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Beneath the Tide (IN PROGRESS)

In which Everley’s only company on a deserted island is a modern day pirate by the name of Harry.

Brutality (IN PROGRESS)

In which Melody is reacquainted with an old classmate named Harry, and must keep afloat in the violent, criminal lifestyle of an underground boxer.


Mess o’ Mine^* // Mouth o’ Mine^* // Mind o’ Mine^ (COMPLETED)

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.

Shakespeare*^ (COMPLETED)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

One Shots

Miss Yeh*

In which Harry has been deprived for too long.

Bit o’ Fun*

In which Harry adds a surprise guest into the equation (Zayn).


In which Harry loves your boobs and hates when you sleep.

See Yeh Break*

In which you become well acquainted with Harry’s thigh.


In which Harry distracts you from your irrational fear of flying.

Break M’Own Rules^

In which alcohol and pricks make for a messy, angry Harry.

Blurbs and Drabbles

Family Dinner

In which Harry soothes your nerves about meeting his family.


In which Harry deserves more than just musical awards.

Why won’t you let me steal your flannels?

In which Harry won’t let you steal his flannels.

You need to be quieter.*

In which Harry needs to let off some steam before a show.

Beg for it.*

In which Harry just won’t give in easily.

If you don’t stop right now…

In which Harry’s had enough of your attitude.

Bed. Now.*

In which Harry doesn’t deal with teasing very well.

Do you want me to leave?^

In which Harry has fucked up but still wants to be there for you.

Can I sit here? The other tables are full.^

In which Harry’s your ex and you think you’re over him.

I might have had a few shots.

In which Harry might have had a few shots.

Don’t ask me that.^

In which Harry’s been distracted and forgets your anniversary.

I’m going to take care of you, okay?

In which Harry is beyond patient with your drunken antics.

Talk to me./Look at me—just breathe, okay?^

In which the two of you are involved in a crash, but Harry’s only thought is you.

Why do you smell like smoke?

In which Harry just wants what’s best for you.

That lipstick’s not gonna stay put for long.*

In which Harry doesn’t care how late you are. OR Pure filth.

— danger ; shin hoseok 

Pairing: Mafia!Wonho x Reader
Words: 3.5k words
Genre: Angst, Mafia AU, slight violence and profanities ahead.
Νote: I came up with this all of a sudden. Please forgive any errors and I hope you enjoy!

Cigarettes, vodka, unending nights, bruises; that’s pretty much what describes Wonho.

Flowers, water, sleepless nights, bruises; and that’s you.

He exhales smoke, and you inhale his smoke. You do not know which is more dangerous.

Months of dating and staying in different places with Wonho gave you all the opportunities to experience something you’ve never felt before.


Being with him is a mix of ecstasy and tragedy. You clearly left your fears to be with him. You turned your back to your past principles just to face a new one with him.

But it is sure isn’t an easy life.

Going home after weeks with a bag on his shoulder containing all the money he made to buy anything the both of you wished; and to seal every promise he made you just before you were his— became a routine.

You mostly wakes up in the middle of the night just to see him taking a sip on his cigarette while looking at the new view from the top floor of an espensive hotel. The city lights dancing along with his irises. Different night, different city. Same situation.

You didn’t complain, you never do. Because with Wonho, you get to experience a lot of things. You get to taste any food you wanted to eat, every place you wanted to visit. With Wonho, nothing is impossible. And that’s enough for you.

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Imagine you’re best friends with Jenna, and she introduces you to Josh.

(Beware, this one is longer than Passed Out)

You laughed as Jenna pulled her face away from her glass of milk to reveal a milk mustache. Her eyes widened as she saw you laughing at her, concerned that she had done something wrong. She then wiped her hand across her lip and laughed when she pulled it away with milk on it.

You two were having a girls night (just like every other Saturday, because Saturday’s were for the girls too) and Tyler was off with one of his buddies as well. You and Jenna had been best friends since your Freshman year of High School. You hadn’t had any friends yet, and she felt bad for you, so she “took you under her wing”. You hit it off and had been best friends ever since.

“So let’s talk boys,” Jenna said mischievously. She leaned with both elbows on the island you were sitting at in Jenna and Tyler’s new home. You rolled your eyes playfully at her before she continued. “Tell me about how it went with Brian last night.” She said with curious eyes, trying to absorb every sign that something went good or bad from your expression.

You laughed at her pressing manner but continued anyway. “I’m not exactly sure. The date went well, but it was afterwards that something felt… off.” You said, opening up to her.

“How so? Did he seem unattracted to you, or what?” She questioned concernedly. You shrugged.

“I don’t know. All I did was tell him that he couldn’t come inside because I had plans the next day. Which, obviously wasn’t why I wouldn’t allow him inside.” You said jokingly. You didn’t like the idea of having sex on the first date, and you were a virgin, as a matter of fact.

Jenna chuckled, because she knew both of these things. “Well that’s probably why then. He wanted to ‘do the do’ with you.” She said with a dimpled grin. You rolled your eyes again and blushed at the thought, causing Jenna to laugh again. She leaned back in the stool-chair that sat at the marble island, the pressing manner gone.

You sighed. You’d had a crush on Brian for months. He was your coworker at the record shop you worked at, and after months of hopelessly crushing on him, he finally asked you out. He took you to a drive-in movie where he did try to make a move at one point, resting his hand on your upper thigh. You squirmed under his calloused palm, but did nothing. When he tried to ease his fingers up your shorts, you laughed at him and swatted his hand away. He’d just stared at you and proceeded to go back to watching the movie. At your door when he dropped you off, he kissed you sloppily and asked if he could come in, and that’s when you awkwardly rejected him. He then pulled away, and said goodnight. You haven’t heard from him since.

You really thought he was gonna be “the one”, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. You’ve never been in a relationship where the guy you were dating wasn’t a pig. They always ended up using you for sex (failing, obviously), cheating on you, or being either physically or emotionally abusive.

“God, Jenna, I would do anything to have the relationship that you and Tyler have with each other.” You said wearily, laying your head down on your arms which were folded and resting on the counter. You felt exhausted. Why can’t you find someone? Were you not good enough?

You felt a hand rub up and down your back comfortingly. “Hon, it’s okay. You’ll find someone. I promise, (Y/N).” You sat up to meet the gorgeous blue eyes of your best friend, to see them staring into yours with empathy.

“You really think so?” You asked, sniffling, although there were no tears.

She smiled reassuringly. “I know so. Actually, I kinda wanted to talk to you about that.” You nodded.

“I know someone who I think you’d get along with well.” She said hopefully. You smiled at her; she was such a happy person, and anytime you were around her, you felt happy.

“Who? Is he nice?” You inquired. You knew very well that she didn’t hang around people who were mean. She stopped hanging out with them the moment they showed any signs of being rude or hateful. You didn’t even know why you asked the question.

She raised her eyebrows and smirked at you because you both knew that she doesn’t hang around people who make her feel bad about herself. You both chuckled a bit before she answered.

“His name is Josh, he’s Tyler’s best friend, and they play music together. He’s really nice and pretty attractive.” She said, listing his good qualities. Of course, Brian was attractive and all that, and you thought he was nice at first but… that didn’t work out.

You took a playful pause before talking again. “Go on,” you said with a deepened voice to make her giggle.

“He has bright yellow hair- we like to call him ‘Dunshine’ because his last name is Dun, and his hair is bright like the sun.” She smiled. You chuckled.

“Anyway,” she continued, “he has dark brown eyes and a really nice smile. And, although I still love Tyler, he’s got a really nice body. He drums in Tyler’s band and then runs on the side, so he’s really fit.” She said. You imagined what he looked like. But you’d never seen anyone with bright yellow hair before, so it was hard to picture him.

“He sounds nice.” You said, pondering what he must be like. It must be something great. “Does he know I exist yet or have you not told him about me?” You inquired, curious to know what his reaction was, if she told him about you yet. You also wanted to know what she said, hoping it was good, because you could really use a self esteem boost right about now.

She smirked at me. “Yes I did. He seemed very interested.” She said.

“What did you tell him about me?” You asked, trying not to sound too eager. But she could see right through you and laughed at your curiosity.

“Well, I told him that you’re really easy to be around, you have gorgeous eyes (which you do), you’re absolutely adorable, and that you’re smoking hot.” She laughed when she got to the last one. She was joking, but you knew she actually did tell him something along those lines.

You gave her a lighthearted shove on her upper arm and laughed with her briefly before asking more about Josh.

“So, what are his bad qualities?” You asked, knowing there must be a catch to a guy who sounded as great as he did, or at least, as great as Jenna was describing him.

“The only problem I have with him is that he’s always stealing Tyler from me!” She said with a silly “hmph” to make you laugh.

You giggled. You’d made your decision; you decided to ask her to introduce you to him sometime in the upcoming week. Maybe he’s a good guy.


(Two days later)

You tapped your fingers on the table you were sitting at, alone, waiting for Jenna, Tyler, and Josh to arrive at the local diner you’d agreed to meet at. Your eyes were on your black converse that rested on the darkened and scummy red carpet of the diner, trying to distract yourself from your anxiousness.

You were very nervous, as this would be your first time meeting they guy who you’d asked endless questions about for a few days now, ever since Jenna just told you a couple things about him on Saturday. You just kept thinking about him, even though you had never met him. You were somehow crazy about him.

Every time the door at the front of the diner opened and jingled the bell on the door, your heart leapt into your throat, just at the anticipation of them finally getting here. This time, though, it really was them. You watched your best friend, her husband, and a very attractive man walk through the door. You blushed when you saw him; he was even more attractive than you had been imagining.

His eyes searched the diner, looking for you, until his eyes landed on you and your table at last, at the very back of the diner. When he saw you, his composure changed to an expression that looked like he was interested, and wanted to see more, which made you blush again. At least he seemed like he was as crazy about you as you were for him.

When he finally realized he was staring, he gave a shy smile and a wave. You gave a timid smile back, and wiggled your fingers at him in a hello from across the room.

Jenna pointed you out to the man at the front desk, and the man followed her gaze and let them in to get to your table that you’d picked out. The small group made their way to your table, and you stood up to greet Josh officially.

Up close, he was maybe 4-5 inches taller than you, and when he got close enough, you had to look up slightly to see his eyes. When you did look up, you saw him staring into your eyes as well.

You looked back at Jenna and Tyler to make sure they weren’t watching you two before you decided to begin a conversation with Josh.

They were enthralled in each other, of course, because they were the cutest couple in the universe. Since you’d been friends with Jenna before she met Tyler, you had always third wheeled them throughout their entire relationship, watching as they never lost interest in each other.

That’s what you wanted in a relationship. Always that thrill you get when you see your crush come around the corner. The butterflies when they rest their hands on your waist. The blush when you get complimented on how beautiful you looked tonight. And they just never lost that spark.

You finally spoke to Josh, looking at him with a small smile playing on your lips. “Hi! You must be Josh.”

He smiled back and you noticed his perfect teeth, gleaming white and straight, and you also noticed that when he smiled, he got little crinkles around his eyes.

“Yes, I am. And you must be (Y/N)? Otherwise, It’s kinda creepy that you know my name.” He said with a chuckle.

You laughed. “Yes that’s me. And, no, I’m not a stalker.”

“Oh well that’s good.” He said, looking into your eyes again with a fading smile. You both paused before you spoke again.

“Well, how about we sit down in this really, kinda low quality booth that I had specially reserved for our group?” You said in a sarcastic tone to make the brief moment of silence less awkward.

He chuckled and then made a gesture for you to sit down closest to the wall, ladies first. You grinned and shuffled into the yellow and red colored booth, and looked back to see Josh focusing on also trying to maneuver his way into the booth beside you. You watched as he struggled to fit in next to you without having to crush you into the wall (which, you actually wouldn’t mind…) and laughed when he finally got himself situated.

He gave a playful scowl followed by a grin, and the two of you turned your attention to Tyler and Jenna who were looking at you with an amused expression, waiting to have a conversation.


The meal went great. You all talked about a number of topics, the main one being Tyler and Josh’s band. They’d just gotten back from their tour of your hometown, called Tour De Columbus. You hadn’t realized that they were twenty one pilots. You’d heard them on the radio all the time and you’d loved their music, but you had no idea that it was Jenna’s husband. You just never really looked into them (of course you would now).

Of course, though, you and Josh did get some alone time when Tyler and Jenna broke off into their own conversation. When you got the chance to be in your own conversation with Josh, you talked out the basics like favorites and life stories.

Your favorite part was when he started talking about how he began drumming. He said that he’d walk down to his local record store, and ask the toughest looking dude for an album recommendation, and then he’d buy that album, and use the drums in their store to practice/ learn how to play along to the music.

As he told the story, you saw him get passionate about it, and you knew it was a story that was close to his heart, and you loved watching him speak his mind.

He paused and looked at you with a shy smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He said.

You felt your face get hot when he asked this question, knowing that since it was only the first date, you can’t tell him something as romantic as ‘I love watching your expression when you talk. You’re such an amazing person’.

“Uh, no reason. You were saying?” You stuttered. He hesitated before diving back into his story again.


You stepped out of Josh’s car and into the humid night. It had been raining for most of the night, and it had just recently stopped. So, moisture + heat = humidity, which would begin making your hair puffy any minute now.

He closed the passenger door behind you. You turned back to make sure that he was following you up the driveway to your door; what gentleman doesn’t walk a lady to her door?

The two of you walked hand in hand to your front door, his thumb slightly caressing yours, giving you butterflies. When you reached your door, you turned to face each other like they do in the movies when a girl gets dropped off. And you decided to say the most cliche thing ever.

“Well, this is me.” You said with a smirk.

He chuckled at your cliche joke that most people wouldn’t haven’t gotten immediately. During dinner you’d talked about how you hated cliche endings in movies, and he surprisingly shared the same hatred for it.

And he had an even better cliche comeback; he moved his hand to the side of your face and gently holding your face, stroking your cheek, making you shiver. He moved his other hand to the other side, and he leaned in and you felt your eyes close, to be left with only the sensation of his soft lips touching yours lightly.

The kiss started out slow and light, but it escalated into a rough passion, his left hand moved to the back of your neck and your fingers lightly tugged at his yellow hair. You felt your face get warm from the ever escalating moment that you had caught yourself in.

Suddenly, he pulled away, and looked into your eyes with a hungry expression. You were both out of breath from the experience.

“Um… would you be okay if I uh… maybe uh came in?” He stuttered out nervously, his eyes roaming anywhere other than your eyes while he eventually got the sentence out.

You put you hand on his face to move it so that you were looking into each other’s eyes. You smiled reassuringly before speaking again.

“Of course you can.” You said with a slight seductive edge to let him know you were getting impatient.

He smirked and pressed himself against you as you unlocked your door, and you turned around to kiss him again. He picked you up, and you for some reason felt like it would be right to wrap your legs around his waist. As you walked into your apartment, you knew that this was the right person to do it with for the first time.



Hey there! I’m glad that I’m finally starting to get reads, as I’ve uploaded a few chapters on other social medias such as Tumblr and once or twice on Amino. If you’re reading this, I sincerely thank you for reading my content; it makes me feel better about myself.

I’m really sorry that this chapter was so long 😂 I was expecting it to be cute and short when I started working on it, but it ended up being almost 3,000 words.

Please like, comment, share, or just keep reading. It means a lot to me, and thank you again |-/

Word Count: 2802

anonymous asked:

If you could please do 24 for Harry I would really appreciate it because I'm trying to quit smoking. Thank you so much! I love your writing!! x

24. Why do you smell like smoke?

In which Harry just wants what’s best for you.

It’s nearly one in the morning when you sneak in the front door, locking it quietly behind you. You’re messing with the zippers of your boots, trying to be as silent as possible.

“Yeh have fun?”

You nearly knock your head into the wall as you jump in fright. Harry is leaned up against the corner of the hallway, arms crossed and an amused smile gracing his lips.

“Jesus,” you mutter. You kick your boots off and give him a smile once your racing heart slows. “Yeah, I had fun.”

“Yeh tell the girls hullo for me?”

“I did,” you assure him with a nod.

“Good. ’M glad yeh had a good time,” Harry says, opening his arms to welcome you home. You slip into his hold, winding your arms around his torso. His own arms drape around your shoulders, hands splayed across your back. You press your cheek to his chest, closing your eyes and soaking in his warmth.

“Why do yeh smell like smoke?”

Your heart thumps heavily, eyes popping open as you unwind your arms from him.


“I only had one,” you answer quietly, taking a small step back.

“Yeh told me yeh were done with that,” he claims, brows drawing together and creating a worried crease between them. You can feel the disappointment radiating from him, and it’s making your insides fold up. “Told me yeh quit.”

“I know, I know. I did. I only have one or two when I’ve been drinking. I just-”

“Tha’s not quitting, baby,” he interrupts with a sigh and a soft shake of his head. “’S not good fo’ yeh.”

“I know,” you whisper, shrugging out of your jacket. Now that you’ve moved around, you can catch the faint scent of smoke, too. You’ve been avoiding Harry’s gaze, and now he steps forward to catch your chin between his fingers, tilting your face up toward him.

“’M proud o’ yeh fo’ quittin’, love. But I want yeh t’ actually quit. Can yeh do tha’?”

You’re silent for a minute as he looks at you expectantly. His eyes are bright, demanding.

“Jus’ want wha’s best fo’ yeh. Please.”

“Okay,” you answer, nodding your head. “Okay. I’m sorry.”

“Good girl.” He smiles at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Brush your teeth so I can kiss yeh properly, yeah?”

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For 420, which heroes or villains do you think smoke the most weed?

Though canonically I’m pretty sure that it’s Chase Stein and John Constantine, I will forever stand by my headcanon that Aqualad and Rachel Summers are high more often than not.

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Could you write how the RFA +Saeran and V react to MC smoking? I know that's a bit of a weird thing to ask but I'm just curious as to how they would react

The is the oldest ask in my inbox right now. I’ll get through them!
Also, I hope you don’t mind but in these MC quits smoking with the RFA’s help. I just think that’s what all of them would try and do for her~
-Before after endings- But minor general spoilers in V’s about ME, nothing in his route - Except Saeran that’s complicated - this is so complicated - 
~Mod L

♡ He’s the most upset out of everyone 
♡ He lost Rika far too soon, and wanted there to be nothing that would cause the same with you 
♡ Zen is the only person he really knows that smokes, so he’s not entirely sure how to approach you on this 
♡ He wants to you to quit, but he doesn’t want to be forceful about it 
♡ Initially, although he had the best intentions he didn’t realize how hard it was for you 
♡ You had to talk to him about it and explain to him that it’s a lot harder than he thinks to quit 
♡ He feels really guilty, and for a while leaves it alone
♡ But he always felt bad whenever he saw you smoking, so after some time he carefully brings the idea back up to you 
♡ He’s much more gentle with his words now, both out of him being more mature and advice he got from asking other members in the RFA
♡ Even when it got hard for you he’s was there, and every anniversary of you officially quitting he makes it such a big deal because he’s so proud of you 

♡ When you told him, he felt kind of relieved in a weird way 
♡ Everyone always judges him whenever he smokes, and he’s glad you won’t’ do that to him 
♡ And now he haves someone to smoke with!
♡ Without even fully realizing it you two begin smoking more and more with each other 
♡ One day both of you had to stop and realize how bad it was, and that both of you have a problem 
♡ You both said that day you were going to try and quit, but it took a while before it really started to happen 
♡ Zen likes to cheat, and he’s so charming half the time you gave in
♡ It took longer than both of you knew it should’ve, but you got Zen to quit sweet-talking his way into a cigarette 
♡ But the day you both went officially went a year without a cigarette Zen had the most romantic dinner date with you to celebrate 

♡ She really hates that you smoke 
♡ It was bad enough with Zen, and now you too? 
♡ But she also knew it would be a bit hypocritical of her to just ask you to quit 
♡ Working so much caused her to pick up a few unhealthy habits
♡ In order to get you to quit, she started to plan out a healthier day to day schedule for the two of you and hoped you quitting would happen naturally with it 
♡ It was hard around her work, but the thought of anything happening to you was a giant source of motivation to her 
♡ You helped her create it too, and it started both of you on healthier diets, sleeping schedules, and anything else she could think of 
♡ While she did this all for you, she saw incredible improvements in her health too 
♡ You did cut back on your smoking, but when you had both were fully in this healthier lifestyle is when she felt comfortable talking to you about fully quitting 
♡ She’s honestly the most patient person in the world with you, and you never once felt an ounce of guilt for anything with her beside you 

♡ Did you want to be enrolled in 101 programs to help you quit? 
♡ Well you are now 
♡ On one hand, you felt a bit guilty that you weren’t as enthusiastic about any of this as he expected you to be, as they all were the best and most expensive programs 
♡ But on the other hand you felt a bit annoyed he did all this before really talking to you about it 
♡ That made you stressed, which made you smoke more, which told Jumin whatever he was doing wasn’t working 
♡ You had to explain it to him that it’s not just the most expensive program works the best 
♡ You two had a long night of talking about what he could do to help you, and that helped him learn the boundaries you had for him
♡ He understood what he did wrong, and respected 
♡ But he was still there for you to lean on the moment you wanted, and provided as much emotional support as you needed as you quit 

♡ It wasn’t the most important information when you first joined the RFA, so he just skimmed over that fact when he did the initial background check on you 
♡ It was only in the back of his mind as he fell in love with you, and he didn’t even think about it until he found a pack of your cigarettes the one day 
♡ Like Jaehee, he felt guilty just trying to ask you to quit 
♡ But he tried anyways!
♡ He put on his goofy act as he did it, to try and make it a bit easier 
♡ It made you laugh, but you could only give a halfhearted promise that you would 
♡ After some time passed and Seven didn’t notice any difference in your smoking, he opted for a more serious talk with you 
♡ Seven was rarely serious with you, so you could tell how much it bothers him that you smoke 
♡ And he was slightly jealous of you going out on smoke breaks with Mrs. Vanderwood 
♡ You made a proper promise to quit, and Seven offered a lot of remedies to help you 
♡ It ranged from actual things like patches, to offering a cigarette sacrifice to a god no one’s heard of to end the cravings 
♡ He was really good at knowing if you need him to be silly or serious in any given situation, and that helped make the whole process a little less miserable 
♡ And in the process you two totally got Vanderwood to quit with you 

♡ I mean, it’s not the worst way he’s seen someone cope with stress 
♡ But he still doesn’t like it 
♡ Everything with you was a whole new learning experience, and one thing he wanted to learn about with you was a better way of relieving your stress 
♡ The way he speaks about wanting better for you, it’s like every sentence coming from him was like poetry 
♡ You saw how much he really cared, so you decided to try with him 
♡ Not everything worked, like he tried to see if you like photography as well 
♡ Turns out you weren’t the best at it, but loved to watch him take his photos 
♡ Which lead to him taking you with him on trips with him to take these photos 
♡ But as he went on more trips with you, he found himself having less and less time to sneak into Mint Eye 
♡ And without realizing it that made him a lot happier, even to the point where he didn’t want to lose this with you so he made the decision on his own to get surgery for his eyes 
♡ Seeing him make such a big decision for you was what really got you to quit smoking 
♡ Neither of you realized it until it was all over, but over all the months of you helping V with his recovery you didn’t even think about smoking 

♡ While he never smoked cigarettes, while he was in Mint Eye he went through some serious substance abuse issues 
♡ Both of you needed help, albeit him a bit more
♡ He was so resistant to getting help, especially professional help
♡ You realized as much as you wanted to, you couldn’t fix him alone 
♡ You arranged with Seven and Jumin a rehab that could work with him 
♡ It was hard convincing him to go, but you going too to fix your nicotine problem that made him agree 
♡ It was hard for both of you, because both of you had to simultaneously be there for each other while going through the effects of quitting 
♡ You were glad you got professional help, or else you don’t think the two of you couldn’t do it alone 
♡ While going through all this you both saw each other at their worst, and once you were both healthy enough to go back to mostly regular living you two were happier 
♡ Even though he couldn’t always say it, Saeran was proud of both of you for overcoming your issues, and was so thankful to you for convincing him to do this

Opposites Attract- Carl x Reader

A/N: It was requested that I did a Carl imagine with fluff so here it is I hope you like it! If you don’t like it anon let me know and I’ll make you another one whatever you want❤️❤️❤️

You were in the middle of studying for finals when you were suddenly interrupted by a cloud of smoke blown in your direction, followed by obnoxious giggling .

“Carl, babe, can you kindly get the fuck away from me while I study?” You turned your head to the side to look at him, as he sat back in a fit of giggles.

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?” he joked. You weren’t mad in the slightest, just a bit annoyed that he was distracting you from doing your work.

You cared about school, a lot actually. Carl not so much. You wanted to get into a good college so you didn’t end up like your parents. Your parents were drunks. While your mom couldn’t spend two minutes off her ass, your dad was in and out of jail.

You didn’t drink, do drugs, or smoke which always had people wondering why and how you ended up with Carl. From what other people saw, Carl didn’t know how to do anything but those things. For shits and giggles the kid went to juvie, while you choose to focus on school and keeping things heading in the right direction.

You always heard comments saying you must be good in bed or something. As if that would be the sole support of your guy’s relationship, but it was so much more than that. You were in love, both of you. You were so much more to him than just a good fuck.

“Carl, please. You know how much this means to me.” You sighed out. Carl seemed to sober up almost instantly.

“I’m sorry, I know it is.” He spoke as he crawled over to you, pulling you onto his lap once he reached you.

You turned you body to wrap your arms around his neck, linking your legs behind his back in the process.

“I’m sorry I study a lot, and don’t share some of the same interests as you. I just can’t end up like my parents.” You murmured against his neck. Pressing kisses to the soft skin repeatedly.

“Why are you apologizing? I should be apologizing, I know you don’t smoke. I shouldn’t have blown it into your face.” He whispered, content with the position you guys were currently in.

“I don’t deserve you” you sighed, pulling away slightly to lean your forehead against his.

“Whatever, I don’t deserve you.”

“So we don’t deserve each other?” You inquired, joking of course. He laughed lightly. You analyzed his face as he did so. You noticed the way his eyes crinkled at the edges when he did so.

“We need to talk about your life choices I think. Give you some morals?” You joked. In reality you wouldn’t want Carl any other way.

“Hey, keep your morals away from me”

“Fight me”

Carl threw his head back to laugh. He soon regained himself and leaned forward to press a chaste kiss to your lips. Giggling in response you reciprocated the gesture.

Chaste kisses soon turned into a heated make out session. This always happened with you two. You guys had an immense amount of passion in your relationship. No one really saw the soft side of Carl except for you.

“Okay well I’ll let you get back to studying.” Carl said with swollen lips as he pulled away. You could only imagine that you looked about the same.

“No I very much enjoy this.” You stuttered out, leaning in to give him another kiss while simultaneously raking your fingers through his hair, then slowly pulling away.

“Are you sure because I ca-”

“Just kiss me”


You sat at the bar in your sparkly gold dress and matching headband. Guys were scattered all around you, every single one trying to get your attention. Their eyes were glued to you as you’d say something, causing them all to laugh. You were the main reason people came to The Eden; The Captivating Cadence (a stage name of course). You were the headline act. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like the attention you received at the club from time to time. It was easier to forget about things when men crowd around you and buy you drink after drink.

The band on stage was tuning up, and you gulped down the rest of your drink before putting it down. “That’s my queue boys.” You say, shimmying away from them and into the spotlight.

You sang a few fast, happy songs before your set was coming to an end. It was your own personal tradition to end with your favorite song, no matter how sad it was. It usually brought tears to everyones eyes, the way you sang the words with soul, mixed with the rhythm of your rising and falling voice.

I’ll be loving you always

With a love that’s true always.

When the things you’ve planned

Need a helping hand,

I will understand always.

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Safe And Sound 11/15

Title: Safe And Sound
Chapter: 11/15
Pairing: Eventual Michael/Reader
Rating: PG-13 for the series
Word Count: 4,260
Summary: Six months ago, your life was turned upside down when you won a recording contract on a singing contest reality show. It’s been a blur since then, and things were looking up for you, but people were starting to cross the line with you, putting your safety in danger. At the urging of your label, your manager found you a bodyguard that you could connect with, someone who would be a friend on the lonely nights of traveling. However, instead of getting the bodyguard that oozed masculinity, you got Michael.

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Lost best friend - Hanbin scenario

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Genre: Fluffy/angst/ slight smut
Members: Hanbin x You, Bobby
Word count: 4425

A/N: Hope you like another scenario I wrote for you :) 

— 1st year in high school —

First day of high school. Damn, it is scary. New people,people you don’t know. What will happen when you enter that school? Will everything change since that moment? Will everything go well and fine or bad?

Those thoughts been running trough your mind and you just got so nervous.  
“Have a good day girls!” your mom smiled as your best friend Chloe and you got out of the car
“Byee” you waved

Chloe and you look at each other, then at the school.
“Let’s do this” you said

Everyone was looking at you two while you two passed by. First up was looking for your locker.
“Ahh here” Chloe said and walked to the locker
“My is right next to yours!” you smiled and open it, putting some of your stuff in the locker.

“New girls, nicee” guys smiled as they passed by you two
Chloe and you look at each other and just laugh

First period was about to start, so Chloe and you rushed to the classroom.
You without looking who was to enter the classroom, because you didn’t want to late on your first day. You bump harder into someone.
Your books started to slip out of your hands, but you catch them so they don’t fall. You look up and all you saw was a pretty face, actually handsome face. He had a small smile on his lips and then entered the classroom.

You walked by new people and sat down next to Chloe.
“Where were you stuck?” she laughs
“Bumped into a person” you smiled

Putting your books on the table you turn your head around, looking for the guy you bumped into. When you found him, he was already looking at you. He played with his pencil with his fingers. You quickly look away and smile.

“GOOD MORNING EVERYONE.. I mean… New kids, who are about to get prepared to survive 4 years of high school, who is a horrible place” teacher smiled and turned towards the board writing his name

All of you look at each other, because you were shocked of what he just said.

“Mr. Alaric… You are going to call me that… I am your new teacher, history teacher” he smiles

He kept observing all of you.
“Oh come on, did I scare you with what I said? Chill, everything will be fine” he waves his hand

“Okay, I want you guys to introduce yourself, just your name, so I can remember you” he sat down on the edge of the table smiling, he points at first row to say their name.
“I am Brian”
“Ohh nice name” he points at him

Brian smiles awkwardly. Next 4 persons said their name and it was turn for third row.
Mr. Alaric points at you
“I am Y/N”
“Ohhh, I like that name” he smiles and points at Chloe.

4th row was last one, that is where that handsome guy was sitting down and three other guys.
“I am Hanbin, but you can call me B.I” you smiled as he said that, then looked at you quickly, smiling
“I’ll call you B.I then. Cool” Mr. Alaric smiled, points and wink at Hanbin so does Hanbin just points at him smiling.
“I am Tyler”

“Okay, Okay…From tomorrow, we will start our work… I think you guys as a class will be great. I like you all” Mr. Alaric smiled and bell went off
“Have a nice day” he said and took the grade book and walked outside of the classroom

“What’s up man” Brian smiled and shaked hands with Hanbin
“Hi I am Tina, as you know” she smiled and walked up to you
“Oh hii! Y/N” you smiled

Three of you laughed and just talked, got to know each other.
Hanbin, Tyler, Jay and Justin already knew each other from before, and now Brian is with them too.
“Girls are okay” Justin smiled sitting on his table
“I bumped into her” Hanbin points at you with his eyes
“Ohhhh” boys smiled
“She looks a bomb, even that young” Jay said
“Jay that sounds wronggg” Hanbin laughs and shakes his head
“By hearing what they were saying and such, they pretty cool” Brian nodded his head
“You are listening to them? Brian, man, c’mon” Tyler laughed and pushed him to side a little

Two more classes passed, and all you did is repeat the same thing. Just saying your names and maybe here and there what you like to do.
It was lunch time.
“YESS” you said as the bell went off

Everyone walked to the cafeteria. Chloe and you were looking for a table to sit down. Hanbin was already sitting with the boys, he saw you.
“YOU!” he shouts, pointing at you

You turn your head and see Hanbin pointing. He waved, you laugh and walk towards them.
“Sit with us!” he smiles and pushes Tyler to make room for you to sit next to him.
You sat down and Chloe was on other side the table, in front of you.
Both of you looked at each other and ate lunch.
Boys were looking at you two and when they look at each other they smile.
“I am Hanbin, nice to meet you two” he broke the awkward silence
“I am Chloe, always full of energy” she laugh so does everyone else
“I am Y/N, ummm… I don’t have anything” you laughed and looked at everyone
“Good one” Tyler smiles
“Tyler, a guy with awesome body” he added and continued to eat

“I am Brian, with awesome smile” he smiled
Jay almost choked on his food, he laughs and shakes his head.
“I am Jay, I like wearing glasses that don’t have glass in them and I look swag with them” all of you again laughed
“But I like music, singing, rapping” he added
“Ohhh wow, singgg” Chloe smiled being so almost in love with Jay because of it
“Nahhh, too many people” Jay whispers and makes a face
“Justin, with a lot of charm” he winks
“Eeeeeww” Hanbin closes his eyes

Everyone was talking between themselves, but Hanbin and you were talking to each other the most.
“What really?” he raised his eyebrows
“Yeah, but I gave up on that so.. I mean since then” you nodded your head looking at him
“Well don’t give up that easily, who knows, maybe you can dance again even after that injury” Hanbin took a sip of his water
“I don’t know” you raised your shoulders

Bell went off for start of the class. Everyone started to get up.
“Hey, maybe we should hang out sometime” Hanbin smiled
“Sure, why not?” you smiled

— 2nd  year in high school —

“What’s up baby” Hanbin smiled putting his hand over your shoulders

Hanbin and you were best friends. Whole first year, summer, you guys spent together.
“I am not your baby” you laugh
“Happy to see you again” he smiled kissing your head
“You saw me yesterday Hanbin”
“Yeah yeah” Hanbin said

Walking through the hallways, you two laughed.
“B.I! Party, my house” a guy walked up to him
“School just started” Hanbin laughs

Those two stop and look at each other, they start laughing. A guy holds his arm.
“Oh my God, that’s a good one” they laughed

You stood awkwardly, not getting the point.
“Bring anyone you want” guy smiled
“See you there man” Hanbin said

Guy walked away and Hanbin looks at you
“You coming of course” he smiled
“Finee” you sigh and take your books from the locker
“Like you don’t want to” he laughs

When it was lunch time, boys didn’t want to go eat, they wanted to go outside.

Tyler pulled out a box of cigarettes and a lighter.
You look at him, you were surprised.

“Pass me one” Jay said
“Me too” Hanbin said, you look up at him
“What?” he puts a cigarette in his mouth
“Since, you boys are smoking?” you asked

Hanbin lights the cigarette
“Since like one week ago, two maybe”

Chloe and you were still surprised.
“Wanna try?” Justin asked you
“Nope” you smiled
“You don’t mind-“
“No, I mean like it is your thing Hanbin” you look up at him

He nodded his head and inhaled the smoke. Tyler and Jay were making circles with smoke, which was pretty cool.
They all looked hot while smoking.

“What do you say of an idea of mine” Hanbin said as you two walked together towards your place
“And what idea do you have?” you smiled, getting your house keys out of your bag

“We now set up on your balcony, like blankets, so many pillows, and we take out the laptop and watch a movie?” Hanbin watched you while you unlocked the door
“Ohhhhh, me likeee” you smiled
“I will go and get everything done right away!” Hanbin smiled and rushed upstairs to your room

You left your stuff on living room couch and walked to the kitchen, taking snacks and drinks for you two.
“H-hanbin. Need so help!” you shout and Hanbin rushes to you, takes some stuff out of your hands
“See? It looks sick!”  he smiled and puts snacks down
“Awesome!” you lay down

He brings the laptop outside and finds a movie and plays it.
While watching a movie, you two ate snacks, laughed out loud that some people got scared…

“Y/N I am home!” your mom walks to your room
“Oh hello Mrs. Olivia” Hanbin smiled
“Hi Hanbin, what you two doing? Also I hear loud laughter coming from my balcony and I was like what is going on” she laughs
“We watching a movie and it was Hanbin’s idea” you smiled, sitting up
“Oh is this like a date?” your mom smiled
“What? Mom, are you serious?” you close your eyes, both of you were so embarrassed by what your mom said
“Sorryyy” she laughs and walks out of your room

You look at Hanbin, he was just smiling.
“Seriously, like, I apologize for my mom’s craziness” you roll your eyes
“Nah It’s fine” he laughed

After the movie ended, you started to get ready for the party.
“No short skirts” he said and you look at him
“Becauseeee,  there are some dirty and awful people, so no” he added
“I didn’t even want to wear a skirt” you laugh

You took a simple black dress, not too short, not too long. It was just perfect. You put your make up on, curled your hair.
While you did that Hanbin was taking selfies, then selfies with you, then just randomly taking pictures of you.

“Let’s go now to your place” you laugh
“Bye mom!” you shout
“Have fun!” she shouts from the kitchen

Hanbin and you took a taxi to his house.
He rushed inside and to his room. You walked slowly and carefully in your high heels.
“Y/N?!” he shouts
“I am coming!” you shout

Hanbin laughs and comes downstairs, finding you only at the front door.
He lifts you up, bride style and carries you upstairs. You smiled at him.
“What?” he smiled looking at you
“You got stronger” you tap his chest
“Hey don’t touch my boobs” both of you laugh
“Here” he puts you down and again rushes into the closet, finding himself stuff to wear.

You sat on the bed looking at the heels.
“Nope, I am not doing this” you said to yourself and took off the high heels, and take out your white converse out of the bag and put them on.

“You know we don’t have to be there on time” you laugh, watching Hanbin in a rush
“I knooow, but I want to be there in time” he said peeking out of the bathroom door


Arriving at the party was epic. Right away you two found the others and started to drink, dance.

For one minute Hanbin and you stood in a hug.
“I love you” he whispers

You smiled as you hear those words for the first time, coming out of his mouth.
“I love you too” you said into his chest

He let’s go of you and smiles, looking at you.

Boys started to twerk, which was so funny to watch but very weird.
Chloe turns around she starts twerking as well.
“YEAHH SHAKE ITT” Justin shouts and Tyler comes next to her and slaps her ass few times.

After some time, Tyler, Jay and Justin got drunk, they were smoking cigarettes, but Hanbin didn’t, he was only just getting drunk.
“Y/N come here” he called you

Hanbin puts his arm over your shoulders, pulling you close to him…
“I need to tell you something”
You just waited him to say it
“I like you” he kept looking at you, but all you felt is your heart racing, you being happy
“Ahhh don’t be quiet Y/N… I don’t want to look like an idiot” he laughs

You smiled
“I like you too” you said and Hanbin’s smile grew on his face

He came closer toward you and tilt his head, leaning in. He pressed his lips against yours.
“OH MY GOD!” you both heard voices in the back shouting

Hanbin got so into the kiss. He puts his hands on your cheeks, he now licks your bottom lip for permission. You give him a permission, his tongue was touching yours, exploring your mouth.
As he pulls away, both of you catch a breath. He smiled looking down at your lips.
“God” he whispers

You chuckle and he gives you one more kiss again.

Both of you laugh. Hanbin puts his arm around your shoulders again and you two start dancing.

Since that night nothing changed between you two. Everything was the same. Just one thing was for sure, now what happens next after that.



— 3rd year in high school —

Hanbin smiles, putting your hair behind your ear. You two were cuddling in his bed again.
“You’re beautiful” he said looking down at your lips
You smiled and gave him a kiss

Hanbin and you weren’t together. Nothing happened after that night.
You guys here and there, but only at parties, or when going out. You guys never talked about that night. Just both of you knew you had feelings for each other.

“People keep saying to me that we are cute together” Hanbin laughs
“We actually never talked about that” you sit up

Hanbin follows your moves and listens to your words. He sits up as well.
“We never talked about that night or just being more than best friends” you nervously bit your lip and looked at Hanbin

He smiled
“About that night. I knew what I was saying to you. I just couldn’t stay away, I wanted to kiss you so bad for like so long”
“I had feelings for you since the first summer we spent together”
“Yeah” you nodded, feeling your face getting red
“You’reee blushing” he teased and pokes your cheek
“I am happy, that nothing changed between us” you said

Hanbin nodded his head and licked his lips
“It will never change” he looks at you
“Come here” he added spreading his hands

You move towards him and hug him.

Hanbin and you, at school acted the same. Just never you two kissed in school. It was always a good day with the crew.
Junior girls falling in love with Hanbin and other guys, also ones who are second grade too.
All of them doing stupid stuff just to get attention of the boys.

After school Hanbin and you always head to your place.
“MOM Y/N AND HER BOYFRIEND ARE KISSING!” your little brother comes in and sees Hanbin and you making out

Hanbin’s face was red, he was so embarrassed. You laugh at your brother
“Just goo Charlie” you said

Your mom walks upstairs.
“Come on Charlie, go get ready, we are gonna go to grandma’s!” she smiled
“Okay!” he shouted being excited

“We will be there just today and get back home tomorrow… I cooked you enough food so you both survive” she smiled
“Okay mom, love you”
“Love you too, bye” she closed the door

Hanbin and you were going through your old pictures and videos that you took.
“Look at my hair!” Hanbin face palms himself
“You look so funny!” you laughed
“I like your hair now… Only that is like 80% gel” you laughed
“Staaap” he pushes you a little

Both of you see a video called “GREAT TIME by Chloe” . You click on it and it was a short video of Hanbin and you kissing at the party.
“Oh my GOD!” you laugh feeling shy
“I can’t look at thisss” you added and exit the video

Hanbin smiled
“There was nothing wrong with it..” he said and you push him
“Look at this one” you said and click on a video

Hanbin turns on the camera, looking at it.
“OH IT is recording” he said  *both of you laugh watching that scene*
“Next to me.. Is Y/N, who is sleeping” Hanbin whisper putting camera on your face. He zooms in on your lips
“Y/N’s lips” then zooms in on your nose
“Cute little nose” again he whispers and zooms in on eyes
“And.. HUGE EYES” he makes a weird voice
“So that was Y/N” he lays back on the pillow and smiles, turning off the camera

Hanbin and you laughed
“Wow” you said
“But I got same thing for you” you added looking at Hanbin
“WHAT?! You filmed me?” he points at himself and you nod your head and play the video

“I will film Hanbin now” you whisper to the camera as you walked to the door and open it.
“Ohhh sexy” you quietly laugh and walk over to him

You zoom in on his face.
“This is his ugly face” you again laugh
“Just kidding…. This are his lips” you sowly zoom in on his lips, then nose
“And we have his… HUGE forehead! Daaaaamn” you zoom on his forehead

Video ends and Hanbin pins you against the bed.
“Whyyyy” he laughs
“I had to make a payback” you smiled

He rolls his eyes and keeps looking at you. You move away his hand and as his necklace was swinging, you take it and pull Hanbin down for a kiss.
You started to kiss more passionate, his hand wondered under your tank top and his hand touches your skin. His hand moves up and he grabs your boob… You pull away from the kiss and laugh at him.
Hanbin kept his serious face, and he started to take off your T-shirt, you lift your hands up so it is easier for him. Both of you look at each other.
Hanbin took off his T-shirt too and threw it on the floor. He comes back at your lips. Kissing you.
His lips fall on your neck leaving kisses, hickeys. Quiet moans escape your lips.

Soon after, Hanbin took off your jeans and panties.
“You are so fucking beautiful” he said while kissing you down your stomach.

“H-hanbin” you said, he looks up at you
“Don’t hurt me” Hanbin kissed your lips
“I won’t” he said between kisses
“I trust you” you said

Morning after, Hanbin and you were smiling at each other.
“God I feel embarrassed” you put your hands on your face
“Why? Don’t be” he moves away your hands and gives you a kiss on the lips…

Both of you got up and needed to go to school. While walking through the halls, Hanbin held your hand in his.
As you two walked inside of the classroom he let’s go of your hand and rushes to hug his boys.
You smiled and waved at them and sat down next to Chloe.
“You seem very happy today” Chloe smiles, fixing her lipstick
“Yeaah” you bit your lip

Chloe looks at you and smiles
“So?” she whispers
“Hanbin and I…” you whisper
“Ohhhhhh!” Chloe smiled
“Finally after almost two years” she added
“I am happy for you” she again added and hugged you

“Sit down EVERYONE!” Mr. Alaric shouts, walking inside of the classroom
“Whatsss up Mr. Alaric! How have you been?” Tyler raised his hand smiling
“I am fine, thank you… Now get your hand down and listen” he said and Tyler puts his hand down
“We have a new student”

All of your faces drop. Everyone looking at each other.

Guy walked inside. You scan him from head to toe. His jawline so sharp that it can cut you, his body build up, so right away you knew he is working out.
He looked so serious.

“Introduce yourself” Mr. Alaric said

“My name is Bobby…” he stops for a minute, not saying anything and everyone laughs so does he
“Okay, just go find yourself a seat” Mr. Alaric taps his shoulder and Bobby laughs and walks over to the third row, there was a seat next to you free.

“Can I..?” he looks at you
“Of course” you laugh and he sits down

His perfume was so strong that you could feel it. He just smelled so good.

“That is for homework, have a nice day” bell went off and all of you stood up

Bobby awkwardly stood up too and checked his phone.
Boys walked over to Bobby and he looks up at them, boys introduced to him.
“Nice to meet you all” Bobby smiled
“Y/N!” Hanbin turns around

You walk up to them
“I am Y/N, as you already heard” you smiled
Bobby smiled
“Oh hell no, like how can you forget me!” Chloe shouts pushing the boys
“I am Chloe”
“Nice to meet you” Bobby laughed and shaked her hand


After school, Hanbin and you went to his place.
“You’re little bit quiet” Hanbin looks at you, as you two enter his room
“Tired” you said and lay on his bed

Hanbin takes off his T-shirt and lays down next to you.
“You’re lying” he pokes your nose

You laugh and move away his hand.
“That new guy, Bobby seems like a cool guy” Hanbin said
“Well you have been with him all day today, so” you said

Hanbin looks at you and smiles.
“That is why you are like this”
“Like what?” you raise your eyebrows
“You are jealous of me hanging out with Bobby today”
“No I am not” you roll your eyes
“Come on, nothing is going to change… Don’t worry too much” Hanbin smiled

You didn’t say anything. Hanbin pulled you close to him, he wrapped his arms around you.
“You are my best friend Y/N, no one else” he said to your hair, kissing your head
You just nodded your head.

You believed in Hanbin’s words, but they started to be a lie. More and more he hang out with Bobby and other boys.
Chloe couldn’t hang out at all because she had many bad grades and had to study her ass off.

Hanbin didn’t even come to your house anymore, after school you guys didn’t do anything, just because he has “plans” with Bobby. He didn’t talk to you that much. Every single thing about him was killing you slowly inside.
Hanbin means so much to you that he doesn’t even know.

You felt used, manipulated.

— 4th year in high school —

Last year. It felt so good to be last year of high school.
Chloe, Jay, Tyler and Justin, with them you were still great. Hanbin didn’t speak to you anymore. Everything faded away.
For whole summer, Hanbin and you saw each other just for few times. And those times when you were together Hanbin acted like nothing happened between you, he acted the way before kiss happened, first time having sex.

You thought that he didn’t deserve your friendship or love. But you couldn’t stop thinking about him, stop missing him.
You will never forget the day, you were sitting on your bed crying because of him.
He didn’t realise that since you did what you did, made you fall in love with him. You loved him.
He doesn’t know how many times you wanted to text him, call him to hear his voice. You have these feelings but he doesn’t give a fuck.

“Y/N” Hanbin called your name when another stupid and boring day ended in school. You didn’t turn around, you didn’t want to.
He rushed towards you and grab your hand, making you turn around towards him.
“I know you heard me calling my name” Hanbin looks at your face
“Yeah I did” you simply said
“What’s going on?”
“Don’t you feel it? See it?” you move your hand away from his hold

Hanbin tilts his head a little, like that he was confused.
“You lied to me”
“Lied? About what?” he points at himself
“You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did” you tear up  

His eyes spoke the truth, he was telling the truth. Those eyes didn’t look at you the same way they used to.
Whenever he saw you crying, he would tell you not to, that you stop, because he hates seeing you cry.
He didn’t say a word now. Because he knew what you said is true.

You wipe off a tear that was falling and walk away.

Since that day, all you were saying to yourself is “Don’t care, think about him” .
Days passed, weeks passed, and yet nothing from Hanbin. He was doing fine.

Prom night came.
Your date was Tyler. All of you together danced and sang songs.
You were sitting down at your table, who gave you a perfect view of the dance floor.

Slow song came up. Couples were gathering on the dance floor.
“Y/N wanna dance?” Tyler asked
“Noo, not my type of thing…” you said
“Okay, I’ll go find myself another date” he laughs
“And you should!” you laugh and your eyes wonder back at the dance floor

Hanbin was with the new girl.
All along you watched them, smiling at each other looking at each other.
He looking at her the way he used to look at you. Him looking at her like she’s the only girl he ever seen
You thought to yourself how he doesn’t care, and never did. Never gave a damn about you.

How he wants only her, needs her and never will need you.
He didn’t noticed that he was slowly killing you.

Hearth and Home

I have a vague memory of @heronfem giving me a prompt along the lines of “things you said after meeting my family” for Bull/Cullen so here ya go, have some Iron Lion.

Cullen is trying to focus on the road back to their hotel as he drives Bull’s oversized truck, feeling a bit like a kid “driving” in his dad’s lap. Bull is a good driver, but having only one eye combined with unfamiliar roads and the pitch black of Ferelden farm country is not a great combination. Unfortunately the incipient headache from a day spent listening to his family clamor to talk over each other isn’t helping his focus at all.

His parents had objected to them staying in a hotel to begin with, let alone one all the way in Redcliffe, but Cullen had stood strong and insisted, citing the need for a bed big enough to accommodate Bull comfortably. The closest hotel to his family that had Par Vollen king beds was in Redcliffe, so Redcliffe it was. His conviction was aided by his absolute refusal to contemplate having sex with Bull in his childhood home. 

“So your family,” Bull started, voice a gentle rumble in the quiet confines of the cab. Cullen had turned off the music a little while earlier, as even one of his favorite classical playlists was making pain radiate all the way to his jaw. “They’re really…”

“Obnoxious?” Cullen offered, tone rueful. “Loud? Nosy? Embarrassing?”

Bull gave a low chuckle. “I was going to say pretty amazing, actually. It’s obvious they love you like crazy, kadan.”

He feels a bit ashamed. He was born into a pre-made family, one that loved him unreservedly, even when he was at his worst. Bull has had to find his own family, build it carefully, sacrifice pieces of his body and soul to keep it together. It still shocks him sometimes, how well Bull understands family. Better than Cullen does most of the time.

“Well, that’s true.” He concedes. “Still all the other things though.”

“Yeah, that’s part of what makes them great though. I mean I was worried I’d have to put on my Vivienne manners and eat bland casserole. I need your dad’s recipe for BBQ sauce by the way, think you can get it out of him?”

“Not until he dies and leaves it to me in his will.”

“Ah well, can’t blame him, he’s got a sure fire way of making sure we come back to visit.”

“I never imagined I’d find relationship security in the form of my dad’s prize BBQ sauce recipe.” Bull laughed again, and Cullen smiled to himself in the dark.

“Well it is damn good.” Bull said thoughtfully. “But I think the way your ass jiggles when I spank you really sealed the deal, actually.”

Cullen chokes on a laugh, and quickly corrects course before he manages to veer into a ditch.

“Maker! Bull, you’re going to kill us both. And yet you wonder why I insisted we get our own hotel room.”

“Aww, c’mon Cullen, your parents have four kids, I’m pretty sure they know how sex works.” He can hear the smirk in Bull’s voice.

“No, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare make me think about my parents and sex in the same place.”

“Your Andrastian is showing, kadan. I mean, what, you want to pretend you’re adopted? You and Mia look just like your mom. She’s still smoking hot, too.”

“You do remember which member of my family you’re sleeping with, yes? And that you’re a bit old to be sleeping on the floor?”

“Damn, not even the couch? That’s cold. I guess I’ll go back to thinking about your ass jiggle.” Even in the darkness he can see Bull’s exaggerated sad face when he glances at the passenger seat. He shakes his head.

“I don’t even know why I bothered worrying, you fit right in.” 

When Bull smiles this time it’s goofy and slightly stunned. Cullen quickly gets his eyes back on the road. Some things are just too distracting.

Abc’s for the soul.

None of the set questions are working for you? Go to Z.

A: The first thing you notice about someone else?
B: How do you usually break the ice?
C: Post a picture of yourself.
D: What is your favourite time of the year?
E: Which of these do you do: Drink, Smoke, Drugs?
F: Is there something you wish you could do or be better at?
G: Share a fact/story that has to do with your childhood.
H: Favourite place on body to get kissed?
I: What do you want/crave right now?
J: When was the last time you had sex?
K: List three things you like about your looks/body.
L: List three things you like about others looks/body.
M: Favourite holiday and why?
N: What do you find relaxing?
O: When do you feel alive?
P: Is there anything odd that you do?
Q: Share a sexual fact/story.
R: What is your sense of style/how do you dress?
S: Do you have a goal/something you want to do in life?
T: Have you ever broken someones heart?
U: Have you ever had your heart broken?
V: Do you have any advice to give?
W: Give yourself some credit, what are you good at?
X: A tumblruser you would like to meet in real life?
Y: Name a book you think more people should read.
Z: *Your own question for me*


Request by anon: Can you do one where Sammy is protective of you and one night he’s smoking and drinking a lot so you start to smoke (which you never do) to get him to stop and he’s all cute and cares about you so he tells you to stop? Thanks!


I quickly drive home and change to catch the rest of the party after my work. It was Johnson’s birthday and he’s throwing a big party. Sam wanted to wait for me but I told him to go ahead without me and I’ll meet him there. I put on my long sleeve crop top, jeans, sneakers, a little jewelry and a little bit of make-up. I ran out the door, and zoomed to the party. When I arrived, hella people were already there. I walked in to be greeted by some people and I pushed my way through the crowd when I finally found more familiar faces. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I jump on Jack’s back, hugging him tight. He jumps a little but then laughs, “HEY YOU MADE IT!” He pulls me off of him so he could hug me. Once we finally let go, I say hi to the rest of the guys he was hanging around with. After talking to them for 20 minutes, I realized I haven’t seen Sammy yet. I start looking around into the crowds, seeing if I could spot my blond haired boy. After scanning the crowd 5 times, I finally gave up, “Ugh, have you guys seen Sammy? I haven’t seen him yet.” I look at them. “Did you get the tour of this house yet? It’s nice!” The Jacks pulled me, showing me the house. I didn’t mind after all, the place they rented was nice. 

Once we reached the upstairs to see over the crowd, I started looking for Sammy again. Johnson tried distracting me by taking pictures, pulling my face away from looking but once he did, my eyes saw him, a bottle of hennessy in one hand and a blunt in the other. My blood starts to boil. He promised me quit. He promised me he wouldn’t do it again. He promised me last time was his last time. He made all his promises because of his stupid mistake last month. He got so cross faded, he drove to my place, in my car, but didn’t put it on park. Next thing you know, my car is getting towed, I have claims in my insurance from other people and money I have to pay. 

Johnson tries to calm me down, but I start making my way down the stairs, towards Sam. Stass sees me walking towards them, and her eyes go wide, standing up, rushing to me, “Y/N! YOU’RE HERE! I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG! LET’S GO GET A DRINK AND TALK!” She tries to turn me around and lock arms, but I angrily go around her, straight to where Sammy was sitting. His face was turned to his friends from Omaha that were visiting. They were paying attention to Sam and what he was saying, laughing. They looked up from his face and saw me and their face dropped. Sammy turn around and looked up at my face. He quickly got up, trying to defend himself, “Y/N, this is not what it looks like.” His hands go up in the air, with the bottle and blunt still in his hand. 

I just look back and forth from his face to both his hands. I just rolled my eyes and walked away, to the back kitchen. “Does that mean you’re not mad and I can drink and smoke again?” He yells after me. 

Sammy’s POV

“Does that mean you’re not mad and I can drink and smoke again?” I yell after her walking away. I just shrug my shoulders and drink a shot out of the bottle but I got it taken away from my mouth, “What the fuck?” “No dude, stop. You promised her. I know you already did it and she saw but just trust me on this okay? She’ll be happy you didn’t drink till you blacked out tonight.” J says, handing the bottle to the guys and Stass taking the blunt from my fingers, “It’s for your relationship.” She hands it to Nate so he could smoke it. As angry as I was, they were right. I did promise Y/N. And I wanted to prove to her that she was more important to me than this shit.” I sat there with the squad talking and laughing. It was fun being the sober one. 

After 2 hours, I didn’t see Y/N at all. She didn’t come by, walk by, anything but I brushed it off my mind that she was just talking to some people and let her be her. “SAM!” G and Madison yelled at me. We all shot our heads to them as they waved their hands for me to come to them. I got up, so did everyone I was hanging out with, to follow them. Once we got to them, they told us to follow them quickly. We got to the backyard and I saw Y/N with a blunt in her mouth, puffing and a bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand. “What the fuck?!” We all said in unison. I saw her puff out hit, and take a drink from the bottle. I quickly rushed to her, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” She looks up at me and gives me a stink face. 

She goes to take another hit but I grab her wrist, bending down to be face to face, “NO! YOU DON’T DO THIS! YOU PROMISED YOU WERE DONE WITH THIS SHIT! YOU STOPPED!” I looked at her worried. “Fuck off Sam.” She pushes me off of her, takes a hit, and hands it back to Rupp. “Rupp, what the fuck?! You KNOW Y/N quit! And you know she’s not supposed to drink and smoke!” I said in a pissed voice. “Chill Sam. She was all tensed, so I calmed her down.” His eyes barely staying open. I turn back to Y/N, “Y/N, Don’t you know you shouldn’t be doing this! You know what happened last time! We can’t have you in the hospital again. Please. I don’t want this to take over your life again… You know how crazy you get when you do these things..” I got on my knees, holding her hand in mines, begging her to stop.

“I’ll stop, if you stop.” She says bluntly. I just looked at her with wide eyes. “I’ll stop when you stop. If you’re going to do this, I’m going to join in on the fun.” She crosses her arms. “O-ok. I-i’ll stop. Just stop drinking and smoking. Promise?” “More like you promise to me.” “I promise. I promise. For real this time. No more games. No more drinks. No more hits.” “Now you know how I feel when you smoke and drink.” She says bluntly. “Now you know how worried I get. That something bad will happen to you and your body and your life.” She looks deep in my eyes. “I’m sorry.” I grab her in a hug.