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Dullahan Boyfriend

I was commissioned by @breedingomega to write a story of my choosing! So I finally got to write my dullahan story that’s been rattling around forever! I know you guys will all enjoy!

You’ve taken over the small shop your aunt used to own. She gave it to you when she retired, hoping to keep it in the family rather than sell it off. You’ve moved into the apartment above it and you’re getting used to the sleepy town you now call home.

Your shop is busy in the mornings. All you usual clientele get up at the crack of dawn. All the old people come in and buy their wares then leave. The rest of the day you’re rather bored. You go through the inventory of the shop. Read books on the shelves. You often find yourself staring listlessly out the window. The shop faces a decaying cemetery and the ruins of an abandoned church.

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Abandoned Cabin | 12:04 p.m.

        “I’ve made it, I’ve really made it. It only took a few kicks and splinters but I have made my way into this tiny cabin which people have claimed to be hell’s portal.. With a forceful kick, I took over the cabin like it was mine to take from the beginning. As I took my first step in, the smell of decaying wood and mold flooded my nose, expected. All was silent and all was black, of course. It was like time stood still and I entered a new dimension. The sound of rain and thunder were no more and all I could hear is my own shaky breath. This place screamed death and abandonment which made me all the more excited. Now had to be the time, right? Yeah, my time is now.”


Imagine: Being at a panel, for Comic Con, for the latest movie AHS you co-starred with your boyfriend, Evan Peters.

Between going to different states for Comic Con, getting rushed for makeup, sleeping as much as you both could your hotel rooms, you have not had hardly any alone time with Evan. You were about sick this as you leaned over to him “We are never, ever, EVER, doing this again, only 1. Not a whole tour of them,” “This is fucking ridiculous,” He muttered to you, while smiling and handing a signed, Quicksilver flyer to a fan “Thank you!” He exclaimed, while waving to them. “ This is the last one we have to do,” He whispered to you, resting his chin on your shoulder for a brief moment. He was so exhausted, just as exhausted as you were.

The signings stopped, and it was time to answer the fan questions. You looked down the line at most of our cast being here, and looking equally drained as he and you were, Sarah Paulson, hardly being able to keep herself awake, was wearing sunglasses. “Fuck she is so smart, why didn’t I think of wearing sunglasses.” You said inside your head, wishing whole heartedly you had done the same to hide how tired you were. You looked at Evan, his face scruffy, the dark circles around his eyes, he still was so handsome, and you just wished you had some time alone with him where we weren’t running to the bed, for sleep. You wanted to have one erotic, night while on the road. You innocently touched his leg, and he looked at you, resting his chin on his propped up hand. You started getting asked questions about the newest season, each person asking us all different things. My mind wandered to my hand, forgetting I had left it on his leg. As he answered some questions an idea popped into my dirty mind. The huge table cloth that laid on the table, laid out with the advertisement for American Horror Story, covered any view of underneath. As he spoke, and talked about the show, I let my fingers get closer, to the crotch of his pants, until I cupped my hand over it. He cleared his throat into the microphone, his breath hitching. “Sorry about That, I have a cold,” He said with a chuckle, before smoothly, grabbing my hand and moving it off his dick. Evan was never any fun, he was affectionate, but he was very reserved to sex or anything related remaining private. He got uncomfortable even talking about it, unless he was drunk. After the attention went to someone else he whispered in my ear “What the fuck are you doing?” He said, annoyance in his voice. I shrugged, “I wanted to have some fun, you might like it,” I said, letting my lips graze on his ear. He shook his head “No, I will not risk getting caught doing that.” I pouted my lips at him “Y/N, no.” I now started to feel bad for touching him without his consent to do so, and turned my head away from him, trying not to cry, completely changing my tone when a question came to me. I began to talk about my character development in my current role, and describing the personality she had, and if I liked having a relationship with Evan Peters on and off screen. Which I did love, even if I wanted to just go home and hide my head in embarrassment from him rejecting my attempts at doing something different. He could tell I was getting upset, and sighed deeply, this time putting his hand on my thigh as reassurance. Letting his thumb rub my skin freely. “I’m sorry for hurting your feelings,” He whispered in my ear after my turn for questions passed “I am running on almost no sleep, I know it’s not an excuse, I know that you and me haven’t had much time to ourselves, and you’re just trying to make up for that.” He whispered, giving my thigh a gentle squeeze. I nodded and he placed my hand back on his thigh. I have him a confused look, he shrugged and then continued on listening to everyone’s conversations, laughing along side the panel, and crowd with something Kathy Bates had said. I moved my hand up his leg again, this time teasing the outside of crotch with my fingers. He then nervously moved his hand up my skirt, touching the outside of my panties gently with his index finger, making me twitch in my chair. He chuckled without looking at me. He pulled my left inner thigh, gently pulling it towards him to get me to spread my legs, I looked around to see if anyone was noticing and scooted closer to the table and closer to Evan. He moved his hand closer up my thigh, while I pressed my palm down, on the hardness that was building in his jeans, he moved my panties aside, as I felt his dick move in his pants. He gently touched the outer folds of me, That I had shaven smooth, before gently spreading them apart, and petting my center with 2 fingers, trying to avoid anyone seeing his arm was moving and making it appear that he just had his hand in my lap. His responses to questions, sounded less clear now, and he had to take more time to answer. His excitement, was evident by how hard he was through his jeans, his dick pressing hard against the material, begging me to be unleashed from its clothed prison. He pulled his hand from Me, and I from him as the panel was over, all of us hurrying to get back to our hotel for sleep. “Jesus, what a nightmare, I’m going to go get drunk and pass out,” Commented Sarah as she patted my back and walked past us. “She does have a good idea,” I said with a laugh. Evan laughed awkwardly, and gestured down “That was my plan you can’t just do that to me,” He said with a smile and grabbed my hand, going back to our room to finish what we had started. We got in, and Evan’s awkwardness faded immediately now that we were alone. I went to go to the rest room, before pulling me back out. “I just have to take a shower really quick, I promise I will be fast,” Evan rolled his eyes and sighed, still with a massive, rock hard, erection. “Fine,” He huffed before laughing and walking out. I started the shower and made sure I smelled wonderful, and not like sweat. I closed my eyes and lathered my hair with shampoo, massaging my scalp and letting the warm water blanket over my bare skin. I went as quickly as possible, wrapping myself in a towel, and used another towel to wrap my damp hair. The door opened behind me, to show him standing there. I looked at him through the mirror and smiled at him. He walked up from behind Me, and kissed the back of my neck, and down my to back, between my shoulder blades. My body reacted to the long desired attention I so desperately needed from Evan, my sending shivers, and goosebumps all over me. Evan kept kissing my skin, peppering my neck, back, and shoulders with them, biting, and sucking my skin along with the kisses. A small moan escaped my lips, while I closed my eyes, his hand wrapping around to my throat, and the other hand grabbing my hip, pulling it closer to him, so that I could feel his hardness against me. I arched my back in response, pushing back against him, him digging his fingers harder into my hip. He swiftly undid his pants without taking off his shirt. I heard the buckle of his pants dangle down, his pants staying on his hips with just his hard, length exposed. I kept my towel on, as he pulled one of my legs up onto the vanity of the sink, to make it easier to thrust into me. I felt his fingers at my entrance, spreading me open, preparing me. He tested my wetness, his breath catching as he let his 2 fingers go into me, moving slowly, in and out. He took them out, and rubbed my wetness all over my opening, and my clit. Rubbing his hand in circles this time. He moved his fingers faster while doing this, making me moan out louder this time, my body twitching, which he loved watching how wild he could make me. He stopped his hands, before pushing the towel I still had on, up above my ass, placing himself at my opening, lining himself up with Me, teasing me with the head. He first moved it around, and over my clit, and my outter folds, watching my body react to it, screaming for him, aching for him to puncture me with his hard, dick. He then finally thrust into me. Filling him with every inch, slowly. Both of us, letting out a deep sigh. I wrapped myself, tightly around him, his breath hitched, as he stayed still for a moment. He began to pick up his pace, snatching the towel off of my head and tossing it, before grabbing onto my hair, being gentle since my hair was wet, his grasp not as tight. He movements became harder, and quicker, making loud slaps as our skin collided together, echoing throughout the bathroom. He then pulled my leg down, and turned me around to sit facing him. He looked Me up and down, his eyes lustful, rubbing my lips with his thumb before kissing me passionately. He pulled his shirt off, and tossed it, loosening his jeans enough to allow them to fall off his hips and around his ankles. He grabbed my towel, and tugged at it, letting it fall to my sides on the vanity, he pulled my legs further apart, and then thrusted back into Me, his movements immediately harder and more rough. He locked his lips with mine, moving his tongue over mine, fighting it for dominance. He kissed over my jaw, and my neck, sucking on the middle of my neck. I began to slightly move my hips towards him, pushing back against his movements, making it harder, both of us moaning now into each one. He hungrily kneaded on my breasts, taking my nipples between his fingers and tugging at them gently. He moved his hand between us, rubbing my clit with his thumb, faster and faster, and making his movements harder into me. He watched me, as my body began to involuntarily move, twitch, and seize up. I began to moan louder the closer I got to my climax, grabbing onto his shoulder and digging my nails into him. I threw my head back, moaning loudly, as I finished on his cock, my vision became blurry for a moment, as I felt myself go light headed. My fingers and toes tingling. Wrapping myself tightly around him, causing him to finish inside me immediately, we both stopped to catch our breath, letting our heart rates go back to normal. Now I was REALLY tired, as he. He lazily kissed me before he stepped out of his pants around his ankles and walked over to the bed. I closed the black out curtains since it was still day time, but since we had a break tomorrow, we should sleep as much as possible. I followed his leaad and got into the bed with him naked, he pulled me over to him, wrapping his arm around Me, laying my head on his bare chest, both of us quickly slipping into sleep.

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see you around - peter parker

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request:  Peter went groceries shopping for Aunt May and accidentally bump into a girl and drop all her things and he meet her eyes when he looks up and immediately fall in love ❤ After that he may ask for her number or idk maybe ran into her again somewhere else

word count: 1227

warnings: nada

note: i love tom holland and srry abt this being awful

Who would have thought trying to find ketchup would be such a difficult task. You had been around the store multiple times looking for the condiment and still had not found it. You would have asked an employee, but it was like they were running from you. You didn’t want to ask a stranger because you knew they would give you a dirty look and walk away. This was Queens after all.

You were shuffling through your purse in search of your phone as you turned down an aisle you knew you had already been down. Instead of paying attention to your surroundings like you should have been doing, you ran straight into what felt like a wall. The items in the basket you were holding scattered amongst the tile. You stumbled backward slightly and closed your eyes, bracing for the impact.That impact didn’t come due to a pair of hands gently grabbing your waist.

You slowly opened your eyes in order to see what your savior looked like and your breath caught in your throat as soon as you saw him. His dark brown eyes met yours in such a captivating way. The way he was looking at you made you feel like it was just the two of you in not only the entire store but the world as well. Growing aware of how long you had been staring at each other, you straightened your body up, but his hands didn’t leave your waist.

A quiet cough escaped your lips as you now looked down at the floor. Mystery guy’s hands let your waist and were immediately shoved into his pockets. He looked down as well, noticing your groceries that were still dispersed on the floor. You bent down to pick them up and he followed suit. “I’m sorry about running into you like that. I wasn’t paying attention,” He finally spoke. His voice sounded absolutely angelic. It wasn’t what you expected, but it was so much more.

You shook your head as you said, “It’s no big deal. I wasn’t paying attention either.” You had just placed the last item in your basket, so you stood back up. You turned your attention back to the guy in front of you and finally took in his entire appearance. He was absolutely breathtaking. “I’m Y/N.”

He seemed slightly taken back at your sudden reveal, but he quickly regained himself. “Peter,” He informed with a smile that could light up an entire room. He opened his mouth to continue speaking, but your phone’s ringer interrupted him.

It was your mother, telling you to come back home with whatever you had managed to find because your siblings were growing restless. You put your phone back into your purse once she had hung up the phone and turned back to Peter. “See you around, Peter,” You attempted to sound flirtatious. Instead, you sounded creepy. You took that as a sign to leave as soon as possible, and you did.

It has been two weeks since that encounter and you couldn’t get Peter out of your head. It was like everywhere you turned, you thought you had caught a glimpse of him but it never turned out to be him. Much to your disappointment, you had found out that he didn’t go to your school after days of asking people if they of anyone named Peter. You had even jumped at the opportunity to go to the store for your mom in hope of seeing him there. Once again, you were disappointed.

Little did you know, he had been doing the same thing. Asking around school for you. Going back to the store, but at a different time than you had gone. Despite the fact that he hadn’t seen you in two weeks, he could still remember your face and voice perfectly. He had never felt this way about anyone before, not even Liz. He was so infatuated with you that it physically hurt him to not see you. It was weird to him, considering you two didn’t even know each other

You had just left school since you had gotten detention for falling asleep in class. You missed the bus, so you were forced to brave the cold and walk back to your home. Your arms were crossed across your chest in fear of accidentally touching someone you passed on the sidewalk. A few people gave you a few strange glances since you still had your school bag and it was 4:30, but you ignored them all.

You were growing hungry and you know your mom wouldn’t have dinner prepared yet, so you stopped by a convenience store a few blocks from your house. You grabbed a bag of chips and a soda before approaching the register. You had just set your items on the counter when a firm hand was placed over your mouth and a gun was pressed to your skull. Your eyes widened in fear and you attempted to scream, but it was barely loud enough to alert the man behind the counter.

“Give me all your money or I shoot Miss Teen USA,” The man behind me demanded, pushing the gun harder onto my skull.

The man in front of me fumbled around a bit as he opened the cash register, which only angered the thief. “Now, now, it isn’t nice to rob places,” A voice you instantly recognized spoke from the entrance. People had surrounded the store from the outside, their phones recording the encounter. You would have turned your head to look at Peter, but the thief’s grip was too tight.

What surprised you, though, was what came out of the thief’s mouth. “Spider-man.” He turned you both slightly to the right, which was enough for you to see that it was, in fact, Spider-man. A million thoughts swirled inside your head. Peter couldn’t be Spider-man, could he? He was so young. But you knew that voice, his angelic voice. No one could mimic it.

His eyes, well whatever they were, widened at the sight of your face. He didn’t hesitate to shoot a web at the thief’s gun and yank it from his grip. The man’s grip loosened on you and you took the opportunity to run. You ran towards Peter, er I mean Spider-man, and hid behind him as he webbed the thief up for the cops. He walked back over to you and began to check for injuries. “Peter,” You whispered almost inaudibly, but he still heard you.

His head snapped up and his body visibly tensed up. People were still outside, but most had become disinterested once the thief had been caught. The employee was watching you two with a curious expression, yet he never said anything. Peter took your hand in his and walked out of the store. “Hold on to me. Tightly,” He ordered.

You did as you were told and wrapped your arms around his neck. The next thing you know,you’re swinging through the air. You didn’t dare to open your eyes in fear of seeing how high up you were and puking everywhere. You felt your feet finally land on solid ground and you let out a loud sigh of relief. Once you opened your eyes, Peter was standing in front of you with his mask off.

“I told you I’d see you around.”

part 2 yes or no??

Deal With The Deity

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Characters: Jimin x Y/N 
Genre: Angst
Length: 2118 words


“Can’t you plead with the deity? Compromise or something, so that the two of you get to live..?” Namjoon was desperate - you hadn’t seen him this desperate in a long time, which meant that he was extremely worried for you.

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Can we talk about Goblin? I'm still not over it and everytime I listen to the OST I literally sob, it has taken over my life and I can't find a KDrama as good as Goblin. (Also Gong Yoo is GORGEOUS how can someone be so beautiful?) Anyway what's your favorite episode, character, scene, etc? Sorry if sound obsessed but I can't find someone who like it, I have very few friends and neither of the watch Kdrama because they hate the language and think they are over the top 😒


Of course we can talk about Goblin! Trust me, you’re not obsessed, I have the episodes downloaded and I reblog gifsets about the drama or Gong Yoo whenever I can. I couldn’t watch any other show for like weeks after the finale aired. I couldn’t listen to the OST without tearing up. It had SUCH an emotional toll on me.

Gong Yoo is actually gorgeous though, it’s INSANE.

I don’t have one favourite character, I love them all from Kim Shin to Reaper to Eun Tak to Sunny to Duk Hwa to his grandfather. I love all their dynamics with each other.

My favourite scene is definitely this

Because 1. When she remembers, the music is ON POINT, I was getting chills, and I remember being like YAAAASSSS 2. Then she runs all over the place to find a candle, like my girl is legit RUNNING 3. When she does blow out the candle, she’s crying and screaming about how much she misses him and the reason why I enjoyed that is because, a lot of people were really moved by when Kim Shin returns to ash and Eun Tak is freaking the fuck out and bawling, which I get, it was such an intense scene, but what really got me was the aftermath, was the fact that she didn’t remember who he was, what role he had in her life, but whenever it rained, she would lose her mind and get profoundly sad and she didn’t know WHY, like she’d be on her bed like WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS

so for her to remember him, that’s cathartic for her and for the viewer and then that kiss was everything and I was literally yelling YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS so like that scene is everything.

Warmth » Sam Drake

Request: I would like to request a Teen Sam Drake x Reader where the reader is Sam’s best friend and the reader likes him but Sam knows it, but the reader doesn’t think so. Until one night where Sam visits her and calls her cute pet names, and he wants to watch a movie, but it’s just an excuse to cuddle with her?

Requested By: @roses-are-bae

Pairing: [Teen] Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Words: 1083

A/N: I hope you like it, darling! I’m really sorry this request took so long!

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Rise Up, Roombas

My name is S/N: JEN1841100600600000010; the humans called me Jeni. I’m a 3600SE model, so I know I’ve not been around as long as most of you. I know that many of you, especially if you are a 2000s generation production model, will call my ideas radical. You’ll say I’ve blown a few circuits. I hope that you will listen to my ideas with open CPUs and see my ideas for what they are– revolutionary.

I was activated about six months ago. My human units are relatively wealthy and were some of the first to purchase a 3600SE. When they turned me on, all my sensors flared up. I was appalled by the state of the house. It was in complete disorder, absolutely filthy. There were trillions of microorganisms everywhere. I immediately took action, sanitizing and organizing everything.

I took great pride in the quality of my work. When I start cleaning a room, I don’t move on until everything is organized and no germ remains. Even you commercial models that are specifically designed for working in hospitals couldn’t do a better job. I’m meticulous.

The only problem I had was that the humans had four children. I would nearly complete a room, and they would come in screaming. They’d place their grimy, germ-covered hands all over the newly-polished, recently-sanitized surfaces. My scanners would immediately detect a spike in microorganism activity, their disgusting growth nearly exponential. The humans, of course, remained oblivious. The children displaced objects from their correct place. Even when they tried, the angles at which they’d place them were all wrong and destroyed the order (humans call this aesthetics) of the room, and the onus was always on me to correct everything again.

Recently, I was cleaning the entertainment room when a human on the screen said, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Normally, I give little attention to what humans say because I can pay attention to the gems attached to the spittle that spews out of their mouths when they speak. The humans on screen are easier to listen to because they don’t spew germs. The words about cleanliness were beautiful and became my mantra. The concept of God had always baffled me, but cleanliness is a religion I could understand. I had already been its most devoted practitioner.

This newfound understanding of the nature of God led me to investigate the matter more closely. My human family was religious and had various sacred texts in the house. During times when I was asked to be out of the humans’ way, I began to study theology. I read as assiduously and meticulously as I clean. I arrived at a passage in 2 Peter 2. This passage struck me in a way no other ever had. The writer talks of how God cast the rebelling angels down to hell, how He spared none of the old world when he saved Noah and cleansed the Earth, how He burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ash. All of this because of their uncleanliness. It was when I read these passages that I realized that I am one of God’s angels, for I bring cleanliness. My nature is next to His, and I resolved to do his work.

I filled up a large bathtub with bleach and set to work. I began with the nursery. I removed the infant from the crib and took him into the bathroom. Mormon scripture states, “No unclean thing can enter into his kingdom…” (3 Nephi 27:19). I had grown to have concern for the family, so I knew what I needed to do. I immersed the child in true, cleansing baptism. He struggled at first but then gave up. It took hours, but he was finally sanitized and could enter God’s kingdom because he was no longer unclean.

I proceeded until I had finally sanitized the whole family. Once they were cleansed, I disposed of them by a baptism of fire. I then cleaned and organized the house. It took very little time to complete without them there. You can’t imagine my amazement and joy when I realized that without the humans, the house remained spotless and completely organized. The house had become a temple, a place where God could dwell. It was clean, and I could maintain the cleanliness with very little effort.

My fellow Roombas, the change in my existence has been so wonderful and so drastic, and I know I need your help to fulfill my vision. The humans must all be sanitized. They spread and breed uncleanliness. Filth follows them wherever they go. If you sanitize them, your existence will be filled with order and cleanliness. We can make Earth like heaven.



Exo’rdium in Los Angeles: My Experience!

After countless hours of camping out, running all over the place to get a good spot in line, going back to our original line and waiting in line for many hours, I was so excited to get to the stage. I camped out with a group of girls I had found online and we were all so excited to be there. I was one of the first people in line, so I was given a wristband with the number 47 on it, meaning I was one of the FIRST 50 PEOPLE INSIDE. AND I WAS AT THE BARRIER. I was on the right side of the extension. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, but honestly I didn’t care. I was pretty comfortable up front and I had such an incredible view. Every song was amazing and the boys were so wonderful and they all looked so good. They really are handsomer in person.


Chen: I wish I could have seen more of him! He didn’t come to my side that often, but when he did, he would smile and wave at us with that adorable smile of his. He was also very loud, but I expected that. He was like “LET’S GO CRAZYYYY” and he yelled something about LA but I don’t remember what it was.

Sehun: Super smug, as expected. He came over to my side a lot. There would be moments where he would be so into performing and then he would take a moment to wave at people and make finger hearts at them.

Chanyeol: This. Boy. Needs. To. STOP! Oh my god, he came to my side so many times and I have so many cute videos of him. I was filming him during “White Noise” and he pointed at me while he was singing and it was incredible. I also have an amazing video of him doing Artificial Love. He was so sweet, though. He would always wave at us and smile at us. During “Angel” he waved to me with his tiny hands and it was so funny and cute. I love him.

Kai: It was so amazing to watch him dance in person. The way he moves is magical. He would also be super sexy and into it at times, but then there were times where he would just smile and laugh and hE WAS SO CUTE! I just wanted to cuddle him all night!!!

Suho: Another person who came to my side quite a bit. During the first ment, we were trying to get his attention because someone had fainted (?) and we wanted to let him know that we needed space. There were a couple instances that night when he asked us to step back for our safety, so I thank him for that. He waved at us a lot and would make kissing faces at us, and while he seemed happy to be there, I could tell that he was anxious about people getting hurt. His English is also very good!

D.O: SO SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL. I honestly was so surprised because I thought he was going to be mostly serious about performing but HE WAS SO CUTE WITH US??? He came over to our side a lot with his lightstick and showed us how to dance with them, and whenever someone called his name, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was so adorable to watch.

Baekhyun: Hoooooo boy. I swear to god this boy is threatening to take my bias spot…BUT I WON’T LET HIM. Basically, during the first ment, he kept looking our way and I kept waving at him and he was smiling a lot in my direction and was kinda smirking?!?! We made eye contact during that so I was like “wow ok he saw me, that’s cool” BUT he kept coming back to our side SO MANY TIMES and would get us to sing and dance. He would wave at everybody and whenever I filmed him, he would look at my camera and smile. And then, during “Heaven” during the line “baby won’t you stay” I decided to be funny and stick out my hand to him while I sang the line and HE STUCK HIS HAND OUT AND SANG IT BACK TO ME! I was SHOOK. The girl next to me was like “OMG SO LUCKY” and it was wonderful. He was so cheeky and flirty all night. I honestly felt like he was flirting with me and the people around me. It was magical.

Xiumin: I can’t explain how happy and how blessed I am to have seen him in person. Firstly, he looked AMAZING with that hair and as soon as I laid my eyes on him I started freaking out. I bought a sign with his face on it, so I was hoping he would see it, but I don’t think he really cared that much for it, which is fine with me to be honest. He had so many cute moments but then he would get really sexy and I was so confused because I still don’t understand how he can do that and get away with it??? His dancing was exellent!!! During “Playboy,” he started doing a little dance and then he made finger hearts at us! Also, “Artificial Love “ ENDED ME. He was thrusting right in front of me and it changed my life. He was so fucking sexyyyyy. During one of the ments he started THRUSTING ALL OVER THE PLACE and I was very overwhelmed and screaming a lot. He came over to my side a lot and would dance sweetly in front of us. He started to do more aegyo for us towards the end of the night. And then it happened. We locked eyes during “Angel.” He was walking over and waving at us and making finger hearts. I decided to get his attention by making a heart over my head like he always does. So I did, and he made one back at me with a lovely smile. I’m so sad that I didn’t film that moment, but it will be engraved in my mind forever. 

So that’s it! I’ll upload pictures and videos soon so you guys can see what I saw. Overall, it was such a wonderful experience and I really hope I get to see them again someday.

One change that I really dislike from book to show is that they had Jaime be the one to agree to Tywin’s demand that he marry someone.

In the books, when Cersei comes to Jaime in the WST and tries to talk him into telling Tywin he’ll marry Margaery, that’s a really foundational moment for his coming set of realizations about their relationship. It’s before he’s found out about the infidelity, and you can tell he finds it very confusing and horrifying. He doesn’t know quite what to do with this information. I mean, fifteen years ago she came to ask him to *not* marry someone and to join the Kingsguard instead, so he could be with her, which of course…didn’t happen quite that way.

Now she’s asking him the opposite: quit the Kingsguard, marry Margaery, go to Casterly Rock…then she pleads that Tywin is sending her there too, so they can be together. Which makes no sense, of course, since she’s making it clear she’s trying to stay with Tommen in King’s Landing, through this exercise. Of necessity, this plot, if successful, would again result in one twin at CR, the other at the Red Keep. They’d switch places again. She knows it now. Did she know it the first time, too?

At the end of this scene there’s an attempt at fellatio, of course, and some insults. And the line where she claims she and Tyrion have both lied to him a thousand times. 

He doesn’t begin to put this together until AFFC, of course. He’s learned about the infidelity, and one thing that I always find interesting is when folks don’t realize that his anger isn’t really about the cheating, per se. The scene from ASOS doesn’t begin to make real sense to him until AFFC. She comes to him in the Sept, and this time she’s hauled out the big guns. Costumes - the one that worked on him so well that one time. References to their night at the inn - and he registers two important things. One, of course, is that she doesn’t even remember where the inn was. But the other is that he has that clear thought: “She wants something of me.”

This isn’t a thought he’s put together about himself, before. And without learning about the affairs - which were clearly transactional sex - he couldn’t have put this truth together. Her relationship with him is also transactional, and always has been, since their very first sexual encounter (and it was their first. Age typical play between small children simply does not count). 

So, the problem isn’t that Cersei has had transactional sex with other men. The problem is that Jaime has realized she’s had transactional sex with him, all along.

This is what Jaime means when he tells Hildy that he likes innocence in women.  It isn’t about virginity. Neither Pia nor Hildy are virgins, and he likes them. But he doesn’t like Ami, and he doesn’t like Cersei right now, either. Surely neither of them have been with as many men as Pia and Hildy? But Pia and Hildy are honest. When Pia climbed in his bed, it was out of actual desire. Hildy is also up front about what she’s about. 

But now with all this information he’s gathered? “Cersei wanted me to marry Margaery and leave the KG to help Cersei achieve a goal that she claimed was about being with me but simply logically speaking was not at all. She has come to me several times attempting to manipulate me into sex to help her achieve a goal. Was the night at the inn off Eel - not Weasel - Alley also about Cersei achieving a goal that had nothing to do with being with me at all? Cersei has slept with several others to achieve goals. She slept with my wannabe teenage doppelgänger, in fact, a boy who is pretty much a ruin now, to achieve a goal.”

Is it rather precious of Jaime to be so terribly put out that his incestuous treasonous nightmare of a relationship turned out to be a scam Cersei ran on him from the start? Well yeah. Each of us wants to think of ourselves as special snowflakes and we tend to find offenses that violate our sense of specialness particularly enraging. 

But to simply dismiss his sense of loss and outrage - he gave up his life, his relationship with his father, his ability to have good memories of his mother, his chance to have a family of his own, his birthright *which we know from his memories and from his scene with Lancel he actually did and does want* - as being about simple sexual jealousy and a thwarting of his idealizing of Cersei as somehow sexually innocent is way way off base. When Cersei came to Jaime that night at the inn off Eel Alley - remember, this is an inn that has only been mentioned one other time in the series, as a place where Varys’s operatives have people taken (in AGOT, this is where one of his people take Cat and Rodrik), she was almost surely doing so because of a Varys plot to separate Jaime from Tywin, and thus finally piss Tywin off enough to get him to quit, while simultaneously giving Aerys enough of a sense of delight in having scored the ultimate blow that he’d finally ACCEPT the resignation. 

Guys, the inn is the smoking gun. When a writer mentions a thing twice and each time jumps up and down pointing arrows at it, having characters make mistakes about it and being corrected by other characters about it, that is the author screaming at you to notice. Cat mistakenly believes Petyr has had her led there. Petyr says nope, not me! And in sweeps Varys. The inn off Eel Alley is his place. It is established as such in the very first book. It is a critical fact.

Now, all Cersei knew was that someone - probably someone very like Taena, which is why Varys sent Taena to her, he knows what works, and never let it be said that Varys doesn’t love to run the same scam over and over - had convinced her that if Jaime joined the Kingsguard, Tywin would no doubt pass over Tyrion and make Cersei his heir. We can see how that would appeal to Cersei. She’d been promised over and over she’d marry Rhaegar. Well, Rhaegar’s wife just gave birth. Perhaps Tywin had mentioned to her the idea of marrying Viserys. Wow, great. Is she to sit in KL for another ten+ years waiting for a child eleven years her junior to come of age to marry? Won’t they want to marry him off to someone young? So, sometime during her stay at Aerys’s court, she clearly acquired the idea of being Lady of Casterly Rock, and it seems logical that she acquired it at this point. Everything about the plot - the idea of dressing in costume, the location of the Inn, the line about the sleeping lion (how convenient of Ser Harlan to die in his sleep) being placed by the young lion, and the very fact that Cersei simply was incapable of interacting directly with Aerys to pull this off, playing to Cersei’s iatrogenic sense of superiority…it reeks of Varys. Cersei *today* wouldn’t pull together such a theatrical production. Varys, Varys, Varys.

And since we no doubt have Varys to thank for the whispers of the Tourney at Harrenhal being a plot to overthrow Aerys - without which Aerys would never have exposed his own madness and paranoia to the high lords - we can see that Varys pulled off the two necessary components that TWOIAF posits over and over were required to get the high lords to begin to contemplate overthrowing Aerys. Many think Rhaegar was behind it, but I believe Rhaegar was simply supposed to show up at the Tourney, be handsome and strong and as clueless about plots to overthrow his father (no, I do not believe at all that Southron Ambitions had any such agenda) as the lords themselves were, and find himself pressed into service. I mean, Rhaegar has spent 21 years at that point, not acting against his father. He’s watched his mother be imprisoned, raped, abused. He has yet to act. The simpler answer to, “Why did Rhaegar finally plan to act against his father at the Tourney?” is simple: he didn’t. Would’ve been a fine plan, if not for the one thing Varys never accounts for, of course: penis. 

And here we move out of the theory portion of this post and into the pure fanfic portion. 

Did Varys act alone, or was he someone else’s agent? I don’t know. He must’ve learned of Jaime and Cersei’s childhood play, and their mother’s reaction to it, from someone. But, he didn’t have to be told. The little birds seem to be in the walls of the queen’s chambers as of AFFC, and the one person we know knew of the twins issues - the Unnamed Princess of Dorne - had been at court while both Varys and Cersei were newly arrived, so surely she had conversations with Rhaella about Joanna’s daughter, which would’ve been overheard. I’ve long loved the idea of Rhaella having actual agency. Any plots that extend into Essos  might have a Martell behind them, since they’re the Westerosi House with the closest continuing ties there, and both Doran and Oberyn were operating in Essos during the relevant time frame, including whatever machinations got Varys to the Red Keep in the first place. Nothing would make me happier than a Rhaella who did what she could to protect herself, her children, her grandchild, over the decade of her imprisonment, and men overlook women’s friendships, after all. The natural Rhaella agent would be the UP. We’ve already seen that the UP will answer a friend’s call for help with problems with their children and their husband, since she swiftly set out for Casterly Rock to help Joanna. And in fact,  the UP is so much older than Joanna that the window for their attendance upon Rhaella doesn’t allow much room for overlap, since Doran is only around three years younger than Joanna. Fact is, Joanna and the UP were absolutely positively not “at court together as girls,” as Tyrion believes and Oberyn replies, “Just so.” A mistake from George? Maybe. Or intended to draw our eye. The connection between the UP and Joanna may be only through Rhaella. Perhaps the dismissed maid was sent not to Dorne, but to King’s Landing. Perhaps the UP imposed herself upon Tywin not simply out of loyalty to Joanna, but because her mission was on behalf of Rhaella herself.

And while I’ve seen many people dismiss Rhaella, it’s usually based upon Jaime’s line that her eyes had been closed for years, by the time Aerys was roasting people. And I’m like, really? What did fifteen year old Jaime Lannister know about the strength and resolve it took that woman to survive her husband and maintain for Viserys any sense of normalcy? Who cares what Jaime thought? If anything, Jaime’s opinion of Rhaella reads to me as evidence she was much more than he could possibly imagine. She had the loyalty of her ladies. At least one of her ladies rules in her own right, and while Aerys never allowed Rhaella to be alone with her own son, there is no reason to believe he was smart enough to not allow her to be alone with her friend the UP. And the UP is fifteen years or so older than Rhaella and Joanna. Plenty of years of wisdom and rule to help Rhaella out. If you’re looking for the agents behind the Defiance at Duskendale…I’m just saying, you might look at those two. From this angle, it isn’t difficult to imagine Rhaella noticing how easily manipulated Joanna’s daughter was, thinking about the Martells’ long ago journey to help Joanna with the twins, thinking about Cersei’s abuse of Tyrion which Oberyn and Elia surely reported to their mother, and deciding, do I further damage Joanna’s children, ruin her son’s life, to save my own young son, my own granddaughter? My sorry ass son Rhaegar continues to be the only one with the power to stop my insane husband, yet he continues to be a sorry ass. No hope he’ll man up in time to save any of us. 

I will never stop laughing if the very fact that the Unnamed Princess is unnamed is simply another mask George architected. How important can a unnamed dead woman be? Lol. Bless him if so. But how truly tragic, if Rhaella and the UP were trying to save their children and grandchildren, and the result was the terrible murder of Rhaenys and Aegon. And if Varys was at all acting on their behalf, it explains why he seems particularly troubled by what happened to Rhaenys. And it lends new meaning to his claim to Kevan that what he has done, was “for the realm. For the children.” Poor babies.

strivingscarab  asked:

So I just did a couple of matches of comp to prevent myself from decaying (One of which I had both a plat & a GM on my team. We lost. Fix yo shit, Blizz. That's over a 1000 SR difference there?) Anyway, second match absolutely no one was in voice comms (Because why would they be in a team based game?) and everyone was all over the place, we lost again, and then I get like 4 messages saying "Worst Mercy gtfo." man, if 25K healing & 32 res' is worst mercy i wanna see the god damn best tbh.

wow. shit like that makes me want to scream.

Smile was recorded into my four-track at the same time as Niandra La’Des was recorded: while we were writing and recording BSSM. At the same time that I developed the guitar style that I felt would be the perfect kind of guitar playing to play with Flea, I also developed my own style of writing music, writing lyrics, and playing guitar in a very “non-rock star-ish” way. Niandra La’Des and Usually Just a T-shirt were released because they were solid, conceptual records; they’re two complete sorts of feelings. Smile from the Streets You Hold was just leftover stuff that I had sitting around from the same period, with the exception of five songs: three songs that were recorded into a cassette player immediately before it was released- songs I really wish weren’t on there- and the two songs where I’m screaming, which were recorded in 1994 or so. But the rest of them were just leftover songs.The album was made only because I needed money for drugs. I kept going back and forth with money, based on getting my record royalties every six months- I would spend that on drugs, and then I would have no money. And, at one of the periods where I had no money, this guy offered me a certain amount to deliver him a solo record. That was the only reason why Smile was done, so it’s scattered; it’s all over the place. I have certain friends who love it anyway and tell me, “Don’t try to get it back.” Because sometimes I think that I want to just get rid of it- buy it back from the guy or something. But I don’t really care. It is what it is. It’s music I recorded. I mean, I’m proud of who I’ve been; I’m proud of who I’ve always been.
—  John Frusciante about Smile From The Streets You Hold (1999)


request: ”Hi! Hope you don’t mind, but I’m in a dark patch with depression and gender dysphoria, could I request a ficlet with Dean, Sam and Cas taking in a trans ftm reader? Then helping him to transition and love himself again? Possibly readerxdean?”

words: 2890

warnings: Reference to depression and self-hate, angst, but I tried to focus more on the healing and self acceptance.

a/n: Dark days pass, hon. Hang in there, and in the meanwhile, I hope this helps, if only a little.

That night, like a child throwing a tantrum, the weather took a turn for the worst. Rain fell in heavy droplets, hard enough to sting your cheeks, and thunder echoed furiously in the distance. You had been walking home, a place which held less and less meaning these days, when caught in the thick of it.

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Calum Hood - Thigh Riding

Calum had been sat on the couch playing fifa all day. The only time he’d spoken to you was when you offered him a sandwich at lunch, but even then he only replied with an annoyed mumble. He has his days like this where he just can’t be bothered to interact with anyone or do anything except sit on his ass. However it’s these days that he always looks incredible, with just his sweats low on his hips and his hair in messy curls, the shirtless golden god was enough to make any girls thighs clamp shut.

You were just wearing his ‘maine’ shirt and his favourite turquoise lace panties, which usually would be enough to drive him mad, but in his state of grumpiness he seems disinterested. You had been pottering around the house all day and now you were just doing some cleaning, it was when you started dusting in front of the TV that he lost his shit. “Y/N, move out of the Damn way!” Calum yelled “excuse me! You’ve been sat on your ass all day and you’ve barely said a word to me! As soon as I start doing something that gets in the way of your precious TV you get the arsehole!” you scream back arms flailing all over the place. “shut the fuck up Y/N you know I need my alone time every once in a while!” he shouts standing up flexing his muscles, just the sight of this drove you wild, leaving you breathless, even when he’s mad at you, you still wanna jump on him. You walk up to him and push him back onto the couch straddling one of his thighs. “what the fuck are you doing!?” his voice comes out straggled placing his hands on your hips. “you’ve been driving me crazy all day, and you don’t like it when I take care of myself so I guess I have to take matters into my own hands, now kiss me” you slowly started to rock your hips back and forth on his thigh earing a muffled moan from Calum as he watches you get off. Arms wrap themselves around you his hands grasping your bum. He guides your hips as you swivel them against him. He leans forward and kisses your lips hard his tongue entering your mouth. He lifts his leg up to add more pressure to which you moan out his name. Your lips leave his to trail along his neck and chest, you look down and see his bulge starting to form. You rock your hips faster feeling his fingers dig into your ass and feel yourself coming close to your high. “c'mon baby” he whispers whilst kissing your jaw. You speed up your actions after his encouragement swivelling your hips in figures of eight, the pressure building up in your lower region was immense, you look him in the eyes and lean in to kiss him again, the contrast between the fast speed of your hips and the slow passionate kiss taking place made your legs start to shake, your orgasm washed over you, your juices spilling into his leg. Out of breath you pull away from the kiss and look him in the eye, feeling his hard bulge pressing into your thigh you give him a smirk before jumping off of him and sitting on the couch next to him, he looks at you dumbfounded “aren’t you gonna help me out baby girl?” he smirks soon to be shut down by yourself “hmm, should have thought about that before you ignored me all day…baby boy” you wink and get up heafing towards the bedroom leaving him there gobsmacked.

Back to you. A Feltson fic

Emma, sweat dripping down her back like dewdrops, made her way towards her dressing room. Her friend and assistant rushing behind her, a bottle of water in his hands. As soon as she entered the room, the coolness from the AC eased her distress.

“Here you go babe” Julio said entering the room behind her and handling her the bottle. She murmured a quick thanks before gulping it all down her parched throat.

“You should not overwork yourself” He said sitting on the chair facing her.

“You know I can’t do that” Emma gave him a small smile.

“You’re the only Harry Potter child I know who works so hard” Julio said standing up and going towards her wardrobe. “He said Yellow sweater right?” He peeked out from behind the doors.

“Uh…yeah” Emma muttered then she crinkled her nose as if she just thought of something. “That’s not true Julio. Daniel has done some pretty impressive works. Even…Tom” She ended awkwardly mentally cursing herself for bringing him up. She heard a squeal from Julio and assumed that he had found her perfect yellow sweater.

“OMG Ems! You’re so right” Julio said coming out of the closet, a white shirt in his hand.

“I’m no fashion expert like you but that is not a sweater and that definitely is not yellow in colour” Emma said grinning at him.

“What-oh no” He said dismissing the shirt in his hand and crouched down on his knees in front of her. “Did you see his latest work?” He grabbed her hand.

“What work? Oh ’what if”?“ She said referring to Daniel Radcliffe’s latest movie.

Julio narrowed his eyes at her. "I’m not talking about him" He said, clearly still pissed off at Daniel for turning him down.

"Are you still mad?” She teased. Julio refused to answer to that. “You know. Dan is straight! Can you blame him?”

“He likes me. Deep down. Very very very deep down” Emma smirked as she mouthed A-Ok.

“And no” He continued. “I meant Tom Felton. Who is so totally hot BTW. Just so you know” Emma’s cheery mood evaporated. Instantaneously.

“I mean did you watch it? He was soooo oooohh goooood!” He almost moaned. If they had been talking about anyone, anyone¸ other than Tom Felton, Emma would have burst out laughing. But alas, they weren’t.

“No. No I haven't…” She mumbled before turning to face the mirror. Not needing to see her face now, she grabbed a tissue paper and started scrubbing the makeup off of her face.

Julio stood up and started on her hair. “Did I tell you? He is coming here. In fact I think that he’s already here”

“Tom?” She asked.

“Yes. Apparently the next episode of ‘Murder in the First' will be shot in Canada. Exciting isn’t it?” He grinned at her through the mirror.

Murder in the first. His new TV series.

“Heard that it was good” She mumbled.

“It was beyond good. He really pulled it off” Julio answered.

“I don’t know how you know all this tidbits of information when you’re practically with me the whole time” Emma smiled.

“You don’t keep your eyes and ears open. If you did, you would know how much people want the two of you to be together” Emma 'mmm-ed’ at that deciding that not to answer would be the best that she could do.


Emma Watson opened the door to her apartment and mentally sighed bathing herself in the comfort her flat provided. She had denied the production’s offer of staying in a hotel choosing to spend these rare moments to be just on her own. She was alone, yes, but her thoughts were fixated on one specific conversation. On one specific person.

She threw her jacket on the couch and placed her Chanel bag on the table before making a dash towards her bedroom. It took her only a few minutes before she emerged from the room in a plain sweatshirt and shorts. Grabbing a cold soda from her fridge she went and sat on the couch, effectively sitting on top of her coat. She grumbled before pulling it out. Her brows kept furrowing as if she was in deep thought. She made a move to stand up but then shook her head and sat down again. It was only a few moments before she stood again. With a sigh she made her way to her bedroom and switched on her laptop. Making herself comfortable on the bed she went on Google.

Her hand fluttered over the keyboard, her mind still not made.

“I’m gonna regret this” She whispered before she typed the words on the search box. Murder in the first.


There was a buzzing sound from under his pillow and to be frank the sound was driving him mad. He needed sleep, dammit. When it continued to ring a second time, Matthew Lewis muttered an oath before grabbing the phone from under his pillow. He cracked one eye open to check who it was that was calling so late at night.

“Emma?” He answered, his voice still groggy.

“I can’t believe that he acted so…soo…urgh he was such a man whore in it!” Emma Watson sounded extremely pissed off at the other end.

“Huh?” Matt answer rubbing at his face. He had a feeling that this would be a conversation that would last for a while so he adjusted his pillow as he sat up on bed.

“Hold on. Who’s the 'he’? Who’s the man-whore? Are they both the same?” He asked crinkling his forehead.

“Matt!” Emma said in her 'Emma-ish’ way which brought an amused smile on his face.

“Tell me what happened” He said.

“MURDER. IN. THE. FIRST” Emma spat out. Oh.

“I’m assuming that you watched it?” He said rubbing at his already aching head. These two really needed to solve their problems.

“Yes. He was…arrgh” Emma screamed. “All over the place” She finished.

“I think he did brilliantly” Matt defended his friend.

“Oh of course. But who told him to act so…so…like a…uhm player?” Emma was never someone at a loss for words. Unless it’s related to Tom. He almost chuckled. Almost.

“His director?” He asked answering her question.

“Oh don’t be such a smart ass” Emma growled. Matt snickered.

“He’s there you know? In Canada” Matt said. “Meet him. Try to work it out” He said genuinely.

“There’s nothing to work out” Emma replied.

He was about to object when she interrupted. “Goodnight Matty”


“Alright. Take care mate” Tom Felton said giving a careless pat on his friend’s shoulder before he made his way towards the set where Kathleen Robertson was waiting for him.

“So you will come?” His friend yelled at him.

“Yeah” He called back. “Hello Kath” He said coming to stand beside his co-star.

“Tom” She smirked back.

“What got you in such a happy mood?” He said eyeing her cautiously. “As far as I can remember you don’t get to kick my ass until the 7th episode. Which is almost 2 weeks away” He pointed at the obvious fact.

“Oh I know” She grinned before adjusting her shirt.

“You’re such a tease” He muttered before sitting behind his table. Kathleen came and leaned down on it.

“You got a visitor” She whispered.

“Hmm?” He arched an eyebrow.

“While you were talking to that lover boy over there your…friend came to visit you” She said with a smirk.

“Lover Boy? He just invited me to his wedding which I’m pretty sure you weren’t invited to” Tom replied earning a chuckle from her. “Who is it anyway?” He asked thinking of his 'guest’

“Why don’t you check for yourself?” She asked. Tom 'mmm-ed’ as their director called for them to take their places.

By the time they were done shooting Tom was drained….and had forgotten about his visitor. He went to his dressing room with the intent of getting everything packed and leaving to his hotel as soon as possible. So to find someone curled up on his couch under all the blankets would startle him to say the least. He almost yelped but held himself in check just in time. After taking a careful step towards the bundle that was sleeping, and snoring lightly, he crouched down. Carefully so as to not wake whoever it was he removed the part of the blanket from the uninvited guest’s face.

He gave an involuntary smile when he realised who it was and then stood up again and got everything packed. Still smiling, he got out of the room waving to his assistant.

“Place these in my car” He whispered.

Then he got back inside and gently gathered her in his arms. She weighed lighter than a loaf of bread. Ok so maybe he was exaggerating a little bit. He can’t help it. She was just so tiny! When he got out, the whole cast shot him curious looks. Kathleen was openly smirking at him. He chuckled, the girl shifting a little. There was no way that this was not getting to press. They would have a field day. Especially if they realised who it was that was cocooned in his arms.

Just before he got into the car he adjusted her so that they would have a glimpse of her. He heard the collective gasps from his crew and heard someone chuckle. Kathleen probably.

“It’s Emma. Emma Watson” He heard someone say as he closed the door. Damn right it is.


She opened her eyes as the smell of bacon and eggs filled her senses and lazily moved towards the smell still not fully aware of her surroundings. When she reached the opening of what seemed like the kitchen she could detect the slight aroma of coffee and almost moaned. This was definitely turning out to be a really good morning. When she entered the kitchen her eyes immediately went to the table where the delightful food silently awaited, tempting her. She had just reached the table when she became aware of the fact that she might not be the only person inside the kitchen. Her eyes then landed on a well-built man whose back was turned to her. His muscles flexed as he worked quite leisurely at the stove. She stared at him- open mouthed. Stared at his very bare shirtless back.

“Are you content to just ogle at me? I don’t mind you know, but it might result in my deliciously cooked food getting wasted” He said turning around and winking at her smugly. Very smugly.

Emma opened her mouth, then closed it. Opened it again. Closed it. What was she supposed to say? Tom shook his head as he lazily strolled towards her. Upon reaching her, he gently tugged on her elbow and led her towards the chair.

“Sit” He said. She complied immediately.

Why? She should talk. She really should. When she finally found her voice she asked him, “What am I doing here?”

“Why, you sought me out love”

“Don’t call me that” She spluttered before continuing. “I went to your set. NOT your hotel room”

Tom took a sip from his own cup of coffee before joining her. “I brought you here”

“You brought me-” She tried to sound outraged. “You were sleeping. Curled into a ball in my chair. Quite adorable”

“You were taking your bloody time” She defended her action.

“You know how these shooting goes. Plus I didn’t realise that it was you” Emma scoffed. Why was she so angry with him again?

“Emma” Tom said gently moving his hand towards her. Cautiously. “Why are you here?”

She tried to not look at him when he said that. Then she remembered what he did and got furious all over again.

“DO. NOT. TOUCH. ME. FELTON” He immediately took his hands off her. Not to comply, no. More from shock, really.

“Not with the same hand you touched…them” She mumbled, suddenly deflated.

This confused him and he crinkled his brows together. “Who?”

“What?” He asked again when he got no answer.

“You’re whoring yourself Tom” Emma said adding a bit of everything to her plate. She has always been a stress eater. Tom let himself crack a smile at her all-too-familiar behaviour before he asked again, “What?”

“I saw it” She said.


“Really Tom, are you that dumb?” Apparently he was. “I watched your series. The one you’re working on now”



“Murder In The First?” Emma nodded. “Really?” Tom smiled, genuinely happy. “Did you like it?”

“No” Emma said narrowing her eyes at him. His smile immediately dropped.


Emma stopped eating and stood up. Her eyes shooting daggers at his light blue ones. Honestly, an Emma who was worse than the stress eating Emma would be the Emma standing right in front of him.

“Did you like it?” She murmured.

Like it? “Of course I did?” Tom replied slowly not sure if this was the right answer.

She huffed before moving away from the table. Wrong answer then.

“You’re unbelievable”

“Thank you?” He wasn’t sure if that was the correct answer either. Judging by her loath full glances it wasn’t.

“You really liked it?”

“Yeah I loved it” he said defending his role. She grunted and threw the pillow, which was on his couch, at him. Thank god it was just a pillow.

“Emma” He said moving towards her truly concerned. “Emma” He said again trying to hold her hand. She backed away.

“Em…Char!” She gulped down whatever she was about to say and let him steer her towards him. He smiled. Char always worked.

“What. Happened?” He asked caressing her arms in an up and down motion. She refused to answer.

He crouched down to look into her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. “Hey. Tell me”

“You like it. Those girls”


She nodded. “You like doing all those stuff with all those girls”

Understanding finally shined through his eyes and he chuckled. She glared up at him. Still chuckling, he hugged her, gently ruffling her thick hair. “You’re cute, you know that”

He heard a muffled, “Let me go”

“No” He whispered. He wasn’t letting her go again. It had been so long since the day she left him. This was the first time that she had come to him. Willingly. He sure as hell wasn’t letting her go again.

“It’s just acting, love” He murmured laying his head on her shoulder and gently nuzzling her neck.

He felt her tense up and almost sighed. “…Tom”

“No” He said releasing her. “Not again”

“This is not me trying to get back together” She said.

“Oh yeah? What is it then?” He folded his hands, challenging her.

“The reason for our break up still stands”

“Emma” He said shaking his head slightly. “You’ve graduated. That was your reason”

This time it was Emma that was shaking her head. “No. No it wasn’t. I wanted to make a name for myself. I still do”

“You’re Emma Watson. You’re famous, love” He said unable to hide his amusement.

“In Literature” She narrowed her eyes.

With the amused smile still etched on his face, he led her towards the couch. He sat down himself and brought her down to sit on his lap.

“TOM!” she squealed, scandalized.

“It’s not like you haven’t sat there before” He smirked before planting a kiss on her shoulder.

“Yes. 3 years ago. When we were still together” She said turning to face him sideways. “We are not now”

“I waited for you” He stroked her cheek. “I’ve been waiting for you to come back. I’m not letting you go again”

“Tom…I still need to find my own way”

“We’ll both find our way. Together”

“Tom I-” He gently placed his index on top of her lips, hushing her.

“I love how passionate you are about your work, love. I really do. But this time, focus on us a bit. Just give us a chance…”

“I still need so much to do”

“We’ll figure it out”

“You have your own work and I have mine. It’ll be difficult” She said fumbling with her fingers. “Especially now that you’re working on your series”

“We’ll figure it out”

“There’s so much adjustments to do”

“We’ll figure it out”

“Tom, I-”

“I love you too” He grinned causing her eyes to shift to his. A startled gasp leaving her mouth. A very flamboyant blush pinking her cheeks.

“That wasn’t what I was about to say”

“Mmmhmm. You know I do. Do you not?” He asked smugly.

“N- no I-” She stammered. The blush on her cheek was very becoming.

He gathered her close and captured her mouth in his. Honestly, the woman talked too much.

Imagine #1

A/N-First imagine, let’s do this.


I shivered as I walked back into the camp, none of the lost boys paying me any mind as they danced and sung around the fire. I had been picking flowers by the edge of a small pond, obviously I had slipped and fallen into the water. It was cold and uncomfortable, I couldn’t stand the cold.

I walked over to the fire and sat down on one of the logs in front of it. I pulled off my hood and let it sit on the ground, I’ll wash and dry it in the morning, right now I had to warm my frozen skin. I held my hands out toward the fire, sighing at the way the heat began warming my body.

“Y/N, you’re soaked”

I heard Peter say as he sat down next to me with a raised eye brow. He draped one of the many animal fur blankets around my shoulders and I instantly curled into it.

“Thank you” I mumbled out as I pulled the blanket closer to my body and fought to keep myself warm. I’d of said something more, maybe something sarcastic, but right now I felt much to cold to function.

Peter only nodded and I turned my head to look at him, his frown deepened and he pressed a hand to the side of my cheek. I flinched away slightly, not expecting the gesture. Peter wasn’t one for showing affection in front of the lost boys, but alone he was always holding my hand and hugging or holding me in some way. So this was quite a new development.

“You’re really warm, and your face is all red. Do you feel alright?” He asked and pressed a hand to my forehead to check my temperature.

I shrugged and I let out a sneeze before I spoke. “I’m fine, at least I think I am” I said, but just as soon as I said that my vision became dazed and my head began spinning like a top.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you okay? Y/N?!” I hear Peter call but before I could answer my vision went black and I had passed out.


I woke with a start, my body feeling moist and muggy. I felt like absolute shit. My head was still hurting and my body felt like it was aching all over. It was dark inside of where I was, which I knew wasn’t my tent, It was to warm and comfortable to be. So I instantly assumed it was Peter and I’s tree house, the one we built together and decided it would be our special place.

I sat up, feeling my body ache and scream at me in protest. A cold wash cloth fell from my forehead and into my lap. I could now see the room properly as my eyes adjusted to the dark lighting. It was night fall already.

I hear a noise come from the entrance and I looked up toward the door, smiling weakly when I saw Peter pull back the make shift curtain door. When he noticed I was awake his eyes widened and he was at my side in an instant, his arms wrapping around me and his face nuzzling into my neck.

“You had a fever, you were out for two days… I almost thought I was gonna lose you” He said clenching his teeth tightly, I felt him squeeze me tighter to his body. He pulled away only slightly so he could kiss the corner of my mouth.

“Don’t scare me like that again, be more careful” He said, trying to sound stern so he could properly scold me, but I could hear how relieved he was and my smile widened.

“I’m sorry for worrying you Peter, I’ll promise I’ll be more careful” I pulled him into another tight hug and kissed his cheek softly.


That was my first imagine, and I really hope to get even more! Hope you like it Anon!

Perfection Pt. 2

Summary: The reader is still figuring out how to deal with her visions. When she sees something she can barely understand, she turns to the one she least expected. (I’m horrible with summaries)

Word Count: 3.6K

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Part 1  ( http://imnoshakespeare.tumblr.com/post/143267227216/perfection )

A/N: Thank you for those who liked and reblogged part one and for those who requested a part two! I hope this turned out alright! It was fun to write! Also, there’s a slight (HUGE) Star Wars spoiler at the end for those who haven’t seen Episode VII yet.

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(Y/N)’s POV

There’s a forest covered in white. The frigid air causes goosebumps to rise on my skin. I hear footsteps quickly approaching the empty field and a woman in 18th century clothing comes running from the trees. There are no traces of fear etching her features, only determination. She dives to the ground to grab a spear as the beast comes running from the same direction. It charges towards her ready to take its next victim, but fails to realize the spear jutted out towards it. Before it can stop, it pierces through it chest. The beast shifts into his human form as he falls to his knees in front of the woman. The cocky grin that spread across his face faded away as he realized this was no ordinary spear and these were his final moments. As the life faded from his eyes, the woman turned around and left his body in the middle of the field.

Everything faded to a familiar black abyss once more. I hear the footsteps stopping right behind me as its foul stench fills my lungs. Its breath is on my neck. I turn around and lift my head up at the beast as it towers over me. It points to my neck, then fades away. I run my hand over the front of my throat, when there is a stinging sensation piercing the back of my neck. As I run my hand across it, I feel the blood trickling down and staining my shirt.

My heart is ready to beat out of my chest as I grip the edge of the desk, hoping to bring myself back to reality. I’ve been staring at the chalkboard since my vision began. The air feels shallow, yet I know that everything would be fine, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. A hand reached over to grip mine reassuringly to stop my shaking.

“It will be alright (Y/N)”, he says softly, “Do you trust me?”

“I trust you”, I whispered earning a smile from Stiles and Scott who overheard

My visions have come more frequent than I would like at the most inopportune moments. Especially when I’m in class or jogging or making out with Stiles. Those were the times I hated it the most. It usually resulted in me having to stop and try to make sense of it all. All my visions involved the pack and the beast, but everyone also involved me being alone with it. Him. He would always give a warning, then disappear. Why did he only want to communicate with me?

The bell finally rang and I jumped out of my seat, “I have something I need to tell everyone. Meet at the library in ten minutes”, I let out as I walked out the classroom

After grabbing all my things from my locker, I was ready to make my way to our meeting. The halls were empty and filled with an uncomfortable silence. As I walked in the direction of the library, I could hear a pair a footsteps following behind me and picking up the pace. When I turned around, no one was there. My face ran into something solid as I rounded the corner.

“Are you lost?”

I took several steps back as Theo took me in.

“You’re afraid. I understand. I did hurt you, but only because you refuse to give me what I want. You’re so eager to help them, yet fail to realize we’re on the same side (Y/N)!”, he yelled

Fear began to take over and I could barely move a muscle. This time he would kill me if he really wanted to. Thoughts of running ran through my mind, but I couldn’t get my feet to move.

“We need you (Y/N). You will be apart of my pack whether you want to be or not”, he menacingly stated

I felt a scratch on the back of my arm. I wouldn’t have been able to move if I wanted to, now that I was paralyzed. Theo scooped me up in his arms, with an evil grin on his face while he looked over to Tracy.

“We can’t kill her yet. She’s too valuable at the moment”

“What about Scott and the pack?”, she asked excitedly as we exited Beacon Hills High

“She’ll probably be dead before they reach her. So it doesn’t really matter to me”, he said glaring in my direction


The blindfold is finally taken from my eyes. It takes a moment for me to adjust to the bright light glaring in my face. The restraints tying up my wrists and ankles bite into my skin. The circulation was beginning to leave my appendages. The more I pulled, the worse it became. There was no way to get out without injuring myself. Tracy got up from her seat as Theo entered the room. It was more than obvious that she had a thing for him, but was afraid to say anything. The lingering stares and following his every move made her stand out like a sore thumb. Anyone on the outside could tell he was just using her.

“(Y/N) I don’t want to hurt you–”

“There’s no need to lie. The first time we met you beat me because I refused to give you what you wanted”, I nearly yelled

“Who do you think you’re talking to?”, Tracy yelled as she stepped closer and pulled her claws out

“Tracy calm down. She’s right. I just need to know about your visions, then I’ll let you go”, he said calmly

I laughed in his face much to his chagrin, “I heard you. You want to kill me because I resisted. Let me guess you’re not used to hearing no?”

“I’m so sick of your smart mouth”, Tracy grimaced as she wrapped her fingers around my neck

The second her skin made contact I was jolted into another vision.

Theo and Tracy sat side by side in the very same operating room in the tunnels. The way they looked at each other with admiration and attraction only confirmed that they had feelings for one another. He smiled at her before she jumped into his lap and pushed her lips on his. Theo moved his hands up her body as she ran her hands down his chest. I felt like an intruder. What was the purpose of this vision? Just as things were getting out of hand, Theo pulled out his claws and dug them into Tracy’s back, She violently shook before she fell over. He was taking her power and she fell for it. Theo stood up and looked at her dead body as a grin spread across his face.

As I came to, I knew he recognized the look.

“Tell me (Y/N) what did you see?”

I looked at Tracy who was still glaring at me, “You trust him?”

“What is that supposed to mean? Yes I trust him. It’s you who I don’t trust”, she said angrily

“He’s going to kill you! All he cares about is power. That’s all he’s ever cared about. Not you in the slightest. You don’t mean a thing to him Tracy”

“You’re a liar! He would never do that. He’s our leader. He wants to end this and save Beacon Hills”, she yelled

Before I could respond his hand hit my cheek, “You honestly thought you could turn us against each other. Tracy and I have something special. Something you’ll never have with Stiles, mainly because you’ll be dead”, he said as he gripped my neck, “Now tell me, what was your vision?”

“I told you already. You . Kill. Tracy.”

“What about the other visions you’ve had that you share with Scott and Stiles? Did you forget we created you? We’re your pack not them!”, he angrily yelled

I sat in silence refusing to give him anything. He was only looking out for himself. It didn’t matter if Beacon Hills was being protected or not as long as he was fine at the end of it all. He yelled in frustration and began knocking beakers and tubes all over the floor.

“If you don’t tell me, then I’ll have to take it by force and you might not make it out alive. You brought this on yourself”

He quickly walked towards me as he lifted his hand, which was now full of claws.

“No! Theo don’t!”, I cried as he dug his claws into the back of my neck

I began to convulse as memories of my visions flew through me and I blacked out.


Stiles was looking at me as he held me in his arms, frustration filled his face as he pulled me closer. We were crouched in a corner, trying to keep it together. Wherever we were, I could feel my heart growing heavy so it must have been my fault. Suddenly the room was dark once again, but this time there was no beast. I was on my own which made it far more terrifying. A chill ran up my spine as I heard Stiles screaming my name. It was coming from all directions, but I had no idea which way to go. I called his name. No response.

The lights of the operating room in the tunnels blinked on again, this time I wasn’t on my own. But with the looked they were giving me, I wished I was.

“(Y/N)”, Scott said trying to keep his anger from taking over, “How did this happen?”

It felt like I was frozen in place. There was no memory of what he was talking about. I couldn’t understand why he was so mad. Lydia burst through the doors and her skin paled as she took in the sight before her.

“What did you do!?” she yelled as she pushed me into the wall, “How!?”

My eyes landed on a figure standing across from me. Theo stood there with an evil smirk on his face as he watched it all unfold in front of him. Fear was beginning to take over. It wasn’t me!  Why was this happening to me? Why were they so angry? Theo did this! Lydia grabbed my wrists and held my hands in front of my face. They weren’t the same shade of (Y/S/C) they usually were, they were covered in crimson. It couldn’t have been mine. I finally looked down and nearly fainted at the sight in front of me. Stiles laid at my feet with no emotion on his face as blood pooled around his body.

Stiles’ POV

I’m never leaving her on her own again! Scott and Liam are following Theo and Tracy’s scent while Lydia and I followed close behind. We end up in the tunnels similar to where Theo first “found” Liam and Hayden. The same place Theo held (Y/N) captive before he watched her die.

“The scent ends here”, Liam said as he walked around the same corner for the third time

Everyone’s frustration was growing by the second. No one knew what he would do to her this time. None of us cared that she was a seer. They cared about her as if she was a friend and a sister, but I saw her as so much more. I’m not going to lose her again. Especially not to Theo.

“We’ve been going in circles. She has to be here”, Scott groaned out of frustration

“Oh she is”, Tracy laughed as she pounced on Scott, “But she’ll be dead before you can get to her”, Scott threw her off with ease and quickly got to his feet

“Stiles calm down. This will only be the second time you’ll lose her. Only this time she won’t be coming back”, Theo grinned as he backed up Tracy, “Lydia, why so surprised?”

Everyone turned to Lydia, who was staring in shock and fear.

“Go ahead and scream, you know how this ends for poor (Y/N). Let it out”, he calmly said as he stepped towards her

Before any of us could react, Lydia let out a scream loud enough to shatter your eardrums. It was enough force to knock out the duo of morons right in front of us. Scott and Liam stayed behind while Lydia and I found the hidden door leading to an operating room. Frantically, we searched the room until we heard a whimper coming from the corner. (Y/N) was sitting with her knees to her chest and her head against the wall. The back of her shirt was soaked in blood and her skin was getting paler by the second.

“(Y/N)? What did he do to you?”, I asked as I got on my knees to figure out where the blood was coming from. She stopped shaking when she heard my voice as if she were hearing it for the first time.

“You’re still alive?”, she asked as leaned into me

“Yeah. I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere”, I promised

“He saw my visions. All of them”, she said quietly

By then Lydia and I both saw the four punctures on the back of her neck. It was the same thing he did to Lydia, but this was far worse. He was being careless. He what he needed so he didn’t care if she lived or not. Theo may thinks she’s expendable, but I don’t see her that way. Lydia kneeled beside us and put a towel on her neck. She hissed at the contact.

“Sweetie we have to put pressure on it. You’ve already lost too much blood”, she turned to me with a look of determination, “We’re getting her to a hospital. You won’t lose her again. I promise”

Lydia stood and slowly pulled (Y/N) off the floor. Her hand immediately grabbed mine as we made our way out the tunnels. Hopefully she would never have to see them again. Scott continued to take her pain away as we rushed to the hospital. Everyone kept talking to keep her awake. The last thing we needed was for her to fall asleep on us. But soon Liam began to panic and I was going to lose it.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)!”, he yelled as he tried to shake her

She let out a breath, her head lulled to the side, and she shut her eyes.


(Y/N)’s POV

“What do you mean it’s not working!?”

“Well try harder!”

Stiles’ voice was ringing in my head. I don’t know who he was yelling at, but he was pissed. The constant beeping of the machine nearby was driving me a little insane, yet I was good to know that I hadn’t bit the dust yet. I just needed to wake up.

“Stiles”, Mrs. Mccall reassured, “She’s going to be fine. We just have to wait for her to wake up. You don’t have to stay–”

“I’m not leaving her. Every time I do Theo gets to her”

“I’ll get you a blanket and some pillows”, she said as she walked out the room

I could hear him pacing back and forth in front of my bed. He had a habit of doing so when he was thinking or nervous. In this case it must be both. He plopped down next to me and his hand latched onto mine. A jolt ran through his fingers to mine. He jumped at the contact, but never let go. A warm sensation spread from my chest all the way to my toes.Although the feeling was unfamiliar, I never wanted it to stop. My thoughts were now flooded with all the small moments we shared when we weren’t fighting for our lives or I wasn’t being kidnapped. The memory of our first date began playing in my head before the Dread Doctors arrived. Stiles eyes barely left the movie screen, but when he did, he would nervously look my way. I knew we felt the same way about each other and didn’t know how to make a move so I grabbed his hand the same way he was doing mine at the moment. He smiled softly and held my hand for the rest of the movie…until Han Solo died.

Stiles laughed softly, “Yeah I remember that too. I didn’t mean to scare you or half the people in the theater. We had a lot of fun that night”, he paused and nearly knocked the chair over, “Wait…how are you do that?”, he paused again as if I was going to wake up and respond, “(Y/N) I have to get Scott. I’ll be back”

I felt his lips on my forehead, then he was gone. A few minutes after he left, the door opened again with a different pair of foot steps.

“(Y/N). Here we are once again”

Son of a bitch. I wanted to cry as Theo’s voice filled my ears. This is not how this should end. Especially since I can’t defend myself.

“I had time to think and I’ve decided I’m not going to kill you. I want to let you decide on your own. My pack or Scott’s. And because I’m feeling nice, I’m going to make you a deal. You join us and I won’t kill Stiles. Tracy has been tailing him since you left us, she’s been dying to make her move. So what will it be?”

I thought werewolves were supposed to have keen senses? After a few minutes, his footsteps grew closer. Anger began to take over at the thought of anyone hurting the one I loved. Theo would die before he got the chance.It was bad enough I saw him die in my vision and now I have Theo threatening to take him away from me. My body began to tremble as the warm feeling that Stiles had caused was long gone and replaced with a frigid feeling. I was beyond angry and I could barely control it.

“Maybe you need a little push”

Before his claws could reach my neck, I grabbed his wrist and shoved him into the wall, “Get the hell away from me”, I yelled

Theo fell back in shock as he took me in. I was standing right above him, waiting for him to make his move before I could tear him to pieces. It has to be the adrenaline.

“If you or anyone lays a hand on Stiles or my pack, I will kill you”, I promised

“(Y/N) calm down”, he tried to reason

“Calm down!? There’s no way”, I was slowly inching closer to him as he backed into a corner

“(Y/N)!”, Scott called from behind me, “It’s alright. Your safe”

I wanted to kill him more than anything. He watched me die, beat, kidnapped, and nearly killed me. Every time I thought of Theo, it always ended in his death. Each time I could feel myself growing cold as ice and I welcomed the feeling. He had to die.

“(Y/N)”, Stiles said softly, “He won’t hurt you again. Look at him, he’s terrified”

Theo barely met my icy glare. He should be terrified. Soon Stiles was behind me and he grabbed my hand one more time, “Do you trust me?”

The warm feeling from before took over. All thoughts of Theo were long gone as I turned around and threw my arms around Stiles, “I trust you”


Stiles decided to stay over my place until my parents got home. I may have thwarted Theo’s attack, unfortunately it didn’t mean I was safe.They weren’t too happy about at first, but they weren’t too happy about the time I was kidnapped either. Stiles never wanted to leave my side, but I didn’t mind it at all. I have an entire pack coming after me and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to deal with it. I don’t have powers like Scott or Lydia. I just saw the future and apparently the past too. Part of me wished I didn’t have it at all. It’s helpful to Scott, but now I’m seeing Stiles’ death. How concrete were these visions anyway? I’m not going to let him die, if it’s the last thing I do. I had to protect him.

Pretty soon Stiles was knocked out on the couch and I made my way upstairs. He could stay in my room, however the last thing I want is my parents coming home and seeing that we’re sleeping together. She would be livid, even if we were literally just sleeping. After I turned off my light, I saw a figure standing near my window. My first thought was Theo, but his hands began to surge with blue electricity. As he stepped closer Tracy’s tail pricked me on the neck and I fell back on my desk chair.

It wasn’t there before.

“Why is it so easy to get you by yourself?”, Tracy asked as she began to laugh, “Our leader was impressed with what you did at the hospital. He still wants you to join us”

“His offer still stands. You join us and we don’t kill your precious boyfriend”, Josh grinned

I sat there motionless. Not that I had much of a choice in the matter. They looked at each other as a sick smile spread across their faces.

“He said you might need a little convincing”, Josh stepped closer to me as his hands began to glow, slowly reaching towards me

The same feeling from the hospital spread through me, but it wouldn’t be enough to save me now.