had shown so far and wanting to see him reach what he is capable of. Taewoon did shove a better stage too at the cypher mission. I wish he had picked team YG because BNM was stacked and Tablo would have tried to help him.

I agree! At the beginning I used to think the same as the previous anon, that Tablo had “something” against Taewoon’s skills/rap. But I remember Zico saying in one of the eps about it, how Tablo was giving Taewoon advices (although a little bit too harshly, yes) because he cared about him, he knew Taewoon is good but he can do a lot better. (which I agree too;;;) Maybe Taewoon felt a little insecure and/or intimidated about choosing the YG team, but I agree he had more chances of passing picking them. :( Maybe he thought that choosing BNM would be a good ideia because San E passed him??? Idk;;; let’s hope he’ll have another chance to be in the program again, he’s got so much potential but he looked so nervous ;u;

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I like it that Leah's daughters all look completely different (Aleeah looks like Leah, Ali looks like Corey, & Adalynn looks like Jeremy) but yet you can tell they're sisters at the same time too. Also Aleeah is starting to look like a younger Elle Fanning which is just 😍

I agree with everything you just said :)

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is that anon seriously implying that blacklisting one tag is the same as blacklisting a whole blog? it's not like all of cr1tikal's jokes are that gross. we're allowed to enjoy some and not others.

No, I think they’re just trying to make fun of someone who asked me to tag a post because it made them feel uncomfortable and took their joke (which i don’t agree with at all) way too far

So for all those asking about the Tom Hiddleston ghost story… I was interviewing him about his movie Crimson Peak, which has some “haunted house” elements to it, so I asked him if he’d ever had a supernatural experience in real-life. He relayed a story from when he was 7 and at boarding school and thought he heard what sounded like a horse trotting down the hallway outside his dorm room one night. Then he went on this whole spiel about how he believes that buildings can retain and absorb the “energy” of the people who were there before, which I totally agree with, so that was fascinating to hear him talk about. Who knew??

I would like to kindly point everyone to Section 14 on page 8 of the Big Brother rule book/contract (that each contestant must sign and agree to) which states:

“I agree to refrain at all times from all forms of … nonconsensual sexual contact … with other participants …”

Here’s the link to the full article on the contract/the contract itself:

I think what Jeff has done (including the inappropriate touching and now the wiping of the hand on Juliz’s shirt) would be in violation of these rules and constitute a disqualification.

First commission for my darling fishenod (who is also very awesome by the way and you should check out if you like Haikyuu!!). Thanks so much for commissioning me! <33

(I’m going to be open for commissions at least until the end of summer! Click here and have a look if you’re interested.)

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What's the rule on disagreeing with your therapist? My therapist often gives me advice to deal with my family that, coming from an Asian upbringing, is just unimaginable to me. When I try to explain it, she'll say things like "it doesn't matter" and "you have to take care of yourself." Which I agree with, but would like to do so in a way that reflects my cultural/family values. Or am I the one making excuses?

This is a great question. As a former therapist, I wanted to believe that I could help anyone who walked into my office, because it was about the emotions and cognitions underneath all the cultural stuff that mattered…. And this is totally true, but being married to a Pakistani man for eight years has also taught me that cultural stuff is important and defining and entrapping and enveloping and wonderful and weird and great and terrible. 

I liked to tell clients that I would bring my expertise about therapeutic techniques into the room, and you would be bringing your expertise about being yourself into the room, and together we’d work things out. This is how things should be. Your therapist is currently bringing her stuff into the room but isn’t really paying attention to what you’re bringing into the room, and worse, is assuming that the way a lot of American families do things is the “most clinically appropriate”. 

Deciding what of your cultural/family values you’re going to accept and what you’re going to reject is a big important series of decisions to make, and having someone walk with you through these waters that dismisses your values entirely isn’t helping, and will probably just make you accept more of your upbringing just to spite her. (At least that’s what I would end up doing.) 

Find a new therapist. And for extra points, tell your current therapist why you’re leaving. This isn’t just you. This is bullshit. 

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insert houndstooth pattern somewhere XD

“And she dressed her corgi in only the finest houndstooth sweaters. Because that’s not what other girls do - they put their dogs in HOODIES.”

“Makoto was the friend who cared about Haru’s future”

And Rin, who dropped whatever he was doing to take Haru to Australia, who cheered him up and helped him find his dream, obviously didn’t :) care :)

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I’m not trashing her. I actually kinda feel bad for her at this point. 

Originally posted by veryspecialpictures

But mostly I don’t really care.  Posting a pic of Olicity from the set?  THAT I care about.  Let’s have more of that! 👍

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If white girls can't dread their hair because of cultural appropriation, which I agree with, why is it ok for black girls to die their hair blonde and straighten it, something that occurs almost exclusively in white women (and let's not bring up those rarities of black girls born with blonde hair, it's an outlier). I think it's beautiful when they do, but it feels weird to approve of one and shame the other. White girl dreads look awful.

Because you can’t culturally appropriate white culture. white people don’t have a culture. white people were never persecuted for the way they looked or what they believed. don’t take or borrow a persons culture if you benefit from the lack of prejudice and racism that goes with it.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have a theory that Stanford is going to be an antagonist, which I agree is a strong possibility.

I really don’t want this to happen.

If Ford is a bad guy, he’s going to have to be stopped.  Which would mean either the kids or Stanley would have to stop him, maybe permanently.  I’m telling you right now, it’s would be Stanley.

If Ford won’t listen to reason, not only will Stan have to fight him (again, for fuck’s sake) but he might even have to kill him.

Again, fight and/or kill his own brother, the only worthwhile being in his eyes whom he has tried to get back for over 40 years and loved with every fiber of his being, no questions asked, since he was born.

And worst of all, he’ll have spent all of those years trying to get Ford back, only to lose him again by his own hands.

Can you imagine how guilty and self loathing Stanley will feel?

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"Sometimes" agender? Lmao no fuck you

A lot of people think agender should be included under T. Which I agree, it should be under T because agender people are not cis. However, when I first included A for asexual, aromantic and agender I did it so that agender people did not feel excluded. When people pointed out that agender is already covered by the T, I didn’t drop it, I said well, in my book agender people are always welcome to share the A if they don’t either personally don’t consider themselves trans or until the time where that T is globally known to be inclusive of non-binary identities.