which i actually like quite a bit

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Hmm, what do you think about Sanji possibly being a little bit afraid of the dark? Like a small trauma from being forced into a dark cage. Do you think it is possible?

Your question make me think much about it so that I answer it quite slow. Take a closer re-reading the chapter 833 and then the whole Baratie Arc, I now don’t actually know which flashback is more traumatic for Sanji, those flashback would haunt him with ‘darkness’. 

He lived 8 years with the Vinsmoke family, till now we don’t know how many times, how much long they put him in dark cage (and for which reason also still not clear) This must be waited to know, but for a child at that young age, just one time could haunt them forever.

One year later, the event of Orbit Cruiser happened, storm, meeting Zeff, shipwreck, and nearly starving to death alone in a stone cliff. The fact that, Sanji at that time was 9 years old child, and he spent 70 days alone (following Manga Original) before came to Zeff’s side and they spent more 15 days. In that amount of time 70 days, I’m sure that he spent through enough of storm, and darkness of the night, without food. 

And till now I more and more wonder, where did that power came from, power to survive, for a kid like him, just one previous year, with Vinsmoke family he must be abused a lot. Normal kids might got mental break down, or if they don’t, they can’t have enough of power to survive like that, they would be haunted by the past and very weak inside. But in Baratie Arc, we all can see, it was the power of dream, his dream about All Blue, he wanted to survive by all cost because he knew that he could not die before finding out that ocean. That dream gave him power, to cope over the dark past of Vinsmoke family and survive in that stone cliff too. Now the root of that All Blue Dream becomes the key of this story. Where/whose‘s that dream/story about a sea from, it’s not confirmed to come from a book yet!! To Sanji, it gave him that much effort to live.

So, if the question is, may Sanji now still be haunted by darkness or not, I would say no, he may not. It definitely hurts him inside, when he remembers about the past with the Vinsmoke family but he is not haunted by that, anymore. He has grown up, strong in both vital and mental, if he could cope those 70 days on that stone cliff, he must already cope the darkness haunting.

And don’t forget from 9 to 19 he lived with Zeff and the Baraties. Zeff is strict but he sure loves his little eggplant and those 10 years Sanji must got enough of affection from people around him to step out of any haunt. I would say thanks to Zeff and all the people at Baratie a lot. 

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Actually it's more Lad/rien. Not quite symmetrical but close.

Ah, thanks anon, you’re right! It is more like “lad|rien” which is just a bit more symmetrical than thinking of it as “l-adrien.” And besides, it’s another guilty pleasure for me when my favorite things are a bit more “set apart” and unique.

However, consider this: “laid|rien” is symmetrical ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Originally posted by ceejles

P.S. this reminds me of how I made a love square + symmetry gifset here! Boy do I love things symmetrical.

just a little disclaimer

It’s becoming a bit more and more obvious to me that QUITE a few people haven’t actually played/watched Xenoblade Chronicles that are reading the comics - which is fine!! I mean, I still wholeheartedly recommend experiencing the actual story first but I mean like, it’s your choice in the end;;

You’ll be really confused since the comics assume that you know the story, but hey: if that’s what you wanna do, that’s what you wanna do, and I’m decently flattered that you guys would put yourselves through utter confusion to enjoy my content!


I want to make it clear that because the comics assume that you’ve experienced the story already

I’m not going to explain the story for you.

If you’ve decided to jump into these comics blind, that’s cool! But you can’t expect me to explain aspects of the story to you when the comics specifically work under the assumption that you already know ,’:/ The material for the game is available all over the place - whether it’s through the game itself or through a playthrough.

Your decision to jump in blind not only comes with accepting the confusion of what’s going on, but the implicit expectation that you KNOW and ACCEPT you were jumping in and going to end up confused.

I try to do my best to make the material I produce enjoyable and coherent, even without context, but sometimes the context is mandatory - with these fancomics at least. ALL of the fancomics work on the assumption that the audience knows the material, even if I do my best to be entertaining to a wider audience. The reason being that a majority of the comics are actually COMMENTARY on the game - so context is needed.

Xenoblade is a LONG story, and quite frankly I don’t really have the time to explain all of it;; Even if you just watch the cutscenes on youtube (which ARE available! In English and Japanese too!) that’ll help both you AND me out

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If Jess is Luke, and Christopher is Logan, do you think Dean resembles anyone? I mean I don't think he parallels Max, except I feel like they loved Lorealai/Rory but they were looking for something more

I feel like the Rory/Dean and Lorelai/Max relationships in season 1 were meant to mirror each other strongly, but as Max left way before Dean that parallel kind of broke off in season 2. I think later on, Dean becomes a bit of Rory’s Christopher - her first love that she can’t quite move beyond. In terms of character personality, I guess Dean’s most similar to Luke at least on the surface.

I actually think you can find parallels between of Rory’s boyfriends/relationships and each of Lorelai’s, which is partially what makes thinking about this so compelling.

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Why are people so into Sherlock and Molly? She wasnt even going to be a regular on the show. I love Molly, but Sherlock is in love with John. The show can lead you to think that way because of his gentle kiss on her cheek. Your thoughts?

Heteronormativity, Nonny. To me, Molly is literally a self-insert character for the heteronormative audience. 

She’s Sherlock’s false romantic lead, Just like Mary is John’s. Molly’s character has actually grown quite a bit and she is now a tool for the creators to use as a mirroring device for John and to prove Sherlock’s sexuality. @quietlyprim has a great Molly video here, which basically explains in detail about her role in Sherlock.

I personally also think there may be something up with Molly as well… she’s too perfect.

Latest entry in the eternal quest of redesigning and re-redesigning my Rotom gijinka OC, Gizmo.
All I know is her hair keeps getting bigger!

When I started drawing she was meant to have a standard cheerful expression, but somehow it came out more like “haha lol I AM DYING INSIDE. oh well, can’t be helped!”
Which… uhh… actually fits quite well with her plotline. (Why do I torment my OCs?)
I tried giving her a cowlick on top to make her look a bit more Rotom-ish, but now it feels her hair’s TOO big… is there even such a thing???

Anyway, hope it’s at least fairly cool lookin’!


After I got over my irritation at the game crashing on me, I got on with making the changes I want to make to the neighbourhood.  The idea at first was to make a neighbourhood where I could make proper previews of the neighbourhood train set I’ve been working on for the last year, but since I wanted to make over the subhood which houses Simford, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  This is the end which houses the little village of Simingfordbury (that’s Lauren’s house you can see with the plumbbob over it) and I’m actually really pleased with how this is turning out.  The little valley for the viaduct to go across looks pretty good and I like how the farm has turned out too.  I have quite a bit more to do before I’ll be ready to take those previews, but I do feel inspired to keep going with it.

answering that ask was actually super therapeutic and good for me as I’ve recently put on quite a bit of weight due to bad mental health and being in a bad environment (that I’m now out of) and I could feel my health suffering and my legs and feet hurting again, and I was having bad thoughts like ‘you can’t do it again! it was a fluke!’ which I know is utter garbage, I can do it, you can do it, love and trust yourself and your body and don’t see it as a diet, see it as a small lifestyle change for the better. not just for weight loss but for health. I don’t ever want to seem like I’m preaching that big bodies aren’t good bodies, I’m sorry if it seems that way with the way I talk about myself and such, I try not to focus on weight loss so hard but it’s definitely hard to unlearn and ingrained in me. all I knew was before I was unhappy and a lot of those things were to do with the weight I was (my feet hurting, chest so big it made me dysphoric etc) so I worked on it, and that’s why I try and focus so much on the loving yourself aspect of it. your body is yours and whether it’s big or small or in between the two it needs love and good things!!

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Hey I love your art and I'd like to ask you what brush settings do you have


Aw, thank you. :D I use a lot of different brushes, actually! Most of them are courtesy of @kyletwebster‘s amazing megapack, which I definitely recommend purchasing if you want some nice digital tools to work with. (here’s a link to his gumroad)

I also use stumpy pencil quite a bit; it’s a really nice versatile brush. 

Aaaand lastly, I picked up @shiyoonkim‘s ink brush set on gumroad, also a very versatile set of brushes.

I should mention, though! That some of these brushes require a certain program. (I forget, but I want to say CS5 or higher.) If you’re working with an older program, then I recommend stumpy pencil. It’s free, and will work with older versions of photoshop. (I can’t speak for other programs, as I primarily use PS)

Hope that helps! :)

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Loki, what are your biggest turn ons and how do you feel about public sex?

I quite enjoy a bit of hesitant shyness in a partner, it activates my desire to seduce - which is something I truly love doing, as it feeds into my natural dominance as well as my predatory nature.  As far as actual physical turn ons, I like a bit of rough from time to time.  And kissing.  Kissing is a soul’s embrace.

And plump asses.

Public sex is something I would probably engage in more if it didn’t carry such a high risk of landing me in jail for lewdness and indecency.  I’m basically in a villain protection program, so it’s in my best interest to avoid racking up the misdemeanors until the general population (and Homeland Security) forget about my past transgressions.  But how do I feel about it?  I rather like it. There’s something both pure and filthy about committing such an intimate act where others can freely observe.  Knowing it will either stir your onlookers to arousal or drive them to outrage is an incredibly empowering thing.  That and the fact that it’s kinky…and I’m all about the kink.

Eric & Brenda

I had agreed to train the Initiates this year. I finished third last year, and chose to work in the Infirmary as a doctor, but while I learnt about this, I had to do something else.  And here I am. Training the initiates with Eric. We still were in the first stage, the physical one, and were going to teach (or at least try to) these bunch of kids how to fight.

I knew Eric a bit. We had been messing around for a time, but we still hadn’t made clear what we were. Actually, I’m not even sure if there is a “we”. He usually gets into fights and I am the one in care of the Infirmary for the night shift, so I’ve had to take care of him quite a few times. But he’s not the speaking type, so I really don’t know if he even likes me. Not my body, which I suppose he does. I wonder if he liked me as a whole.

I arrived at the training room, where Eric had already began giving today’s instructions. I went to stand next to him, while he finished telling the initiates what to do. “Now, everyone begin training with the punch bag while I talk to your more-than-punctual Instructor'”.

He raised one of his pierced eyebrows, looking at me. “You are late. Again. How do you expect them to take you seriously? Or me, for the record. If you were an initiate you’d already be out of this compound by now.”

I snorted. He wasn’t my Instructor anymore, he couldn’t give me orders. Okay, maybe he was a Dauntless leader but that doesn’t give him the right to tell me what to do.

‘’I fell asleep. I’m working during the night and then I come here and train. And you expect me to wake up early. I don’t even know why you make me come, as if you let me do something’’. That was right. He didn’t really let me do dangerous stuff. After the training was done, I gathered the knives and the other weapons; and I was the one who did the reports. But nothing more. I would believe he did that to protect me, because he likes me, but he seems more like the type who would like to see me get hurt.

He looked at me one last time. He looked infuriated, and screamed ‘’Initiates, gather round! Before you begin fighting each other, you’ll see how a real fight works. Brenda.’’ He signaled the mat. For God’s Sake. Does he really want us to fight? I may have talked a little bit too much but I had supposed that having sex with him kind of allowed me to be more forward. It looks like I was wrong.

I went into the mat, and positioned myself in front of him. I could hear everyone’s murmurs around me. I had done good in my initiation, but he was the one who had trained me, so he probably knew what I was about to do before I decided it.

I bended my knees, and put my hand clenched into fists in front of my face, so my arms were also covering my torso. I decided to wait for him, he was an impatient man, and I was faster than him, so I only had to wait to catch him off guard. As if it were that easy.

I clenched my teeth, which would make me less likely to get a broken jaw, even thought I hoped he wouldn’t hurt my face. As I expected him to do, he first went for my face, but I dodged it without much effort. I tried to hit his throat, his ears, and his temples so I could make him loose his balance, but he dodged it as well. He’s dauntless now, and he fights like a dauntless, but he had been Erudite for sixteen years of his life, and you can’t really take the erudite out of the guy, therefore, he knew which tactic I was going for.

We continued like this for some minutes. He made as if to punch me, so I would raise my hands and let my stomach uncovered, but I was faster, and hit him in his sternum, which let him out of breathe, so I used it in my advantage and pinned him to the floor. I was straddling him, grabbing his hands with my own and keeping his legs against the mat using my knees and ankles. The fight was over. I had won.

We stood up, and he spoke. “Initiates, leave. Now!”  The room began to clear while the initiates left. When no one was left in the room, he turned to me. “I hope you know you don’t really stand a chance against me.” Of course. He had let me win.

“Well, that’s really nice of you. Next time, you can fight me like you fight everybody else.” I cross my arms over my chest.

“Sure, Brenda. Do you think I consider you ‘’like everybody else’’?” He smirked and left the room, leaving me dumbfounded. “By the way, clean this mess before you leave.”

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for once dan's jacket isn't actually a ridiculous amount of money!! it's from topman and its like eighty quid ish, which is obviously still quite a bit but it's not hundreds

wow I’m impressed (also damn thanks for telling me now i know what to ask for for my birthday)

So, I was out with friends and Fox News was on, reporting on the six officers ambushed (three killed last I saw) in Baton Rouge today.  Which is pretty horrible.  I tried to tune most of it out (at some point Jindal being interviewed about why “All Lives Matter” even though the host actually seemed kinda critical of him using that phrase because it seemed deliberately antagonistic and dismissive, which…I guess that’s Fox’s token not-quite-as-conservative guy?).  But I heard this one bit with our Senator Bill Cassidy which just made me hit the roof.

It was basically: “The public should not say bad things about law enforcement.  If you’re having a bad thought about law enforcement, just STOP.”

Which…like… I don’t even know.  That’s…that’s the most ignorant and unconstitutional thing I’ve heard in a while.  But also just, like, scary as hell?  To hear an elected official say that out loud.  To tell his constituents that they shouldn’t criticize powers in authority, that being an authority puts people beyond criticism.  That’s freaking terrifying.

I mean, this has gotten to a point that even my family (my Dad’s side anyway) who are largely conservative (and have before made the “oh he didn’t comply” arguments) are getting disturbed by what happened to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  What happened today in Baton Rogue was horrible.  What happened in Dallas was horrible.  But horrible things happening don’t exempt an authority force from criticism and high standards.

I dunno.  Anyway.  Remember it come election time, I suppose.

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Are you familiar with New World of Darkness rules? I'm an MC that has used the Apocalypse World system for about 2 years straight and I'm looking to get into the Storytelling system, but am not familiar with dice pool games much. Shadowrun kinda killed that for me. Basically I'm trying to ask the basics of the system as opposed to a very rules light game like Apocalypse World which loves the narrative.

Eyyyy, nice! We are fans of Powered By The Apocalypse games here, and the guiding principles and agendas for MCs in those systems will serve someone transitioning to World of Darkness well, tone-wise.

We actually primarily game with the nWoD/Chronicles of Darkness ruleset, as opposed to the “classic” WoD rules, and we like them quite a bit! It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it—the majority of rolls are Attribute+Skill+[Special] x d10, the [Special] part being supernatural whatnot or equipment bonuses, with 8s and up being successes. Some of the supernatural templates use other pools, but they’re also pretty standardized (like Mage’s Gnosis + Arcanum for general spellcasting). If an action is resisted, there’s usually a dice penalty applied; if it’s actively contested, the opponent usually rolls something like [Resistance Attribute] + [Supernatural Stat] and whoever gets the most successes wins.

Coming from a game with a lot fewer stats, it’ll be more to keep track of, but it’s definitely not as complex/crunchy as Shadowrun, and it’s pretty easy to run in a more narrative-focused way and not use parts of the crunch that aren’t working for you.

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I was thinking about Westeros and laws of the Forest. IIRC, in The Sworn Sword Egg reads part of a document while visiting Coldmoat that grants House Webber some rights to fell timber and hunt in an Osgrey forest. Besides this I can't remember any specific mentioning of agreements or, more broadly, laws regarding the forest. Are there laws of the forest in Westeros? If so, has there been any rebelling against it and subsequent reform like the Charter of the Forest in 13th century England.

There’s actually quite a bit about forestry rights scattered throughout ASOIAF. From the Prologue of AGOT, we learn that Will was sent to the Night’s Watch for poaching, which suggests restricted hunting rights, from Bran V we learn that Winterfell employs foresters (as well as Forresters), and from Bran VI we learn that Lord Hornwood is petitioning Robb for “hunting rights north of a certain ridge.” 

In terms of rebellions against it, there is something of a history of Westerosi forest outlaws: the Kingswood Brotherhood, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and so on.  

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Describe your coffee?

I like my coffee like i like my men: hot, creamy, and sweet. ;)

So, I have this lovely DeLonghi one touch cappuccino maker (named George), which is a bit of a misnomer because it’s not quite a one touch operation as I have to pack the grounds myself*, but everything else is pretty much automatic. It makes espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes and if my house was on fire and I could only take one thing out of it (not including my kids and pets of course) THIS WOULD BE IT. That’s because Shawn would be hauling out my giant Lego mosaic of Wonder Woman.

I don’t actually like flavored coffees or frapaccinos or anything. When we don’t use George, we use either a large Chemex or the French press.

Edit: My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning. Be jealous. :)

* Yes, I know, the horror. *sarcasm font engaged*

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Casually leaves a plate on the bedside table of his Captain which had been stacked with pancakes, and human blood for the syrup along with some grilled up pieces of flesh acting like bacon. A little note also read. "Morning Capitan~ Hope you're hungry! I'll be back in a few hours, so don't come looking for me! -- Ps. You'll ruin the surprise


Being surprised with breakfast the moment he woke up was quite pleasing to the Hound. Actually he had woken up a few moments later the first mate had brought the food for him, because the sweet scent of it had gotten into his sensitive nose. With his body still partly asleep, Michi crawled on the bed towards the food, his nose sniffing at it as a satisfied hum came out of his mouth. Yum, pancakes. What a great breakfast~

Shoving a piece of the bloodied pancake into his mouth, his eyes shifted towards the little note upon the table. Back in a few hours? Cool. But wait. A surprise? What surprise? This got him quite curious or perhaps even tiny bit excited for the fact his body seemed to shift to his hybrid form with black canine ears perking up and his long tail wagging side to side in a fast movement. Well great that nobody was seeing this, but hopefully that surprise would be worth on getting a little excited.

The pancakes and pieces of flesh were also shoved into his mouth quite fast, because he lacked self control when it came to food. Not to mention, he almost always got some on his face and on the bed as well, but with a tongue like his. He could lick his face clean from the bloody syrup and other tiny grumps of food. “Mmhh~ Dammit Deacon… Being so nice to me right on the morning…” He muttered to himself before letting out a small chuckle of sorts.

And as the note had said, Michi didn’t bother going outside to sniff his way to Deacon, but instead remained on the bed with his tummy slightly happy from the food he had eaten. His back pressing back down on the bed as he reached over to grab the book from the small table into his hands that he had started reading a few days ago. It didn’t hurt to read once in awhile and it was a good way to spend time when he wanted to relax and wait for something, which this time seemed to be a surprise from Deacon. 

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mtl likely to fall in love with someone but there's a language barrier

idk honestly? in my opinion, you have to be able to communicate to fall in love lmao but if any of them liked someone enough, i’d assume they’d try to learn the language (which is easier said than done) 

mtl likely tho: josh, vernon, jun, minghao, hoshi, woozi >> then everyone else tho (i think this because those six have actually learned more than one language or know quite a bit of another language already so i see it being a little easier for them to adapt to another language)

-admin kida

Sweet Bribery {Maribelle & Gaius}

It takes quite a bit to actually make Gaius nervous. And right now, the thief couldn’t be any more hesitant on whether he should visit Maribelle or not.

The two have had quite some history, and Gaius knows that she more than likely hates his guts. Still, he can’t help but want to try to bandage things between them, mostly because of the guilt that gnaws away at his insides every single day.

“Uh…Twinkles?” He asks, switching which cheek his lollipop rested in anxiously. He peers around her tent, and finally pokes her head in. “I…uh, I brought you something.”

In his hands was a small, circular vanilla cake with decorative strawberries on top. He didn’t know if she’d like it, or if she even liked sweets; but he hoped she wouldn’t reject his kindness.