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so this old thing is making the rounds again and i saw these tags

AND BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK @youre-not-really-here because someone recently commissioned me to draw exactly that


九酱子  |  USS Bunker Hill CV-17

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at first i didn’t ship it and i really didn’t want to but now it’s my otp: an autobiography


“Harry,” he said in a faux-casual voice. “…Would you mind explaining why there is an elephant behind me?”
Harry swallowed as his eyes flickered back to the huge creature. It waved its trunk at him.
“I have no idea,” he responded hollowly.
Voldemort continued to grin in a way that was actually much more threatening than his previous glower.
“…Why is it pink?”
“I have no idea,” Harry repeated in that same empty tone. His eyes darted back to Voldemort’s. “Let's…let’s not address it.”

It’s THE scene from chapter 28 of Hauntingly by @obsidianpen
I absolutely adore this fic~ Hope y’all like it.

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I just realized that Underworld: Blood Wars and The Bye Bye Man, which comes out this weekend, are both directed by women. Now I'm willing to support them despite my faith in their quality.

Blood Wars was actually (if you like the Underworld franchise, which I spent quite some time obsessed with) really good. The Bye Bye Man I wasn’t aware was even a thing until I saw the trailer at Blood Wars. And seeing as some iteration of that concept has been done at least a dozen times I’m not too keen on it, even if the Bye Bye Man is Doug Jones, so I’ll see on that one.

Summer Book Recs

some of these are short and others unbelievably long, some are funny, others tragic, though most are a mixture of both

the one thing they have in common is that they’re not particularly summery 

check out the following if:


My favorite music isn’t necessarily the songs that One Direction come out with. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t secretly really love some of our songs, which I do. My personal tastes.. I actually like quite a bit acoustic and mellow kind of things.


If only you knew the life up there was never that grand…


“I have some thoughts about the case,” she told him, murmuring around her cigarette, as she held up the brief that had been tucked under her arm. Liam reached out and, at first, she thought he was reaching for the brief. Instead, he plucked the cigarette from between her lips and tossed it out into the walkway behind her. “Hey, I was smoking that.”

“’S too early for that,” Liam said as he crossed his arms over his chest which she realized was bare. Her eyes flickered down involuntarily to that little patch of hair on his stomach that dipped down beneath his waistband but she dragged them back up once she realized what she was doing. Liam was scowling at her when she finally met his gaze.  "What do you want?“

"Like I said,” Cecily repeated, annunciating her words extra slow to make a point. Liam rolled his eyes at her. “I had some thoughts about this case that I wanted to discuss with you. Now are you going to let me in?”

Liam squinted at her (or maybe that was the sun rising behind her) and seemed to be considering it. He reached a hand up to rub at the stubble on his jaw as he scrunched up his face. “If I say no, what will you do?”

“Stand out here and read you my ideas through the door.”

IV. Jury Selection is coming Thursday, 7 EST


150910 Wu Yi Fan Maybelline media conference 

You’ve had so many different hairstyles, which is your favourite?
Actually I quite like all of them, because I feel that people have to continuously experience new things. Since fashion is a kind of attitude, we should bravely try [new things] out, so be it any kind of hairstyle I’ve had in the past or my current shaven head, I like them all a lot, because I can try them out. I haven’t thought of any hairstyles I would have in the future, it’ll take time for my hair to grow longer.

“I’ve always thought of having a shaven head, now it’s finally working out.”

How does it feel to be able to work with Maybelline?
Maybelline is a youthful, trendy and energetic company, their ideas and way of thinking are very compatible with mine, so I’d like to recommend my female friends [their] good products.

What does your ideal bare-faced female goddess look like?
The most important thing is that she has to be genuine, that doesn’t mean she can’t put on makeup, rather, it’s a kind of attitude. Usually when I have no work schedule I will go bare-faced.

“I’m not really a “Little Fresh Meat” now, I’m slowly progressing to Xiao Ye.”

How do you upkeep yourself?
I don’t do anything special, just keep moisturised, put on face masks and such. I feel that exercise is the most important, my favourite sport is of course basketball. Basketball can’t be played alone, I like the feeling of team spirit [while playing] team sports like this.

“I recommend guys to try crew cut or shaving off all their hair completely, you can save on shampoo and there’s no need to style it, furthermore it’s extremely refreshing and cooling.”

“I feel that as long as it’s a hairstyle I like and feel confident in I’ll like it, I will try out even more [different types].”

How does it feel to act in Mr Six?
I’m extremely ecstatic, to be able to work with seniors really enabled me to grow, I hope that I’ll be able to, through my works, slowly change. I hope that everyone will recognise me as an actor. Actually I don’t really favour being called Little Fresh Meat, guys ought to have a more manly side, I hope that in the future I can be Wu Xiao Ye.

Do you usually pay attention to the way you dress?
Day to day I like mixing and matching and I keep up to date with trends. Since I’m a public figure, I also hope to look fashionable each time I make an appearance.

“I really want to go swimming, I wish I had a vacation.”

translation: @wu_yi_fan