which i actually thought were mediocre


day 2/100 days of productivity lol

lololol i know technically today should be 4 or 5/100 but I’d be lying if I said the last couple of days were productive. I guess it was productive on a social level because I got to see a couple of internet friends, but other than that all I did was lose a university choice.

I went to an open day and was put off. I didn’t even think that was possible. I thought open days were these artificial places where they tell you all the best bits in the hope that you don’t really see how mediocre a place is, but nah. I was actually put off so much and now I need to find more uni choices wooo….

anyway, today I managed to have a productive day I guess. I did a lot of life-related things, but not much in terms of college work which is kind of a pain but tomorrow is another day

been working on a lot of tumblr stuff today so hopefully there’ll be some new things for you guys soon

have a great day