which does not happen often for someone so in control of his actions

Concerning Shinsou Hitoshi’s Quirk

Was saving this (still using this) theory for a fanfiction, but it serves as a good canon theory fodder too – and I’ve already lagged behind in updates and it’s not fair to hold the theory off too long. I am of the belief that there is more to Shinsou Hitoshi’s quirk - or, that it has been misdiagnosed. So, let’s go through this logically!

What We Know

Shinsou has a tired demeanor, which may or may not be related to his quirk. Hooded eyelids, eye-bags, mild slouch, some sluggishness … this could simply be a character design, but considering he’s one of the few with eye-bags, it’s more likely to be quirk-related.

He needs a verbal response to his own provocations for his quirk to function.

He can do it for a relatively extended period of time. At least for ten minutes at a time - enough to last the Calvary battle, and to multiple individuals - as seen in both the race and the Calvary battle:

He can manipulate one’s actions but not one’s words, and their actions are sluggish and fairly simple. He also seems to have to keep his commands simple and short. It’s something relatively noticeable whenever he implements his quirk, this his commands are never extremely difficult to follow:

A punch or some external force can actively knock someone out of his quirks’ control. And, some people do remember what is going on while under the control, whereas others do not. For example, Ojirou did not remember until he was disturbed:

But it becomes clear that Izuku does remember what happened before an external force was used on him. Otherwise he would have no memory of the vision of previous OfA users. This could be the influence of OfA as a quirk itself, but it does not have to be.

What It Boils Down To

  1. Shinsou has a tired demeanor, which may or may not be related to his quirk.
  2. He needs a verbal response to his own provocations for his quirk to function.
  3. He can manipulate one’s actions but not one’s words, and their actions are sluggish and fairly simple.
  4. He can do it for a relatively extended period of time and for more than one command, but he has to keep his commands simple and short.
  5. A punch or some external force can actively knock someone out of his quirks’ control.
  6. Some people do remember what is going on while under the control.

What Makes Sense

That which is above does not add up to brainwashing. Brainwashing is, by definition:

“[to] make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure”

Brainwashing would imply that the commands would have greater permanence or be effective beyond the immediate control. It comes with greater complexities, and longer-lasting effects.

Common steps in brainwashing, as noted by psychologist Robert Jay Lifton, include:

  • assault on identity
  • guilt
  • self-betrayal
  • breaking point
  • leniency
  • compulsion to confess
  • channeling of guilt
  • releasing of guilt
  • progress and harmony
  • final confession and rebirth

But Hitoshi has implemented none of these steps against any individuals: brainwashing is a more conscious ordeal than an unconscious one.

Logically, it means that his quirk is not brainwashing. Instead, it is closer to sleepwalking because of its unconscious and impermanent nature.

Or, at least, the ability to cause others to sleepwalk. So, let’s talk sleepwalking, which is by definition:

“walk around and sometimes perform other actions while asleep”

Hitoshi victims perform simple tasks while under his control, lacking verbal response and permanence in the thereafter of his control. The above shows Izuku walking because of a particular command, but the logic behind this is not not just because that the command was to turn around and walk out-of-bounds. It’s that everything Hitoshi does in utilizing his quirk matches the symptoms of sleepwalking, which include:

  • get out of bed and walk around

Hitoshi’s victims can walk around, though it is a slow crawl / mechanical set of movements.

  • have a glazed, glassy-eyed expression

Izuku is not the only character to have had the glossy-eyed look when under Shinsou Hitoshi’s control.

  • not respond or communicate with others
  • be difficult to wake up during an episode
  • be disoriented or confused for a short time after being awakened
  • not remembering the episode in the morning

The four points above explain the effects that all of his victims have had in some form or another. None of his victims have been able to communicate or easily wake themselves from an episode, and anyone who has sleepwalked usually needs a punch or hit of some kind to snap out of it. Sleepwalking (and its sibling, sleeptalking) is simple-task-based, and sleeptalking is rarely more than five words strung together. Hitoshi likely cannot give complex (or too many) commands to someone, and his victims likely cannot perform complex tasks. In essence, he is using sleeptalking to control someone’s sleepwalking, the “sleeptalking” being his quirks’ way of getting in control over someone’s actions.

Hitoshi loses all control and influence when the dreaming / sleepwalking ends; if it was brainwashing, Izuku would have continued to walk out-of-bounds even after regaining control.

Extremely few are able to remember what happens during sleepwalking, but active dreamers are more likely to remember sleepwalking. Considering Izuku’s imagination and innovative skills, I would not be surprised if he is an active-dreamer, in which he has some control over his dreams and sleepwalking decisions. This explains why he remembers it from the moment he went under, and remembers it even after coming out (the vision) while Ojirou could only remember what came after being bumped by another team (and not during). Also note the use of colors during the animated sequence, which tend to match the way our brains work during dreams and in storing memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVSjXooP7D4

  • have problems functioning during the day because of disturbed sleep
  • have sleep terrors in addition to sleepwalking

These two points above are likely the blow-back Hitoshi faces for using his quirk: his tired demeanor, the eye-bags, and abrasive attitude are all good indications of poor sleeping habits. Sleepwalking also occurs during the REM sleep stages, which is the level of sleep needed to feel well-rested (and Hitoshi does not look well-rested): this may also explain his absurd time limits in controlling people, for at least ten minutes and on multiple individuals, because REM sleep cycles last for 90 - 100 minutes at a time. This could be the maximum he can do on any one individual at a time, or at least the maximum time he can divide up among those he does have under his control.

The Plot-Contributing Point of it Being Sleepwalking?

By and large psychological. If you believed your quirk was brainwashing for most of your life, you likely would not have tested it to any extent. Certainly not to an extent where you figure out the confines of your quirks’ abilities are closer to something else. It would provide immense relief for Shinsou Hitoshi to learn that his quirk isn’t as mind-altering as originally interpreted to be, and likely serve as an opening for him to become a better hero.

Further Evidence

Can I just add in the soundtrack from the anime for a passing moment? When I first heard this, my instinct wasn’t that it was brainwashing. The use of lullabies and scattered voices, creepy as they are, alludes to sleep-related themes.

Would love to hear more thoughts on this!

Juvia isn’t a stalker

This is an old, very frustrating argument for Gruvia fans that shouldn’t even exist anymore. This post also shouldn’t exist because I am refuting something Juvia didn’t actually do, but this is what it’s come down to, sadly. The bottom line is that Juvia can not redeem herself for an issue that Mashima-sensei, the author, doesn’t believe exists (aka the non-existent stalking).

I. The amount of times Juvia watched Gray and why

Juvia did not stalk Gray EVER, but she did hang in the background. He and the guild had been the enemy. If she had walked right up to Gray and his friends, there would have been a backlash. It’s natural that she was afraid because of the damage she helped inflict. Despite this, she formed an affinity to Gray and Fairy Tail which she carefully approached to the best of her ability.

As it also shows in her memories, Juvia had a well-established history of being shunned because of her rain which further led to her tentative approach. Additionally, given the rejection and shunning of the past, Juvia lacked the developmental opportunity to refine social engagement. There was no malicious intent in her actions. She was afraid of being rejected again, so she kept her distance. 

And in fact, Juvia and Gajeel’s presence in Fairy Tail DID cause a backlash. Laxus and the Raijinshuu did get angry when they found out two former Phantom Lord members who had attacked the guild were allowed to join.

Yet, both Juvia and Gajeel made up for their former transgressions already against the specific members they had targeted by protecting them. Juvia protected Gray from Simon, and Gajeel protected Levy from Laxus. That was supposed to be their redemption…IT WAS THEIR REDEMPTION. As stated in the first paragraph, in bold this time: Juvia can not redeem herself for an issue that Mashima-sensei, the author, doesn’t believe exists (aka the non-existent stalking). 

Ultimately, Juvia did approach Gray when he was by himself to ask what he thought about her joining Fairy Tail.  This was their first direct meeting after they met in Chapter 56. Indirect encounters include chapter 67 where she observed from afar and delivered a bento and chapter 75 where we see her watching Gray and the rest of team Natsu at the resort.

It was at this point that Juvia approached Gray properly when she finally caught him alone, and they went to get drinks together. It’s supported by the manga that Juvia joining Fairy Tail would have caused a backlash, as even Gray was wary of her joining because of the things that they did, but he personally did not mind her joining.  Juvia then spent the rest of the arc openly helping Gray and his friends in the Tower Of Heaven. 

At the end of the arc, when Erza asked after Juvia, Gray was the one who knew her name, and where she had gone. Once team Natsu returned to FT, Juvia became a member, and Gray was quite happy about it. After chapter 75 Juvia has never in the manga followed Gray without his knowledge again until chapter 416, where she came to apologize for what happened to Gray’s father. 

When Gray seemed dismayed that Juvia had followed him to his parents grave, she immediately apologized

In fact, Juvia has apologized a few times within the series when she thought she upset Gray, including in 413 Days when she apologized for fearing that she ruined Gray’s day of mourning. But, in fact, Gray ended up also apologizing to her, because he thought it was his fault. He profusely apologized to her in chapter 416 as well while sobbing in her arms.

II. Gray’s feelings

If Gray was so uncomfortable and disliked Juvia’s presence, the above scene would not have happened. He appreciates and is grateful for Juvia always being next to him, which by default completely annihilates the claim that he is disgusted by her. This is obvious because we see the change in their relationship throughout the course of the manga, on panel. I repeat, Gray likes the fact that Juvia is always by his side and wants her there.

Furthermore, Juvia’s comedic advances and Gray’s reactions (which have actually become softer/changed) are exaggerated on purpose. Japanese love this type of humor use in their mangas. It’s meant to be lighthearted, not give off an awful message regarding a pairing. As with many shounen, panel space is often limited for character interactions, so “dramatic” presentations are necessary for conveying points. Mashima-sensei has only ever portrayed Juvia’s love as a positive thing for both characters. Her love for Gray has saved not just Gray’s life, but also the lives of others on multiple occasions. 

While it’s true Mashima-sensei loves using Juvia for comic relief from time to time, it’s important to not let the jokes outweigh the serious moments. In reality, we are not supposed to put so much stock into comedy. Adding to the fact that Juvia’s fight with Meredy proved her love for Gray to be genuine, there’s another factor some people seem to miss.  

In the final chapter of the Tartarus arc, Juvia was about to give up on her love for Gray because she believed she did not have the right to love him anymore. She truly thought it was for his sake, and was prepared to be hated by Gray forever. An obsessive person or crazy stalker would never do this. But Juvia did, expecting this would ruin any chance she had with Gray, and was positive she would be loathed. However she knew confessing what she did was the right thing to do and came clean. Here, Mashima-sensei is showing the difference between an unhealthy obsessed individual and someone who’s love is selfless as they put the other person’s feelings above their own. Above all, Gray didn’t let Juvia give up on him. He embraced her, thanked her, and cried in her arms.

Chapter 499 speaks for itself, so I really don’t see the need to touch upon it other than the fact that the Japanese raw text confirms that Gray does see Juvia as more than a friend, aka, a love interest. As if his actions in the chapter and prior to weren’t enough. Double suicide in Japan is one of the most romantic acts of love based on samurai history.

III. The definition of a stalker

  • a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.
  • a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner.

Neither of the above definitions describes Juvia’s character. Juvia would be the last person in the world to harass or threaten Gray in any way. The two times she watched him were harmless and there were justified reasons behind them. Back to the definition; Juvia doesn’t need to do any of these things, because she is Gray’s friend, and at this point, so much more than that. She’s a partner, they go on missions together, socialize together, and have even lived together. 

Real cases for stalking often involve the stalker having control over their victim, sometimes employing fear in a desperate attempt to maintain control, which Juvia has NEVER done. Admiring someone from afar is not the same as stalking them, especially when you don’t have the courage to talk to them. That’s why Juvia quickly threw the bento in Gray’s hands without trying to be noticed. She wanted to do nice things for him, but couldn’t do them directly out of nervousness. That’s not what stalkers do. And of course, as stated above, Juvia was about to give up on Gray. Stalkers aren’t willing to give up their ties with the person.

Juvia does not need to “stalk” Gray. She stands proudly by his side with no reluctance from him.

And even more importantly Gray has never expressed any adversity to Juvia’s presence. If anything, he has expressed the opposite. Gray of his own accord hangs around her. And Gray had mentioned once in 338 that he would say no to the things he dislikes from then on. Yet he had never said no before, nor after that statement. In fact, he contradicted his own statement later on by eating the bread Juvia offered him, and holding her hand in comfort during the Tartarus arc.  

We also have to keep in mind Gray falls under the tsundere character trope, which means his actions often contradict his words, and as stated above, his adverse reactions are often played off comedically, because he is not being honest about his actual feelings. Juvia’s earnest feelings towards Gray usually cause the cool and collected character to lose his composure. That’s the joke. 

IV. Conclusion

Juvia is often labeled a stalker while we look past Gajeel crucifying Levy or Jellal trying to murder Erza. All of these things occurred at the beginning, but have ceased to be current habits. That’s character development. It’s one thing to not like a ship because of the dynamic. But it’s a double standard to hail the development of one ship and ignore another. People simply cannot move passed Juvia’s first impression, and that is sad.

Every pairing has its shtick, such as Natsu touching Lucy inappropriately and breaking into her house, and Levy hitting Gajeel often. Humor is completely subjective, that’s true, however it’s obvious what Mashima-sensei intends to fall under the umbrella of humor, and that absolutely includes Juvia’s antics and Gray’s reactions to them. Saying they aren’t meant to be funny is just being purposely oblivious and contrary. You don’t have to think it’s funny to know it’s meant as a joke. Gruvia gets condemned by the fandom the most when it comes to their particular aspect of humor, and that is unfair. 

This is a fictional world, they are fictional characters, and they do not have to meet real life standards. Many of the characters within Fairy Tail have quirks or perform actions that are not acceptable in reality. Fairy Tail itself is a fantasy manga. The world and the characters are exaggerated for the purpose of drama and comedy. This fantasy world is also based on Japanese humor and storytelling conventions, and ignoring this fact can lead to misunderstanding characters. 

Juvia has not watched Gray from a distance without his knowledge since before she joined Fairy Tail. That was at least 8-9 years ago in both our timeline and the manga time line (counting the 7 year time skip). No one in the Fairy Tail universe, nor Mashima-sensei, seem to think Juvia’s actions from her introduction need to be addressed or redeemed, because it is a non-issue that only certain parts of the fandom can’t let go of. She will not vocally apologize for a problem that doesn’t exist. 

Gray, especially, has gone so far passed his initial relationship and dynamic with Juvia. It’s sad that so many fans are concerned on Gray’s behalf, but never truly take Gray’s actual feelings or words into consideration. He cares for Juvia, he almost definitely loves Juvia romantically, and he is grateful she is by his side. He’s willing to go above and beyond, including sacrificing his life for her (twice) just to ensure her safety. Those are not the feelings of someone who is a victim of stalking. 

Character Analysis: Shiro

[ Lance ] [ Hunk ] [ Pidge ] [ Keith ] [ Allura ] [ Coran ]

Just for entertaining meta-ish purposes I’m going to do these in the order that the characters are introduced in the show. So that means we’re starting off with Fearless Space Leader. 

Keep reading

Jake English fucking loves booty shorts, guys. Also: Dirk Strider.

I really could not believe it when I heard some people say Jake wears booty shorts because Dirk is a Predatory Gay and made him do so, but here we are. In any case, it took me forever to realize this, so it’s worth pointing out.

Jake uses his clothes to express his inclinations more than maybe any other one of the kids. Jake himself foreshadows his future inclination towards gear that shows off his ass…ets:

Frankly, I don’t think much else needs to be said there? There’s a canonical reason Jake dresses the way he dresses, and that reason is that Jake likes tomb raiders and sexy-looking action heroines, and he wants to be a sexy action hero and look sexy doing it. That’s really all there is to it.

…Or it would be, except that unlike Jake’s relationship with fighting, Jake actually experiences struggles and complications relating to looking sexy, and becomes insecure and vulnerable due to the way people treat him as a sex object.

It’s no surprise this happens. Jake has a list of sexual/romantic voyeurs and aggressors, and his discomfort and trauma in this area is an integral part of his character. 

Early on, Obviously, there’s the AR, who’s lasciviousness is so well-documented I don’t think it’s worth repeating here. 

But Dirk breaks it down nicely for us. Dirk himself makes no appearance on this list, seeing as he had no control over the AR and never even remotely speaks to Jake that way when they talk to each other.

Brobot is often accused of being a sexual aggressor as well. This belief is based on two quotes from the story:

This one, from AR. The thing is, AR is known for being pretty hyperbolic and overly sexual about pretty much all situations–kind of like a 13 year kid would be, you know? 

What Jake himself says about the Brobot’s actions is much more indicative of the nature of the Brobot’s actions. Specifically:

Jake describes the Brobot as tender. And Tender is a specific word with specific, almost memetic meaning in Homestuck:

A meaning that only a juvenile teenager LIKE the Auto-Responder would consider sexual. Or at least, someone similarly trapped in immaturity.

Yeah. I know fanon is really pervasive about this idea that the Brobot was on the list of sexual aggressors, but the only real implication the canon itself makes is that it was doing tame proposals and handholds like this. That’s what Jake is referring to. It becomes problematic for him, but only because of the AR’s taunting and the fact that he and Dirk can’t figure out how to talk about it. 

Brain Ghost Dirk makes some comments to this effect, however–likely reflecting the way the AR has messed with Jake’s head and successfully made him conflate the way the AR sees him and the way Dirk sees him. Even after the AR stops being an active presence in Jake’s life, it still makes its impact known through BGD’s characterization. 

We also have no reason to believe Dirk even knows Brain Ghost Dirk exists, let alone has any active say in what he says or how he acts, either. BGD is, after all, predominantly Jake’s brain–and thus a reflection of, at best, how he THINKS Dirk sees him. 

Note how even though Jake fully expects Brain Ghost Dirk to make lascivious and leery comments to him, he never expects Brain Ghost Dirk to try to touch him in a way he doesn’t want to be touched. On top of that, In fact, Jake makes a point of noting that Dirk is more conscientious towards him than either the AR or Brain Ghost Dirk:

And then, of course Jane literally threatens Jake with sexual slavery (while corrupted by an evil supercomputer):

So yeah, Jake is pretty uncomfortable with being seen as sexy by the time Aranea gets to him. It wouldn’t be unreasonable if the idea of being seen as sexy–or even just wearing short shorts–was ruined for him completely.

It wouldn’t even be unreasonable if his image of Dirk was tarnished, even though Dirk wasn’t really responsible for what was happening any more than he was. 

But different people respond to trauma differently. And once Aranea objectifies him completely and renders him a tool–literally lightning him up and making it so ALL EYES are on him right when Jake feels most exposed and vulnerable, Jake responds in a pretty peculiar way.

With his Hope powers unlocked, Jake could theoretically do anything. Send hordes of angels to attack, make himself invisible, bring Grandma back from the dead…given what Jake actually ends up doing, it doesn’t make much sense to imagine arbitrary limits on his power. Because what Jake does when he needs to feel safe is make his imaginary friend real.

Again: Making something fake real is, by definition, pretty much the hardest thing to do–both in real life, and to convey compellingly narratively. 

Even Jake teleporting his grandma from the past and reviving her to come protect him would be more reasonable a storytelling move than Jake being able to create matter and a personality out of thin air. You would only need Time and Space powers to theoretically pull of that absurd feat, so it would technically be possible to accomplish.

Making your imaginary friend real, though? That’s completely impossible for everyone, everywhere. Except for Jake English. 

But Jake English can do anything, which means what we actually does reflects not only what he wants, but what he wants MORE than anything else possible to him. 

And what he wants is Dirk Strider, coming to his rescue and keeping him safe from his latest aggressor. Kinda like Brobot always protected Jake from feeling unsafe when he was threatened:

Brain Ghost Dirk even calls himself Jake’s boyfriend, and this is after Dirk broke up with him and he worried about not being able to love anyone:

And right before Dirk breaks them off, while Jake is in trickster form and completely uninhibited, he confesses feelings to Dirk and makes a point to note he was willing to be romantically involved with him:

And luckily, as for his relationship with his shorts, Jake had a good pal give him some advice and boost his self-confidence:

And over the course of [S] Credits, Jake apparently patches things up enough with Dirk that they’re living together and can comfortably fight for fun like he always wanted. On top of that, he’s recovered his confidence in his image enough that he can act out the sexy superhero fantasy he loved so much:

Both his relationship with Dirk and his relationship with his body are sorted out, and Jake’s now happy and comfortable with himself. How it happened, exactly? Who knows–there’s as many different ways it could’ve gone down as you can imagine. But the fact is, it did. And it was laid out this way from the beginning. 

What’s the exact nature of Dirk and Jake’s arrangement? Not really relevant. What we know is that they’re living together, that Jake was always willing to have a relationship with him and that never stopped being a thing, and that Jake trusts Dirk with his safety over literally anything else.

What we know is that they’re best friends and mutually romantically interested in each other, whether or not they decide to pursue that. 

We also know Jake always liked dressing sexy so long as he was safe and didn’t have to worry about people dehumanizing him. And in this new world, he can do that as much as he wants, too:

Anyway Jake English is the best character in Homestuck and he’s happy with his boyfriend Dirk canonically, and he’s also happy and comfortable with his body while doing it because that was never the issue when he was with Dirk.

Tomorrow I should be following this up with one last Jake post–this one talking about how Jake is way way smarter than everyone thinks he is. You know. Except for Dirk, who explicitly knows Jake is smart. 

After that, we can move on to Roxy. If you’re interested in my writing, I’m also working on a youtube series aiming to make Homestuck understandable to a broad audience you can find here. Next episode should be dropping before the end of the weekend. 

See you again soon. Keep Rising. 

I’m a college kid, a freshman, currently. My dad’s side of the family are all Republican, and they decided to vote Trump for various reasons that I personally do not agree with. In fact, I don’t agree with many of their ideals. One of those is gun control.

My dad owns a pistol, which he keeps locked up in a safe, along with the ammo he has. My uncle who lives in the same state as us has at least a handgun and a shotgun. And my grandpa currently has a shotgun. My uncle especially goes shooting often with his own children. He invited my dad, and I agreed to go along; mostly just for the experience and to know what it’s like (I do a lot of writing and research like that, but I rarely get to do practical research outside of school).

I didn’t say so at the time, but I hated it. I hated the feeling of kick-back the tiny handgun gave me. I hated feeling that power. I hated hearing it, loud even through the earplugs. And I hated that I was good at aiming with the gun. I hated that, even accidentally, I could kill someone easily with this object in my hands. I did maybe one round and then I stopped. I didn’t try the shotgun. And I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

My uncle and one of his kids in particular love it. They go hunting every year. My grandpa can’t shoot if he wanted to, at this point, and my dad is more of a geek than anything – I don’t think he cares. So why does he have a gun again?

He says it’s for protection. Which is bullshit.

If something was to attack us in our house, the gun would be locked in the safe because it’s (surprise 😱) a dangerous weapon, and he wouldn’t have much of a chance to get it out before the danger does anything. And even if he did, we’re obviously going to call the police. And then when the police arrive, they’re going to see a gun and assume my dad is a threat. The gun, ultimately, will be more of a hindrance than a help.

And it’d be no different in any situation.

In the past two months, we’ve had two mass shootings (perpetrated by white males, by the way, which is an issue for another post), one in Vegas during a concert, and another one in Texas during a Christian Church hour. Both of these states, Nevada and Texas, have few gun control laws. Guns are aplenty in both of these states. So… Why did nobody use guns to save the day? Why not shoot the shooter?

Firstly, you’re likely not trained to do that, like policemen and other government officials have been. So even if you have a gun and it’s loaded and ready to shoot, you’re unlikely to know what you’re gonna do. Secondly, when the trained professionals arrive at a shooting, they’re gonna see you with a gun, and they’re gonna assume you’re part of the threat. The situations are the same. Even if you’re a good guy with a gun, you have a gun, and trained professionals are going to target you. So… Your gun was useless. And it distracted from the real threat. Congratulations, you were worse than useless.

I’ve gotten reports on my phone because my college campus is all about safety, thank goodness, and I can remember that I received at least three reports of shots fired in my area. And we had to avoid the areas. Those that fired shots may not have necessarily been trying to shoot somebody – it may have been an accident – but everyone knows that guns are deadly. There’s a reason why my dad keeps his gun in a safe, hidden away.

So, how do we stop potential mass shootings?

Well, what if I told you that putting increased restrictions on guns may help. And before you go “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” remember why my dad might keep his gun in a safe. Remember why police will go after you if you have a gun during a public shooting and not the people around you. Guns help people kill more people efficiently; that’s the purpose of many guns at this point. And yeah, if a criminal is determined enough, they could probably find a way to skirt around laws and get a gun. But gun control laws we as a people could establish would make it so much harder for the common criminal to do so. It could easily deter a lot of mass shootings, and would help police determine who the shooter is with less guns among the populace, both during the shooting and possibly after.

What would these gun control laws look like? Well, we could get off our high horse and look at other country’s examples, like those of Britain and Australia. Yeah, they’ve had some mass shootings, but I don’t think they’ve had two mass shootings in under two months. Or even multiple mass shootings in under a decade. There’s a solution here, America. And I grieve for those who have been directly affected by these mass shootings. But my thoughts and prayers go directly into hoping that Congress will act to prevent these shootings from happening so frequently. And there are some things us common people can do. Call your senators and representatives and tell them the solution to this problem. When you vote, make sure the candidate you vote for is against mass shootings and wants to stop them. Hope is good; thoughts and prayers are okay; but action is the only thing that will do anything about this issue. Imagine a world where we didn’t have to give thoughts and prayers every couple of months.

At this point, I don’t understand how gun control wouldn’t help us all.

Touch (Yoongi/Reader/Taehyung)

Hogwarts!AU Mini Series | One · Two · Three

Originally posted by theseoks

Genre: Smut - Hogwarts!AU

Words: 2.9K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: It was practically set in stone that Gryffindor and Slytherin students weren’t meant to get along, and they often didn’t, not until locked away in the same room as one another with a common task at hand.

Tags: Taegi, threesome, dirty talk, cum play, cream pie, oral, spanking, male/male interactions, voyeurism, use of sex toys, mutual masturbation, etc.

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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anonymous asked:

Jason He's made out to be the new, better Percy . He is also a massive Gary Stu in my opinion. Leo He's really rude to Frank. I know they got over it but still also he acted like it was all Percy's fault Calypso was on the island even though Percy tried to help. Piper She had so much potential but whenever anyone talks about her being Aphrodite's best daughter or whatever I'm like 'Do you remember SELINA??!!) also she has a huge I'm not like other Girls complex and is kinda obsessed with Jason.

We have REALLY different views on them so I’m gonna see how well I can articulate My Analysis Of My Children okay let’s go:

Jason…I think the point was that he’s perceived as a ‘Gary Stu’, ‘better Percy’ type guy when that’s actually not the reality of who he is? Like, his whole life everyone’s always been “Your father is the king of the gods! You should lead us!” and so he’s had to get used to this role, he’s had to create this character to make people feel like they’re in good hands…but he hates it. He hates being the leader and being in power, but up until the 7 meet up that’s the only thing he really knows. He never really had a chance to discover himself outside of this role shoved onto him. At first, he doesn’t really know who he is other than ‘Jupiter’s Son’.

He can’t help that everyone has high expectations for him, and he’s a people pleaser so he’s going to do his damndest to meet those expectations, but like? We saw how stressed out he was leading the quest in HoH. He was barely sleeping and practically pulling his hair out, pushing himself to fix everything and make sure everyone was okay while ignoring his own problems. That’s what Jason must’ve been like when he was leading the legion- everyone remembers him as a strong and regal leader, because that’s the expectation, that’s what they want him to be, and he came damn well put on a good performance when he needs to, but 24/7 while he’s living in closed quarters with people? Yeah, no. He wanted Percy and Annabeth back so he could stop having pretending he knew what he was doing (and because he was worried about them obviously). 

The thing is, once you strip away “Son of Jupiter”…Jason doesn’t really meet any of the expectations placed on him. Over the course of the series he starts worrying about that less and less, he loosens up and actually starts to find out who he is other than what people want…He doesn’t match up to the image:

  • He’s not actually the strongest demigod out there- he’s a very well trained fighter, sure, but like…We’ve seen Thalia shoot out massive amounts of lightning like it’s no one’s business without breaking a sweat. Jason has to actually ask for a helpful bolt and the effort almost knocks him out. His talents lie with the winds, which…I don’t think ‘wind’ comes to anyone’s minds immediately when talking about Jupiter. And it’s also not a power that, at face value, seems super helpful. But Jason manages to cultivate it and makes it powerful enough to stall Gaea. 
  • He’s not strong and regal, he’s excitable and dorky. He gets so sucked in to reading some book he found interesting that he walks into a tree. He bounces and hugs people when he gets happy. He can’t keep his glasses on straight and looses them on top of his head. He loves talking about history. He got so distracted by how pretty his girlfriend is that he forgot what he was talking about. He got shish kabob-ed and his immediate reaction was “I finally managed to stay conscious for an entire fight”. He was trying to talk a goddess out of killing his friend and the first thing to come to mind is “I’ll get Olympus to make an action figure of you!”. This kid is a LOSER.
  • He’s not a stoic ruler, he worries about every single person under his command. Individually. He doesn’t lead troops like, well, troops- he leads them like teammates. He’s greatly affected when the people working with him are upset, and he’s very perceptive about their feelings. His constantly checking in on Nico after the Cupid scene, his understanding of Piper’s issues in TLH, his belief in Frank, his worrying about Percy and Annabeth…this boy knew Leo was upset simply by looking at his DRINK ORDER, and then even though Leo offered up no real information, it took him like under five minutes of just observing him to know Leo was heartbroken. 

There’s so many other points but like…Jason’s story was about a boy born with crazy expectations shedding those and growing into his own person while still maintaining the sense of duty he had to the people he cared about. He had an entire identity crisis for this very reason. Camp Jupiter was his home, but Camp Half Blood is where he found himself. He loved both places and by the end of the story he came out with a strong and comfortable sense of self. He came out of it with a new path and set of expectations that he decided for himself. He went through trials and dealt with his emotions and found peace with himself and his role in the world. I think it was a very compelling plotline and not ‘gary stu’ like at all. 

Leo…We really have to take into account that Leo’s always assumed the role of ‘the jokester’. Despite the fact he’s a genius, Leo doesn’t actually see himself as talented and the environment he grew up in absolutely shapes that. He said himself in TLH- being the funny guy kept him safe most of the time. He didn’t feel he had much else to offer, and no one around him believed he did either, people only kept him around for jokes. I think what happened with Frank was like…his default setting. That sounds bad (and it is) but it really does need to be taken into consideration- we know Leo’s only been in, like, exclusively bad environments before the events of the series. Anyone who just kept him around for a laugh probably didn’t wanna hear knock knock jokes about engineers. His best bet for not getting in trouble or abandoned would be to rag on someone who was an easier target than him. Leo knows he can trust Jason and Piper, and he’s scared of Annabeth but is mostly sure she won’t kill him…but then he gets possessed and blows up half of New Rome. Everyone’s mad at him. Including the three new people he knows absolutely nothing about but all look like they could eat his tiny scrawny ass for a snack. I feel like it’s not a stretch to say he felt an old urge to protect himself kick in, to make sure he fits into this group because what the hell is he gonna do if he doesn’t? The fact that Frank was already annoyed with him for looking like Sammy didn’t exactly help their dynamic…Like, I’m just saying, I think he really stepped it up on the Frank jokes because of his ‘seventh wheel’ complex. He’s used to using comedy to make himself valuable to people. He knows he has to be on this quest no matter what, but that doesn’t mean people have to want him there, you know? He wants to be wanted. That’s Leo’s whole thing? He already built the entire boat but they’re mad at him for things out of his control. He feels like he’s gotta do something else to be relevant to the group so he just…slides into his old defense mechanism and as he’d be used to, it’s easiest to go for the easiest target. Who is Frank. And the whole weird Sammy and Hazel situation definitely exacerbated the whole thing. And it wasn’t fair to Frank, absolutely, which Leo himself eventually realizes and knocks it off. But I just think it’s not fair to say “Leo’s doing this because he’s a dick”. Like, people are often more complicated than that. 

As for the Calypso situation…Listen, I think Percy feeling guilt for Calypso still being on her island made no sense and someone needs to assure him that that’s not his fault. However, Calypso didn’t know that. Calypso didn’t have all the facts. She had every right to be upset with Percy. It was going to be awkward with Leo and Percy anyway, because like, oh hey dude while you were in hell I made out with your ex and she loves me now. But like…I don’t think it was wrong for Leo to be upset on Calypso’s behalf? The girl he’s crazy about is trapped on an island because Jackson couldn’t be bothered to check on her! (Which is of course NOT THE CASE but that’s Calypso’s view on the matter, that’s what she told Leo). I’m just saying like, he’s relatively new to relationships and he heard a biased explanation of the situation…It makes sense that he’d side with her? 

The thing we need to remember is…Leo and Calypso both have abandonment issues. And from Leo’s understanding, he’s sharing a boat with the guy that had Severely Hurt the girl he now loves. (And if she HADN’T been so hurt when they met, they might’ve had more time as a couple before he had to plunge back into the unknown) Looking at his actions and thoughts from an outside, biased viewpoint might make him look awful and crazy but…From his specific point of view, it makes sense. And Percy was able to see that, which is why they were able to talk it all out. I just think it’s a real shame that Leo Valdez is this complex, compelling character, but people only remember him for fighting with Frank and being crazy about Calypso. It’s reducing him. He had a lot more going on and was a very believable character with easily explainable traits and actions. 

PiperWas one of Aphrodite’s best children, though? She had the most powerful charmspeak in generations. Like, that’s canon. Silena was a great character and a great cabin head, but she had no powers and was a relatively weak fighter. I love her as much as the next, but that’s just canonical fact. Her strongest asset was her heart and loyalty, which were used against her, and she died trying to make things right. She wouldn’t have made it on the Prophecy of the Seven quest. She wouldn’t. But Piper was a powerful charmspeak, was immensely brave, and constantly worked at being a better fighter (which, again, in canon, the Aphrodite kids are not the best fighters). By the time the series ends she’s a wickedly skilled swordsmen, is the only one who can work the cornucopia because of her inner strength and giving nature, has a dagger that can see the future, always knows how people around her are feeling, completely dominated a literal temple of fear and terror, and was powerful enough to order the literal planet earth to sleep. Piper is strong and brave and she’s constantly working on bettering herself. She was able to not only see the other side of Aphrodite, but to fight for it to be what everyone sees. She changes people’s perception of the cabin and the goddess herself. She did have a ‘not-like-other-girls’ complex when we first met her, but she was a bullied kid who grew up around rich white teens in Hollywood. But it’s a complex she catches in herself and grows out of- she stops trying to be #edgy and lets herself be comfortable in her skin, grows her hair out and wears a little makeup and puts thought into her outfits- but she also stops judging other people. She learns to see the beauty in everyone she meets. She redefines her outlook. That’s admirable, in my opinion. 

As for ‘obsessed with Jason’, I mean…it really just kinda reads, personally anyway, as “I’m A Teenage Girl And I Think My Significant Other Is Just The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread”…? Like? He’s her boyfriend, she’s fifteen. He’s cute and cool and a dork all at the same time. She goes from ‘mega crush heart eyes’ mode to actually falling in love with him, that’s not an obsession, that’s like…a natural progression of feelings. She’s always had her own storylines and she’s fully able to focus on things that aren’t Jason. But of course she thinks about him, he’s important to her? They’re a good match, they’re usually on similar wavelengths, and they work well together. She doesn’t think about him more than Annabeth and Percy think about each other. Piper shouldn’t be reduced to a fangirl just because she occasionally thinks to herself “Damn my boyfriend is hot”. She’s a very relatable and impressive character that deserves more than that. 

I really hope this doesn’t end up being like, a ramble, and that I actually properly articulated how I see the characters, but like…yeah. I do love this trio. 

Interrogation as Torture

Interrogation is probably the scenario that comes to most Western people’s minds when torture is mentioned. The belief that torture can be used during interrogation is heavily ingrained in Western pop culture whether the story believes it ‘works’ or not.

I’m going to go over some of the most common misconceptions about what bringing torture to the interrogation table does and does not do.

Tell the Truth

‘Care must be exercised when making use of rebukes, invectives or torture as it will result in his telling falsehoods and making a fool of you.’ Japanese Kempeitai manual found in Burman 1943

The use of force often has the consequence that the person being interrogated under duress confesses falsely because he is afraid and as a consequence agrees to everything the interrogator wishes.’ Indonesian interrogation manual, East Timor, 1983

Intense pain is quite likely to produce false confessions concocted as a means of escaping from distress.’ CIA Kubark Counterintelligence Manual 1963

I can’t prove conclusively that in the history of the world torture has never ever once produced accurate information. Overwhelmingly often it does not. There are several reasons why.

Torture produces a lot of lies. Both people with information and people without information have a good reason to lie under torture. And they both do. The person with information does not want to give it up. The person without information needs to say something to make the torture stop.

Humans are bad at telling when someone is lying. When tested even people who think they’re good at spotting lies can’t do it consistently. It can be almost impossible to tell who is hiding something and who genuinely doesn’t know what’s going on. A person under torture might have already told the truth and started lying when the interrogator didn’t believe them. Which is exactly what happened to Shelia Cassidy when she was tortured in Chile in the 70s.

Pain and stress destroy the human memory. Experiments with willing volunteers have repeatedly shown that stress, pain and lack of sleep make it difficult for people to remember. A 2004 paper using US military survival school as the ‘high stress situation’ which simulated capture and interment as a POW (C A Morgan et al, International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 27, 265-279) found that between 51-68% of soldiers identified the wrong person as their interrogator. Interrogations had lasted four hours with the interrogator shouting at and manhandling the volunteers. The low stress group identified the wrong person 12-38% of the time.

Torture results in loss of public trust. Most police and intelligence investigations live or die on public support. People coming forward voluntarily with accurate information. People reporting on suspects. In the long term torture actively recruits for the opposing ‘side’. According to the IRA this is exactly what happened in Northern Ireland when the British used torture. It also happened in Aden and to a lesser extent Cyprus.

Torture in short produces more lies than truth and in such a mixture that it can be hard to tell which is which. Because of the pain it causes torture can make it impossible for victims who want to tell the truth to actually do so accurately. And because of the effect it has on communities it often makes it harder to gather accurate information through more reliable sources.

Accuracy in torture is so poor it is ‘in some cases less accurate than flipping a coin’. (No that isn’t exaggeration, that’s a quote from D Rejali who literally wrote the book)

The Ticking Bomb

The famous ‘ticking-bomb’ scenario is a fictional situation (it literally came from a novel, written by a suspected torturer) where a disaster (such as a bomb attack) is known to be approaching and in order to save innocent lives the characters need more intel fast.

So they start debating whether to use torture.

Depending on the story and the characters they sometimes do torture. Usually if they do it gives them information they then use to save lives.

There’s another problem, aside from the total lack of accuracy for information that comes from torture. Torture takes as long or longer than other interrogation techniques.

According to the CIA’s own records detainees were put through several days of sleep deprivation before interrogation. The Senate Torture Report (testimony from Ali Soufan) estimated that their torture techniques took 30 days.

According to British records and accounts from the IRA during the Troubles a single torture session by ‘walling’ (sleep deprivation, white noise and stress positions combined) could last between nine and forty three hours.

I’ve selected the following quotes to give an idea of the time frame for short tortures used in interrogation. Both are from Northern Ireland by Irish men detained by the British. Emphasis is mine.

‘One powerfully built RUC detective would keep me pinned in a position while the other one would hold my elbow then press back on my wrist. And that could last for an hour or possibly two hours. And it’s excruciatingly painful, to the extent that I remember after three or four days I would simply go unconscious-’ Tommy McKearney

When I was taken away from Girdwood to be interned, I thought I had been there for about eight days, but it was only three. I later realised I was only being allowed to sleep for ten minutes at a time.’ Joe Docherty

Interrogation always takes time. And that time is measured in days not minutes.

Sanitised Portrayals

‘NO useful information so far….He did vomit a couple of times during the water board with some beans and rice. It’s been 10 hours since he ate so this is surprising and disturbing.’ Senate Torture Report, from quoted emails SSCI 2014, 41-42

For me this is one of the most noticeable differences between torture in pop culture and torture in reality. Torture in films and books is always sanitised.

I don’t mean that it isn’t gory or isn’t gory ‘enough’. Blood seems to be a cinematic staple and seeing the hero beaten and bloodied in a dingy lit room has become standard in a certain sort of action story.

What I’m talking about are the body fluids and products we’re trained to think are less acceptable. Vomit. Urine. Mucus. Faeces.

I can think of several movies where a ‘good-guy’ gets beaten to a bloody pulp on screen. I can’t think of any where they piss themselves. But losing control of bladder and bowel function seem to be pretty common in real life. A lot of the eyewitness accounts I’ve read about systematic torture mention the smell of urine and shit.

Vomiting is something I don’t see mentioned as often in survivor accounts but I think it’s very likely to occur frequently because a lot of common methods of torture produce nausea.

The ‘Tough’ Interrogator


It may be only later, outside of that specific environment, that the torturer may question his or her behaviour, and begin to experience psychological damage resulting from involvement in torture and trauma. In these cases, the resulting psychological symptoms are very similar to those of victims, including anxiety, intrusive traumatic memories and impaired cognitive and social functioning.’ Psychologists Mark Costanzo and Ellen Gerrity.

Those techniques [CIA ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques] are so harsh it’s emotionally distressing to the people who are administering them.’ Dr James Mitchell, psychologist involved in the CIA’s EIT program.

We are where we are- and we’re left popping our Prozac and taking our pills at night.’ Anonymous torturer quoted in Cruel Britannia

There’s a growing body of evidence that torture has a negative psychological effect on the torturer.

The evidence is for the most part anecdotal, based on patterns emerging across interviews. Torturers, funnily enough, don’t show up in droves for psychological studies. But there is a pattern. One of substance abuse, addiction, PTSD and suicide.

The cause of these symptoms in torturers is the same thing that causes trauma in people who witness horrific things. It is well known that seeing violent attacks on others can cause trauma in witnesses.

Humans are empathic creatures.

There is a measurable, automatic response in the brain to seeing others in pain. We can not control it and we can not stop it. Even when we are told that the other person is anaesthetized our brains still respond to their perceived pain.

This, combined with the destruction of normal social interaction and dehumanisation, appears in a very real sense to harm torturers.

If you’re planning to use torture as part of an interrogation scene it’s worth noting that some torturers do believe torture is a useful way to get information, despite the evidence. Some of them cling to the idea that they had to torture, that what they did was useful and saved lives. Some of them seem to overplay the value of torture in order to justify their own actions and jobs.

None of that makes them immune to the effect of torturing another human being.


[Additional Sources-

‘Torture and Democracy’, Princeton, D Rejali (Only order this if you’ll be at home to pick it up, at over 850 pages it’s a monster)

‘Accuracy of eyewitness memory for person encountered during exposure to highly intense stress’, The International Journal of Law and Psychiatry C A Morgan, G Hazlett, A Doran, S Garrett, G Hoyt, P Thomas, M Baranoksi, S M Southwick, 2004 (This team have actually done a series on high stress situations and the effects on memory. Charles Morgan is the first author on this set of papers.)

‘Audacity to Believe’ Cleveland, S Cassidy

‘Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation.’ Harvard University Press, S O’Mara (Highly recommended, reasonably accessible for a layman)

‘Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture.’ Portobello Books, I Cobain (Very good history, although the author doesn’t seem to understand many of the techniques he writes about)

‘What are you feeling? Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess the Modulation of Sensory and Affective Responses during Empathy for Pain’, PLoS ONE, C Lamm, H C Nusbaum, A N Meltzoff, J Decety 2007 (The experiments in this paper include brain scans of people seeing photos of a needle and a hand in various different positions, some of which would be painful. There wasn’t much change in brain response if the volunteers were told the hand couldn’t feel pain.)]

       Traits & symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in Bum

Hello there! I’ve been meaning to do this post for so long, but decided to wait for the season to end instead.

Since so many people have their doubts on whether Bum has an accurate portrayal of BPD or if he even has that disorder, I’ll try to explain that over here as best as I can, coming from an actual person diagnosed with BPD and a psychology student.

We are gonna go through the DSM V criteria along with other traits that I consider worth mentioning.

Please bear with me!

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Why are Bellamy and Clarke so afraid of love?

There’s an undeniable comparison to be drawn concerning Bellamy, Clarke and their individual approach to the notion of love. Bellamy blooms in the presence of affection. Clarke yearns for company and support; her lovers are her solace. Both require love to power through, and yet there is a noticeable absence of verbal clarity in their love. Why has Bellamy never told anybody that he loves them? Why does Clarke find herself blurting out her confession as her lover dies in her arms? What are they so afraid of? What does love mean for these two?

Both Bellamy and Clarke have been conditioned to perceive love as something extreme. To love somebody carries an incredible amount of weight – to cross over to that side in a relationship implies something drastic would have to happen. So first, let’s discuss what is the reasons behind their intense ideas of love.

Bellamy Blake: “I adore those who adore me first.”

It’s no secret that Bellamy is a lover at heart and has so many emotions he’s been conditioned to control and repress. His idea of love is one that is quite cyclical and paradoxical. I often describe Bellamy’s situation as a catch 22 of sorts: he loves people with such fervour that it burns, but he too needs love as a fuel for his own. So what comes first, the way he loves people or the way in which he is loved? And why is his love so strong? Well, his early attachment to Octavia is the source of his passion. Being that young and having a responsibility so heavy, Bellamy’s care and love and protectiveness had to be extreme. His idea of love amalgamates a fear of failure and, of course, overpowering sense of duty. Because Octavia was of paramount significance to Bellamy (all stemming from my sister, my responsibility), his idea of love was cemented as one in which this form of intrinsic protectiveness was required. 

This mantra he’s lived by is very matter-of-fact: basically, you don’t want to know what would happen if something bad were to happen to Octavia because she is your responsibility. That overwhelming idea would have frightened Bellamy so much, forcing a suffocating form of love that leaves no chance for anything bad to happen to Octavia. This was the first time he was given the duty of care and so, very early on, Bellamy’s conception of love was one much more amplified than anybody else’s. Bellamy was raised raising another. He was giving more than he was probably receiving at times. So where’s the love to fuel his own?

It’s anywhere he can find it. Think about it: the look on his face when Clarke told him she needed him, the way he acted when she ran to him and pulled him into a tight embrace, his reaction when Octavia told him ‘I love you, big brother’. He flourishes when he feels love because it’s just about the one emotion he exudes and yearns for in return; it’s the emotion he knows is geared towards him as a person rather than the skills he possesses. He feels when it’s there, and he gravitates towards it because it’s something he desires so badly. He adores those who adore him, and in the circumstance that he is put first, as a priority, it shakes him to the very core. But why does he not explicitly state his love?

Clarke Griffin: “Love is my solace.”

Clarke surrounds herself with love constantly, as it is the source of her liberation. Her will to survive pervades her identity at times and it’s so overwhelming for her. So she reaches out for support, for somebody who bleeds the same, or somebody who being around can free her of her worries. Being constantly singled out for the decisions she has made in the past to ensure the 100′s survival wears her down, it seems, and so the company she seeks is often through romantically and/or sexually-bound relationships. Because love is so paramount to her; because it elevates her in every way possible and gives her the strength to power through hardship…it carries a lot of weight. To love someone, that is. 

With Finn, it was almost as if he symbolised an escape for her. He was somebody she could be herself around, somebody who kindled within her a sense of passion and security, and he offered a companionship that she could not seek elsewhere, as the co-leader of her people. The fact that their most intimate scenes took place away from the dropship i.e. away from her duties only further shows this. With Lexa, Clarke found a kindred spirit and somebody she truly connected with. She saw they bled the same, they carried the same burdens, the same guilt, the same sorrows – Finn and Costia and their leadership roles being prime examples. Lexa was her guide, her lover, her oasis, her eye in the storm. She found inner peace when she was with Lexa. 

But we have observed the recurring pattern with Clarke and her love dying before her very eyes – to love someone is to kill them, she must think. Her idea of love, much like Bellamy, is heightened because of this. And so an important question to raise is: Why does she only confess at the very last moment?

What do love confessions mean to Bellamy and Clarke?

Conceptually, to both Bellamy and Clarke, love is a line they cannot uncross. The state they both remain in, regarding relationships, is one that does not verbally express affection. They show and don’t tell.

Bellamy and Clarke are absolutely terrified of the idea of mortality. With Bellamy, we know fear manifests wherever his love does. With Clarke, she directly associates her love with death. So to tell their loved ones ‘I love you’ psychologically reinforces the inevitability of death. Because of that inherent fear of failure in Bellamy’s love, and the automatic associating of love with mortality in Clarke…it would be in both Bellamy and Clarke’s nature to firmly hold this idea that love confessions are a time limit, love confessions are a reminder. To confess, to make it known to the world automatically endangers their loved one. It’s a psychological belief: it’s almost as if Bellamy and Clarke feel that if they keep their love for someone a secret from fate itself, it keeps these people immortal, and untouched by death.

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Their mentality towards love is something along the lines of ‘I can’t let the world know. I can’t let fate know. Love kills, so if I never say it, I am not putting them in danger.’ To Bellamy and Clarke, confessions have a ring of finality to it that implies that Earth can take them away at any given moment, and they are so fearful of that, they push it to the back of their minds. They show their love through their actions, but never explicitly through their words because not only would that reinstate to the world and destiny itself that this person is irreplaceable so please don’t take them away from me, but it personally reminds both Bellamy and Clarke that one day, their loved one will depart from this world, and they will have no one. People who are special to them, time and time again on Earth, have been harshly taken away from them so they’re now incredibly protective over the last few they have left.

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When Clarke confesses, it sounds like a farewell. The last thing she ever told her father, Finn and Lexa was ‘I love you’. And she blurts it out, too, because there’s nothing left to do: fate got to them before her love could. Since Jake’s death, she’s grown to reaffirm her affection for her loved ones before they die, in hopes to lull them into their passing. To give them the comfort of knowing she always felt the same. With Jake and Finn it was gentle yet distressed, but with Lexa, something more interesting happens. She says it, breathlessly, but the desperate look on her face as Lexa departs gives it away: Clarke’s idea of love can sometimes be reversed, and she confesses in hopes that maybe she was wrong all this time, maybe her love was actually the key to their safety. Maybe if she confesses they won’t leave her, after all. But it’s a hopeless kind of belief, and even Clarke knows this.

And with Bellamy? Someone who has always had a fear of death, a fear of the unknown, the inevitable? Love is a force he cannot reckon with, and he’s battling between choosing to perceive mortality as a reason to confess or as a reason to avoid confessing. It’s a fight between hopelessness and relentlessness. (It also comes from his emotional repression, which I talk about here.) He knows deep down that time will run out, but at the same time, he struggles to unlearn the idea that announcing his love puts a death sentence on the person.

And together: To one another, Bellamy and Clarke will not accept the other’s mortality. While everyone else has left them, they are each other’s constants, and they have remained and survived through it all. They have this delusional mentality, particularly Clarke, that the other’s death is simply not a narrative existing in their universe. Likely crafted from the trauma of loss, they simply will not accept that their death is inevitable. Clarke is adamant that Bellamy will always come back to her (re 4x06: No, you will) because heaven knows what will happen if someone as dear to her as Bellamy were to die. The same occurs within Bellamy, to a certain extent. We saw it in 3x02 especially: when Clarke is in danger he will not stop until she is out of harm’s way because the idea of her death absolutely frightens him.

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Conclusively: resulting from their past experiences, both Bellamy and Clarke find immense difficulty in stating their love, in fear that it will rouse harsh fate itself – that if they were to confess they would be periling their loved one. Their fear of the end is what stops them from confessing, and they both, in the face of the apocalypse, have begun to try and unlearn this deeply-rooted mentality; that love does not equal death, but rather strength.

anonymous asked:

do you think Mabel and Dipper fit the messiah/machiavel trope? cuz I do, and it makes me cry

Okay, I’ve never heard of this trope before so I had to do a bit of research. What I’ve gathered is that the trope is a type of teamwork, usually in the political sense: the shining charismatic leader and the vicious, cunning enforcer who supports the leader and/or their cause. The Messiah is the light and the Machieval is the shadow behind that light. The Messiah usually adheres to morality (like Jesus whom the term originates from); the Machieval favors expediency over morality (like Machiavelli whom the term originates from). Which all does sound like the kind of dynamic Dipper and Mabel have. Outside of the dynamic, I’d even say the individual titles, Machieval and Messiah, fit their characters too.

The Messiah in a narrative context is usually “the visionary, the leader, the savior, the person who may be literally god touched, or just god touched in the sense of the charisma, depth, and power of their vision or capacity to lead/embody that movement.”

Mabel is a natural born leader, there’s no doubt. Its easy for her to reach out and connect with others on an emotional level, and even inspire others to change for the better. She’s incredibly charismatic and charming, and her power even at 12 years old is enough to attract the attention of Gravity Falls’ villains, the gnomes and Gideon, who are insistent on making her their Queen. Seemingly effortlessly she can inspire others to help make her visions (trying out her idealistic version of management running the Mystery Shack, creating and constructing an entire sock opera in a week, etc.) a reality. All qualities of a good leader.

But a Messiah is more than a leader; they’re a savior. Mabel is also capable of seeing the good in others and offering forgiveness even if there’s no real evidence of this being true. She deems Pacifica and Robbie worthy of redemption. In NWHS she looks into Stan’s eyes, the windows to his soul, and judges him to be a good person worthy of being trusted and forgiven, despite all the bad things he’s done. After hearing Ford’s story in AToTS, Mabel basically instantly forgives the man and starts seeing him as another Grunkle she loves dearly, and wants nothing more than for Stan and Ford to forgive each other as she has forgiven them. When Dipper wants to rush into adulthood and becomes blinded by the supernatural, Mabel keeps him a child and reminds him of what’s truly important.

And like a Messiah, Mabel strives to be a good person. Yes, she’s flawed because she’s human. She can be aggressive and self-centered and impulsive. She can be blinded by her infatuations. She avoids emotional confrontation and would prefer to live in optimistic denial when she’s scared and life gets hard. But Mabel wants and tries to be a good, kind person. She goes out of her way to compliment others or brighten their days. She tries to do the right thing in any given situation, often playing morality police to Stan and Dipper. And when she’s wrong, she usually acknowledges that and apologizes. Mabel truly genuinely cares about other people and doing the right thing, and that’s more than most people can say.

Symbolically, Mabel takes on a Messiah-esque pose when she lets go of the button and essentially allows the universe to decide her, and everyone else’s, fates. In Weirdmaggadon she is literally seen as an icon of hope, inspiration, and guidance for Dipper and Gideon, and possibly Wendy and Soos as well. Her being alive and representing doing good, striving to be a good person despite her flaws, and having the ability to defeat Bill on her own (who is basically the “Devil” in this story) is what motivates them all to help find her and save her during the apocalypse and thus save the universe. So, yes, I think we can all agree that Mabel fits the Messiah trope quite well.

The Machiavel is a “term given to people who function in pragmatic, vicious, cunning ways. This is the person who holds the knife to the throat or the guns under the table. The one who blackmails, bribes, and does all the things that should never have to be done but must be done for the things they love.”

Dipper is not at all afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he wants and usually won’t hesitate to do what (he feels) must be done in a situation, even if that’s an immoral action. He’s a guile hero, ambitious, relying mostly on his wits, cunning and pragmatic with a grayscale sense of justice, all qualities that are very Machiavellian in nature. There are many, many examples of Dipper favoring expediency over morality shown in canon.

Like in Fight Fighters (lying and cheating to win a fight), Boss Mabel (ripping people off for money), The Golf War (cheating and sabotaging his sister’s competitor by manipulating others into doing what he wants) Sock Opera (making a literal deal with a demon to get what he wants), Society of the Blind Eye (using a memory erasing gun to erase the society member’s memories to prevent them from erasing anyone in town’s memories again, essentially committing the action he’s condemning the society for), A Tale of Two Stans (coming up with the idea to use the same gun on gov agents despite knowing the potential consequences the memory erasure could have on the agents’ sanities), the Stanchurian Candidate (mind-controlling his great uncle for political reasons, an action that’s literally compared to that of a villain in the show), etc. 

In Headhunters, Mabel remarks that Dipper is her sidekick, and this is sort of true. Dipper usually plays more of the supporter/enforcer role than the visionary like Mabel, which is an interesting perspective for a main protagonist and narrator of a story to have. Mabel generally has the ideas, and Dipper generally helps make them happen. He’s usually the one that constructs a plan to make sure Mabel’s idea is a success in situations where they work together like that. He’s strategizing and cheering her on behind-the-scenes when she’s up front in the spotlight working her magic. And he’s planning to tear down anyone who gets in their way. The episode I believe that embodies this dynamic best is Golf War.

Mabel wants to beat Pacifica at golf. Dipper supports Mabel and her goal. He decides manipulating the lilliputtins and cheating is the best course of action for Mabel to win the match. Mabel disagrees at first, trying to play morality police to Dipper, pointing out cheating is wrong, but Dipper convinces her to trust him against her better judgment. They go through with his plan. It backfires. Mabel says that rivalries are stupid and offers Pacifica friendship, and so forgiveness. Dipper does not apologize to anyone, nor acknowledges that what he did was wrong. Throughout this whole episode, you have Mabel as the leader, the public figure, the one playing the match, and later the savior as she deems Pacifica worthy of forgiveness, and Dipper as the enforcer, the planner, the one standing off to the side, the one ensuring Mabel wins and doing whatever he feels is necessary to achieve that. The Messiah and the Machiavel

And in fact, their physical positions on the castle emphasize this dynamic as well. Mabel is in the center like the King (or Queen), addressing the lilliputtins after being told Dipper’s plan, and Dipper is standing a little behind and beside her, closer to where the knight’s stationed (even borrowing the knight’s trumpet to garner everyone’s attention to Mabel).

Dipper and Mabel balance each other out, which I’m not sure is something that plays into the Messiah/Machiavel trope exactly, but is a large part of the twins’ dynamic. Mabel lets Dipper know when he’s taking things too far, and Dipper lets Mabel know when niceness isn’t gonna cut it, when someone doesn’t deserve her kindness. That’s not to say that the two are flat out opposites, however. The Messiah, like I said earlier, is still human. They have moments of selfishness and cruelty as Mabel does. And likewise, the Machiavel has moments of selflessness and kindness as Dipper does. Neither is one extreme or the other. Mabel may have a bigger heart than Dipper, but that doesn’t mean Dipper doesn’t have a heart at all. He does. He’s just more cynical and pragmatic (and arguably angrier) than Mabel is. 

Nor is it true that Mabel is always in the light and Dipper is always in the shadows. Generally you see them more in this way, but Mabel is capable of stepping back and happily supporting Dipper when he has an idea too or wants to take the lead, which is part of what makes them a good team. Mabel isn’t as ruthless as Dipper and Dipper isn’t as big-hearted as Mabel, so they can’t take on each other’s tropes in a reverse dynamic where Dipper is the leader and Mabel the supporter. But they’re both human, and they both try to help each other make the best choices.

So, yeah, I guess Mabel and Dipper fit the Messiah/Machiavel trope for the most part. This wicked fanart from Boss Mabel really shows that kind of dynamic between them too, with Mabel in the boss chair (the throne of sorts) and Dipper standing a little behind and beside her again like a bodyguard or second in command, whispering in her ear.

sui-senka  asked:

In IxFPs, how does a person know they have Ne-Si or Se-Ni (healthy and unhealthy) and how would it affect their Fi and Te? what would they act like?

(Gif: Anne Shirley, Anne with an E. INFP.)

When self-typing, it’s important to think about HOW you process information (where does it come from? what kind of focus do you have? on the sensory world or the unseen? do you judge by ethics or logical principles?), WHAT you can express with no difficulty (your feelings? your logic? your ideas? what you saw?), and WHY you do what you do, more than your behaviors.

Healthy Ne: I foresee different potential outcomes and come up with a generalized plan but can change tactics without much trouble if one of my ideas falls through. I believe in my ability to innovate. I often read between the lines and intuit what people’s motives or intentions may be, but leave room for my views to change with additional information. I have trained myself to find creative ways to make a point without being offensive, by provoking others to think or see something from another perspective. I recognize when my own views are self-contradictory, but my open-mindedness encourages continual growth. I have learned to separate my ‘imagined’ motives from people’s genuine motives; I recognize that my extremely high expectations for reality are not always realistic, but that’s okay – I can have fun wherever I go.

Unhealthy Ne: I abandon people when I lose interest in them, and fail to enjoy what I have in a quest for something more and better. As a result, I do not put much effort into my friendships and often do not realize how much I liked having someone around until they are gone. I am easily distracted, scatterbrained, and often abandon projects once my interest in their potential fades (poor Te). I assume that I know everyone’s motives and true intentions, and refuse to listen to their explanations, preferring instead to stay to ‘my side’ of things. I do not much care that I self-contradict all the time and become angry and defensive when others point out how inconsistent I can be. I justify being flighty, irresponsible, or unrealistic rather than focus on maturing myself. Real life often disappoints me, because it is so dull.

This naturally flows into the other functions, some of which may or may not be healthy all on their own (of course, Enneagram also plays a role, so don’t forget to factor that in – I’m not knowledgeable enough on Enneagram to speculate in depth, so you’ll have to do your own research).

Unhealthy Ne + Fi/Te: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Fi tends to dig in its heels and become defensive over its actions, when paired with Ne you have an explosive combination of whimsical imagination and defiance, often with an interplay of subjective personal experiences (Si - well, that’s not how it happened TO ME!!) that ignore other people’s different experiences.

Unhealthy Ne + Ti/Fe: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Ti tends to dismiss people as cogs in a greater faulty system, when paired with Ne, you have an extreme tendency toward detached arrogance and carelessness toward other people’s feelings, often with nitpicky subjective personal preferences (think Sheldon Cooper and his BUT THERE’S TWO PICKLES ON THIS SANDWICH AND THERE SHOULD BE THREE).

(Gif: Gilbert Blythe, Anne with an E. ESTP.)

Healthy Se: I engage casually and easily with the environment, noticing swift changes and able to react in a timely fashion. I am comfortable in my body, and in new spaces, with no needed time to adjust. I have learned that others are not as physically confident or aggressive as I am and respect their space, while urging them to try new things and instilling confidence in them through my easygoing methods of engagement. I am objective in my observations, and am good at collecting experiences. I have learned to experience all life has to offer but also to appreciate what I have and hold onto the things that matter. I have learned to move on with grace when I lose interest, but still value others while doing it, and pause to think how this will impact my future before I act rashly.

Unhealthy Se: I have left wrecked friendships and relationships in my wake in my continual quest for new experiences. I lose interest in things once I conquer them and I often over-indulge my senses by spending more than I have on things that will not matter and that I will lose interest in over time. I live so much for the moment that I give no thought to how I might look back in five years and regret my actions today. I stubbornly refuse to look beyond the surface of anyone or anything and either over-rely on my “gut instinct) (Ni loop) or ignore my hunches altogether in favor of immediate action.

This naturally flows into the other functions, some of which may or may not be healthy all on their own (of course, Enneagram also plays a role, so don’t forget to factor that in – I’m not knowledgeable enough on Enneagram to speculate in depth, so you’ll have to do your own research).

Unhealthy Se + Fi/Te: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Fi tends to dig in its heels and become defensive over its actions, when paired with Se you have an explosive combination of someone acting on all their feelings, all the time, without thought for how this will play out in the future, sometimes with take-charge Te bossiness and/or emphasis (GET IT DONE) along for the ride.

Unhealthy Se + Ti/Fe: Since (unhealthy or emotionally stinted) high Ti tends to dismiss people as cogs in a greater faulty system, when paired with Se, the result can sometimes be bullying / aggressive physical behavior, sometimes aimed at provoking an emotional reaction (Fe) from its targets. This often comes along with detached arrogance or carelessness toward others’ feelings, and a fatalistic futuristic attitude (we’re all screwed, I’m screwed).

This goes for all types:

To determine health levels:

  • Ask yourself how much control you have over this function (all)
  • Ask yourself how skillfully you use this function (all)
  • Ask yourself how defensive you are over this function (all)
  • Ask yourself how often you question your perceptions (Ne/Se/Ni/Si)
  • Ask yourself how often you question your motives (Fe/Fi)

Functional health means attaining a balance between your functions, where you are self-aware enough to realize and admit to your faults, where you can objectively assess your attitudes and behaviors for maturity, admit when you are wrong, take responsibility for your mistakes, apologize when you need to, resist bullying / shaming behaviors toward those who disagree with you, accept that no one is responsible for your behaviors, mistakes, and choices but you, and utilize your functions for fun as well as at work / schoolwork.

- ENFP Mod

anonymous asked:

How can a man that loves a woman make bruises on her? How can a man that loves her even do such a thing? I don't wanna be hit by no man I want cuddles and kisses and love. What is wrong with women that want to be hurt or beaten? Why do they want him to hit them?? I'm trying to understand why... if he is willing to hit or beat her is he abusive? What's abuse if it's not? Should a woman be okay with this? I'm a little having trouble understanding... I was beaten as a child and never want that.

I am really glad you asked this question, and I would encourage you to examine and process my answer with an open mind.

The thing to understand about BDSM in the first place is that its an adult kink. One in which most (ALL SHOULD) engage in with complete consent and respect for each other. It doesnt always happen that way, but the base and core of the old code dictates that it should. Its much more than leather and whips and chains… its much more than some 50 shades of garbage or terribly made porno would have you believe.

Some of the key elements that go along with what we call “Impact play”, that is what you describe above in loose terms, are things I would invite you to investigate more after you have finished reading this.

Consensual Non Consent

An element in which the parameters of the relationship and the scene (or playtime) is discussed ahead of time between the individuals. Basically what it means in simple terms is that the couple agrees to what will and wont happen and ACT as if the submissive in the relationship has no say in anything, no will, gives up their power, etc. to the Dominant. This should always come with the safe word option, that is.. the word that will bring an end to the activity and cause it to immediately come back to “vanilla” (the plain common worlds way) and then aftercare and such can be administered. This usually only exists during scene play, casual encounters of playtime, and in Master/slave relationships. 

And yes it can be done the wrong way.. just as anything else in our lives and relationships can be. It can cause harm, it can cause mental and emotional damage, it can be abused… but so can anything in vanilla relationships


No two BDSM relationships are the same.Each has their own ways, rules, etc… but we all share common elements. You may also sometimes see the relationship referred to as D/s (Dominant/submissive) and with that, there are several… flavors we could call them.. of those relationships. The most extreme of which are Master/slave in which the “slave” gives up all and total rights. 

But guess what… she does this willingly and of her own consent and control. These kinds of relationships usually come with preconceived contracts at the start, and clauses within those contracts that also include safe words for extreme situations. When the submissive or slave decides to give up complete power to her Dominant she is expressing that she also has total and complete trust in this person to care for her every need, fill her every desire and give her what she needs to feel whole

What she needs to feel whole is hers and hers alone. That could be anything from a daily spanking, to being tied to the porch and left for 8 hours a day. Thats her kink. her will. her desire… and she places those things in his hands with the trust that he can then reciprocate what it takes to please her.

Kinks can stem from various things

The world of psychology, anthropology and human studies is going to tell you a lot of things in regards to why people act the way they do and like what they like.

Just because a woman enjoys being spanked, doesnt mean she likes being slapped in the face. Just because she likes being slapped in the face doesnt mean she sees it as abuse.

A good portion of littles in the DD/lg and CG/l portion of the kink are the way they are because of things that happened in the past. More often things that happened just after the last time they felt safe and innocent. This is why you will see them talk about having a little age.. or more technically, a regression age.

regression therapy has been used since as long as anyone can remember in therapy and psychology in order to get the root of certain issues in people and then expose them to be able to begin the therapeutic process. Its nothing new, and the kink side of things uses it as many things… for kink, for coping, for safety and security… like I said, no two relationships in this lifestyle are the same. No two submissives, Dominants, slaves, littles, pets, etc are the same either… even if we all share commonalities. 

Part of the kink is whats called IMPACT PLAY


Impact play in its most simple form is the use of physicality during scene play (playtime, sex, intimate time, etc)

This involves everything from spanking, to paddling, to flogging, slapping, objectification, and more. Basically anything that involves physical interaction in a way that isnt vanilla sex. 

But again, realize this… its something that is talked about, agreed to, worked out and planned in advance. If it isnt, that’s rape. Not to be confused with rape play, which again, is just like impact play in that its agreed upon and worked out ahead of time with safety, limits and a safeword. 

These are playtimes that involve the consent of both (or more) parties involved. And it is in no way shape or form about abuse.

The submissive asks the Dominant to do these things. And he does them because he loves her. He wants to fill her needs, he wants to see her be pleasured. And just because she derives that pleasure from taking a swat with a paddle or having hot wax poured on her… doesnt make her or the action wrong.

You might like to race cars, or eat spaghetti, or build dollhouses or whatever and if someone else doesnt get their pleasure from those things, they still dont have the right to tell you what to enjoy or how to enjoy it.

Just in the same way, no one has the right to tell her that enjoying the paddle or the saint andrews cross is wrong. Because its what she wants. Its what she consented to. Its how she copes, gets pleasure, gets the release she needs from stress of life and so on and so forth.

Taking the paddle is no different than being a quarterback in the NFL

One of the reasons a boxer becomes a boxer is because he enjoys the risk of being punched and hurt. But he also enjoys the rush and the feeling it gives him when said actions occur.

To put things in better perspective: Force = mass x acceleration

A good paddle is made of solid wood. Usually a quarter inch to half inch thick, with at least a 4 inch wide blade, and a 2 foot long paddle face. In the hands of an average built Dom, a paddle will hit the bottom of a submissive with roughly 800 lbs of force, traveling anywhere from 30 to 40 mph before strike at its most powerful swing. The bottom (depending on its size) takes a certain amount of the force and works as a shock absorb-er, rifling the waves of impact down her legs and up her spine and across her body . … and leaves considerable bruising, and gives her a full body experience she cannot get otherwise.

An NFL quarterback who is moving at a rate of about 10 mph away from his aggressor will take a tackle from a 250lb man with an impact of 1000 lbs of force at comparably 6G’s of speed. 

Why do I compare the two?

Because both are consensual. Both are risk. Both have reward. Both are known about before hand, and both are beneficial to the parties involved. Is it wrong for the quarterback to willingly step into an arena where he knows the risk of being tackled and injured by a man much larger than him exists? and without a safe word to tell him to stop.

Then why is it wrong for a consenting woman who is actually in control of her situation to do the same?


Note: This section will contain facts from scientific studies, college courses, medical journals, doctoral papers, and sports medicine. These are things that I learned from college courses and the papers and studies that went into them.

The health benefits of activities that involve placing stress on the body (like high impact excersize and extreme sports) are enormous. In the same way, a good spanking can deliver a parallel  experience to doing the Insanity workout.

Among the fact that the endorphin rush, dopamine enhancement, and feeling of accomplishment just for starters can bring, theres also the growth of cognitive functions in raising the brains awareness of the self.. which improves your executive functions or rather the higher level thinking skills you use.

the neurological growth that occurs through the changing and growth of the chemicals in the brain,  which helps to increase your focus. during high impact situations you become micro aware of your own body and what its going through, which helps to increase self awareness and get in tuned with yourself.

Improving your focus makes you concentrate, which also improves your memory. the stress of the situation makes you think faster, which improves your reasoning and reaction.

Taking a good spanking can actually improve your willpower. Scientific studies show that a persons willpower (their ability to make decisions that are better for them than others and avoid those that are harmful) is actually linked to executive function of the brain… which is improved through the growth of cognitive function… which can come from high impact play.

High impact play is also scientifically shown to reduce stress, anxiety, give you emotional resilience.. it fights (and actually can prevent) depression, increases pain tolerance, reduces fatigue, makes your brain grow (encouraging the growth of new cells), improves mood and happiness, improves sleep, boosts productivity, reduces addictive behaviors, and overall improves, enhances and grows just about every positive aspect of your life. 


Then let me hand it over to some older submissives and littles that I asked about the subject. Because really, when you need an answer on something… get the facts from the source. So i surveyed 7 older submissives with great experience and here is what they told me:

Submissive female 1: “For me its cathartic, it gives me the ability to release whatever stress or shitty thing thats going on in my life. Its being able to place myself into the hands of someone who knows and loves me, and allow them to take everything that I can give, and give me everything that they can too. Its not about the pain, its about the growth of each person I think. It makes me feel strong. It makes me know I’m strong even when I feel like I’m not. D/s gives me security. It makes me feel at home. It helps me to know that I’ll be okay because I have someone who will help me be ok.

the impact part, thats where it becomes more than just a physical thing. Its a mental thing too. its a spiritual thing. It connects me with someone deeply… and it gets me off.”

Submissive female 2: “ In the above scenario, if a man is hitting a woman and it is not part of a negotiated,  consensual scene it is abuse. This woman clearly is not interested in engaging in impact play, and therefore her partner should respect that.  In regards to her attitude, other people do things within their relationships that don’t make sense to others and would not work for them. For instance, I have a girl-friend who goes to the hospital for medical procedures alone. Even major surgeries. She doesn’t want her husband there. I can’t imagine going to have an organ removed from my body or a bone set with out my s-o there to support me. However, this is their preference and it works for them. I can’t tell them its wrong and I shouldn’t judge it because it isn’t my relationship, no one is being harmed, and both partners are happy.

In the case of sexual relation ships and consensual kink the same principle applies.they are both consenting, both happy with the situation, and no one is harmed or had their consent violated as a part of the experience, it is up to the individuals involved to determine if its right or wrong.

Submissive female 3: In my case its a turn that comes with an extreme amount of trust in the person doing the hitting. I need it for control in my life but to others it might be something different. It isnt abuse if both parties are in agreement of each others limits and the key word should look for is CONSENT for BOTH  parties involved.

Why would you put bruises or marks on me? Think about it.

Personally I would feel owned if you marked me in that way… Sure you could just slap a ring on it and call it a day but marking is more intimate and means more to people receiving and giving the marks”

Submissive female 4: “If both adults consent than its not abuse. Like so many others, I have been abused physically, sexually, and psychologically… to this end I cannot abide verbal degradation or closed fists swinging in anger.

That said, on the days I am feeling numb, chaotic mentally, the lashes of physical pain give me something to focus on. When attempting meditation one uses mental exercises or recites a phrase. there are times in my life when that is effective. For days its not, physical pain gives me something which to start my focus so that my mind can follow suit once I hit that sub space.”  

Submissive female 5: “Love doesnt have to physically hurt. However, the some people enjoy the contrasting sensations of pain and pleasure as they are opposites and heighten the senses. It would have to be in the confines of safe, sane and consensual with open communication and explicit direction as to what is and is not acceptable in their dynamic.

There are multiple ways to both give and receive love (as seen in the 5 love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman) and no one way is correct for every person and people can have multiple love languages. However, love should not be fear based out of physical attacks”

Submissive female 6: “i think its about the difference. Just like how theres a difference between spanking a child and abuse. It should never be done out of anger but rather to give a reminder to not break the rules.

When its done for the pleasure of the one being hit, it should still never be done out of anger. The sub has some control with the use of limits and safe words that would not exist in an abusive situation.

there are a lot of reasons why pain can be pleasurable. it is a reminder of your endurance, it provides a special warm and tingly sensation that is unique, and a spanking can send a vibration down through the body that touches on other sensitive areas. 

i also like the sore feeling after a workout because it makes me feel strong and tough. plus the after care is so calming and affirming.”

Submissive female 7: “For me the purple bruises are beautiful reminders of my time with my Sir. I enjoy the spanks and hits to my ass and tits. i crave them from time to time. They are releases for me. Not punishments.

To me its not abuse because we have that trust and communication. The hits actually put me in a place where I dont think, but feel. it lets you just feel”

Notice the trends? consent… strength… thinking… feeling… trust… 

Hopefully this has shed some insight on the topic and given you a better perspective on the lifestyle and the way impact play is treated and regarded. 

Do Kyungsoo // Oblivious

While staying at your best friend Kai’s dorm on a visit, you accidentally overhear a conversation between the members that surprises you a lot. - ft. the other EXO boys being ridiculous 
Scenario: Fluff, comedy 
Word Count: 3,669

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Mystic Yandere Shit [Minor Trio]

Warning: a little bit of nsfw ahead… well, a little bit more than a bit but still a bit.

˙·٠•●♥ V ♥●•٠·˙

  • He never looked like someone overly jealous or possessive. He always stayed calm, unless something really bad happened; you could see it during the whole Rika case: he was clearly obsessed. And you thought he’d never be like this towards anyone else… until you two started dating. He’d always be so peaceful, respecting your choices and opinions. Until this one time when you had to leave for a few days to visit your family: he wanted you to stay at first, but when you said you can’t, he asked you to take him with you. Even if you didn’t obviously know each other well enough for your family to let him stay at their place.
  • He was always affectionate, not in a bad way of course. But, as the time passed, he became clingy, which evolved into him continuously asking for your attention. He insisted on you staying at his place or started to stay at yours, at some point not even asking for your permission anymore. He was all over your life, no matter where you were or what were you doing: always creeping silently behind you, without a word showing to the world that you’re his with still gentle, protective hugs and small kisses.
  • In private though, everything started to change. Very slowly, so that you couldn’t say ‘no’ if something happened too suddenly. But you could notice him occasionally being less gentle, leaving marks there and there, one by one, starting with your cleavage and eventually leaving them high on your neck, where you couldn’t hide them easily. At first there were only slight hickeys, but as the time passed, they’ve became darker and bigger, sometimes you could suddenly find actual bitemarks around your shoulders and back. Along with those, there came bruises on your hips and thighs.
  • Much more than roughness though, V enjoys testing your body’s reactions, limits. He will happily tie you up and run ice cubes down your stomach. And if he’s feeling more risky, he will most likely leave the cubes in some not-too-obvious places, letting you cry from the pain caused by the freezing coldness. He’s the one to pour hot wax onto your skin and then suddenly tore it off or – if he’s more gentle at the time – tickle you with feathers, not letting you get away from him too easily. It may be pleasant to you… but keep in mind, if he senses danger coming out from your other admirers or you yourself, he will remind you as to who you belong to. He will leave on your body permanent scars, most likely burns either from acid or actual fire.
  • He loves the poses, the expressions you make. He wants to catch every single detail of your body. He used to blindfold you at first so that you couldn’t see him taking photos of your naked body, as it could upset you. But as the time passes, he’s not afraid of your reactions anymore and takes the photos no matter if you want it or not. You’re probably tied up anyway so you can’t do anything. He promises to delete them later… but he obviously does not. He has hundreds of those stored in a box, not letting anyone else see them.
  • If you want to leave, he’s even more clingy, persuading you with affection. If it doesn’t work, he’ll get nervous, saying that it’s not safe to leave, telling you over and over that you can’t. He’ll even throw his pride aside, begging you to stay, crying. But if all those things don’t work, he’ll get furious. If blackmailing you with the photos doesn’t help, you won’t even notice as he suddenly hits your face, making you fall. This will be the only time when he’s ready to beat you up so that you have no strength to leave, making you believe that staying with him will be the only way to stay safe. It’s obviously not.

˙·٠•●♥ Saeran ♥●•٠·˙

  • He looks mentally unstable at the very first sight so let’s be honest, it’s nothing surprising. The moment he shows in your apartment to take you away, it’s already obvious that he’s not normal. He’s been watching you for weeks and he knows everything about you, while you have no idea what to expect. He never explains anything, telling you about the paradise and no matter if you want it or not, you’re already in his trap. Because there’s no way he’ll let you out once he has you in his hands.
  • The deal is easy. As long as you do everything he says, you’re relatively safe. But his “do what I say” part may include… well, a lot. And I think in this state Saeran is actually the only one to force sexual things on you before you’re comfortable in the relationship: mostly because there were no “relationship” to begin with. As long as you’re obedient, he will be rather gentle, even caring. But he expects you to be completely submissive to his actions, otherwise he’ll force it in a veeery unpleasant way. And he likes it: he enjoys seeing you vulnerable or panicking.
  • He’s not the one to hurt you without a reason. But he may suddenly get angry at you and actually hit, cut, even shoot you when he’s too mad to control his actions. If he’s not, he will find a way to punish you anyway. And he knows very well how to make people suffer. What turns him on the most, is seeing you scared. He will torture you, humilate you in any way possible. And he’ll always say that “one day you’ll be grateful”. His point is to eventually break you.
  • He will have those short, guilt-filled episodes, more and more often as you get closer to the edge. Especially right after he hurts you more than he thought he would. He will panic, cry and apologize over and over, desperately trying to fix you, offering you ice cream and being incredibly gentle with you, at the same time scared of touching you, as if you could literally break from bare touch. Those won’t last long, but they’ll help you realize that he never chose to be like this. That he’s somehow a victim too.
  • Other than his “rough” times, he’s really craving for affection. Since he has literally no one, he will use you for it even if you don’t want it. If he’s not working, he will wrap arms around you, telling you in this low, harsh tone to stay still and quiet. He will make you sit on his lap when he’s working and nuzzle your neck. He will feel really desperate if he sees you scared of him in those moments, which may lead to those “guilt” episodes, but if you happen to return the affection, he’ll be more than grateful, treating you like a treasure.
  • He doesn’t even want to listen about you leaving. If he’s in the guilt mode, he may actually be as emotional as to let you out, but other than that, he won’t even listen to you if you start the topic. He’ll get annoyed instead if you keep pushing him, and even more if you try to get out on your own. He won’t punish you for this, not in the way he would for anything else: but he’ll either tie you down or sedate you so that you’re unable to leave no matter what.

˙·٠•●♥ Vanderwood ♥●•٠·˙

  • He needs a lot of time to even start dating a person he likes (unless it’s about one-night stands), so any more intimate moments will have to wait as well. But when he starts to feel comfortable in a relationship, he’ll instantly become very posssessive. He’s not the one to show public affection, he’ll for sure avoid it at all costs. But since it won’t be obvious that you’re taken, it will be very easy for him to get jealous when your admirers get too cocky. That will make him instantly call you over and take home, no point in arguing.
  • Controlling you is not a big deal for him. He’s older, he’s experienced, he knows life and dangers. But he’s really scared that someone could take you away from him, paranoid since he knows that his past may show up any moment and cause trouble. This causes him to be more and more cautious around you, to the point of not letting you do anything nor go anywhere on your own. It starts with frequent calls and ends with him following you everywhere.
  • The thing that will eventually trigger him is a real threat. If he senses danger, he will literally lose his mind, calling you over right away or bringing you to his place. He will probably take you somewhere far away from where you live, most likely saying that he wants to spend some time together. If you notice him acting strangely – which isn’t difficult, he’s really not like himself at this time – and try to refuse, he’ll take out the taser. In a second, he’ll be next to you, holding you as you fall limp into his arms; not saying anything, he kisses gently the side of your head. He’ll take you there no matter what, bonding your wrists and ankles carefully enough so that you don’t get hurt from it.
  • Once he has you under his eye, he will start to change. He’ll get more quiet and cold, spend all day nervously checking every single trait of danger. He will stop paying you attention, only making sure you don’t leave the house, either watching you 24/7 or literally enchaining your ankle to the wall so that you can move freely only to some range. You’d try to talk to him, realizing how scared he actually is, but it’ll be like talking to a wall. At some time, he will calm down a bit and focus more on you, but you’ll be most likely kind of broken at this point since it’s been weeks of being imprisoned by him.
  • He won’t be the one to yell at you for being ungrateful, but he’ll feel sad if you seem to not understand his intentions. He’ll try to persuade himself by saying it’s for your safety, because he’ll start to notice that something is really wrong with him. His mind will eventually deny it and he’ll act as if nothing happened, becoming almost careless in his actions. He’ll make everything look as if you two were living a normal life in this house, all lovely and domestic. But he won’t take the schackles off and ignore it if you try to persuade him to let you go.
  • He will be kind of trapped in his small world and, wanting you to be a part of it, he’ll start to train you to his liking. He’s always gentle at first, but he’ll grow up to being more and more strict. He’ll treat you like his property, always focusing on you more than himself. He doesn’t mind himself being forbidded from pleasure, but he knows very well how to give you everything you need. It may be kind of strange, as he has you naked and coming closer to the edge, while he’s so unphased by it, still having his gloves on. But the pleasure he gives you, is also an obligation: there’s always that little warning to never try to refuse what he gives.

Writing about Vanderwood was surprisingly difficult. But not beause I had no idea, I was just like… I started imagining all those things (angst this shit that’s what I’m feeding on) and it made me either feel like crying because he needs love or turned on bECAUSE ANGST THIS SHIT. The idea itself is just… aghh, can someone write it down as a fic??? Pretty please??? TwT

Saeran’s one was partly (and uncounsciously, I realized it later;;) inspired by a Wattpad fic I read a while ago. If anyone’s interested in it, creep to my ask box, I’ll try to find it for you.

Hope you at least enjoyed it;;

Yandere headcanons for RFA can be found here.


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  • a/n: anon requested a soulmate Jihoon with some ridiculousness added into it
  • Soulmate au where you will occasionally do or say what your soulmate does or say
  • Jihoon assumes he must have murdered a whole village in his past life to be cursed with this
  • “WHAT THE FUCK” is his everyday sentence
  • Just wants to finish his English paper but he can’t really do it when his fingers are moving around the keyboard typing what he thinks is fanfiction
  • “goddammit”
  • After about five minutes he gets his control of his hands again and has to erase the full blown fanfic that is displayed on his screen
  • Was playing a shooter game with the guys when all of a sudden he stood up and started running and all the guys are laughing because they have never seen Jihoon run in his entire life
  • One time you were sobbing because you hadn’t slept in 24 hours and someone drank all the milk and Jihoon did not have a fun time
  • Jihoon is blubbering (but he’s not crying) his voice is coming all choppy and whining and Jeonghan is videotaping Jihoon screaming about how sad he was that someone drank all the milk
  • The boys have so much dirt on Jihoon to be honest
  • And Jihoon doesn’t really do anything embarrassing to be affecting you
  • but Jihoon sleeps a lot, which means you often fall asleep on the bus or in class (which you don’t mind at all) but it’s not entertaining when you’re falling asleep at work
  • once in class screamed “GET THE FUCK OUT SEUNGCHEOL”
  • you got scolded by the teacher after class about how inappropriate that was and that blaming it on your soulmate is not a legitimate reason
  • for some reason, Jihoon can’t fathom why you trip a lot and why does he have to experience the trip along with you
  • literally is walking in an empty hallway before he tumbles to the ground screaming “Fuck”
  • one night, a night that made Jihoon’s heart flutter, he couldn’t sleep at all and he didn’t know if you couldn’t sleep either or if his restlessness was keeping you awake,
  • but suddenly a small humming tune spilled from his lips, he quietly hummed the sweet tune and in just a few minutes, the tune disassembles from his mouth and he slips into a slumber with a smile on his lips
  • once petted Soonyoung’s head while cooing about how cute of a puppy he was (obviously he’s assuming you’re petting a dog)
  • luckily it was only soonyoung there and he threatened the poor boy that if he told anyone what happened, he’ll make sure he never lives
  • has to be careful when he drinks something because you like to be spontaneous with your actions and the last time he spilled hot coffee on himself
  • basically carries his whole closet with him because of you
  • Jihoon will sometimes use his soulmate as a scapegoat to be mean to the other members
  • *slaps Seungcheol*
  • “sorry that was my soulmate”
  • *moves the chair so Soonyoung falls when he tries to sit down*
  • “it was my soulmate”
  • “No one cares Wonwoo. Sorry that was my soulmate again”
  • Jihoon finds you
  • He finds you because he wants to censor you and your flamboyant actions from ruining another one of his sweaters
  • Remember how you wrote fanfic while he was trying to write his English paper, well Jihoon thanks the lord for google doc’s change history because he’s able to go back and replace all those words he previously deleted
  • Searches by the paragraph to find you
  • Finds your tumblr
  • Accidentally spends 100 years stalking your tumblr (SOMEONE AT MY NEW JOB DID THIS TO ME BUT WITH FACEBOOK ASDSDKJFH)
  • Also finds your other social media
  • stalks you once again on all of them
  • “dude Jihoon that’s just creepy”
  • Doesn’t care though because wow are you really his soulmate, you’re wayyy out of his league to be his soulmate is what he thinks
  • Gets scared because initially he was just going to outright say “I’m your soulmate” but after seeing your face and everything you post, he’s all nervous now
  • Creates a tumblr and befriends you
  • You only know him as @ woozi and that he likes and reblogs everything you do
  • But then Jihoon gets really addicted to Tumblr and starts reblogging his own things and then you follow him and start reblogging his stuff because damn he reblogs aesthetically pleasing stuff
  • Flashback to that late night when he couldn’t sleep and was humming that tune, well he decided to compose a little melody with that tune and you FLIP OUT when he posted it on his tumblr
  • When jihoon first got that message he didn’t really know how to respond so he just says it straight
  • “I’m actually your soulmate”
  • Before Jihoon knows it, he’s screaming and jumping everywhere (curtesy of you on the other end)
  • You two finally decide to meet at a nearby café, and although you don’t know what he looks like, he knows what you look like already
  • The moment he steps into that café, and his eyes land on you drinking coffee, a smile tugs on his lips because wow were you more beautiful in person, when you look up and meet his eyes, it just kind of clicks
  • When you two are together, everything just feels like it’s fallen into the right place for Jihoon, your crazy actions and words he doesn’t mind any more
  • When he’s with you, everything just fits, all movements and words fit together so perfectly, it’s like the reason for burst of actions/words beforehand was because he needed his other half
  • Together, random actions/words seem to cease
  • The more comfortable part of the relationship took a while to develop since Jihoon is more shy and introverted
  • But once he hits that point, boy is he savage as fuck
  • “I hit soonyoung today, I told him it was because of you”
  • “What the fuck Jihoon”
  • “He was annoying me, I also may have accidentally spilled coffee on some of the guys”
  • The first time he said ‘I love you’ he didn’t really say it to your face
  • you were sitting at home watching television when suddenly you just start talking
  • “I don’t know, it’s hard to explain what I feel with her. I like her. I want to be with her a lot. She makes me happy.”
  • There’s a pause which you can only assume is the other person talking.
  • “Love her?” You can actually feel the hesitation in his voice, “Yeah. I guess I do love her”
  • Your heart really swells at that statement and you can’t help but smile the entire day until he walks into your apartment
  • And you know how stubborn he can be, and how he would never admit it to your face
  • When he gives you a weird look, asking why you look soo happy
  • You just rest your head onto his shoulder
  • “I guess I do love you too”
  • Jihoon is bright red now and he’s cursing the lords for having you hear that but at the same time, he’s kind of relieved you found out that way because he was secretly afraid his lack of affection would take a toll on you
  • Soulmate Jihoon, despite catching you into your fanfictions early, loves you even though he doesn’t admit it a lot. His small affections of holding your hand, and forehead kisses make up for everything. And the fact that you take all the rap for his wrongdoings towards his member, makes him know that you indeed are his soulmate.

fridahidle  asked:

What are some real life examples/situations that someone can use or visualize to determine whether they use Ti or Te?

Hi there! We came together and put together our thoughts on this –


In a way, because Ti is my dominant function, it’s also one of my hardest to describe. I usually only recognize it for what it is in contrast with the Te users in my life. To wit: I know a Te dom, and we disagree a lot. During a disagreement over Star Wars the other night, he says:

Te-dom: “When everyone goes to see Episode 6 in December - “

Me (Ti-dom):” Episode 8. The next one is episode 8, Episode 6 is Return of the Jedi.”

That’s what my Ti is like. I want things to be exact and specific. True, that’s also my Si talking (details, specifics) but mainly from my Ti, especially in debates, it’s very important to me to be precise and exact; in fact, it’s more important to me to be specific and certain of what I’m talking about than to actually win or  even complete the debate.

In the workplace, I want to be thorough. My  bosses constantly need me to be in ten places at once, and I go crazy not being able to thoroughly complete each step in the process of the task at hand, to be exact and know that I have followed every rule and completed every part of what’s at hand. I get teased for being so precise; I don’t just want to get the job done, I want to get it done exactly and precisely right. I can’t just put the bottle of wine back in the general area of the wine, it has to be in the exact spot that type of wine is supposed to go.

To paraphrase from my favorite show, “(my) logic does not resemble (most) earth logic” (Buffy). I have systems of understanding for how things work. I can’t just watch a TV show or a movie, I have to figure out how that show or film fits into an overall system of analysis about how things work. I don’t just watch an episode of Buffy, for example; my mind goes into overdrive trying to process the symbolism in it, the philosophical underpinnings, or even something simple like what this interaction between my personal OTP or ship indicates about their relationship. I struggle to sleep a lot at night because my brain goes into overdrive as soon as there’s no immediate task in front of me, with trying to analyze what happened with this and that. There is just no shutting it off; I even try to analyze my dreams while I’m having them. I’m at times so matter-of-fact that I take everything literally and don’t sense when people are just joking.

These are all various ways in daily life that I use my Ti.


Te is Hermione telling Ron, someone she hardly knows, that he’s saying it wrong and then pointing out the correct way to do it. Why? Because it’s right. It’s seeing something incorrect and correcting it. As simple as that. Te is Gwen being anxious that Peter is always late because there are times set and plans in motion and they aren’t to be broken. It’s concrete and it’s happening.

Dominant Te, especially, is blunt and to-the-point. It is immediate action and rectification of problems. When given tasks at work, I instantly draft my to-do and size up the scenario. A strength of Te, especially at work, is assessing a situation very quickly and just acting. Exerting upon the environment a logical system of events or actions and utilizing lists to keep on top of tasks and priorities keeps things straight and narrow. While some may not like lists or to-dos, I find them imperative to success. I also see that some might not immediately take action or execute a plan (versus taking some time to do extra planning, etc.), where my Te allows me to do so confidently. I like being in leadership roles and typically volunteer for them. I prefer to have authority and like to lead.

When faced with something new or unknown, Te is proactive. More often than not I consider past plans or strategies I have seen and then implement them (Si and Te working in tandem.) Depending on the situation, a to-do list (obsessed, maybe?) will be drafted or a schedule will be created. Then, as quickly as possible, the plan will be implemented. Just as important - research and references. I like to discuss the problem with someone knowledgeable or resourceful if at all possible.

In general social situations, Te is Spencer Hastings constantly correcting her friends’ grammar and steamrolling her plans onto them and expecting them to adhere. I think I definitely have controlling behaviors and I tend to lead. Most of my friends are more go-with-the-flow than I am and sometimes this can lead to conflict. I tend to face conflict head on, pushing the envelope where others may like to cease for harmony. Making new friends is pretty easy for me, though there are certainly different levels of friendship. Making base-level friends – that is, friends who are more like acquaintances – is simple. Sometimes this is something that is simply productive. Making good or best friends takes something special in common and then, once I trust someone, we typically become close very quickly.

Dating is something that I find to be interesting across personality types. While I think dating can be fun and interesting, it’s somewhat stressful for me. I don’t want to waste time dating someone if it’s going to be unproductive or not yield results. I like to give 100% or none at all, which is something generally true about me in anything. I like to be able to commit to something completely, whether it be at work or in another aspect of life.

In terms of understanding vs. execution for the sake of execution, I do like to understand how something works or why it works but if that’s not an option I’ll just do what needs to be done for the sake of the project. This happens often at work, where I’ll need to figure something out and will simply follow the necessary steps but won’t have the time to really get into the depths of the why or how.

I may stop to analyze something for fun, trying to dissect and understand, but most often I am only going to see that the object or system works in the way that it is meant to. If something breaks, I’ll fiddle with it and most likely refer to research or a manual (my Si maybe?) and try my very best to fix it before just ordering another or seeing if someone else knows the trick!

Hopefully this helps! If you have more specific questions we are happy to answer as well!

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For your prompt me - pynch smut with power bottom adam

So, I decided to take out two birds with one stone here haha. I hope that’s alright for you guys <3 thank you for prompting me. 

Keep the prompts coming, guys (maybe some Sarchengsey? Or something other than Pynch? ;) I love them, but I need more poly ship stuff haha)! For everyone asking me about aftg prompts: atm, I kind of feel more inclined towards Raven Cycle, but that does not mean I stopped writing aftg! So please, keep the prompts coming ♥ so many of you have such good ideas. Please don’t be disappointed if I have not filled your prompts yet. I’m reading them, but my inbox is really full atm. I’m trying to get to them all. ♥ 

Smut under the cut! Enjoy! (unbeta’d because it’s late.)

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The first time, it happens ironically, because that’s how Ronan Lynch does most things that he’s insecure about. 

Gansey calls Blue “love” in front of them when he asks her what to bring her from Starbucks, and so Ronan, of course, has to mock him by obnoxiously turning to Adam and asking: “And what can I bring you, baby?” 

However, he hasn’t anticipated the cute blush spreading over Adam’s cheeks at that. 

Later that evening, Ronan gathers all of his courage. He doesn’t fear night horrors anymore, or blood, or demons, because he survived all of them; but he still fears rejection by Adam Parrish. So, he gathers all of his courage, and, when they’re snuggling into bed, says “Good night, babe.”. He says it quietly enough that Adam could act like he didn’t hear, especially with only one of his ears working and all. 

But Adam does hear. For a moment, he stiffens behind Ronan, and Ronan’s heart misses a beat, but then Adam melts into him from behind and presses a kiss to his neck. 

“Good night, Ronan.”

The way Adam says his name gives him the best kind of goosebumps. 



The way Ronan calls him baby makes Adam feel so soft, like a popsicle on a hot day, melting away. Ronan doesn’t have Adam’s thick Henrietta accent, but the way he says the word is still different from how everyone else would say it. Maybe because it’s Ronan, or maybe because Ronan means it and because Adam believes him. 

It makes him feel soft and mushy, and it makes him blush. Being friends with Ronan had Adam thinking he had lost all ability to blush, between dirty jokes and latin innuendos, but this… well. Adam is re-discovering his ability to blush.

Ronan never calls him that in public, and Adam is grateful, but at home…well. 

Adam curses his own, conservative, homophobic upbringing at first, because even though he blushes and his heart warms up when Ronan calls him nicknames, his inner voice, which sounds an awful lot like his father, scolds that it’s girly, unmanly, and calls him faggot and worse. Adam, objectively, knows it’s stupid, because Ronan calling him sweet names doesn’t mean shit for his sexuality or gender identity, but it still sucks. 

It takes him a while, but Adam works very hard to let himself enjoy the softness of it, the sweet affection which everyone else would think impossible coming from Ronan Lynch.

Then, after a particularly long, hard day, Ronan hugs him, kisses his forehead and as Adam leans into him and enjoys having someone to lean against, whispers: “I’ve got you, baby.”, Adam knows he’s done it, because he physically melts. He sags against Ronan, feeling his cheeks heat up in record time as the sentence replays in his head again and again. Ronan looks a bit surprised, but holds Adam up, a slightly incredulous grin on his lips. 

“You really do like it a lot when I call you baby, don’t you?”

Adam only manages to nod; his throat closes up. He doesn’t know what’s happening, where’s this snarky, witty Adam who can stand right up to Ronan?! Where are the great comebacks that render Ronan speechless? They seem to have drowned in this cheesy pink sea of affection and softness in him. He nods again. “…makes me feel all… all soft.”, he eventually confesses. Soft. It used to have such a negative connotation, but is it really bad to be soft? Leaning against Ronan, letting Ronan hold him up and being weak, tired, hurt in front of him, that’s just trust. And… well, this big word with the four letter that’s so hard to say. 

Ronan’s grin broadens. “Soft?” 

Adam nods again. 

Ronan’s chest is hard and warm, his strong arms are holding Adam in place, and Adam exhales, allowing himself to assess the situation and his feelings. 

When Ronan’s lips brush over his neck, his train of thought unfortunately derails. “Do you need to feel soft tonight?”, Ronan asks very quietly. His hands run over Adam’s back in soothing circles. 

Adam nods again.

“What do you need, baby?”, Ronan asks, then, and Adam melts a little more, “…what is it? I’ll give it to you.”

Words are failing Adam, and he resorts to actions, grabbing Ronan’s hand and pulling him towards the bedroom.

“Soft”, echoes in his mind, and Adam thinks that he’s going to define the word for himself now. 

iii. (nsfw)

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hello everyone! this one is based off of the song ‘Still Into You’ by Paramore. send in requests! hope you enjoy!

Harry and you have been together through everything. Three years together can do that to you. We met when you were 19, him just turning 20. You weren’t always a ‘stable’ person. You are an independent woman, keeping to yourself, but when you were a teenager, things weren’t always easy. Nothing seemed easy in your adolescence, but when your parents are going through a divorce taking the life out of you, things are worse. It seemed that they were always unhappy, always yelling, always arguing, never around. Growing up, you never had that person to talk to when you needed to talk about anything. With the parents preoccupied with their own drama, you had no time to express your feelings, a trait that carried into your adulthood. 

Harry knew how difficult of a time you had when you were young; it was one of the first things you two talked about together. He knew when you would get antsy, he knew when you got anxiety, he knew when you got into your head. He also knew how to get you out of your head, relax, and express yourself. He usually did this by just squeezing your hand letting you know that he was with you and listening intently. Small gestures go a long way for you both, which is something that you hope never dies.

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Bubble Baths

summary: after a particularly bad day at the avengers headquarters bucky returns home exhausted, frustrated and sullen. y/n takes it upon herself to make sure he feels better. 

word count: 2.4k

pairing: bucky x reader

warnings: literally just fluff but there’s some nudity, i guess? basically bucky likes to be cared for, y/n is mom af and steve is awful at buying gifts

a/n: this is so cute i want to stab myself but i also want to stab myself bc first day of school tomorrow

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