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I just wonder how long it took David to realise that he has his own opinions and (to a degree) feelings. With everyone - especially his own creator - telling him that he can't have them and that it's just his programming imitating people - he probably believed them - or thought something was wrong with him when he had likes and dislikes of his own. The 2 years alone he could at least explore what it was he wanted, but he never had anyone to share that with. Kinda sad if you think about it.


A few people told me to pay very close attention to the prologue in Alien: Covenant because it shows just how dangerous it can get in matter of minutes when an android such as David has emotions. Apparently he’s already very aware of his own self and isn’t too pleased to serve Peter Weyland. He’s restrained and cannot outwardly go against his programmed servitude, but his defiance manifests itself via the way he does things, for example pouring tea.

David was definitely never free to show his true self whilst he was on Earth, surrounded by humans who despised him and considered him as being inferior. The two years spent alone on the Prometheus were easily the best years of his life, which is really sad when you think about it. Peter Weyland doesn’t look very old in the prologue, so David was at least 30-40 years old in Prometheus. Brief moments of kindness provided by Shaw probably weren’t enough to erase a life full of contempt and change David’s opinion on mankind. I can’t wait to see what will happen in Alien: Covenant… questions, questions. :)

Rick and Morty promote 'Alien: Covenant,' getting wasted in new video

It seems a little off-brand for Rick and Morty creators and iconoclasts Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon to let their characters be used to promote a summer blockbuster. But it seems very on-brand for them to let their characters be used to promote a summer blockbuster in a manner which also promotes the benefits of heavy-drinking and substance abuse. Which is exactly what happens in a just-released video alerting viewers to the May 19 release of Alien: Covenant.

Directed by Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Demián Bichir.

Warning! Drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs will not necessarily help you in an Alien-type situation — in fact, it might well make things worse. Having said which, you can watch that new video, above.

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i agree with anon 1000% (and also what’s your michael fassbender issue ��)

aww thank you <33

okay, so, i stan mf. buuuut he was accused of domestic violence. which is super serious, even though it happened years ago. the problem is, the woman accusing him didn’t want to pursue charges and dropped the restraining order (according to her, it’s because she didn’t want to ruin his career). the accusation may or may not have been investigated. either way, iirc he was never formally charged. but the fact remains that he was accused of something heinous. so i’m in the awkward position of not wanting to judge someone who hasn’t been tried and convicted but who may have been.

plus, if i’m going to go after other people who haven’t been convicted (woody allen, for example), i ought to go after him, too.

My Reactions to getting awesome new gadgets:

My Reaction when being proud(which rarely happens):

My Reaction when I need someone beside me:

My Reaction when I’m in a pub a.k.a anything happens:

My Reactions when I’ve fooled a criminal (possibly in my future job):

My Reaction when able to do a good comeback; I’m the Hulk:

My Reactions when I’m Angry:

My Reaction when talking to my crush:

My Reaction to scoring a good grade:

My Reaction when talking to my enemy(in my head), i just try to ignore them:

My Reaction when getting betrayals:

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what did michael fassbender do??

Alright kiddies, gather around because it’s story time.

So it has come to my knowledge that Fassy is a misogynistic woman beater. To give you the facts I’m going to copy and paste it because they explain it so much better than I ever could.

Let me take you back to 2009. Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews, gets back together with ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender. Michael, who obviously takes his craft very seriously, goes to a film festival and comes back blind drunk, so drunk that he wakes up in a puddle of his own piss. His reaction? Unlike most people, who would clean themselves off, change the bed and sober up, he decides to beat his girlfriend, throw her over a chair and break her nose. That’s not just me over-exaggerating either, the actual quote from Sunawin’s filing for a restraining ordersays such – “threw me over a chair breaking my nose” – which comes from what she sent to the LA County Superior Court back in June ‘09 when this all happened. At the time, Andrews’ said that this filing was to protect herself and her two young children (yes, Mr. Fassbender is this classy of an act when there are children involved who could be potentially affected by all of this) 

And kiddies that wasn’t even the first time!

Oh, and it gets worse, if you could even imagine. This wasn’t even the first time that Fassbender had released his inner woman-beater on his then-girlfriend either. The same filing at the LA County Superior Court referred to another occasion, in which Sunawin and Michael became embroiled in a heated argument about an ex-boyfriend of hers – “Michael allegedly dragged her alongside their car one night after they had an argument about one of her ex-boyfriends … causing her to twist her left ankle, blow out her left knee cap and burst an ovarian cyst”. More upstanding behaviour from him, right?

And if some of you out there are reading this and thinking “hmm come one he’s fassy! He’s so cute and funny naaah!” Firstly, you are a piece of shit go sit in the toilet where you belong. Your response to hearing about abuse should never be “come on guys it’s not that bad” But alas, some of you are fucked up and will think that way so here there’s also this:

Fassbender proved his worth again back in 2011 when filming “A Dangerous Method” with Keira Knightley in which they had to film a particularly intimate ‘erotic’ scene in which his character has to spank her. Like most people would placed in such a situation, Knightley was super uncomfortable with the filming of the scene, which requires her to be tied to a bedframe. During filming, she commented “I’ve got a security guard outside. You touch me and he’s gonna break your legs!”,Michael’s reply to this? “Keira, you’re tied to a bed. You’re not really in a position to say that.
Rape is never funny and for whatever reason, Fassbender doesn’t get this. Rape is a very real thing that you wouldn’t wish to happen to anybody and nobody out there has the right to get a laugh out of it or even suggest that being in a vulnerable position means that you’re ‘free’ game’, as it were, for rapists (or, in this case, that being tied up means that bodyguard or not, they could still have their way with you if they feel like it.)

For those of you who want to read the full article I’m quoting here please click here. (The article also shines light on the fact that he will be playing the lead in the Assassins Creed movie adaptation who, surprise surprise, ISN’T WHITE!)

So that friends, is the reason that I wont be reblogging any more Fassbender. I can’t get around the fact that he plays a character I love so sadly he will make an appearance sometimes, but for those of you who really can’t deal with seeing him trust me I will always tag. I’m going to be starting up the tag “fassbender for ts“ for those who wish to never see his misogynistic woman beating face again.


DEAD HEARTS is a story about love and death and what happens in between. It centers in the life of the sniper Sebastian Moran, which drastically changes when Moriarty, his partner in crime and lover, kills himself. Alone, Sebastian has to learn how to live with Moriarty’s ghost, the memories of the past and to runaway – now that his head cost a fortune.

new turn-ons from dofp in no particular order (but numbers 3-6 are in tie for most important)
  1. erik lensherr’s hat
  2. erik lensherr’s prison uniform (don’t ask it makes his shoulders look even broader okay)
  3. erik lensherr’s ascot
  4. wet erik lensherr (post-fountain scene like damn I know you’ve just had a traumatic moment but bUTtON your DAmn cOLLAR)
  5. erik lensherr in flares
  6. erik lensherr in tight pants (thighs!) and charles xavier in tight pants (holy THIGHS!) and every male mutant really (because wow thighs)
  7. thighs
  8. mystique’s eyes (i mean look at them closely they are so wow)
  9. jennifer lawrence speaking vietnamese because every word of that scene just sounded like it was dripping with s e x (which I guess it was)
  10. wolverine’s veins (he has REALLY GOOD VEINS)
  11. wolverine’s ass (sorry but if I think of it as hugh jackman’s ass then I’m like ewww 40-year-old so we’re just gonna call it hot ageless mutant ass and acknowledge that mr. jackman worked very hard to make it happen)
  12. James McAvoy saing the word fuck
  13. James McAvoy as an angry (drunk?) person
  14. James McAvoy in flowy 70’s robes
  15. James McAvoy in tight jeans
  16. sunglasses
  17. James McAvoy in sunglasses
  18. Also
  19. Peter Dinklage’s acting skillz

So yes, i’m back and i’m feeling much better.

Firstly i’d like to thank everyone that wished me well: moviemonzy calgal48 littlewomanly1 sigyn-hiddleston loriwashere neither-blue-nor-green justahopeless-dreamer lokilockedcougar museofcherry hallotom d-m-jonas @munchkin80 @zorped quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks shoshi-miriam jackburtonsays curator-at-large white-girl-from-tennessee timelady12 eve1978 djfallis @coalea tinaferraldo bellahaus13 mssissypooh @tastedheart
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to show your support, its meant a lot to me.

Now, i haven’t just been idly staring at the wall, oh no, i’ve been catching up on my reading, doing a little online shopping etc, so here’s what i’ve been up to:

I’ve read some brilliant fanfiction:
Choking On Irish Cream and Earl Grey by lokiwholockfactory
Chapter 12 of Shine by tarrysmith
You’re Mine Now by museofcherry
Amazing Grace by catwinchester

And i have bashed out my own fic this afternoon that i will shortly be posting, and seeing as its a Pine!Tom fic based on the carnage of photo’s that happened this week, and the comments i’ve seen and tags i’ve had, this lot will be interested in that when it comes: clojury justahopeless-dreamer museofcherry @andlifeisgrand nwadadnama lokiwholockfactory and this post here somewhat sums up a part of my fic:

I have finally caught up and watched X-Men Days of Future Past and am now happily in lust with Michael Fassbender, especially in 70′s gear. I have also now got The Pirate Fairy on DVD which means my oh-so-wrong-but-just-a-little-bit-right smut about Pirate Tom is on the horizon.

Whilst we’re talking of crushes i’m now totally on the Chris Hemsworth boat (especially that adonis belt):

I have caught up on all my tags of ‘Hartland Week’, especially the shot of Tom eating a baked potato that turned us all to mush (or should that be mash?), 

The Changeling and Cymbeline shots, especially this one that looks like Bill Hazeldine at the end of a 12 hour bender on drink and drugs:

And I need to thank lokislittlediva for pointing out that Pine!Tom is SO a grown up Oakley, and also to catwinchester coining the term ‘epic’ for the new Tom shots.

Right, so now that i’m up to speed i’ll be posting my Devon Tom fic shortly, and prepare yourselves for the usual Angryschnauzer service of spamming your dashes with Hiddles goodness!

And hey, its friday! Its the weekend!

X-Men: Days of Future Past cast at the world premiere in New York City

I am happy to say that I was one of the lucky few who made it into the X-Men X-perience and DOFP premiere at the Javits Center in New York City. I got to meet most of the cast in attendance. Jennifer Lawrence, Nic Hoult, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, and all of the new character cast were very gracious and signed autographs and took pics with fans on the red carpet. Sadly, Michael Fassbender was one of the few actors who did not walk the fan pit on the red carpet. I think he wasn’t aware that the group of fans on the red carpet—500 of us—were the ones who waited longest (a lot of people camped out overnight in a rainstorm) to win access to the red carpet. There was another area in the building where fans were allowed to watch cast arrivals; these people did not put in the effort to get into the event like the group I was a part of. From pics, I see that Fassbender signed autographs for this other group. On the red carpet, my group only got to see him do press interviews. We did chant “Magneto! Magneto!” to get him to acknowledge us. I’m disappointed he skipped our group, but I’ve met him before multiple times so I shouldn’t be greedy for more.

I got to see Fassbender hug Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, and Hugh Jackman and also gentlemanly hold out his hand to Bingbing Fan as she climbed down steps in super high heels (I saw him do this for Lupita Nyong'o at the 12 Years a Slave New York premiere too).

On to the film (no spoilers)…

Let me simply say that you MUST see the film. It is a much darker story than any of the other X-Men films. The story is centered around Mystique (Lawrence). Unlike the last X-Men film (First Class), where Professor X and Magneto were the central characters, there is no central character in DOFP. Each character is equally significant. No character gets more screen time than another, except perhaps Wolverine who gets to be in both the future and past. I would have liked Magneto’s line in the story to have been more predominant, but, of course, that’s only because I like Fassbender so much.

Very important to share: There is a scene in which Fassbender is shirtless briefly. Woohoo!

The kitchen scene, which Fassbender said was his favorite scene in the X-Men Twitter chat, is the standout scene in the film. It also happens to be the funniest scene. Evan Peters (Quicksilver) steals the film in this scene.

There is zero romance to the story, which was surprising. There are only references to past relationships (Magneto/Mystique, Wolverine/Jean Grey, Beast/Mystique).

I think someone who has not seen the previous X-Men films would be lost watching this film because a lot of the story is dependent on understanding the characters’ relationships. Because the plot is so involved, the story doesn’t try to cover what happened in the previous X-Men films and explain the character connections.

In summary, go see this action-packed film. It is guaranteed to be the blockbuster of the year.

Tubes - A SassaFass story


Halla’s mobile rang and Elsie picked it up off of the pile of things Halla had left with her in the waiting room. “Hello Michael, it’s Elsie.”

“Hey. Halla’s got you screening her calls for her or something? Did I piss her off without knowing it?” he laughed.

“Nah. She’s just still back with the doctor. She was running behind schedule.”

There was a long pause before Michael spoke again. “What doctor?”

Elsie shrugged and stuck her finger in the magazine she was reading so she wouldn’t lose her place. “I don’t know her name. The one that’s doing the procedure thingy.”

“What procedure is she having done?”

This time it was Elsie’s turn to pause before answering. “She didn’t tell you about this?”

“About what?” The word was a gun-shot.

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