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Did Mad Sweeney put the coin back in Laura because she didn't give it over willingly?

I’M GOING TO ANSWER THIS REAL QUICK BECAUSE THE LAST EPISODE OF AMERICAN GODS MEANT A LOT TO ME. it’s probably one of my favorite episodes of television that exists.


what has happened in the show WAS NOT REVEALED IN THE BOOK

so we find out sweeney is the reason laura died. everything has been a setup for shadow up to this point. but this entire episode followed the old tale of a woman who he showed great mercy, and wild peril, towards. but in the end, he showed her the softest, kindest part of a leprechaun and saw her to the afterlife with a gentle hand. she was devoted until the end, and he recognized that with everything he was.

so finding out what wednesday had him do, the coin resonated and screamed to him, and while he could’ve taken it, he then yells to the skies in Old Irish:

Créd as co tarlaid an cac-sa dam? Nach lór rofhulangas? Is lór chena, ní am olc! Ní am!

which translates to:

What is it that has brought this shit to me? Is it not enough that I have suffered? It is enough indeed, I’m not evil! I’m not!

he brought laura back to life because he couldn’t give up who he is, which is, in the end

an inherently good being that gives back tenfold of what he receives, which is more often than not a few breadcrumbs from those who still believe in his magic ;n;

The Seeds of Chloe’s Redemption

There has been a lot of hate (mostly deserved) heaped on Chloe Bourgeois by the ML fandom, as well as theories of a redemption arc that she may go through to become the Bee Miraculous holder.  Chloe is one of my favorite characters.  Most people see the nasty personality she shows to the majority of Paris and immediately hate her.  Her peers, the fans, even the main characters usually treat her with disdain.  Again, mostly deserved.

However, there is a lot more beneath the surface of Chloe’s world that we don’t see.  How much do we know about her home life?  We’ve seen how miserable Adrien is.  Chloe also doesn’t seem to have her mother, Adrien and Sabrina are her only friends and even though her father dotes on her, does she really have a healthy father/daughter relationship with him?  

I’ve mentioned before (in this post) that I believe Adrien is friends with Chloe because he saw glimpses of humanity in her and wanted to help her become a better person.  Things like…

In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Chloe is being her usual nasty self and an akuma attacks
  • Sabrina grabs Chloe for protection
  • Chloe puts her arm protectively around Sabrina
  • Is this the first glimpse we get of our budding bee?

In “Antibug”:

  • Instead of accepting Mylene as a scapegoat, she’s honest and blames an “invisible force” for pulling her hair
  • She risked the ridicule of the class to do this
  • I dunno it was like a unicorn or leprechaun or some shit
  • wtf, Chloe?!
  • Not a ghost.  Or the wind.  A LEPRECHAUN.

See where I’m going with this below the cut…

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Can I get the danganronpa 2 boys with their s/o on St. Patrick day??? Love your NDRV3 headcanons ❤️

I’m so happy you enjoyed my NDRV3 Headcanons! I’d also love to thank you for this prompt! I hope you like it!

-Mod Kirumi

Ultimate Imposter/Byakuya Togami

  • Normally, he dons the guise of Byakuya but today you can tell he is in the mood for BYAKUYA VERSION GREEN
  • His hair is still blond but he has stuck green clips in his hair
  • His suit is atrociously green
  • He has also brought you two matching hats
  • Otherwise, he continues his day as Byakuya, working his butt off for the entire day.
  • When he comes home, he has purchased 12 shamrock shakes for the two of you??
  • Byakuya should know that you can’t consume that many shamrock shakes!!
  • Oh wait, never mind. He’s purchased *1 shamrock shake for you and *11 shamrock shakes for himself
  • You spend the rest of the day leaning on his shoulder and drinking the sugar filled green shake
  • He feels pity on you because you can’t drink anymore than that

Teruteru Hanamura

  • Matcha buns!! You absolutely love to eat Matcha buns!! And they are green tea Matcha buns!!
  • Of course, he has tried to make it shaped like a butt. Does it really matter? They’re matcha buns!!
  • The next meal of the day, lunch time, Teruteru is wearing a cute hat and and has a new green apron
  • He’s made transforming egg pea rice which consist of scrambled eggs, golden duck soup stock that melts over the green pea rice, and the sexiest fragrance in the world
  • The food is so amazing that it feels like your clothes are flying off with every bite
  • Thankfully they aren’t, but you savour each and every bite. Before you know it, you’ve eaten three bowls of it
  • Teruteru is so happy that you loved his food!!
  • Finally, for dinner, you are escorted downstairs in a blindfold
  • Teruteru also had fuzzy handcuffs to go with it but you refused.
  • And the moment you step into the kitchen and take your blindfold off, your boyfriend has set up the table so you can watch him cook! It’s a live performance!
  • What makes it better is that he brought one of those leprechaun costumes, but he had put his own kinky twist onto the costume.
  • It looks a bit hideous but hilarious, the costume, that is, but you can ignore it while munching the green appetizers.
  • And Teruteru starts to get ready to cook the ingredients
  • But where is the meat? Typically, Teruteru’s dishes include plenty of meat because of the flavour
  • You are about to ask him when he pulls out an ENTIRE FUCKING ROAST PIG

Nekomaru Nidai

  • The day starts like normal. You get up, put on something green,  go downstairs, and go out for a jog with Nekomaru
  • But today, Nekomaru takes you down a different path?
  • You’re so excited. Does this mean that he is taking you down a harder path? Have you finally leveled up??
  • He stops and you look at where you are.
  • It’s a little private area within a forest, filled with soft flowers and silky grass
  • And Nekomaru is smiling so triumphantly because he is so happy that you love it
  • In a tree near the back, there is a bucket of chocolate coins, placed there for you from Nekomaru!!
  • You thank him so much! You can not believe that he did all this for you!
  • He tells you not to thank him, it was something that he was supposed to do for his loved one!
  • But the moment you step forward to claim the chocolates, Nekomaru steps in your way!
  • He tells you to take off your green shoes and your green shirt! You comply, used to following his training orders, and he takes off his green whistle and green jacket.
  • He’s preparing to go higher than 10% this time. And you are so ready to fight!! You’ve been training for this moment!!
  • You both get an equal amount of pinches into each other. Nekomaru is so proud! Until you zone out for one millisecond and he smacks you in the stomach
  • He checks out whether you’re okay, and he is so relieved when you stand right back up!
  • You get chocolates as a reward for such a good fight!

DARK LORD Gundam Tanaka

  • You woke up to your Gundam alarm in the morning
  • Well that’s definitely a new line you haven’t heard before
  • You get up from your bed to see what going on and
  • Oh
  • It’s just the green footprint stickers that you stuck on the floor, hamster bed, hamster toilet, and hamster house
  • Last night, after Gundam fell asleep, you thought it was funny to stick stickers and put washable green footsteps all over the place
  • Which reminds you to immediately pinch him after you change into a fuzzy green sweater
  • He just kinda gives his best “what are you doing, brave but foolish human” stare
  • Most people typically find that look scary but it’s a bit hard to pull that off without guy-liner and gundams current silly bed head
  • You explain that it is St. Patrick’s day and that you are supposed to pinch people who aren’t wearing green. You also explain that there are little green men who usually cause mischief and that the holiday is typically associated with gold and rainbows
  • He stops listening after “little troubling green men”
  • His eyes light up. He is so going to trap the one who SABOTAGED HIS HAMSTER HOUSE
  • You try to tell him that you were the one who put the decorations up but he! will! not! listen!
  • He sets up a trap involving a Popsicle sticks, green paint, string, hamster food, his rings and circles of destruction, hot glue, pencils, gunpowder, pens, paper, more stickers, green ink, and chocolate wrappers
  • He keeps hidden underneath the covers until he notices out of the corner of his eyes that there are small green hamster footprints leaving his line of sight
  • His new conclusion?
  • The leprechaun can shapeshift into a hamster.
  • Gundam Tanaka will find and catch the leprechaun
  • After four hours, four fucking hours of fucking doofus, the trap activates. You can hear explosions and gundam’s proud war cry
  • You honestly don’t believe him when he exclaims to you proudly that he has caught the leprechaun! But you walk into the room and there are actually small hamster footsteps that you did not make?!
  • Gundam lifts the trap and…
  • It’s just one of his hamsters that probably accidentally stepped into the ink pad
  • Gundam = amazed that one of his hamsters was actually a dark lord known as the leprechaun and he will not stop boasting to you about his power
  • He’s so adorkable that you can’t not smile at him.

Nagito Komaeda

  • So he’s already wearing green, which mean you don’t have to pinch him, so is that lucky or unlucky?
  • You’re wearing a shirt that’s literally asking him to kiss you, is that lucky or unlucky?
  • Today is a day that is surrounded by four leaf clovers, is that lUCKY or uNLUCKY?
  • Because if this is all supposed to be lucky, then something bad will happen really soon
  • He’s holding your hand and keeping you close to him all day. He tries to keep it as low key as possible that he is so scared about losing you, so he refuses to have anymore good luck come into his way.
  • Which means he won’t kiss you but he promised several kisses when you two get home again. Where he knows that you can be safer.
  • Out for a walk? Gotta hold hands.
  • Going to get a burger from a restaurant? Hold hands while eating.
  • Needing a number two bathroom break?
  • By now your hand is probably sweating
  • You do understand his clingyness though. It is really sweet but seriously? Just because you need a bathroom break and there is a possibility of bad shit happening does not mean that you need a bathroom buddy!! You tell him that in nicer terms though
  • When you exit the washroom, he is so relieved
  • You didn’t die because of him. Today is wayyy too lucky
  • What he does ignore is how in the washrooms, the green paint on the walls were wet and you slipped and got wet, thick, green wall paint all over yourself (and you didn’t want to tell him just in case he felt bad.)
  • But that’s okay
  • So now he is kissing your cheeks because he just loves how soft they are but
  • He honestly didn’t notice green paint all over you??
  • So now his mouth is covered in paint too??
  • Which is probably poisonous and toxic when ingested??
  • Fuck

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • As a member of the yakuza, he didn’t get to celebrate many holidays
  • So when you pinch him he just swears
  • Why the fuck are you pinching him? Do you think you have the authority to do that?? Yeah sure, your bravery is admirable and absolutely fucking adorable but that is one thing you do not do to the heir of the yakuza.
  • You’ve also triggered Peko and she is hiding outside of the house waiting for Fuyuhiko’s signal
  • You try to explain as quickly as possible that it’s st Patrick’s day and that you supposedly get pinched if you don’t wear green.
  • That’s such a stupid rule. Why green? Does it even help that much?
  • He changes his entire outfit so it’s green anyways
  • He finds one of your green shirts and wears it because no matter how much you prod him, he will not wear the Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt
  • In return, he will allow you to paint a four leaf clover on his collarbone
  • “Make it look manly”
  • But as the day goes on, and you two hang out with the rest of the 77th class of Hope’s Peak, Fuyuhiko gets into the spirit.
  • He’s started to try and find different ways to get Nagito to take off his hoodie so he can PINCH THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF HIM
  • He teams up with Kazuichi and draws green mustaches all over Gundam’s face
  • But he claims it’s a new discipline method for the Yakuza and he wants to test it out on his classmates and you
  • It’s so adorable because he has shyly requested to put stickers all over your face and you let him. He’s also painted you green eyebrows and a cool dragon
  • The dragon he has doodled on your face would have been great if it wasn’t in a shape of a mustache
  • When you get home, he acts as if the whole day was childish and ridiculous. But it was definitely “childishly fun.” And he is so ready to have another day like that again. He asks you again and again whether you will do it next year and he is blushing and grinning non stop
  • He’s so thankful to have such a fun S/O
  • And next year he plans on catching a leprechaun

Kazuichi Soda

  • He’s on top of every single holiday
  • So obviously, he gets prepared for St. Patrick’s Day wayyyyy earlier than you do
  • You wake up to a miniature mechanical leprechaun spitting chocolate coins out of his mouth
  • The coins all have “Kiss me” written all over them. At that moment, you know who prepared this special gift for you!
  • In the kitchen, Kazuichi is making breakfast for you! Also, his pink hair now has some streaks of green.
  • But he is covered in oil and rust so you aren’t sure whether the food is safe
  • He’s literally made green eggs and ham for you, and the egg is actually cooked thoroughly! He’s also made green milk, which he promises is not rotten.
  • He swears it’s just food colouring! No way would he ever hurt his s/o!
  • When you go to hang out with his classmates, he is pinching every stranger!
  • And everyone else is pinching him back because your boyfriend simply doesn’t have enough green on him
  • An hour later, he is practically begging you to step in and help him. You give him your green scarf.
  • But now everyone is pinching you!
  • Solution? Both of you wear the scarf at the same time!
  • Now not even Hiyoko has an excuse to pinch someone! (and her pinches are really hard Dx)
  • It gives him an excuse to kiss you in public without being too embarrassed too!

Hajime (Hajimeme) Hinata

  • He really doesn’t celebrate st Patrick’s day
  • Nonetheless, he will still go along with you. He does think the pinching is a little stupid, but whatever
  • But when everyone keeps pinching him, he decides he has had enough! He is wearing a green tie, so he shouldn’t be pinched!
  • No one is listening to him except for you. You try to explain that the green tie isn’t enough for st Patrick’s day with friends.
  • It’s surely just a childish thing! He doesn’t care too much.
  • That is, until you remind him that Nagito and Akane and Nekomaru are coming. Getting pinched by them would be—
  • You two are now going shopping for some green clothes and he really needs you to drive him so u say yes ON THE CONDITION THAT YOU GET TO PICK HIS CLOTHES
  • You prank him a bit by purchasing a Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt
  • Hajime is so red and flustered it’s adorable but you make it clear that you are the only one who can kiss this pillar of salt/meme (as a form of not sincere apology)
  • Yeah, that’s right.
  • But maybe you have forgotten that a certain someone was coming
  • Screw off Nagito. You aren’t supposed to take that shirt seriously.
  • Please stop trying to kiss Hajime
  • Stap
  • Gosh dammit Nagito

(Just watched the American Gods season finale. Spoilers. It was fun).

Also, “I dedicate these deaths to Ostara.” Anyone who’s read the book would get a tingle from that line. It’s also one of a list of Odin Just Doing Odin Things (smirking over Mad Sweeney and Shadow’s bar fight, running over Easter’s bunnies, that old war god bloodlust when he’s executed Vulcan). For all his Ian McShane charm, he’s still an ancient being of terrible appetite, a being you’d have trouble assigning to either ‘good’ or ‘evil’ (Bilquis being another great example of this).

When he smites down Media’s lackeys (arguably the most threatening back-up dancers you’ve ever seen), he turns their deaths into a sacrament, so that his opening salvo in what is now the war between the old and new gods comes firmly from his place of power, the bloody altar (even if okay, there was no blood, and there was no altar. It’s the thought that counts). It was interesting to see Media, Tech Boy, and Mr. World at a disadvantage for a change. Though that’s not likely to last. Can’t wait for season 2.

Also, also:

Easter letting her hair down and rediscovering her true primordial elemental self.

Shadow making lovey dovey faces at Easter. Legit want to see if that actually leads anywhere.

Mr. Nancy saying, “We should start with a story,” and slipping into the trickster storyteller archetype that he is, was perfect.

What is the plural for “Jesus”? Jesuses? Jesi?

Need to see asshole Mad Sweeney again, he’s just been too sweet the last couple of episodes. Which is not bad, maybe I’m just afraid of growing attached.

“Which. Fucking. God?” Laura Moon asks, with real vehemence. I continue to enjoy this characterization of Laura Moon. She’s unpleasant, and a lot of her interactions come down to a coin toss (hehe, coin) between strained amicability and monstrous. This has made her whole sidequest with Leprechaun and Djinn-touched one of the best things about the series.

It is impossible to watch any scene with Gillian Anderson just once. One must watch them over and over again to pick apart the layers of reference and homage to find the cold, calculating machine that is Media underneath.

Actually, any scene with the new gods. Though I may be prejudiced. Even reading the book a whole bunch of years ago, I always found the new gods to be more fascinating. Besides, do we not all worship Media and Tech Boy? Shit I’d sacrifice a spring lamb at my modem if I thought it’d give me a faster connection.

There is absolutely no way Team Flash are walking into the Cortex this morning and not finding that HR has decorated it in a sea of green, is dressed up like a leprechaun, and insists they all have Guinness for breakfast.

They’re also in for an entire day of his Ma’s old Irish proverbs (most of which they suspect HR is making up on the spot).

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This is probably random, but I miss sheriarty a lot, so... Top five headcanons?

lol but I suck at this? I don’t even think I have a “top 5” so much as just canon compliant thoughts I really like such as “Jim is buried at Sherlock’s grave”, for example, but I’ll try….

1. Jim has an irrational hatred of Switzerland. The cheese, and the lederhosen and embroidery, and The Sound of Music, and the happy little chocolates and pastries, and the snow-capped mountains with their fresh air and waterfalls and shit, it all just freaks him out. So of course Sherlock takes the opportunity to secretly install a Swiss chalet cuckoo clock in every one of Jim’s London flats to scare the hell out of him.

2. Sherlock actually has written a song for Jim, but it’s an impossible composition to play. Any attempt to do so will result in the music sounding like gibberish because it was never meant to have a comprehensible melody meant for everyone’s ears. Jim couldn’t be more touched.

3. Although both of them know how to drive, neither one of them can be in the car with the other because they nitpick everything:

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware you picked up a spare job as a London tour bus driver and decided the speed limit was 50 in a single carriageway.”
“Oh, kind of like how you decided sticking your middle finger out the window when you had to pull over was an acceptable hazard light?”
“But at least I use an indicator, Sherlock. I shouldn’t be surprised coming from someone who took their test in an automatic.”
“And let me guess you were just naturally gifted at driving a stick shift?”
“Oh honey, you better believe it.”

4. Jim is incredibly careful not to take Sherlock out to places where there’s any smoking to insure he’s not triggered or starts to have cravings. Sherlock puts up a big fight about it, of course, because he hasn’t had urges in months, but is secretly grateful for the gesture because now they don’t have to talk about rising anxiety he gets at the prospect of it happening again which he’s sure Jim’s noticed - hence all the trouble he goes through.

5. Sherlock is really surprised to know he has more beauty products than Jim, who he was sure would take up the entire bathroom sink but has some special moisturizer, hair gel, and a bar of soap to his name. Jim jokes that’s because his Irish genes aren’t saturated with thousands of years of guilt to need much more upkeep. Sherlock mumbles something about his genetic height and leprechauns. Jim chases him around the flat with a shaving knife.

A legend, which is very very old
talks about a mysterious pot of gold
and a leprechaun hammering on a shoe
who will reveal the whereabouts with a clue
but I wonder why the gold he has yet not sold. 

New interview of AJ with New York Post. ♥

How a WWE star wrestled with mental illness

By Jane Ridley

April 5, 2017 | 5:31pm

Former WWE star AJ Mendez Brooks has published a book about her battle with bipolar II disorder.

Brian Zak

Don’t mess with “Crazy Chick.”

Former three-time WWE Divas champion AJ Mendez Brooks was beloved for her stage persona as a vengeful ex-girlfriend, but she had her limits for how far she would take her “crazy.”

In 2012, Brooks (aka AJ Lee) was due to take part in a series of goofy skits in which her character hallucinated, kissed a leprechaun and danced with dinosaurs from outer space. But, as a real-life secret sufferer of bipolar II disorder, and the daughter of a mom with the same condition, she couldn’t go through with it.

“It felt like it disrespected both me and my mother,” says the 30-year-old, who at the time was only public about her mother’s mental illness. “It was a joke, but, to me, it wasn’t something to laugh at.” As punishment for her refusal to do the skit, she was taken off TV for two months.

Now, with her new memoir “Crazy Is My Superpower,” (Crown Archetype, out now), Brooks is opening up about her own struggles with bipolar II and challenging the stigma of depression and other mental-health issues.

“It’s hard to not think you’re alone in the world so it’s good to connect with other people who’ve faced the same issues,” she says. “I want to show that they’re not something that’s going to stop you.”

The book also chronicles her poverty-stricken childhood in Hudson County, NJ — her family was evicted more than 20 times — her introduction to wrestling and her marriage to former WWE champion Phillip Brooks a k a Phil “C.M.” Punk.

Self-conscious and anxiety-ridden as a kid, Brooks sought comfort in playing video games and fantasizing about superheroes. The WWE, particularly the female wrestlers, captured her imagination, and she would play out fights with her older brother, Robbie, copying the moves.

“I felt weak and powerless, then I looked at the TV screen and there’s a bunch of tiny women in control, powerful and strong. I was like: ‘I’m going to do that for sure,” she says.

But her anxiety became crippling as she got older. “I was like a chihuahua during a thunderstorm,” she says, “Every second, I felt like I was on edge.”

At 14, she developed chronic insomnia plus a tick in her neck — something her bipolar mom tried to correct by forcing her under a freezing cold shower.

Brooks was diagnosed with bipolar II in her late teens and successfully treated with a combination of therapy, medicine and meditation. She also turned to exercise, channeling her energy into wrestling at local gyms.

In 2009, she got talent-spotted by the WWE, but her big break with the organization didn’t come until 2012 when she took on the “Crazy Chick” character and went on to earn millions of fans who watched her scoop 10 major titles.

Little did they know that she was really suffering from bipolar disorder, but now, with the book’s publication, she’s intent on sharing her story and helping other suffering from mental illness.

Having retired from the WWE last year at the top of her game, she is now working to spread the message with groups such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She wants others to know there is hope.

She says: “My memoir is called ‘Crazy Is My Superpower’ because whatever you are ashamed of or feel insecure about, you can harness into your greatest strength.”

A Field Guide to Irish Fairies: Leprechauns

A transcription of a chapter from the aforementioned book by Bob Curran. Specifically it’s for piskykyle. Figured I’d post it on my alternate account since it fits with the witchy theme more. It’s all gonna be under the cut, ‘cause this is gonna be a doozy. I hope this is helpful!

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC being completely bilingual but always forgetting words or sentences in both language (For example she's talking and then suddenly stops because she forgot the word in Korean but remembers what it is in the other language) This happened wayyyy too many times :') anyways I really love all your headcannons, and thank you!!!

So what I did instead of them just stopping, I also included them trying to speak but their other language came out and then they can’t remember the translation for it after the fact.


  • The two of you are having a nice conversation until you just stopped and looked so confused
  • Immediately he thinks he’s done something wrong until you start pantomiming
  • You also start saying a word he is positive is not Korean
  • “We should go for….helado”
  • You act as though you’re eating out of a bowl and then that you’re licking something
  • This poor child is so confused
  • “Cereal? In the afternoon?”
  • “No!”
  • The two of you are stood on the sidewalk and everyone who passes is staring because what is happening with those two?
  • “Ice cream?”
  • You actually scream out a “YES!”
  • He gives you a weak smile because he’s happy he figured it out but he’s still so confused.
  • You both get ice cream though and you feel so fulfilled 


  • It was really random, you had just woken up so you weren’t thinking straight and you ended up telling him good morning and that you loved him all in Portuguese.
  • That wasn’t the bad part. As soon as he’d asked you what you said, because you’ve done this before, your entire mind went blank.
  • You actually began explaining yourself in English because you knew that he knew some English words because he’d worked with a few English actors.
  • He only understood the word ‘love’ which made him smile brightly but he still knew nothing else that you’d said
  • He began throwing things out and he had just woken too so he wasn’t being very smart so he wasn’t guessing, ‘good morning’ because who forgets the words good morning?
  • He doesn’t want to pester you about it so you continue about your day
  • He doesn’t stop thinking about it though
  • He tries repeating the words to himself and can’t manage to get the words off his tongue properly so google translate keeps telling him that he’s not saying anything according to any languages registered in its data bases.
  • He jumped out of his skin when you yelled that because it was relatively quiet and you just screamed
  • He kind of coughs before saying I love you too.


  • She knows plenty of languages, really she does, but who speaks Icelandic?
  • Obviously people from Iceland Jaehee wtf
  • You liked teasing her by speaking in Icelandic around her so at first she thought you were teasing her again when you had dropped into Icelandic in the middle of your sentence.
  • “Haha MC very funny.”
  • She then sees the total distress etched on your face
  • “MC what’s wrong?!”
  • She’s stood there listening to you quickly string together half Korean half Icelandic sentences because you can’t remember half of what you’re trying to say.
  • She starts rushing her words too and is slipping in and out of English and you can’t understand her now
  • Everything is a mess
  • You guys never figure out what you were trying to say
  • It bothers you both but you both forget exactly what you had said in your other languages
  • She immediately starts taking Icelandic classes


  • Just like Jaehee kid knows a lot of languages
  • You start talking to him and almost immediately you forget every word you know in Korean.
  • You just continue in German and this brilliant dude switches to German too
  • You aren’t even surprised, he goes everywhere for C&R and it’s unprofessional to have to bring a translator with him.
  • Everyone is so surprised by this
  • You do the same with him if he ever falls out of Korean, half the time neither of you notice.


  • You’re laying down with him in bed, one of those rare moments for you because he never seems to come to bed while you’re still awake.
  • As the two of you talk you’re slowly becoming quieter and quieter as you get sleepier and sleepier.
  • He doesn’t seem to get tired though, he keeps talking and you’re going to feel bad if you don’t stay up with him.
  • All of a sudden you’re speaking and you have no idea why he’s gone so quiet
  • You look over to him to see a very confused expression plastered on his face.
  • “MC, what are you saying?”
  • You repeat everything you just said and he still looks confused
  • “What language are you even speaking?”
  • You immediately realize that you’d been speaking Turkish, the problem was you couldn’t remember Korean.
  • You actually couldn’t remember how to speak it, you could understand every word that Seven said but you couldn’t get a single word out
  • He’s laughing for a lot of this
  • You look so concerned as you wake right up and begin exclaiming things in Turkish
  • From this day forward he calls you Turkey and basically never lets you live this down.


  • The two of you were out on your super date (If you want to know about this there’s a post at the bottom of our page with dates.)
  • You’re driving home and you’re telling him how amazing it was today and how beautiful everything was and how much you love him
  • It’s not until you’re almost done that you’re forgetting words and stumbling through your sentences before giving up and plugging in the French word because you think by doing that you’ll remember the Korean word.
  • You are actually surprised when he kisses your hand and whispers “j’taime”
  • “You speak French?”
  • “Oui.”
  • He thinks it’s really cute so he never stops you
  • He began learning French the first time it happened
  • Becomes so much more cuddly when this happens because it sounds so calming to him and he loves it


  • The reason you started dating Saeran in the first place was because Seven, one of your closest friends had worked to get you together.
  • Because you were such close friends with Seven though forced you to learn Arabic to get into his home.
  • You’re talking to Saeran when you just can’t remember the word ‘lucky’ You begin raking your brain trying to find the word and all you can think is in Arabic.
  • He’s getting flustered because he has no idea what you’re trying to get across.
  • The leprechaun thing!”
  • “Gold?”
  • You two keep going back and forth and he gets more and more flustered as you do as well
  • After a certain point you both concede defeat and call Seven
  • What’s hazziz?”
  • “Lucky?”
  • YES!”
  • Saeran decided to learn Arabic.
  • Saeran could not manage to learn Arabic.
  • You aren’t allowed to speak Arabic anymore

I have only ever truly taken a Spanish class. My Arabic and French come from two of my friends one of which is Arabic and the other took French for four years but I might have messed up my translations and I apologize for that.

~Admin Peony


I know these are a bit rudimentary but I wanted to get it done because I’ve needed to do it for weeks. I didn’t fill the second ring, and I might never. Just doing 12 was difficult as hell. We’ll see.


Asomatous hate is perhaps the most ingrained in Cherub genetics. It might seem to an outsider that this is no more than a childhood spat, a long lasting argument. They couldn’t be more false. Only siblings may have this Segment. The feelings they automatically have for one another are described as Asomatous by other Cherubs. These feelings usually include a form of hatred that bypasses time and space. It is their Asomatous link that allows two Cherubs to find each other across the cosmos, and it is what makes them fear falling asleep as younglings, even before they know of their sibling’s existence. It is easily the most cosmic and spiritual in the wheel. It is one of only two Segments that are felt with equal strength by both Siblings.


This type of hate is much more prominent among red-cheeked cherubs, but is often seen in others as well. It is the hatred of one’s own weakness. Note that this has been seen in Humans and Trolls, but is only ever a complex mix of other emotions that may seem to replicate hate. Manipulacious feelings are as unique to Cherubs as happiness and sadness are to us. A Manipulacious relationship can form between a Cherub and any other number of individuals. The Cherub’s hatred for such participants becomes more plutonic, less blood thirsty. It comes from the knowledge that such companions will increase the Cherub’s own power, in time. This is a somewhat spiritual knowledge that a Cherub only has when in the vicinity of one of their Manipulacious partners, and is usually very vague. For this reason, it is at the upper end of the wheel. Some Cherubs are speculated to be able to train their minds to clarify where and when someone might grant more power, or help them on their way to it, but this is simply conjecture. A strong Manipulacious relationship usually gives Cherubs more self-worth and confidence.  


A Thymatial relationship is one between a Cherub – almost always red cheeked – and their own ego. The ego is said to become an entity that the Cherub views as separate from them. The Thymatia will speak to the Cherub, as a demon might speak to a human in an animated movie. They will almost always offer positivity and understanding, often vindicating or taking responsibility for the Cherub’s actions so that they don’t have to. The Cherub views their Thymatia as a godly figure, but acknowledges that it is in some way part of themselves, and so view themselves as godly, which in turns strengthens the ego of the Thymatia. It is suggested that a Cherub’s mind might create a Thymatial relationship when it senses doubt or guilt in the mind, and the Thymatia usually dispels or obscures those thoughts. The full extent to which Thymatial relationships work is unknown, as they only ever reach their full potential in red cheeked Cherubs, who tend to be very private about the Segment.


Rubicund hate is between a red cheeked Cherub (and only ever a red cheeked Cherub) and all of reality. It is a constant presence in their lives, the ever present hatred for everything. Humans find this an easy Segment to understand, and yet no human could empathise with the way it feels. Human hate always has a cause and a reason. Rubicund hatred is pure, meaningless and chaotic. It is the cosmic background radiation of their social spectrum. It is the route of red cheeked aggression, as well as feelings of exclusivity and territory.


This is a relationship between a usually red cheeked cherub and something that they want to kill or destroy but can’t. This is the most potent hatred of all. Cherubs will always be vocal about this relationship because they tend not to be able to contain their fury.


This is the only way a red cheeked Cherub can feel positive. It specifically involves almost sexual pleasure through causing pain to others, destruction of people and objects. While it may seem like an emotion to other races, it is a relationship between the Cherub and whatever the target of his or her wrath is. However, it is always short lived. This relationship can be felt or empathised with by green cheeked Cherubs, but not easily and not often. The only time a green cheeked Cherub might have a Sadomasochistic relationship is at the destruction of their sibling or after winning during a mating ritual. Just because it has the same name as a particular human pastime, does not mean it is the same. And it certainly doesn’t mean I got lazy with the Segment names!


Perhaps simpler to Trolls than Humans, this is a relationship akin to the Kismesissitude. A feeling of hates towards another Cherub that leads to desires of procreation. This variation of loathing is unique compared to all others, and Cherubs can tell it apart immediately. All Cherubs are able to make a Terraqueous relationship with the same intensity. It is the most grounded and physical Segment, so it is at the bottom.


A psychological state that Cherubs can put themselves in to, to completely change their behaviour until a set time or trigger. The relationship is between themselves and their hosts, which is usually excellent. This can allow a Cherub to pose as a human or troll or carapacian, or any other creature. This is easier for green cheeked cherubs to do, but can be achieved by red cheeked ones too.


This is, much like a Thymatial relationship, between a Cherub and themselves. It is the acceptance of their limitations, and embracement of those deficiencies. They are fragile states of mind, difficult to maintain, but may lead to personal growth in power and spirit. An Ajinate Cherub is a stable Cherub. An Ajinate relationship allows a Cherub to think with clarity and consideration, which is why it is almost impossible for a red cheeked one. Issues arise when adult Cherubs try to maintain these relationships permanently, and end up ‘snapping’ which usually results in a lot of death. The only way a red cheeked Cherub may have an Ajinate relationship is if their Thymatial relationship temporarily switches. This is done without their conscious participation if the Cherub unconsciously realizes something that might limit their pursuit of power and destruction. The Ego tells the Cherub to accept their faults and points these faults out, but the Cherub will simply fix the faults, at which point the ego returns to its Thymatial origin.


A feeling unique to those with green in their cheeks, a Malachreuse relationship between a Cherub and, well, anything, is most comparable to love, though it can never be that intense. In truth, it is a hatred of a Cherub’s own hatred that burns brightly enough to turn these negative emotions positive. However this emotion can only be triggered by whatever the Cherub has a Malachreuse relationship with. It is also extremely draining. Some green cheeked Cherubs are quite free and generous with their Malachreuse relationships while others are more private.


This is very similar to a Manipulacious relationship, but for a few differences. Firstly, this is a cooperative relationship, whereas the other is exploitative. Both parties work to improve each other. Secondly, the improvements they get are emotional or spiritual, as opposed to physical. Not only is any hatred for the partner negated, but positive feelings arise. Actual positive feelings and not simply the hatred of hate, though these are more platonic than romantic. The Cherub usually has some divine feeling that they must be with this person, and often work more effectively with their help. A working Sanasenne relationship results in better luck for the Cherub, up to an arbitrary point, at which it starts to become unlucky.


Sometimes, Cherubs can’t tell the difference between a Vishutic relationship and a Gandotudinous one. This is when a Cherub has feelings of respect for someone/thing. This can be in the form of fear or admiration or rivalling feelings. Note that in no other relationship can a Cherub feel actual respect. It is much easier for a green cheeked Cherub to feel. Often a Vishutic relationship has Gandotudinous undertones, which make the Cherub hate their enemy even more passionately.




Launchpad finds out that Dominator has never experienced a single Earth holiday since she’s not from Earth. He wants to show her how they celebrate them all but Scrooge will only give him enough money for one party. So it ends up being a single party for every major holiday Launchpad can think of, which includes the famous classics like Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc. and some weird obscure ones like National Talk Like A Pirate Day. He gets the rest of the family in on it because nobody has the heart to say no to him and the kids are mainly there for the free candy and the chance to wear costumes.

So Dominator is presented with this huge mashup of random stuff and has no idea what the hell any of it means or why Launchpad is dressed like a leprechaun, and comes out of this thinking Earthlings are even more nuts than she already did.

anonymous asked:

It's classist and ableist to assume I have the means to get to a doctor to be evaulated. My self diagosis is valid, and nobody gives two shits about autism so get over it!

Classist and ableist? Why, bless your little o’l heart, child, because it’s NOT classist, because if my grandparents were able to get me to a mental health doctor who recommended us to another despite them working overtime at their jobs (car mechanic at a failing business and deli manager) they STILL managed! 


Shitstains like you have HARMED peoples’ chances at being properly diagnosed and getting help! How?

You fuckers not only use STEREOTYPES as the weak backbone of your defense (”But I get super sad sometimes so I MUST have depression!”) but you use your “condition” as an excuse to act like a bitch and be a rotten, miserable waste of a human being, just because you can! 

Acting like fuckfaces is what gives mental conditions their NEGATIVE connections! People don’t take anyone who actually has them seriously anymore because they think it’s just an attention seeking hook or are severely misinformed. You think it’s funny that you can just use your “Well I got ____” whenever you feel like it, and then spring back to acting normal when it suits you? 

Oh, you wonder why nobody gives two shit about autism and AS? 


Because of you fucking shit eaters, autism is now a fucking insult that people use all the time! Anyone says “That’s so gay” they get jumped and in one case I can remember on Quotev, doxxed.  However “That’s so autistic” nobody bats a fucking eye. You made the condition a laughingstock! Because it sounds soooooo wonderful to have, you want it for yourself, but then you don’t give a shit for anyone who actually has it nor do you give a shit about the many downsides of having it. For fuck’s sake morons want a CURE for it for no other reason than because you gave it such an awful fucking name! There is no discussion for cures of other mental disorders like Downs, which has a more negative impact on people than autism does, but nope, people don’t want to cure that but they’re sure as fucking bent on curing autism, even though the pills they made for it are fucking dangerous and frightening!

The pills the doctor wanted to try had VERY scary side effects:




-Muscle spasms



I don’t know about you but hallucinations are fucking TERRIFYING. I already see a lot of shit out of my peripheral vision that makes me uneasy, and I doubt that seeing a fucking leprechaun dancing on the table is normal in any way. 

You only have ONE disorder, a diagnosis that anyone can make!

You have ASS. (Attention Seeking Syndrome) 

Mun Info. sheet.


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NICKNAME: If I list all my names, we’ll be here forever. Some favourites that are actual nicknames though are Teodoro (a Prison Break homage from my two PB friends in real life, who wanted to call me that - which a character calls T-Bag - from the day they met me, since my birth name is Teddy), Lep (short for Leprechaun because I’m short, part Irish, and used to have redder hair than I do), and Chameleon. I can’t remember the reason for that one and no one has called me that in years, haha.


HEIGHT: 5′2′’ and insecure as fuck.

CURRENT TIME: 6:27 AM and I don’t wanna go to work.

FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: Too many. Too many.



WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: November 30th, 2016.

WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: Writing, roleplay, headcanons, crack, photos of my mug.

OTHER BLOGS: You don’t want to ask this. I have about 83 other blogs. The most active ones right now though are @icedlegend, @missingenigma, @soulsuncontrolled, @unrighteouschoices, @inkedskinpaperwings, @condemnedfaith, and @mindsunmatched. And my personal is mostly me bitching so let’s just. Not go there.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: It sounded cool, he is one of the best Legends, he has ridiculous amounts of burn scars, and honestly I just wanted to match with @revivedlegend. I chose the url @icedlegend for similar reasons.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Every time I take any quiz, it’s always 50% Slytherin and 50% Hufflepuff, so who the hell knows.

POKEMON TEAM: I never played Pokemon but knowing me it would be whatever team everyone else hates.

FAVOURITE COLOUR: All of them but if I have to choose, it’s green or gold.


LUCKY NUMBERS: I hate math.

HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH?: It depends on how cold I am any given night, which depends on my mood generally. Usually it’s the sheets and one blanket.


FOLLOWING: 66. I’m very selective about who I follow now because I got sick of a cluttered dash, haha.


On March 17, millions of people take the piss out of Ireland by taking the piss and every other bodily fluid out of themselves, as publicly as possible. The Irish don’t celebrate Independence Day by guzzling hamburgers until we throw up over crates of machine guns, and even if we did it would be more respectful. Because at least we imported those things from the U.S. For a country so worked up about immigrants a lot of Americans are absolutely desperate to claim any other nationality. Every St. Patrick’s Day drunken North Americans stagger up to tell me their great-grandmother was Irish, and I say great, if she turns up I’ll buy her a pint.

No one wants to be Irish on Economy Day or Finding A Job Day. Not even the Irish, which is why mass emigration has been our default crisis response since boats were invented. But come Drinking Day suddenly everyone’s begorring their leprechauns and generally proving they’re as Irish as a really good point guard. So here’s your guide to being a terrible fake-Irish person on St. Patrick’s Day.

8 Insulting Ways People Act ‘Irish’ on St. Patrick’s Day

One Direction Preference

Link to Masterlists

Song Series: #1 Steal My Girl


She been my queen
Since we were sixteen
We want the same things
We dream the same dreams

There was a brief moment in both of your lives where you thought that this thing, your relationship, was only that, brief. You had thought that after high school, you would go your separate ways and know nothing of Liam. If you could look back on it now, you would slap your sixteen year old self right in the face for thinking such a damn thing. Liam too. Almost eight years strong now, you couldn’t be happier. Your friends from high school didn’t believe it when they would randomly see you or see an update on social media, they too thought it was just a school fling. Although, it did you some justice to prove them wrong, it felt like you were proving the gods wrong too. Liam often told you that people come into your life for a reason, and he’s completely right. A prime example being the two of you. It just goes to show that the smallest of things can turn out to be the greatest adventure of your life.


I got it all
‘cause she is the one
Her mum calls me love
Her dad calls me son

“You better bring Zayn around more often! You’re dad wants him to draw him holding a football or something.” Zayn walked in on your speaker phone conversation with your mom and felt it difficult to not to laugh. You noticed his presence, “Alright, alright mom. I’ll talk to you later. Love you.” It was the quickest hang up in history. “Sorry.” You told Zayn, chuckling, “I think my mom loves you more than me.” Zayn stepped closer to you, grin still plastered upon his face. “Don’t be sorry. I think it’s cute.” “Do you also think it’s cute that my dad wants you to draw a self-portrait of him?” He made a weary face, “Okay, maybe that one is a tad weird.” He finished, stretching his bottom lip out to make an ew face. You both laughed and you stuffed your phone into your back pocket, hoping your mom wouldn’t call back and want to talk to Zayn. “I think my Mom has it in her head that you’re her boyfriend not mine.” Zayn laughed once more, “Well, she’s wrong ‘cause I’ll always be yours.”


Everybody wanna steal my girl
Everybody wanna take her heart away
Couple billion in the whole wide world
Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me

You needed two hands to count the number of guys you been with, not sexually (all of them) just in general. You loved to be in love. And who doesn’t really? That feeling that you get when you’re with your significant other, its irreplaceable. However, during all of those flings, you never realized the true feeling of being in love. That is until you met Louis and he took you on this whole whirlwind that was his life and you loved it, you loved every second of it—most importantly, you loved him. All of those relationships before Louis became just a mere part of your journey that brought you too him. Louis was a strong believer in fate and that things that happen are meant to be. The fact that you were his, just furthered his believing and he concluded that the two of you were, as he put it, “fated by the heavens.” And although he told you this with a big smile, you knew it was true and you knew that you were deeply in love.


Kisses like cream
Her walk is so mean
And every jaw drop
When she’s in those jeans

He fell in love with you the minute your lips touched his. When people say they saw fireworks and that always happens in those romantic comedies, well for him there weren’t fireworks (and he tells you this all the time with a beaming grin on his face) it was like a leprechaun through a pot of gold at him and then danced around the two of you. As silly as it sounds, he calls it the leprechaun of love and claims that he has been with you every day since. Niall says that he keeps the wrong guys from looking over at you and admiring you a little too much to for his liking. He’s like your protector, to keep you from the dangers of the world and the douchebags that are in it. You can never truly tell if he’s joking about the leprechaun, or if he’s just saying it to make you blush—which he loves almost just as much as your kissing—but you are convinced that Niall never, ever, wants to lose you.


She knows, she knows
That I never let her down before
She knows, she knows
That I’m never gonna let another take her love from me

When he was gone, there wasn’t a doubt in your mind that he wouldn’t come back, running to you at full force, embracing you so tightly that you would barely be able to breath. It was comforting really, the thought of his warm arms around you, or gripping the sides of your face so he could get a good look at you. There were rituals too, well more traditions then rituals. When he would return home, there would be nothing to do. You would spend the most simple of times together, just sitting with one another on the couch or even on the floor across from each other, just talking. Most times you would catch him just staring at you and his only excuse is that each time, he swears you get more and more beautiful. Easily, you could argue the same things about him, and it was a comforting notion, but one that could fill the void of him being gone for months at a time. 


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Truthofjs sure loves to stalk me which is weird because I really haven’t been on this blog much or do you just stalk the gen haters tag? Seriously I’m curious. 

“it has been said that she buys her traffic.” It has been said? By who? Where’s the proof? “It has been said” is the weakest claim I’ve ever seen. Did a leprechaun tell you this? Oh they’re shady people truthofjs. They steal your pot o’gold and lucky charms!!!!

Either way, every time you visit, you help her so please keep doing what you’re doing.

Edit: Wait….it has been said was said by DEB?!!!!! The woman who thought Instagram was only for pictures that were just taken because INSTA…GRAM? The woman who thought the panel of IRL superheroes was saying Ruby was a hero on the show? The woman who claimed Jared wasn’t wearing his wedding ring when she was actually looking at the mirror image of his RIGHT hand?!!! She routinely embarrasses herself by saying stupid shit is this the source of your infor????  Although I notice there is no concrete proof to this. Oh man….. It was better when I thought a leprechaun told you this.




On Skaia…

The Warweary Villein has enough of the thousand-year-war on Skaia and takes up a banner of rebellion for the return to ethics and peace between Carapaces. Skaian date Paarl Hi’ila 24, 1000 (Roughly May of 1959).

On the last day of the year 1024, the war between Prospit and Derse comes to an end. Kator Hi’ila 39, 1024 (Roughly March of 2016)

A scientific demonstration is sabotaged by the exiled Black Queen, transporting WV, WQ, WK, AR, PM, SS, DD, HB, and CD to Earth at different times and at different places. This happens on the Skaian date of Beré Hi’ila 8, 1025 (Roughly April of 2016).

On Earth…

John, Rose, Dave, and Jade meet on an Avatar: The Last Airbender roleplaying forum for kids of all ages. October 25, 2011. [0]

Karkat and Kanaya Vantas-Maryam arrive in the Alternia Trailer Park and start moving in. January 17, 2016. [Illustrate Kanaya’s adventure in the Gas Station[Karkat develops a crush on Teresa] [Karkat is the strongest man in the trailer park]


WV lands in John’s backyard in the afternoon while John was doing his math homework. March 29, 2016. [1] [2] [You Gotta Hide part 1] [You Gotta Hide part 2] [3] [4]

Eridan and Aradia meet for the first time when they’re assigned into a group together by their History teacher. [Illustrate Aradia discovering Eridan’s abuse]

WQ and WK appear in the Lalonde observatory late at night while Rose was inside, talking to John on her laptop. April 2, 2016. [5]

WV discovers John “wants to marry Rose” and begins his quest to “GET YOB TO COLFESS HIS LOVE.” [6]

WV, WQ, and WK discover that they can use the human communication technology to contact each other even when the kids aren’t there to supervise them.

Roxy Lalonde makes jot notes observing WQ and WK’s behavior scientifically, and begins bonding closely with WQ in particular. [7] [8]

Realizing that she has to remain an ethical scientist, Roxy Lalonde writes up an absolutely flawless research proposal paper and hands it to the IBR at her job in the non-profit non-government affiliated research facility known as Skaianet. She successfully gets their approval an unprecedented 14 days later. [9] April 3 – April 17, 2016.

AR makes a scene when he teleports in the middle of a traffic jam in Houston. Dirk and Dave rushed to get him out of there and away from the police. They then proceed to have lots of fun. April 3, 2016. [10]

AR joins in on the Carapace Group Skype Calls and begins to notice an unsavory trend; Dirk regularly beats Dave up, but as far as the others know, John and Rose are not regularly fought by their guardians. AR asks them to take careful note because he has a bad feeling about the Strider situation.

WV declares war on peanuts. [11]

PM pops into existence in the sky a little ways outside of Jade’s atrium, falls into the ocean, and is rescued by Becquerel. April 6, 2016. [Jade helps PM deal with homesickness] [Jade needs to clean her room though]

PM joins the Group Skype Calls and gathers information on how humans raise their children from the Harleys. She winds up bonding with Hass Harley over their shared history of travelling their respective home planets.

[What is Marry?] [Immediate Follow Up]

[How much is that Japanese egg in the window?]

WK and Rose wind up talking about magic and wizards. WK begins teaching Rose about the Dark Gods from a book on his person that he had borrowed from a Dersite library. [This won’t backfire at all]

After gathering information, AR concludes that Dave isn’t safe living with Dirk and starts hatching a plan to get Dave outta there. WV notices that Yori and John are going to the airport soon to pick up John’s Nanna from Japan and asks to go with them so he can take notes on how to use the airline system to share with AR.

Yori notices that WV is taking a lot of notes, and asks what’s going on. WV tells Yori about Dave and AR’s plan to get him out of there, and Yori decides to help by lending his credit card information for the purchase of the airline ticket. April 12, 2016.

John celebrates his birthday with his family and includes WV as a special guest. Very early in the morning, AR shakes Dave awake and hauls the boy with him to the local airport to take their flight to Seattle, where Yori will pick them up. Dave decides to go with the cover story of him becoming John’s brother for his birthday, and John is all for it. April 13, 2016. [12] [13] [14]

Dave and AR settle into life with the Egberts. [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]

WV has a horrible PTSD flashback and hurts himself with a hammer. [20] [21]

WV realizes he almost forgot to celebrate the Day of Breath, and focuses all his energy on making sure he does the proper rituals for it. John decides to butt in to help WV recover from his previous self-harm incident, and learns about WV’s religion, Aspect Worship. Through this interaction, John discovers that WV’s religion isn’t just spiritual, but also magical, and John begins to grow into being an Heir of Breath. [To Be Illustrated]

Eventually, Dave joins in on the Aspect Magic too. [To Be Illustrated]

SS lands inside a garbage truck at the Alternia Trailer Park and is rescued by Karkat. Slick spends a great deal of time trying to escape the park and get back to his home planet. April 16, 2016. [22]

After Roxy Lalonde gets the paperwork filed through, she begins to write up an enormous dossier of details, observations, interviews, and research conducted on her Carapace guests. April 17, 2016.

[This happens]

[And then this happens]

[Hass Harley decides to send 20 tons of bubble soap to Yori as a gesture of friendship]

The police arrive at the trailer park and the entire neighborhood works together to hide SS. [23] [24]

[Not Now]

DD lands in the backyard of the Ampora Estate, and Damara Megido chooses to take him home rather than drown him. April 22, 2016.

Slick makes a deal with Nepeta to ride on her bicycle firing a gun while covered in a blanket so he can find food to eat. [25] [26] [27]

Eridan finds out that the alien from his backyard is still alive. This somehow ends with Aradia needing to learn how to play the saxophone by DD right now immediately. [28]

[Eridan and DD have a happy and stable relation… yeah no their relationship sucks]

At some point, Slick joins forces with Teresa and Vriska to conduct a heist and get lots of money for the Vantas-Maryam household. [29]

HB breaks the roof of Tauro Nuñez’s barn and is conscripted to stick around until he fixes it. April 23, 2016.

Dirk arrives at the Egbert household looking for his little brother. Yori refuses to let Dave live with Dirk, and Dirk takes the Egberts to court.


CD appears inside a hoop Yoo-Myeong Kwon was trying to hop through and ruins his stunt. April 25, 2016. [30] [31] [32]

Tauro Nuñez turns 18 years old and is legally allowed to sell his barn and use the funds to travel to the United States. He decides to take HB with him on the bus ride to Napa, CA and waves the curious onlookers away by claiming HB is his uncle from Africa who has a skin condition. April 27, 2016.

On Skaia, Leprechauns make first contact with Carapaces, which is currently being held together by PS, AD, PI, HD, NB, and MP. The Skaian parliament explain the situation to the Leprechaun team that visited them, known as The Felt. The Felt find and capture BQ as a gesture of good will, and then set out on a trip to Earth with MP to watch over them with the goal of finding the missing Carapace leaders. This event occurs on the Skaian date Lolar Hi’ila 1, 1025 and on Earth date April 30, 2016. 


SS tells Karkat about ik’ladi and subsequently discovers the YouTube videos Meyong was making about CD. [33] [34] [35] [36] [37]

After several days of riding on multiple buses, Tauro and HB arrive in Napa. May 1, 2016. [38]

HB gets included in SS’s shenanigans with the trailer park. [39]


Meanwhile, Feferi’s house arrest period officially ends, and she celebrates by hosting a barbecue for the whole neighborhood at the Napa monument. [40]

At some point around here, Tauro gets seriously harassed by Vriska that for some reason causes SS to fly completely off the handle and scratch at Vriska’s eyes. Vriska loses a lot of respect from the rest of the neighborhood and SS gets trapped inside Feferi’s house for the day. [Illustrate this eventually]

Rose goes grimdark and creates an enormous, oily cloud of darkness after something terrible happens. The grimdark cloud consumes the entire sky above North America and continues spreading. The grimdark fades away when John uses similar magic to gain Breath powers, fly up to Rose who is in the center of the storm, and finally manages to “colfess his love,” which breaks Rose from the grimdark and destroys the cloud. May 10, 2016.

The Felt finally arrive after 612 hours of time-warping space travel and make first contact with the United States government. Doc Scratch has a conversation with the President of the United States. May 25, 2016. [41] [42]